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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  July 10, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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live look outside right now, and our favorite shot of the mornino when the sun starts to come upup and starts peeking through the clouds. >> beautiful. >> of course, we know it's july, which means hot and humid, soso get all right, good morning to you, i'm wisdom martin.. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> let's say hello to tucker tu barnes who has the honor of bringing us the heat and humidity. >> and i do feel honored, very warm start on the day, we haveve at 78 degrees, that is warmer than i like to be. we are going to be here in the e warm and humid day, we mix thee humidity, the wet blanket of tropical air, and it's 90 or above. >> could start having some issues. >> you say wet blanket, i justa, feel it. >> i've got friends from out of town when they're from a part of the world where they don't get g lot of humidity. >> how are they?they >> they are crying..
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>> let's get to the maps, plenty to watch.tch. i take great pleasure in making them go for a long walk. >> have you been downtown yet? >> we are going downtown today.o >> can't wait. >> more shower activity off to f the north and west just like yesterday and we will likely see some showers redevelop herep during the course of the day, and the possibility of a thunderstorm as well just likele yesterday, more clouds and sun, but you will get peeks andll periods of shine filtered sunshine as we watch ghi the up level low, you get more sun in the summertime and hotter temperatures, it's not ter pleay hot here so far. 78 at reagan national, and bwi marshall 76, the forecast highss with plenty of humidity, mid-to upper 80s, so we will hold the temperatures down a little bit t but with the increased humidityu i'm not sure that the trade offe will make you feel more
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comfortable. >> let's check in with julie and get the latest on traffic. >> reporter: poor guests, don't take them downtown, takewn them to a pool.pool. oh, my goodness!ss! >> tucker plays rough, the lanes coming out of hyattstown, no delays to report, we had accident activity on thee northbound side approaching 85,h that accident activity should be confined to the left shoulder. lanes are over on college park, continuing 270, no issues there, and 95 northbound, before the prince william parkway, the activity confined to thethe shoulder, traffic will leave, quick peek at our maps, eastbound along 66, so far without incident for thoseose continuing inbound out of manassas at 61 miles per hourur and 62 miles per hour leaving fair oaks, heading eastbound toward vienna. that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. julie, thank you very much. developing overnight, herndon police, have served adam kokesh with a search warrant.
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police went to the home. you will recall that on july 4th, kokesh released areled video of himself loading a gun in the free to freedom plaza.m right now it's unclear if kokesh has been or will be taken into custody. the d.c. council is set to tackle a number of issues. >> they will vote on a smokeok ban, so-called, living wagege bill, and legislation to push pu back the city's pr primary elecn day. good morning, melanie. >> reporter: it's going to be's a busy day at the will done building -- wilson building,, probably a long day as well. a couple of key items on the agenda among the if if the 50 that had he have to move through. the lame duck mayor in office is
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too long, they would like to to short thane date oshorten that . and then this landmark wage legislation that really has caught the attention of a lot of people, wal-mart says that if that legislation passes it willl cancel three planned stores, onn in sky land, one in capital gai way and one in new york avenue, this is happeniningew years aftr wal-mart has been pursued byd district officials and they finally agreed on november 20100 to open four stores? the city, and that agreement was expanded to six stores and 1800 jobs. today two of those stores are under construction, and firstrst two are getting ready to open this fall. fa now they want to pass a bill that requires wal-mart and other d.c. retailers to pay $5 above minimum wage. wa huge national retailer can't afford it.
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>> these are big companies that got great assets, great resources at their command, and i think we can have thisis expectation of them.them. i will have to see how this plays out in terms of theireir ultimate ambitions and the th number of stores they open, but i think that i know target is in one, target is not happy about this. they are grand parented for ared period of time, but then they will be subject to it. i met with them and i have a loo of respect for what they aree doing, but they, too, should beo in line for this. >> wal-mart says this legislation is arbitrary and, discriminatory and discourages investment in d.c.
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we have a responsibility to ourn company and shareholders to reevaluate options when the raah the legislation, will inject cost spot equation that will challenge the fiscal health of our d.c. store. now mayor gray is asking council members in advance of the vote today to consider the consequences, perhaps of this legislation, wal-mart on the other hand, is asking mayor gray who they struck the deal with to veto the legislation. which is tom, and sarah. wr c melanie, thank you for that report.rt. lawmakers are on capitol ca hill will tackle two big issues today, in the house the memberse of the republican conference are meeting at 3:00 trying to figure out what to do about those who are already here but first they will hear from immigrant groups.groups hundreds of immigrant groups are planning events around capitol hill? and they are planning a votea on the interest loans, it's a procedural vote to stop the interest rates from doubling at 6.8%. a accused boston marathon bomber is due to make his firsta appearance before ake judge.
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dzhokar tsarneav is set to be before a judge. attack injured 250 people. surviving victims and the families of those killed are expected to fill that courtroomt tsarneav is accused of taking part in the murder of an m. mit police officer days after the bombing. his brother was killed during that chase. on tuesday, tensions between bullier anbulger and a former pe continued, when he took thethe stand and said bulger committed. that prompted a shouting match between the two from across thee courtroom. the irs could be facing acig big hit to its own pocket book. we will explain why. from inside the cockpit andd cabin we are learning new details about the plane crash in san francisco, next what the
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new details this morning in the investigation of thatth asia plane crash in san francisco. the ntsb says only seconds sa before impact did the captainys realize an automated throttle was not controlling the place of business' speed, it was onlys this a ready position and it ha not been engaged. the it revealed that the pilot at training in the controls was sitting next to a man in his hi first trip as a instructor pilot. pilot. the impact was so harsh that two high lotpilots were tucked intoi of plane inside they they at an time provide any details but but ruled out terrorism, i 50 peoplp are still missing.
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if you drive a pickup o or n suv, you better watch out. we will tell you what happened to a man who while waiting for a metro train. 
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♪ ♪ ♪ all right, welcome pack to fox 5 morning news. ne time now 6:15 coming up on 6:15, that's your favorite shot, isn't it, sarah. >> it is, it's so >> it looks like a >> from looking at that, youin would have no idea howg brut alit'brutalit's going to be tod. >> it's steamy outside today. >> it's not to much the heat anc the humidity, with the temperatures in the mid-80s, we certainly have done worse. >> that's true. >> yeah, the humidity is no joke. >> but the humidity no joke,
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that's right. >> let's get to theh e numberst thmb lots tos, talk about, here we go highs yesterday, reagan national, 86, we will be here, 80s mid at a time highs, you factor in the humidity, and dulles 86, pwbwi marshallrshall 83 degrees, and looking at the temperature, a lot of water in the atmosphere doesn't allow for a lot of cooling at night. the temperatures are very, verye warm in the morning. 78 in washington, 75 in leonardtown, fredericksburg,, 77 degrees, last several mornings we have been in the low 60s and you low 70s, not thelo case today. 75 at dullesw , and 73 this morning at frederick, theserick temperatures, i'm not going tom say unseason ple pleaably warm,t very warm this time of year. a couple of showers and springsles to the north and west. you may encounter some of these, but most of this is not touchini the frowned, if its ground, if y
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brief and very light. flooding issues up in clevelandl this morning pushing into western pennsylvania and we'reid not going so much see theseso thunderstorms but the energy m here this upper level piece of energy thatbu is causing theseth thunderstorms will move throughh later today.r that will likely cause additional showers and storms to fire up around here. i think more showers and storms as the cloud cover dampens theov prospect of the weather, we should have a few thunderstorms as well.ere let's thget down to the tropics, with what is left of our tropical storm chantal. there it is, it actually completely disappeared for a fo time becoming a tropical open wave. it looks like it's trying to reemerge to the south and west of puerto rico. we will have to monitor thatat progress over the next couple days. there's indications that it will intensify and become a tropical storm as it pushes into thee bahamas.
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we will see what happens withnst it. still in the season, still hanging around but barely. 87 this afternoon, plenty of of clouds, and scattered showersreh and storms, we mentioned that humidity, plenty of liquids ifqs you are going to be outside, 744 tonight, mostly cloudy, early showers and storms, and plentyey of humidity tomorrow, cold front, an actual real cold front, something we don't talk much in the month of july will get through here, that willll bring us slightly cooler and noticeably drier air by the weekend, we get rid of this humidity, and it should be a nice weeks, with a possibility of a few thunderstorms onunrs sunday. that is weather. let's see traffic, julie has the roads. >> reporter: the crew of skyfox joining us, there they are, they happen to be a poufr:u the american legion bring, and they are showing us the commute out of fairfax. it looks like we lost their shot. we will pull up the cameras. all lanes are open, no issues ts report traveling betweentween montgomery county and fairfax. light traffic volume so far to
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continue eastbound around the road, no issues to report on 95, 295 coming out of laurel. accident activity north of triangle resting on the shoulder. that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you, julie. we're getting a first look at a video of a man in a wheelchair, look right there. he fell off the metro platform and right on to the tracks. this happened early in the morning on july 4th. the 25-year-old man in a motorized wheelchair accidentally rode off the platform at metro station. several good samaritans, ended n up jumping and pulling him to safety. the man suffered some cuts and a broken wrist but is expected to be okay. up next we will depo live to fox, business, in new york, ando tell you why the irs may not get
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bonus. apple is celebrating a big anniversary. some the apps cost $25. five years ago the app store launched with 500 apps, right now50 there's 8 if 8 if i thou. 850,000, and the app has downloaded 50 billion downloads. 
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you know we can still see you. no, you can't. pretty sure we can... try snapshot today -- no pressure. welcome back, it'se 6:24 right now. it appears car thieves have their eyes set on rhi pickup tr. first the irs could be facing big budget cuts.g lauren simonetti with fox business network is live with this fox's business week. good morning, lauren.uren. >> hi, there sarah. >> the head of the irs wants to eliminate employee bonuses this year. i got to imagine that has to do with occurrences that have beena happening n we can call it the irs mess this time around.
6:24 am
so many issues targeting tea party groups, the officials from the agency who did thatag targeting, theyen were rewarded bonuses. i suppose it makes sense thatsee the new chief at the federal tax collection agency says let's stop bonuses this year, for all employees, they have targetedy the top-level employees. the reason is not the quality of the work, but everything everyt surrounding the pr mess surrounding the rivmen irs. irs. it will keep the agencies toes avoid the two furlough days because the sequester, thehe budget cuts is expected to close july 22nd, and august 30th, with the budgetbudt cuts, they can prevent that prosecute happening n probably p good idea, given thepe pr messpr they are facing. probably a good idea. >> thieves are targeting very specific vehicles right now,t w, what is with pickup trucks?trks
6:25 am
they're all about >> if you drive a pickup or an suv, i'm serious you my want to go check outside to see if they're still there. if you look at the top tente vehicles most stolen they are pickup trucks or suvs, numbervs, one is the ford f-2 if i. followed by all of the good morning m vehicles, the chevy silverado, avalanche, gmc sawyer sawyerra, and the ford f-350, and the cadillac escalade. >> i'm curious what is behind that, pickup trucks and suvs. >> we're buying pickup trucks ii huge numbers, i guess that isis why thieves want them, too. it's a little bit easier in some senses, yeah. yeah >> lauren, thank you so much, w will see you tomorrow. >> all right.>> >> still ahead the forensics in
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the george zimmerman trial take center stage as the defense continues to make its case, thee latest testimony coming up. and the washington kastles trying to make a name foror themselves in the record books. can they pull it off? we have got the morning line up next.  [ male announcer ] do you love prime rib?
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♪ ♪ they want to, after theyter take a look outside, although we encourage you not, you might get arrested. it's beautiful wednesday morning, the sun is up over theo clouds and it's going to heat things up even warmer than they already are. >> 78 at reagan national. it's going be a warm day, humid day, showers and thunderstorms t back in the forecast. it looks familiar, itth will fel familiar today. the humidity levels are going to be uncomfortable in the nextabli
6:30 am
couple of days, reagan national 78 degrees, overnight low you're looking at it so far, so i think it's one thegh warmest mornings yet, 75 dulles, and 76 at bwi marshall. there's a look at the satellite-radar, a couple ofrada light sprinkles and showers across the region. most of that is not touching the ground locally, but we do haveha additional showers up in pennsylvania and ohio and some n of those will be making their th way toward the washington later this afternoon. possibility of showers andand storms just like yesterday, bring an umbrella not going toog rain all day, the best chance oe rain will be that win toe from 5:00, -- window from 5:00 to 6:00 tonight, 87 in washington.n >> later in the week we will bee in that area but with less humidity, right? >> yes, as a matter of fact, we are going to have big changes later this weerks we are going a cold front depo through. we will have trier, and cooler
6:31 am
conditions around here by friday into the i will have details later. >> thank you, tucker. let's go to julie to take a look at the traffic. >> reporter: well, whilewe tuckerll was doing weather, this remember changing on the roads. it happens as you are traveling the kenilworth avenue, a new ne accident popped up and keep youp eyes on that as you travel southbound. the crews and checking the drive eastbound 66, there's a previous trapping of the brakes approaching business 3 352, dealing with a little bit of fog depending on where you are traveling from it could impact your drive. remains a crash, off the road tt the left shoulder, lanes are are open, you are on the brakes traveling northbound trying to make your way past the scene. no stents to report on 395, leaving the beltway continuingni out to the 14th street
6:32 am
bridge. that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. thank you, julie. a howard university student shot and killed last week near campus will be remembered at a memorial service tonight. the family off yoitce 22-year-or sykes is infighting his friend and students to the memorial at campus. the memorial starts at 6:00 p.m. at the district policestrict continue to investigate theinvet death of a 7-year-old autistic boy, michael kins bury was found in a locked car, police nowlice believe he had been dead for some time. investigators are not saying when or how they think the boy e got into the car. the family told the police theyh checked that area but didn't see michael. officers checked that car around 1:30 afternoon. >> we identified three other officers over that 30-hourve period that have told usr thats they also looked inside the vehicle and did not see the
6:33 am
body. >> what happened? i mean, the whole communitye wants to know what happened, because everybody got involvedbo with this. >> michael's mother says he was not allowed outside alone but left the apartment while she was sleeping. she was gone by the time she woke up ansade went to check on him. defense attorneys in the case of george zimmerman will likely wrap up their case today. on tuesday a forensicic pathologist was called to the stand. he says that the testimony supports that the zimmerman shot trayvon martin while the teen was on top of him.s the defense showed the importance of looking aton trayvon's clothing to determine the distance between zimmerman and martin at the time. >> the wound left itself, in the face of contact of the clothing indicates that this is consistent with mr. zimmerman'ss account, that he -- that
6:34 am
mr. martin was over him leaning forward at the time he was shot. >> the defense also wants to introduce text messages and a facebook posting by martin abou a fight he supposedly had with a friend. the judge had ruled that the teen's interest in guns and fighting couldn't be used in opening statements. zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second degree murder charges. he claims he acted in self-defense. there's more confusionmo whether nsa leaker snowden willn depo to venezuela. wikileak said that he has not formally accepted asylum in venezuela. the tweet was deleted a few minutes after it was posted. the lawmaker says its claim wasm paced on a report from russian t.v. news. the morning line, we're li talking about the washington kastles, they won their 34th
6:35 am
consecutive match, and now theh, record for the longest winning streak, the los angeles lakers this held the title for his historic run in the 1972, and '73 a team that included west, andin last night the kastles topped,cl leading the way for kevinas anderson for men's new customers martina hin gis hingis, the lass last loss was to the lobsters in july of 2010. >> to go 34 straight wins, and in almost 2.5 yearksz and it's s unbelievable. and it's hard to put into words the feel you get to accomplish something like that. >> for me to do it for the fans and do it for the community, whw comes and support us through thg six years, it's been phenomenal. i love what we >> what a match in the opening round of the gold cup, the
6:36 am
united states dominated belize 6-1. he became the 5th player with 50 career goals for thehe national team. baseball, the nationals still looking for a win in philly this week. top of the second, jason werth, and they won this. now bottom of the 4th, werthwerh with the throw to home i suzuki makes the tag and drops the ball. now chase utley is called chase to try to tie the game, the th phills add a couple of more runs and the nats fall for the secone trait one, following this one, 4-2. the o's with a lead thanks to a home run by, if you likeyo manny machado. here comes, with a three-run shot, the 20th of the season, the rager rangers down
6:37 am
the orioles 6-4. they is set the cap to $8 million. that paves the way, sarah, that, it for the morning line. >> how would you like to have $58 million as a cap. >> i think i could handle that, perhaps. >> would be nice.e >> it's a good problem to have.. >> yeah, it is. >> coming up, sarah pa palin may not be done with politics afterr all. her potential next move coming up. the royal baby gift, what a celebrity sent the mom to be. check this out, you can escape the world of puree manage nation with cirque du soleil quidam. they want to enjoy the premier of this electrifying show. all you have to do is depo topoo thgo to themy facebook page andt
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welcome back. there's a group called virginia 21 that is holding an online chat with the candidates runnins for governor at the commonwealth and it's inviting people to joi the conversation. it's conducting a goin goingle g with duddent students from acros virginia. former alaska governorer ala and 2008, presidential nominee is considering a run for thethe u.s. senate.u.s. before she makes the final decision she is waiting to see who enters the race hoping there new cant candidates can new ene.
6:42 am
the town of torsal, minnesota has a 4-year-oldar-o mayor. >> meet mayor, possibly tuft, esof only 3 years old when hehe was elected last year. the town is really small with 22 people, and does not have a city government. >> there you go.>>he >> but every year it draws as naame during the festival and te winner gets to be mayor.r. so mayor possibly is running for a second term. look at him there. he could draw his own name in the next drawing on august 4th. >> he looks like a popular mayor. >> yes he does. >> with the girls? >> that could cause a problemm later on. >> maybe all the kids in thatin small town, maybe there's only kids in town, and other candidates. >> you can put that on your resume, like when you're in a teenager you were mayor. >> they should, until they look into it, they depo, like wait, e this is a scam.
6:43 am
>> i was president of the fishing club at my school.ub >> there was really a fishingea club?ll >> we went fishing like twice. >> there was really a club?? >> yeah, there was a club. >> how many people in your fishing club?ing n there were like four of us. >> you need anything as you are entering college.teri >> you put thatng on your resum? >> i kid you not, i was president of the fishing club. there's nothing wrong with that,. >> there's nothing wrong, you said that you only went fishing twice. >> wwe weren't on coastal water, so it was hard to go fishing. >> was there an election. >> yes. >> yes. >> i'm sure more people want to hear this rifting story. -- ri
6:44 am
>> i want to hear more. >> i'm glad somebody appreciatey it. it was all aboveboard. 77 reagan national, and warm and humid start to the day. overnight lows, you'ret looking at it them, anytime you start the upper 70s you know you're going to be comfortable, and as lot of humidity. the last weeks, 70 north and west, not the case this morning. 75 dulles,mf and 75 hagerstown, and not going to amount to ato whole lot here early. we got light showers to the north and west, and cloud cover as well. it will be a day just like yesterday more clouds and theand sun you may get peeks of periodf of sunshine, you are going to gg notice the humidity that we got. southerly breezes and lots of tropical moisture in place.ple. it's not going to take a lot to drive additional showers and she storms, we got a couple of of different opportunities in heree to in the next 24 hours to get o lift in the a atmosphere. we to the pretty good thunderstorms north and west up toward cleveland and pittsburgh. we got playing issues up in cleveland. as that waive get wave gets thrh cleveland later today.
6:45 am
possibility of highs in the upper 80s, late tomorrow, coldo front that, could bring us more showers and thunderstorms, i know it's been a wet pattern and cooler and drier air has beenaia here for the weekend.end. chantal, you can see it right there. maximum wind down to 40 miles to per hour. it's becoming an open wave, it's going to fall apart here, although it may reintensify at a tropical storm today. we will keep an eye on chantal over the next 24 hours. hour it's been he getting a little convection around the centere after fall ago part overnight. our forecast as we get into then next day, and seven days, 47 this afternoon, showers and storms at least a possibility pb later today, so bring an umbrella, 86 tomorrow with a cold front. temperatures a little cooler fo the weekend, but a little less humid as well, so it should feel better with generally dry conditions, friday, saturday, and a few scattered storms byms sunday afternoon.sund >> all right, thank you, tucker. tony perkins is here.
6:46 am
>> good morning.>> >> good morning, good morning, i like that you were the presidene of the fishing club, but you weren't really near any water. [ laughter ] >> you get in the car. >> can you imagine thethe conversations they had? >> yes. >> sadly i'm not a good fisherman, either? >> yet you were president. there's a whole lot wrong with that story, tucker. >> you know, what i was in the e av club. you know that is not cool. hi boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, you know whatgi it's time for, too-too doo-doo.doo. ask tony and tucker, the segmenn where tucker and i put our heads together to answer the mostmost pressing questions, weather related or otherwise.otherw today's question comes from lore lane ga garner, i have never see a video of a tornado hitting the hills or mountainous areas.
6:47 am
to they hit those areas. >> you are something on to that. the answer is yes, they hit hit those areas, the answer is not very often because the terrain is not con du conducive to prode tornadoes. >> i think we have had this oned before. t altogether for you. tornadoes can occur almost anywhere in the we talked about similar thingsr here in the past. >> except for antarctica.antarc >> where we have not had aa tornado reported.ado they can occur over any kind of terrain, they are exceedingly ed rare, and in the pa appalachiann a lesser degree, if you get into the hig mountains it doesn't ha you need unstable air, you needu air that is getting rapidly thrown from the surface of the
6:48 am
earth into the upper atmosphere. you need the mixing of very cold dry air, with humidity id dry h those clashes don't typically clash over mountainous areas. >> air is more stable andnd cooler. typically when you have big storms moving west to east as as most of the weather does, as it comes acros across a mountainou, those tend to lessen the intensity. >> in the world of weatherweathe there's almost always exceptions. >> one of the most famous tornadoes to hit a mountainousin area, up in utah, salt lakela city, we have video. >> look at this. >> remember this. >> it came right through the city of salt like there, in 1999 and cost $170 million in damage. it was an ef2. >> wow. >> which is, i mean it was w indecreed pleincredibly unusualy
6:49 am
weren't prepared for it, theyth don't see tornadoes. torn >> it's considered one of the most notable tornadoes to hit west of the great plains. the great plains, the reason we so many tornadoes in the plains, conditions are perfect, that ist where you tend to have the weather systems clashing intoing each other.r. you have flatrai flatter flat, r miles, and miles, which aids in the formation of tornadoes, thi, one there was a one fatality and injuries. there was one in 1987, a rare high altitude tornado traveled 24 miles through yellow stoneow park in wyoming. >> really. >> that is pretty unusual. it was rated an f4. >> wow. >> damage occurred from 8,000, making it one of the most violent tornadoes recorded inade the u.s. >> they're rare, but you're right in your general
6:50 am
observation, lorraine, they they rarely occur. occu >> much less common. comm >> there you go. go. >> yeah, appreciate it. thank you for the question lorraine. if you have a question you want answered go to and click on the weather tab. let's say hello to julie wright who has the weather on tap for us. >> reporter: the ever changing, flow of traffic, itc, changes all the time. that is why you have to keep watching. kenneth wortkenneth worthkenilwt of a crash. leaving thed.c. line, headed hed toward that scene. to the west on 66, lanes are, la open now, we're starting to see the building in volume that is t causing the delay at 33 mileses per hour out of manassas, and 30 miles per hour leaving fair oaks to 123, the food news isis along 66 the lanes are open, 286, the fair park lane, they
6:51 am
are open. they had problems in virginia, the crash remains on the left shoulder, northbound i-95, north of triangle. look for delays headed past thee scene, traffic will slow again as you approach the hov lanes, hop near lorton, and the main line headed through wood bridge and on 395 leaving the beltway t headed toward the duke street. leaving new hampshire, leaving toward silver spring. that is the check of fox 5 on time traffic.fic. first lady michelle pom, wee 54 children to the white house.w it's part of mrs. obama let'sle' move campaign. two of our kids were from our area 10-year-old emma, to youou know how to say her name. >> sholso. >> i had to practice it five times. >> she is from chevy chase. she won for the state of maryland.
6:52 am
after th the chefs lunch the cha tour of the white house garden. the royal baby is tou any dy day now, and they will feature a silk royal bottom. >> they sent this $15,00000 bracelet, and it doubles as a diaper cream holder? >> really. >> do you need a diaper cream holder like that. >> it's a jewel encrusted 18-carat white gold charm bracelet. the family says that while the gift is appreciated, the gift will be auctioned off, and toe nateed fo-- dor nateed donated >> i would be so afraid getting the diaper into the jewels.
6:53 am
the secretary of transportation commonwealth toom talk about the state's plan of action.tion. from puppet perform performo backyard theaters, it's a summer full of fun at the straightstrag more, and that is where holly morris is at this morning. we will check in with her next. [ female announcer ] ] it's a warm sunrise over a classic roast.
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good morning, everybody, i'g holly morris on this wednesday, we're halfway through summer and we want to make sure you are taking advantage of all that ist going on in our area, especially here at strathmore ar where wee happen to be live this morning, where there's several thingssev going on that you might want to take advantage. first of all, as you can see, i'm not alone, i'm surrounded py ppup etpuppets, in fact, they a just for kids, they're ane important way to tell stories
6:57 am
that can communicate to to peope of all ages. these are their puppets rightri here. we're going to talk to them to about why they choose to entertain in this fashion. also going on at strathmore right now are the free out door summer concert series. this is something you definitely want to take advantage of amazing entertainment in a won wonderful venue. the person who is going to are performing tonight, is going tog give us a view of the concert,t, and ufo fest, it celebrates the ucol aley, and summer in full swing at at thank you, holly, before wee leave the 6:00 behind here. here let's say good morning to today's facebook fan of the day. hi, nikki.
6:58 am
>> we appreciate it, and con fra congratulations, for a chance t, be tomorrow's fan of the day, like our facebook page, and post a comment below niki's picture. they got kids in there. >> now it's time to foe t to goy and ellison to take us the rest of the morning. a viral video star gets a visit from the police in a late night raid.t last week we showed you this youtube post from a local gungun activity protesting the strict d.c. fire gun laws, this morning, he is mind bars after police came with him with a strong message? meag why wal-mart is threatening to pull out of the city if the council passes a controversial bill in today's meeting.
6:59 am
a commute to make it per for thousands of you. virginia's secretary joins us live as fox 5 morning news starts right now. there's a live look outsides we couldve secretly be showing u the same picture we have penhave showing you in the last couple of days. >> we wouldn't do that. >> no, wdne wouldn't. it feels the same as the past in the last couple of days, this is morning, july 10th, 2013. >> it reminds me of that song, same as it ever was. >> i'm allison seymour. let's foe to tucker barnes andbs he will tell us if in it will be the same as it ever was. >> i'm whispering what it was ir the weather maps. it's going to be more of theinto same. we are looking at cloud cover tr start of the morning, peeks of sunshine to start tate threat and of rainshowers, and looking at the radar we have a


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