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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  September 24, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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off with the approximate news. matt, this could have a big impact on the federal workingrkg force. >> reporter: federal agency right side going to have toepo e shutdown plans on file with theh white house. a live look on the floor of the u.s. senate. that is some of the debate going on right now as republicans are trying to stall a restoration of obama care funding by democratsr in the senate. you will remember, last week house republicans stripped that funding. it could be another setback reaching a deal before time runs out.ou the government shutdown countdown drags on, on one side the republicans. >> yes, obama care is terrible. >> reporter: and on the other side democrats. >> i realize generally republicans are still upset, ma and angry. the middle: in
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federal workers like diane wood. >> i'm a federal worker, now ie, got to worry every night.ev >> reporter: dianeer has worked at the interior department for nearly four decades. she can't afford to be furloughed and feeling both anger and fear in the face of a shutdown. >> i've given them 39 years of a my life, but never have i felt -- despair with what is going to happen to my life. >> reporter: y the officer personnel manager which oversees the entire federal workforce, has contingency plans on file in case of a shutdown for more than 119 federal agencies but whether oren notci you get furloughed depends on a vague criteria ove who is and who is not essential. the white house has posted the shutdown plans online, generally active duty military, political appointees and those responsible for health and safety are deemed essential. >> why would they take all of .f
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>> reporter: diane doubts she falls into any of those essential categories.ntl if she did her job the way theye do on capitol hill, she wouldn't have lasted for 39 years. >> what kind of people are these, and to have the nerve to ask for a 3.5% raise. they ought to all be fired. >> reporter: well, it's unclear how long senator cruz will bese holding the senate flr technically this is not a filibuster, because by the net rules, senator reid will be allowed to call this vote on on tomorrow on obama care spending. that is a moment in time that pushes this clock even further as we approach this deadline on october first.t. >> tom fitzgerald, thank you. meantime d.c. leaders arere considering a plan to avert at local shutdown. s today council members and the mayor may go on with a plan to defy a mandate from the federal
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government to close down if it does. the plan would make all-city employees essential, workersnti, like police and fire. that could get around the federal guidelines. >> i think doing something to say this is do our money, and we should have the ability to spend our money, that is of interest to me. >> i would argue, that the district government provides an important government services t all of the citizens, and people who come to the district to work. >> d.c.'s attorney general hashs warned city leaders there coulde be consequencesrs if the city defies the federal government, in this case, and in caseal i there's a shutdown. after four days the attack at a mall in kenya is now over. govern.go leaders say security forces gained control of the mall today. at least 6 67 people were killed when members of the militant group stormed the mall killing dozens and then holding many others hostage. three floors of the mall collapsed during the raid. ra sometime militants are civilians
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and they are traps underneath the rubble. earlier today president obamaob spoke about this at the united nations. >> in kenya, we have seen terror targets, innocent civilians in a crowded shopping mall and our hearts go out to the families of those who have been affecterred. >> kenya's president say five militants were killed and 11 others are in custody. the militants are from a number of different con trees including the united the u.s.e government has not confirmed that r the news owne edge on indiv. they have arrested six in connection with the of a teen murder. all face abduction charges, onl, one is charge with murder. fox 5 paul wagner is live in wood bridge with the latest. paul. >> reporter: well,st. matt, i'm in the wood bridge park where kenny diaz was stabbed to death
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on saturday afternoon, we are aa mile 1/2 or two miles away from where he was first abducted. an abduction that took placeplae after a fight outside of a cul-de-sac outside of a an apartment. prince william county says this all has to do with drugs. the way police tell it, kenny diaz and some friends armeds themselves with a pistol andstol went to this apartment complex at wood bridge looking to avengo a robbery. friend of the murdered teen had been robbed in a drug deal gone bad and some money was taken. andrew samuels was support butbu all went wrong -- was the suspect but all went wrong in a confrontation. as everyone scattered, diaz was abducted and taken to a park we are was stabbed to death. five others were charged with abduction. kenny diaz of -- -- >> a handgun, and an associate of diaz brought the handgun to the encounter..
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one of the suspects on the otheu side tooke the handgun and began assaulting one of the other parties. when that occurred, that caused the group to disperse,e, unfortunately diaz was unable to get away and was subsequentlyy assaulted and tan taken to the . >> reporter: kenny diaz was a linebacker on the wood bridge senior high school varsity football team. the students on monday wore red in his honor. police say this investigation has not yet been completed and they expect further arrests. >> thank you, paul. new tonight at 6:00, a d.c. man suspected of killing ain brother and sister over theer ov summer is being charged with their murder. kevin walker is accused ofsed shooting examine killing jamal and jamie engines o jenkins whiy were walking on east capital street. jamie called her brother for help, when someone tried to steal her purse. walker is charged with first degrefirst-degree murder tonigh.
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a jury has decided that the have enough evidence against the man accused of kidnapping alexis murphy. this comes one day after investigators announced a person of interest in the case. murphy disappeared august third. her car was found in charlottesville in a parking lot there. days lay. montgomery county police need your help to find two suspects involved in an atm skimming scheme.imming they released three photos ofos men involved. authorities say the suspects used the devices in august on atms in bethesda and chevy chase. police are not releasing the exact locations.lo investigators say the account numbers stolen were then later a used. anyone with information about this is asked to call police. well, coming up tonight on the news edge,> well new informn on dadely garage -- deadly garage collapse in at a locallol mall. what engineers say may be to blame. a sacred monument vandalize
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what religious leaders ares saying about what they call a deliberate attack. and sue, palka is here. sue, i don't know why you havehe been here this week. >> i don't, either.t, >> except to see who is -- as i promised i would do on sunday. u >> it still has some dust. >> i will move you to the top of the list.. >> tonight, please before ifore leave.l >> absolutely, but a beautifulaf day, matt, we will have more on the forecast.e scott and standing by.d what is going on in sports. >> reporter: rambo went from star to the bench with a message from the coach ifa he wants more done. making more of the final games with no playoffs in the future. that is all a approximate head sports edge. 
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we want to bring you these
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live pictures this is from skyfox over frederick, maryland. skyfox is over the scene of that rescue attempt. there's crews from frederick and montgomery county. officials say it could take upoul to three hours to get that worker out of trench. we will continue to follow thes live pictures and bring you an update. hopefully, there's good news to report soon. all right, d.c. mayor vincent gray is speaking outspei about the recent test scoresscos sphrt district's public and charter schools. councilmember david catania say the numbers were inflated by using an old grading system wit the new test. they weren't aware the old grading system was used and it was a decision made by the office the state superintendent. >> i'm going to follow with wha is theywi think is the best. they are the experts on this. and i do think that our childre are making progress. pro there's no question about that, and they will continue to make progress, so we will look at this, and we will be at the
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hearing that is going to beto conducted on this, but we're no going to be dissuaded from the -- >> councilmember catania plans tocata hold a hearing to find ot why the old system was used. it's scheduled to take place this thursday. d.c. police are looking for the vandals who toppled a stone monument of the ten commandments.ndment the monument weighs about 850 pounds and sits out in front of ou the headquarters of the fh and action and christian outout reach ministry. m the group installed the tablet in a garden outside of its offices back in 2006. the ministry is located near the u.s. supreme court. >> whoever did this was very determined to obscure the message that is coul conveyed oe ten commandment monument itself. >> the words of the monument are lying face down. the damage to the monument happened between friday and saturday night. police are asking anyone with
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information about this case to give them a call. new information tonight in the investigation offorma a parg garage collapse at the west dal montgomery mall in bethesda. remember that one? a repor report sight cites, a je collapsed they noticed field support on the upper level slabl had partially puckled. a construction worker died in that incident, another workerr was severely injured but survived. fighting back againstt bullying. a new film being released tomorrow highlights how educators can fight it before it ends in tragedy. >> in the school. >> you're wearing a girl's shirt. coming up, we will take all look atta the new powerful campaign. stay with us. there are so many things ththat we do on a daily basis.
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all right. we want to take you back live to a trench recovery now rks this,s incident where police are a investigating the scene. you can see the video there.the this is video from skyfox. this is a worker that was in the trench earlier today and an something shaped when the trencr collapsed on to the there was water there, and for o the last, i'd say probably 30, 45 minutes, crews have been working, and i think if i can see that close enough, it appears that they have someoneso on a stretcher there.there. so hopefully are this is good t. not sure of the condition of co that person. thatt is likely the man that wah in the trerv trench and now beig rescued. authorities from montgomery and frederick county were involved in the mission to free they w ma hophopefully there will be goode
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news. we will continue togo follow thh and bring you an update when we know more about this. turning heartache into action. the human right campaign isn starting a new school initiativn to help protect children from bullying. it's called the welcoming schoo project and tomorrow hrc isis releasing a new film. jointing us tonight is womenmen westheimer the direct of directe program. this goes straight at educatorsd and teaches them how to see signs of bullying and how to help? >> absolutely. educators have been asking us for something likeg us this, thh want something of practical examples of how they can start conversations of bullying and bias in the classroom and this that is the goal of the film. we have filmed those that have been using schools in minneapolis, and showing themowg how they made the connectionon between bullying and bias. the conversation that often gets overlooked. >> i will take a look at this
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take you and i will chat onchato the other side. >> ugly, stupid, sometimes i'm a girl. >> your religion is fake, not real.real >> you're gay. >> you're brown, you shouldn't be in the school. >> you're wearing a girl's shirt. >> okay, i will change my shirt. >> you know, kim sometimes it's hard to watch that, but will yoo tell me some of the tips that you do give to teachers to teach what to look for? >> sure, one of the things we do witwith welcoming schools. schoo it's important what the teachers do in the classroom but it's bu important to engage the wheel we community. we bring parents together, and d the educators together to have proactive conversations of how to stop bully.ll in particular, that clip we scwuft saw whajustsaw, is how bt
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bullied because of their identity, whether it's, sex or gender or sexual orientation. and 75% of bullying involves that kind of bias. in order to stop that, we encourage teachers to have proactive conversations withsaon students to develop tolerance of all differences. di >> this is in the classroom, bu, does it convey to social media, at home when the kids are on the computer. we hear so many stories kids communicating online and they're bullying there. does this help as well. >> absolutely. we work with elementary schoolhool students. and some elementary schoolscol students are online and experiencing that. the kind of bullying that happens online is not that different from the bullying thag happens at the classroom. the main difference is ite follows at home. >> where can we see this film. i >> we will be showing it at the cleveland elementary school at 5:00 tomorrow, and if you go he to welcoming, yousc can rsvp the a attend answer.
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>> there's the information.infor >> let's switch gears a littles bit. and a we're going stoned it ovr to sue. hi, sue, how ru are you doing. >> i'm doing just great. and i hope you and kim are doino just i thought i would start by by showing you the temperatures last night, the coldestldest temperature since may 26.6. dulles dropped to 41 degrees,gr, martin burg 38, and winchester down to threrch degrees an 37 dl be chilly again tonight but noto as chilly as we were last night. we did bounce back up to 75 degrees, a beautiful afternoon and evening, and75 d temperatures still spectacular.. it's 73 degrees, and we got to o soak up these days while we can. 72 at dulles, and baltimore at 73 degrees, we are looking at another two days in a row that are going tow be fantastic. wednesday about 76 degrees, agra little change for wednesday, is
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that there might be a little bit of high cloud cover around. perhaps not as much sunshine not as brilliant of a blue sky but it's a great day. thursday we will start with clouds asstar well, and then wel have more clearing in afternoon. there's a little disturbance passing by. most of the temperatures will feature the 60 to upper 70s. this one rolling out of iowa an this one is passing to the south and seeking cloud cover to thete west tomorrow. i think tost stay dry the highhh pressure is not going to givegi much ground at all of the call a for clear skies tonight, and 52n at the district, 40s again in the suburbs, no frost advisoried unlike last night when we sawsa them far out to the west. we a few high clouds still a really nice day. winds out of the northwest at 5-12. the trends will continue, a cool night and mild afternoon until we get to the sunday-mondaymondy timeframe. e making changes based ba on the things we saw in the
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model. gerch degree57 degrees at 8:00 e morning. high rolling clouds with theth temperature of 75 degrees. check this out. culpeper you might hit 80 for hi the rest of us mid-70s with a wi good amountth of sunshine aroun high pressure will again dominate tomorrow keeping that list disturbance to the south, but watch that area of low pressure, because as we head tod the weekend on the fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. right nowwe we'reathe going to l for some clouds on sunday and monday but that could change, matt, that is because that system i just showed you could become a coastal low dependingpn on which model of the atmospherh you would like to believe, butt it might not. right ri how it looks now. >> so far, we will take the preens presentta and worrpresen future another time. 
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time for sports, i'm scott smith. this has been the> tirts, seconb season since the return of the nats. and yet it was disappointing.ti. they were officia officially eld from the playoffs despite a great last months. adam laroche pops out to end the game. shuts it the post season, following the game ia a n desmond, said we created this expectation, the washington nationals postn, the season peoe would have laughed you out of town. the good news is that expectations will remain high headed into next year.year. the defense had a different look, derch siev defensive coorr started three corners and one safety against the lions. rambo didn't play at all on defense despite starting thee first two games of the season. on monday, shanahan says if he worries about keeping rambo's
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spirits up after being bench. be an mri on m machado revealea torn ligament. that is the sports edge. we will be looking for you at 10:00 and 11:00.:0 we're always0 an on myfoxdc,.co. take care, everyone.  yoyou like to keep your family healthy and fit.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> great news. blake griffin had a baby with a woman who is a heat-seeking missile when it comes to finding the sperm of athletes. >> i'm glad she's white. [laughter] >> charlie sheen went to jury duty. >> in the past you've had issues with drugs. does that make you more or less qualified to judge a drug case? >> if i were up on drug charges, i would want charlie sheen as my juror. >> if you were ever up on drug charges that would be awesome. >> khloe kardashian went clubbing last night. the game actually instagrammed a photo of them. >> i think everyone is wondering why she's clubbing with everything going on in her personal life? >> he's m.i.a. what is she going to do, sit by the phin


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