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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 26, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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woman had to make to get an engagement ring. ri. >> make me a sandwich woman. >> what it's like to be the child of an activist at the forefront of many causes. we are talking about the comedian, chris gregory and this morning, his daughter is with wi us, sharing the story that she is sharing on >> anybody make me a sandwich that looks as good as that one. >> 300 of them. >> i don't need 300, i just need one. >> go through the stomach.h >> we are going tothe talk abou the story. i read it online, and i laughed it at, and then i heard that people are getting uptight about it. >> getting backlash. >> we will talk about getti it. >> make me a sandwich.h. >> okay. >> tony. >> that is what the man
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said. >> we get forecast, partly to mostly cloudy, we are going to turn partly to mostly sunny byst thely we have a storm system to them o south and east down to the th carolinas and that is bringing r the cloud cover. just 53 at reagan national. 59 this morning in dulles and 6n at bwi marshal. there's the storminess, and youd are not seeing the heavier part of it in the outer banks. what is going to happen today?ta the storm system is going to geo dragged out to sea. and the cloud cover is going too fall a part. we will see more sunshine just like the past several days andnd several weeks, we are going too feature mostly sunny conditionsi and temperatures where they should be mid-70s, pleasantpl day, and cool >> tucker, thank you very much. afterhank y letting texas sr ted cruz hold the hour for 21 fo howrksz th21hours, the senate in
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action hoping to pass laws that will keep the government funded. >> had fox's live on capitol hill with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tony, good morning allison. we expect the bill will pass wi through the senate with ease, fairly, but when it gets to the house, it has yet to be seen is anyone's guess. we know that fast approachingin deadline october first is onlyon days away. >> on this vote, the yays are 100, the nays are >> the members unanimously votei to consider theus house's spendp bill, jumping to the first hurdle in after effort to show h the american people their lawmakers are rushing to pass pa legislation as the government go shutdown is only days away. >> the only path if we are goine to -- >> this just minutes after ted cruz held a marathon
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filibuster-like speech, last lag 21 hours.hours. >> this is all about raising the debate. a this point the debate is attitude the hands oatthe ameri >> it's interesting to watch. >> the speech fell on deaf ears. >> but this for a lack of describing it has been a big b waste of time. >> time is running short. the government runs out of funds on october first.on o this willct go down to the wired seeing as the house has to sign off on what the senate sendse them which includes full fundini for the sweeping healthcare lawa >> they are going to rewrite that bill, send it back to theth senate and it may be that it's a short-term continuing resolutioe to keep the government open foro another week or two to allow foo more discussion.di this week we learned that
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someone who signs up for healtho coverage will cost $328 per $3 month, of course, those who wh don't is will have to pay a fine and we will see the 2014 taxtax returns and as we know open exchanges will begin tuesday tu morning. back to you,. elselizabeth, thank you very much. shorn does happen shutdown doe, d.c. could be spared the worst.. >> yesterday they designatedted every city agency essential which means they could stay ope even during a battle budget bu battle. if that happens, the move could have consequences. >> here with moreover this face-off on federal spending. let's talk about the consequences before we talk about thees reasonbe behind alf this. what might the city face? >> well, you know thrashings longstanding law in place, both locally and federally it'sally called the antideficiency act.
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which means you can't spend money without appropriation from congress. if we were to say which i think the mayor has said and thethe chairman of the council has said as wellment w we are going to move forward, stay open and paya our workers, we would be inbe violation of that. fortunately for us, that law has never been prosecuted in the past 140 years, so we don't havo a lot to worry about. abou >> did it have reasons to be. is this a historic move here? >> it may be i historic but ultimately we are unique. ar we have to step up and make a statement and we're in a we position to do it. i don't want to kind of make light of the fact that we are i violation of a law. i think that is important to recognize, but eric holder and the president of the unitedf th states have to make a decision. you know, do they recognize all the workers of d.c. as essential, do they see us as
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having a responsible government that can operate ourselves ors not. we are responsibly putting them in the position to make that decision. it's a big deal. >> i think you make a good point, because that would also be, you know, they're the political ramifications.cation i assume when you all are coming together like this and saying sa enough is enough, and here isre what we're going to do. that it kind of force ins thee federal government and it couldo force the federal governmentvere into a position of, do they want to a be prosecuting city officials, and perhaps even workers who do indeed go to work. >> 2000 of them. >> that is remark a and i think that is the main point, what 24e they do. the thing i know they are doing because of this stands is they are thinking about we are under their noses andan they don't think of the topic. this is our money and our bank accounts paying our bills and ad keeping our workers working.
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i think it's time for them to to pause, and think what are the ramifications. i'm proud of the mayor, and thee chairman the council stepping u and saying enough is enough. we are going to look at theat people of the district of columbia. >> let's talk about the genesis of abt this, because it really, it seems to come from a place of number one, wanting to protect the citizens of the district, and particularly if i am reading into it correctly, from a shutdown that really shouldn'to' be even on the a general disa, or iagenda orshouldn't be in tho possibility. is that where this stems from?fr >> where this came from is thete manager of budget scented us aa letter here in the district, wee want your shutdown plans, sopla, they treated us like a federal agency. >> they sent that out to federal agencies. >> we are like wait a minute. we are an ought o autonomous ag,
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trying to operate, if they didth that to any other city, it woul be an all-out war. it's separation of powers and we know this has long been debated. the distric district of columbis different, because it has been long debated. we need to say enough is enough. >> have you so far gotten a response? >> i'm not sure. i'mot know mayor gray -- >> the mayor would be hav mayor, okay. >> you remember in 2011, the the mayor and the council got go arrested in the >> sure. powerfullt was a action. it was indirect civil disobedience action for thehe women of the district ofe dis columbia. as you remember, the president pr had sold -- i this is an an opportunity that is better thanh that. this is a direct civil disobedience, where you say look, we're going to spend theth money on the issues that mattera
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to the people of district ofictf columbia. it's really important. >> i know a lot of people are going to wish you all luck withu the effort. >> thank you, and thank you for having us. >> david gro on sso account ac members at large in the district the. to follow it. it mean while, congress continues to fight over obama ob care, the president is out promoting. >> the president is trying to explain how people can comparison shop for the programr that fits their need. >> his first stop is the princee george's community college. co it's in largo and that is where wisdom is with more. >> reporter: we will tell you e that the president plans to to address students at 11:00. the white house says he is goin to layout his plan, a cornerpl stone of what it means to be b middle-class in america which is affordable healthcare. next week is when the whiteite house will roll out these state marketplaces that are supposede to be set up. we are going to tell you aboutat
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this survey that has been done by avenu af leer healthcare. premiums may be low, but the deductibles will not be. they studied six states so far on this. the typical amount for a yearr woulda be $2,500 and theth customers could be paying more.. patients could be paying larger amounts for out of pocket drugs, out of pocket expensive drugs s they could be paying more for fr that. to the state marketing places,g they are supposed to be set up where millions of people are expected to go and try to buy b this health insurance. we know in d.c. there's computee glitches that is causing problems. it's causing them not to able to calculate if a person is eligible for medicaid. it can't calculate a subsidysu that they may qualify for. with all of these glitches it it
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may not be ready until some time in november.novem they have to work all of that. colorado and oregon are having the same kind of problems. so the president will make some remarks today about the healthcare plan.he he willal tryth to encourage pee to sign up for healthcare through these state government exchanges, so that is going to take place at 11:00 this this morning. you thatant to tell maryland, and governor martin o'malley, they have beengo one the most aggressive states when it comes to pushing for setting up these marketplaces. the president is going to be here at 11:00 in the morning, talking to the people in the community and trying to encourage them to get on board n with the healthcare program. allison and tony, back to you. wisdom, thank you very much. a high school football team benched. we're not talking about the players, we are talking aboutou the whole football team. >> why the coach took it bold action, and whether or not he
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will let them back on the football field. 
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live look outside, are wee,r ready yet? ye >> yes, we it's 9:16, sarah is back with the look back. we are finding out what wh might have set off th off the nd shooter. he thought low frequency waves were controlling him. he wrote end to are torment andd better off this way. this he had a well documented history of american healt mental healint still was able to get securityry clearance. >> we need to know how an
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employee was able to bring on aa weapon and ammunition to a dod installation. fbi saysi there's noer evidence thate' he targeted anyy specific individuals.divid we're also following foll breaking news this morning in th the killing of ais northern nort virginia high school student football player.ayer. four more people have been arrested in the connection of kenny diaz. the new suspects are 16-year-olo boys, who face attempted armed robbery and conspiracy charges. a football coach with a lesson for him team that is not from the play book. he out that heb members of his m were cyber bullying other members. instead of practicing, the 80 members of the team col tiered i at two rest -- volunteered at rest homes, and attended comiewrnty service during the
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community service during the time that they were to practicer >> good character is more to be praised than outstanding talent. >> i wasn't part of the disrespect, bough but i got to n as much as as everybody else, i'm just as much at fault for fr not making it stop. >> he met with the parents abouu the suspension. it will be lifted in time for fr this weekend's homecoming game.a >> i'm kind of like, good, goodd i'm glad the coach did that. th >> and especially, you told us more now than we had earlier.ea he did meet with the school andd parents and stuff. as long as everybody is on boarr with it. >> i think that should happen hp more often in this kind ofof scenario. >> i like the young man who said i wasn't involved personally, still taking ownership of it, too. is right, we don' don't know al
9:18 am
o this.of my question is how do the parents feel. and a lot of kids get scholarships so it's a starts to dip into their future. fu >> but they're a team. >> the rest of those kids that t did it. the kids that didn't get involved, look to them like get your act together you're having an effect on all of snu of us. >> coming up next 300 sandwiched in exchange for an engagementnt ring. youwe are going to tell about the controversialte blog f the author behind it and how social media reacted. that is coming up next. first here is holly. >> reporter: high, guys weys are spending the morning in theh kitchen with 5 star chef chris h of the bloom hotel. te we talked to him about the the national pancake day. he headed to the pantry to see e
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what he came up with. wi we will talk about the questions from our twitter followers, andd the importance of plating even when you're entertaining the at home. it's all on fox 5 news. stay with us. i was honored to serve as governor of virginia. we brought folks together in richmond to focus on creating jobs and getting results. that's the virginia way. and that's why i'm backing terry mcauliffe for governor. terry won't let ideological battles get in the way of making progress. terry will work with democrats, republicans, and independents to create jobs and move virginia forward. it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as our governor. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. ♪ turn around
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all right ladies, what would you doladies to get your boyfrio propose. said she hadwoman to make -- >> she had to make. >> 300 sand wirkz fo sandwichesn before he put a ring on her finger. stephanie smith is a writer for for the new york post. >> she is lovely.y. >> yes, she is. is >> she is behind the blog, 300 she began writing it last year,, telling her journey to an engagement ring. shee is only 124 san sandwichesy from the goal. this sparked serious back lashee
9:23 am
and it's trending 3 hurricanehua feminist -- 300 feminist sandwiches, sufficient arrange r egg, and smoked turkey to title ix grain bread. >> a tuna fit without a bicycle. >> that is funny. >> a quarter pounder with choice. >> oh, very good. >> so i wish i knew more about this. was he just being a funny guy. >> from what i read and the story was reported inre manyma places yesterday, from what i read, it sounded to me like sheh wants to get married. he said, you make me 300 sandwiches and we will get the e ring. >> she is a writer and personality. >> my impression is that she ish having fun withe it. he kind of said it in jest. they have been together for a a while. i literally li ordered her, if you want me to marry you, you have to make 300
9:24 am
sandwiches. it's what he said, now she ishe doing it.g i don't think there's big big implication.implat when you open yourself up, you approximate send out ou something light hearted and -- - you send out something out lighi hearted and good natured and yod get the backlash. >> we get it, right. >> oh, yeah, no. >> coming up next. an air show stunt. it had some spectators gettingsp up closeec and personal, maybe o close. there going to show you incredible video ahead.ah new season, new doyle, and there's our friend, with w you are to be doing to the most essential elements of your garden. we will be back in a moment. for all those who sleep too hot or too cool,
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all right, doing a little dance. >> tucker likes thell r >> a terrifying moment caught on camera when a south american pilot flew dangerously close to a group of bystanders during ang show in antarctica. look at that. the pilot almost pushed the bystanders over.. those people amazingly still standing. >> wait a minute. are these real people, because, they're not even moving. >> wouldn't you fling or something. >> flight experts say this is actually a type of stunt seen in many shows.s. they criticize this particular move saying it was reckless.. i wonder if the people werele involved in the whole thing. >> anyone want to be right unde the plane as itbe flies by. >> flat headed.ed. >> it will flatten your big pip
9:29 am
hat. >> it looks like some are leaning back with their cameras. >> we are going to have to examine this more closely, because i don't see any of them moving. it. we stamp >> it might be fake. >> i know there are daredevils out there. would you say, i will stand under the plane. an >> plus, the big aircraft itself wouldn't it make a -- >> i don't know.. i've never been underneath an aircraft. re express your opinion, you're a smart >> i think it'sar real. >> you do? >> yes, i do.>>es >> do you think that it's stup stupid. at on moved >> do you think it's stupid. >> i mean, >> come on.anome >> one little accident, one little, if you're off by 1 degree, you're mowing down people with your airplane, thati isrp not smart, and the other or thing is if -- >> in antarctica, they probablyl
9:30 am
-- they are probably all scientists. >> out there, they're ready fory any kind of thrill. fly a plane over us, please. >> they read the same magazines over and over ten times. hopefully they have better net there. onsometimes you don't way in things. can only -- >> you think that is what they got. [ laughter ] >> all right. i don't have any opinion onn everything we put on. >> i understand. >> okay. weather real quick. >> forecast, we will be partly sunny and in the 70s later today. 63 this morning, washington, 62 in annapolis, and let's see, asa couple of gisz hangin 50s hangi. cloud cover to start the morning. that the south and east, is a very weak storm system tha is dragging out to sea, but forb
9:31 am
the time being we're going to b fighting the clouds a little bit. later this afternoon generally turning sunny and either way it will be dry. it will remain dry. the shower activity down to the carolinas, and watching the covo an impressive storm system outme to sea, but we drive the cloudcd cover. good the high pressure out to the north and and you know what that means? more nice weather. the end of september over thever next couple of days.. generally sunny for us. pleas an afternoon, at 76, just where we should be for this day in september. partly cloudy and cool. mid-70s around here for the next 7 days, and if you got weekend mans, saturday and -- p, saturday and sunday look great.. and 70s in and lows in the the 50s. back to you. thank you, sir. autumn doesn't just mean a change of seasons.
9:32 am
it also means a change for your gardens basic elements, soil. >> sarah is in studio b getting a fall timeless son from derrick thomas. a reporter: this isick spin-off from last week when weh were talking doing potting, and doing pots and that kind of thing nor your garden. rd people start talking about the b soil. >> i on twitter ter i got to may questions about what we had had mentioned the s and what they need to get their soil prepared for fall. soil is alive, that is the firs thing you got to understand. most of the time the most of the diseases the plants can get, can be related back to bad soil or bad nutrition in the soil. keeping in mind that the soil is alive. inorganic parts of soil, parts, that won't breakdown. that is the sand and the white stuff that is in here, which is a volcanic rock. >> is this a potting soil? >> that's a potting mix, right.h
9:33 am
those things do not breakdown, they are there forever.ver. things like mulch, and compost, and the stagnant that is in that potting mix those are organic. that is what the plant relies for nutrients. the inorganic stuff support thee roots and give the plant structure. >> whether you're going a top dressing and goin sarah, you go gloves so we're mixing thisthis together, and we are going talk about it. wegowe got two parts compost an potting mix and not a pottingg soil. make sure it doesn't say soil, and a half a part of a regular all purpose sand. you mix that altogether really well and the reason that it's so beneficial this time of the year, whether it is in the top dressing of the plant or the t roots, and this is where a lotel of questions came in. they wanted to find out what we can do this time of the year to
9:34 am
actually change out part of thi soil. now any of your containers thate you have had one, your frontfrot porch or on your deck for afor couple of years at this time of the year, weather is nice and cool. we have taken a third of that root mass. take that is away. because most of the time that has beene spent.en we have taken a part of that root mass. put that, that would be the bottom of your decorative pot. a little bit more. there you go.the what you can do is put a little bit less back than what you took away, you go ahead and put thete pot lamp down in there. and then what we're going to do is do a top dressing. what we have done is given then plant new soil below, and wewe have also given the plant new soil up above. that is going to be the nutrients that this plant is going tots t need. t a lot of timeso when you have te container gardens and they start to get wilted toward the end of the summer, because the root
9:35 am
masses become too compacted. >> is this something that you would do in your regular garden, too. >> perfect question. quest >> let's say this grass waswas growing in your regular garden. what you want to do is put a top dressing and you want to do a a two inch top dressing or so off the soil. >> and you want to do it in your garden. >> imagine that is in the garden. put that all the way around a nice two-everyone top dressing, and what you can do for the wintertime and this is really really helpful, take pure mulchc and do and you have a 2 1/2 everyone o layer around the base of the plant. going to help that once the plant actually freezes stays frozen. the reason you want that, is that way the plants won't heath. heathing is when a plant freezes and thaws. if it freezes and thaws the
9:36 am
plant will come up. the plant is sitting up, and what happens, is those tender td roots are exposed to a repeat frost or freeze. the oil is alive, it's the most important thing you can do is do get out there and get the soil working. me moree, and send questions and we will make sure we get them up. >> thank you, derrick. >> thank you, sarah. >> we will be right back. we love this kitchen! what's next? great! d do you have measuremen? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price.
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first she joins us to talk about her struggle.e. >> you look lovely. >> thank you. >> i'm wearing the opposite of whatop you you're wearing right now. what it must must have been like to grow up a gregory. >> very a typical. ty every day it was an adventure, n because my father was ahead of his time and was breakingg barriers every day. as a child it was exciting, ci sometimes it was confusing. co >> what age did you know. >> i didn't know. >> what is daddy -- >> i really didn't know. i think as a child you are in the midst of it, but you don't really get it. it so really it wasn't, i think, until i was 12 years old, i was traveling with my father to washington d.c. because we greww up in plymoth, massachusetts.ssh and i'm seeing hundredsever folks running toward us, and i'm thinking we need to get out of
9:41 am
the way.e and they are running toward him. who is this man? >> this is after your show that has been in the stage. st >> yes. >> but that is from rock noon noon man, we know him as a promoter,r rock new man, but he said, this is his book. people don't realize what hezewh gave up. he was first black comic toto perform in the white night clubs, he was first celebrity and bigger than bill cosby, he was before richard pryor. >> this is your dad. >> this is my dad. >> what instruct me, if he had followed the route of just beine a comedian, i mean you would have been like red carpet everywhere, and the oscars and you're doing in and you're doing that, but he chose a different path.p >> i chose a different path. >> that must make you reallyreay proud. >> it makes me really proud. he always thought us that to to have a gift is not really special but to use the gift to
9:42 am
make your environment better than we found it. we remember charged with that. in my family you had to be a a change maker it was sort of what we were born into. for me to use my gift as a musician as an actor and as an educator. i'm privileged to use it the the same way that he used niz his comedy.comedy he used his comedy as a healingn it's intrks because it's very it's interesting because it's hard for somebody to be in on the top of their game. mether hem used topeople used tn you afraid that your involvemen in the movement will comedy career.
9:43 am
he said no.. my as one of his 10 as the baby girl. >> let's talk abou about mrs. g for the moment. >> mama lilly. >> in the moments when she could have threatened and afraidaf because your dad was to high-profile. talk about her.t i had a pleasure of meeting your child on a couple occasions. if you want to get in touch with me, call my wife. he is an open book and a familya man first, but let's talk aboutu mama. >> she is a very protectiveprotc private mama. she didn't let anything get toeo us. she was the one there, you know, when the death threats wouldwoud come. she was the one when news reporters would want to come to tower hill farm where we lived. that sheli sort of kept that awy from us. us we never really gre grew up wity
9:44 am
airs because of her. there was a jet magazine, shesh never showed it to us. >> we have been showing picturet of gregory. >> there's a jet magazine with my mother on the cover, 1965, lillyian gregory, rebel can aa cause. pictures ofing at her giving speeches. i was like mommy. i call her a super hero, because she was at home and making things to happen away prosecute fromaw home. >> som-- from home. >> some people don't know that wele had d ten kids. it's our story. linda and michelle were at 5, 5, thrown in a pad dewagon and went to jail. and my sisters were crossing aia bridge and thinking they werethw going to lose their lives. li and it's funny stories, and sneaking junk food in the houseo because everybody knows that myy
9:45 am
dad was a health comedian. >> have you ever had a pork rk rind? >> no, daddy is watching. wa >> what does dad think about itt >> first time he saw it. he cried. he said, malcom never got the opportunity their children talke about him. for him not just what the world thought about him but his ten children who he left behind them. but we get it. i proudly take the baton. i got you daddy. i know what this is about. >> i know you want to hear more let me give you information onin the the saturday show is 8:00 p.m., the sunday show is 4:00 p.m., montgomery college cultural artu center on georgia avenue, 7875,, georgia avenue, silver spring.r all of that information is at
9:46 am this is ayanna gregory, the show is called daughter of the struggle. >> what is the show called? >> daughter of the struggle. >> i have these notes. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> it's a pleasure. plea we will be right back. of getting something "new." and now, there's a plan that lets you experience that "new" phone thrill again and again. and again. can you close your new phone box? we're picking up some feedback. introducing verizon edge. the plan that lets you upgrade to a new verizon 4glte phone when you want to. having what you want on the network you rely on. that's powerful. verizon. upgrade to the new moto x by motorola with zero down payment. [ horn honks ] kevin!
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was a great interview.t >> have you ever wondered what top rated chefs work in the kitchen.itchen. >> what did you work with it. holly has been this morning, it's been a great cooking lesson indeed. >> reporter: you are going to n like this hour. i'm going to call this the lightning round, because we have several questions that people have tweeted and we are putting 5 star chef chris to the test. >> fire away.ire >> the first one is we found out
9:50 am
it's national pancake day. what kind of pancakes would you make. >> the first thing i did wasi look at my pantry.ry. >> and then you went and got your secret book. >> my old school recipe book,bo, it's got recipes, and then some recipes and then some sketches of plating. >> a 5 star chef has a secret book. now let's get back to the pancakes. you are doing what. >> ban thabanana as foster. some bananas and alcohol, and brown sugar and butter and that is about that it. >> the key to put iting i puttit altogether. >> light it up. >> i'm going to go with the flambé. cook potatoway to so though don't come out mushy. >> i cook them in the jackets in
9:51 am
boiling water, a lot of experience to find out how stiff it should be when you poke theme with a knife. when you take them out, they ar going to keep cooking a little i bit, but you don't want to get o them to overcook. it's a lot of experimentation. >> so make your potato salad a a lot and you will find out how t do it.oudo >> a lot of things we do in the kitchen is experience, experience, you learn the subtleties of the ingredients. >> another question we have, is, there we go, the flambé, i need to purchase an iron skillet do you have a favorite brand. >> lecrueset. >> send me any free cast iron.. if you are having neighborsg
9:52 am
over, there's an art to plating,. >> there's an art a to eating.eang when you're making something at home or cooking at restaurant,ra it needs to look good. even something as simple as thi where we're going to make thismt at home. simple powder sugar on the top. >> add the little extras, right? >> not quite as well as i wouldd have hoped.ha >> it's in theve details, thoug, look at that. >> in i think it's still going to taste good. >> plate this, this is something that they do at bloom.m. there's only 32 stars that are five star restaurants, it's been 13 years since d.c. had one. you heard me talk about chris' wife. -- so i you to meet want you to meet the woman behind the man. ma so liz, does he cook a lot at at home. >> when he has time, yes. yes.
9:53 am
>> you do cooking? >> i do cook for him. >> he gives you good reviews. >> he says i'm okay. >> he better give you good reviews, because they're newly l weds. take a look at this, just married in may. >> and this is a big day for you, awl all. we got you on fox 5, but your wedding is going to be featured >> on style meet pretty. it's a wedding blog. >> as he is continuing to work. we have another question that someone tweeted in. i when neither of you cook, wherek do you guys go, out to eat? >> we live in falls church andrh one of the best places around here very casual is lacoraquena. simple latin food. whenever i got there, i always have a good meal. the food is always at least le solid. forhere do you go breakfast. >> kassat.
9:54 am
it's in arlington off of 29. >> when you want pizza delivered, who do you order on. >> usually bee pizza, and we're all trying to do glue ten free crust. >> he made glue ten free bread this morning, which is all gone. >> hopefully you learned something from a 5opef star chef we have a link to bloom at the h jefferson. you may want to make a reservation. back to the studio. >> cute couple. i want some of those i want some of those pancakes. stay with a last check on the forecast brg straight ahead. and that's why i'm backing terry mcauliffe for governor. terry won't let ideological battles get in the way of making progress. terry will work with democrats, republicans, and independents to create jobs and move virginia forward.
9:55 am
it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as our governor. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad.
9:56 am
 [poof!] [clicks mouse] there's doughnuts in the conference room.
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there's doughnuts in the conference room. automatic discounts the moment you sign up. all right. >> hey look at the live shot. ook at got sunshine breaking ouu across the it's going to t be another anot
9:58 am
beautiful day. mid 70s for afternoon highs.hig. love this time of year, i likeli the turns turning here. here >> just a little bit. >> seen a little. >> i was up near frederick,ick, they're a week or two ahead of us here in washington.washingt >> it's already october there? [ laughter ] >> you get more and more funny. >> as we get closer to 1 10:00.0 >> mid-70s this weekend as well. >> we as always thank you for fo watching fox 5 morning news, and we remind you that the news iss always on at >> indeed it is, wendy williamsw is coming your way next. we will see you tomorrow. won't we? >> i can't wait. >> yes, the friday show. >> yes, and it will be theit wi return of dj friday, yeah., we will have that for you tomorrow. >> see you, tomorrow. 
9:59 am
live from new york city, it's wendy williams. today, big sean takess the stag and performs his hit song. plus our hot talk tackles this week's biggest stories. and all the latest juicy "hot topics." now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: yeah. yeah! welcome to the show! thank you for watching.


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