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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 30, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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memelanie alnwick at capitol hi. >> reporter: they will take on probably some motions that aren't going to have a lot of impact. everybody is going to bebe watching the senate to see whether they are going to end up reject being any changes that cn the house sent them on sundayay morning and whether they'reer going to send it back to the house. and whether they're going tong have a coming together of the republicans this afternoon, anda find out what they are going to do to face a tough vote. one would do that, but the other would get hid of medical devices of medical devices. senate leaders won't vote for
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any bill that will dismantle the new law. or passing like the upcoming debt ceiling increase is thethe only way to get democrats to make changes to affordablerdable healthcare act. >> we have people not being able to have their questions answered how much of a stippen they are going to receive. receiv it's not ready for prime time. >> there's a lot of kids that have preexisting conditions pediatric cancer, diabetes, andd asthma who would have been denied affordable coverage. >> virginia senator tim kainee did say that he is open to making some changes offer a forum to the healthcare law, but he disagrees with the tactic off attacking it on the past passed bills. why or how did we get to this ts
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point. the republicans say that the democrats refuse to negotiate with them on anything that hasih to do with the affordable caread act. in meanwhile, the whites house and democrats say they will negotiate on that, but onlyonly after this budget bill gets passed. we expect that the senate wille come back this afternoon, andrn, probably not going to accept anc of thece house changes, they wi kick it back to the house and an again, they're going to have to see, and that is when it comes to the nail biter a vote. there could be the possibility of these very short-term, maybem a week or so extensions to give them a little more time to negotiate, but eventually they are going to have to vote and ww will see what happens when we get to tuesday morning. back to you. yes, we will, melanie. all eyes on the capital, thank you. in the meantime all eyes all turn to tucker barnes because he has the good word on our weather. pleasant conditions and mid-70s today. >> easy is good.
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>> it's only as the weather is good all the time and congress could be as good as the with the. weather f. >> if only.. >> one could dream. >> you put that music back on and we will dream.eam. >> partly to mostly sunny this afternoon, no showers expected, a weak cold front expressing to sin -- pressing into sin si cin, and that will bring us some clouds. we will be in the 80s tomorrow, i will have details o that coming up in the next couple of minutes. thank you, tucker. annie is back with us, talk about a topic that i had parents talk about all the time? >> it's a tough one. >> when should you get your kid a smart phone? it's a tough one.h we are talking about thisabou because there was a recent article in the "wall street journal" about a mom struggling about this same question.
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her 9-year-old felt left out of her social group at school because all the girls were texting back and forth, and gatherings, and she didn't get the invitation because shee didn't have a smart phone. she is nine years old, is she s too young to get a smarted phone.pho. she asked her daughter, and her daughter shocked her, everythin except safety reasons. i want to be table to text my friends and be able to have one. >> this is interesting. 70% of kids ages 12-17 have aa smart phone. and they sedan o average -- send on average 5 50 text a day.y. it seems like as young years old have smart phonesar theset days, i have a 10-year-od and i don't see a lot of his friends with smart phones. there's a couple of them that have phones.
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a lot of them have ipods, but i don't see them a lot of themf with phones. once they get to teens, i do see that, and it makes more sense once they're teenagers, and being in touch with your friurends. >> one the issues, i'm not an expert, but one the experts of little kids having phone is you do not want a little kid pullin that phone near their face and head an awful lot. >> 50 text a day that is a lot of texting. >> i thought it was going to be much higher than. >> i think. >> i think kids these days are a getting the phones as they are younger. i didn't get my first smart phone until i was 25. >> i know. >> you know what i mean. >> right. >> the ipod, i would agree with you, my 9-year-old has an
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ipod, she doesn't need a phone, because she is in grade school.o she hasn't even asked for one. >> obviously smart phones willl be a part ofy the future and the youngest generation, you want to have your child learn about, too. >> but you don't want to be distracted at cool or get caugh up -- >> a lot of schools take it away. >> if you bring it out or something. >> it's a responsibility. >> smart phones ar e expensive, you got handle that responsibly. >> that is what a lot of people online were saying when i put this out on twitter. they thought 16 was a fair age, that is when you can actuallyacl get a part-time job baby-sitting and pay for it, that it's a fair deal. >> i think that is -- we do a pay every month, whatever is yours, and if you lose it, you will go back to the flip phone. i need to know where you are. >> the days from our pay phones,
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and the pagers.pagers >> yes. >> the pagers, wow? >> oh, man, those were the good days. there this 19-year-old 19-y teenager in florida that was recently fired. she worked at a goodwill store,d and what hwie did would give aw discounts to people he thoughtt needed it most. so these are the people that came into the store, that he said, had the clothes on their backer 2 to $3 max, and he took it upon himself to give out discounts. we're talking about $4,000 a worth a day. >> that's a lot.hat's >> he got fired for it. his name is andrew anderson, it's a goodwill store in east naples. he got fired for it, and was initially pressed charges, but later dropped those, and i don't know. i think some would argue that goodwill is a free -- you get -- you're getting free stuff to sell, but they also do good
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things in the community. >> it's a business. a >> it's a business. >> it's a business. >> and not a>> charity. >> if he was digging into his pocket and he was putting $6 an he could only afford $3, the t cash register at end of the day, should add up. >> $4,000 that's a lot. >> of stealing. i don't know that i would classify it as stealing but he is he can braking the rules. >> they set their prices at a certain level for expecting, you know people. >> and they do good work.rk. >> not on the teen to decide. >> what about when you go to a coffee shop. this has happened to me, and i know it's happened to you atto least once. they go into a coffee shop, andd they say coffee is on us. mine does that a lot to us. >> okay. >> so. >> but maybe they dip into it and maybe they have a tip jar.
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>> i just think he was doing something -- >> he was. >> and got to talk to him, a warning don't do it geb again. again. >> $3,000. >> i think it's a differentdi issue. >> thank you, annie. anni >> you're welcome. people are talking about trying to avoid breaking bad spoilers today. toda there's another spoiler alertler making the headlines. remember the brook jones movie series. >> yes. >> a shocking revelation has been made, we can't wait to fil you in. >> i can't wait find out about it. >> the good news for the fans o the struggling win, we will take a look at the big win over oakland and what is next for the burgundy and gold as they head into the by week.
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i'm not dropping off thet face of the d earth, i'm still going to be around.
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>> i might see you guys, again, who knows. >> what does that mean? >> davie johnson announced he was retiring before the start o the season.beth the nats lost last night'sni season finale to the diamondbacks 3-2 and they end ed with an 86-76 record. davie is expected to be electedc to the hall of fame as a manger. the skins, and thingsngs started off horribly for the th burgundy and gold. they were down 14-0 in the first quarter.quar the skins got a field goal, and intersected, the 45 yards forfo the score and the third, rgiii, hit pierre garson for a touch down. and added a t.v., and the skins win 24-14.
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>> we came in here knowing thath we should to come out of here 1-3. we have to make the best of our situation.siat we are going into the by week. guys will be able to enjoy the by week a little bit more. >> you have to find a way toto win. >> when you are 0-3, three winning steaks aren't a lot -- streaks aren't fun for anybody. come here before the by week and get a little healthy. >> they will face the cowboys in dallas a week from this sunday. >> all right a couple of observations? >> one. >> i don't think that any other football team is forced to playo on a baseball field other thanhe ther raiders.s. >> think about it. they have probably like if we we beat the skins and they probably you couldn't even beat the the skins.s >> they were very primed forfo breath the skins. >> that is what was quacked ofs talked abouwas talked aboutin t.
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>> we said this morning itrng wasn't pretty, it wasn't perfect, i do think it'so th important that they won. >> they can build on that homely, get some things and do a couple of seminars on tackling.i >> write the redskins seminar. >> and how did he do on sliding >> his sliding still wasn't great. it appears to be so weak, that they might be able to inwith it, with an 8-2 record. >> the cowboy chances to win over the broncos which seems toe be one of the best teams in thei league are not good. >> and then they are going to play the cowboys the followingog week. >> if they could beat cowboys in dallas, not an easy task, if i they could do that, they are number one in the division. >> and we got a lot for it.t. >> hopefully they can live their life. sarah is with us, not justts talking skin, but also some med
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lines. several new laws that go las into effect tomorrow. in maryland, there are bige changes here, first off the onen that has everybody talking, maryland's new gun haw, 45 different semiautomatic and gun rifles are banned from beingbe sold for owned in the freeee state. it reduces the magazine capacity that can be made from 20-10 rounds. taking effect talking on a handheld cell phone whilewh driving is a primary offense. it means that maryland police can pull you over, for that reason, and all passengers need to wear seatbelts. today the aquarium will close the doors, and the national aquarium first opened in 1885. it will be moved to other locations including baltimore aquarium. the d.c. location is closing
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because of renovations takingta place at the department ofof commerce. the weather at it washington state might be better suited. look at this, parts of pacificcc northwest got hit with more rain on saturday than they normally do in a regular month. it caused scattered power outages and localized flooding.. spoiler alert for you.r we are not talking aboutta breaking bad, but we're talkinga about bridgett jones. j she is the title character of a popular series from britain. over the weekend, the author publicized upcoming book excerpts, in it, she reveals re that she is a widow, and her he husband died two years ago, leaving her to raise her children alone. some were upset, and took the te eitheimmediate to air about vene
9:18 am
author. >> a lot of spoiler alerts. i haven't seen it. no one spoil that for me, please. >> not to speak of it. >> why would she excerpt that i a tabloid? >> i don't know. if s a big secret. you don't want people to know until they have the book. >> people are mad about it. they are letting her know. >> i have no opinion on the matter. >> i neither. >> 5:19 on this monday morning. coming up next waiting for a waiter. why so many washington wa restaurant areas are having hara time finding a good help. >> here is holly.e >> reporter: we take a look at agility. we have done obedience, we are moving to the suspect apprehension part of the part competition. we are moving to charles county where the national field trialsr are underway. coming up later, we will talk about how you and your family can come down. it's all on fox 5 morning news,
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stay with us. 
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welcome back. it's 9:23. d.c.'s food scene, nothing o to look down your nose at; is that right? >> thumb your nose at. >> anyway, but the all the new e restaurants popping up ares popi compete fog rt same poo poppinge experiencing for the same pool of experienced waiters, wa according to the radio,dio, restaurants employ 53,000 people. that is up from 50,000 just a year before. one general manager told the t station it's so tough to find fi good help, it took him three th months to fill 130 positions. >> airlines are introducing another round of fees to pass
9:23 am
along to passengers, only thisoy time the crane eses are for luxuries many p look. for example, the new fees will be for things like extra leg room, early voting and access to quiet lounges, many airlines are renting ipads preloaded with movies. >> bless you. >> they're also selling -- - >> my goodness. >> that's all right. ler selling hot warm meals in coach. and they will pay for the people sitting next to them won't sneeze on them. you can pay to skip baggagee claim and have them send your bags to andreas, preferably yours, the fees bring up so much money that is reason the airlines are profitable. >> that sneeze, -- i a soljiz, tapologize,to you, and to you.
9:24 am
>> in the shadows of motown, and the shoes of the king of pop.po. >> big shoes to fill. check him out. o we are sitting wit sit singer db who is 10 years he is part of the music cal.  [ wind howling ]
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all right, what. >> nothing. >> 9 way, an9:28 and it's time o find out what is happening with the weather.ather >> you fly better than rgiii. >> that is not hard to dodo apparently. >> he is still struggling with >> apparently he is impressive. >> but he had one not so great.r >> listen, he got the knee bracc things are more tricky. >> and he is an not a slider. >> but most good athletes can do
9:28 am
a good slide.ide. >> can't connor >> yes, he can. >> most of us have our achilles heel. >> approximate let's get to the. mid-70s, daytime high, itgh, should be a nice one, 62 in washington, 61 in leonardtown. e the overnight lows in the 40s north and west. we we are still hanging in the 50s, manassas 52, and 52 in frederick. another beautiful day, what a nice patch of weather, and it it will continue this week a long o with a warming trend. tren by tomorrow afternoon we will be in thern low to mid-80s andd maybe mid-80s by the end of the week. cloud cover to start the day. a week cold front to the west. you can see it, a sprinkle there, in western virginia, inte of the clouds cover will try too
9:29 am
sneak in the area. we got the responsibility that e can get partly cloudy conditions around here. here the same area of high pressure r that will be differing in the beautiful week for the past few days, the area of high pressure still in charge, we lo will keep things nice and dry, this cold front is going to fall apart. some of that cold front will ll fall apart.f a nice afternoon, wind out of, d the south at five miles per hour, it should be a beautiful afternoon, a comfortable evenine with overnight lows, and 60 in n the city, partly cloudy, warm up, 80s return by tomorrow and well into the 80s by thursday and friday, mid-80s by friday afternoon, next chance of showers, saturday, probably saturday late with a cold front. the shower, a little cooler by sunday. that's the cold front. fr now we go with allison and tony. >> i love the pets, too. to
9:30 am
i was tired of sitting overing o there and watch you. i wanted to join you for that. t >> we feature adorable petsts looking for forever, and lovingn homes. >> this week we are welcomed by our friend. thank you for joining us. >> these are two of my favoritea senior fosters. i have could by over there and d this is shawn. sh shawn got his name from shawn the sheep. >> oh. >> he has the hair cut but he is basically curly. >> i know.>> >> he is shaggy. >> he is so cute.te. is he a terrier mix. >> we think he is a terrier mixi with poodle. he is a good option for those with allergies.lergi >> there's no hypoallergenic
9:31 am
dogs and some dogs are betterber than others and shawn is one of them. >> they only leave like little shed. >> small shed. >> and this>> is could b could o >> was he named after kobe bryant.b >> maybe, but that is a great guess. he has a great personality, so o maybe he was. >> how old is kobe. >> kobe is almost 11 now, and he is 32 pounds. both of them are great family dogs. you would never know, as you can see, that they are ten, they are full of energy. >> cuddle. >> that is the biggest surprisep with these dogs. normally when they are older, oe like nine or ten, they are more subdued or calm. ca this guy, nearly ran over some people coming into the studio. >> and this guy, i'm holding tightly, but if i let him loose in the backyard, he is like apor
9:32 am
us. >> what you see is what you get. this is who they are. they are full grown. if you are looking for a dog, do and are wondering, how big are e they going get. ge >> life can be long, my shelbyby lived for 18 rest in peace, shelby. >> do you have anybody. >> i have nikki. nikk >> all good dogs go heaven, butt my point is that at at ten, i looked back, they were fine, fi, they had much more life to giveo and love to give. so. >> you know, if you have the space and you don't feel like -- let's be honest, potty training >> that's a big one. >> these are potty trained.d. >> yes, they both are. >> a lot of people assume that t dogs by ten will have a lot of issues with their hips. hi >> bunt always. >> so can young puppies and young dogs, too. >> look at that face. face >> take this guy home. he is so adorable. ad
9:33 am
>> senior dogs they are great ga and give them a shot for sure, e don't think that they have health issues and things like that. these guys are all up-to-date on vaccination. >> absolute she. we do that before they a are adopted. we make sure they are spayed and neutered and rabies, and they check out healthy. heal if we have a question about ab their health we check them out.. >> what do you have coming up? >> in silver spring on october 12, both of these will be at petco there, pet smart, sr i'm sorry in calvertson in silver spring, and if anyone iso interested in getting reduced ru costs shots for their own pet or microchipped on sunday october 6th and every sunday, first sunday of theof th month from 1:00 to 3:00 in 3: i forestville. we are also having a spay and neuter clean ic o clinic on
9:34 am
november 23rd and 24th. we have the snide ar snyder camd social security, and food stamps, we allow them have a free link. >> that's a lot of information, thank you, sandra and thank you to kobe. >> all righty. ri >> back to you.>> >> you got stuff to read. >> you're not going to read that. >> the pet of the day is baxter alongside his best friend ethant how cute are they. look at them, they love to watch fox 5 together we're told. this picture is so cute. thank you so much for sharing. we will be right back.  
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welcome back. the>> series finale of breaking bad aired last night.
9:38 am
the finale was expected to brinr in record numbers, so advertisers paid as much as $400 million for $400,000 for a. now, some of the shows most popular props are up for grabsgb including that pink teddy bear.r fans will recognize it from falling out of an exploding ex airplane into the pool. >> starting bid is at $1,500. >> also up for auction, is mr. whites tie tie tie dewhitey. >> more than 200 items are being sold at bid >> i'm sure they come with a certificate of authenticity. >> even snl getting in on the break bad fun with a special cameo during saturday's season premier. >> sheer a young man from new
9:39 am
mexico with a heartbreaking he story about healthcare before be the affordable care act. ac >> jeff, come up here. [ laughter ] [ cheering ] >> that is >> that is actor aaron paul who plays jess se jess jesse pink m. his friend turned to a life of selling drugs because he couldn't afford medical care ca without obama care. >> being humiliated for the first timehu the future players of saturdaysa night live. live >> sure. [ cheering ] >> we really want to make it. >> meanwhile former snl star tina fay hosted the show season premier. she took the time to welcome six new dance members by making them do an embarrassing dance there, which she says that all cast members on the show must do at
9:40 am
one time or another. >> that guy is really into it. >> really into it. it >> six new cast >> like the redskins startingarg off slow. >> what is that? >> a little bit slow. >> and no variety in the casting at all. >> no minority faces. i don't know that i have ever seen an asian in saturday nighth live. >> kind of stood out. >> too bad. >> do you think it's funny. >> it's got to be rough when yoo got a bunch of new people. it's 9:41 on this monday morning. coming up next how local canine train their canine squads. a local star from here in in maryland, or in maryland. we are going to introduce you to singer darius caleb. >> hay!
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obedience and we are discovering what it takes to be the top canine. >> holly is joining us, hi hi holly. >> reporter: we are moving to suspect apprehension, this is high stakes, joining us to learr more about it is good morning tn both of you. >> how are you doing again. >> we have competitor that is getting ready to take the field here, so kind of tell us what is going on here? >> we have a suspect hidden in one of the boxes out of the six, and his job is to locate the hidden subject. this is the simulated start, the dog is going to be utilizing his
9:45 am
nose to utilize the human scentn and there's the last box, that , the suspect just came out of. so the dog will search, search r the boxes and indicate to the handler where the scratch which box he is in. in this exercise is worth $110. if he misses the subject he loses 60 right off the bat. this is a big number. it's one of those exercises, if you don't do it correctly, you will lose a lot of points. for obedience you might lose 5, this you lose a lot of points. >> just
9:46 am
change, he will wag his tail, and he has not, simulate fg the guy was hiding in a we could call the handler back. >> is there a time element. em >> this exercise is timed and hd will get a 30 second warning when the time limit is up. >> how long does he get to try y to find the suspect? >> he gets three minutes.tes. >> three minutes. >> interesting. >> now what exactly is the handler doing. >> the handler is looking for fr body language on his dog. do the dog is again, there's little
9:47 am
nervous, he is getting nervous if his dog makes another round.. he has gone twice, and now he is getting his indication.dicati now it's up to the handler to process that and trust his dog and make sure that that is where the suspect is. is he is obviously, not sure, sure, because if the handler was sure, he would have called his dog too a heel.a >> is there a reason why the dog seems avoiding first box. >> no, if there's not much scent there.. he will ignore it.. but know he has three indications, if i was in his his shoes, i would be a little litt nervous right now. >> because now, he has to pick, he has got to try to work it within his time limit to come up with the right box. he has three indications. indi which one was the strongest andt it's very hard for us to read it, because he has really got to read his own dog. every dog is different, plus we
9:48 am
know. >> we know which box. bo what does the top person win win that wins this competition? >> they get, they get braggingan rights, but they do get a national certification which iss worth its weight in gold in a a trial situation.rial this is not just a competition, this is a qualification so thiss can hold true in court for testimony as far as how proficient your dog is, so a lot of guys, use this for testimonyn purposes. now he is getting ready to call this box. with will see if he calls this box. on thursday there's a big event for the public. publ >> north point high school at 6:00 on thursday october third.h there will be a big canine demonstration. we will have helicopters out there, all the winning dogs anda we're going to do fireworks, this conclusion of it. bring the family and it's free r to all. >> i'm sending off fireworks,
9:49 am
the dog got it correct. co he came out of box number one. the spca. sp and don't forget, they will bele out here all week.week. the competition runs through the whole week. tony, back to you in the studio. >> holly, very impressive. thank you very much. speaking of impressive, a local sensation is making his debut on broadway, making a young michael jackson in motowno the musical, he plays a young stevie wonder, and davie gordon june or. thank you for coming here. >> thank you. >> i haven't seen the show, and i'm very ex i excited to see the show. comeank you, you got to and see me. >> i do want to see the show. sh >> tell folks where you are from you're right here in the area.a. >> i'm here from the area,
9:50 am
maryland. n maryland. ma >> you know, the waldorf area. r >> very good. >> and you have done some acting, you have been in advertisements and all of that t kind of stuff, were you nervousv to audition for such a big role? >> not necessarily nervous, it's just, you know, you got to go on there and you want to do it right, and you want to show them that you're the part, you can do this to get the part. >> uh-huh. >> and apparently you nailed itd because you got the part. part >> let me ask you. you're 10 years old, were you a michael jackson fan before this came up. up >> grearks yeah, i really startd listening to him. hi everybody thinks this dude was s muk anhuge and important. did he do anything when he was a kid. wow, i'm a kid.
9:51 am
>> you looked at the old sullivan show that he was on with his brothers. >> yes. >> has it taken a long time with you to work with the guys you are working with to get the choreographery.eograph >> no, we're just like a familya if you mess up on rehearsal, it's no big deal. de we got this? >> you say you sing and dance, and you have a speaking part, and stevie wonder and davie gordy as a kid.. how hard is it to remember the lines and characterizations anda things likect that. >> for me it's not very hard too do stuff when you practice. >> uh-huh. >> because practice makes perfect all you have to do is practice, practice. practice, you know, we always al have practices. >> are you having fun? >> yes, that is very good. >> you're going to sing for us now.
9:52 am
what are you going to sing? si >> i will sing i got your back. >> a little jackson 5 number. darius caleb, take it away. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, baby ♪ do give me one more chance cn
9:53 am
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that's powerful. a nice start a to the day, temperatures cool overnight.ov and we're warming up, a up beautiful day, love this time of year, with high temperaturesrate topping in the mid-70s, a bit b of a warm up this week, 80s
9:58 am
around here, plenty of sunshine, it's easy to get used to it. >> yes. >> those temperatures in themp 80s, that is a above normal, right? >> ify degrees above normal.. overnight lows in the 50s, we're a little warmer than thata the big story is we're going too need some rain. fingers crossed we will get most next week, because most of the month of september was very dry. looking at august, is when the dry weather started. >> want to give a final reminder of the suit drive. >> men or women, but they're looking for men's suits. >> yes in particular. >> get folks back to work. >> we thank you for watching fox 5 morning news, the news isis always on >> here is wendy. 
9:59 am
live from new york city, it's "wendy williams." today gina gershon and her movie "house of versace." plus, treating wendy and all the latest juicy, hot topics. now, here's wendy! >> wendy: so good. thank you. studio audience, thank you so much for being here today.


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