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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  October 2, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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conferences, lots of them. one almost every hourour here on capitol hill.e o democrats are talkinging about republicans. >> must open up government. >> reporter: and republicans talking aboutalk democrats. >> none of us want to be in a shutdown.a s the way to solve our differences is to sit down and talked. >> so far neither isher talking to each other. >> i'm hoping that thet speaker and the other leaders in the house will wil do the right thing sooner s rather than later. lat >> reporter: the questioner now, though, is the shutdown stuck in a stalemate. the president called theed four of them down to the white house today to talk about the shutdown andd getting the government
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back open. of course we'll continue to monitor this. we'll come back to you if they do. >> . thank you. developing also tonight, a little more li than one hour ago the house approved a bill to fund d.c. the bill now goes on tooes the senate, but all this t does not mean the dot com government is out of the woods yet. -- it was not a roll call vote, it was a voice vote. there's no chance it willill passing over there because they want this wan so-called clean resolution.tion earlier today vin sentin gray was steadfast in to furlough any workers and
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furious with deposition standing in the way. an official say the mayor called the white house last night to event his frustration. the mayor said today the d.c. government is openn for business and all city employees are coming to work. the mayor was angry, ang called the white househit and according to a senior administration officialon o spoke with valerie jaret, a senior adviseder to the the president on governmental affairs. the mayor said the city has enough to last about two weeks and after that, paychecks to city workers may come to a halt. >> people understandnde what all me is. people understand if we raise our own money, $6 billion and i hope we realize three and a-half to $4 billion in federal4 taxes tob the government of the united states, that we have no businesso being involved in thislve and every day it goes by, it is an unconsciousable,
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rep hencable shame that we continue to be included in this nonsense. >> the mayor also said it's too soon to get anet estimate on the economic impact. if it goes on for longer than two weeks it'seks possible paychecks will not go out to city workers, but instead of alluding money, it willill be paid retroactively. r >> at least we have that. there's so many pieces to this puzzle and so manyy people affected by it. >> it's there'sening national security, thathat coming from u.s. intelligence officials. james clapper says runly if% of his civilian ci employees have beenees furloughed from his firm and the n-s a,. >> this will accommodate over time, the damage will be ininsidious.s. so each day that goes byy the jeopardy increases.
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this is a dream land for foreign tell jennings service to recruit. >> the risk is 75% more than yesterday because of the shutdown. the coliseum july farm has been shut down by the national park service. a local nonprofit group has offered to pay 100% p ofay the operating expenses of the farm, but the feds fed have still closed it anyway. >> reporter: as much as possible it'eps the late $1700 at this farm in fairfax county, virginia. tobacco is still low grown here and it's dried just the way it was dried 200 years ago. refacters explained to visitors what would be found inside a colonial hloouse. >> we have flowers, herbs as well, we can use them for cooking, dyeing,ng, medical needs if need be.
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>> reporter: even the animals, the petition, for example, are smallerer than modern fork. they were captured off annie lend off the coast. 507z.. a local nonprofit group now pays for 80% of the operating >> r we even snowplow the roads. >> reporter: as of october one, the friendsnd agreed to take over 100%er of the cost, so the operators were astop i should when the national park service erecteded barricades and closed off access to visitors. 300 kids were supposed to be here tuesday. cancelled.elle agar than humans are the geese. because there are no visitors and no staff members routinely in thiss area, to keep them safe from pedestrian first
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like foxes and hawks, they get pennied up for for much of the day.y. it's still federal land and the rule is if there's no federalhe proposing, no visitorsr are v allowed, so even though the nonprofit is paying for everything,ythi the farm remains closed. as we know, many man national landmarks run by the national park servicece are also closed. large groups of world war ii veterans are leading the march. they're still arriving at d.c. in these walked honor flights often traveling with wheelchairs. when they finally get there, they are vowing that a few barricades ba will not 1207 them. groups from missouri and
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chicago december sended on the memorial today. >> i'm proud of this country for are -- for building something likein this in our honor. >> i don't care what's going it is their country, and it is their money that we want in to make this andis i think it's ridiculous that those people are are standing outside and can't get in. g i can't believe that this is our united statesur united states. laws were there too. >> i think if there were wer some politicians trying to score points on the backs of veterans, which v is beyond tacky. >> if anything, it willg, help people stick tock their principals becausein i havec several of theal o veterans tell me, you me, know, what they were fighting for over there
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with this nation and so to go back from capitolac hill and stand firm, because what we're trying to do is just save the country, just in a different way. >> the shutdown might not be nearing an end,an but the word now is that that the memorials remain closed to the general gen public. the park service willc continue toe allow world war ii veterans as part of their first t constitutional right of free speech and assembly. a big step taken today in the quest to eliminate syria's nuclear weapons. also coming up, we'rein going to tell you about a new program that could help metro riders safer.afe sue? >> how much longer lo before we start opening up the pools around washington? it was 86 today. toda i'll let you know if weow have cooler temperatures coming and we'll start talking about the weekend too. we've made some changes. the wisconsins are warming up for the
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season.easo their season debut may ma have ended in a loss, but it was one for the recordbooks for the newest cap. coming up in sports. 
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dot com. dew points diamondbacks wrap
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wind chills by the end of november and to eliminate the condition's 100-tonond stockpile by the end of next year.
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today the united nations security council you called on all parties in the cesarean conflict to allow oar human tear yen aide. >> there's 6 millionhere's people in need, over 3 million children are living in poverty, scarving and this suffering has been evaluated by obstaclesva that have beenl put in the pu way by humanitarian agencies. >> a second chemical weapons attempt iste expected to arrive in syria sometime in the next week or so. coming up in the news, the unexpected health hazards people are experiencing from electric cigarettes. the potential danger if they're not used properly. and another gorgeous forecast coming up. we'll be right back. 
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following a consumerll alert on those increasing by popular electric cigarettes. some users are finding fi out the hard way their new habit may be just as dangerous. scott has the story. >> reporter: every day, these are getting more m and more popular. but there is still a lot we don't know about the unregulated products. >>regu heard this explosion, jumped up, screamed. >> reporter: just as ren nay, it exploded, recharging. >> it was unreal to think it was doing this. >> reporter: it started sparking like a firework. >> it shot out like a miss he will from the computer. >> reporter: it landed onrte the carpet burningrnin several spots. >> this is something that's supposed to be safe, but it's not. n it turned into fireworks. >> reporter: they got the firepo out, but now have at lot of questions.f >> surprised me big time
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for that to happen. >> reporter: chris bought bou it four months ago, thought it was safe. as far as mike knows, hes, never sold a faulty one. f >> thias is your battery here, your tank goes on top of it. >> reporter: he says thee problem comes fropom the battery, those that don't have over-sizedd protection. >> they're getting charging, getting hot, shooting across the roomg ac or starting on fire.. >> reporter: he says when buying them is key andey make sure it's not a fake. ones, thee the good ones, with the with emblem on the bottom. >> reporter: he bought r one, bute still ... >> i'm always to be al thinking about it wondering, is it going to happen. we are monitoring metro tonight where riders have new way to contact the transit as' police department. it's called mympdt -- if
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you want to use it, accepted a text to my mptd on any smart over or 696873 from a standard cell phone and we'll putut that on our website. this weather, too. >> it's so weird, the th leavings are falling offall the trees.s. i looked at the maple ine i front of my house and thought i should rake it,d r but i don't want to. it's so warm, especially if you're in the sun. person i kind of like this. i know we'll have plenty pl of weeks, months, wherehs, it's going to get chilly eventually, but it's not in the cards. some are calling this
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august 63ered. why was 88 degrees todayegr because that is average for thsee end of august. the record was join setback in 1986. a good year.d my thought daughter was was born that year. ye still a good temperature in d.c., dulles, 85. everybody into the '80s. real toasty out there. hard to believe we're we' talking about an octoberer forecast. plenty of company, but we really are one of the hotter spots especiallys when we look toward boston.oston although that 83 address for boston, 83 at roll ray, hatteras, 77. guess what, saturday also al looks pretty warm at 88 degrees, so we're goingoin to describe that as hot and dry.a yesterday we hadnd are a a shower or thunderstorm on sunday, but we felt the chances were diminishing. we don't think now it
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will rain. it will stay warm. we'll hold off the chance of precipitation until monday. this is a plume of moisture. not really a big deal,g but this, this may be developing into ainto tropical system. they have a hurricane hunting on the way down there right now. it could become tropicalo storm care ren and it may it be heading into the gulfi of mexico. m it's been an interesting hurricane season. this is really not been an intense hurricane season, but there's been t no shortage of promises and if this one forms it would be number 11, so far this season. we're getting drier and a dry are. we're about three a envelopes behind, dulles, 2" behind. you see this in your lawn, everything is dry. that becomes a fire hazard.rd. nothing in the cards just
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yet. a challenge for us forecasting because acas weak front dips down tomorrow, maybe a throws in a few more clouds and keeps the temperaturese cooler thanks to a south wind. it doesn't hang around long, because it will zipca back to the north to bring us warmer temperatures. the act you weather seven-day forecast: >> . >> thanks so much. t >> scott, down to you. the redskins may have gotten their first win on sunday, but they stillut t have lots to improve on. scott is next with how the since ton to do that do just after the break. (crowd c cheering)
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time for sports. i'm scott smith. s the caps last night inght their season debut at the home of the defending champions blackhawks ends in a 6-4 loss. he did quite nicely in his first game. a hat-trick.-tri not only is he the first t player to get one in the first opener, but the first nfl player to do in his first game -- nhl. n it gave a 43 lead in the third appeared, buti chicagord tallied the final
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goals of the game to win it 6-4. today, the first of five days off for the redskins during the bye week. despite the sunday loss -- or the sunday winnday rather there were issues on both sides of the ball tackling by the defense. although they improved in i that area sunday against the readers they still s need to do a better job. one problem, the league only allows them 1 day a week to practice tackling in pads. >> you can practice, we tack without the pads on also, so we just haven't done a good job, i don't j think we'll a really goodd tackling team right now. we just have to keepo working at it. >> when you can only onl have pads on 1 day a week you're not going to be from at factling, but you want to get better as the t
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season goes on. o i agree, we still missed some tax in that game.t i like the amount of effort the guys have in getting to the football, so if somebody does miss a tack somebody else ismebo there to make the tack. the says training anda experience camp continues ca from the campus of george mason. expectations are high for them. wall says the playoffs are most certainly the goal. >> everybody wanted to win. -- [ indiscernible ]-- we had it going for awhile, a great run. that's the main thing. -- [ indiscernible ]-- i want too see an arena in all white. >> -- [ indiscernible ]-- the young guys, so weuy going to make noise. would like to talk how loud it's going to be,
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but we going to make noise. another dismal season for d.c. united, but theybut came through against the m-l-s record. the third u.s. open cup cu title in team history and finally saturday's navy n air force game just on, just waiting for the approval of the secondof quarter of defense. . (final block.ecl) ♪
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> we have jermaine jackson. we ask him if katherine wins the lawsuit, who is the big winner? >> are you in the will? >> katherine's will. >> what if they hired dr. murray to be her hospice care doctor. >> he comes in with a mustache and glasses. >> dr. blurry! [laughter] >> miranda kerr is in paris for paris fashion week. she just got dropped off at the wrong venue. >> miranda, wrong show? > she is running in her knee high boots. oh, my god, where is the venue. >> she runs like a muppet apparently. >> kate upton is a model coming out of the gym. someone decided to do an extreme close-up of her face and she has blemishes. >> why doesn't she put makeup on or something.


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