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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 3, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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heard reported bob starting off tonight live on capitol hill. all incredible vice joyed actual case that stands out. fox five down our news room with more than individual yes. capturing portion of the chase and shooting. as unfolded guard garfield circle. watch as suspect and priscilla square off and then listen as
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shots are fired. video you can hear sirens blaring as least five capitol police officer swarmed black is dan with their guns drown. you see driver put car in reverse khrapld turn and then take off! moment later you hear sound at least 7 gun shots. as video continues you can see that black sedan careening ano far behind. and then you see car speed away out of video view. again you are look dramatic video car careening around circle. before fine legal pulls away in trigger another chase at this point which police say end more gun shots. and driver death. >> this video was caught by
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united states arabic channel. and photographer who shot it is danny. he joining me now while drive capitol. >> thank you for having me soon video but in your own words describe what happened. >> well, you know i actually shooting b roll shot and person walking threw shot got anyway but as i could see behind her we had motor cade but turns out not motor kay police that's somewhat at the came right in high shot. >> was there signs something was about to happen did you get sense is that this was motorcade that something serious was going down here number. >> you know you hear the sirens so often dc that i saw in shot looked like motorcade but then quickly real rised that motorcade going fast their destination was barricades. so you know there was not
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really anything to say that was happening but, you could tell it was. and police jumped out of the car and it was just like movie they were cars were wedging her in. and she was smashing no heard gun shots did you think that take cover? did people around you take cover? >> um, you know i was just doing my job i was looking through view finder of my camp ray didn't even thoeufrb take cover. the police were then how is the at everybody to them take cover. capitol. and but, you know just my job. guess i could say. absolutely. hearings played out suspect being shot killed. you also hear toddler that car. what thoughts are you left with after shooting this incredible video today? >> you know again, as said, i was already rolling so i would have seemed odd not to do it. i never got really feeling of
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being scared or anything like that because my mine it was just regular stop. i didn't know it was something that had happened white house. so, you know i had idea this indeed had been going on for few minutes. oh, you know, i am jaded from being cameraman pore lining suppose. tkafpb many we astand your sentiment is. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you very much. coming up at 11:00 is we will share more video with you and your also hear from police about exactly how this entire episode ended. all right. thank you. >> also ahead tonight police chase this sound gun fire. the officerer with their guns drawn. so many people were shaken up by what he saw this afternoon. >> they car is your is rourpbed car whipped around and they pass barricades and drove off. that's when we heard gun shots we ducked for cover. everybody was you know kind of mass manicked for while we
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heard gun whole bunch cop cars and then they were chasing him. we heard another.,.like gun fire and then boom like explosion. we just going cross this street over to side of the capitol. and, we heard shots. multiple shots i looked at my husband and said those sounds like shots yes they did and matter of minute, there was cops all over the place. about house represent teufps honored capitol police security officer today with two standing ovations. when were turned house florida quickly called after the news breck and law maker scrambled to leave the chamber. we talked several local law make whaers described what happened when they first heard the news. >> i am in my office. staff comes in and says she was just cafeteria. ran up, and said she thinks that ought close both of my doors because people running up and down the hall.
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they said we are on lockdown everything closed down. but she first got it from just seeping we heard, very, very loud noise that sounded lining final volley fire work displays and july fourth. quickly we'll hraoeusd that could not be fireworks it is must be gun fire see lots of tourism fleeing, here in capitol grounds. police running in opposite direction with guns bran -- ied. it lasted about an hour today. president obama was also briefed about the incident. three back to be inaccidents navy yard shooting government shut down and now today shooting. has lot you asking what's next. fox five is live with more reaction. you a dry? >> well, you would expect washington feel overwhelming
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by event have unfoamed here and last months. but is your is pricingly out of towners are feeling it too. i is talked both tonight. local, who have been through all thfl over last months and some visitors from chicago o were wished their trip dc could have been at another time. >> a littleree everything so shut down and quiet. we were on steps actually with poe tprepters like just seeing what. >> it is kind of scary. and you know we got back to our hotel and got lot of phone calls and text from friend who said are you guys okay? come home! stpwhaoefpl just got heel going take our time and see this sites we can see. >> you know everybody stressed out around here there lo the affect shull do affect me us very personal way. and then incident today with you know pee don't much about it. it was another terrible thing and you know you wonder when it will end. >> we talked to plenty more
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people both from here in d.c., and from out of town and you will hear from them coming up tonight at 11 --. back to you. >> live on hill for us. we slow you at 11:00. our continuing coverage will be continuing it is far from off we live in cut the question where investigator through suspect home. now identified as 34-year-old woman plus the chaos suspended work in house and senate as they debated good shut down. where fight stand and new deadline that's looming on the horizon. beautiful day outside but i get we will start talk about this much-need rain we have bun talk about that for while it has been so hot unlike october. tonight humidity raising but everything everybody talking about careren. i let you where that goes
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february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration.
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even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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ing tension already high kwap tom hill before shooting today. we middle government shut down as you know and now approaching day four. house was work on another new bill designed reopen some departments of the government when shots were fired today. republican democrat are still far part from ending impass. meantime president obama appeared in rockville maryland warned more economic battle les lie ahead. we have closer look at the stalemate tonight. >> president obama says lunch tkrefd that is sand of federal worsers could get back to work did view search could resume at the national institute for health almost immediately. only thing that's preventing all that from happening, right now today, in next is five minutes is that speaker john boehner wouldn't even let the
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bill get a yes or no vote house speaker also target of senate democrats who are insimpling realm reps approve its bits he keeping kpwot shut. today blame game follows meeting white mouse with congressional leaders wins day evening. it was negotiation about not negotiating. g.o.p. led house following is plan calling me spending bill continued programmes. bill is passed. issue at the center of the debate row mains funding or doe laying obamacare. but there more. we must fix and restore the american people faith in our economy, and their trust in government. >> it is specifically before he would reach our debt limit ted line congress has about two weeks atpwroe on raising nation bother rowing limit risk doe fault. we looking at very real deadline that we will not have ability to borrow money after october 17th we will run tour
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out cash very quickly. washington. gris wouldwell fox news. >> are led banning work to help prepare for tropical storm karen i are turning towards gulf coast people from florida louisiana are bracing for this storm. it is expected to start hitting gulf coast as he recall and authorities are now taking any chance. fromme storm hurricane either way karen pose number of ma scared at least for but do see
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a little lines we call them spaghetti that is where every individual tracking. spread right. get hraert. hurricane before make landfall.
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and leer where track we think maybe, coming ashore o saturday. is there begun downhill tomorrow night tropical storm conditions as early he friday night. try for time being read rain. september and even though lap part the august. but, four eight inch rain on each side where make landfall maybe own one to throw on sear side is the i think governor has declared state of phpbl there and they will certainly have to be concerned everybody remembers katrina this no ka reason in much weaker storm.
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6 indeed thank you. will. thank you! all right. still come tonight fed take down accused master mind behind web site that depth illegal drugs. plus government worker not sit ising still during shut down. there story coming your way next
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is day three count government shut down. fed a work maybe out of work at the moment. but many are not sitting still. some were out pro stepping tail. report from fox five. >> this barrier has been here
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outside u.s. capitol for number of years but this week, that word stop tape on special meaning. >> stop. that's exactly what happened to val row parker paycheck does not happen work u.s. lay 306 years. is on is your is vived to tours iraq and waubl cane because needs knee replace men. that and not stop her fromng upl this morning. >> please help stop shut down! lot of us living pay trex to paycheck that salary came off furlough now joining other federal workers who protesting this shut town. he would want to work! >> even go mcdonalds dollar meal mau you in the have dare lawmakers get to work. you know who you are. you know what you need to to. and stop trying to play card. play game these are lice
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missing with. among hraoeurs that could be messed with. 45,000 did c public scott kids her e6. up toeut story brought you yesterday. after be told condition perform project due shout down ford though ater so sigh found new temporary low cast for play. two now take place tomorrow and next tuesday. after mother natured and doors open the 630 is free
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ticket available. on first come firster is baseselves. we take back tonight big sorry show role thatting so shag media played as chaos un also, who was the driver in that car behind all of today chaos? we will take you live to connecticut where investigator are going through her house and very latest right here on fox five news at ten sez.  february, 2013.
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a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." we've always been on the forefront of innovation. when the world called for speed... ♪ ...when the world called for stealth... ♪ ...intelligence... endurance... affordability... adaptability... and when the world asked for the future. staying ahead in a constantly evolving world. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> we are back now with the big story tonight. the miss chase and shooting ong capitol hill. a woman with a young child in theld car rammed a security barricade near the white house, then led both secret service and d.c. plus eye wild car chase too capitol hill. there they shot and killed theld woman. tonight the toddler inside that car is in protective custody.dy. officials say she is in good i
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carn being check on thes atth children's hospital.e police now say the driver hasas been identified as 34-year-old miriam carey and was driving a car with connecticut plates.i tonight the mayor of stamford, connecticut says the f.b.i. is executing a search ancient home there in a kegs connection with this investigation. john h.u.d. from our huty joins us. let's start by giving an update here. what have you learned at this point about miriam carriey? >> well, yeah, that she lived in the apartment at 114 wood side, and you mentioned the mayor of stamford. i just talked to him a little while ago off-camera and he said they're waiting to execute that search warrant. earlier you may or may knot know this, bomb squads went from this the from the stamford police examples federal paps by the way, this apartment complex is c to the left of the camera, leftf of all these emergency vehiclesg here. it's among several builds inal this area. it's a very quiet, serene part of stamford, a lot of young families, so obviously it's
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disconcerting for all those people. atr this point the apartment complex she lives in has been, about 50 use up have been evacuated. u those people are staying with the american red cross.p ic in terms of thean woman who was driving that infinity with the connecticut plates traced backcd to this apartment, there's still so much that is unknown. we're hearing she was a dental hygienist, that she worked heree in connecticut in the new haven area and then more recently in r the bronx. but we're still waiting for more official confirmation on that. how long she lived at this complex. i did talk to a neighbor who told me when i showed the woman's pushing, told him the name, he said he immediately recognized her. he has seen her in the community mailbox area, the laundryaund facilities, that she never said anything. he would say hello in passing you but she would never say anything. when that has any bearing on anything, who at this point we're still waitel to find out what, if anything,i, is in that apartment and in
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particular why bomb squads have cordoned off this area. obviously, a huge concern for fr the people who live here. l >> let me ask you what have you heard? we are hearing some sort of an envelope was found outside of her house maybe with some sort of you powder inside and maybe that's why the bomb squad was called in. have you been able to confirm c that sh. >> i be haven't heard that. go ahead. i was going to say, again, the bomb squad is here.s you know, law enforcement officials, stamford police, thee chief of police, the mayor, also federal m agents in the area hae been very tight-lipped. they haven't said anything about the quakes only that they're cooperating full well the investigation, and when i spokew to the mayor and the chief a little while ago, again, they just kind talked in not in any detail, just gave me an update with the apartment complex thatc it remains locked down, about the units that were evacuated and that those people are being taken care of by the red cross.. but in terms of any specifics, in terms of any explosives, any
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reason to believe that there's explosives, they did not go into any detail. they wouldn't even touch upon uo that. >> john, let me ask you, when you were able to speak to someak of the neighbors who did ruke her, did you ask about the child who was in the car? there's a lot of peck speculation that ha that was perhaps her child. what have you heard from thethe community? >> just that they recognized the child, that the woman was very quiet, that she never saider anything.anyt but when i showed the picture of her, the guy that i talked to and another lady as well said they immediately recognized her, just in passing. that's the thing. this is eye big complex.x. there's not only one building. there's several other builds inh the so you have a lot of people. something like maybe 250, 300 units. so obviously in a case like that you see people in passing. it's not often in stamford or s newta york, for that matter, tht you say hello and stop to chat.o so a lot of these people justpl saw her in the mailbox room, in the laundry facility. the guy that i talked to saido his mailbox was right next to her. he would say hello but she never
10:35 pm
said anything in return. so really there's still a lot of unknowns about this woman and, m of course, why shean did what se did. >> indeed. a lot of unknowns. u i know we will be weight rightht along with you as police statuta that search warrant. thanks for the update tonight. >> you're welcome. >> we are here in the web center with a look a how social media played a role in our lives doinu all of the chaos today.r a lot of us, myself included, the folks at my fox d.c. our web producers are constantly updating our twitter feeds but you know what?hat? law enforcement did the same did thing today, especially the senate sergeant at arms really taking full advantage ofadva twitter. this is a message tweeted out today, one just look this with an all clear usinga twitter alert tool that allows certain accounts like government offices to send push notifications orr text messages directly to the te phones of followers. that alert just started thisd week. we heard earlier this evening
10:36 pm
from delegate eleanor holmes norton, she said some of her staffers ran up from the cafeteria because people started bolting, didn't hear an announcement. some of the the folks in the cafeteria got a message from #uscapitol can be, the senate sergeant at arms warning therear was a a lot of folks posting pics and five stood up on the. the first image was the first image we had of the police o officer's car that was smashed up when it clipped that barrier up on capitol hill. good news tonight as bob reported, that capitol policeap officer hurt when he clipped that barrier is out of hospital, treated and released. let's go to the next this swan helicopter that wasas hovering this may be one of the park police officers, rather, u.s. park police helicopters that may have been landed to take that injured capital police officer to the hospital but this is an image taken and posted on twitter and it's really made the
10:37 pm
rounds. next one, this sort of tells the story of how on alert officers were. this officer on his stomach sort of protect can his position near the scene. let's go to the next one. this is the shelter in place warning. it went out to the capitol tvv service. and the house and senate suspendeds about in the shelter in a place was lifted, t this aired on the monitors. and this last one, pic number 5 here, people just taking cover, getting out of the way. obviously gunshots were heard. an officer there directing people to get out of the way, take cover and seek shelter. all of us tweeting. journalists, of course,s, throughout our o breaking news coverage today.vera a lot of you at home. but i'll tell you who wasn't today, it was the officially t twitter account for the capitole visitors center. typically in a situation like lk this we would have been seeing tweets from the capitol visitor center but because of the shutdown that be account iss closed, not being updated at
10:38 pm
all. we invite you to come to my fox d.c. and keep connected, facebook and my fox d.c. and twitter, just search my fox d.c. sequel. >> busted.t the alleged mastermind betweenn an intricate website. still ahead his heist tewes to our area. also ahead, a florida manny m brutally beaten on a bus all because he stung for a pregnant woman.. i'll explain what happened ahead on fox 5 news at 10:00. and when you get up -- can i play?
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the family of the deserveil involved in a road rage incident with a pack of motorcyclistotor released a statement. sta remember this video? alexian lien bumped into one of the bikers last sunday on manhattan's west side highway. helmet cam captured the incident.
10:42 pm
the bikers chased down the s.u.v., pulled him out and stars beating him in front of hisn fr family. the family's statement in part reads "our plan last sunday wasa to celebrate our wedding anniversary by vague nice familg day out with our two-year-old daughter unfortunately instead well were placed in grave dangee by a mob of reckless and violent mccainists. the" the family has asked both the family and the -- violent- motorcycleises. >> the accused mastermind behind a website where people could buy illegal contribution is under arrest. the 9:30 of the silk road washes taken into custody at a san francisco set up in 2011, the website provided anonymity to both drug dealers and potential buyers. authorities claim more than $1 billion worth of drugs has been sold on the site. the he's also charged in maryland for ordering the murder of an employee from an undercover agent. police say he feared thered employee would expose his alias used on the website.ebsi the massachusetts man whose boat was destroyed during a shootout with the boston
10:43 pm
marathon bomber has a new one now.w. david hennen berry who was hailed a hoyer back in 2011 after he -- a hero after he called 911 when he found turn certain ev. his boat was riddled with bullets and seized for the t investigation. fundraisers collected more than $50,000 in donations for, then, berry. hepat a new boat and gave the rest to charity. >> still ahead on the news at nw 11:00 tonight, our live teame coverage of today's u.s. capitac shooting continues.tinu stay with fox 5 for the about the incident that sent the nation's capitol into lockdown. when you've got to get to the other side of no-man's-land,
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>> don't want to give it away. the good thing they had tow put the season's loss behind them. deans the defending stanley cup champs but home a more comfortable setting. they p. the tonight taking on the calgary flames not a good starts for the home team. calgary out front 3-0. hotelbuy would be replaced by michael, second period the comeback begins. beg to rookie connor kerik burst hih first n.h.l. goal. deficit cut to 3-1.1. second caps down 4-1, vetch kin finds the back of the net twice. then off a face-off bio had an six minutes left, caps on the
10:48 pm
power play. the pass doesn't get through but comes back to niklas backstrom and he ties the game at 4. michaelle scores in the first round. meanwhile both flames chancesth are stopped and the caps rally to win 5-4 at home with a shootout. nice victory.ce v the caps are back on the roadd for the next one, saturday they visit dallas. back to you. >> scott, thank you very much.k >> a lot of finger crossing up here. works for the cast caps. maybe it could keep for karen, keep this away from new orleans. >> as in the storm karen. >> meteorologist: this formedgi yesterdasty and everyone wats ie wasn't to know are we going too get some of that rain and i think we will but not for a few days. meanwhile we'll focus on tonight.toni have you guys beantown tonight? >> just a little bit. wasn't bad.'t >> meteorologist: did you notice it? >> yes, my hair noticed it. >> meteorologist: so did mine.i. it puffed up
10:49 pm
here we are back in august again. love these temperatures be, don't want to deal with the humidity but did it come creeping up, and eventually wevt are going to see a little bit oe rain in this forecast which we could use, and i think that's going to be in the monday, tuesday time frame when we see the remnants of this cold fronto moving across our ore. meantime another am warm oneth tomorrow at 86 degrees but enough clouds, staying into thei low 80s and some of those th clouds are even around tonightod and even a couple of showers ofs to our west. d.c. is 72 degrees right now. gaithersburg 66. dulles 68. winchester 64 degrees. leonard town and quantico coming in at 68 as is culp pepper. but, yeah, the humid has come up wi little bit. dewpoints of 65 degrees is noticeable and pushing 70 it's0 getting uncomfortable, maybe a bitay sticky. so we're noticing that increasei in moisture and i think you'lltn probably see a little bit of it around tomorrow. i wanted to show you, though, on satellite and radar we have a weakening line of showers. s
10:50 pm
i really don't think these are going to get into our area. this is not a shower, by theer, way. that's just a radar site. sit but you could get sprinkles in western maryland, into the potomac highlands.ighl these clouds will be around tonight and we'lls have a mix f clouds and sun during the day tomorrow. all the action, though, tonight in the gulf of mexico as what is tropical storm karen is moving now into the central gulf, and you can see there are already some showers way out ahead of it. so when we talk about this thing making landfall somewhere in thw gulf coast on saturday they'll get rain way before that. they'll get rain out of these first bands coming onshore andhe the winds will pick up tonight as the center gets a little bitb closer. one thing i want to tell you is we just got the new it's upkate and it is slowing down and i see a couple of other things, too. movement north-northwest at 10.e it has not gotten any stronger. there are those spaghettise s models. but notice that they're starting to trend a little bit more lit toward the east. and we know this is a realal lopsided system.ed s it's not very strong on the wess
10:51 pm
side. all the action is on the eastere side. so if a lot of these models are right, then new orleans would bs spared but the hurricane centere is updating their track and thit is what they're showing with wit again a close call but again the strongest effects on the east side. that's where all the rain will be and maybe any tornado that come ashore. that would be saturday night.rdy it may become a minimal hurricane briefly but we thinke it will weaken before landfall thanks to a lot of wind shear in the gulf. and then south and west of d.c. monday night, thought we'd get the rain out ahead of it, and i think maybe potentially heavy rain depending on where the center you goes because all of the rain will likely be on the east sid of it.t. of course a frontal boundary b coming to enhance and it keep it moving all long along. so i think, fingers crossed, this could be beneficial raine forbe us, too. we really need. it fridayy is going to finish a hot note. i think it will be warmer than today as the frontal boundaryndr pushes on to the north and so we're talking mid and upper 80s. frontal boundary gets a little
10:52 pm
bit closer on saturday but not b close enough to cool us off. it will still be in the the upper 80s on saturday. forecast tonight, 67 degrees, maybe an isolated shower well td the west tonight unrelated to tropical storm karen. 87 tomorrow. it's going to be warm, a few clouds, a little bit of sun andd maybe, just maybe a little bit of humidity for yotlu to deal wh as well, and your friday planner looks like this as we disciple climb to 86 degrees that 4:00. and what about the weekend on your fox 5 accurate seven-dayat forecast, keeping it dry and warm. get out there and enjoy it. i think you can do all the unfinished summer businessumme didn't you get done. don you have this weekend to get it done. w look at next week, shawn. after this front comes throughms that's going to bring the rain with karen and move ashore, temperatures i think are going t to be much more closer -- or much closer to what we usually get in october. >> you set get all of the summer chores you didn't finish. will was supposed to come overoe last week and do yard work and he didn't show up.p. didn't show up.'t >> s i'll come over and you come over and water my house.
10:53 pm
>> meteorologist: i'm getting hugest mushrooms in my backyard. i don't know what that's all about. weird. and on that pleasant note back to real news. >> mushrooms. thank you.than coming up here on the 10:00, a birthday supplies.rt check this out. a little girl could never have imagined the circumstances, itac believe it's coming up here, it's a maters strange cake attack -- a mysterious strange cake attack. >> meteorologist: that looksgi lika mushroom to me! i got you white chocolate pumpkin. oh, please don't call me "pumpkin." no, white chocolate and pumpkin. oh! pumpkin. ha-ha! pumpkin is back at dunkin' donuts. hurry in for delicious pumpkin coffees and lattes today. america runs on dunkin'.
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february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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a man in portland oregon faces theft charges for ruining a 9-year old's birthday cake. the mom puts the cake on the table. out of nowhere, a man lunged at the dessert and was tackled by officers. at the mom plot the cake in from
10:57 pm
her car to keep her dog from eating it. man brutally attacked on a florida bus is now sharing his story. the stranger lunged at him after coming to the defense of -- >> a partially collapsed lung. surprised my nose isn't broken. i'm still pretty. >> jimmy has a good a altitude, considering he was beat up for just trying to help a woman on this broward county transit bus. it's september 17. police say this man in the striped shirt harasses a 22-year old woman few find out how long she had been pregnant. >> it was crude. >> the woman gets up, sits here 58-year old singleten where the harassment continues. he says at that point, he told the man to be quiet. >> i told him to give it a break. give it a rest!
10:58 pm
shut up! wasn't using profanity or anything like that. i just suggested that the guy kind of give it up. >> that set the man off. punches singleton who pepper sprays him. the beating continues, singleton ends you have on the floor of the bus, badly injured. >> i wasn't thinking at all, except wow, this hurts. i was thinking ouch. >> he spent 8 days in the hospital. he just as police want to see the man that launched the attack arrested. >> we continue know who he is at this point in time. we would like to arrest him. nobody deserves to get beat up anywhere or on a bus, especially under these circumstances. >> faced with a similar situation in the future, he doesn't hesitate. he would do it again. >> gee, i would. i don't like to see people treated this way. especially people that would be considered under dogs. it's just not my nature to let underdogs get abused.
10:59 pm
>> hopefully somebody recognizes that guy from all the news coverage. that is a wrap on the 10. news edge at 11:00 begins right now. >> tonight, chaos on capitol hill. a woman led police on a wild car chase that ended in gun fire. sent the nation's capitol into lockdown. thank you for joining us. we have live team coverage on the u.s. capitol hill shooting from the wild chase to the suspect who was shot and killed. we've also got the latest on as police try to piece together a mile long crime scene from the white house to the u.s. capitol. this is where it began, started at 34-year old mcrish of stamford -- mirium carey sped on to a driveway leading to the white house. ran over a set of lowered barricades. when she couldn't get through she


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