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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  October 11, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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ceiling through november 22nd. in exchange democrats including obama would have to engage in deficit reduction talks during those six weeks. still out there reopening the government, something the house plan does not include but the president wants. house democrats are putting the pressure on. >> the republican caucus shut down the government. that is clear. they're threatening to default on the national debt. >> reporter: meanwhile the senate has its own idea. their proposal, raise the debt ceiling but also include money to reopen the government. it would also slash the tax on medical devices in obamacare. republican senators met with the president at the white house friday. >> many members expressed concern about raising the debt limit without having a specific plan to deal with our $17 trillion national debt. it was a good exchange, but it was an inconclusive exchange.
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>> reporter: in washington i'm shannon travis. >> we've got no update to our list of lawmakers choosing to donate, refuse or hold their paychecks in escrow during the shutdown. so we stay at 248 of the 541 members of congress on that list and that includes nine members of our local delegation. you can see what members of congress are tweeting about regarding the shutdown and just about everything else at utah national parks will be back open tomorrow despite the federal shutdown as part of a deal offered by the interior secretary to provide $166,000 a day in funding. the state will use its own money to staff the parks at a cost of $50,000 for each one. while those parks are on the verge of reopening we're learning more about local services on the verge of shutting down. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in northeast washington. one of the unintended consequences of a prolonged government shutdown, rape kits
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may no longer be administered. >> i was still saying no. >> reporter: i talked by phone with a 22-year-old woman who says she was raped. she says the horrible incident happened this past august in the district. >> eventually it got to a place where like my nose didn't matter. >> reporter: a forensic nurse immediately went to the hospital to administer a rape kit. >> basically prove without a shadow of a doubt that he did have sex with me and i mean his dna is there. >> reporter: d.c.'s sexual assault nurse examiner program or s.a.n.e. helped this woman after one of the worst days of her life. the program sees on average one victim a day and at least 400 rape victims a year. >> their opportunity for justice could be greatly affected by the shutdown and their ability to get the closure that they potentially need to continue living their life with a new normal after a sexual assault happens. >> reporter: in northeast surae chinn, wusa9.
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there were just so many stories about the scope of the shutdown and we try to bring you as many of them as we can to show you just how many people are being impacted. one story that caught our eye today is about a nevada teen who was supposed to get a bone marrow transplant as part of a clinical trial at nih next month. as we hear the report, now he's in limbo when time is of the essence. >> i'm a really big fan of art. >> reporter: 17-year-old austin trowbridge of reno loves art and drawing cartoons. you'd never know he suffers from a rare genetic disorder called mylodysplastic syndrome. >> right now the disease i have hasn't progressed too far yet. it's still early in its stage. >> reporter: it's hoped science can keep the disease at bay through an experimental protocol involving a critical bone marrow transplant offered into the national institutes of
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health, a treatment delayed until the government reopens. >> it's really upsetting to hear because it's just a lot less risky. it has a procedure done earlier rather than later. >> reporter: the disorder claimed the life of austin's brother eric five years ago. at the time eric was 15 years old. >> less than a year after eric died there were red flags raised with austin's blood results. >> reporter: austin's mother says every day austin's treatment is delayed his risk grows. >> he's been at an evolving point that can only go more critical from this point forward. >> reporter: like the fantasy cartoons austin draws, the family calls their situation surreal and frustrating. >> this is not something that should be made political fodder. >> austin's mother points out nih is the last resort for many families facing grave illnesses. she's asking politicians to ask themselves what they would do if this was their child.
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rallies are planned here in d.c. and around the country sunday to call for the city's war memorials to reopen. it's being called the million vet march on the memorials. organizers tell the examiner that they're fed up with the memorials being closed for political purposes. it's still unclear how many people may come to the area for the protest, but you can consider this your heads up. another protest rolled into the area today with the goal of bringing traffic on the beltway to a halt, but as bruce leshan reports, so far the aim of shutting down d.c. could be falling a little short. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan on the outer loop approaching i- 66 here. we were looking for these truckers who promised to shut down america, but d.c.'s rain and traffic seems to have shut down most of the protest. we actually circled the beltway for over two hours this afternoon and saw no sign of them.
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we did find them this morning, about a half dozen in all, going across three lanes, trying to slow down traffic going as slow as 15 miles an hour. there were also some supporters up on an overpass and they are concerned not just about these trucking issues, but there also is a kind of far right position against president obama. >> our rights are being taken away at record pace. we're on a downhill truck no brakes straight to communism. >> reporter: approaching 50 at this point, still no sign of them on the outer loop, but these guys promise they will be here all weekend. we'll keep an eye out. along the outer loop bruce leshan, wusa9. >> we don't need hundreds of truckers to cause a problem. the rain would have done it enough on the beltway alone. the question for you, erica, is we may have to deal with this into tomorrow, right? >> yeah. unfortunately, lesli, we'll see more rain tomorrow, a yellow
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alert in effect again tomorrow. that's because if you had any outdoor plans tomorrow, i'm afraid you'll have to cancel them. let's look at what we have out there right now, flood alerts in effect. the dark green is flood watches. that means there is not active flood being, but it could happen and that is until -- flooding, but it could happen and that is until midnight. the light green is for warnings for urban and small stream flooding and also the flood warning in montgomery county. that is for the seneca creek and that goes until 10:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. the flood warning for loudoun county and fairfax county goes until 11:15 p.m. tonight. that's the urban and small stream flood. there's a few different flood warnings up in frederick and carroll county, too many to name. if you want a look at everything, go to our website and there's a detailed lists of what each of the flood warnings is in reference to. on satellite and radar or just
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radar, i'm sorry, doppler 9,000 you can see the stream of moisture continuing to push just south of the beltway. i'll tell you how long this will last coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. still ahead tonight another sports team getting pulled into the debate about the redskins name. we'll take you to atlanta for that story.
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virginia governor bob mcdonnell says construction of the i-95 express lanes project is halfway complete on schedule to be finished late next year set to open to traffic early 2015. the express lanes corridor runs from i-395 in fairfax county to i-95 in stafford county. while you hit the road, it won't cost as much to fill up as your summer travel. according to aaa, the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.35, down 21 cents from a month ago and the d.c. metro area is lower with an average of $3.31 a gallon. aaa says it doesn't see any signs of prices heading back up any time soon. if you think human trafficking doesn't happen in your neighborhood, think again. i'm peggy fox in fairfax. coming up what police are doing to combat this growing trend. >> reporter: millions of
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americans visited the website for obamacare, but how many are signing up? we'll explain why insurance companies are worried "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." these are birth control pills. more than half of american women use them at some point in their lives
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but ken cuccinelli sponsored a bill that could have made common forms of birth control illegal, including the pill. cuccinelli was one of only five senators to support this "potentially radical intrusion into domestic, family and individual decision-making" why is ken cuccinelli interfering in our private lives? he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
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you're running out of time in who has a say to take the road to richmond. tuesday is your deadline if you're a virginiaian registered to vote next month. you'll be able to vote for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and several state delegate seats. over the past two years about 400 people were forced into prostitution in northern virginia. 38 were children. now a regional task force is getting a boost to help combat human trafficking. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox in fairfax. if you think human trafficking doesn't happen in your neighborhood, think again. today local police departments announced the new federal effort to combat this growing trend. prostitution or human trafficking doesn't always look like this. it may be going on in your neighborhood with local high school girls being sold. >> i've seen victims from several high schools throughout northern virginia. i would say that our kids in each and every high so are vulnerable at a certain time
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-- school are vulnerable at a certain time. >> reporter: they target teen- age girls with low self-esteem, no self identity, don't participate in sports or other activities and kids who don't have strong family connections. traffickers often trick girls using the boyfriend method says detective wolfe. >> it's not appropriate for a 26-year-old boy to date a 14- year-old girl. it's not appropriate for him to buy her things because this might be him grooming her for some sort of exploitation. >> reporter: told the northern virginia task force -- today the northern virginia task force received a $1 million grant from the justice department to combat human trafficking. in fairfax peggy fox, wusa9. the debate over whether to change the name of our washington football team seems to be striking a nerve across the country. the redskins were the front page of usa today this morning right there and the question is whether or not the word redskins is offensive. now atlanta's mayor is being asked about how he peoples about that city's baseball team, the braves -- feels about that city's baseball team, the
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braves. >> i think the name the atlanta braves is a name we should keep. i have a number of friends who are indian and they haven't shared any offense with me about it. >> redskins owner dan snyder said the a name is a badge -- said the name is a badge of honor and he will never change it, but with media outlets across the country dropping the coverage the tide may be turning. that is the big debate on the question is do you think the team's name will change in the next five years? log on to cast your vote and leave your comments. this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa9 first alert weather. >> a lot of us tired of this rain, but it's not going to let up any time soon. >> no. at least one more day of these dreary conditions and then starting to see some improvement later on in the weekend. i wish i could bring up better weather for the weekend. it's not going to be the case. >> i feel like we've been in a
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washing machine for a couple days now. >> let's get it started with a look at our doppler 9000. this is a live radar sweep to show you what's happening right now. you can see that strip of heavy rain basically parallel with 66 there. that extends all the way out toward front royal. the heaviest rainfall has not been into the mountains. it's been east of the blue ridge, but we also have some pockets of spotty heavy rainfall in southern maryland. this is all streaming in from that coastal low and we have had some pretty heavy rainfall totals, 2.4 inches just near martinsburg, west virginia, and 4.1 inches down there in southern portions of st. mary's and charles counties. we have that heavy rainfall for most of montgomery county, all that filtering into the seneca creek now which is why it's under a flood warning until 10:30 tomorrow morning. here is a look outside with the michael and son weather cam at reagan national airport where
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it's very dreary, still light rain, 64 degrees, winds out of north at 8 miles per hour. that dew point at 61 means we'll see fog develop overnight tonight. 61 in leesburg, frederick, westminster, york, manassas and fredericksburg, 57 in winchester, 60 up with in luray. on satellite and radar this is a 12 hour loop, rain continuing to stream in with this storm system that isn't budging because the jet stream isn't hooking up with it. so it's not steering it out of our area. it will finally start to diminish in intensity heading through the weekend. looking at 9 futurecasts on you tune in tonight -- futurecast to tune in tonight we'll still have pockets of heavy rain in places like woodbridge, dale city, manassas, lighter rainfall tomorrow morning. however, we could see that light rainfall continuing over and over again on and off during the day saturday. you can see scattered showers
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continuing to stream in, so places like warrenton, manassas continuing to stay unsettled. sunday some breaks in the clouds may finally move in. we could see small peeks of sunshine late in the day saturday. patchy fog overnight, light rain and drizzle, 56 to 60 with north winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour and that persistent wind will become northeasterly tomorrow morning. that will keep the drizzle in place, scattered showers. low 60s on saturday morning and in the afternoon we'll only get up between 65 and 69 which is still an improvement on where we were today, northeast winds continuing 10 to 15 miles per hour. over the next three days slow improvement here, a leftover shower sunday, finally dry monday, high 72 and take a look at the first alert seven-day forecast. mid-70s return to our forecast and the dry weather will be with us as well. so tuesday and wednesday look great before our next storm system arrives and that could bring us some thunderstorms, ladies. it looks a little unsettled.
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>> yeah. let's settle things, please. thanks. just ahead a big hollywood star is bringing his story to life, but we have the real captain phillips.
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don't wait to ask your doctor about spiriva. "clearly inappropriate" virginia's newspapers on revelations that... ken cuccinelli's office secretly helped an out-of-state... energy company that ripped off virginia landowners... but gave a hundred thousand to his campaign. a federal judge called it "shocking." the inspector general launched an investigation. and now cuccinelli has been questioned by... the fbi about the star scientific scandal. investigations, gifts, scandals ken cuccinelli's not for us. nextgen climate action committee sponsored this ad. if you've seen a guy in the boat fishing in the rain smoking an upside down pipe,
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please call new york city police. they are looking for him because he's worth a bunch of money, more than $1 million. that's what this norman rockwell painting recently sold for. the painting titled sport has disappeared from an art storage facility in queens stolen maybe or perhaps someone came in to collect their velvet elvis and left with the wrong crate. who knows? >> doubt it. >> yeah, million bucks there. not into rockwell? how about van gogh? tomorrow the phillips collection will open a major exhibition of van gogh's art work called repetitions including more than 30 paintings. it offers a look at how the artist repeated certain compositions during his time in the netherlands and france. a new movie is getting rave recrews from critics. >> the film is called captain phillips. it documents the 2009 hijacking of the u.s. flag marist alabama
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by somali rights. >> we did it. i told you it wasn't going to be if. it's going to be. when. >> reporter: he survived a harrowing ordeal in 2009, but the somali pirates who held captain richard phillips hostage didn't take away his sense of humor. the down to earth merchant marine captain still lives in a farmhouse in vermont. >> we are indeed stronger than we even know and we can do more. a lot of times we fret and worry and have angst about day to day things and it gets done. we do it. >> reporter: he rejects the idea he's a hero and gives that honor to the navy seals who used night vision goggles to shoot and kill his three somali captors simultaneously. >> the true heroes of this story and the great job they do every day without any recognition. >> i try to stay strong for richard. >> reporter: the captain's wife, an emergency room nurse, learned of his rescue through a few words on her television screen. >> captain phillips rescued and saved and seeing that little ticker on the bottom of the tv
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screen, i was like i couldn't believe did i just read that? >> we have two skiffs approaching of armed intruders. >> i'm just a regular guy. there are plenty of captains out here who could have and would have done just as well as i. >> i'm the captain. >> reporter: the real captain phillips says he thinks tom hanks did a nice job portraying him. he says his wife would have preferred george clooney, but only if she could play herself. >> stick together and we'll be all right. >> i say i'm not a hero and i'm not. >> reporter: andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> so she wanted george clooney in the movie, all right. well, captain phillips ship was the first american cargo vessel to be hijacked in 200 years. that is it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> i'll be
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tonight, breaking news on the government shutdown crisis.
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nancy cordes and major garrett have the latest in washington. john blackstone finds there's no money for federal loans that create jobs. >> it just makes no sense to me. >> pelley: and in a bizarre twist, the shutdown means prison inmates are being paid but guards are not. millions visited the web site for obamacare but how many are signing up? anna werner reports insurance companies are worried. leslie stahl introduces us to a man who saved more than 100 desperate refugees by telling the government they were all his children. >> reporter: is your heart pounding? palms sweating? >> i certainly was nervous, yes. >> pelley: and "on the road." steve hartman with a man who lost his sight but found his calling as a home builder. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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