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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  October 22, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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take a look at the video and the still photos. police want this blanketed out throughout the community. oxen hill is close to d.c. it is close to virginia, and of course, all the suburbs here in maryland, they think the killer could be anywhere and they need people's help to find him. reporting live in oxen hill, wusa9. >> scott, thank you. >> a blind man convicted from his home this afternoon and neighbors are upset about it. the man, his service dogs, everything he owns put out on the street. bruce johnson is live and he saw it happen, bruce. >> derek, i have been covering this sort of thing for every 35 years. i have never seen an eviction like this. an eviction with this kind of emotion. we are in landover, maryland, it's a low to moderate income facility. most of the people here senior citizens and been out here for some 40 years. this is what is left of the eviction. there was twice as much furniture out here when we first got out here after people started coming out here.
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a gentleman was evicted. he is raymond raiser, as you can see, he has been blind since 13. his wife of 17 years, renee, and there's the dog right there and the dog's name? all three evicted. first of all, how did you learn about this? what happened today? >> well, i learned about it when they knocked on the door today and the sheriff told me that he had an eviction notice for me and i was surprised because i had just been to the court october 7 and talked to the lawyer, but he asked me, can we make some arrangements, because he didn't want to come into court. >> has been in court, you had been behind, but you thought you had gotten a reprieve, that you were close to up to date? >> we hadn't gotten any notice in any accessible form that raymond could read that they were going to take the house regardless of money. they told us today that site manager told us that money wouldn't solve this problem today. and we thought we were one
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month behind, but the attorney told us not to come into the court. >> your sole income is social security disability. it's $1100 a month? >> yes. >> $7667. >> 767. >> you just can't keep up. >> a lot of people are feeling the same crunch. we hadn't gotten any notice in an accessible form. >> you think you were surprised by this? look at this group here. these are the neighbors. these are the neighbors out here and they were just as shocked. let me ask you, step in here quickly. everybody come on in here. what did you think when you saw this? >> i was almost in tears. >> for people that don't know, what kind of neighbors are these? >> mr. raiser is a neighbor that will bend over backwards to help you personally and to help the community as a whole.
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he is a fixture in the community. full disclosure, he was also blind, ray smith, he taught my son in football. you had a lot to say about this. how upset are you? >> i am very much upset because i have been out here for 42 years and i have never been late and even so if i was late, i shouldn't be evicted because we, i was here just on a fixed income. we almost, everybody here is retired and are drawing a fixed income and we are really upset about this because we could have gotten together and held an election and helped these people if they had let us know not the reasons. >> how many people out here just barely holding on? >> all of them. >> you said to me earlier, you're young, you don't understand all of this, but what do you think? >> it makes me angry.
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i've only been living here for a year, but to walk outside and see your blind neighbor being evicted is really heartbreaking and to know that, you know, they took his money and still evicted him, it's like wow, these people are supposed to be living here just like us. >> it's a co-op. you are with what church? >> first baptist church. >> this is about people coming to the rescue. he is one of your church members. the church provide the van? you are going to store his belongings? >> yes, we will. >> we are making calls. we called baker's office. we are waiting to get a response. we will bring you that update, derek. >> i hope those folks and neighbors will watch that man's belongings. >> the search is on for a teenager missing out of woodbridge, virginia, a chain of events began saturday night with a brawl and the girl's mom says she couldn't stand by and watch her daughter get punched in the face. >> she came to her daughter's defense.
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a mom, as you can imagine, facing charges and her daughter is missing. peggy fox has the story. >> we love her and we miss her. >> lakisha's daughter, briana stewart has been missing. after a violent confrontation with a group of teenagers in their woodbridge neighborhood. >> i wanted to defuse the situation, get her the situation and make sure that you know she was in a safe place and was okay. so she wouldn't stay tonight with my mom and sunday morning. she's gone. >> on saturday, gaither says she had a talk with another girl's mother after that girl had a dispute with brianna. a mob of teenagers turned on her daughter. >> it was one particular person who was yelling at her. the other ones were instigating it. telling that one to hit her. >> did she hit him at all? >> no.
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she tried to after she was hit. >> what happened next? got gaither in trouble. she owns a gun and open carries in virginia, which is legal. when she saw that young man attacking her child, she did the best thing she could think of. she says she took that gun out and fired one shot in the air. now, she is charged with reckless handling of a firearm. >> gaither hired an attorney who told her not to talk about the charge against her. she just wants to find her daughter. >> no clue. >> not a note, not a phone call. >> nothing. >> do you think she went away on her own? >> i don't know. >> police are investigating. in woodbridge, peggy fox, wusa9. >> investigators in the community of nevada are trying to make sense of yesterday's senseless school shooting. the student, a 12-year-old boy killed a student and committed suicide. 911 calls and police communication are revealing how
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it all unfolded. teresa garcia has the story. >> dozens found the strength to attend a vigil last night for math teacher, michael landsberry, a student killed him during a school shooting near reno, nevada. >> he was honestly like a second dad to me when i went there. he cared so much about the students. >> police say the 45-year-old military veteran tried to stop the 13-year-old gunman monday morning by telling him to lower his weapon, but instead, the teen shot landsberry in the chest. >> he said, i would hope you guys, i would do anything for you guys. and i guess that meant taking a bullet and he did. >> landsberry's sister told reporters she's not surprised her brother lost his life trying to protect students. the shooting at the middle school started around 7:15. law enforcement officials say they arrived within three minutes. >> we are inside the cafeteria
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where the students have been huddled. they are safe here, we're looking for the shooter now. >> by the time they got there, the shooter wounded two students, killed landsberry, and turned the gun on himself. >> he pointed to us and said, you ruined my life and i'm going to ruin yours. >> police say it's too early to determine whether the 13- year-old student targeted specific people. cbs news. >> police say the parents of that little boy are cooperating with investigators and they do not plan to identify him since he is a juvenile. the school remains closed for the week while it offers counseling and evaluates how safety procedures were handled. >> the prosecution now calls it a botched robbery that ended with murder. talking about the second day of the trial of eric rivera, the man charged with shooting and killing sean taylor. today, taylor testified she knew the alleged shooter. sasha said she dated the brother of another suspect in
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the murder, prosecutors say rivera confessed, his defense attorneys insist they were ambushed by investigators who forced them to confess. anthony is charged with killing outside his home, september of last year. investigators say reid may have had some sort of relationship with his estranged wife. >> a silver spring family is recovering from its own close call. >> a bunch of motorcycle stunt guys that left them with visions of that gang attack. bruce leshan talked with them. >> they are just coming through everything. >> joe captured a few quick picks of the close encounter that left his family with nightmares. >> i remember those pictures in new york, and so i'm pretty shook. i don't want to be dragged from my car. i don't want anybody hitting my car. i don't want to have anybody falling off their motorcycle and hitting them by accident. >> they were drive back on
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route 50 from a beach vacation when they were surrounded by a crowd of more than a dozen stunt bikers, flying past them from seemingly all over the road. >> ever get into a near accident, you know that adrenaline rush? they are popping wheellies, they were blocking off all traffic. >> across the country, the stunters are blocking traffic so they can pop wheelies, even climb a top their bikes on the open road. >> maryland state police troopers say this kind of thing happens every weekend and they insist that there is very little they can do about it. the bikers don't perform their stunts if their troopers arrest and by the time they respond to a 911 call, they say the bikers are long gone. >> we can't chase them. >> the death defying tricks are increasingly common. years ago, we captured a
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montgomery county cop's frustration at his inability to catch a motorcyclist speeding through traffic. and if they are in a bunch, it is even more difficult. >> these guys, they can scatter like mice. >> bruce leshan, wusa9. >> well, glitches are preventing people from logging on to what's being done to get the thing up and running? top. >> all right, we have a nice evening right now, but don't let temperatures fool you. they are still 65 downtown. 61 in gaithersburg. 64 in manassas. we will come back and talk about the coldest air of the season and which nights could have a frost or a freeze. these women say they were assaulted and now they are suing. wait until you hear the horrific things they claim law enforcement said to them. >> and is this little girl in greece a little girl from the united states? who is maria's family?
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and i sponsored this ad. candidate for attorney general, if you think ken cuccinelli would take virginia in the wrong direction, wait til you meet his attorney general candidate senator obenshain. like cuccinelli, obenshain believes politicians should dictate our most personal decisions they cosponsored a bill together to ban the birth control pill; and outlaw abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. cuccinelli and obenshain: together - a dangerously wrong turn for virginia
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this story is just fascinating. police in greece on the lookout for the biological parents of a little girl found in a gypsy settlement last week. >> this is the crazy part. several families, including one from the united states, in fact, one from kansas city, say that little girl known as maria could be their daughter. alfonzo has more from london. >> reporter: a greek children's charity says it has identified eight missing children from around the world who could be the girl known as maria. the smile the child charity has been caring for maria since police arrested and charged a man and woman with kidnapping her. a kansas city couple says maria strongly resembles their daughter that was taken during a home invasion in 2011. they have contacted greek authorities with an image of how lisa may look today,
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however, lisa would only be about three years old now. the charity says maria is closer to 5 or 6. a greek prosecutor says a child psychiatrist will speak with maria. police became suspicious because maria looks nothing like the people in the community, also known as gypsies. the public is prejudging her community. she says here in greece, there are rumors that roma steel children. the accused couple admit they adopted maria illegally, but deny they are involved in child traffiing. cbs news, london. >> one greek school administrator says roman kids are skipping class because they fear authorities will come take them away. more on lisa erwin. the little girl who disappeared from her kansas city home. russ worked there when she went missing and discusses the possible connection to that
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little girl in greece. folks, it is worse than we thought. now, we know at least seven inmates in florida used four documents trying to escape from prison, including these two killers who were let go last week. reduced their life sentences to 15 years, but caught up with them again on saturday. authorities, however, are still looking for the individuals that help those prisoners escape. >> here's a question some are asking at the university of connecticut. did the college fail to protect women when it came to sexual assaults on campus? seven women claim it did, and they filed a federal dediscrimination complaint. >> the officer told me, women need to stop spreading their legs like peanut butter or rape is going to keep on happening until the cows come home. i left feeling confused, violated, traumatized, and vulnerable. >> that's just one graphic example of what seven current and former students endured on
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campus after reporting their sexual assaults. they say campus administrators were unwilling to investigate and law enforcement officers were disrespectful to them. >> it has been over five months and i still have not been told if any of my harassers or those threatening to rape or kill me were ever identified. >> this is thigh they announced a former civil rights complaint against uconn, to the university and to the u.s. department of education. as you can see, sitting with them, gloria allred, she is representing them. she says what these women experienced is a violation of the federal title 9 law. she is calling for a formal investigation into that university. uconn says it takes allegationses of sexual assault extremely serious. a couple boy scout leaders have been kicked out after they posted this video on youtube. >> wiggle it just a little
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bit. >> oh my goodness. >> dudes, you should have known better than that. we first showed you the video last week. video taping themselves, toppling a sand stone formation over in utah. well, turns out those rocks have been around a million years, maybe more, so they found it funny. the folks interested in preserving the park did not last at all and now the boy scout leaders have been stripped of their leadership positions within the scouts. >> really we're in the business of building character in boys and when we are out there trying to do that, being an example and setting a good example is one of the most important leadership traits that we try to teach. >> yeah, not a good example. the guys say they thought they were doing a good deed. they wanted to push the rock over to make sure it didn't accidentally fall over on someone. they say they don't regret it and they would do it again. they are not helping themselves. the man you saw pushing that
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200 million-year-old rock filed a lawsuit saying he disabled following a car crash, like we said, you're not helping yourself. >> not with that video. >> tracking weather with an hour by hour forecast. wusa9's first alert weather. >> everything gets posted these days. >> we have a lot of work ahead of him. >> a lot of rocks left to push over. >> we're looking at a mild day. okay. get ready. this is it. it's going to be more like march the rest of the week. coldest air of the season rolls in. let me go back into town, the last three hours. and we had a fair amount of clouds around earlier. a couple sprinkles north of town. but, i think clouds will come back again as we go through the nighttime hours and another disturbance heads our way. you're looking out off the rooftop here of broadcast house, looking off to north and
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east. temperatures are very mild. 65. dew points falling a little bit. dryer air is moving in. winds out of the north at 8 and pressure is falling at this hour. widened out the way dare, a lot of showers are gone. they already up in north eastern maryland. a couple showers back to the south and west, and again, some clouds are going to return overnight. there's a slight chance of a shower, but certainly you can walk your dog over the next couple of hours. 62 in arlington. looking at 6 61 out in white oak. 63 in oldtown and 64 in waldorf. temperatures are actually about average for this time of year. but get ready, coldest air of the condition is taking aim on us. chilly with a few showers possible tonight. grab a coat, you'll need it for the rest of the week and then a frost or freeze is possible thursday night. i think that's the best chance in the immediate metro area. i think the winds will save us tomorrow night from a frost or a freeze. now by 6:30 in the morning, see all the showers again, east and
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south of 95. you folks in la plata and st. mary's city will have a wet commute. can't rule out a shower, so wet commute for some. a lot of clouds and then this is my favorite part. you see this, this is magenta and this is blue. i think we'll see some snow west of the divide and over toward oakland as we go through tomorrow and even into wednesday morning. we'll be in good shape with lingering clouds, but snow showers will continue out in the mountains. much of wednesday into thursday morning. cool. for tonight, mostly cloudy and chilly. maybe a few showers. low temperatures in the 40s. wind is not much of a factor. tomorrow, mostly cloudy and chilly. primarily east and south of town. 40s and 50s. has that march feel to it, doesn't it? by afternoon, mostly cloudy, breezy, and chilly. highs only 54 to 58 and add in those northwest winds at 10 to 15. going to feel much, much cooler than that. so, low 50s, upper 40s to
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start. showers at 7:00. some showers at 9:00. clouds at 11:00 and 55 by 1:00. next three days, more like march on thursday. mid 50s and almost cold on friday. a struggle to get to 51. the best chance for frost or freeze thursday night and friday night. we have temperatures in the upper 30s down. weekend looks okay, you know, fall-like. mid 50s. terps in town, and monday and tuesday we go back to 60 on monday and mid 60s on tuesday. all is not lost. we aren't going to go to winter after this, but get your furnace checked. >> want to know how cold it will be in denver sunday? >> denver should not be that cold. maybe 55. i'll look at that. >> thank you, sir. >> hopefully it won't affect the redskins. this guy, he is awesome. he just turned 105. and that's just the beginning of his story tonight. here's proof that you will
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never be too old to learn.
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the holiday season is about to gear up. the company unveiled a 5th
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generation of its ipad tablet. the tablet is called the ipad air. still has the same screen, but is thinner and lighter. the ipad air also has the same processing chip as the iphone 5s. the tablet costs between $500 and $629. it will be available to ship on november 1. the new $400 ipad mini has an hd retina display, comes in four colors. oh boy. both community tablets have the io7 mobile operating system that allows you to use your fingerprint instead of password. >> you know how they will end up under your christmas tree? shoppers are expected to spend a lot more money on gifts overall for 2013. a survey finds people plan to spend $421 and that's 8% up from last year. the first time, consumers say their number one shopping destination, the internet. >> it will be for most men.
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>> there's no doubt about that. now, if you haven't heard, tim and kanye are engaged and he pops the question in a crazy extravagant way. we'll show you. wondering whether you should get that flu shot or not? stick around, we have new information that could have you skeptical. are you skeptics changing your mind? >> makes your arm sore. >> we have more on the kansas city family that thinks that little girl found in greece just might be their daughter who has been missing for years who has been missing for years now. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." "i'm very troubled by ken cuccinelli." "he tried to change virginia's divorce laws" "to prevent women from getting out of a bad marriage."
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"ken cuccinelli denies climate change exists" "and he used taxpayer dollars to investigate a uva professor doing research." "and cuccinelli tried to ban common forms of birth control." "even the pill." "even the pill." "ken cuccinelli is just way too extreme" "way too extreme" "way too extreme" "way too extreme for virginia."
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there are quick turning developments in the mystery child found in greece. >> could it be linked to a missing baby from kansas city? that is a case investigative reporter has been covering for two years now and he has some new interviews with the parents. russ. >> it's been two years and two week since i was in kansas city on the front porch of baby lisa's home in the beginning of a quest others since have also tried and failed to solve. the baby's father at an overnight job, the baby's mother at home, but claiming she was in an alcohol fueled sleep. that child never to be seen again. this 2011 kansas city missing poster tells the story of the baby who disappeared from her own bed in the dark of night. her parents say police have treated them like suspects with no major leads until greek
5:31 pm
authorities found this child creating new hope. >> we are just happy that there's a little girl that will be returned to her family and their nightmare will end and it gives us even more hope than we already have. i had hope that my daughter is not only okay, but she's going to come home. >> spoke to cnn today. >> i was unsure because of the size of the little girl, height and weight. and some of the pictures didn't look like her age progression and it wasn't until we started doing comparison pictures side by side on the computer and we went ahead and just focused on lisa's face instead of her hair color and that's when we started to notice the resemblance. >> look at the child found in greece. compare her photo to the age progression photo of what a nearly 3-year-old bay baby
5:32 pm
lisa she would look like. >> i don't know for sure. but the fact we don't know for sure is enough no matter what. >> in an unusually public comment, a tweet, kansas city police who have said baby lisa's parents have not fully cooperated, tweeted today the odds of that child in greece being the missing baby, quote, highly, highly unlikely. >> well, beg the question too, how she got over there and that somebody would have been savvy enough to get her a passport and somehow go to europe? >> child trafficking is a huge issue and it is possible, but you know, the other thing is, this child in greece is medically believed to be around 5 or 6. baby lisa would be around 3. the ages don't exactly match, but you look at pictures, you got to wonder, the parents are definitely wondering, kansas city police sounds like, not so much. >> you can't blame the parents for hoping.
5:33 pm
thank you, russ. >> the obama administration coordinating a tech surge hoping to improve the healthcare website, which has been plagued with a lot of problems. house republicans meantime, are trying to get to the bottom of what went wrong and identify who is responsible. here is danielle nottingham. >> verison is reportedly among the tech experts they tried to fix the white house and apartment of health and human services say they are working 24/7 to address the website problems preventing americans from signing up for insurance coverage. >> a number of very qualified people involved in the process of making improvements, identifying problems, isolating them and fixing them. >> according to a new news poll, only 12% of americans say sign up on the new healthcare exchanges is going well. republican lawmakers plan to grill the contractors who worked on the website and the health and human services secretary at upcoming hearings.
5:34 pm
congressman, mike rogers wants to know who dropped the ball. >> why did you spend almost a billion dollars on a system that does not work? >> under the new healthcare law, individuals who do not have insurance by march 31 of next year, will have to pay a $95 fine. senator marco rubio plans to introduce legislation delaying that deadline until the white house can prove the website is functioning properly. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> the white house said it is willing to be flexible with that march deadline for those having problems signing up. >> kim and kanye are officially engaged. we have pictures. what's more, how it all went down. jan. >> next time you tell yourself you are too old to do something, you should think about this guy. wait until you hear what he did at the age of 105. >> that's pretty old. >> and we are always on at and the wusa9 app.
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stick around, we'll be back.
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kim kardashian headed down the aisle again. >> can you believe it? >> i don't care about her name. just saying her name, we care about her.
5:38 pm
hopefully, the third time is the charm for her. >> he popped the question last night, in fact, this dude rented out the whole at&t park and proposed in front of family and friends and on the jumbotron it said, please mary me. kanye got down on one knee, gave kim this 15-carat rock and it was an orchestra playing in the background. yesterday was kim's 33rd birthday. the couple has a four month old daughter named northwest. just hoping this one lasts a little longer than the last one. only 72 days. >> i'm glad to have known this. i'm glad to know this information now. let's hope kanye is a better guy than this guy. he is headed to jail for a year. last april, neil called in a bomb threat at a wedding venue 45 minutes before he was supposed to say i do. was not cold feet, it was worse. it was his job to book the venue and he forgot.
5:39 pm
instead of telling the bride, he tried to create a diversion and yes, they are still together. maybe a jailhouse wedding. >> it works. a pennsylvania man is celebrating some milestones tonight. this is a cute story. >> bill moore just turned 105 and he just earned his high school diploma. he was looking forward to graduating from st. joseph's prep from montgomery county, pennsylvania, but his family circumstances forced him into a different reality. >> after my sophomore year, by mother said bill, your father's plant is moving, we have to move up there for him to keep his job. >> doesn't have any high schools up there? they just celebrated their 70th anniversary. he told his daughter he only had one regret and that was not finishing high school and that is when prep's president stepped in to make sure mr.
5:40 pm
moore got that all important diploma. >> a cute little man. tonight at 6:00, some changes to the way amazon doing business could leave you spending more for the services. >> all right, one more reason you may want to get your flu shot. andrea roane with the surprising aadditional health benefit.
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in tonight's health alert, two new drugs showing promise. the food and drug administration is holding a public meeting this week to examine the medications from johnson and johnson. if they are approved, they could prove to be a quicker way to eliminate the blood born disease blamed for 15,000 deaths in the u.s. this year. between 3 and 4 million americans are infected with hepatitis c. >> flu shots are widely available and experts say you should take advantage of them. for those skeptical, new data shows an extra benefit from the annual vaccine. andrea roane has more. >> at first, i thought it was muscle pain and wasn't too worried about it, and then i realized this is not right. i need to get in to see my doctor. >> she was diagnosed with heart disease. she improved her lifestyle and now she get as flu shot every year. >> i think it is very important. it's a way of managing my own
5:44 pm
health. >> that flu shot may prove to be even more vital. dr. jacob and his team at the university of toronto compared data from just over 6700 patients who on average were in their mid 60s. the findings show an extra benefit for those who get the vaccine. >> overall, there was a 33% reduction in risk for heart attack, strokes, and other major card vascular events, and those that received a placibo. >> plus, an added bonus with heart problems. >> that improved benefit was more substantial. 50% risk reduction for those getting a major -- >> louisiana rein is working to improve her diet and takes part in a cardiac rehab program. >> it's very important to me, so that i can do all the things they love to do. >> andrea roane, wusa9. >> that data is published in this week's issue of the journal of the american medical
5:45 pm
association. >> full term pregnancy gets a more precise definition. updating all term pregnancy definitions. the goal is to clarify that a little more time in the human at womb can help the baby's health. 37 weeks to 38 weeks and 6 days. full-time, 39 weeks to 40 weeks and six days. late term starts at the 41st week and post term after 42 weeks. keeping your family safe. wusa9's first alert weather. >> you know, we have been talking about the lack of tropical storms out there, but it depends on where you live. >> it does, good point. they are up to the r's. this is raymond now, causing some problems in mexico. we had some video for you. and we have been lucky so far. you are only unlucky if they make land fall. if they stay out to sea, they
5:46 pm
are okay. hurricane raymond prompted evacuations and in fact, we're looking at heavy rain and again, that's the main threat, not so much wind, i think the highest winds will stay offshore. the heavy rains will cause a lot of problems. 4 to 8, up to 10 inches of rain tonight and tomorrow. okay, a live look outside. it's beautiful. it's really mild. we should probably remember -- it's average. the relative humidity only 52%. dryer air moving in. out of north at 8. and some cooler air moving in. just what is heading our way. satellite picture, radar combined. not one, but two fronts. okay, this is a front that just went through us, then another system like a clipper. this is like a clipper map. you would see in january or february. a little bit of rain through the midwest, not a power packed system, but as this rolls through us, it will reenforce our cold air as we get into thursday and friday.
5:47 pm
corks so, clouds are going to come back in tonight. we'll keep the chance of a shower late tonight. walk the dog until midnight, you're fine. no worries. 60 in bethesda. in fact, low 60s everywhere. 63 in rockville. 60 in fairfax and reston. down in waldorf. so, coldest air of the season is taking aim on us. progressively colder. chilly tonight, a few showers possible late. grab a coat for the rest of the week. you're going to need it. not only in the morning, but throughout the day and the best chance we think of a frost or freeze will be not so much tomorrow night because of the wind, but thursday night the winds will die down. our future cast, we'll show you the rain showers, nothing crazy heavy, but enough to make your commute wet in thmorning if you're eaand south of i-95. the clouds linger, a couple sprinkles here and there and my favorite part is snow in the mountains west of the divide
5:48 pm
tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow night. even actually into thursday morning early, snow showers will continue. good news for our friends out. they like that. in the 40s, mostly cloudy tonight, a few showers. north, northwest at 10. chilly with showers, temperatures don't exactly scream up here. by afternoon, breezy and chilly. only 54 to 58. by evening, we're in the 50s with partly cloudy. 55 tomorrow, 54 on thursday. a little more sun on friday. doesn't do us any good. low 50s. next seven days, weekend looks nice, in the 50s, chilly, but dry. clouds will come in saturday night, but we keep it dry for the terps. and temperatures will go back up. we aren't going into winter after this. 64 milder with sunshine on tuesday. all right, top, thank you. and you might know or you might think you know what your dog is thinking, but when you look at
5:49 pm
those cute puppy dog eyes, can you be for sure? >> scientists think it is possible to know for sure and they are using an mri to try and find out. terrell brown has the details. >> at the king residence, their dog, katie, is one of the family. >> ready? go get it. >> whether playing with the kids or settling in for a nap, katie appears to love them as much as they love her. what's the real feeling behind those eyes and wagging tail? >> do they only see the person that is going to give them what they want or truly love us? >> to find out, the owner volunteered katie for a research study at emery university. led by neurologist, gregory burns, see it dogs feel emotion the way humans do. burns spent his career using mri brain scans to study decision making in humans, but never been used on dogs. among the problems, they need to be awake and remain still
5:50 pm
for the procedure. >> they are coffin-like spaces, they are loud, and you have to hold still. >> that's where katie came in. to block out the noise, she learned how to wear ear must haves and was trained to remain perfectly still. once in place, the team took brain scans of katie while she was giving commands and shown food, like hot dogs. first by a stranger and then by her owner. >> trying to sort out how she is responding, not just to the signals, but who is giving the signal. >> in one key part of the brain, dogs react with emotions like love and attachment. the same way humans do. >> so, when you see katie's mri on a screen, what do we learn about her? >> it is clearly most active when she is getting signals from patricia, her human. >> so what do you draw from that? >> it's more than hot dog. and that katie loves pennsylvania patricia.
5:51 pm
>> sure, why not? it's not unreasonable to have a dog version of that. >> burns documented his findings in how dogs love us. as for patricia king and her family, the results of the study only confirm what they already knew. >> we always want to be loved and just to know that our dog might have the same feelings, it would enhance our bond and we see them as a little bit more like us. >> come on, now, if you have a dog, you know what unconditional love is all about. by the way, dr. burns is hoping those findings will convince lawmakers to revise laws and give dogs the same level of protection as children. >> i like that. all right, tonight at 6:00, is virginia's new texting and driving new regulation working? a look at the numbers behind a new law. >> plus, how our changing climate could be change the wine industry.
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welcome back to wusa9. i'm kristen berset. it's tuesday, which means you have time to vote in our latest high school game of the week poll. here's a look at your four choices to choose from. text the code of the game you want to 25543. we'll announce the winner on thursday night. and remember, you can visit our website, for stories and pictures. guys, over to you.
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>> thank you. we do hear a lot about how the climate change could be threatening our environment, but at least in one part of the country, it seems there is a silver lining. >> adriana diaz takes us to vermont where a winery is enjoying its warmer weather. >> dave lane worked this piece of vermont his entire life. it is now a vineyard, selling 34,000 bottles of wine each year. >> are you trying to make vermont a wine state? >> we definitely are. we already have the best cheese, we can have some good wine. >> 30 years ago, that would have been a fantasy. wine maker, patrick, says in those days, the grapes barely survived, but vermont is getting warmer. >> we definitely have seen bigger crops in the last ten years for sure. >> and you think that's because of climate change? >> yeah. definitely. >> andy of the national weather service says temperatures on this island in lake champlain.
5:56 pm
>> we aren't going to notice one, two, or three degrees, that means a lot. >> trend allows the vineyard to add newer varieties that wouldn't have survived here before a claimant change. >> this is one of the only vineyards growing pinot. not only that, but reisling, grapes normally seen in the warmer east coast. >> if you don't have a warm winter, you can't have a crop. >> the greatest pride is a desert wine made from frozen grapes. if there's no freeze, that award winning business could wither on the vine. iowa drink adriana diaz. >> can produce ice wine. that's because of its warmer growing season and cold winters.
5:57 pm
a blind man left with nowhere to live, another man giving up his life to save a pregnant coworker. >> and how to deal with any snow this winter, we are working stories for you tonight. let's start first with a look at your world in 90 seconds. >> prince georges county police have their killer on tape. and a large and loving family grieves at their home for 27- year-old, jesse alexis chavez. >> he heard the screams and he intervened. >> struggled with the gunman near the front door. he was shot and killed. >> i remember those pictures in new york. >> maryland state police say this kind of thing happens every weekend and the bikers don't perform their stunts if their troopers around. >> i don't want to be dragged from my car. i don't want anybody falling off their motorcycle. >> 25-year-old, johnson, now at the center of this complaint found with the maryland commission on civil rights. justin was fired from her job
5:58 pm
as a waitress in august. there black women don't have it in their hair. >> the difference between a blue sky day here in beijing and it can be dramatic. but northeast china, it seems off the charts. >> a city of some 10 million people to a sand storm. >> everybody has got one thing and that's making the university of maryland very best community. getting rid of this green space is a really bad idea. >> luckily, there's a lab looking into hard hit, so what we do is take this. >> the building blocks of this bug's brain are the same that is in our skull. >> glenn taylor is suing for a car accident, the killer claims he has serious, permanent, and debilitating injury. this is taylor last week. >> who was evicted from his
5:59 pm
home in maryland. we talked to his neighbor. live from hyattsville. has anything changed in the last hour? >> yeah, derek, you have a lot of change. let's turn over here to the right. keith williams, the church nearby that the blind man who was evicted along with his seeing eye dog and wife, the church responded that their u haul. they have a furniture in that church sponsored uhaul. they will be storing that for the night. and county officials have seen our story. they have responding. we have the chairman of the prince county chairman out here. we will be talking live in a minute. let's bring you up to date on what got this all started. >> raymond, blind since he was 13, his wife of 17 years, renee, and his seeing eye dog were all evicted today. >> i


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