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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  October 22, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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understanding when i paid my current charges. >> sheriff deputies put them and a full house of furniture, four bedrooms in all, out in the parking lot of the co-op. he was tossed out of a place that had been home for more than 40 years. >> although we always worked in the community and worked with people who had low income to be faced with this for 45 years, it's daunting. >> long time neighbors are furious and hurt. >> he's been an organizer. he's helped people out when people needed the help. >> i'm a young lady with a disability as well. i'm losing my vision. and to know that we, as disability people, don't have the support, it makes me sad. >> just in shock. my mother has been over 40 years there. i don't need to see this happen to her. >> the cause was nonpayment of rent. the matter had been in court. his sole income, 1140 from
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social security disability. there was an increase of $142 over the last year. that's the second increase and the increase, we have a fixed income and we couldn't keep up with it. but after 45 years, we were hoping that there would be some lee way. >> i'm young and i don't know the whole grasp of the situation, but you know, to come out here and see them evicting a blind man, it makes me mad. these people have no heart. >> standing here with me to the right is andrea harrison. she is chairman of the prince georges county council. what do you think of this? >> i'm so angry and upset i can hardly speak. >> you wouldn't be able to put the words on tv how you really felt. how did it come to this? you know this gentleman. >> yes, i know him from a couple different means. one, he is my church member. but there's some issues that are going on over in this
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community and we have been trying to work with the residents over here. but as far as the issue today, is a way -- >> did it have to come to this? >> in my opinion, no. and in my opinion, it was the most hateful, mean spirited, nasty thing that i've ever seen in my life. >> and we're talking about the eviction or how it was carried out? >> both. both. because while mr. raiser may have had some challenges, and he admits, he's not behind on his payments. he may have been behind on late fees. when he went to court, he was told by the attorney who represents this community, we can take care of this. you don't have to come to court, just pay whatever the
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amount was, which he did. >> and based on that, he left the courtroom. >> he left the courtroom understanding that everything was taken care of. and he asked specifically, did he owe any additional fines? was he in negative at all? he couldn't get a return call back. he could not get the information. >> can i assume you'll get to the be the bottom of this? >> i am not going to say i'm going to find, whatever, but i'm going do what i can. i have called in some additional assistance. >> the first thing our viewers want to do, family isn't going to be able to sleep tonight. >> my understanding is that he is taking care of for tonight. we are working with the department of social services and family services to make sure that he and his service animal will have a place. >> absolutely. >> and we will continue to follow up on this. okay, derek, jan, back to you. >> bruce, a lot of questions still. >> how long was he behind if at all?
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she said it was some interest payments. all right, for the second time in as many days, we are hearing the story of a hero who gave his life, stepping between a gun and another person in need. >> i'm scott broom at the clarion hotel in oxen hill where the video captured here last night of an armed robbery turned a murder is chilling. prince georges county police have their killer on tape. >> he often protected his coworkers. >> a large and loving family grieves at their home in fort washington today, for 27-year- old, jesse alexis chavez. >> very heroic. >> the video shows the robber entering the hotel lobby at 10:00 last night. he leapt over the counter and forced the clerk, a 22-year-old woman to give up the cash drawer. a camera capturing image after image of the armed robber as he terrorized the 22-year-old woman. and he heard the screams from our female victim that actually was accosted and robbed. and he intervened and he was at the door between the suspect and the suspect being able to
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get off the vehicle. >> he struggled with a gunman. he was shot and killed. >> i don't want him to hurt anybody else. we have so many people gathering here because we miss him. >> prince georges county police believe the suspect fled in a dark colored toyota sedan. scott broom, wusa9. >> this was day number 2 of testimony in the trial of the man charged with murdering former redskins star, sean taylor. today, the suspect eric rivera knew she and sean had cash in the house and shoe prints prints found in taylor's home matched those that rivera was wearing the night of the murder. rivera and four other men are accused of killing taylor in a botched robbery in 2007. >> our area isn't known for its ability to cope well with snow. in fact, they have translated into gridlock and storms that have come to be known as snow
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megeddon. now d.c. trying to avoid that this year. erica groh is here with more on today's city council round table. we have all been a part of something like this before. >> absolutely. and being from pennsylvania, i'm no stranger to snow, as you know, but, here in the d.c. metro area, i have never experienced anything like what we had and looking at the possibility of those flakes falling within the next, maybe couple months or so. today's hearing addressed one of the biggest complaints that people had in years past that some streets seem to get over looked in a heavy snowfall. the department of public works director, william holland, testified at today's hearing and the issue is training and zone commanders need to make sure that every street gets plowed, but in the last three years, the city hasn't really been able to show that there is a plan. since the snowfall hasn't been that heavy. right? we only had a few inches. he also addressed what happens
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when we get one of those classic fine line forecasts in this area. >> maybe the temperature is going to be about 37 degrees and i'll just tell, so we aren't calling it an event at all. i'm telling, there will be 5 or 10 people that will have trucks ready and if it gets cooler, you'll have to get out there and do it. people are prepared to do what is necessary. >> one thing that did not come out of today's hearing is how much money is in the district's budget for snow removal this year. and so our lovely producer called the department of transportation, it is designated $2.4 million for this winter. they had $55 million in northern virginia last year. and we checked with them today, vdot won't be releasing this year's figure until november 12. also reached out to the maryland department of transportation, but that call was not returned. all right, so, we are hoping to
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get better results than what we had in that terrible carmegeddon. >> sounds like a lot of money, but it's not close to what we need. >> with all the nuisance events last year and that sometimes can cause lots of problems with getting that ice put down or that salt down for the ice. many, many times over. >> let's get a check of topper shutt. see how lucky we have been the last three winters. >> we've been very lucky, or unlucky. let's diagram the last three winters, we have very little snow after our 2009, 2010 winter. we'll get back to that in a minute. only 10.1 inches the year before that. 2011 and '12, only 2 inches. last year, 3 inches. we average 15.4 and of course, back in 2009, 2010, we had 56
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inches. so, it is father and famine. in 2002 and 2003, and also of course in 2009, 2010. but inbetween, it has been famine with 2 to 3 inches. even though you had this amount of snow. if you get nuisance events, they spend money putting the salt down and plowing the roads. we will come back and talk about our coldest weather of the season rolling in and if we have to deal with a frost or freeze. >> why the irs is paying millions of dollars to people who don't deserve the money. >> up next, new information in the case of the killer cantaloupe.
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the first and only over the counter treatment for overactive bladder. it's good to know how to put the control back in your go. new oxytrol for women. now over the counter in the feminine care aisle. visit to learn more. new information tonight about that listeria outbreak that killed 33 people, including a man in maryland. two colorado farmers have pled guilty to misdemeanor charges today, but, eric and ryan jensen are not admitting any intentional wrong doing or knowledge that the cantaloupe was contaminated. they are suing the safety auditor who gave their farm a superior rating. before the outbreak in 2011. the principal in the school in india where 23 children died after eating lunches contaminated is now facing murder charges. investigators say the husband
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stored pesticides at the school and then the chef cooked with it by mistake. the couple could face the death penalty if convicted. the d.c. department of transportation is hoping that traveling through part of the district is about to get a lot calmer. two temporary traffic circles were set up along 42nd this afternoon and it's part of the effort in the neighborhood. after residents expressed concerns about the livability of the neighborhood. the study is expected to last about three months. virginia law changed last july, giving police the go ahead to pull you over for texting and driving. and today, we are getting our first look at the consequences. virginia state police say troopers sited about 328 drivers between july 1 and september 28. that comes with $125 fine for the first offense and $250 once they do it and get caught again. >> you might think that people buying brand-new car would want to avoid the color white, it
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gets dirty and not that great really. but apparently that's anything but the case. according to the leading supplier, white is now the most popular color for the 2013 model year. silver and black are tied for number two. silver had been the top choice for more than a decade. >> what color is your car? >> black. >> mine is, too. >> dreaming of the presidential election already? a look at one potential ticket that is nowhere on your radar that is nowhere on your radar and i sponsored this ad. candidate for attorney general, if you think ken cuccinelli would take virginia in the wrong direction, wait til you meet his attorney general candidate senator obenshain. like cuccinelli, obenshain believes politicians should dictate our most personal decisions
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they cosponsored a bill together to ban the birth control pill; and outlaw abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. cuccinelli and obenshain: together - a dangerously wrong turn for virginia
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back now with a consumer alert, the company is raising the amount you need to spend to qualify for free shipping. as of yesterday, you needed $35 worth of stuff instead of $25. amazon says it's the first increase in more than a decade as it tries to push people to sign up for its prime service which guarantees two-day shipping. one of the nation's largest program is apparently riddled with problems for the irs. a report by the treasury department found that the internal revenue service paid out more than $110 billion in tax credits over the last decade to people who did not qualify for them. specifically, the earned income
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tax credit. in all, about a fifth of the credits paid out went to pam who did not qualify. the report says the irs hindered in cracking down on the problem by tax preparers and people who just do not understand the complicated calculations. >> that would include many of us. there's a new poll out from cbs news that finds a lot of frustration in the wake of the partial government shutdown. only 31% of the 1007 asked approve of the job the senate is doing, but it is worse for the gop. they got 18% approval rating and 54% said they asked say they are optimistic about the ability to deal with abilities. there and the shutdown sparked our frustration madness on today. it's local political corruption facing off against metro. that's a tough one. cast your vote, log on to tell >> so, you are just plain fed
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up with all those inside the beltway types as the rest of the country calls them, and you're looking for change. i'm sure you heard the rumors, but what about minnesota's former governor? no, i'm talking about jesse venture ray, he is fed up with the special interest in washington and while he looks, he says his perfect running mate aught to be howard stern. >> i wish people would judge me on creativity and being able to accomplish things in untraditional ways and keep my integrity about me when i do it instead of the reaction of oh, he wants to run with howard stern. how do you think howard got where he is at being stupid? >> yeah. no. he's not stupid, he's a very smart man. political, maybe not. very colorful. >> pretty reasonable guy. >> pretty colorful guy. >> he was decent.
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>> young man. >> he has as much hair as i do now. we are looking at big changes on the way. in fact, let me show you big changes out in iowa. it's the first snowfall of the season and here's the deal. the system that gave us that snowfall will usher in colder air. it was their first snow. isn't that nice? oh, more snow. i love it. okay, live look outside. this is a beautiful shot. you can see the capital in the reflection of the potomac. temperatures are mild. in fact, right around average. 63. relative humidity 54%. so pretty dry air mass, not crazy dry, but one you would expect. and winds turned. now they are north, northwest at 7. the front is through us and chilly air is rolling in. this is not the main event. there's not one, but two fronts on the map and this front went through. it's okay, we'll get cooler tomorrow, but this is the
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clipper. it's a clipper system that brought the snow to iowa that will race eastward and reenforce our cold air on thursday and friday. we still have thursday and friday will be the best nights for a frost or freeze. there go our showers. most of which were in northern maryland this evening and this afternoon. we have a break in the clouds. 58 fairfax. 58 in reston. still very nice. 60 down in arlington. 61 in oldtown. 62 in college park and 62 also in waldorf. so, coldest air of the season is taking aim on us, no doubt about that. chilly tonight, clouds will return late. maybe a shower by dawn. grab a coat for the rest of the week. you will definitely need that and a frost or freeze possible thursday night and we think also again friday night. best chance for a wet commute tomorrow, south and east of i- 95, southern maryland, annapolis down toward laplata and st. mary city. this system will move off to the north and east, we have a lot of clouds around and yes,
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we have some snow out in the mountains tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow night. in fact, right on through wednesday night into thursday morning. we'll break it down. showers possible, 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. and clouds hang tough. we are only 55 by 1:00. so, more late march and almost cold on friday. temperatures will struggle to get to 50 or 51. notice those lows on thursday night and friday night in the 30s downtown. that means upper 20s and low 30s. that's why we think the best night for thursday and friday will be the chance for frost. weekend looks great. terps in town, and then we're back in the 60s monday and tuesday. so we're not going to go into winter just yet. >> you're the man, top. >> yoyo will take the stage up in boston, but it's the man who will be with him that is getting all the attention. we'll explain why.
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a retired doctor living near philly will make his debut tonight at the boston symphony hall. you are thinking, why do i care? george is 90 years old and he'll be performing a piece he wrote 70 years ago. he will be accompanied by yoyo mall and the concert is a benefit for an organization preserving the work of artists and musicians who died in the
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holocaust. to you beetles fans. ring le star wants to hear from you. >> fans at a 1964 florida in concert. star snapped this picture of a car full of fans 49 years ago and he always wondered who they are and what became of them. our partners at u.s.a. today are wondering the same thing. if you are one of them or know one of them, check out the story on we would love to hear from you. >> i think facebook, twitter, social media. >> it will be out there. >> somebody is going to write in and we'll see guys come up and it will be cool. >> that's all for us at 6:00. stay with us. >> we're back at 7:00. tonight, a council member is here who introduced a bill
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>> pelley: tonight, obamaed care to the emergency room. the white house calls 911 to repair health care online.
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wyatt andrews has the latest. americans tell our poll what they think. was she adopted or kidnapped? holly williams investigates the mysterious girl found among the gypsies. today, apple revealed its next-generation tablet. its competitors fired back with innovations of their own. ben tracy on what's killing the p.c. and a symbol of the strongest nation on earth is falling apart. we learned today the capitol is about to take on a whole new look. nancy cordes shows us what's really rotten under the dome. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. the patient has been suffering from extreme sluggishness, enormous stress, and at times, it's appeared headed for a breakdown. so it was time to call in a specialist on s


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