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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  November 5, 2013 4:25am-5:00am EST

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it is cold, 30s and 40s again. 49 degrees, seven months since it was this cold. lunch time low to mid-50s, on our way to the upper 50s this afternoonch not as biting cold yesterday. lots of cloudiness streaming our way in the upper level. see all of this marching off to the east with rainshowers lifting into indy and in southwestern ohio. at the lower levels, we have low level clouds coming in.
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we have a double whammy, temperatures well they have dropped into the low 30s, winchester 39. 40 in easton and dc. 33 in white oak. 37 in marlboro and 33 in reston. let's go over to monika samtani. 2:30 this morning 16th street and closed between alaska and military road because of a tree down. a large tree down across the roadway. and we believe there could be a tractor trailer involved as well. the street shut down, 16th street, use beach or georgia avenue, and remember the culvert is shut down for six months as well so no shortcut
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either available for you there. 66 in get shape. manassas, centerville, we'll take a live look on northbound 95. looking fine in springfield. late this morning. back to the maps. the beltway is fine, again college park into silver springs, don't forget about the closure on 16th street because of the tree down in the road, we'll take a live look one more time here. andrea? mike? there was a gunman suspected of firing shots in a mall in new jersey. he is now apparently dead. his body was found inside this mall. it happened yesterday at the garden state plaza mall in new jersey, and there were reports of gunfire just before closing and witnesses say the shooter was dressed in black. >> the mall was on lockdown, as
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officers went room by room. the suspect has apparently been found dead. let's recap what brought us to this point. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. team members stormed the garden state plaza mall in new jersey. a gunman opened fire just before closing time. these women came face-to-face with the shooter. >> out of nowhere the guy walked right past the front door and he is shooting shots in the air. >> he paused for a second and looked inside the store. i just froze. >> reporter: witnesses say the suspect was dressed in all black, wearing a motorcycle helmet. officials say no one was injured. >> it is not an active shooting scene. we are sweeping the mall making sure everybody gets out in a safe and orderly way. >> reporter: security immediately put the mall into lockdown. many customers and employees hid inside stores. this cell phone video shows people being head out of the mall. >> it is scary when you see the s.w.a.t. team coming, waiting at the door for you to come out.
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>> reporter: police cleared the mall, making sure everyone inside was safe i don't we go store by store, room by room and that takes dwight awhile. >> reporter: cbs this morning says police in new jersey have run through active shooter drills at this very facility. >> they are literally familiar with the territory inside and this dynamic. they have already done this search in the training mode. >> again, the gunman has been found dead and no one else during the shooting yesterday was injured. >> the mall is on lockdown of course as the investigation continues in a new direction, finding out whether this gunman was shot by the police or in some other manner. we'll keep you updated as soon as we get more information on this story. it is 4:30. and by the end of this day virginia will have elected a new governor. in less than two hours, voters
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will head to the polls in the commonwealth. democrat teary mcauliff still maintains a 6 point lead over ken cuccinelli. they spent monday campaigning with other poll figures. nevertheless today's voter turnout is expected to be low. if you are sick of those attack ads, you have less than 12 hours to deal with them. ever wonder if they are true? >> a rally last night had an ad that came to life. she said it was all based on a lie. >> reporter: this rally against republican candidate for
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governor ken cuccinelli has its roots in this attack ad. (speaking a foreign language). >> reporter: this group of 100 or so immigrants took their message straight to the candidate himself. >> attorney general ken cuccinelli has made controversial comments about immigration policy. >> reporter: but did he? here's audio of the call. cuccinelli called into radio talk show the morning majority in 2012. topic a strict wildlife law that may or may not include relocation of rats as an alternative to killing them. >> they have to relocate the rats and that is not actually the worst part. they cannot break up the family of the rats. >> reporter: random topic, yes? but this is the part that got all the attention. >> it is worse than our
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immigration policy and you can't each kill them. >> even more than that his record of the attorney general some of the policies he supported have been antiimmigrants. >> reporter: the group also brought real rats. plus plastic rats they put, one by one, in a fake ballot box. >> obviously they are not letting them in. i did receive a statement from ken cuccinelli's camp. he said the fact is he is the only candidate with a serious plan to create jobs across the commonwealth. >> reporter: cuccinelli's camp called this a desperate attempt to drop last -- draw last
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minute support. >> we are disappointed also that candidate mcauliff has not addressed immigration policy. >> reporter: a serious plan to create 58,000 jobs and east taxes on hispanic families in virginia. what do you think of that? >> now, it is up to you to decide. in sterling wusa9. speaking of voting, teams in tacoma park aren't old enough to drink, but some of them are old enough to vote. for the first time ever in the united states teenagers as young as 16 years old will be able to cast ballots in municipal elections. 90 of the eligible voters have registered since the age was lowered back in may. -- about 73,000 in maryland have been dropped from their
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insurance because of the affordable healthcare act. if you fall into this category, you can fill out an application. a congressional oversight committee said all applicants have to go through the website and applicants were directed to paper to make them feel they were making progress. >> the point was to relieve some of the frustration americans were understandably experiencing. >> reporter: three years ago the white house got a warning from a trusted outside healthcare consultant that there would be problems with the launch of the affordable healthcare act website. members of congress are urging the white house now to take the website down before all the bugs have been worked out. the administration said people are still able to use it.
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the officer who shot and killed a man in september will not be charged. officer alfred tony thomas was forced to shoot 31-year-old william brown as brown stabbed the mother of his children. the state's attorney office thought thomas should have been charged but prosecutors felt his actions were justified. a verdict was reached in the sean taylor murder trial i don't guilty of second degree murder as a less included offense. >> reporter: it took a jury 16 hours over four days to convictim now 23-year-old eric rivera jr. of the star safety's death. the jury found rivera was not the trigger man in 2011. rivera initially confessed to shooting taylor but he testified in the trial his confession was coerced and he never went inside taylor's home. the dc council planned to use an old tactic to try to
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convince the redskins to change their name. the resolution says changing the redskins name is the right and prudent thing to do. regardless if the bill passes though, the council has no authority to force a name change. redskins e-mailed fans asking them to share with dc lawmakers what redskins pride means to them. it is important lawmakers see the name as part of heritage and knot not a slur. it is 4:37. a few days before initial public offering, twitter raising the price of its stock. that is coming up in your money report. it may be a little chilly outside but not to obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad.
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4:40 on this tuesday morning. chilly out there. radar is dry, a chilly start in the 30s and 40s now. milder today and yesterday. looking for my around 58 degrees. back with the 7-day forecast, we have rain in the 7-day. right now over to monika, to timesaver traffic. things are looking good on the east side of found, including route 4, 5 and 301. from the north southbound 16th street is completely shut down between alaska and military road due to a large tree down in the road. it is going to be that way throughout the morning rush hour. back to you guys. it is 4:41. in time for the first your
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money segment this tuesday morning. >> good morning jessica doyle. >> reporter: good morning. wall street is still on a streak. investors found plenty to like if housing steel and transportation stocks. steel stocks gained after an upgrade from goldman sachs. small company, stocks and transportation companies moved higher. the dow is up by 23 points on the day, it starts today at 15639. the s & p 500 was better by about 6 and a third and the nasdaq was higher on the day by almost 15 points. twitter, gearing up for its big ipo on thursday. and strong investor demand has prompted the company to raise the top end of its ipo price range by 25%. the popular media service raised its range to $25 a
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share. twitter has yet to turn a profit, but boasts 230 million users. it is seeking evaluation of more than $13 billion when it debuts on the stock exchange in a couple of days. blackberry has announced it has abandoned its plan to sell the company and their ceo is stepping down. john chen will step in as interim ceo, that along with an investment of a billion dollars from fairfield financial could help blackberry turn around. it appealed to its customers to stay loyal. looking for an alternative to netflix, amazon is releasing its first original series. alpha house, starring john goodman will be available
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online for free november 15th. after that amazon will release an episode a week. i am a subscriber. i have to look up this show and see if it looks any good. >> i can't wait to try to watch it on a phone. my phone isn't good enough yet. >> mine isn't either. but on the laptop, it will be great. 4:43. one nfl team has a severe bullying problem that has led to two players taking time away from the team. a boost in temperatures after a cool alert yesterday. coming up next, howard has that. we'll be right back
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4:46 on this tuesday morning. good morning, howard has
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another chilly forecast for us i can't starting in the 30s and 40s, but not as cold as yesterday. yesterday was the coldest day we have had since march. >> we were down in the 30s even here. >> we won't see that for awhile. better temperatures headed our way. here's a look at the day planner. still need a coat with the 30s and 40s. by lunch time, partly sunny to mostly cloudy today. 54 by noon. a high today close to 58. winds go northeast this morning to east southeast this afternoon and not too bad, 5, 8 miles per hour. tonight will be a little bit milder as well, thanks to cloud cover around and you continue to see clouds streaming in from the west. closest showers are here in western ohio, moving toward the northeast. radar will stay quiet today. thursday is the day to worry about rain. winchester freezing, 45 in
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southern maryland, that is a warm spot with annapolis at 45 as well. outside on our michael and son weather camera, we do great visibility out there. 40 degrees and fields like 40 thanks to a very light wind. humidity levels yesterday afternoon were down in the 30% range. as far as your weather headlines, more clouds moving in today and tomorrow. a lot more clouds and sunshine here moderating temperatures. thursday looks wet and mild. low to perhaps mid 60s. if the rain comes in early, i think the rain will start in the morning on thursday. that will keep temperatures down. behind the system we are going to clear out and get breezy friday. we are seeing signs of the storms taking shape. out west we have the cold air, rain and snow. a lot of warm air in the gulf
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coast with rain pulling away. this is the same plume of moisture giving us the clouds right now. this is a pretty big area of cloudiness. this first batch of rain is going to stay north and west of us as we go into the day and into the night. here we have a good deal of clouds tuesday. 5:00 now. we'll go into tonight and tomorrow. tomorrow i think we could have sunnier breaks, we'll be potentially low to mid-60s for wednesday. by wednesday evening it gets into ohio and western kentucky. here it comes by thursday morning 4:30. into garrett county cumberland toward allegheny county. some of this is going to be headed toward us, thursday morning midday maybe into the early afternoon now. we are speeding up the timetable just a little bit. today 58, cool.
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tonight 46, not as chilly tonight. tomorrow milder, 64. thursday, yellow on alert day. thursday morning's commute could be hampered by some rain. on a sunny day, sunshine returns friday, breezy, 55. over the weekend sunny and cool, mid-50s saturday and sunday. 16th street beach drive is going to be your alternate. you are correct about that. what we are talking about is a tree down across the roadway. actually involving a tractor trailer as well. no injuries, but the road is blocked completely southbound between 16th street between alaska avenue and military road, what i'm sucking you do is use beach as your alternate
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route. it is going to affect your drive definitely this morning for the morning rush hour. if you are planning to head northbound on i-95, you are going to be okay. but southbound 95 there is a disabled tractor trailer. that is in the right lane. here's the beltway on the north side of town, this looks fine, heading into silver spring. again that 16th street closure may affect your right on the beltway as well early on. let's take another live look to the northbound side of 35. this is the 14th street bridge. no issues now across the potomac. the miami dolphins are missing two players from roster and both may never return after one harassed the other. incognito allegedly sent messages to martin that were racist and threatening. >> incognito has now been
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suspended. >> reporter: miami dolphins guard incognito won't be playing pro football for awhile. he has been suspended for threatening jonathan martin and his family, using racial slurs. martin left the team after a lunch room prank that was apparently the last straw. >> threats of i'm going to get your mother, i'm going to find your mother, i'm going to kill you, that is above and beyond the code, above and beyond what is accepted anywhere. >> reporter: now the nfl will conduct a workplace review. >> if the review shows that this is not a safe atmosphere, i will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that it is. >> reporter: incognito's record has not gone unnoticed. in his first four years he led the league in penalties for unnecessary roughness. he was voted the league's
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dirtiest player in 2009. dolphins players said they didn't notice any locker room hostility. >> i don't feel like we were being hazed. >> reporter: incognito tweeted sunday three things cannot be long hidden the sun, the moon, and the truth. teresa garcia, cbs news. >> incognito went to the dolphins after being released by the rams in 2009. the team let him go after a verbal altercation with the rams head coach. this today's health alert how pesticides are hurting women's bodies. two lead to an increased risk of endometriosis. researchers say the chemicals showed up in blood samples from patients, even though the pesticides have been banned for decades. women with higher exposure had a 30 to 70% increased risk of
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endometriosis. eating disorders are more common in boys than most people realize. researchers in boston found 17% of teenage boys surveyed were extremely concerned about their weight and physique. those boys were more likely to engage in risky behavior, including frequent bing drinking and drug use. according to a new study when meeting someone new, the first two things people judge are teeth and then what? >> is it clothes? handshake or grammar? sorry about that. give it some thought. post your response on our face
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4:56. mostly cloudy skies, chilly too in the 30s and 40s this morning. not as cool today, some sunny breaks. by 9:00 per in the 40s just about everywhere. low to mid-50s for lunch time, still lots of clouds around this afternoon. we are looking at high temperatures pushing into the upper 50s. monika? no problems to report right now on the beltway north of town here at new hampshire avenue. we are in good shape between 95 and 270. southbound 16th street is shut down completely between alaska and military due to a tree
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down. back to you guys. she was abducted, tortured and raped by ariel castro for more than a decade, and now, michelle knight is starting to talk. >> she sat down with dr. phil to discuss the horrific abuse she suffered. >> he gets you in this room. what did he tie you up with? >> one of those orange extension cords. i was tied-up like a fish. and ordered me on the wall. that is the only way i can describe it. i was hanging like this, my feet and i was tied by my neck and my arms with the extension cord. >> you can see more of the exclusive interview with dr. phil today right here on wusa9 at 4:00. an avenger is back in theaters this weekend to save the universe. >> and britney spears is
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selling perfume. the stars of soar, the dark world, hit the u.s. premiere. >> huge big action scenes and snow capped mountains. that was beautiful. >> reporter: the movie also stars natalie port man. it hits theaters friday. britney spears posted perfume on her facebook page. it is the first single from her new album, britney jean. drew barry -- barrymore is reportedly pregnant with her nd child. neil heirish and steven
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dover play two down on their luck brothers who go on the run after a deadly hit and run accident. >> i was blown away by the material. it was refreshing and i wanted to play jerry lee. >> reporter: the motel life opens friday. that is your eye on entertainment. cbs news, hollywood. thank you for watching wusa9 at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike haiduk. didn't drew look elegant in that? >> i think she has transformed. >> that was nice of her to say that. >> he is a good looking guy. good morning monika. good morning howard. so andra bullock or drew? >> don't go there. have you seen the movie? we have a cold morning out there once again, 50s and 40s. the difference cloud cover.
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some sunny breaks here the next couple of days. here is your forecast day planner on this tuesday. it is chilly. temperatures in the 40s at 9:00, to the 50s by lunch time. still partly sunny to mostly cloudy at 5:00 p.m., back down to 56 and your sunset today just after 5:00, about 5:03. lots of clouds streaming in from the mississippi and ohio valley right over us. we have low clouds which have also come in from the atlantic. low 30s now shanendoah valley. mid-30s from fredericksburg and upper 30s at eatston. ash burn -- at easton. monika has more information for you on the early commute. >> i do. at 2:30 this morning a large tree fell across the wa


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