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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  November 5, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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elections in the county says by 1:00 p.m., they had already seen 25% turnout. last time there was a race for governor, the county saw 32% total turnout by days end. >> something that we are very fortunate to be able to do in the united states. and i don't like to miss my chance to take the opportunity. >> we stopped in hanover county at the library where it was slow at first, but the pace picked up. no real numbers there, but this race depends on voters not taking poll numbers as gospel and becoming complacent. >> i was with other people and other districts and they said their turnout was greater than expected. >> and voters came out at a higher clip in arlington county to set up a phone with them. last time there was a race for governor, they think they are going to clip 50%. we'll have all latest throughout the evening and on for now, we are live in
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richmond, wusa9. back to you. >> the three main candidates in virginia's governor race, of course they went out to cast their own votes. ken cuccinelli voted with his wife at brentsville high. terri mcauliffe cast his ballot at spring hill elementary, and robert is libertarian candidate went back to his alma mater for science and technology in alexandria. peggy fox is waiting for the results with the democrats in vienna and peggy, this race is being looked at by some as a bell weather for the mood of the whole country. >> absolutely, you know, if we are seeing higher voter turnout than expected, what is bringing those voters out? we have heard from the democrats that outrage over the g. government shutdown and what is driving it. a referendum on obama care. so, which is it? we were out at the polls today asking that question. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> first time candidate
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democrat is running for delegate in prince william county. >> he is hoping to oust the outspoken conservative, long- time delegate. he like gop gubernatorial candidate says this election is the referendum on obama care, not the tea party and government shutdown. >> it has depressed the democratic base. it is reminded republicans, hey, this race is now between ken cuccinelli who was the first to challenge obama care with my law and mr. obama. this is not between mcauliffe and cuccinelli at this point because of the debockle. >> we're going broke. >> other voters feel the opposite way and are angry over the government shutdown. >> people have had enough of the nonsense that has gone on in congress and in the states. hopefully, this will be a mark in the right direction. >> i think that this election is all about showing that hey, there's one side of folks who
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are just so anticompromised and willing to work with anybody and the rest of us. the progressive minded folks who want to take it in a new direction. >> so which direction is it going to be? which direction? we are here in tyson's headquarters. we'll bring it to you when we have some answers. i'm peggy fox reporting live. back do you. >> looking forward to it as the evening goes along. virginia not the only race getting a lot of attention tonight. folks are closely watching the new jersey governor's race where chris christie expected to easily get reelected. this is interesting, 11 counties are voting about whether or not they should succeed from their state and form their own 50 5á 1st state. that would require the approval of the u.s. congress. there are also mayoral races in detroit, minneapolis, seattle, and san diego. >> go out and cast your vote. now one reason a lot of those
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races is getting so much attention is the fallout from the government shutdown and the launch of the affordable care act. it has been riddled with problems since it went online and now, cbs news learned that final security tests were never performed before the site went live. one south carolina couple says after they registered, their eligibility letters with all their private information were sent to a man in north carolina. >> my information is out there and i want it deleted from their website. >> senator scott, we reached out and we will find him and we will follow up on this question. >> i'm happy to give you phone numbers. >> i think we have them. >> he doesn't think so, actually. no one has called him. >> went on to tell the senate panel today that a software glitch is to blame for what happened and that glitch has since been fixed. we invite you to stay with
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wusa9 for complete coverage. we will have cut ins as the results pour in and join us at 11:00 when we hope to be able to bring you some of the final outcomes, but you know how these things could go. and you can always get the latest results at or the wusa9 ipad app. >> election night is always exciting. maryland won't select its next governor until next year, but the candidates spent the day talking about the environment. not the political one, the green one. five of the six declared candidates took part in a forum sponsored by the chesapeake bay foundation and the group 1,000 friends of maryland. and remember that incredible story over the summer when a woman survived a bay bridge crash that sent her car plunging into the chesapeake? we are just learning that canadian truck driver pled guilty to four charges, including negligent driving. it turns out that was the truck driver's first solo trip into the united states.
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23-year-old, morgan lake managed to swim to safety after her car plunged 40 feet off the bay bridge. >> remarkable video. still ahead, full stop. we'll have an update on the evictions that left a blind man and his family with no place to go. top. >> a little bit milder today. still a little bit below average. here are the numbers, 59 goes in the book. 40 is the low. average is 62 and 44. we'll come back and talk about what day is going to hit 60s and which day is a yellow alert. >> but first, hail to the football team some no longer want to call the redskins, the d. ready?
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it's... staying on track. no matter what your healthy is, we have the tools to help you get there. aetna -- what's your healthy? we have some new information on the dispute between the d.c. government and some city cab drivers. the union representing the cab byes filed an injunction today to stop the city from impounding and ticketing cabs that don't have the required updated equipment. at issue, those credit card readers and brand-new dome lights. some of those drivers try to deliver their concerns yesterday to mayor vince gray. now the cab byes say the garages that installed the new dome lights cannot keep up with the demand and jacking up the prices for providing that service. >> city council may not have any authority over the washington redskins, but with the nation watching, they want everybody to know they do not approve in the redskins name. >> this is today's d.c. city council meeting where a resolution was approved to urge
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the washington redskins to change their name. >> it's time to change the name. i think the whole country is starting to get around it. >> redskins is the worst insult to a native american. >> i never known it as a derogatory term. >> redskins owner, daniel schneider has been clear he's not budgeting. recently writing, the name was never a label. it continues to be a badge of honor. our fans sing hail to the redskins. they speak proudly of a sports team they love. many fans have his back. this week, he called on to his fans to flood city council with what he described as team pride. it is not the council's fight. >> the nfl and dan schneider and those that oppose the name, let them work it out. >> council has no real authority over the team. taking this stand may hurt the chances for the team coming back to the district. >> i wouldn't support bringing
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the team back or helping build a stadium unless they change the name. >> we have breaking news now out of illinois where state lawmakers just voted to allow same-sex marriage. now, phil heads over to path quinn who will sign it. once that happens, illinois will allow unions starting next summer. those marriages are already legal here in d.c. and 14 other states, including maryland. all right. this little lady needs a name and still to come tonight, we're going to tell you the choices and how you can weigh in. >> and just a quick reminder for all of you who have yet it cast your ballots in maryland. you have until 8:00 p.m. to get there. plenty of communities have municipal elections today. vote wants you
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we have a follow up to a story we first saw here on wusa9. issued a temporary restraining order barring all restrictions at the co-op where a blind man was evicted last month. bruce johnson has been on this story from the beginning. >> it's almost like they are trying to steal our homes. >> these residents have been slated for eviction. >> i got caught up with the government shutdown and i got a
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sponsored check. >> all evictions have been stopped. the county attorney for prince georges county succeeded in getting the judge to issue an injunction. blocking for now, all evictions until several county agencies are able to investigate alleged irregularities at the housing cooperative. >> we need to stop the hemorrhaging as quickly as possible. we needed to stop the evictions until we actually had the opportunity to do a full on investigation. >> it was the eviction last month, of ray and his wife of seeing eye dogs that brought valley green. had been a resident for more than ha years. when ray was set out, he owed roughly $600 in fees, penalties, and court costs. residents are questioning those fees. >> if he was being over charged, he probably did not owe as much as he already paid to the association. >> county leaders today produce records that question why valley green residents are
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billed individually when the co- op pays $114,000 per year for water. >> that is where a lot of the residents are getting the legal issues where they are being evicted or supposed to be evicted. >> it's a 231 unit complex that spends $11,500 on supplies and pay the property management fee of $129 ,000 per year. >> i think if you look anywhere in the marketplace, you probably won't find, you know, many property managers making that amount of money off of one property. >> a total of nine evictions were saved off today and undetermined amount still in the pipeline. what residents bought themselves today amounts to time. time for these investigations to run their course. the next court appearance is set for december 3. this is bruce johnson reporting live from hyattsville. >> the attorney for village
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green today declined to comment and he said, he couldn't talk while there is an injunction in the case. >> well the national zoo wants your help in figuring out a name for the brand-new baby panda cub. means precious. ling means darling or delicate flower. that is a symbol of luck. mulan is the name of a legendary warrior or something. and gen means treasure or valuable. personally, i go with po, which was the name of the kung fu panda. they will announce the real panda name december 1. >> i love it, she is sort of stopping in the name of love with that or she is saying, talk to the hand or she is saying, i'm just so cute, look at me hand. >> wow.
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>> oh, well there could be -- but she is smiling. she kind of has a pleasant demeanor. >> i vote that down. >> that's cute, too. >> all right, 59 today. 49 yesterday. going in the right direction. now tomorrow, we'll be back in the 60s. it will stay dry tomorrow, don't be alarmed. a will the lot of clouds on wednesday. we are looking at temperatures still in the upper 50s downtown and because of the clouds, the temperature will not fall tonight. clouds will act as a beeline coat. relative blanket. winds are dead calm on your live michael and son weather cam. satellite picture, just clouds, a couple sprinkles toward cleveland into ohio. but just some clouds tonight and tomorrow. the good news is, tomorrow afternoon, the clouds will begin to thin out a little bit. 5 had bethesda. 52 in fairfax and also reston. 56 in college park and 53 in
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waldorf. about 10 degrees above where we were this time last night. cloudy again, but not as cold tonight. chilly at the bus stop. not crazy cold, but 40 to 50. that's better than the 20s we had on monday morning and the 30s we had this morning. milder wednesdays, certainly the best day of the week. and then yes, we issued this yesterday. a yellow alert day for thursday for showers. primarily for the morning commute. tonight, mostly cloudy, not as cold. lows in the 40s. winds light, southeast 5 to 10. we'll break it down hour by hour. in the 40s to start. upper 40s downtown. and then mid 50s by 9:00. upper 50s by 11:00. notice the clouds thinning out a little bit and then by 1:00, partly cloudy, temperatures in the low 60s. good afternoon. the next three days, there are your showers on thursday. your yellow alert. the day will end in sunshine. primarily morning showers, still mild, and on friday, breezy and chilly, highs only 50 to 55.
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next seven days, temperatures will go up over the weekend. the weekend looks nice. near 60 on saturday. we have the heart walk on the mall saturday morning. walk is at 10:00. get there at 9:00. terps in town and the ravens in town on sunday. we're in the mid 60s on sunday. veteran's day, low 60s. and then cooler on tuesday. there's no showers, but a front goes through. >> you have been listening to derek's commentaries, you can't ride that day, can't ride that day, maybe ride that day. >> just looking for a little warmth. looking for a little warmth. don't like the cold hands and feet. >> all right, guess who we get to check in now? >> jan is in the newsroom. she has an update on what's coming our way at 7:00. >> i'm with you, any warm days we can get. we'll talk about which test the centers for disease control says millions of adults are not getting and it's a test that could save their lives. plus, the story of a middle school football coach who would rather get fired than cancel the team's party at hooters.
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and tiger woods literally stops traffic when he hits a golf ball from asia to europe. i'll see you at 7:00, derek. >> bullying is the hot topic in the nfl locker room this week. let's go inside the redskins locker room. what do those guys when i first got shingles it started on my back.
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and i had like this four inch band of bumps that came around to the front of my body. and the pain from it was- it was excruciating.
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i did not want anyone to brush into me to cause me more pain than i was already enduring. i wanted to just crawl up in a ball and just, just wait till it passed.
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now, game on with kristen berset. live from the wusa9 cadillac
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sports desk. >> the bullying incident involving the miami dolphins has opened the eyes of many of the league's players. bullying jonathan martin so bad, he was forced to leave the team. many of his teammates defended the guy who was voted league's dirtiest player in 2009. former teammates say they are not surprised. today, redskins captain said the dolphins senior players are to blame and many others in the redskins locker room reacted with disgust at the situation. >> it's my first time ever hearing something of that caliber to go on in an nfl locker room. come on, that doesn't go on in high school. >> we do joke around, but we are no different. there's a line that you can't cross and that line was crossed, obviously, you know, it's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.
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somebody got hurt emotionally and it was too much. >> guys give the rookies a hard time. it's tradition, but he took it way too far. racial slurs and talking about his mom and stuff like that is totally out of line. >> mike shanahan said he would never allow such a thing to happen. while the league deals with the situation, the redskins focus on their next challenge. quick turn around against the minnesota vikings and a reigning mvp, adrian peterson. >> just being aware of what he can do. one bad fit by, you know, in the run game. it's a touchdown. he is just so special with his ability to run the ball hard and also with the break away speed. so, i think the attention to detail and know what he can do on every play. >> and the washington capitals get their captain back tonight. alex ovechkin returns to the ice after missing two games. the caps won both games without him, but his return could help keep this hot streak on a roll.
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and tuesday, there's still time to vote on the latest high school game of the week poll. here are the four games for you to choose from. text the code to the game you want to 25543 and now you can also vote on our facebook page. like us on facebook and vote for the game you want us to cover. of course we'll highlight your game on friday night. >> looking to the thursday night matchup. >> very hard. >> all right, that's it for us, the cbs everyoning news is next. >> i'll be back with jan jeffcoat for your only local news at 7:00. we'll bring you any results that come in in that half hour. marylanders, you have to wait until 8:00 and you can still vote. as always, is al
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>> pelley: tonight, hundreds flee the shopping mall shooter. unnerving scenes in new jersey
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on the heels of the shootings at los angeles international. the nfl asks whether locker room harassment is out of control. mark strassmann on the lineman who called it quit. do testosterone supplements lead to heart attacks? dr. jon lapook with the results of a new study. and his honor the mayor confesses to less of this han-honorable conduct. he just says this about crack cocaine? >> have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. has it come to this-- has gunfire in public places become so ordinary? twice in a week, young men have stormed into buildings a


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