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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  November 6, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EST

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town and no brake lights yet on our chart camera on the outer loop as you leave the 95 interchange to georgia avenue you're going to be okay and the lanes are open as i said right now on the top side of town. let's back over to the maps and this time heading out west on the inbound side of i-66. no problems or delays manassas, centreville, fairfax. the beltway looks good from the dulles toll road from annandale to springfield. on the northbound side of ien when 95 -- i-95, this is when things begin to get heavy but i think you're still going to be fine heading on to 395. he has raced money for other democrats around the nation for years. now it is terry mcauliffe's turn to bed leader after a narrow election night win. he's now virginia's governor- elect and this is his first time in elected office. >> surprising it's so narrow because the polls had him with a wide lead but in the end he received 48% of the vote narrowly beating republican attorney ken cuccinelli who
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garnered 45%. libertarian candidate robert sarvis received 7% of the vote. delia goncalves has more from our satellite center. good morning, delia. >> reporter: speaking of his fund raising ability the, governor-elect terry mcauliffe spent more than $15 million beyond what his opponent ken cuccinelli spent. last night the new governor told his supporters and reassured them that, quote, the ads are now over. and lots of folks can be thankful for that. mcauliffe also hanked his support -- thanked his supportsers for knocking on 2.5 million doors throughout the hard fought campaign. he also thanked his opponent for state service and his attorney general but the ultraconservative views did not align with most virginians. >> this election was never a choice between democrats and
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republicans. it was a choice about whether virginia would continue the mainstream bipartisan tradition that has served us so well over the last decade. >> thank you all very much. though i'm obviously disappointed by tonight's outcome and i know you are, too, i am immensely proud of the campaign we ran. [ cheers and applause ] >> we were very heavily outspent but i'm proud that we ran on first principles and serious ideas based on those principles. >> i think we really surprised a lot of people with our staying power in terms of the vote totals and it just goes to show that there's a lot of voter discontent. >> despite the loss, cuccinelli says republicans sent a very strong message to the white house. what that is coming up at 5:30. mike, andrea, back to you. >> delia, thank you. virginians are also replacing current republican
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lieutenant governor bill bolling with a democrat. ralph northam had an easier win over his opponent e.w. jackson. northam, a doctor and state senator scored a ten-point win over jackson, a minister and political newcomer and in a race that could be headed to a recount, the attorney general candidates mark obenshain and mark herring are in a dead heat. just 27 points separate the two at last check. governor-elect mcauliffe will still be dealing with a republican state house in january. the g.o.p. has lost two incup befntses but the outcome of three morayses remain in doubt this morning. however, the republicans started with a 67 to 32 edge in the house so they still have a big majority there. voters went to the polls in maryland yesterday, too, for municipal elections n. frederick randy mcclement was reelected despite getting just under 50% of the vote. the rest was split by democrat
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karen lewis young and independent jennifer dougherty. you can get election results from your state delegate in virginia or mayoral and council candidates by going to and scroll down the list of races in the elections results box at the top of the home page. wear also running the results at the bottom of the tv screen throughout the morning. time for the latest your money report of the morning. >> jessica is in the newsroom with the headlines. good morning. good morning. we're halfway there. as for wall street we're still near record levels even though we had a mixed bag on the day. dispointed earnings put pressure on stocks. we're hoping for better results today of the the dow fell nearly 21 points. it starts this morning at about 15,618, not too far from record levels. s&p 500 was off by 5. tesla shares have spent most of the year in the fast
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lane but after the bell they hit the skids. down more than 12% in after hours trading. third quarter results weren't bad, maybe a little bit junsdz whelming. tesla shares have risen more than 400% this year. this could help you zip through security at bwi. the transportation security administration has opened a new lane for preapproved airline passengers there. the prove more than doubles the number of locations for passengers. the tsa precheck program allows approve travelers to leave on their shoes, jackets action belts when going through security and other things too that can help you zip through. we like going through things fast. >> we do. what do you have for us in the next half-hour? >> we are busy women. we live busy lives and we're finding you a way to find you faster service. local taxi drivers are going against the d.c. government. we'll tell you why coming up.
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>> one of the drivers involved in a dramatic crash that sent the car over the rail and into the chesapeake bay is now taking the blame for it. >> alexander ovechkin returns to the ice and appropriately to the ice and appropriately picks up his oh, no, i got to go. oh, can you make that to go? these days, nobody has time to get sick. but minuteclinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections with no appointment necessary, so you can feel better in no time. you guys want to go to the park? children: yeah! minuteclinic, the medical clinic in cvs pharmacy, now offering flu shots every day, no appointment necessary. find a clinic near you at
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happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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5:09. a lot milder than yesterday. we're in the upper 40s and 50s so that's a good way to start. not like tomorrow. we'll be dry. temperatures mid- to upper 60s today. average is 62 but rain moves in for tomorrow. we'll talk how much and when it is going to move out in just a few minutes. good morning, monika. >> good morning. comiewers are enjoy -- commuters are enjoying the early morning rush hour. east side of town between route 1, route 50, and down to the wilson bridge you're going to be fine. lanes are open. no problems on route 50 coming there from annapolis or the bw
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parkway and 95 in from laurel. 5:10. here's a look at some of the stories we're watching for you this morning. a guilty plea from the dramatic crash on the bay bridge earlier this morning. the canadian truck driver who caused the accident has since pled guilty to four charges, including negligent driving. he was fine add total $450. 23-year-old morgan lake and her car plunged into the bay but she was able to escape and swim to shore. the union representing d.c. cab drivers has filed for an injunk. they're hoping to stop the district from impounding and picturing taxis that don't have the required new credit card readers and dome lights. they say those who install the new lights can't keep up with demand and have jacked up their prices. the d.c. council has approved a resolution urging the red skins to change the team name. the council has no power over the team though. the owner dan snyder has called the name a badge of honor but
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recently he says he respects the feels of those offended by it. >> you probably won't need the lightweight gloves today. looks like one of the nicest, mildest in his forecast. >> a couple of changes
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it was a beautiful night last night. people standing outside for just a little while ditched their coats it was that mild.
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>> it was of the weren't you rubbing elbows with some folks there last night? >> i had a really nice reception that i attended at the vice president's residence. they were recognizing breast cancer survivors, scientists who are looking for the cure, the prevention of breast cancer. >> that's worth mentioning. >> it was very nice to be included in the group of those who advocate on behalf of prevention. weather wise they're going to appreciate today's weather. a gorgeous day ahead relative speaking. we have rain tomorrow and colder temperatures by friday so today, yeah, looks really, really nice. here's our day planner. talking about sunshine and some clouds. more sun than yesterday. and by the middle of the day, we'll be in the mid 60s by 1:00 with a high towards 67. by 5:00 63. just a bit of a breeze and tonight we'll be slow to drop off to 59 by 9:00 p.m. as the clouds thicken up and i think we'll have a couple of showers by tomorrow morning. there's a little bit after chill in the air from cumberland up into parts of
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western pennsylvania. we do have some 30s but mainly 40s and 50s although atlantic city to ocean city clear skies along the coast. they've dipped into the 30s as well. in town look at this. we're 51 in arlington and alexandria. rockville 49 with 48 for leesburg. 48 in manassas. 51 waldorf and andrews and bowie this morning and 54 last check down in prince frederick from e.j. checking with me on facebook. cloudy skies overhead. a little tough to see but there they are on our michael & son weather camera. 53. good visibility. the winds are calm and humidity stands at 80% on this wednesday morning. the cold stuff is out in the rockies. look at this, even down into new mexico. some of the ski areas in new mexico were looking pretty good on the web cams yesterday. the warmth is shooting up toward chicago into the 50s this morning. and we're in the 50s as well. little rock 63 at this hour. snow is flying in the upper midwest here through the upper mississippi valley towards wisconsin now out of minnesota. this storm winding down for them. for us this is a trailing cold
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front. this cold front is going to be coming through tomorrow with these showers you see which are moving in toward indianapolis and illinois and areas down in missouri this morning. ahead of the system it's mild and it's going to be a nice, mild day with again a decent amount of sunshine for the afternoon in and amongst the high clouds that will be around. here's the cold front at 6:00. not quite to pittsburgh but it's through cleveland and columbus. overnight the front will make progress in toward western pennsylvania, just sneaking interest western maryland by 5:30. mid-morning tomorrow the front is having a tough time making it to us with a lot of showers. there will be some so a yellow alert because we think there will be showers around in the morning and mid day but the afternoon we'll push the rain out of here and a chill returning by friday. today looks nice, pleasantly mild, 67. in the 50s tonight with a shower late. low 60s tomorrow. the showers in the afternoon breezy. we'll go with a yellow alert because the rain if it comes in
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early could affect your morning commute. breezy, colder on friday, 54. the weekend looks good. 58 saturday. chilly in the morning for the heart walk between 3rd and 7th on the national mall and low 60s by sunday. monika? good morning, howard. good morning, everybody. boy, you know, it's already in the 5:00 hour and i haven't had to tell but any big accidents. i don't have to tell you about any big delays yet coming in from southern maryland, for example, route 4, route 5, route 301, everything is in great shape into oxon hill and across the wilson bridge you're going to be fine. no problems as you head into alexandria or head north on 295 right here to the 11th street bridge as well. let's take a live look outside. here's what it looks like if you're planning to head on the north side of town near new hampshire avenue. no delays yet n. is where it gets heavy a little later in the rush hour basically heading westbound into silver spring. let's go back to the maps and this time out west on the inbound side of i-66 a few brake lites are forming out of manassas and centreville.
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no problems to report inbound on i-66 to the roosevelt bridge or on the beltway west side of town between the american legion bridge and tysons. back to you guys. the capitals get their captain back out on the ice. >> redskins are talking about facing one of the n.f.l. 's most dangerous runningbacks tomorrow night. that is coming up in sports. >> we want to take another look at our question of the morning on facebook. according to a poll 22% of men refuse to do this no matter what. is it a, dance, b, watch a play, or c, cook? >> our facebook friend kathy walker peters says c, cook, because most are so used to someone else doing t. post your guesses on our facebook fan page. we'll
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5:21. we have cloudiness around. mid-40s to mid-50s. so milder than yesterday. that's comfortable. we'll take you through mid- morning. notice a mix of sun and clouds out there, 55 by 9:00. lunch time looks pretty good. partly to mostly sunny 63. we're on our way well up in the 60s. a couple spots potentially 70. enjoy it. some rain showers around on thursday. into the end zone. touchdown redskins. they win in overtime. >> reporter: the washington
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redskins didn't have much time to enjoy their overtime win against san diego sunday a short week for the burgundy and gold as they prepare to face the minnesota vikings thursday night and attempt another late season run with hopes of making the playoffs. the defense will have their hands full as they figure out how to stop andian peterson. >> he's hard nosed. no matter what the situation it s no matter what day it is, he works like his last play. it's going to be up as a defense to gang tackle him and understand the type of back he is. >> one -- he's just so special with his ability to run the ball hard and also with the breakaway speed. i think it f we pay attention to detail and what he can do. >> put more than one head on the tackler, on the runningback and, you know, run to the the ball. we can't just have one guy trying to tackle adrian peterson. we have to make sure we have
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four, five guys there to bring him down. >> number two right here. winning the faceoff, back to ovechkin. he scores. welcome back ovechkin. >> reporter: welcome back alex ovechkin indeed. the capitals captain lit the lamp twice in his return from an upper body injury. the caps used a five-goal 2nd period to blow out the new york islanders 6-2. that will do it for your morning sports. i'm kristen berset. wusa9. democrats take two of the top offices in virginia. we're going to have reaction to the election results coming up. the results are at the bottom of the screen. d.c. women have some of the busiest schedules in the nation. now a business has streamlined their efforts to keep looking their best and take some of the time off. we'll have that story. monika? >> on the southbound side of i- 95 here in springfield right at
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the bottom of your screen, there are some flashing lights. an incident on the shoulder there. arrow boards set up as well on the southbound side of i-95. northbound it still looks good in the main and hov lanes. we'll be back <
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good morning. welcome back to wusa -9d on this wednesday -- wusa9 on they had with morning. i'm andrea roane. feels like spring. we had a big bite of cold. good morning my friend. >> i'm so glad to get the seat warmer report every morning. i think the light gloves today works. maybe no gloves at all. 40s and 50s this morning. mid-40s. i'm wearing light gloves at mid- 40s. >> no. >> yeah.
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weather wise-- >> wimp. >> if that makes make wimp, i'm a wimp. all right. let's talk about it. i'm not going to sum consume to peer pressure. mostly sunny and pleasant today. mid- to upper 60s. i don't think i'll need a jacket this afternoon as we shoot for the 60s. see the clouds over us now. the high clouds have passed. these are some lower clouds. that's why they're showing up agent more milky gray. we use the infrared sensor at night so we have to give visible texture to the clouds. sometimes it's tough to see the low clouds. 30s in cumberland this morning but look at all the 40s and 50s. cool spots in the mid-40s like gaithersburg. 48 leesburg. across the bay low to mid-50s from cambridge up to easton but 30s, upper 30s as you head closer toward the ocean. this afternoon it's going to be nice. here we are in november. 70 degrees on the board there in manassas and fredricksburg and luray. 67 in d.c. and 69 across the
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bay. monika, glad you didn't need the seat warmer. >> i'm very glad about that. i got in the car and said not too bad outside. i'm happy to say it's not too bad out on the roadways. once you head out the door you'll be fine. weather wise and traffic wise as well. it's all green manassas, centreville, fairfax. we're in great shape on the beltway as well. no problems on 95 northbound. there was a -- [ caused crow difficulties ] difficulties[ let's go over to the maps again. this time on 270 through gaithersburg a timey bit of traffic forming. rockville, bah these today, everything is -- bethesda, everything is final. here's what it looks like on 270 on route 109. that's going to be your heaviest stretch. >> thanks, monika. the governor's mansion in
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richmond will change parties two months from now after virginians elected terry mcauliffe as the commonwealth's next governor. he beat republican ken cuccinelli by three percentage points. libertarian candidate robert sarvis got 7% of the vote. delia goncalves is breaking it all down in the satellite center. >> reporter: even though the state's new governor is a democrat, most of the state legislators are republican. but terry mcauliffe told me he still believes he can be an effective governor because of his ability to compromise and reach across the aisle. in fact, lots of republicans endorse his candidacy and supported him. they were in the crowd last night during his victory speech in tysons corner. mcauliffe said this was not a race between democrats and republicans but rather about moderates who can move the state forward. cuccinelli stuck to his conservative views bringing in some national tea party leaders
5:30 am
to stump with him on the campaign trail. cuccinelli said this tight race shows that many virginians agree with him that obamacare is a failure. >> we said this race was a referendum on obamacare. although i lost, tonight you sent a message to the president of the united states that you believe that virginia understands that obamacare is a failure and that you want to be in charge of your health care and not the government. >> i think ken cuccinelli is absolutely right. this was a referendum on obamacare and virginians like the majority of americans have said tonight they do want everyone to have access to quality affordable health care. >> reporter: again that race very tight. mcauliffe winning only by three percentage points, even though the governor's race was tight, the lieutenant governor, the newly elected lieutenant governor easily beat out his competition. hear from both men coming up at
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6:00. mike, andrea, back to you. >> thank you, delia, live in the satellite center. the lieutenant governor's race in virginia was actually the biggest margin ever victory last night. ralph northam beat e. w. jackson by ten points but the race for attorney general is still too close to call. at our last check the virginia elections website shows 27 points separating the republican mark obenshain and the management mark herring. in district 34 republican mar bra comstock beat kathleen murphy. >> in maryland voters were electing mayors and council members across the state. college park had its first an tested mayoral election in 24 years. an grow fellows fended off a challenge from robert mcfeeny. you can check more election results by logging on to our website just control down the list of races in the election results box at tomb of our home page.
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we're also running the results along the bottom of the tv screen this morning. a suspect in a 1984 murder case could make his first court appearance in d.c. later today. 43-year-old rachel cox became d.c.'s first murder victim back in that-year. -- in that year. she was found dead in her d.c. apartment and had been sexually assaulted. joe anthony barber is now charged with that murder. barber was in prison shortly aft murder for annual assault in the same neighborhood. he was released in 2004 but investigators say they recently matched his d.n.a. to some evidence that was found at the murder scene. today president obama heads to texas to meet volunteers who are helping people sign up for health insurance. but here in washington on capitol hill, more officials from the department of health and human services will be testifying about what went wrong with the website. yesterday hhs administrator
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marilyn halvenner told lawmakers the fixes being put in place are working. she added the government will release new figures on how many people have been able to enroll for health insurance next week. it is 5:34, time for another your money report. >> jessica doyle is back with more on a business helping women on the go stay beautiful. i like the sound of this one, jess. >> andrea, you know we're packing more and more into our lives. no offense, mike. we know you're busy too but we're talking specifically about women. a new study finds in 22 out of 28 developed countries, women work even longer hours than men every single week. part of the reason why one d.c. business is helping women get more done with their day. d.c. women have a lot on their plate. >> i keep very busy. >> reporter: with challenging jobs. >> in the past month i've been in new york, florida, california, arizona, vegas, and then here in maryland. >> reporter: the overscheduled
5:34 am
d.c. woman is the inspiration for a new service at k street's 180 salon kicking up the concept of a blowout bar. >> we brainstormed on ways of getting more services done in a short amount of time. >> reporter: the formula jeremy buchanan and other owners came up with? >> a manicure and blow dry at the same time, there's no compromising the service. 30 minutes and that is not rushing. >> it's so quick. it's great. >> reporter: one of the hot e trends in the beauty business is convenience. get more done in less time. for example, bb creams. they're part foundation, part skin care, a magical cosmetic clip ration for sales which surged 1800 percent last year in the u.s. and blowout bars are popping up all over d.c. helping to prevent bad hair days before the big meeting. >> a woman has the challenge of being smart, either as smart or
5:35 am
smarter than man in order to be recognized and look better than a man doing it. >> reporter: saving all that time, something that could be very appealing to the washington woman. >> one on the hands and one on the hair, one is drying. you feel really important then all of a sudden you zip out of there. i think it sounds great. >> reporter: you are probably wondering about the price. 180 salon is charging $65 for both services together so you're saving 15 bucks opposed to if you were paying for them separately. if the service catches on, i would not be surprised to find more of its kind showing up around town. we like to get stuff done as quickly as possible. >> that's a good deal when you think some manicures are 25 and up for just the manicure. >> if you do save that much time, it's like a restaurant, if you empty the table, more people come in. it will be interesting if they do a great job. >> reporter: and the quality at the salon is topnotch. >> it is. thank you, jess.
5:36 am
our newest butter stick has become a butter ball of cuteness. >> now the national zoo is asking you to help choose a name for this little lady. more on how you can do
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5:39. we have 53 at reagan national. a much milder morning than yesterday. looks like it will be a pleasant wednesday across the entire region. we have some clouds out here but plenty of breaks. our forecast for today, calling for partly to even mostly sunny skies. sun up 6:41 setting at 5:02. by lunch time up to 63, on our way to 67 and a drive home temperature back to 63. see you inside in a few minutes with the seven-day forecast. right now over to monika with another look at timesaver traffic. on the southbound sield of
5:39 am
i-95 -- side of i-95 here in springfield a crash, a tractor- trailer hit a wall. it's leaking fuel. the three right lanes are blocked right now. you can see the arrow board set up and causing delays exiting off the beltway pa the accident here where -- off the beltway where the accident is here. visitors to the national zoo may get a special treat. the sue's baby sumatran cubs are scheduled to make their first public appearance early this afternoon. the male and female will test their swimming skills at the great cats exhibit area. skew keepers -- zoo keepers need to make sure both are comfortable in the water before they set them loose. if all goes well, the cubs are expected to go on display coming up on november 18. >> they're cute but this little girl is still cute, too. and she's getting biller every
5:40 am
day and now -- bigger every day and now she needs a name. she will turn 100 days old on december 1 and in chinese tradition, that's when a baby is named. the zoo wants you to help pick a name. here are the five choices. you can vote on the zoo's website. tomorrow could be a rainy commute. howard says lots of sun after that. >> we'll talk to the director of the new documentary film about why he wanted to revisit one of the worst times in new york history. >> as we head to break, let's see who's celebrating a birthday today.
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5:45, wednesday, day free of negative ads and a day we with shed some of the winter gear. >> we'll be able to put it away for a couple of days and then you'll need it again by friday morning as the chill returns. >> what's the wind going to be
5:45 am
like today because i did a lot of raking leaves? >> tomorrow afternoon they will abbe blowing all -- they'll be blowing all over place. wants to remind you saturday morning we'll start in the 30s and 40s at the national mall for the d.c. heart walk. i'm emcee that's vent between 3rd and 7th street. 8:30, 9:00 we kick off and i would love to have you join us down there. our weather for today a pretty good looking day. we have mostly cloudy skies. by lunch time 63. i want to show you the more extensive one. 65 at 4:00 with a high of 67 today of the then only dropping to 59 by 8:00 as clouds move n. i think temperatures will stay up in the mild 50s in town -- mid-50s in town overnight. even milder than this morning. today is significantly warmer than 24 hours ago. we're up 18 degrees in culpeper. 12 here in d.c. up 16 in winchester and martinsburg temperature wise so a lot warmer morning. 15 in fredericksburg. they're at 50 right now.
5:46 am
45 gaiptersburg. -- gaithersburg. even hagerstown having a nice start to the day. can you see the breaks in the cloud cover up here? i know you can see it here. starting to get a little light on the horizon starting to come through the broken clouds. temperature at national 53. officially reported as cloudy with a dew point up to 47 now. thankfully winds are very light so we don't have to deal with the windchill. colder in the central rockies, northern rockies and it's retreating out of maine ahead of this storm system. you see the rain from texas all the way up toward michigan and wisconsin but in western wisconsin and minnesota, cold enough that we've seen moderate snow in a few spots here this morning and during the overnight period. this front is moving toward us. it will be arriving tomorrow morning midday with some showers. out ahead of it we'll see plenty of breaks in the cloud cover. partially to mostly sunny for -- partly to mostly sunny for a while. we'll be in the warm sector so temperatures well into the 60s. a comfortable afternoon.
5:47 am
fredricksburg, culpeper, you can be 70'ish. a yellow alert for tomorrow. in the afternoon we'll keep that rain out of here and finish the day with sunshine as the colder northwest winds start to kick up and bringing the chillier temperatures back for friday. 67 today. a pleasantly mild day. tonight we're into the 50s with a shower possible late. yellow alert tomorrow. showers ending in the afternoon, partial clearing as well. 62, breezy. winds are going to pick up bringing in the colder air for friday. saturday morning as i said we're starting out 30s and 40s for the heart walk. into the mid and upper 50s for the terrapins in the afternoon. ravens are open, 62. here comes monika with another update on timesaver traffic. we have some building trouble. we do. remember all the stuff i was saying about how great it is in. >> you jixed it again. >> i jirntioned it. -- jinxed it. it's all out the door. on the southbound side of i-95,
5:48 am
this crash involves a tractor- trailer. it hit the wall. there's a fuel spill as well. let's go to a lure picture where the -- to a live picture where the right side of the roadway is taken up. you can see the equipment along the right side on the southbound side of # 5. so watch -- of 95. so watch out for the delays forming at least at the beltway coming off both loops of the beltway and 395 as well. southbound on 95, look at that. it is jammed. luckily the northbound side lanes are open but of course you're going to find delays northbound as well with everyone wanting to see what's getting on there. so keep this in mind for your travel plans. let's go over to the southbound side of i-270 before route 121 in clarksburg. there's a crash as well. now delays forming out of frederick. it will be most of the way down into clarksburg because of the crash. the information is just coming in right now. we'll take a live look outside real quick. no problems on the beltway at least in college park. a documentary screening in d.c. tonight tells the story
5:49 am
that captivated the nation. the long island railroad massacre. next month it's going to be 20 years since colin ferguson shot 25 people and killed 6 on a new york subway. the director of the film is here to tell us more about the film. i remember this vividly. the news footage back then rkt i grew up in -- back then. i grew up in connecticut. >> this was really scary. i would say this was the first major, major shooting that got the attention that it did in our country. you have to go back to 1984, the mcdonald's massacre in san diego. but this one in particular cameras were allowed in the courtroom. this is the worst crime in new york history prior to the 9/11 attacks. >> three passengers were heroic to tackle him and stop the gunfire. >> he was about to reload another 30 rounds or so. three guys tackled him or it could have been worse. >> why did you and your
5:50 am
partners choose -- ken molestina is one of our reporters who helped. >> this is a personal crime because i grew up in long island, lost at high school classmate. documentaries are about people. i make films about this people and this is very personal. >> even after seeing all the news footage, if you would like to see this documentary, it's happening tonight. >> in downtown d.c. tickets are still available at the national press club. hopefully people can come down. this is the first time this movie is being shown to the public. it's d.c. that has it. it opens next week in new york and the website is for more information. >> let's talk about ken, one of our reporters. what was his role during the filming, the creation of it? >> he was one of my co- producers and he plays a small role in the movie. if it wasn't for ken, there wouldn't have been a film. he was able to help get footage
5:51 am
for the film and put together a scene on the train. he was instrumental in this effort. >> one of the things i also found interesting, we were talking both knowing about the trial is that ferguson was allowed to be his own attorney in the case. >> he went pro se like the fort hood shooter. i felt it was in my opinion a mockery to the judicial system that this happened. he was questioning the victims. he literally would ask the victims up on the stand and say what did you see and they would say, i saw you shoot me. this happened in 1983 and he would say that's why there were -- 1939 and and he would say that's why there were 93 counts. >> you can see it at? >> tonight in downtown d.c. at the national press club. >> hopefully soon in theaters and a long way throughout the united states. andrea, over to you. >> we're so proud of ken for his role in this. new this morning, voters in
5:52 am
new jersey reelected republican governor chris christie who evenly beat democratic challenger barbara winot. voters in washington state have rejected new requirements to label foods containing genetically modified organisms or gmos, biochemical companies poured huge sums of money into the campaign to try and defeat the proposal. nasa now says there are at least 833 planets in our galaxy and there could be millions more. astronomers aat least ten are within their star's so-called habitable zone. that means they could have liquid water and could potentially support life. a top office in virginia is changing parties once again. more election results coming up. >> we may not want to hear about snow any time soon but that's not the case for christmas tree farms. we'll have that story.
5:53 am
5:54. here's jessica. >> i have something about christmas trees. i'll get to that in a second. i've been combing through the retailer websites to find you deep discounts and some favorites on this wednesday. christmas trees. the holiday spirit delivered right to your door. amazon local has this deal with the five star christmas tree company. the tree business will deliver to your house a federal reserve cut fraser fir for 60% off. a number of sizes are viable for 5 to 6-foot tree including delivery. this will cost you 55 bucks. normally the company would charge you $139. we're not done with the holidays just yet. gilt city has a deal with tiny prints. you way $20 and you get $40 to spend on holiday cards, invitations, envelopes, whatever you want on the site. >> what's better than ice cream? how about two ice cream cones for the price of one baskin robbins is running a deal right now. buy one, get one free. you can find the coupon on
5:54 am
yipit. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from ow facebo good morning nelly! woah. hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that? you mean my honey wand? [ shouting ] [ splat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now that voice... my voice? [ auto-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice? yeah man, bee got swag! be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet.
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5:56 am
jless you're an a-- unless you're an avaid skier, most -- avid skier, most of us don't want to hear the word "snow." >> unless you're in our weather department. but snow flakes are a welcome site for owners of one christmas tree farm. >> it takes such a long time to
5:57 am
get a crop so you have to love what you're doing. >> reporter: overseeing around 30,000 trees takes tons of patience. >> a six-foot tree is probably at least ten years if we get water, if we get sun, if we get the right growing conditions. >> reporter: and conditions on the four generation lake elmo farm just got prime. >> the snow tonight will be great for the trees because the trees take on a lot of moisture through the needles and this is ideal for that. >> reporter: they say it actually makes for better looking trees. >> when we get any rain or snow, it just perks them all up because they'll take that all in through their needles. it's very helpful for them. >> reporter: the white stuff means more of another kind of green stuff. putting tree seekers in the mood a little early. >> if there's snow, that brings out more people. >> reporter: but the labor of love like this, they know money doesn't grow on trees but thanks to some aptly typed --
5:58 am
aptly timed flurries, it can become some. >> time to be christmas. are the skins playing in minnesota? >> they're still playing indoors at the metrodome. probably about 70, 72 i'm guessing. >> wow. good morning. welcome to wusa9 at 6:00 a.m. it's wednesday, november 6. i'm andrea roane. >> indeed it is. i'm mike hydeck. you're going to feel a little warmer outside when you poke your nose out. >> no snow. >> you have issues? >> i have two big issues. >> she'll bring those you to in a minute. howard bernstein, take it away. >> beautiful skies this morning. check this out. we've got some broken clouds, a little color on the horizon. the sun not coming up for a little while. we'll have partly to mostly sunny skies. it will be nicer than i was thinking yesterday with highs mid- to upper 60s. forecasting 67 here in
5:59 am
washington. 61 by 11:00. 66 at 3:00 and back to 63 by 5:00 p.m. those clouds will thicken up late tonight with a shower or two possible overnight. a better chance of showers tomorrow. a little tough to see some of the broken clouds we have here from the east side of the ridgetops in the appalachians over toward areas in the metro. more breaks to the east. cumberland 34. 48 in george towj. upper 30s toward at ran -- george towj. upper 30s toward atlantic city. looks like it's growing to be a real fine afternoon, temperatures in the 60s, even 70'ish for fredericksburg, manassas, luray and over toward culpeper. let send it over to monika because the weather is a lot nicer than the commute. >> it is. you can rub it in because seriously we have two big issues right now. first one is in virginia on the southbound side of i-95 in springfield. let's go to a live picture of it. eight' tractor-trailer that hit the -- it's a


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