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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 8, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ [ applause ] ♪ >> adequate welcome to the friday news feed, it's november asteth-- 8th, 2013, to start it off i will reveal who is our $5,000 winner for this week's "the doctors check-in challenge". we have her on the phone but is she doesn't know she's won. tara alexander, are you there? >> yes! >> you just won $5,000! . >> oh, my gosh! >> audience: whoo! [ applause ] >> hello? >> i would think you would be more excited than that? >> i am in shock. i didn't think i would actually win. [ laughter ] >> you play and you win. and tara, you know what's great, you are in a bit of
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shock right now, but we also heard that, through watching the show, you had a dramatic weight-loss, and we want to congratulate you on that. how much weight have you lost? >> um, ah, let's see, let me do the math real quick. >> that's a good sign. >> 168 pounds! >> what? [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> man! nice! >> now you got money for new clothes! [ applause ] >> whoa! >> wow. >> enjoy the $5,000! and congratulations. not only for winning the money but for losing all of that weight, please keep on watching. >> good for you, tara! [ applause ] >> thank you! [ applause ] >> whoo! >> wow. >> and that's not all, before the show our studio audience filled out 3 x 5 cards and we did a blind drawing backstage. and kevin soule', you are winning a $1,000!
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[ applause ] >> wow! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >>and the check-in challenge is sponsored by boots #7, and day and night serum, available at target. keep watching to win the next $5,000 giveaway, details will be given later in the show. >> and there's a story about charlie sheen and brooke muelle >> now, richards reportedly wants to end her guardianship, you talk about compromise. >> terrible. >> denise is taking care of brookes' kids and brookes' kids are too violent for denise's kids and she's like, i have had enough. >> the kids are the ones who come out losing. >> where's charlie? >> on twitter ranting and raving about the women in his life.
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>> he's winning. >> charlie's and brookes' boys are living with denise. >> right. >> yeah. >> why doesn't charlie maybe step up as a dad. because you know, these kids, you know, the adults in this, i am kinda done with them, but there will be long-lasting imications, substance a-- implications, substance abuse, unless the parents can figure out a way to be descent people. >> as a 4-year-old to know someone doesn't want you anymore , that's dealing with rejection for the rest of your life. >> there's no consistency in these two boys lives, they're bouncing around, they will not learn to trust anyone. >> trust. >> and that's gone. >> that's the main thing as a parent or caregiver knows, consistent schedule and environment and consistent messages and they're not getting any of that. >> baby mamma and baby daddy
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drama. >> they need a parent at home. >> they need a stable home environment. >> also in the news, generic drug fraud. 80% of the drugs are generic in the u.s.. ranbaxy, a leading generic drug maker, it's said they faked results to win fda approval. this is a big deal. our senior correspondent interviewed the whittle-- whistle blower. >> why would they do this? >> money. greed. >> in 2004, the ranbaxy executive dinesh thakur was asked to investigate fraud, and he uncovered disturbing questions about the data to prove the effectiveness of the ranbaxy drug. >> we started get intog the files and lo and behold, we find none of it exists in the first place.
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>> can -- what does that mean? >> it means they have gotten approvals from the fda based on data that was fraudulent. >> there are -- there was no proof they were effective. the findings were presented to the ranbaxyexecutives in 2005, but nothing was done. >> i was dumbfounded. i have worked in this industry 12 years, and i have never seen such calous behavior. >> his young son was prescribed a ranbaxy antibiotic for a fever. >> he kept getting worse. so we got another company's formulation, and the fever went away. >> you are giving your own baby a drug that you find out after the fact, doesn't work. maybe because ... >> yeah. >> because there was nothing in it that was designed to work? >> whoo. >> and ranbaxy did provide this statement. ranbaxy remains fully committed to upholding the
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highest standards that patients, prescribers, and stakeholders, have with the company, and we reached out to the fda for a statement, that's on the website. it says essentially, the investigation continues. what does it mean for you at home? it means if you are taking a medication, say it's a generic and you are experiencing side effects or you don't feel it's effective, speak up and talk to the doctor about it. good news: most of these go through a comprehensive testing process, but there's always the possibility that what you are taking is not what you think it is. coming up, do pictures of cancerous smokers mouths, stop people from smoking? or is the emotional approach more effective? that's coming up next! ♪ [ applause ] ♪ >> bring it up. keep bringing it. where is he?
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oh. >> you caught that all by yourself? >> yeah. >> how old are you to catch that? >> three! >> you are three yeepers -- years old. show me how many fingers that is. >> and dr. berman sits down for a sex chat with the ladies. >> i get a lot of questions in my practice about orgasm, why aren't i having them, how can i make them better? >> that's later! >> announcer: coming next week. >> travis and i are gonna get our colonoscopies together. >> i am more nervous about the prep. [ audience oohs ] >> they say doctors are the worst! >> patients ... >> i went for a routine skin check and my dermatologist recommended that four moles, be removed. two years ago ... >> announcer: and they say it for a reason. >> i am the worst patient because "a" i want to micromanage everything and "b", i am a hypochonriac. >> in a week-long series.
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>> travis's colonoscopy, is a special case. he decided he didn't want an anesthesia. >> see the doctors go to the doctors. >> i am getting my eyes check for glaucoma. if i have had i will get -- have it, i will get treated early. >> i can put the dye on your eyes and see if there's pressure. >> i have never had such an enthusiastic patient. >> that's where the small intestine comes into the large intestines. >> rachel took a brave step by testing. >> more importantly, results. >> in your particular case, it appears ... >> here's the bad news. the bad news is; it's just gonna get worse! >> announcer: don't miss the doctors go "f"ing to the doctor
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seriously putting a dent into millions of deaths, with everything from scary ads to emotional ones. see what you think of this effort by tobacco-free california. >> she has no idea. no one told her, right? >> ahhhh! >> oh, my god! oh! ahhhh! oh, my god! ah.
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ah. yay! [ applause ] oh, my gosh! >> it wasn't easy. i just -- >> i love that. me, too. >> i got goosebumps. >> that's more powerful than images of cancer and whatnot. >> knowing what you will be missing. >> i think it depends on who the target audience is. i could see kids not even getting where that was going. >> yeah, yeah. >> >> for an adult that's missed somebody, or knows what it feels like for someone to go off and come back? yeah, it was great. >> and i think use whatever means you need to, to get the message across. you know, the medical ads, where you see amputations and lung damage. obviously, to us that resonates but it might not hit mark for other people. and that might be the thing that gets across. >> do you like the idea that there are both ads out there, i have seen the ads for the patient with emphysema.
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i watched that, and i am moved by it. >> yeah. [ breathes ] >> and in watching that ad, right there, you capture a portion of the population that doesn't respond to the scary scare tactics. >> this is a population i see a lot in the office. i know some parents smoke, and if you smoke, your kids are gonna be more likely to smoke, you will not be around for their wedding. what are you gonna miss? >> you are more likely to have respiratatory problems. >> do this for your kids. >> do you think for kids, one message is better than the other? the scare tactics versus the emotional tactics? >> it varies on age and maturity. >> we with had the speaker come in and show the black lung, as a second grader, that was all it took for me. >> we need to have a talk about what smoking does the skin and the lips and the breasts and your teeth. >> what resonates with a lot of my teenage patients, i say, it will make your teeth
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yellow, stain your nails, give you wrinkles around the mouth and that resonates with them. i say, do whatever works. >> we talk about health all day each and every day, but i am telling you, you can ignore our advice. if you are a smoker, the #1 thing you can do to improve your health is stop smoking. more than any other health measure, stopping smoking adds more years to your life. 1-800-quit now is a great national resource. call that number, it can be incredibly value to you and your health. >> do it, do it! >> quit smoking! >> yeah. [ applause ] ♪ >> if you want to quit smoking, there are a variety of ways to approach the process. from learning what to do mentally and physically, to dealing with the side effects of nicotine withdraw. your mind and body will be challenged by the cessization.
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nicotine -- cessation. >> nicotine may make you feel hungrier and gain weight but at the, we have a variety of resources, check them out for proven coping strategies and links to the 24/7 encouragement to help you quit and stay smoke-free. if you feel like you can't do it on your own, you may benefit from prescription medication designed for smoking cessation, your doctor can prescribe one that's right for you. quit-for-life! >> coming up! >> i have been having unexplained funky body odor. >> 3 surprising things that could make you stink! >> they call it bad breath for a reason. usually it's not always coming from your mouth. it could literally be coming from the air you are exhaling. >> later. >> if you ever see thisthrow it away. >> a few foods you should avoid feeting. >> this is a chemical -- eating. >> this is a chemical linked to certain types of cancer.
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>> that's later. >> coming up on monday! >> i am on the set of e t! for a special episode of the doctors. >> cherry juice that's tart, >> the doctors
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> have you all heard of the rule of 3? well, the rule of 3 suggests things that come in threes are funnier and more gratifying and more effective than any
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other groups of numbers. so today we bring you the best of the best, top 3 lists of the doctors. starting with 3 things that make you stink. >> i have been known to be pungent after a hard spinning class or a garlicky dinner. but i have been having unexplained funky body odor under my pits and my boobs, and yeah, even down there. ♪ >> i spend a great deal of time and money trying to make myself smell good. i shower, i brush my teeth, and i even use super-strong man deodorant. >> and then there's the lotions, perfumes and scented body washes. why am i still smelling? doctors, please help me track down the source of my stink! ♪ >> and, kaitlyn, is here, eager to find out what this might be, right? >> absolutely. >> these are all things, kaitlyn, you may not think about. and everyone else at home, these could be surprising
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causes of unpleasant. >> the first one is something called ketosis. a lot of low-carb diets people talk about, where they're not eating a lot of carbs, when your body doesn't eat carbohydrates it causes breakdown of fats into ketone bodies. and these ketone bodies are forms in the liver, because there is no sugar in the blood. your body needs energy from but the problem is, ketones make your breath smell, and can make your urine smell, the ketones can damage the organs so, out through the urine and through your breath. so your breath can smell. these are the low-carb diets and we talk about things where you are eating only high prolike fish, like -- protein, like fish, steak or eggs. so those who say "don't eat carbs" that may be the case for sometimes but you will have bad breath. >> i love bringing up the idea of "they call it bad breath for a reason".
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it's not always coming from your mout. it could be coming from the lungs and the air you are exhaling. >> #2. shall i reveal? #2, looks like a spa. your bathroom, your bathroom ritual. so you mentioned that you shower and you are clean, you are a clean person, but it doesn't always get rid of the body odor. so, as a gynecologist, i hear this from my patients all the time. like, i am smelling down there. well, there's folds of skin there; you know, and there are little crevices in between skin and folds of tissues that bacteria, fungus, love those environments! >> spoken like a true gynecologist. >> yes. yes. >> exactly. >> and why? why do bacteria and fungi, love those places? >> they're dark and they're the moist. so when you get out of the shower if you are really, really rushed and you dry off but you are damp when you get dressed that's a problem.
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make sure you are using a clean, dry towel and get in between all of those knook and crannies. use the hair dryer, women with large breasts, use it under the breasts, in the privates. >> and anti-fungal powders? use with caution. talc is a sclerosising agent, it can form little microscopic scars, it should be used in caution in the genital area. don't sleep with under wear on. your privates need to breathe. >> yes, the ladies need to breathe. >> so, #3. >> third. we have your medicine cabinet. your medicine cabinet, can in fact be make being you smell. because, ceech in -- keep in mind, some of us are taking anti-histamines for allergies. right? you are take it, you want to dry yourself up, but you are drying out your mouth and a dry mouth is what leads to bad breath.
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so you wanna make sure that your medicine cabinet is not contributing to this. and if you have antibiotics in the medicine cabinet, everybody's got antibiotics they keep in the medicine cabinet. but, what happens with antibiotics, due to the medicinal effect of them, they can cause your urine to smell and your breath to smell. a couple of things. you notice when you take antibiotic, you sweat, you smell like your antibiotics. >> one more reason not to take antibiotics when you don't need them. and whatever this is, it smells bad. you were up here this whole segment, and i am like, there's a noxious smell. we will get to that in a minute. but the next top 3 list,: three food you shouldn't eat. >> going to the grocerystore or in your cabinet you may look and find cans that are swollen, dented or misshaper. it happens, this is a signal that something not good is happening. bacteria and yeast can give
9:24 am
off gas and gas cautions the cans to swell and bloat. if you ever see this, throw it away. it's not worth $1.39. >> another thing you should never eat ... and it's not ground beef in general, but what we are talking about, is, so many people spend so much time saying, if the ground beef southwest brown, don't -- beef is brown, don't eat it. if it gets sticky, you can see, it's got a sticky coating on it, thoo where -- that's when it's gone back, or you smell the funk of 40,000 thieves, there's another reason to know your ground beef it bad. don't eat it, toss it and throw it away. >> it's not worth it, it can cause serious illness. >> and #3 on the list? microwave popcorn. if it's in the bag with pfoa, c8, this chemical has been linked to inferttility and in animal studies linked to some
9:25 am
forms of cancer. make sure it's in a bag that doesn't have the pfoa. >> the problem with any of these toxins is, frequency, as well as doe. >> -- dose. >> popcorn, what a great snack. >> love it. >> unbuttered. >> have it in a health way. >> take a look at what's coming up next during the break. >> coming up next. >> doctors, please help this pregnant mamma get her back straight. >> we debunk three pregnancy myths that may surprise you. >> my hubby has man boobs. >> how to make the man boobs disappear. >> this will give you a more balanced appearance so you are not ascentuating the thing you ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] old el paso frozen entrées. now in freezers.
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everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ applause ] ♪ >> eat this, don't eat that. do this, don't do that. >> a woman who's overwhelmed with all of the rules that come with carrying. >> i am madeline, i am 7 months pregnant with my first child. i should be concentrating and relaxing but i am overwhelmed. books and magazines, relatives on -- and the internet, there are so many do's and don'ts. drink coffee don't drink coffee. cocoa butter every day keeps
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the stretch marx away. drink dark beer for more milk. help this pregnant mamma get her facts straight. >> oh, >> madeline, congratulations! [ applause ] >> yeah! that's great. >> oh, boy. i said oh, boy, i could have said, oh, boy or oh, girl. -- could be a girl. >> there should be no rules in pregnancy and obstetrics, like there are no rules, except "don't smoke". these are recommendations, some are based on experience and some on data, some of the data is good and some isn't. and we want to err on the side of caution in the field of obstetrics, because we're growing a human. >> let's go through the three myths. >> myth #1, you can only drink decaf coffee for 9 months while you are pregnant. >> that's a myth. now, here's the thing, the data on caffeine is all over the place. a lot of it was done in animals, like much of medicine.
9:30 am
some of it was done in women. and there were a lot of other variables involved. so, acog, american college of obstericians and gynecologists, says, cap it, at a regular 12 ounce cup of coffee. you don't have to go cold turkey and stop drinking coffee during pregnancy. like everything, keep it in moderation. and if you are obese, have high blood pressure, any other pregnancy complications, be even more cautious. >> and water's great, too. >> myth #2, is the whole idea that if you drink dark beer, your milk will come in better and stronger while breastfeeding. >> it's a wives tale that it will help you make more milk. it's not the alcohol in the beer, it's the polysaccharide used in barley, which is used to make beer. #1. and #2, a lot of breastfeeding women (i know i was like this)
9:31 am
i was stressedut on of my -- stressed out of my brains when i was breastfeeding my first baby. alcohol lets us relax a little bit, okay? one beer is really not gonna go to the baby in any measurable amount but you can try non-alcoholic beer. >> you are saying it's okay to have a beer? >> it's okay for a breastfeeding woman to have one beer, will it measurably help her make more breast milk? probably not. >> myth #3. >> coca butter will prevent temperature stretch marks? >> i do it every day. better safe than sorry. >> all right. so, i'm sorry to burst the bubble, but there's really, really no good scientific medical data that anything we put on the surface of our skin is gonna penetrate and prevent stretch marx. can laser treatment after you get the stretch marks help?
9:32 am
genetics, that's more likely to effect whether or not you will get them. and check what causes stretch marks. it's not just women, it's caused by rapid growth of weight, usually, skin tissue, size and as the skin stretches it actually tearing the collagen and elastin fibers located lower than the surface of the skin. >> so it may be relaxing but is it getting down to the deep layers? >> nothing wrong with using the cocoa butter, but it may not prevent the stretch marks. >> thanks congratulations! [ applause ] >> we will switch this entirely here. a toilet seat cover, sunscreen and contact lens solution, what do these three things have in common? they center three health habits you are doing wrong. what's the first one, dr. ian? >> everyone knows this seat cover. this is the flap, right? here's the question. does the flap go in front or does it go in back?
9:33 am
those who think it should go in back, raise your hand. hmm-hmm. those who think the flap should stay in the front, raise your hand. ah. pretty good, right? everyone says front. this is how it really works. if you look here ... at the seat cover. you will see that the shape of it, is your indicator of how it goes down. when you break the flap, like this, and the sides, it's also delicate, the proper way to do it really is to put it and let it hang in the front. now, why is covering the seat important? actually, theoretically, you could get infections from sitting on a dirty seat. but most bacteria cannot live long enough on the seat, so it's not likely; but there are parasites that, if they're on the seat, they could give you an infection, and the dirtiest part of the seat typically tends to be up in here, which is why they have the flap go in front. >> i still say, if you can squat --
9:34 am
>> can i get to mine? mine is less controversial. >> sunscreen. okay, most of us have gotten the message, it's important to use 365 dace out of the year -- days out of the year, not just the summertime, but a lot of people make the mistake, they put it on and then they go wash their hands because it's all over our hands and the other big mistake is not reapplying after 2 hours and not using enough. it should be a full shot glass, at least. you wanna cover all of your skin surfaces, and this by the way applies to dark-skinned people also. not just the fair, freckled, blond hair, blue eyed person. >> everybody. >> this is a mistake i used to make with contact lenses, when it's time to put your lens in the thing you top it off. instead of rinsing it out, and cleaning it, and starting out with a fresh set of saline solutions. >> we have done scary stuff from inproperly storing
9:35 am
contacts. so, store them properly. >> my hubby has man boobs. >> i love a great set of breasts, but not my own. >> you ready for 3 ways freddie can help get rid of his man boobs? freddie can help get rid of his want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition? easy. it's eb. eggland's best. better eggs. it's eb. colgate optic white dual action shines and whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. and whiten even more, with optic white mouthwash and the whole colgate optic white line. [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste.
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[ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.®
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>> i am trey, and i am freddie. i have been married to her for 19 years and we have an anniversary coming up. >> when i first met freddie i thought he was hot. he was always lifting weights, he was lean and had a firm chest. ♪ >> four kids and bad habits,
9:38 am
skipping meals has had me pack on the pounds over the years. >> where does that fat show? in his tummy and another dreaded area. oh, yes, my hubby has man boobs. ♪ >> i love a great set of breasts ... but not my own. these moves are embarrassing. >> our 20 year anniversary is coming up, i would love for his to disappear. how do we get rid of his? [ laughter ] >> well, i am happy to report, trish and freddie are here. and, um-- >> uh-oh. >> ready for 3 ways freddie can help conceal his man boobs and conceal their appearance? you in? >> i am in. >> but we saw the pictures of you two when you first married. >> i gained 60 pounds. >> that weight is part of it. 60% of men deal with, to some degree, man boobs and there's two reasons you have these. first having the extra weight and extra fat everywhere, here
9:39 am
and here, gives you extra up there. but the second reason is a medical condition called gynaco. that's moobs. man boobs. >> when i look at you, there's a difference, we throw around the word "man boobs" and when we use that phrase we are talking about the excess weight. i am looking at you, and what i am seeing is excess pounds that are presenting on your chest. >> uh-huh. >> it doesn't seem like he has "breast tissue". just fat. >> but being overweight, it's a double whammy, because that excess fat gives you more estrogen and more chance of having breast tissue there. >> we will help you with three quick ways that you can kinda hide it while you are exercising to kinda lose some of this weight. >> one way, freddie, is a compression undergar ment. it minimizes their appearance and imp proves your -- improves your work out, so it
9:40 am
doesn't get in your way. >> this is masks it, it has vertical stripes but actual has pockets, when you wear pockets it accentuates the man boobs. >> especially if you keep kleenex in there. >> do patterns and stripes, that will mask it. >> and last but least, when people work out - and this is a model, we will say this is a man with a bit of breast tissue here, okay? do you ever work out, freddie? >> i used to. >> when you would work out, would you bench press? >> i used to do a lot of bench pressing. you are over developing one side of your body, the side where your quote-unquote man boobs are. you developed your pectoralis muscle, which accentuates that for you, it's good to do things like push ups but i am talking about balancing it out, working your back muscles and working your deltoids and shoulder muscles will give you a more balanced appearance so you are not accentuating the
9:41 am
thing you are trying to minimize. if you lose that weight, you will see a huge improvement in that excess fat you are noticing, um, that we are calling your quote-unquote man boobs. >> freddie and trish, i came up with an idea, literally, i finished writing a book call "the doctors diet" how to lose weight and restore health. every tip i ever learned. it's not available publicly yet. i will give you an advanced copy. [ applause ] >> for your anniversary. >> all right! >> thank you very much. >> so, good luck. >> we are rooting for you. >> she doesn't want diamonds, she wants this, okay? >> thank you! >> we will be right back. >> sexually transmitted infections are sexually transmitted but did you know it was possible to get one even if you haven't actually had intercourse? >> coming up on monday. >> i am on the set of et! for
9:42 am
a special episode of "the doctors". >> it for all television your q& a's. >> my minis cus is torn, i don't want surgery. >> tart charery -- cherry juice. >> kitty letter facial, mushroom scrubs. >> and what tips do the stars have for us on the red carpet. the doctors are taking over the set of et! . >> all new on the doctors. >> twins, triplets, quints, and sex tuplets. >> it's about multiples. >> this is one diaper, there's three more to go! [ laughter ] >> new doctors, on tuesday! ♪ ...and so i bought it at walmart and then i see it on sale someplace else, so i take my receipt and the ad back to walmart. and guess what? they matched the price and gave me the difference. amazing. right? woah! shop early with our new christmas ad match. even if you find a lower advertised price later we'll give you the difference on a gift card. walmart. if yand you're talking toevere rheuyour rheumatologistike me,
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fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your doctor if humira can work for you. this is humira at work.
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>> all november, check in with the doctors on tv and twitter and you could win $5,000. grab your phone or a pape yer pen, i am about to recheck in. @thedoctors# moobfixes #rscheck. >> tune in for another chance to enter to win! ♪ [ applause ] ♪ >> when dr. berman made a housecall to a group of college-aged women about personal issues she didn't know if they would be guarded or really open up. this is what happened: >> hey, ladies! >> hi. >> how are you? >> thank you so much for coming. i am dr. berman. i will take off my coat. i am a doctor, i want you to be able to speak to my like a
9:46 am
medical health care professional but also as a woman. >> i get a lot of questions in my practice about orgasm. what are they, how can i make them better, why aren't i having them? do you girls have questions? >> i do. [ laughter ] >> because i feel like it took me a long time for that to start happening. >> they learned reflex -- this is a learned reflex. we learn it in puberty if not before. girls, exploration in the genital areas, leading to self-stimulation. if for whatever reason the brain genital connections are not made in puberty, if not before, it requires more work. so, i am proud to say i have always had an orgasm, i never had to fake one. >> everybody's different, you do not have to have an orgasm every time. in fact, most people don't by the way. enjoy the experience and not focusing on the goal. >> so, the sexing and snap chatting, is now part of the sexual foreplay and dialogue
9:47 am
among young people . >> i have never done it, i dated guise who asked me, i will do a tease picture, but -- >> right. >> because they're very visually stimulated, they think we are, too. >> sending photos through e-mail or over facebook, that stuff is all permanent, because it's through the internet. >> if you have a bad breakup, you can never predict it, and they have that material. there's revenge porn web sets and i am sure those girls never saw themselves being on that. >> can you send sexy and cute photos without being completely exposed. >> be smart in the context of a relationship. you are all beautiful young women, we want you to be sexually free, comfort pabble with your bodies and -- comfortable with your bodies and empowered. >> thanks for educating us. >> yeah. [ applause ] >> they really opened up to you. that was fantastic. >> this is a group of really
9:48 am
empowered, really smart, really savvy, and secure women. they really did open up. i will tell you, it made me think, i have an 11-year-old daughter, i have my work cut out for me. >> i am sometimes a bit old-fashioned, you know this about me. it's perfectly okay, you know, you said sexually free, but it's okay in college, as you are still growing, you do not need to do anything except what you are comfortable with. >> free does not mean promiscuous. it means freedom of choice. it means information, knowledge and making smart choices for yourself. >> i wanted to reit rate that's what you meant, because there's a period of time when there's confusion, and it's there for college-aged men, as well. >> we are a little older, all of us, so we didn't grow up in college with the sexing thing, the technology wasn't there. i don't think there's anything wrong with being flirtatious, and like she said, tease
9:49 am
without crossing the line. once you send the pictures out there, we is seen those pictures, they're there forever. >> there's no safe way to do it. >> they seemed smart and into the fact that, that's forever. >> they taught me a thing or two, actually. >> i feel like we should have an entire segment where you could teach us what it's like nowadace for younger people. because none of this stuff was there when we were young. i am fascinated by it. interesting. dr. berman, thank you for that! >> don't miss what's coming up after the break! ♪ [ applause ] ♪ >> sti's, sexually transited infections are by definition sexually transmitted and it's possible to get one even if you haven't actually had intercourse. ♪ >> the strong rays of the summer sun may have faded but it doesn't mean you should worry less about protecting
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do we have a good time? [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> audience: whoo! [ applause ] >> the next top three list. the dreaded sti's, if you think only the young, the wild and the free get them, think again. >> sti's, sexually transmitted infections are, of course, by definition, sexually transmitted but did you know it's possible to get one even if you haven't actually had intercourse? or ... if you haven't had sex for a long time? >> first up, the toilet. now, chances are slim that you could pick up any bacteria or virus from a toilet seat because things don't survive on that cold, dry seat for very long. theoretically, it's possible if you use the toilet right after someone else, and if you have a small break in the skin, for you to get something. when in doubt, squat it out. >> sharing a towel, we're talking here about an
9:55 am
infection called trichomeniosis for 25 minutes on moist wet towels. on't share towels, folks. especially below the waist! >> kissing, we are talking about the oral cold sores that really is a herpes virus. it's possible to shed that virus without their being a blister or cold sore on the lips. if you are thinking of kissing someone with a blister on their lip, maybe think twice! >> so, we were talking about a lot of things today. three things, three causes. if you have a prolonged fever, and no known cause, get it checked out. because, again, our list, when you go through the quote-unquote differential, it gets pretty long when you talk about a fever that lasts for weeks and weeks. and i am telling you here and now, if you don't get it checked out, you could pay a dear price. get a fever for a prolonged
9:56 am
period of time, checked out. if you missed anything on the show today, or have a question for one of us, go to our website, we will see you tomorrow n. ♪ [ applause ] ♪
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wayne: we are "let's make a deal."
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jonathan: it's a trip to puerto rico! wayne: aw! go get your car! - yeah! - i've always wanted a scooter! wayne: you got one! - it's just so great, and i met wayne brady, whoo! jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! wayne: hey, america, welcome to "let's make a deal", i'm wayne brady, let's make a deal! let's go! you right there in the middle, you right there, cheryl, is it sheri, cheryl? aloha, come here, you. everybody else, have a seat, have a seat. welcome, sheri. - hi. wayne: i kept calling you cheryl, i couldn't see and it's impolite to stare at a lady's half shells, you know it is the rule of the sea, i can't do that, nice to meet you. - nice to meet you. wayne: so what do you do? - i'm an insurance examiner. wayne: insurance examiner. now for the laymen because i know what it is, but-- no, i don't-- but exactly what does an insurance examiner do versus an insurance agent?


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