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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 9, 2013 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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mccarron and johnny manziel and aaron murray. seeing it with zach mettenberger, the willingness to throw the ball to guys when they're partially covered. you just throw them open. that's the term they use. just throw the ball, depend on your receivers, there's no hesitation from the quarterback. very tough to defend. >> verne: first and ten. play action again. mettenberger drills to magee. how about the time it took for that to develop and deion belue makes the tackle. >> gary: no pass rush basically. mettenberger surveyed the deep throw. remember first down throw, be conservative, be willing to drop it off he did it exactly as he was coached. >> verne: second down eight. kenny hilliard makes his first appearance. he's tackled right near the line of scrimmage, again that technique of attempting to rip
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the ball out. brandon ivory with the tackle. >> gary: alabama utilizing that linebacker blitz that they run blitz on running downs taking extra -- forcing bounce outside. wonderful job of defense that time by alabama taking all the lanes. >> verne: third down and seven and lsu is seven of nine on third down conversions. >> gary: alabama doesn't dial up something to put pressure on mettenberger. looks like they will. >> verne: mettenberger dropped again. deion belue. that is the second dropped interception tonight for alabama. >> gary: they overloaded the blitz from the left side but picked up wonderfully by lsu. plenty of time. again anticipated his receiver
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getting open, he did not. very fortunate he doesn't have another interception in this football game. two drops. i got to talk to zach how he does that. they always caught mine. >> verne: in the face that have you lasted 13 years. >> gary: bad one. >> verne: takes backward hop. jamie keen the punter. flags down on the play. >> gary: obviously against lsu alabama would decline that penalty. >> referee: illegal formation on the kick. five yard penalty. first down.
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that choice will go made by monday all begin with the >> gary: are we allowed to vote. >> verne: we already have. we've weighed in heavily. >> gary: we have strong feeling. >> verne: first down ten mccarron. 10 of 15 so far in the game. two touchdowns. and his team in the lead.
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here's mccarron. >> gary: might get a flag on that one. >> verne: taj jones missed most of the last six games with a hamstring. >> gary: he was trying to pull off -- >> referee: personal foul. automatic first down. >> gary: you have to control your body, even if you're trying not to do it, it's still a penalty. you can see aj he gave himself up. the defender is responsible for his body on the hit. >> verne: that is the fifth lsu penalty. worth another look. >> gary: doesn't matter if you tried to pull off you slid in to him, you tripped him they're going to call it every time.
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>> verne: we have reached the end of three. that's the end of the third quarter score 24-17 crimson tide. we'll town tuscaloosa right after this word and word from your local steak.
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tracy wolfson from tuscaloosa. alabama with early lead. both teams with 14 in the second and 7-3 alabama edge in the third. we begin the fourth with aj mccarron out of the spread, wide receivers right and left. yeldon is the deep back. he'll get the hand off, the flea flicker, mccarron has kenny bell open. and overthrew him. >> gary: beautiful executed. first time we've seen doing that in alabama football when you can effectively run the ball. you have the opportunity to go for the home run. well thrown, well executed, just about two yards too far. >> verne: that brings up second down and ten.
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mccarron will take it, comes to the right side, he's got it. that's kevin norwood, his go-to guy this season. gary, this is no shock. we go to the fourth quarter and it's up for grabs again. >> gary: this series those of you who watch it closely know all the big defensive plays that have been made in this series to really alter the outcome, but everybody says nick holds everything close to the vest. he told. >> tracy: what was going to happen. we're going to run the ball in the second half. remember the last five games, the team that ran for the most yards have won the game. >> verne: here is another one of those challenges, third down and one. it's yeldon. split through the left side. very close.
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>> gary: i think he got it. i really do. i thought from the spot he had it. i might be second guessing myself. i think he got very close and i think he got it. >> verne: they will bring the chain out. >> gary: yeah, i think he did. remember just an approximation. i thought from my eyes up here he had it, too. yep. i paid $400 for these glasses. >> verne: i want to see your doctor. my new ones don't work.
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first down. >> gary: something better work for lsu real quick. right now they are off balance with the run and pass gym for alabama. >> verne: yeldon up the middle. as we entered this week. last sunday night the bcs standings were released alabama on top followed by florida state and oregon. then ohio state and then chaos thursday night especially if you're a duck. they were knocked off by stanford and we'll wait until tomorrow night to see who assumes that third position you have ohio state, they were fourth, they're undefeated. baylor with a huge win over oklahoma on thursday. here is second down and six. mccarron. he's under center this time. yell done. found it, found it.
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>> gary: that wasn't soft, was it. might not be the same style that alabama has used last couple of years but this time inside, great job by ryan kelly. he helped on the tackle then with the line backer what a job by ryan kelly on that play. >> verne: first down ten at the 27 yard line. 24-17. mccarron looking left, nobody open. settle for the short receiver that's yeldon. inside the 15. aj mccarron has been called -- he shouldn't take it as insult. that's what a game manager quarterback does. on first down if it's not there, drop it off to your athlete then get first down the easy way.
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>> verne: he had gaudy statistics a year ago was intercept only twice. this year a little more modest numbers. but he's got two touchdown throw tonight and he has not been intercepted. hand off, right side. yeldon. out of bounds at the five. >> gary: what a cut by yeldon. he makes this play, watch -- i believe this guy right here. watch the cut, outside jumps inside. my goodness, what a play. corey thompson had no chance. as good as you can do it. on block defender in the hole he -- wouldn't have been able to grab his flag it was flag football. >> verne: yeldon has gone over a hundred yards, he had 29 at the half. second and one. play action, fowler the lead.
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going to come back. illegal formation by alabama. too many men in the backfield this one's coming back. deandre white was not lined up on the line of scrimmage. you could see it the whole way. >> verne: let's take another look. that's white the receiver. here is -- >> referee: illegal formation on offense. more than four in the backfield. five yard penalty. >> gary: you could see five guys in the backfield. one, two, three, four, five. can only have four. he should have been up. >> verne: wipe out the touchdown. it's second down and six now from the ten.
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o.j. how howard, tight end. wide to the left. top of the screen. give it off to yeldon up the middle. bangs his way to the goal line. first and goal. >> gary: that was first down. anthony snead with a great glock stands him up beautifully. >> verne: there is some contact. >> gary: he hit that one go go -- >> verne: first and goal alabama. under 11 remaining. x'd big mistake was covered up by that great run. they're going to check see if it was a touchdown going to the replay booth. >> referee: ruling on the field is under review.
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look at that. his left elbow came down before it got across the line. >> verne: it does appear that way. john biable is our replay official. it's in his hands right now. >> gary: going to be short. i think they got it exactly right on the field. i'll bet they don't move it an inch. >> verne: there it is. pretty clear cut. >> gary: one of the things if i was aj mccarron i'd be telling my running backs, we don't need to reach out on first down here, let's protect the football. run through that touchdown line, let's not get a cheap turnover -- >> referee: ruling on the field is confirmed.
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>> gary: don't need to reach it outlet them swat it away for a turnover. >> verne: first and goal for nick saban's alabama crimson tide. 24-17. 10:46 to go. this is the 10th play of the drive. yeldon. touchdown! alabama. >> gary: i tell you nick saban was congratulating the right guys. he challenges offensive line,
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they have come through and since he went for that fake punt at 17:17, 14 straight points. >> verne: back to back drives now of 14 plays for a touchdown and ten plays for a touchdown. cade foster with the extra point. the extra point is up, it is good. how about the yeldon run. he's had quite a night. including this touchdown from a yard out and crimson tide up by two tds. ♪ music retirement solutions from new york life can help you keep good going.
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>> verne: alabama opened with a fieldgoal to take 3-0 lead. this is jeremy hill, that gave tigers the lead early on, beautifully play here. o.j. howard the tight end chased in to the end zone. alabama back on top. 17-7. kevin norwood's nine yard touchdown reception. then travin dural. this is what tied it up 17-17. but offensively it's been a stalwart run knowledge game, this was t.j. well done to break the tie following fourth down fake punt. moments ago yeldon in for the touchdown, pratt point good. an engineering building, shelby hall on the campus of the university of alabama.
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this is some scene on a game day here. >> gary: there are some games when nick has to warn everybody not to leave. today it was not necessary. >> verne: the rain seems to have subsided now. it was never terribly heavy. cade foster will kickoff for the undefeated crimson tide of alabama. odell beckham, juniors deep. he will bring this one out. led by -- beckham, nice move. nicer move. even better move. beckham gets a great block. a little hop and skip he's out of bounds with a brilliant kickoff return.
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>> gary: my goodness. we talked about 31 athletes were drafted from the 2011 game. odell beckham is going to be another drafted athlete in this football game. what a wonderful football player he is. >> verne: that was 82-yard kickoff return his longest of the year. talked about yeldon's cut that was -- >> verne: going right. out of the tackle. landon collins strings him out then help arrives in the form of c.j. mosley. >> gary: and everybody else with a red jersey, wonderfully defends that time. strung out, that's how you do it. take it out, hubbard bounds out, collins is there. mosley finishes it off. >> verne: loss of three, second
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down 13. did i say the rain had stopped? second and 13. jarrick williams on the corner. mettenberger goes deep. london collins who returned one 89 yards against tennessee two weeks ago. >> gary: he had dickson wide open. alabama busted up the middle not sure why zach didn't see him. >> verne: third down and 13. >> gary: looks like he made up his mind. he had three interceptions throwing the ball to beckham against ole~miss. i think he made up his mind on that play.
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[ crowd noise ] >> verne: mettenberger. fourth down. >> gary: this time they came all out. c.j. mosley, he collected the blocker then backed up in the throwing lane. beautiful job. that's what the linebacker does. he collects the block, allows safety to come inside of him and backs up in the throwing lane. >> verne: fourth down lsu. will go for it. jeremy hill shaken up, not on the field on fourth down. three wides to the left side. magee now wide right. four men down for alabama. called time out. i don't know. >> referee: prior to the snap, time out.
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