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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 10, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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hi. are you here to look at the computers? um, no. you're here for the law firm? yes. okay. come on in. this is florrick-agos? grace: it's cool, huh? (heavy sigh) yes. that's the word. (sighs): i've reviewed... your financials, and, um, i'm sad to say they're not good. keep in mind we're a new venture. a new venture without offices, without paralegals, and with a high school girl answering the door. there is no magic in the books-- 30% of your billables are spent reviewing depositions. this is, uh... unfortunately work you can't bill at a premium. but we need to do it. we don't have the manpower to delegate. yes. that is why i suggest bangalore. as in india? yes. law firms there will perform your document review for pennies
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on the dollar. and your markup... zach, i'm in a meeting. someone's ratting your computer. what does that mean? zach: remote access tool. rat. the hacker infects your computer with it, and they can use your webcam to spy on you. is someone doing that with my computer? yeah. i came in here, the webcam light was on, and then it shut off by itself. when? couple hours ago. is there anyone that would want to be able to access your webcam? why are you out here? my computer's been hacked. by who? do you think they'd do it? i think diane wouldn't. david lee might. i was over there today; they're pretty angry. i know a virus expert who can take care of this. no, no, let's... let's use it. give them false information? about clients we've signed. clients who are thinking of leaving them. make them chase their tails. you know you're running a firm here, not a children's game. (indistinct chatter) (buzzer sounds)
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jeffrey: i don't know her. i never met her. i know that she's at the same school, but i-i... it's a big school. now, dani was found with ketamine in her system... i told you, i never met her. and i don't do drugs, i-i don't sell them. it's fine, jeffrey. we're just going through the facts here. now, the original suspect from last year, the professor they arrested, did you know him? dr. delaney, yeah. i was in his statistics class. but she wasn't in it. yes, but this dr. delaney, he was having an affair with dani? that was the rumor. okay, i'll look into it. and we'll have to get into the dna. it's not mine. it can't be my skin under her nails. will: we know, jeffrey, but we attack this case from all sides. it's smart for us to do that... kalinda: so tell me about your family. the men in your family. they have nothing to do with this. diane: jeffrey, familial dna means they found dna they can trace to someone in your family. your family is originally from new york, isn't it? does anybody else live here but you and your dad? my sister. no, it has to be a man. did anybody visit you at school? my uncle jim. he dropped by last year for help on his computer.
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i don't want to get anybody in trouble. you're not. we just need to get a feel of the case. i, uh, got permission for you to use your textbooks. thanks. got final exams next week. seems like you're really interested in italy. yeah, i got an internship in rome next year. ah. i went backpacking there after college. yeah? did you like it? oh, yeah. i always wanted to go back, but never got the chance-- just too busy. i... have never been out of the country. hm. do you think i'll get bail? we'll do our best. sit tight, study. think about those finals. and i'll see you later, okay? yeah. (buzzer sounds) he did it. no. he's just nervous. no, he did it. diane: i think he did something. maybe had a fight with her. well, we need to stop them from charging him and testing that dna. where are you going? you don't want to know.
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oh. she's gonna help us? yep. it's amazing what money will do. well, hello again. hello. how are the isenstadts? unhappy. i'm sorry. me, too. and yet here we are with more human suffering. david: can we get started, or did you both want to play cards? diane: my apologies. (clears throat softly) i had a real case to deal with. well, let's see if we can turn this into a real case for you. how long did you work on the gopnik adoption, mrs. florrick? about four months. were you the supervising attorney? i did the day-to-day management. i looked at some of the documents the younger associates drew up. which documents? which associates? i believe john gaultner drafted the initial inquiry letter. anthony wright edelman did the gopniks' eligibility application, but... really it was just shuffling paper. mr. lee was the partner supervising the case overall.
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and were you aware that the genetic father of the adoptee was part chippewa indian? i was. or, to be more accurate... i became aware of that. good. accuracy is our friend. and were you also aware-- or... became aware-- that because of the child's chippewa heritage, the tribe had an absolute right to block this adoption? i was, and i became aware of this. so given this awareness, how could you in good conscience allow the gopniks to proceed down this path? because i told them of this possibility and they wanted to go forward with the adoption. are you sure of that? diane: mrs. florrick testified to the fact, therefore she's sure of it. excuse me, my understanding is that you have since left lockhart/gardner, mrs. florrick, and therefore... oh... wait, did i say "left"? i... i think the word i was looking f-for was "fired." when i left, mr. schmidt, i was a partner. i couldn't be fired. my mistake. i just thought you would welcome this moment to be more forthcoming about those who--
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(sighs) oh, what is the best word here?-- "pushed you out of their law firm." there must be a... german word to that effect. gesundschrumpfen. thank you. you're welcome. now, i believe that mrs. florrick has addressed the basis for her subpoena, so if there's nothing else... mrs. florrick, could you please tell me what this is? it's a check for $10,000, drawn on the lockhart/gardner bank account, made out to the chippewa nation. do you know what this check was for? i have no idea. i've never seen it before. would it surprise you to learn this was a bribe intended to convince the tribe not to object to the adoption. i object to this whole line of questioning as defamatory. and your objection is preserved for the record. would it also surprise you to learn that in an affidavit, chief joshua proudfoot-- one word-- of the chippewa nation asserts this check turned the tribe against the adoption? i can only say that if the facts you relate are true then it does surprise me. this was a case you were, in your words,
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performing the day-to-day management on. mr. schmidt, she answered your question. i just thought alicia would jump at the chance to assign responsibility to the firm that fired her. alicia? no, i'm good. and have them test the audio beforehand. last time i lectured there i sounded like lou gehrig. professor delaney? yeah, may i help you? will gardner. i left you a couple messages about dani littlejohn. please, an innocent kid could be going to prison. look, i have nothing to offer; i was cleared of dani's murder. now, leave me alone. hey, i know you. owen? yeah. well, dr. cavanaugh. you're alicia's boss from her work, will. you teach here? i do. yeah, mathematical sciences. professor of the month, actually. i get all the frozen yogurt i want from yougogurt. how's alicia doing? you haven't spoken to her recently? i haven't, no. why? is everything okay? i-i think so. so, do you know dr. delaney?
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i do, yeah. why? this is pretty good. you want another? 'cause i got, like, a lot. (laughs): no, thanks. so, the cops suspected, uh, dr. delaney was sleeping with dani? yeah. i mean, i heard that, too. delaney was going through a divorce at the time, and, um, there were rumors of the... oh, uh, you don't want to hear rumors. i do. well... he had the "b-plus club." any student who did a b-plus or better got invited back to his house for dinner, and there were rumors-- and, again, i stress they're only rumors-- that the kids would use it to hook up, and he would encourage it. do you know a student named jeffrey grant? i do, yeah. nice kid. why? we he a part of this b-plus club? oh, i think so. i mean, he was a good student. and dani littlejohn was, too? mm-hmm. that's how dr. delaney became close with her. ooh, it's gossip. this is professor gossip. it's-it's the worst kind. how's alicia doing?
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i don't know, owen. she's no longer at my firm. what? why? she left. to start her own firm. when? three weeks ago. oh, my god. what... what happened? i have no idea. (knocking) yes? are you jim grant? if this is about the lawn ornaments, i stopped marketing them online six months ago. are you jeffrey grant's uncle? why? is he all right? you visited him recently at college, right? who are you? kalinda. how did you meet dani littlejohn? i have no idea what you're talking about. then how did your dna end up under her fingernails? they found dna from a male relation of jeffrey under dani's fingernails, and you're the only male relative
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who visited the college, so... when did you meet her? the dna is male, right? that's why you're looking for a male relation? yeah. uh, wait just a moment. this is me. pre-op. that's right. my nephew doesn't know. that was 20 years ago. i've always been uncle jim to him. thanks. you know, there's something else jeffrey didn't know. he has a half brother. no, you know who i've been getting interest from? the paisley group. you mean diane's top client? y... yeah, yeah, they, uh, they're not happy with her representation. make sure they keep it secret
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(phone rings) from lockhart/gardner. (both mouthing) alicia: hello, david. i'm not returning the capital contribution; i already cashed it. well, you may not want to spend it yet, because you're gonna need to come up with $6 million. why, are you gonna countersue me? no. we went over the billing records after your wonderful deposition performance, and guess what? smack in the middle of the adoption proceedings, you were promoted to partner. no. yes. so partner plus day-to-day management of a case equals supervisory authority. call it a perk of leadership, but you're personally liable... for the whole $6 million. my turn daddy, my turn! hold it steady now. i know daddy. [ dad ] oh boy, fasten your seatbelts everybody. [ mixer whirring ]
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(excited chatter) it's my issue. wait. (chatter stops abruptly) it's not a florrick-agos issue. it's mine. no, it's all of ours. if they come after you, they come after all of us. thanks. but i... cary: no buts. you'd do the same for us. clarke: i don't understand. they're countersuing you? they're saying that since i became a partner while that case was pending, i'm responsible for everything that happened on it, including the bribe. so if the gopniks win, i'm personally liable for the full $6 million. (doorbell rings) alicia: i'll get it! i need a lawyer. you know where i can find one? (laughs) oh, wow. feels like somebody needs some loving in their life. who told you? who told me what? i'm starting my own firm. mom? no. actually, um...
10:17 pm
(clicks tongue) oddly... can we sit down? why? oh, because... oh, wow, you really are trying to do this from your living room. it's temporary. so... (groans) who told you i left lockhart/gardner? oddly enough, it was will. he... what? um, i don't un... he... what... when... oh, this is very entertaining, watching you flail. well, he... (exhale) did will talk to you? yeah, he was at my college on a case, and i bumped into him. he-he didn't say anything. it was only after i pushed him. okay. good to know. so, why didn't you tell me you were leaving? i was pushed out, owen. i didn't have time. will pushed me out. because you were thinking of leaving and taking some of his clients? did he tell you that? no, no, i'm just reading your body language here, and you're in, like, warrior-princess mode. well, i'm kicking butt. yeah, i can see that.
10:18 pm
i also know why you left, and that it has nothing to do with starting your own firm. oh, owen, can we not do this now? what? you were afraid of getting close to will. hey. do you want something to eat? will you admit it? you were afraid of leaving your marriage for will, so this is like the nuclear bomb... oh, hey, grace. hey, what's up? nothing. just visiting your lovely mother at her new law firm. have you seen zach, mom? zach: what? could you... there's... there's something. what's wrong? what... (quietly): when? about five minutes ago. is there something else, mr. hayden?
10:19 pm
(sighs) there is. i think... i think bangalore, it'll work. yes. no, it's about mrs. florrick's lawsuit. do you know something? i worked with the books at lockhart/gardner. i know everything. alicia. david: so, what special entertainment do you have for me this round? mr. lee, always a pleasure. why don't you give up on this suit? you're never gonna win. i like suits i can't win. they clarify the mind. well, let's go do some clarifying. one second. just... waiting for my next witness. (elevator bell dings) mr. hayden. thank you for doing this. mr. lee. good to see you again. schmidt: and how do you know this, sir? i was the bankruptcy trustee for lockhart/gardner at the time of these events. judas. schmidt: did you get that? mr. lee, in a clumsy attempt at intimidation, objection. might have said it too quietly.
10:20 pm
"judas." as in judas iscariot, the betrayer of christ. and so you were privy to lockhart/gardner's books? yes. mr. hayden, much of this information is privileged. not this information, ma'am. schmidt: lockhart/gardner is contending that alicia florrick was the supervisor at the time of this bribe to the indian council. is that correct? no. in october, i recommended to ms. lockhart and mr. gardner that they dedicate more partner hours to cases. and david lee was assigned as the lawyer of record. schmidt: which means he was legally responsible for supervising? and personally liable here. schmidt: looks like it's back in your court. yeah, kalinda, what's up? i found his half brother. you did? great. yeah. i don't think he'll let me cotton-swab his mouth, but i'll see what i can get. hey. office is up front if you want to place an order. actually,
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i'm here to talk to you. you're... anderson prickett, right? (spits) and you are? kalinda sharma. i'm investigating working conditions at companies in the area. look, uh... i just want to make sure that management isn't harassing you. harassing me for...? your arrest last year, for one. you were busted dealing ketamine, right? you with the labor board? also trying to make sure that workers aren't getting their pay docked for sick days. your manager said you called in sick last year on the 15th of august. where were you? ♪
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♪ what are you doing? schmidt: so you acknowledge bringing the gopnik adoption case in the door? well, i'm not sure what you mean by "in the door." mr. lee, i've got mrs. florrick outside ready to be re-deposed, so can we handle this civilly? i brought in the business. schmidt: so, the $10,000 that was sent to the reservation... david: i've already said it didn't come from me. but i know who sent it. schmidt: you do? and who might that be? will: the brother looks good for this.
10:27 pm
and the gum? that's not something they can ignore. absolutely. it's already over there. geneva know. they're checking the dna. 20 hours to go. i'll talk to you. (door opens) david: i didn't supervise him. schmidt: and who is this person, this anthony wright edelman? david: oh, one of these little idiots who left with alicia-- the indian kid. schmidt: and you're saying he sent out the bribe to the chippewa council? david: i'm swearing he sent it out. schmidt: how very convenient for you, given that alicia superv... edelman: yes, i offered the tribe cash to sign off on the adoption. what were you thinking? i was thinking i wanted to win. you lost their adoption. their adoption was lost. i was making a last-ditch... carey: you just screwed over alicia. wait. did you consult with david lee
10:28 pm
before you sent out the check? no. did you consult with anyone else? any partner? howard lyman. you consulted with howard lyman? and he approved? he did. well, we need to get you deposed. call carter schmidt. grace: zach, it's on! what's wrong? nothing. just something for zach. yeah, we have to do some stuff for school, mom-- on the computer. grace: it just came on a second ago. (whispering): okay, so, once we go in, just start undressing, all right? what? just take off your sweater or something, all right? you need to keep the hacker online long enough for us to trace him. oh... how you doing, will? you know you have five hours left to charge or release. i did know that. but i thought we'd sit down together and see if maybe we could work out a deal. they can't make their case. they want to bargain. sure, geneva. so, you tested the dna from the ketamine-dealing half brother, didn't you? the gum? this isn't about the dna. it is about saving the state a costly and time-consuming trial.
10:29 pm
well, there's nothing i'd rather do than save the state money. see you in a half hour. good-bye. get a good deal. owen? hi. what are you... i-i just need a minute, will. okay. um, we're not looking at dr. delaney as a suspect anymore. no, i'm... i'm here about alicia. i'm sorry, i can't do this right now. alicia was afraid of falling in love with you. that's why she left. it's okay. everything's fine. it's... clearly not fine. (elevator bell dings) i want my sister to be happy. you really think she was itching to start her own firm? she and her partners are reusing paper clips. alicia was afraid to work beside you. that's all. it was easier to start hating you than to own the feelings she had toward you. that's why you two are in this-this... ridiculous war. (elevator bell dings)
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she and peter, they're not set in stone. no. it's over. good-bye. ♪ stiles. hey. did you see what colin's sending around? it's nasty. what the hell? what are you doing? stop ratting my sister. you hear me? hey, i-i-i don't... i don't know what you're talking about. my sister. stop it. (grunting) (stiles groaning) ♪
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jeffrey, this is good news. they want a plea bargain. that means their evidence might not be lining up. i'm scared. i know. it's okay. they want to keep you scared so you take a bad deal. you keep a poker face. just listen, nod, and we'll talk afterwards, okay? geneva: involuntary manslaughter. two years. okay, we'll think about it. it's either that or life in prison, jeff. you're 22 years old. think about that future. will: thanks, geneva. we'll consider it. you want to see italy at some point in your life, take this deal. time to let us talk, geneva. (buzzer sounds) (door clanks shut) (sighs) did you kill dani littlejohn?
10:32 pm
no. is there any way your skin could've ended up under her fingernails? no. you didn't know her at all, never even met her? never. then you're innocent... and you should reject this deal. okay. no. you have to tell me. (soft laugh) i reject this deal. (whispers): good. so why do i feel so nervous? because this stuff isn't meant to be easy. millions have raised their hand for the proven relief of the purple pill. and that relief could be in your hand. for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms from acid reflux disease. find out how you can save at there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache,
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10:37 pm
already checked the dna on that gum. his half brother did it. we did check it. it's not him. so i charged your client with dani littlejohn's murder, and i expedited his dna. it's a hundred percent match. jeffrey said he never met her, but that is his dna under her fingernails. he killed that girl. sorry, you'll have to wait for discovery. don't be upset, will. clients lie. anthony wright edelman. schmidt: mr. edelman, were you staffed as an associate on the adoption that is the subject of this lawsuit? i was. and on march 6, 2013, did you send chief joshua proudfoot of the chippewa nation a check for $10,000 to induce the tribe not to object to the adoption? i did. at whose direction
10:38 pm
did you deliver this inducement? alicia florrick's. schmidt: alicia florrick? are you sure? yes. mrs. florrick told me we had to make the payment to facilitate the adoption. what are you doing? diane: i will remind mrs. florrick that she is not a party to this deposition. she's here as a courtesy. david: and if she interrupts again, she'll be asked to leave. schmidt: so mrs. florrick was the partner supervising you on this matter? anthony: that's correct. were you working at any other partner's behest? no. just mrs. florrick's. you want to tell me what that was about? welcome back. thank you. isn't it nice? we had a partnership position open, so anthony got it. i will file a complaint with the acdb. i will sue you for conspiracy. (chuckles): you'll do nothing but fail. stop ratting our computers. it's illegal.
10:39 pm
it's... what are you talking about? do it again and we'll bring charges. sure, whatever you say. good luck with your firm, mrs. florrick. i'd start putting my $6 million together now. i didn't lie. you only hurt yourself-- you could've had two years. i didn't lie. i never met her. then how did your dna end up... i don't know, i... (panting): i... i don't know. okay. okay, let me see what i can do. (sighs) i'm never getting out of here, am i? i'll ask for bail, but i don't know. they're gonna probably transfer you to county. and don't talk to anyone. cellmates are prone to snitch. oh, my god. listen. we're going to trial. i'll try to move fast, but it could take six months. i need you to hold it together, okay? jeff, look at me.
10:40 pm
okay? i'm not giving up. don't you give up, either. (sighs) carey: hey. we're trying to get our heads around the anthony thing. he blindsided all of us. the question is, how much can he hurt us. a lot. he'll dish on every strategy he was privy to. how you doing? okay. go ahead, clarke. (clears throat) mrs. florrick, even without office space, you're sinking under the cost of overhead. malpractice insurance, staff salaries, marketing costs... your fee. yes. overhead. what you need to be doing now is billing hours-- a lot of them-- and without anthony, your manpower crisis has worsened. he wants us to hire him. i'm a full-fledged member of the bar now, mrs. florrick, and business expertise is something you are sorely lacking.
10:41 pm
mr. hayden... your books are in disarray. i will get you on your feet financially. and he'll work for free. why? well... i like... ...the law. now, i will only work for free until the firm is profitable, which i will work day and night to achieve. once we're in the black, then i want my salary retroactively. thank you. no, we'll be thanking you. zach! zach, what happened? uh, nothing. i was playing baseball, someone hit me with their elbow. well, you need to get ice on that. (long sigh) (knocking) yeah? grace: thanks. yeah, stiles is a jerk, huh? yeah, i know. but... thank you.
10:42 pm
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previously on "the mentalist"... we need to find kira tinsley. she either works for red john, or she's about to become his next victim. he's about to become she either his next, (grunting)
10:46 pm
(engine roaring) (fabric ripping, siren wailing in distance) who did this to you? tell me. (gasping) (lisbon) jane, what did she say? she told me red john has a tattoo on his left shoulder-- three dots. that's my leverage. (crickets chirping) (engine roaring) (engine stops) (closes door)
10:47 pm
(clicks switch) (pops) (clattering, cell phone rings) (ringing continues) (lisbon) jane. hello, lisbon. jane, don't do this, not without me. listen, i'm sorry. jane, i am begging you. you're in danger! i-it's gonna be okay. i-i'm gonna be okay. no, you're not. you do this, and you're throwing your life away. bye, lisbon. jane... no. (snaps phone shut) (clicks switch) (clicks latches)
10:48 pm
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10:52 pm
yes. that's great. so all we have to do is check each one of the suspects one by one until we find out who has the tattoo. no. why not? red john doesn't know i know about the tattoo. okay. so if we start checking suspects, it's very likely that red john will find out. and disappear before we have a chance of getting him. exactly. then what do you want to do? gather all five suspects together at the same place, same time, and then start checking for the tattoo. and how do we do that? we'll ask them. and you think they'll agree? wasn't planning on giving them a choice. (groans) even so, there's a problem. bret stiles--he's wanted by the f.b.i. in connection to two homicides. yeah. cold cases from over 20 years ago. you're kidding. after all this time, the f.b.i. is moving in now? well, they must have found something new-- forensics, a witness. well, where's stiles? well, that's the thing. nobody knows, not even the f.b.i. stiles disappeared weeks ago. we'll find him. how?
10:53 pm
i don't know, but we'll find him. we have to. i'm on board with your plan. good. on one condition. i want to be there when you reveal red john. okay. seriously. i said okay. yeah, but you didn't mean it. did i not? uh, how can you tell? this is non-negotiable, jane. i agree 100%. i think i've made myself clear, agents. i have no knowledge of bret stiles' whereabouts. yes, and we've made it clear that we're not buying it. stiles leaves you in charge of visualize, but he keeps you in the dark about where he's hiding? doesn't make sense. stiles has and always will put the church's needs before his own. this time is no different. he doesn't want me to know because he wants to protect me. and because he doesn't want to be found. i doubt bret stiles is worried about being found. you seem confident.
10:54 pm
call it faith. you see, stiles' time in our... reality is limited. huh? as we speak, he's preparing his mind and body for a departure from the confines of our material world. he's dying? that is a very naive, very ignorant way of looking at it. bret stiles is not dying. bret stiles cannot die. he is elevating himself to another plane, one lesser men like ourselves can only strive to reach. and one some of us obviously can't comprehend. (horns honking in distance) (police radio chatter)
10:55 pm
coffee--one cream, one sugar. thanks, russell. forensics is here when you're ready. send them over. get his i.d. for me, will you? you know how i am about heights. sure. oh, and, uh, someone's here to see you. thanks. there's been a breakthrough in the red john investigation. i have some new information. some very significant information. okay. what is it? no, no. not yet. i'm not sure who i can trust. i'm not even sure i can trust you. red john has some very powerful allies. patrick, come on. (speaking indistinctly) okay, but not here. meet me at 8:00 on thursday night. thursday? why?
10:56 pm
i need time to find a safe place to meet. fine. where? i'll let you know the day of. this is crazy. i've made the mistake of underestimating red john a number of times now. i don't want to make that mistake again. if you want the information, it's on my terms. okay. thursday night. (crickets chirping) (cocks gun) (scope clicking) (cell phone rings) (hoofbeats retreating) (ringing continues) (sighs)
10:57 pm
(beeps) this is sheriff mcallister. sheriff? patrick jane. hello, patrick. how are things? good. good. i'm calling because i had a question. shoot. last month when i was in napa, you said that you were at my disposal. yes, i remember. did you mean what you said? i like to think i'm a man of my word. oh, i don't doubt it. but can i count on you for your help? can i count on you? (exhales) of course. thursday night at 8:00 i'll need your help. well, then you've got it. thank you. i'll let you know where to be the day of. patrick? yeah? this is about red john, isn't it? thursday night.
10:58 pm
(exhales) they're ready for you, sir. thank you, evelyn. (inhales) also, this came for you. hmm? hmm. (sighs) (inhales) ♪ (bell chimes)
10:59 pm
(bell chimes) (bell chimes) (bell chimes) (bell chimes) (bell chimes) (bell chimes) (bell chimes) (bell chimes)


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