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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  November 11, 2013 4:25am-5:00am EST

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morning. 10,000 people. a beautiful day for that. thanks to everybody who came and supported us and continues to fight the fight to get the number one killer taken care of, so it can drop down the list significantly. weather wise enjoy today. it is a mild day, at least for the start of the week. going to be significantly colder here tomorrow and wednesday. you will need your heaviest coats here. 45 degrees this morning at 9:00. by noon 54. on our way to about 58 so really not a bad start to the week with a good deal of sunshine. a few more clouds later this afternoon into the evening. and sunset 4:57. we're watching a strong cold front way up here. there are snow showers up across minnesota this morning. a couple of the rain showers in michigan and southwest michigan not far from chicago this morning, some light stuff but we're not going to have any problems with weather today. a chilly start. no argument here. we have 30s and some 40s. cambridge is 47. a few 20s out in the mountains
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and oakland and davis and elkins but gaithersburg and baltimore 39. this afternoon really looks like a good day for november. temperatures in the 50s to even -- we'll have locally 60 manassas south and southwest of there. let's send it over to monika samtani and get an early look at timesaver traffic. >> good morning, everybody. on the outer loop at route 4 pennsylvania avenue, crews are looking for an accident, a car went into the ditch. we believe it's all on the shoulder so it shouldn't affect your ride too much. on the inbound side of i-66 you're in good shape. on the outbound side of the dulles connector road, you want to watch out for construction basically between 66 and route 123 on the beltway itself outer loop at gallows road, there had been overnight construction as well. let's take a live look in springfield on the northbound side of 95 we're in great shape. there are no issues, very light this morning, veterans day as you head for 395 and the 14th street bridge. i don't think today you're going to have any problems during rush hour.
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let's go back to the maps and this time on the southbound tied 270 from gaithersburg to bah these today, we're in great shape. on the southbound side of 95 there was overnight construction at 195 and at route 216. we'll take a live look one more time here at the beltway east side in prince george's county. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. two times this week prince george's county firefighters didn't have to battle just one but two fires and a huge mess with both as well. they say hoarding conditions made it difficult for them to battle the flames. >> the latest fire happened sunday morning in college park and it claimed the life of an elderly man. surae chinn reports. >> when i looked out, the house was engulfed in flames. the flames were coming out of the roof. >> real high, 15 feet. >> reporter: the fire lit up the dark sunday morning sky in college park. a couple in their 80s was inside, the woman suffering from smoke inhalation was able
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to get out but firefighters had a tough time reaching her 82- year-old husband because of large apartments of paper and books packed into the house. >> small passageway surrounded it. firefighters were definitely challenged with what was going on and being able to negotiate that. >> reporter: firefighters say there was stuff piled from top to bottom. this is the second day in a row prince george's county firefighters have had to deal with hoarding type conditions. >> they did fiensdz themselves -- they did find themselves in hoarding type conditions. >> reporter: large amounts of material made it challenging to get the electrical fire under control on walters lane in forestville. an 85-year-old woman and her son escaped the burns house. three firefighters were taken to the hospital with burns back
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in college park, cleanup went into the afternoon. peeling back the walls of the house revealed piles stacked every which way as firefighters dugout of the debris. >> debris. >> we knew he collected a lot of stuff. >> reporter: what did he collect? >> i think at one time, maybe later years he did a lot of writing. we've known them for a long time. they moved in after we did. we socialized. the kids grew up together. it's very sad. >> reporter: in college park, maryland, surae chinn, wusa9. >> the elderly woman is in serious but stable condition. nearly 100 firefighters responded to the blaze. no firefighter was injured during sunday's fire but three firefighters were injured on saturday. united states is sending its first wave of aid to the philippines struck hardest by typhoon haiyan.
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the marines are providing an initial assessment of damage. it was one of the most powerful storms ever when it hi the philippines friday. the death toll is still unclear but philippine officials say more than 10,000 people may be dead but only 250 deaths have been confirmed. haiyan made landfall in vietnam this morning. it's now a category 1 storm. secretary of state john kerry says all major powers were unified on a deal to curb iran's nuclear ambitions but iranians did not accept the deal in geneva. this comes as some senior senators are expected to push for a fresh round of sanctions against iran. many are scement cal about iran's -- skeptical about iran's willingness to curb its research. another round of negotiations will begin november 20. she survived an attack from the taliban. now her memoir is being banned in schools in pakistan.
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ma louisiana criticizes islam's ban of girls to school. her book does not show enough respect for islam, they say, and that's why it was banned. what started as celebratory gunshots into the air at a birthday party ended up with two high school students dead and 22 other injured. there was a party at a home in huston. organizers advertised it on social media. more than a hundred people were jammed into the house when the gunfire erupted. >> highly unusual for this area. this is a pretty quiet residential area, a lot of children here. this is the first time -- i've been here for seven years and this is the first time i've seen a party that big on this street. i had a bad feeling when you get a bunch of people in that age group, this day and age together in a small place, usually bad things happen.
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>> police believe someone reacted to the initial celebration of gunshots by firing into the crowd. at least one parent was at the house. no one has been arrested in the case. today is veterans day. today americans set aside to honor those who fought for our freedom. >> last night the u.s. marine corps celebrated its birthday during 238 years old. ken molestina joined a group of female veterans who gathered at one of the most popular war memorials. >> they came to us in choppers above. >> reporter: they're the sounds synonymous with military remembrance. and here at the vietnam women's memorial in washington, it was time to listen to the songs of
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these unsung heroes. >> we were not appreciated during the vietnam days. >> reporter: debbie served as a nurse. her and her sisterhood are taking part in a 20th anniversary ceremony commemorating the sacrifices of women during the vietnam war. many tended to the countless numbers of wounded soldiers left on the battlefields but they weren't always recognized or praised. >> it was kind of a quiet time for us all, even though we served and wanted to serve. we volunteered to serve. no woman was ever drafted. >> reporter: their memories this group of veterans won't soon forget. thankfully, though, they're a thing of the past. >> we paved the way but we were working on the shoulders of those before us. >> reporter: reminders of those shoulders aren't hard to find around town. veterans of generations have personal memories, it's their stories etched into the history for all to remember way after
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the vets are gone. >> remembrance of veterans day is the same. it will never change. >> reporter: just ask this pair of young midshipmen from the u.s. naval academy. >> it's incredible how big a legacy the united states has in the military. >> reporter: they offer this message for all veterans that have come before them. >> i say job well done. >> reporter: on the national mall, i'm ken molestina, wusa9. >> a ship that honors the service and sacrifice of all americans is back in new york city this morning and open today for public tours. the u.s.s. new york was named for the victim' families and first responders of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. it has seven and a half tons of world trade center steel in its bow and was commissioned into active service in new york in 2009. throughout the day today, there will be different
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ceremonies honoring those who served in the military. at 11:00 a.m. the president will take part in a wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown at arlington national cemetery. that will be followed by a ceremony in the memorial amphitheater. also at 11:00al, congressman nor north and d.c. mayor vincent gray will honor original tuskegee airmen major louis anderson and william fauntroy and at 1:00 a ceremony honoring women's veterans of the vietnam war will take place at the vietnam women's memorial. here are some holiday changes that will forget you. in the district rush hour restrictions have been lifted and there will not be any trash pickups today. in maryland parks fees in prrnlg and montgomery county -- in prince george's county and montgomery counties have been canceled today. no recycling or trash collections in montgomery county only. in virginia hov restrictions on i-66 and i-395
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are lifted. in arlington county meters will not be enforced and in alexandria, you are under holiday parking regulations. metro is running on a modified saturday schedule everywhere. more accolades for district schools continue to roll n. data from the d.c. public charter school board shows a third of the city's charter schools are high performing tier one schools. more than half are in the mid performing two range and only two schools were ranked as low performing. 68 schools were ranked in all. the scores are measured on student achievement on standardized tests, attendance and reenrollment rates for families. veterans day means deep discounts for those who serve. that's coming up in jessica's money report. >> weather wise not as breezy. we will be in the 50s howe
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you'll need a heavier coat. we're in the 30s and 40s. a nice afternoon. mostly sunny. a few clouds increasing late but mostly sunny day. highs between 55 and 60. got a little bit of wintry weather to talk about in the seven-day forecast. i'll be back with that in about five minutes. right now here's monika with timesaver traffic. we're taking a look at the beltway north of town near new hampshire avenue. great shape all around town. no hov restricts. today veterans day with the exception of route 50 in maryland and metro is running on a saturday schedule. back to you guys. it is 4:40. time for the first your money segment of the morning. [ sneezes [ . >> bless you, jessica doyle. >> excuse me. i had a little sneeze there that came out of nowhere.
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as for wall street we start from another all time high. we'll be watching shares of one of the newest stocks. of course we're talking about twitter on friday. it dipped slightly but stocks soared after the government reported that employers did more hiring than expected in october adding more than 200,000 new jobs. checking the numbers for you, the dow jumped 167 points. it starts today from 15,761. the s&p 500 climbed by 23 points. the nasdaq surged by nearly 62 points. big performance there. chrysler is recalling more than one million dodge trucks. the models include the dodge ram 2500 and 3500 trucks from model years 2003 to 2008 and some from 2008 to 2012. other models include the ram 1500 four by four megacabs and the ram 4500 and 5500 four by four chassis cabs from 2008 to
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2012. a series of accidents related to problems in the steering systems prompted this recall. chrysler says it's aware of seven accidents and two injuries soargted with the problem -- associated with the problem. truck owners will be notified by mail next month with strucks for making free repair appointments. it's the battle of the tablets. amazon is taking on apple's new lighter ipad releasing its own lighter version of the kindle fire. the full size tablet weighs less than the i patd and report -- i pad and reportedly has a sharper display and costs 20 bucks less. it is veterans day so there are some major discounts to put on the line for america. here are just a couple of the deals we want to tell you about. for breakfast you can head over to dennis. -- denny's. they're offering all you can eat stacks of butter milk pancakes. for lunch you can head over to hooters. meals are free up to $10.99. you'll have to pay for a drink.
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i've got you covered for dinner too. golden corral has a free buffet dinner and beverages for the vets and starbucks all day long will pour a free tall brewed coffee for vets, active military and their spows. of course you want to -- spouses. of course you want to bring your military i.d. with you to get these deals throughout the area. >> sounds good. just a little something for all they've done for us. the player accused of bullying his teammate finally speaks publicly. we'll tell you what he said after the break. >> it's the calm before the cold front. it's going to drop. howard's first alert forecast coming up next.
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good morning. welcome back to wusa9. 4:46. i remember a veterans day very well where we were--
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>> 87. >> maybe that was it. snow. i was hit by a student who didn't realize she had a two- hour delay. >> what do you mean hit? >> my car. a veterans day snowstorm. no such thing here. >> we have colder air coming. the storm that we talked about is just a possibility last week. that's not a possibility anymore. >> it's gone away? >> somebody said to me oh, it's a bust. it's not a bust if it was never forecast so get over it. >> take that. >> let's show you what's going on on this monday. a chilly start. got some 30s out there. we'll have a nice day today. this is going to be the best day until the end ever the week because -- of the week because we have much colder air coming. on our way to 58. 55 at 4:00 and by 8:00 we're down to 51 of the cold front arrives late tonight early on tuesday. some chilly temperatures now in the 30s. a few upper 20s. notice the 40s as you get closer toward the coastal areas.
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locally we're down to 38 in fairfax. it's 40 in ashburn this morning. 34 in bowie. that's one of our cold spots with germantown right now while waldorf 48 and alexandria 36. outside on our weather camera, great visibility this morning as we look at washington under clear skies. 44 degrees with a west, northwesterly wind at 3 miles an hour. the dew point in the 20s. so the air is relatively dry. we had some fire concerns also with the windy conditions yesterday and the dry air. yes, be very careful. if you have any open burning to do. weather headlines, cool today. not a bad monday. much colder tomorrow and wednesday. temperatures tomorrow and wednesday are going to struggle to get out of the low 40s. some of you aren't going to get out of the 30s. tomorrow morning with the cold front, a rain or snow shower can't be ruled out. maybe a passing flurry. it's not going to be really anything other than conversational. ground temperatures are way too warm in most areas. maybe the mountains will have a problem but for us ground
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temperatures way too warp. not concerned about it. then a mild finish to the week. 50s for the end of the workweek. 60s return this upcoming weekend and the air is much colder. i want to show you the heart of the cold air. up in canada. we're looking at some temperatures in the minus 10 to minus 20 range here. winnipeg at 9 but the heart of the cold is just north of that and it's diving down right toward the northern plains. you can imagine this air coming this way over the next couple of days. much milder. 32 minneapolis. 54 kansas city. ahead of the air we've got a boundary. this arctic front right here. see how it's stretched out from the great lakes back through the northern plains of montana. that's the leading edge of the arctic air. we have the snow showers with it. rain sthowrs from -- rain showers from wisconsin moving into michigan. around here we're in the mild sector. the warmer air relatively speaking. that's why today's temperatures will be in the 50s. winds will be more of a southwesterly flow. here we are at 6:00. a couple of clouds increasing this evening. there's the rain and snow from
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detroit with some snow. pittsburgh looking at rain showers changing to snow showers by midnight up in the steele city -- steel city. for us the front comes through early tomorrow morning. it loses some of its punch. rain and snow showers especially in the mountains but even in the metro we can't rule out that it will be cold enough to turn it over to a snow shower before the sunshine returns for the afternoon and a stiff wind out of the north, northwest. tomorrow is going to be significantly different than today. here's our forecast. today 58, seasonably cool. 39 tonight but only 44 tomorrow with the rain and snow shower in the morning. a blustery day. a little sun in the afternoon, 44. 20s to low 30s tuesday night with 46 on wednesday. still breezy but i think a breezier day tuesday and temperatures rise. thursday 54. friday 58. low 60s saturday and sunday. chance of shower and a high of 64. let's go to monika now, another look at timesaver traffic. >> thank you so much, howard. good morning, everybody. it's veterans day. that means i think it's going
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to be a very easy ride into work. right, dr. ray? he just tweeted at me and said i think i'm going to have an okay time this morning and i think you will. too. things look good all around town. all the construction from overnight pretty much cleared up for veterans day. we're looking great from manassas to centreville and into fairfax 066. there had been construction on the outbound side of the dulles connector road leaving 66 but i think by now it should be gone as well. let's take a live look outside. if you're planning to head over on the beltway east side of town in prince george's county, very light volumes and route 50 in maryland is the only road where hov restrictions will always remain in effect. otherwise all the other interstates, including 66, 95, 395, 270 no hovs today. let's go back over to the maps and this time to 270 looking good from gaithersburg to rockville in bethesda. in great shape on route 355 through rock virl, river road through bethesda. we'll take another live look outside and this is the inbound
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side of i-66 at nutley street. back to you, andrea and mike. >> thank you, monika. he's been called a dirty football player, a racist and a bully but sunday we finally got his side of the story. >> suspended miami dolphin richard incognito did his first interview on fox sports. he says the teammate he's accused of bullying isn't blaming him at all. danielle nottingham has more. >> reporter: richard incognito says he's not a racist even though he used the "n" word in texts and messages to teammate jonathan martin. >> to judge me by that one word is wrong. in no way, shape or form is it acceptable to use that word even friend to friend. >> reporter: in an interview televised friday, the suspended player says he's embarrassed by his actions but his words came from a place of love, no matter how vulgar they signed. martin left the dolphins two weeks ago accusing incognito of harassment including rairm
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slurs. >> this isn't an issue about bullying. this is an issue of my and john's relationship where i may -- i've taken stuff too far and i didn't know it was hurting him. >> reporter: incognito says martin sent him a friendly text after he left the team. in the message, martin reportedly did not blame the players for his departure saying the culture around football and the locker room got to him a little. martin has not spoken publicly about the issue but is expected to discuss the case next week with the n.f.l. special investigator. danielle nottingham, cbs news. >> fox sports says incognito and martin exchanged more than a thousand text messages last year. it's 4:52. in today's health alert how wealth can hinder some women in the fight against breast cancer. poor women are more likely to delay seeing a doctor after finding a breast abnormality.
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researchers hope their findings will put a new focus on lowering co. payments and hidden costs for patients including parking fees and child care expenses. it's never too lerl to get the -- too early to get the kids involved in exercise. as little as 20 minutes of exercise three times a week can enhance the brain development of a newborn baby. the head start could have an impact on the child's entire life. babies are not cheap as parents already know. a new study finds the average cost of having a baby in the united states such as getting their life started $21,000. the cost of having twins skyrockets to $105,000 and triplets costs nearly 20 times as much. the bills add up because women with twins or more may have more pre-existing conditions and hospital stays are usually much longer. question of the morning for the first time now. it's 4:54.
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according to a survey, 44% of men say this celebrity would make their best wing man. >> okay. is it a, ryan gosling, b, seth rogan or c, drake. we'll share some of your answers in
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we're looking at 30s and 40s this morning. you need the heavier coats. as we head toward 9:00, low to mid-40s. still chilly. lunch time 54. winds out of the southwest at about 10. so cool but we can certainly manage this and for the afternoon, partly to mostly sunny, mid- to upper 50s, perhaps 60s south and southwest of town. get ready. arctic air arrives tomorrow morning. this morning nice and light on the northbound side of i-95. both main and hov lanes. no hov restrictions here on 95 or 395 coming up to the 14th street bridge. all of your potomac river crossings are fine. >> thank you. a european satellite that ran out of fuel reentered earth's atmosphere this morning and caused no damage. the european space agency says the ocean's circulation explorer fell back to earth around midnight. they call it the ferrari of
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space satellites. it disintegrated in the high atmosphere as expected. goce was launched back in 2009 to map the earth's gravitational field and ran out of fuel october 1. an album release party, cast members from august, hit the red carpet in hollywood. >> suzanne marquez has that and more in this morning's entertainment report. lady gaga celebrated the release of her new album wearing what she call the world's first flying dress. the singer recently split from her long-time manager over creative differences. gaga calls her newest work a big bang record. >> the album is quite explosive. a little bit chaotic at times but then there's, you know, there's the mathematics and a physics to it all. >> reporter: art top comes out tomorrow. cast members from the upcoming film august county attended a
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gala screening in hollywood. the movie is based on the pulitzer prize winning broadway play. women return to their midwest home to deal with a family crisis. >> i'm the one who stayed home, who stayed local, who's been taking care of her alcohol ec father and pill popping monster mother for the last 20 years. >> reporter: it doesn't come out till christmas day but the movie andity cast are already generating oscar buzz. and out on dvd and blu-ray tomorrow, two collections from the hit show time series dexter. fans can get the entire final season or the complete series collection. and that's your eye on entertainment. >> lady gaga looks great, the natural look. >> she looked good. good morning. hopefully you're enjoying some time off this morning, this veterans day, november 11, 2013. happy veterans day. we thank all those who have served. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. grad you're waking up with us,
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5:00 a.m. >> it should be an easy ride to work. >> except for the gear. my goodness they're everywhere. >> i saw a fox this morning, too. >> you live in a zoo? >> sometimes. weather wise it is a little scary out there. animals running all over the place. it was a week and a half ago i had a critter run into me. yeah, it can be scary at night. let's show you what's happening on this monday morning, veterans day. a cold one. we have 30s and 40s. we'll need the heavier coats now but heavier coats tomorrow. temperatures in the middle 50s on our way to 55, 60-degree range this afternoon. winds will be southwest, south, southwest 10, 10 to 15 miles an hour or so perhaps and we are looking at temperatures as i said in the 55 to 60-degree range. we've got nice clear skies with us now. there's a front way up in the midwest. that will be coming toward us tomorrow morning. so these temperatures now in the 30s and low


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