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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 11, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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secret disorder and what does speaking another language have to do with dementia? that's today! ♪ ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ >> hey, everybody, do not adjust your television screen, you are in for a special episode of the doctors, because we are taking over the set of entertainment tonight! [ applause ] >> whoo! >> i love that you are here. >> and this is the lovely nancy o'dell, the regular host of entertainment tonight! so, do we get the music and all of the cues? >> you get anything you want. the doctors are in charge! you are allowed to do whatever you want. >> i want to thank you for having us here. it's great to mix things up. we will not mix it up entirely, we will discuss the celebrity health news. and we were just taking self-ies of one another, and posting them on the social media sites, that's nothing knew, but are some celebrities taking sexy selfies too far.
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>> kim kardashian had jaws drob when she posted her baby's bootie pick, miley cirus is leaving little to the imagination when it comes to her lady parts and nikki manaj is flashing. >> and actress receda jones took to twit twitter, to scold her lady friends. >> and followed up with a #stop acting like a [ beep ]! so when it comes to social media, when does self-expression become self-sabotage. >> i think some of them need instagram privilege taken away. >> little kids look at these and think it's normal. >> and whatever guess out there on the internet, stays there forever. i know you are young and in a wild zone, but 20 years from now, do you want these photos
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out there? >> some of these, i am glad they are not showing nipple shots. >> well, niki manaj, came close. >> she had pasties on. yeah. >> if you see full frontal posts, that's when you need -- >> we can't show those, but there are some where private parts are displayed. >> that's why a lot of people get away with it on the internet, they are controlling their image, miley is trying to get away from hana montana, i am not a "sweet innocent girl" and kim's thing is being a sexy woman with a great body so she puts her image out there. they control their own image out there. that photo, by the way, is what got her engaged. that photo got her a ring. >> i agree. >> i will be the rare guy who says, you used the term "great
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body". i don't know if these bodies are great bodies. >> you like kim kardashian's body, or no? >> your wife is watching, be careful. >> it's not my style. >> he's not into big butts. >> some are not into the big round fake-looking butts. even though she day gimmick and took an x-ray of her butt if you transfer the fat from your thighs to your butt, the x-ray is not gonna show it. i don't care what anyone says, that's not a natural butt. >> that's not a selfie. >> maybe there's air brushing there? photoshoping? >> moving on to another celebrity beauty trend. it's nothing short of cutting edge in more ways than one. >> sharp claw-like nails have become the rage in hollywood. worn by celebrities like lady gaga, rehanna, stiletto nails are gaining popularity.
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and they're putting women at the forefront of fashion but salons are reporting injuries from deep scratches and eye injuries from women rubbing their eyes or taking out contacts. stiletto nails may look sharp but are they worth the risk? >> all right. >> ladies, let's see them? >> i have puny nails. >> if you notice, beyonce cut hers after having a baby u. change the diaper and you will have poo-poo, nails. you can't get it out of there. >> it's crazy, if your nails are more than 2-3 centimeters long you carry around more bacteria and viruses under the nails. when you wash your hands you don't clean underneath the nails every time. >> the good news is, they can't take as many selfies. [ laughter ] >> that's right. [ laughter ] >> when it comes to staying slim, we are always preaching: each breakfast, eat your veggies and several small
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meals throughout the day. but this trending diet is pushing the opposite. >> a controversial new diet out of the u.k. is taking the weight-loss world by storm. dubbed the omg-diet it promises to help you drop 20 pounds in 6 weeks but there's a catch. skipping breakfast, drinking black coffee on an empty stomach, limiting fruits and veggies, and taking ice baths are a few of the shocking diet rules. it promises quick weight-loss. it could have your doctor saying "omg". >> when you look at this diet it practices everything that's medically wrong, like, you know, you say, everything they want you to do, we say, don't do. how could you say breakfast is not the most important male of the day. >> -- meal of the day. >> you are so starving by lunch that you eat more than you should. >> don't eat breakfast but drink two cups of coffee so you are jittery all morning
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long? so you didn't eat breakfast - which is good for you - we are saying load up on caffeine, and on an empty stomach it can make you nauseous. >> and, you are supposed to jump in an ice tub, too? >> that's the part of it i can't stand. now, sometimes i will skip breakfast and have a cup of coffee. sometimes, you know, i think studies are now showing you can skip a meal or two, fasting is not necessarily a bad thing. that's the part i am okay with; but the part that scares me is the cold ice bath? >> that's -- >> can you imagine? >> how that would feel. >> from you, doctors, i want to know the part that says: all carbs, doesn't matter how you get them, if you get them in a coca cola, or in broccoli, i love my coca-cola now and then, i thought, that cannot be accurate. >> carbs are not equal. it depends on the carbohydrate package, what else is with it? does it have protein and fiber with it, you have the
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offer-setting -- off-setting part with the protein and the fiber. a carb in a donut is not like the carb in a vegetable. who would do a program like this and think it's healthy? >> we will say: do not omg- talking about the diet. >> when we come back we will bring you the most bizarre beauty remedies around, and do they work? are they safe? find out when we come back. >> which celebrity reportedly uses kitty litter as an exfoliating scrub? "a" snooki. "b" gwyneth paltrow. "c" sandra bullock? >> the answer after the break! ♪ >> coming up next! >> she's breaking records with her box office smash, but it's not just her films that defy gravity. >> the secret behind how sandra bullock keeps her body in "out of this world" shape. >> this principle has been around for a very long time. weight lifters have used it
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for years. >> and . >> who's up for red carpet round up. >> celebrity health questions from the red carpet. >> i am julia lewis, i am a person that works really, really hard, long hours. is this really bad to did? >> that's later. >> announcer: coming next week, travis and i are getting our colonoscopies together. >> i am more nervous about the prep. >> they say doctors are the worst .... patients! >> i went for a routine skin check, and my dermatologist recommended that 4 moles, be removed ... two years ago. ♪ >> and they say it for a reason! >> i am the worst patient because "a" i want to micromanage everything and "b" i am a hypochondriac. >> travis's colonoscopy is a special case, he decided he didn't want an sneezia. >> i -- anesthesia. >> if you were to test
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positive, are you ready to hear that? >> see the doctors going to the doctors. >> glaucoma, it's her editary. i want to make sure i don't have it but if i do i will get treated early. >> i will pult -- put florescent dye on your eyes. >> i have never had such an enthusiastic patient. >> this is where the small intestine meets the large intestine. >> more importantly, results. >> in your particular case, it appears -- >> here's the bad news. the bad news is, it's just gonna get worse. >> announcer: don't miss the doctors going to the doctors. >> how did i do as a patient? >> announcer:
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>> bridgestone-firestone >> before the break we asked you which of these three celebrities uses kitty litter as an exfoliating scrub and the answer is: "a", snooki! what? >> as you can see, today we are taking over the set of entertainment tonight because we are talking about the celebrity health topics that affect you. now, i must confess, it's hard to believe anyone would use kitty litter on the face. but i do it every night -- it's how i keep the skin looking so good every night. kitty litter . >> the problem with kitty litter is not all kitty litter is created equal. it's thick, clumpy and sharp, you could cause more damage
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than do good. >> you have a cat? >> i used to. >> the chemicals can irritate and dry out the skin. >> if you want to exfoliate and you want a version of it, mix sea salts with baking soda and oils, essential oils to make it smell good, make it liquid and go in a circular motion, don't use your kitty litter. >> stick with a real mud mask, not kitty litter. >> snooki is not the only celebrity out there with unique beauty secrets. >> check out a new one. >> her new haircut may be the talk of the town, but jennifer aniston's lovely locks don't stop at the hair on her head. she has strong luxurious lashes and she has a simple, inexpensive tip. her secret, petroleum jelly! >> jenn, reportedly coats her lashes to keep them from getting dry and brittle. >> let me say this, petroleum
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jelly is an inexpensive underutilized emollient, moisturizer that keeps you hydrated or keeps your skin hydrated. >> lashes? >> they're god-given. >> petroleum jelly, once you put it on the hair shaft, it's difficult to get it off and it clumps. >> you can experiment, but i will with you, it would be hard to get it off. >> she's breaking records with her box office smash, but it's not just her films that defy gravity. >> everyone's talking about the special affects, in the record-breaking film, gravity. >> perhaps even more amazing are how great sandra's thighs looked in the outer space thriller. >> the 47-year-old beauty didn't get those by accident. muscle confusion is used by celebrity trainers more and more. pill ates, kick-boxing,ing and bike riding, >> if you want stems like
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sandy. >> i did what the trainers told me to do for a long period of time. mard work, it doesn't happen -- hard work. it doesn't happen quickly. >> it doesn't hatch quickly. >> muscle confusion is a principle that's been around for a long time. weight lifters have used it for years. if you do the same exercise with the same weight for the same period of time your muscle accommodates and so your muscle no longer benefits therefore you have to change the type of exercise, the duration of exercise, and the number of sets and the amount of weight that you use, in other words, when you vary your workout, you alout muscles to continue to grow, and to build. á >> what's cool about actual, sandra, vito say, there's a genetic element. you could work out every day and still not get her thighs. >> she's 47 and killing them! >> and right now, i am doing sets of squeezing my glutes. trying to shape my thighs. it's -- >> that's why the table is shakep -- shake?
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>> she's perhaps best known for her voluptuous posterior. kim kardashian's back-side is taking a back seat to her flawless skin. >> newly engaged kim kardashian is back to turning heads again, after baby northwest's birth this summer. those close to kim report she's paying extra attention to her skin, too. the secret weapon? mushrooms! kim's been spotted getting mushroom facial peals, said to make the skin more elastic, prevent the breakdown of collagen and may reduce free radical exposure, which damages skin. >> my doctor's take on this, she's got gorgeous skin. >> i think the mushrooms would work better if you ate them. >> there's nothing wrong with the mushroom facial, right? >> i would say, eat it. >> you could do both, right? >> you could do both. >> in fact, i heard that -- >> whoo!
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>> look at that ring. >> travis. [ laughter ] >> for the record, i have seen all of you guys with no makeup, and your skin looks great. >> we eat mushrooms. [ laughter ] >> we may even be sharing pictures of ourselves without make up later. we will be right back. take a look at what's coming up after the break. >> coming up next. >> it's true, being naked is good for your skin! >> our docs take a break from beauty to stay healthy. >> for fun, we are going to show everyone what you two ladies look like au naturel . >> and later ... with the baby on the way, brooke anderson has a question for the doctors. >> hey, dr. ash ton, i am 8 months pregnant as you can tell and i have a question for you. >> announcer: that's later. >> i turned the corner in the kitchen, sheave on the floor. my guilt is, if i could have been there, if i could have held her so she didn't die alone. >> medium james van praagh helps a daughter in need. j .
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♪ >> you have seen them at their most glamorous, but seeing our favorite celebrities without make up, can be shocking! >> what you may not know is skipping the war paint for a day or two each week is very beneficial in helping skin breathe; lessening redness and blotchiness, and allowing skin to shed dead cells that cause
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black heads. so when it comes to your face, don't be afraid to take it all off! ♪ >> it's true. being naked is good for your skin. when it comes to being naked of make up. >> do you two do make up free holidays? >> i would scare my patients if i showed up at my office. >> no, no. >> just for fun, we will show everyone what you two look like au naturel. dr. ashton. you are too hard on yourself. >> there i am. >> oh, you could do that. >> i like that look. >> you have freckles? >> you do not realize. >> i love you guys. >> you don't realize how pretty women are without make up. >> i want to say to the women in the audience, listen, most guys, you may want a little make up to contour a bit, but over beautifying your case, guise like it ah -- guise like it au naturel. it's true. >> really? >> it's true. >> you look gorgeous,e--en.
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>> and dr. rachel. >> it's the same. >> you look the same. >> everyone who knows me would be surprised if i showed up to work with a face full of makeup. they would be like, where are you going, girl? the average woman, we put on >> 20 times >> there's so much lead in the average stick of lipstick, we are exposing ourselves to toxic levels. >> when it comes to lipstick, if you are using too much of it, guys don't like it. when they go in for a kiss they don't want to come back with the lipwill stick. >> that's true. >> lipstick. >> that's true. >> especially when it's red . >> very conspicuous. >> who's up for red carpet round up? >> let's do it. >> take a look. >> hi, i am julia lewis, i am a person that works really, really hard, long hours, doesn't get a lot of sleep, and i go, go, go.
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is this really bad to do if you are slightly anemic? and what does "slightly anemic mean"? and do i take more iron? >> that was like three questions. >> yeah. >> if you are anemic, you need to get checked out, as to why. and due to low iron, many women are, you probably do need to supplement. but, moving beyond anemia, and talk about just a lack of energy. a lot of us are busy, we don't have a lot of energy. >> i say exercise, instantaneously, within seconds of doing the exercise, there's more mito chond ria, churning out the energy. >> and superfoods are a close second. full of anti-oxidants, great restorative power. i love superfoods. >> most of my patients complaining that they're really tired all the time, are not drinking enough water. >> dehydrated. >> if you are feeling that way, have a little green tea
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before you work out, that may get the off the couch. >> i am david, and my question to you, is: is surgery always the best way? i had an operation on my ankle and several chiropractors told me i would have been better off not having the surgery. >> here in america, doctors seem quick to put you under the knife. what are the alternatives you believe in? >> excellent question. >> inhale now. >> it's true, surgery is not always the best option. many ways, even if it's the best option, in many cases it doesn't need to be the first option. >> i agree, i am a gyn surgeon, that's a saying in surgery: a good surgeon knows when to cut, and a great surgeon knows when not to cut. >> i love that. >> one nor quick one. >> for the last two years i have been shooting films in the northern hemisphere, and it's been our winter. for two years i haven't seen the sun, they say it takes
9:25 am
your vitamin d go down. i need a vitamin d boost. they told me one capsule a day is enough, but i want to have two. is that safe ? >> i wonder how many milligrams is in that capsule. >> you want to know your levels before you start taking supplements. there's a hyper vitamininosisis, when you are taking 50,000 international units a day. vitamin d is important, but you wanna know where you are starting it, before you start popping pills . >> simple blood tests. >> always make sure you check in with your doctor, taking a "harmless supplement" may have contra indications. >> supplements are like medicines, stay where you are. more on the other side of the break. >> i understand, since the doctors came to you today, you actually have a question? >> et! host nancy o'del's question for the docs. >> how can i go to sleep faster, naturally? >> i will give you one of my
9:26 am
#1 tips. >> and later. >> it's like an anti-aging tattoo. >> the tattoo that could turn back the clock on your face. >> tattooing, those are needles there. >> that's later! ♪ [ female announcer ] let betty do the measuring and get a head start on delicious homemade cookies. visit for fun holiday ideas. betty crocker cookie mix. just pour,
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>> nancy o'dell and everyone here at entertainment tonight have been gracious enough to share their very cool and beautiful set with us.
9:29 am
and nancy, i understand since the doctors came to you, you actually have a question? >> like we made a housecall. >> which i love, every time i see you, i as well questions about medical things. so i appreciate your not minding me asking you on television. here is one that i seriously have trouble with, because i don't wanna take over the counter or prescription medicines to help me get to sleep. but a lot of times i have a short period of time i have to sleep, and i have to get up the next day, and i have to perform, like so many people do. i got 5 hours of sleep, and it's taking me an hour to get to sleep. how can i go to sleep naturally, faster? >> we are laughing because not only are we physicians who have chaotic schedules and chaotic sleep environments but we have individually gone through this struggle ourselves. i will give you my #1 tip. the hour before bedtime, i shut down all electronics. and i actually-- >> totally. >> preparing for bed is important. if all you have are 5 hours
9:30 am
you need to spend the last hour before bed, kinda shutting things down. if you are surrounded by bright lights - especially led lights on tablets - it messes up your melatonin. >> that speaks to our environment, so, so many people think, why can't i sleep well? why can't ifall asleep or stay asleep? look at your sleeping environment. it should be like a den. like a womb. it should feel welcoming. it shouldn't feel stimulating. >> don't watch television? >> a lot of people cut out the tv. the temperature is key. 65-66 degrees. >> i did that. >> i have it cooler than that. >> like a meat locker. >> make sure you have a good mattress. >> i heard people use tart cherry juice. drink 8 ounces. >> writing this down. >> two times a day are two weeks. >> i heard a rumor, there were a few questions for us. >> dr. ashton, i am 8 months pregnant as you can tell, and i have a question for you:
9:31 am
for the past 3 months i have had a sharp shooting pain in the left leg radiating up through the thigh and into the lower back. is this sciattic nerve pain, what can i do to relieve it as i hit the home stretch before the baby arrives? thank you! robbery >> á >> ooh, been there, done that. there's so much pain in pregnancy, i call it a bit of an olympic event. that's associated with sciattic pain, there's a lot in there in thutuous, and the -- in thutuous. and the baby -- in the utter us. it's common to have musk -- musculoskeletal aches and pains. if you are on the feet, get off your feet. it will be the only rest you will get. >> take the pressure off of the sciattic nerve by opening up, so there are exercises you can do. >> yoga. >> and we have to qualify, in pregnancy, you always wanna check with your obstetrician, mid-wife. make sure it's not something associated with the uterus or
9:32 am
the pregnancy, itself causing that symptom. >> who else has's question from the entertainment tonight staff. >> seems like juicing is a huge trend, everyone's doing it, as a matter of fact, i did it day before my big day, the wedding and i lost ail -- lost a significant amount of weight. is juicing healthy for the long-term? also, is juicing better as a means of weight-loss, or for detox? >> hmm-hmm. >> good question. a common question. juicing, you can lose weight, no doubt about it. using it for the long term could be a problem, you are deficient of nutrients and vitamins and mineral by only having juicing. if you want to do a detox, do an eating detox, including juices and smoothoise and cleaner -- smoothies and cleaner foods. >> if you want to lose weight for the long-term, eating detox, it can give you the boost need. but if you go back to the old
9:33 am
habits from before you will gain the weight back. you need a complete program, a detox is a great way to start tbut you gotta finish it, also. >> to clarify, you are talking about moving into eating clean foods as eating detox. >> our colon is an amazing detox organ if you feed it. >> one thing that juices don't have, is fiber. i consider fiber the scrub brush. >> remember, juicing is about taking away the fiber and taking out the water and the sugar and putting it into the drink. and remember, something, travis, when you do these cleanses, your colon cleanses automatically, and this may activate your liver. liver enzymes blood. broccoli, aspar gus and lemons, activate the enzymes. >> if you are doing the juicing stick with the veggies, because the sugar load it from mure fruit juices
9:34 am
-- from pure fruit juices, that's a lot of sugar. >> i will put that in there and no salt or anything. love it. it's the best i ever feel. >> kinda a cleanse. >> you want a blender that emulsifies. the juices draw away the fiber and the blender emulsifiers keep fiber. >> a really common problem. >> dr. travis, i was playing basketball a few weeks ago with my son, and i came down, wrong on my knee. it made this weird noise and the next thing i know ... i am in the doctor's office with ice on the knee and i am being told that my miniscus is torn and so is my acl. >> i don't want to have surgery, i don't know what the long-term problems might be. i would love to run another marathon one day, but i do not know what to do. >> i actually met dan before the show. >> love dan. >> dan wasn't having pain, but he was limping. we got ahold of his mri-scans and sent them to doctor
9:35 am
william stetson, and we will find pout what he has to -- find out whey has to say, when we return. >> i am on the set of abc families melissa, and i will play a housecall to melissa joan heart. play a housecall to melissa joan heart. this is cool! hey america, even though she doesn't need them, play a housecall to melissa jocheryl burke is cha-cha-ing thin depend silhouette briefs for charity, to prove that with soft fabric and waistband, the best protection looks, fits, and feels just like underwear. get a free sample and try for yourself. they were the first to be verified by the usp, nature made vitamins? an independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards. i trust nature made. nature made. the number one pharmacist
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recommended letter vitamin brand.
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>> all november check in with the doctors on tv and twitter and you could win $5,000. grab your phone or a paper and pen, i am about to reveal today's check in. @thedoctors# self-ies, #check-i. >> tune in tomorrow for another chance to enter to
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win. >> we are on the set of et! we heard the -- from the executive, dan sent us his mri's of his torn miniscus, and here to give dan a second opinion is dr. william stetson, welcome back to the show. doctor, on a unique stage tonight. i talked to dan before the show, he said it happened a month ago and he still has a lot of stiffness, no pain, but he was polk -- walking with a noticeable limp. you saw these before the show, right? >> i did. the first view we are seeing is a view of dan's knee from the side. it shows one of the problems with his knee, is a torn lateral miniscus. this is the shock absorber of the knee. unfortunate dan has torn that miniscus, and that miniscus does not heal. >> in addition to the torn lateral miniscus, dan also has a torn acl, anterior ligament.
9:39 am
>> when you look at a case like dan's, you have to look at it individual i don't want to put you on the spot, dan was saying: based on the mri, does this look like something i could rehab or do i need a surgery? >> surgery is not the only option. we oftentimes don't recommend a surgery to start. we want to get the flexibility back to the knee. we go to physical therapy, and we get the swelling down in the knee. and then start on leg strengthening exercises to see how he rehabilitates and how he does . >> and one quick thing they want everyone to weigh-in-on, is, a lot of people get impatient. they have an injury like this, and we are in a quick-fix society. >> yeah. >> and how patient should people be when they have an injury like this? before, you know what? it's just time. time to have surgery. >> you know, i think that the doc is right. one of the important parts to understand what he wants out
9:40 am
of his knee, there are people who, for example, are active and require a lot of wear and tear on the knee, they need their acl, fixed, and others do okay with letting it heal and accepting some deficiency. depending on the level of function and your age. >> your age and what you expect out of your knee. if he's not a professional athlete, there's a good chance we could rehabilitate this. you can see from the mri he has a lot of swelling in the knee. there's an affusion, which occurred at the time of the injury causing the stiffness. one of the options is to aspirate or take fluid out of the knee. you could discuss doing a one-time injection of cortisone, allowing him to rehab faster. he may get back to the most of the activities that he likes to do. >> ice should be dan's best friend. icing helps reduce swelling
9:41 am
and that swelling or affusion inside the knee, restricts his motion, and really inhibits the muscles. >> so, dan, if you are backstage watching, time to go back and grab ice. dr. stetson, thanks as always, for coming on the show. >> thanks doc. >> keep us posted dan, on what happens. all month long, the doctors are going old school, doctor's house calls are back. check out what happened when dr. sears came to the rescue of one of your favorite stars. >> action! whoo! >> i am on the set of abc family's melissa and joe's, and i am playing a housecall to melissa. >> nice meet -- to meet you. >> this is really cool. >> this is the nursery set. >> here are my three by boys. he's 7, tucker. and brady, he's shy. >> tucker is an easy baby but he heats like a pig.
9:42 am
i don't know if there's a point in which you have to stop them from eating. it's all he wants to do. >> you almost never want to limit the portions or food at this age. the only limit is what kind of food. >> my 5-year-old won't eat anything. he's the pickiest kid. >> you want to talk to the doctor quickly about why you don't eat food? >> how come you don't eat any food? >> i just eat the ones i like. >> do you play sports? >> i like baseball, and soccer. >> do you know that some, there are some foods that help you do good in baseball? and there are some foods that slow you down. your mom knows the whole list of foods that helps you score touchdowns, and hit homeruns and stuff. if you are not sure if it's a good hock tefood or -- hockey food or a bad hockey food, then ask your mom. >> say thank you to dr. jim. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming to help us out! ♪ >> thanks so much dr. sears.
9:43 am
now you heard of surgery fillers and lasers to keep you looking young bumpt would you believe that one of the latest trend no, sir younger looking -- trends for younger looking skin is a kind of tattoo? >> coming up next! >> what this pend does is it has 12 fine needles and they poke at the skin. >> i will draw a bit of pin-point bleeding. okay? coming tomorrow! all new on the doctors. >> twins, triplets, quads, quints. >> it's all about multiples. increases your chance of having multiples. >> i am miles, jordan and lance. >> what to did when you have multiples. >> and then ... >> have to stop, you can't be giving this advice. >> one of our doctors isn't who they say they are! >> oh, man, i knew it. i knew it! >> that's tomorrow. >> then on wednesday. >> in the corner of the
9:44 am
kitchen, she was on the floor, a lot of my guilt is, if i could have been there, if i could have been there and held her so she didn't die alone. could have been there and held her so she didn't die alone. >> if yand you're talking toevere rheuyour rheumatologistike me, about trying or adding a biologic. this is humira, adalimumab. this is humira working to help relieve my pain. this is humira helping me through the twists and turns. this is humira helping to protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for over ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. for many adults, humira is proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions,
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and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira , your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your doctor if humira can work for you. this is humira at work. even when you don't youhave time for a breakreak with kit kat minis. poppable, bite-sized minis that let you make break time anytime.
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>> if you watch the doctors we bring you more ways to make you look younger and your best. this is gaining popularity. we caught up with cosmetologist
9:47 am
dermatologist, sandra lee. >> this is a brand-new facial it's called a micro-pen facial. >> hi, tina. how are you? >> this is a micropen procedure, it's popular among celebrities, reportedly, kim kardashian has done it, angelina jolie, and jennifer aniston. >> this has 12 fine needles and they poke at the skin. it's kinda like an anti--aging tattoo. >> we can treat deeper things like acne scars. >> the first thing we will do is draw a bit of blood, and we are going to take the testtubes and put them in the centrfuge, and it spins them down and isolates therp-- prp. >> there's therp, the yellow the serum on top. il take this prp, put a bit around her forehead, wipe it in. >> this has been used in orthopedic and in oral
9:48 am
surgery. it increases the remodeling of the bone. >> i will use gentle motions on the forehead. this will draw a bit of pin point bleeding. increasing the penetration of that prp, there. >> and treating the check now, traction down here a bit. >> and now the upper eyelid. thru have it, the -- there you have it, the micropen facial with prp. >> it's like tattooing. those are needles there. >> i think that every year, we are going deeper and deeper into more complications to try to, you know, aging is a beautiful thing . >> yes. >> it's a natural thing. embrace your age. you are lucky to have your age. >> i agree with that. but, full disclosure. i am having a small problem with the aging process. and i have tried something very similar, it's called microneedling. there's no blood involved and
9:49 am
you do it at home, it's a roller. >> it hurts! >> no. >> aren't these hard core exfoliations. >> no, no, the theory is, when you make the small perforations in the skin, again the one they do at home, there's no bleeding, no bleeding; that you are stimulating collagen and opening up the epidermis so that any kind of serum or vitamin treatment that you put on, can penetrate, and it does bring more blood flow. how do i look? >> you look gorgeous. >> you do look great. >> all this reminds me of, is, if i face plant on my bike, come on! >> well, dr. lee, thank you for that. and we will have more on the micropen procedure at our website we will be right back! ♪ ♪ >> announcer: coming up, breaking health news you can't afford to miss! ♪ closed captioning provided by: thank you, curél. thank you, curél.
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>> noww it's time for today's news in two! >> the fda, is pulling the trug on heart-clogging transfats because they deem them a "threat to people's health" and the food industry is now required to phase out trans-fats. to say that trans-fats is bad for you is an understatement tmaybe one of the worst inventions that could have come out of the food industry, it damages the heart and this move may prevent 20,000 heart attacks each year! >> the award-winning hbo-docume the organ trade, explores the underground world of trafficking human organce. >> so many in this region sold their kidney, they formed a support group. >> many impoverished people risked their lives to make ends meet. kidneys filter waste from the
9:54 am
body and enhance red blood cell production. if they shut down, you could die. the film states every 60 minutes a human organ is sold on the black market. would you buy an organ if your life depended on it? >> carry washington is on fire! the scandal, knocked it out of the park with her obama skit. she and her husband are expecting their first baby. things were not always so great for carry. the mother to be had an eating disorder in college. she communicated her feelings instead of ask the -- ask the stuffing them down with food. >> the process of learning a second language, has great benefits to stimulating the brain and may fight off
9:55 am
alzheimer's. >> at age 61, biling wall subjects didn't show dementia until the age of 65. >> i have to tell you, nancy, it's been a privilege to hang out with you today on the set of et! . >> so nice to have you here, doctors in the house. i will tell miley, you said hello. and you want to me soy tahello to -- say hello to, george clooney . >> brad pitt. >> and there's another trend, katie holmes, and kelly osborn, are wearing wide brimmed hats. and our lovely doctor rachel rocks a mean hat! i must say. >> thank you. >> you wear a hat, seriously, seriously good. >> i must say. >> looks like a boss, huh? >> ah. >> not just a hat, but how put it on. >> you gotta do this.
9:56 am
>> a lean on the hat. >> and you gotta carry this cutie in your arms there. >> let me ask you a question, when you rock that haught look great. if i am -- that hat, you look great. >> i wear a baseball hat but my ears get burned . what kinda hat can a guy rock ? >> a sombrero? >> sun screen, put that on the ears. i make my husband do that when he goes to play golf. >> any of your skin exposed on the face, ear or neck, of course, a very prominent area for skin cancer, if a hat is not being worn, make sure you wear sun protection. a special thank you goes to nancy o'dell . >> thank yu for letting me be part of your this has been a lot of fun. we learned a lot. >> and thank you to everyone at entertainment tonight for sharing this beautiful set with us! this was a lot of fun. if you missed anything on
9:57 am
today's show, you can go to thanks so much. we will see you next time! bye, everybody! ♪ ♪
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