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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 12, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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street bridge. let's take a live look outside. here's the beltway in college park and that outer loop is looking fine. that's the outer loop right there coming around past route 195 and into silver spring. so far so good. let's go back over to the maps. this time 270. the long, slow lineup begins out of frederick leaving i-70. it will continue into clarksburg. then once you're in germantown, gaithersburg, rockville 270 doing just final. we'll go out to the american legion bridge on the west side of town. once you're here on 495 between bethesda, tysons, all the way down to springfield, that's where it slows down on the beltway south side of town. >> thanks, monika. coming up on 6:02, the philippine government says so far more than 1700 people have been confirmed dead from typhoon haiyan. the crews are searching for many or victims. >> your days aft storm swept through the philippines, food, water and medical supplies are dangerously in short supply. delia goncalves is live with more on the recovery effort.
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we have people i know who are collecting here in our area. >> reporter: literally all around the country, folks are gathering what they can from the smallest monetary donations to the largest of medical supplies, food and water trying to send to the philippines but it be get there fast enough. we're hearing doctors reported that they say far have treated a thousand people with some very deep wounds and infection but they've already run out of tetanus shots so you can imagine the situation is getting desperate. despite the official death toll, authorities estimate the typhoon killed 10,000 people leaving nine million struggling. 600,000 homeless. folks on the ground call conditions, quote, worse than hell. there are rots bodies among the debris and the city of tacloban is unrecognizable. food, water, shelter, thousands
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of people have warmed the destroyed airport awaiting relief flights out of the devastated city. filipinos here in the states working to send medical supplies and relief to family members, some whom they haven't heard from yet and others who they know fought to survive. >> my mother and my younger sister were holding on to a refrig rater floating around in muck for 45 minutes. they put the young children insides the refrigerator. we direly need help. this is for real. this is hell. >> we're surviving even though it's pretty hard. everything is gone. our houses, everything. there's nothing to eat. there's nothing to drink. >> the filipino people are very resilient in that they will be able to overcome this challenge. >> however, the u.s. ambassador to the philippines tells us he fears that the estimated 10,000 people killed by the typhoon could be even worse.
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desperation in the philippines. help is on the way. people say it's not getting there fast enough but help coming in from all around the world. more on the relief efforts and how you can help in the next half-hour. >> as bad as the images were from hurricane andrew or katrina, this is even more devastating so they really need a lot of help. >> reporter: we're hearing hurricane katrina packed winds after 120 miles an hour. this typhoon winds were 195 miles an hour. >> wow. delia, thank you. police are investigating a suspicious death in alexandria, virginia. they've not released the name of the 69-year-old victim but a relative found the body yesterday afternoon in the rose month neighborhood on elm street. officers say they'll wait for autopsy results before ruling on a cause of death. the trial of an air force officer accused of sexually assaulting a woman outside a
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crystal city, virginia bar is scheduled to begin today. lieutenant colonel jeff cue sin i ask was once -- kus -- krusinski was once head of the sexual assault investigation branch. poe middle school principal sonia swansbraugh and bethany speed are both accused of falsifying time sheets for their own financial gain. police believe they may have embezzled more than $100,000. it is 6:05. time for another your money segment. those google glasses, we've been talking about them a lot, 1500 buck as pair but they can actually save some companies money. >> that's what they're saying. google glass looks like a novelty right now. they're wearable computers that kind of work sort of maybe -- i don't know. we haven't tried them yet but a research firm is forecasting
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google glasses and other smart glasses could ultimately add more than a billion dollars a year to company profits starting by 2017. the first says smart glasses will help make employees more efficient, especially in fields where workers need both hands to complete a task. we're talking surgery or perhaps fixing a car. critics are saying these smart glasses still have a long, long way to go and of course there are all those concerns you need to get over like privacy and data security. stay tuned. we'll keep watching this trend. wal-mart is trying to boost its sales. the world's largest retailer will open its doors for black friday at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. this is two hours earlier than last year. it also plans to stagger holiday deals throughout the night and into black friday and it will increase its stock of tvs by 65% and double the number of tablets for sale that weekend. that way they're not going to run out of supplies. you should expect some pretty decent discounts in stores over the holidays.
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predictions from morgan stanley suggest that sales growth during the fourth quarter shaping up to be the weakest since 2008. sales are forecast to grow just 1.6%. s that abad for retailers -- that's bad for retailers. they are expected to roll out steep price reductions in response to attract nor customers. this is -- more customers. this is the year to find discounts, my friend. i am excited to take on that challenge. >> that's going to be quite a challenge. be careful with the foot there because those people won't care. >> hey, did you see my good news? >> no. what's your good news. >> she's advanced from her scooter to a cane. >> good job. congratulations. >> she can use that on any pushy customers trying to get in front of her. >> thank you, jess. foreclosures continue to increase in maryland while they're decreasing in other states. one organize daition is calling for a moratorium on -- organization is calling for a
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moratorium on all foreclosures statewide. yñ
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6:11. cloudy skies here. still mild, 53. but we're watching a strong cold front just north and west of us. take will be blowing through the next one to two hours. temperatures will settle between 39 and 44 by mid- morning and stay there all day long. a passing rain or snow shower but the wind chills will be in the 20s and 30s. bundle up. doppler 9000 on the seven-day in just a few minutes. sky 9 is taking a look live at the beltway at route 50, the john hansen highway, the inbound side you're looking at heading for the beltway and beyond you're going to be okay. a bit slow through the cheverly
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area as you travel inbound on route 50 this morning the lanes are open. foreclosures are declining in many states but they are actually on the rise in maryland. get this. according to realty track in maryland, foreclosures increased by 230% just in the last year. maryland has the second largest number of foreclosures in the whole nation according to data from the maryland department of housing and community development. naacp in the state conference is trying to do something about this trend. joining us now is carmen johnson, the housing committee chairwoman. you're having a town hall saturday. you are trying to get a moratorium in maryland. >> that's what we're trying to do. we're trying to get the governor to sign an executive order for a moratorium in the state of maryland for foreclosures. >> if he signs that, the banks have to cease and desist for a certain apartment of time? >> exactly. what kind of support are you getting? what kind of detractors are you getting as you try to pull this
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off? >> a lot of banks are for n. we have a lot of elected firms that are on board and -- officials that are on board and a lot that are not. >> is there a particular reason why your organization is saying, look, is it adversely feaking more african families than other races and that way the -- affecting more american families than other races and that is why the naacp is getting involved? this is for the whole state of maryland? >> there are certain counties that are hit hard in maryland, right? >> prince george's county is hit very hard in bat -- and baltimore is also. >> what would you like to foresee if this was signed? how long would you like to see the moratorium take place? >> maybe a year. i think that that will give us enough time to research the illegal foreclosures that are happening in our state. >> there's been well -- it's been well documented throughout the country that people are getting served foreclosures and the paperwork is either not accurate or shouldn't have been sent to them in the first
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place. >> or a lot of dual tracking as well. >> dual tracking, what does that mean? >> when a homeowner is going through a modification process, then the bank or the servicer turns around and auctions or sells the house. >> no kidding. >> yes. >> so what's going to happen at the event this weekend? >> we have a town hall meeting coming up at jericho church in largo, maryland, and we're asking all our elected officials to come out and listen to the homeowner. we also invited some banks out to listen to the homeowners and hear their nightmare stories on the issues they're having with their home. >> will this also help some people in the dual tracking situation, can they get legal help somehow? that seems like you're in a tight spot because you probably can't afford your mortgage. now you're going to get your house taken away and then you have to try to get an attorney to mitigate all this. >> a lot of homeowners can't afford the mortgages but when they go through the modification process, that's when the issues occur. so a lot of homeowners can't
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afford the payments but because of the missing paperwork and issues with dual tracking, it makes it impossible for them to catch up once they go through the modification process. a lot of banks or lenders will say that you have to miss a certain amount of payments in order to qualify for the modification which creates the issue for the homeowners. but there are pro bono attorneys that are out there that are helping. there's a lot of certified housing counselors that are out there helping. so a lot of people that are out there helping but we need the governor to sign the executive order to give this moratorium on foreclosures in the state of maryland. >> thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> over to you, howard my friend. we're looking at snow on the ground just before 5:30 in garrett county. this is the exit on 219 with i- 68. it's gotten better. state highway has been out there and put assault on the road there. there was magnesium chloride, one or the other.
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that's looking better. still it is snowing out in the mountains and around here, we've got cloudy skies. expecting a rain shower or maybe a passing snow shower or flurry but no big deal in the metro. even if you see a flake, it's not going to stick because temperatures will be dropping from the mid-40s at 9:00 to the lower 40s at 1:00. not moving much this afternoon but may even a stray flurry can't be ruled out. generally a cloudy day and windy and cold day with winds at times gusting to 25, 30 miles an hour or more, especially this morning. here's the front. you notice the snow here breaking up in south central pennsylvania. we're expecting this so as this comes south of us, there's a band of snow but should not be as organized when it gets toward the metro. that's why only a chance of shower or snow flurry. mix of rain and snow showers here going on from paw paw in toward hancock. certainly the higher elevations.
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savage mountain is snow covered up there. then we have rain showers to the south in southern maryland, parts of the northern neck coming out of the richmond area. you'll notice around dahlgren, south toward colonial beach, a few showers moving across the east across southern st. mary's county and the northern neck. otherwise really the cold, that's going to be the big weather story for the next couple of days. you see the chill to the north. temperatures upper 20s to low 30s. we're still holding on to 53 in d.c. winds behind the front are gusting big time as temperatures have fallen from the upper 30s from winchester to hagerstown. 40s and 50s here. manassas now gusting 38 at the airport there. martinsburg 35. gulss in the mid-20s in -- gusts in the mid-20s in fredricksburg and leesburg. cloudy skies in d.c. this morning on our michael & son weather camera, 53. north, northwesterly winds at 9:00 so the front is just about to get here over the next hour. temperatures will drop and then
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it's going to be just a blustery couple of days. our forecast today 43 is where we'll settle out. a rain or snow shower or flurry. 30 tonight. by the way, windchills today mostly in the 30s. wind chills in the teens. as we head toward tomorrow, 45. better thursday and friday in the 50s. 60s this weekend with a chance of a shower but better chance on monday. let's turn it over to monika samtani. she's got the latest on the morning commute. >> the crash in manassas battlefield route 29 at route 234. want to watch out for that and on the inbound side of i-66, very slow traffic now out of manassas. look at that. it's yellow which means it's slow but it's all the way basically in from gainesville, manassas, centreville into fairfax and then the pace improves i would say right there in vienna. let's take a live look outside. if you're planning to head northbound on 95, is started early this morning out of aquia harbor, the delays and continue
6:18 am
to woodbridge and then lorton, newington and spring field pretty much looks like this. 395 is fine through landmark and shirlington and the 14th street bridge. let's go back to the map. there's a crash on the northbound side of the bw parkway. it is at route 175 in the left lane. you've got delays beginning at route 32 on the southbound side of the bw parkway. it looks like it's slowing down as well as you come down from route 100. back to you guys. it is 6:19. here's another look at our question of the morning according to a recent survey. what's the least romantic place to propose marriage? is it a, home, b, the office or c, on the big jumbotron at a sporting event? >> oh, man. our facebook friend jacqueline smith wrote a, home would be the least. that is worse than receiving a proposal through a tech message. >> we'll have more of your responses and the correct answer in 30 minutes. [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, we've always been at the forefront of advanced electronics.
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a rabbi and his wife say they had no choice but to do the right thing. >> the couple found and also returned thousands of dollars in a desk. they bought a desk on craigslist and there were thousands of dollars in it. >> reporter: imagine buying a desk under $200 on craigslist only to find hundreds of dollars hidden inside. that's what happened to a new haven couple. a local rabbi and his wife found a huge pile of cash after buying this desk on craigslist. when the couple brought the desk home, it wouldn't fit through the door. >> the desk didn't fit into the office by a fraction of an inch. >> reporter: the couple had to pull the desk apart, including the file cabinet. behind the drawer they discovered a plastic bag filled with cash.
6:23 am
>> behind the drawers there's this plastic bag, a shopping bag. in that bag i could already see through the bag there's what looks like a hundred dollar bill. >> reporter: after a closer look. >> we opened it up and it's full of cairn. we -- of cash. we count it up and there's $98,000 sitting in the bag. >> reporter: they couldn't believe their eyes. >> right away we looked at each other and said we can't keep the money. >> reporter: they picked up the phone and called the original own gler through the bag i sort of saw like one 100 dollar bill. i'm like, oh, my gosh, there's money. i picked it up and it was pretty heavy. i counted it up and we were like oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh because -- oh, my god. >> reporter: the original owner speechless. she stuffed her inheritance in the desk forgetting where she put the money. the good samaritans returning the cash to the rightful owner. the rabbi tells me the most
6:24 am
important thing in life is to be honest. in new haven, know well guarder -- noel gardner. >> it would be pretty bad if the rabbi wasn't honest. >> you would think. >> amazing that she put her inheritance in a plastic bag and stuffed it in the back -- you know. >> she didn't want to pay taxes on it? >> and if uncle sam is listening. >> get a knock on the door. >> me? i didn't lose anything. next, monika. >> okay. >> how is it looking. >> it's looking great. this is the inbound side of the bw parkway right at the beltway. no problems to report here but there is a crash on the northbound side of the bw parkway up near route 175. i'll have that coming up in my next report. you're watching wusa9. we'll be back after the break.
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good morning. welcome back. it's going to abcold afternoon in d.c. i'm reason reasonable. -- i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. you probably could go with a middle weight jacket and then things look be changing. >> it's changed a lot since i was last out an hour ago. it will be a cold afternoon. it will be cold here by 8:00,
6:29 am
9:00. you'll need the jackets, gloves and ear muffs or hats. mostly cloudy skies now. we've got temperatures dropping to the mid-40s by 9:00 and holding in the low 40s this afternoon. maybe a passing rain or snow shower but really not much to write home about. snow showers in the mountains. we're seeing it break apart some in toward western maryland there as it approaches hagerstown coming out of hancock, through clear spring and those areas into west virginia as well. maybe a couple of rain and snow showers but that's mainly some snow. we've got a little rain snow shower activity across southern maryland and colonial beach. not quite to reedville. there's the front coming through d.c. now. temperatures behind it upper 30s winchester and hagerstown. 53 at national. the warm spot. that may be about our high for the day. winds, though, are also gusting over 30 in spots. monika? there's a crash on the northbound side of the bw parkway. it's at route 175 and we're hearing that delays begin at least at route 32 heading
6:30 am
northbound on the bw parkway. you can see somebody it must be attracting attention as well because it's quite slow coming in toward the accident scene. keep that in mind for your travel plans. i know our sky 9 is looking for the accident as we speak. let's go over to another map on the inbound side of i-66 in virginia. very slow out of manassas into centreville. kind of clears up closer to the beltway with the lanes open. we're going to end with a live look in springfield on the northbound side of 95. stop and go traffic basically up from aquia harbor to woodbridge and then lorton, newington and springfield. back to you. >> thanks, monika. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are working on. >> norah o'donnell joins us live in new york. good morning, norah. >> good morning you to, mike and andrea. ahead we're in the philippines where aid is being flown in from around the world. and we're going to hear from the american storm chaser who put his camera down to save people trapped inside their hotel rooms during the monster typhoon. plus, only on cbs this morning,
6:31 am
we spoke to the 16-year-old symbol of hope and courage. malala yousafzai, the fearless pakistan that activist who survived an assassination attempt, tells us the advice she gave president obama. the news is back in the morning so we'll see you at 7:00. >> that should be a fascinating interview. we'll be watching for that, norah. thank you. the death toll from the typhoon in the philippines now stands at more than 1700 people and officials believe this is really going to rise possibly even to 10,000. >> the united nations has released $25 million in emergency recovery funding. the u.s.s. george washington has also been defloyd to the nation. delia goncalves is live in the satellite center with more, delia? >> reporter: andrea, on that aircraft carrier, more than 5,000 sailors and about 80 airplanes. folks say help cannot get there fast enough and we're now hearing some of the relief workers on the ground having a hard time reaching survivors
6:32 am
who need help because some of the towns and villages were cut off by the typhoon. so they need that assistance and to make matters even worse, relief efforts could be even more challenging today because another rainstorm is expected to make landfall very soon. the typhoon packed 195 mile an hour winds with even more powerful wind gusts. it blasted the city of tacloban for four long hours. anest pated 10,000 people -- an estimated 10,000 people were killed, 600,000 homeless and those survivors need food, water and shelter immediately. up to 3,000 people right now we're told are at the airport waiting for relief flights out of the area. meanwhile people here at home raising money, medicine, food and water donations. we spoke to fairfax county fire's battalion chief chris schaff on the phone. his team is on the ground in the philippines.
6:33 am
>> they're working hard to try to get through. >> saws, flashlights, sleeping bags, you name it. and it's all got to go on our backs. >> don't wait for an invitation. this is a disaster. no invitation needed. help our people that are so helpless. >> heartbreaks hearing that local woman. she lives in restton and is raising -- reston and is raising millions of dollars in medical supplies shipping that over to the philippines as quickly as possible. we're hearing a number of folks here at home actually are trying to connect and locate family members in the philippines via social media. you can always help with a small donation. every little bit helps we know. you can contact your local red cross. mike, andrea, back to you. >> money is needed. that's the most important thing. thank you, delia. tomorrow secretary of state john kerry is scheduled to testify before the senate banking committee on the state of the nuclear talks with iran.
6:34 am
last friday in geneva, iran's foreign minister said, quote, a framework for a deal has been reached but by sunday the world powers had failed to reach a deal. the senate banking committee could decide after secretary kerry's testimony whether to move forward with additional sanctions against iran. today a popular business owner is going to announce he will be running for mayor of d.c. he is a long-time supporter of the current mayor but says he can't wait any more for gray to make a decision about running so he's going to announce later. as far as the attorney general's race in virginia, that is nowhere close to being over. only 17 votes out of more than two million cast separate republican state senator mark obenshain and democrat state senator mark herring. the vote is close enough for herring to petition a recount. state law allows any candidate who loses by less than 1% to
6:35 am
make that petition. 6:36. time for our final your money report. >> jessica is watching the enrollment numbers on obamacare. we're supposed to get some of the official ones later today. good morning, jess. >> good morning to you. we now have a better idea of how many people have signed up for health care through the federal government. "the wall street journal" reports that as of last week, fewer than 50,000 people have successfully made it through the process at this is just a fraction of the october target set by the white house to enroll 50,000 and likely the direct result of massive technology failures. the journal reports that health insurers were counting on higher enrollment to make their plans profitable. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius says will be fully functional by the end of this month. one of the top schools in the country is having money problems. harvard university is facing a $34 million shortfall this
6:36 am
year. the ivy league school blames pu cuts to research -- blames cuts to reseven grants and they're not the only top school with a money problem. yale has also report add deficit. you may want to take a closer look at your kids' facebook or twitter pages before they send out their college applications. 31% of 381 admissions officers check an applicant's facebook page or other social media pages to learn more about them. that's up 5% from last year, the highest percentage yet but you may not have that much to be worried about. the number of admission officers who found something that would hurt an applicant's chances dropped 5% from last year to 30%. i never would think about this but i guess that makes sense that if they're out there, you've got to check everything your kids are doing. >> you really have to sort of be your own steward of your public profile that way. >> exactly. >> thanks, jess. well, this week the crews begin removing the scaffolding from the washington monument. >> "glamour" magazine honors 12
6:37 am
outstanding women as the women of the year honorees. >> wusa9 and dc jobs trying to get you hired. service coordination is looking for what el, a service coordinator at multiple locations in maryland. no experience required. go to >> don't forget wish' always on and
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welcome back to wusa9. is it on its way? we're talking about much colder air. >> south and east of town, the front is coming. winds are kicking up, too, now and the temperatures are dropping. that 53 was at the top of the hour at reagan national. i think they'll be in the 40s by 7:00. maybe mid-40s by 8:00 as temperatures will drop and the winds will kick up. the warm stuff is leaving us for a couple of days. here's a look outside on our weather camera. mostly cloudy skies right now as this front is passing. it is dry in many areas. still can't rule out a passing rain or snow shower or a couple of flurries as temperatures drop into the low 40s here by 11:00. don't move much for the rest of the day. peeks of sun possible later this afternoon, especially north and west but a windy and
6:42 am
cold day. windchills will hold in the 30s in most areas and those winds at times will gust even over 30 miles an hour. a little band of snow which is coming down here. it is snowing even in philadelphia reported a change over to snow in most of these areas. while the mass is showing rain, this is generally just some light snow showers we're seeing in western maryland and up in the hagerstown area extending back down to the west in toward west virginia. this stuff is fairly light toward green castle now and passing harrisburg. to our south, these are rain showers that we're looking at. and this is passed fort royal. leonardtown has had light rain showers there, same in southern calvert county and even the northern neck and over toward the eastern shore. pretty light stuff. big story really the temperature change that's coming. upper 20s and low 30s this morning. behind the front we're still ahead of the front or were anyway at 6:00 with 53 degrees. the front and winds are kicking behind so 53 now. falling to 48 in baltimore.
6:43 am
lower 40s for westminster. now 40 in westminster and martinsburg. 38 for hagerstown. winchester 37. steve in cross junction 36. we know the cold air is moving and it's just a matter of time before the temperatures drop off and these winds are gusting, too. 35 martinsburg. manassas was gusting 38. now only 31. we're gusting to 22, 26 up in gaithersburg toward frederick. so low clouds here. high clouds above it as we look outside on our weather camera. 53. here go the winds, they've turned to the north, northwest at 9. they're going to start to pick up the next couple of hours as this front drops through the region. and it is going to be dropping just the temperatures. a little bit of snow in the mountains. a couple of showers here at 8:00. we'll take you toward 11:30. again a shower or two, maybe a passing flurry. no big deal. really, no big deal as it's going to melt on contact if we even do get anything that's frozen. by 2:00 still mostly cloudy with clearing trying to work in
6:44 am
late this afternoon from the northwest. and that just means a cold freezing night. 43 today. perhaps a rain are a snow shower or flurry with a little late sunshine. 30 tonight. with the winds, by the way, wind chills mainly in the 30s. teens and 20s tonight. mid-20s for the temps in the burbs. tonight lots of wind chills in the 30s. gets better thursday and friday. we'll warm up to the 50s. a short lived cold spell. 60s for the weekend with a chance of a shower saturday or sunday. better chance on monday. here's monika now with more with timesaver traffic. we've got some troubles for our morning commute. this one is the northbound side of the bw parkway. live from our sky 9 where there's a crash at route 175. for quite some time the left lane has been blocked. you're looking at the delay from at least route 32. in fact, let's take a look at our map so i can give you that perspective. route 32 heading up to 175. now it's slowing down on the southbound side as well with everyone just looking over at what's going on. it just clears up right beyond
6:45 am
the accident scene as you head southbound on the bw parkway where the lanes are open. let's go over to our next map. if you're planning to head northbound on 95, there is a crash. it's at the prince william parkway. i don't have the lane information yet. i just know it's there and it's already beginning to slow down in woodbridge. it was already heavy off and on trying to get up into triangle so i'm afraid that if it's there any longer, it could become one big slow lineup. let's take a look a little further north in springfield. getting windy. camera shaking. you can see the slow traffic from 644 heading for 495. then it's going to be off and on landmark into shirlington but 395 still in good shape. let's go to our next live shot. on the southbound side of i when-270, it's been -- i-270, it's been quite slow. it's slowing down from germantown barely moving now as you head toward the rockville area. don't have any incidents reported. it's just that heavy morning rush hour flow. annual dray ya, back to you--
6:46 am
>> andrea, back to you. 26 million people nationwide suffer from chronic kidney disease. about 700,000 patients are here in the d.c. area leading the rest of the nation. kids any disease is also the ninth leading cause of death. this weekend the national kids any foundation wants you to get dressed up to help them fight this deadly disease. joining us this morning, nicole who is a donor and rachel, a recipient. thank you both for getting up early and being with us. nicole, i'm going to start with you. this is one of the largest black tie fund-raisers for the national kidney foundation. saturday where and are tickets still available? >> tickets are still available onlie. the event is at the omni shore hotel in washington, d.c. it is the largest kidney event, the national kidney foundation and gl special guests? >> yes, the commodores are coming to play. and the theme this year is masquerade. so people will be dressed up. if you don't feel like dressing up, they'll have props there that you can use. >> that sounds like a lot of
6:47 am
fun. >> it is. >> mystery and intrigue. we need to raise money for education awareness and donor organs. rachel, you were very young when you had your first transplant. tell us about that. >> i had just turned 23 years old. i didn't know at the time that i was living with high blood pressure. i was having vision issues that led me to go into the emergency room and i discovered i was living with very high blood pressure which is the second leading cause of kidney disease. >> the first transplant came from your twin. >> my identical twin sister, stephanie, yes. >> but then it failed. you needed another transplant. how did you reach out to nicole? >> we had been living together for just a couple of months but we became fast friends and immediately were on the same wavelength. i shared with her some stories about my health and confided in her. she was al the person who was there with me for every single doctors' appointments, the most incredible friend i could have asked for. she had offered to donate to me after a couple of months of knowing each other.
6:48 am
as the appointments unfolded-- >> they wanted you to get a nonfamily member. >> because of the recurrence, they wanted me to look outside of my family. >> and there she was. >> nicole, what are some things that a donor needs to consider before -- after they offer really going through with it? >> well, the transplant program, we had our transplant at georgetown, they -- there is a screening process. you go through a lot of medical examinings and i was never afraid to donate because if -- they won't let you donate if it's a risk to you in the future. so i never had any fears. we went through the process seamlessly and we donated in may of this year. >> that's amazing. you both look very healthy. you're doing well. and you've also started something to pay it forward. >> that's right. after my first transplant i learned about the waiting list which is more than 100,000 people in this country who are waiting for a transplant. i wanted to work with patients who are on dialysis using art.
6:49 am
i got my masters in art therapy. we started an organization called kind dread kidneys. we work with patients while they're going through dialysis using art as expression. >> the ball is at the omni shore on saturday. tickets are still available. we have a link at it should be a fun time for a worthy cause. these two women are examples of the success of this ball. thanks for being [ male announcer ] want to upgrade your entertainment?
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6:54. mostly cloudy. the front is past d.c. winds kicking out of the northwest and looking at temperatures dropping. right now we're looking at temperatures in the low 50s but we'll be in the 40s next hour
6:53 am
and we're going to hold 39 to 44 later this morning into the afternoon. just a slight chance after passing rain or snow shower. in the news right now, the nation's catholic bishops are meeting this week in baltimore while they will be electing new leaders. the vatican's ambassador to the u.s. told the assembly that pope francis wants american bishops to make catholics feel more at home in the church. he also says bishops should stay away from the hot button issues and focus on mercy instead. more than two years after damaged in the earthquake, repairs on the washington monument on the outside are complete. workers will begin to remove the scaffolding around the building. it will take about three months to finish that. they're still repairing things on the inside. the national park service is on track to open the monument next spring. last night "glamour" magazine held its 2013 women of the year awards in new york. 12 women, including lady gaga, carey washington, gabby giffords were among the honorees. this year's event supports the
6:54 am
malala fund. it helps programs that support education for girls around the world. it's time to answer our question of the morning. according to a recent survey, what is the least romantic place to propose marriage? is it a, home, b, the office, c sporting events? >> our facebook friend terry lynn wrote b, none sound romantic. she says it's b, the office. >> she's right, the answer is the office. >> don't propose at the office. come on, man. >> it doesn't matter where it is. >> you'll hear it for the rest ready?
6:55 am
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6:58. cold front coming through. temperatures will drop settling in the 30s this afternoon -- settling in the 40s this afternoon. some snow showers. nothing will stick. it's all in the mountains. 45 tomorrow as we head toward thursday and friday we'll warm up into the 50s.
6:58 am
northbound on the bw parkway, the crash at route 175 was cleared. the outer loop you can see is slowing down in the distance at route 1 heading around into college park. >> cbs this morning is next. you know you took those pictures like this. the leaning tower of peeza losing its lean. howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with weather and traffic. >> i'll see you with ♪
6:59 am
good morning. it is tuesday you november 12th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." the world races to save millions of typhoon victims. seth doane is at the heart of the disaster scene in the philippines. the newest blow to obama care. how the white house enrollment expectations could be off by 80%. plus the miami dolphins owner breaks his silence and turns to hall of famers for help in that bullying scandal. but with begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> you've got to help us. everything is gone. >> a desperate fight for life in the philippines. >> that death toll is now approaching 1800, but it is expected to go well in the thousands. >> the challenge really is to get the


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