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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 13, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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newest university poll, which puts the president's approval at 39%. congress' job approval rating fits at just 8% according to real clear politics. it was downright chilly out there today. good time to pull out the winter gear. first alert chief meet railings, topper shutt, is doing his happy dance from the weather center. it will be even colder tonight, right? ingly don't right. >> i don't know if i do the happy dances for the cold weather. first time national got down to 32. we were in the 20s in the suburbs, but that happened several times so far this season. officially, 32 at national. we had a 25-degree reading at dulles. 28 out toward leesburg this morning. 28 in frederic. and i think you take about 2 to 5 degrees off of these temperatures. right now, 37 gaithersburg.
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43 in manassas. 42 downtown. already 39 up in baltimore. what does it feel like? 39 downtown. feels like it's in the mid 30s in the suburbs. and about 37 in manassas. where it's really cold, oakland. feels like it's 11. davis feels like it's 7. so for tonight, clear skies, colder. 22 to 32. winds will kick out of the southwest at 10. we'll come back and talk about the significance of those southwest winds. >> all right, topper, thank you. right now, a jury is deliberating the case against an air force officer accused of groping a woman outside a crystal city bar. the irony, lieutenant journal once led the bran's sex assault response team. surae chin joins us live from the courthouse with the latest. surae. >> january, jurors just got the case around 3:30 this afternoon and so they have been deliberating now for an hour and a half. both sides made strong arguments. the prosecution says that 42- year-old, u.s. air force
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lieutenant colonel broke the 23- year-old woman outside of the beach bar six months ago in crystal city. prosecutors say he then asked if she liked it. well, his attorney says it was all an accident. that everyone was drunk. that may be his hands brushed against her buttox, but nothing was intentional. then the defense attorney turned the tables and said after the incident, it was the woman who beat up on the lieutenant colonel repeatedly punching him while holding her cell phone. the air force lieutenant colonel gained attention at a time when sexual abuse was highlighted. plus, headed the air force sex assault prevention and response team. ray martin was bar tending at freddie's back in may. ran outside to tend to the lieutenant colonel. >> try to see what the
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injuries were and then asked that same employee to call an ambulance. my personal gut feeling is it was an accident. that it was innocent. >> and then -- >> it escalated out of control. >> now he was originally charged with misdemeanor sexual battery, but a few months ago, it was dropped to a regular assault and battery charge. we'll stay here until a verdict is rendered. but for now, that is the very latest. back to you, jan. >> all right, surae. in some other news, investigators made a gruesome discovery today while putting out a car fire. sky 9 flew over the scene on brokeridge in prince georges county where fire crews found a badly burned body. homicide detectives are now on the scene. >> prince william county police are asking for your help
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in a murder investigation. the victim is a 78-year-old man and he was found dead inside his home yesterday in the 3400 block of caldonia circle. police say they made the discovery after receiving a call from a woman who had come to visit the victim. he was pronounced dead on the scene. how one of the areas leading experts on transportation was gunned down in his home remains a mystery. alexandria police continue to investigate the shooting of ronald kirby. he was the director of transportation planning for the metropolitan washington council of government. kirby was found shot to death this week in his home. wusa9 is live there in alexandria with more on just a heartbreaking story. >> alexander police say no arrests have been made. police say that, well actually, the person or persons responsible are still out there. now police say that they are still considering this a
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homicide. no charges have been filed. they are still considering a homicide and not a murder. detectives were on scene at the kirby house earlier today and really throughout the day for a few hours sorting through more evidence. authorities say today was about following up on leads. they were talking to kirby's family, trying to piece together a time line and figure out exactly what happened on that monday. now what we do know is that kirby was found at 12:30 monday afternoon shot multiple times. police say he was found by a relative, but they have not released who that relative was. kirby has two adult children. this is a quiet neighborhood. not see a whole lot of action. there is hardly any traffic through here, let alone police and media activity. neighbors tell me they are concerned that whoever is responsible for this is still out there. >> yeah, i think everybody still thinks about it. that was my and my husband's first thought. >> there's someone still out there?
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>> is there? yeah, we don't know. >> now despite those fears, police stress that they are on top of this and neighbors should not be concerned. live in alexandria. >> thanks. the desperation for food and clean water is growing in the philippines with 600,000 people now homeless after the typhoon. the death toll stands at 2300 and police are doing their best to keep lewders off the streets. in los angeles, home to the largest philippine population outside the philippines, many anxiously await word from family members of the disaster area. that story and more on the relief efforts. >> security forces are patrolling the streets after lewders raided a rice warehouse. the wall collapsed. typhoon victims desperate for food ran off with thousands of sax of grain. some survivors are looking for water. hundreds of bodies littered the area and the fear is, disease
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will spread. ramon traveled for two days from saudi arabia to find his hometown and house in ruins. overcome to find his family safe. in los angeles, they have been nervously waiting to hear from family members in the philippines. their six-year-old niece and 12- year-old nephew were missing for days. tuesday night, they got word through facebook that children survived, but are struggling. >> do they have enough food right now? >> no, that's the last thing we heard, they don't have anything to eat. >> the children lost everything. >> the house was no longer like a house. >> hundreds of victims are lining up for military flights to another island. thousands of tons in aide arrived from around the world. but with runways damaged and roads blocked with debris, it's been impossible to get supplies to many victims. cbs news, los angeles.
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so far, that typhoon has impacted more than 11 million people. united nations is releasing $25 million in emergency relief which does include funds pledged by con countries around the world. >> this happened on saturday, october 26, on statten road southeast. sometime after the fight, the man shot two people. that man right there, they say. one man died and a woman is recovering from her injuries. take a close look at this video and call police if you have any information. >> hundreds of cab drivers protested outside the d.c. taxi cab commission today. they have had enough of the city towing cabs that don't have dome lights or credit card readers now required by law. the teamster back drivers say they have to stop and they have filed a lawsuit. the drivers say they face obstacles out of their control when it comes to installing
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readers. >> investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a series of fires that destroyed cars, vans, and buses at a local park. this is the scene at watkins regional park. 11 vehicles found burning in a parking lot there this morning. ten of those vehicles belong to the maryland national capitol park and planning commission. one did not. investigators say that vehicle might have been stolen. >> and this just into our newsroom right now. the jury has reached a verdict in the case against an air force officer accused of groping a woman outside a crystal city bar. surae chinn joins us live from outside the courthouse with that verdict. what was it, surae? >> a not guilty verdict. he was acquitted on one charge of assault and battery. we are just learning about this in the last few minutes while we were on the air. that's when the verdict was read. again, all seven jurors, two women, five men, rendered the verdict of not guilty.
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so lieutenant colonel is free and he has been accused and allegedly groped a 23-year-old woman outside of a crystal city bar called freddie's beach bar back in may. six months ago. i can say that just outside right now, this possibly could be the lieutenant colonel talking to media right now. we also saw his mother walk out of the courtroom out here on the streets. she made no comment. we are going to try after we get out of here live and talking with you, we will try to get some more reaction. but right now, a not guilty verdict for the lieutenant colonel, u.s. air force member allegedly, or accused of groping a 23-year-old woman outside while he was drunk. now he is acquitted of that misdemeanor assault and battery charge. jan, that is the very latest. back to you. >> thank you. another rough morning commute on the metro for red line commuters. a track problem between dupont
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circle led to delays of more than 30 minutes. some riders took to twitter demanding that metro make it a free trip when the delays are excessive. one commuter tweeted paying for the horrible service is just wrong. remember this guy who took it upon himself to step up and mow the lawn at the national mall during the government shutdown? a charity presented chris cox with a chain saw and some cash for his efforts. the crowd raised $1800 to pay cox for his hard work. some scary moments for passengers and crew on an american airlines plane. the bowing 757 made an emergency landing because of a crack on the cockpit windshield. the plane did end up landing in orlando last night and none of the 150 people on board was hurt. still no word on what caused that crack. still ahead, native americans take their campaign for a redskins name change to the white house today. wry's leshan brings us their
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story at 5:30. >> and then after the break, neither candidate is willing to concede in the virginia attorney general race. >> also coming up, sentencing began for one of the world's most notorious gangsters. what victim family members had to say to james up next.
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convicted murder came face to face with his victim's families at a sentencing hearing today. the 84-year-old gangster could get life in prison for a string of murders and other crimes. at least a dozen family members of victims asked to speak at day two of his hearing. one called bulger say tin, a
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satin. >> both sides are still hoping to win the attorney general seat. democrat, mark herring, picked up one more vote this morning and is ahead of the republican by 164 votes. that is out of more than 2 million votes cast. peggy fox is in richmond where the trailing candidate announced his transition team today. >> reporter: that's right, the democrat set up a transition team and they are confident the votes are accurate and he is going to win. republicans have layed the ground work for a potential lawsuit raising objections in fairfax county. today, here in richmond, mark echoed those concerns, making sure every vote counts. >> it would be full hearty for someone to bet the proposition that they were going to wind up having the coin land on their
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side. >> republican senator, mark obenshain said it was foolish to claim victory. that's the 164 vote victory between him and mark herring. virginia voters have spoken and i'm honored to have won their votes and trust to become virginia's next attorney general. >> this is no mans land. nobody has gone through this process in virginia. and with a .007 of a percent difference between the two candidates, i think it's anybody's geez. >> obenshain pointed to the last tight race between bob mcdonnell for attorney general in 2005. >> there was 120 plus vote swing eight years ago. >> obenshain said it's possible when the state board
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finishes, the tally could swing his way. >> it would be premature to talk about intention to declare or to call for a recount or to file a lawsuit or any other concrete plans until we know what the state board of elections has concluded. >> reporter: even though there is fund raising going on for a potential recount, obenshain won't say if he will request one. waiting for that review of the state board of elections which concludes on november 25. after that, the candidates have ten days to request a recount. in richmond, peggy fox, wusa9. >> and tonight, a maryland candidate for governor announces her running meat, democrat heather is expected to announce her lieutenant governor during a rally at 5:30. it begins in ten minutes at the american legion on slygo avenue in silver spring. now h and m had a grand opening for its home collection
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store today. so in addition to home goods, the store will also sell clothes for both men and women. first 300 people in line this morning and they were pretty happy about that. they got free stuff. it's cold out there today, not this cold though. we want you to take a look at this water fountain in lacrosse, wisconsin. as you can see, most of it frozen solid. a little bit of water still coming down there through the ice. looks like a little ice sculpture. i think i can wait longer for that to happen in our area. >> i'll go along with that. >> you would? >> that's ahead of schedule. >> absolutely. although, the coldest night of the season is tonight and this morning was the first time national got down to 32. >> every bit -- >> it's one of those things where good news, the winds die down, bad news, the winds die down, temperatures go lower. let's start with a live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. traffic is buzzing along by the kennedy center.
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temperatures 42 downtown. now the relative humidity only 37%. so we have a perfect recipe for a cold night. clear skies, low humidity, and winds pretty much under 5 miles an hour. that means the temperatures will fall like a stone tonight. satellite picture, radar combined. mainly clear skies. a couple hours we had a period of clouds across the metro area. for the most part, it was sunny and cold. gives you an idea of how cold the air mass is. never got above 45. right now, 40 in college park. a lot of 30s showing up. 39 in laurel. 38 in bowie. 39 in reston and 38 in fairfax. so, temperatures are already starting to take a dive. coldest so far tonight, grab your hat and gloves along with your coats. looking at the bus stop temperatures tomorrow, 23 to 35 and of course, high schoolers get the coldest brunt of the morning. milder air returns though on thursday. so a cold start and milder finish. so for tonight, clear skies, even colder, 22 to 32.
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temperatures downtown about the same. but some of the suburbs as opposed to mid 20s last night, low 20s tonight. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, breezy, cold start. 20s and 30s, but that southwest wind we talked about, that's a milder wind. mostly sunny, breezy, milder. now still with 55, you are going to need a jacket. so, trade the coat in for a jacket. winds southwest 10 to 15. pretty much all day. right around 30 to start downtown. of course, these are downtown temperatures and the suburbs in the 20s to start. 39 by 9:00. maybe 47. still chilly by 11:00 and walk into lunch, still 52 degrees. i would say a light coat would be a good idea. next three days, 54 tomorrow. breezy and milder. a fine finish on friday. nice on saturday. we are back into the low 60s on saturday. next seven days, we're going to keep those 60s over the weekend with an creasing chance of showers, especially by sunday.
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looking at low 60s, upper 60s on sunday. pretty good chance of showers during the end of the day. wouldn't change your plans. rain and showers and colder. only 48 on tuesday and that's a high. only 38 on wednesday and that might be optimistic. >> okay. >> okay. all right. 60s, so merry christmas. >> thank you. very early. >> i have just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. the anchor man exhibit opened up at the museum tomorrow. we have a sneak preview coming up at 5:55. even more horrifying than that, more and more drivers are doing behind the wheel. we're back after this.
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pope francis is an internet sensation. he outranks kate middleton. the pope's twitter account scores very high. his handle was the fourth most talked about. the survey comes from the global language monitor. the most talked about word. it tracks top talkers on the web. >> that will be one of the kindest on the planet. many drivers are doing more
5:25 pm
than just talking and texting while behind the wheel a. new study finds one in four drivers are going online. that figure has doubled from when the survey was done four years ago. the worst culprits are drivers between the ages of 18 and 29 and their numbers have jumped from 29 to 49 percent. the survey was done by state farm insurance. we have this youtube apology. surprise, surprise, from the cofounder of lumulemon. >> i'm sad. i'm really sad. i'm sad for the reprecushions of my actions. i'm sad for the people who i care so much about that have really had to face the brunt of my actions. >> that was chip wilson responding to comments he made last week on bloomberg tv. he did that in an interview. he said the company's yoga pants do not work for some women's bodies. and his wife gave him the look. that was not -- that was not a good car ride for the interview. >> are you kidding me?
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>> okay. still ahead, toronto's drug taking mayor explains why he chose the smoke crack. plus, alec baldwin describes his stalking situation as something out of a hitch cock film. our hollywood news coming up. and takes center stage in front of the white house today. >> and you're watching wusa9 news at 5:00. thanks for joining us.
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taking a quick look at your top stories. a jury found an air force officer accused of groping a woman outside a crystal city bar not guilty. lieutenant who led the sex assault response team is a free man. the white house released the obama care signup numbers, 106,000 people signed up for the obama care insurance. fewer than 27,000 used the federal site. >> now to the washington redskins name change controversy. some native americans spoke out against the team name at the triable nations conference. bruce leshan was there. what happened? >> native american activists say they will not quit until they force owner, dan schneider, to change the team name. but there is no sign that schneider is banding. >> it's an ugly word.
5:30 pm
>> outside the interior department where the obama administration is meeting with hundreds of triable leaders, anger over the name of the washington team. >> stereotypical. it is disparaging, it's racist. >> how will it affect a 6 and 8-year-old kid growing up. >> the indian nation that is leading the campaign presented the president with a jersey from the high school which changed its name from the r word to the hawkeyes. he said he would think about changing the name. >> thank you, god bless you. god bless the united states of america. >> he said nothing at wednesday's conference. >> this is called an honor, a round house. >> not that an opinion is unanimous in indian country. chief brown is one of the virginia tribes struggling for federal recognition. he embraces the washington name. >> of course it's a great
5:31 pm
honor. >> we are human beings. change the name. >> change the name. >> change the name. >> but change the name collected videos from native americans demanding a change and the national congress of native americans launched an ad campaign offering team names and mascots that are unquestionably offensive. so what is the alternative? >> the term, warrior, the term chiefs are honorary positions within the tribe and i am okay with that. >> i did talk to a triable leader outside that conference who said he has no problem with the team name. but he declined to go on camera and say that. jan. >> all right, bruce. and a magazine cover, alec baldwin leads tonight's headlines. entertainment reporter who has the best shoes on this side of northwest. which we should show them to you is here with more. so let's start with alec
5:32 pm
baldwin. he has a stalker, somebody who wants to be a stalker. seems a little nutty. this is drama come to real life, you know, he has a stalker, there's a trial going on. he has been thrown into jail for 30 days for being contempt of court. she is accused of stalking him, really intensely, you know, multiple, multiple, dozens of voice mails every day. hundreds of e-mails every day. >> brought him to tears. >> yeah, you know, there's one newspaper said they were crocodile tears, of course, and alec baldwin is not known for holding his temper or being a calm person. who knows what is going on there. he says he has been shaken up and his wife has, too. >> i'm sure the wife has been shacken up, because the allegation is he had a sexual relationship with this woman. >> he is saying absolutely not. and those are her outbursts in court. that's why she was in contempt of court. she's like, you're lying, you know the truth. you know what happened. so, this is he said, she said,
5:33 pm
really. >> truth is somewhere inbetween. okay. angelina jolie has a new movie and new trailer. we want to show our folks at home what it looks like before we talk about it. >> i know who you are. a shadow has been following me ever since i was small. >> all right. a little creepy here. not just a movie, it's cool. what's your thoughts on this? >> i don't know what it's going to be rated. i think angelina looks amazing. she's really, you know, invested in the role. she is playing that part really, really well. >> spectacular transformation. we say creeped out, i mean, she is scary good looking. >> and in the trailer, she says no, you should be afraid. i think we all are creeped out. next year into may it's coming out. highly anticipated.
5:34 pm
highly. >> is it my turn? >> yes. we are talking about carrie washington. my favorite scandal girl. i was running my mouth two seconds ago and then you come to me. what is up with this? i mean, this is just, she can't take a bad picture, but this is just bad. >> it is bad. and i love carrie, scandal is amazing. i don't know what happened. what is this? you know. >> we know that the celebrities approve these covers, so did she not approve this? >> really, the editor in chief of lucky magazine is really smart and chic and fun. i get the fun factor, but that doesn't look like carrie. she looks wind swept. >> it doesn't look like her complexion. it looks like they lightened her skin. she has been on spectacular covers. she is beautiful anyway. that is not the one, that's not our favorite. >> no. >> and finally, let's talk
5:35 pm
about kate hudson. she made a comment that is very surprising and i love kate hudson. she can't afford designer clothes. what was the context of this? >> i love that she said that, because from the outside looking in, it's glamour, glitz, and everyone thinks that jay j lo, she has a closet of designer dresses. these are 3,000, 7,000 a pop, you know, and kate hudson kept it real. she said i borrow them. i can't afford to buy all those dresses. >> she said look, i got two kids. i have tuition, but none of us are going to get to borrow a $20,000 dress. i mean, we might like to borrow it, but the truth is, normal people are not going to get to do that. >> her mom raised them, you know, they didn't go shopping a ton and she recognizes she had a privileged upbringing, but she has a mind set that i can't be splurging on my dresses when my kids tuition.
5:36 pm
no, you have no sympathy. give it back, and that's what she's doing. >> thanks for coming in. >> of course. >> after the break, the city council really lights into toronto's mayor. top. >> well, sun has gone down. temperatures are falling. here are the temperatures. 30s in most of the suburbs, 42 downtown. yes, but 36 in gaithersburg. 39 in leesburg. we'll come back and be surprised how cold we get tonight. might be surprised how far we
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well, if you are a public official who admits smoking crack a scandal doesn't end after a confession. >> the toronto city council voted 37 to 5 to ask the mayor to take a leave of office. before that, ford made a confession about his history with illegal drugs. >> mr. mayor, do you still have zero tolerance for drugs, guns, and gangs? >> absolutely. >> mr. mayor, can you tell me how that applies to you? >> just answered that question. >> mr. mayor, have you purchased illegal drugs in the
5:40 pm
last two years? >> yes, i have. >> ford says he took drugs out of sheer stupidity and he's not addicted, but he is not stepping down from office and he plans to run for reelection next year. >> at least he was honest. >> coming up, the nfl player's union teams up with the cleveland clinic to screen its retires players for physical and neurological problems. but up next, remember ryan? when we first met him, he was addicted to heroin. but now, he is in rehab and we have an update on the young man who had so many of you reaching out to help. ózç
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only on 9, we have a followup on one of our most talked about stories. five months ago, andrea mccarren and joe martin introduced us to ryan. a 21-year-old heroin junky who struggled with his addiction. >> ann andrea and joe headed to north carolina where ryan is getting help. >> this unique program in durham, north carolina, is ryan's sixth time in treatment and so far, his most successful. he has been clean now for three
5:44 pm
months. the longest period he has been drug and alcohol-free since the age of 14. >> is there anything i could have said or done to stop you? >> no. >> the last time we saw ryan, hope was in painfully short supply. >> addiction is the devil. it's a disease from hell. i don't want to get high anymore. i just can't stop. >> what are you looking for? >> cigarettes. >> living on the streets, even spending some desperate nights sleeping in a hospital's maternity ward, ryan's life has become a cycle of failed attempts at rehab. >> are you scared at this point that you are going to die on the streets? >> no. i'm not scared. that would help me. put me out of my misery.
5:45 pm
>> one evening, just days after ryan had been beaten, he had a black eye and was quickly losing weight. we dialed the number for trosa and handed him the phone. >> i looked like a whole different person. i was skinny and beat up and i didn't care about anything. i really didn't care. as you can see. i didn't care. >> this is what ryan looks like today. despite an abscess tooth that slightly swells his cheek, he says he feels 100% physically. >> definitely hope, because for me, nobody thought i would get it after the first, fourth, fifth times. you know, he's never going to stop. >> mentally, it is still challenging, but the program structure helps. >> it's not going to happen. >> ryan works six days a week
5:46 pm
to earn his keep. instilling a strong work ethic is a key value of the program. >> but you have to want it. >> yeah, you have to want it. there's no half wanting it. 99% wanting it. it's all or nothing. >> works good, makes me feel good. >> ryan's job is at a successful moving company. voted best in the area for several years running. >> you earn everything here, nothing just comes. you earn everything. it's rewarding to work hard. >> better than what i was doing. >> he gained at least 20- pounds. and some much-needed confidence. >> it was just looking in the mirror and thinking that i'm a failure, you know, that i can't get it right. what am i going to do? now it's like, well stepped up. >> break all my meals.
5:47 pm
>> we showed him our original story shot in june and just how far he's come. >> it's crazy. germany, france, pakistan. >> we also shared the extraordinary support ryan has received from strangers around the world. following his story on social media. >> that's all i can say really. i don't know what else to say. >> today, that e louis uv hope that seemed impossible five months ago is now abundant. >> i'm still in the process. it's far from being over. but it's starting to work. i feel good and there's hope again. it wasn't there before. >> ryan is working hard take things one day at a time. he still has 21 months until he graduates. in durham, north carolina,
5:48 pm
andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> we are still pulling for you, ryan. we're going to have more on the program and why it seems to work for so many addicts coming up tonight on wusa9 news at 11:00. >> well, wusa9 news at 6:00 is just a few minutes away and don't have to wait long for that. derek is in the newsroom with a preview. hi. >> hey there, lesli. now that we have official obama care enrollment figures, we will crunch the numbers in d.c., maryland, and virginia, and go over the different healthcare choices you're going to have, depending on which one you live in. plus, despite last week's loss to the vikings, skins fans and even some of the redskins themselves are still talking playoffs. playoffs. we'll hear from the players just ahead of the rematch against the eagles. we're going to hope for better. lesli, i'll see you at 6:00. >> helping you plan your day. wusa9's first alert weather. >> come on, top, there's still some hope. >> hope springs eternal. >> it's not out of the
5:49 pm
question. >> wow. they get your heart and rip it out. usually about the fourth quarter. >> i know, they did last year, too, but still made it. >> anything is possible. i'll tell you what, tonight without the wind, it will be one of the coldest nights we have seen so far. it's our live michael and son weather cam. temperature downtown still in the low 40s, but most folks in the 30s already. look at the relative humidity. only 37%. that's pretty low. pretty dry air mass. clear skies, low winds. that's a good combination of a cold nonet. winds now west, northwest at 5. they are beginning to turn a little bit and become southwest tomorrow which is a milder win. 39 rockville. 37 reston. 37 in fairfax. these are stray temperature, not windchills. 39 in college park. 34 in new hampshire avenue by white oak and 38 in old town. so no windchills tonight, but still dress for the 20s and 30s. if you're out late, it will be in the 20s.
5:50 pm
coldest night so far. grab a hat and gloves along with your coat tonight. bus stop temperatures 23 to 35 and high school kids get the coldest part of the morning. milder or will return on thursday. although still a little below average. clear skies, even colder tonight. 22 to 32. winds turn southwesterly and 10. tomorrow morning, pick up a little bit and drive in some of the mildest air, but a cold start, 22 to 32. by afternoon, 51 to 56. breezy and milder. then we're looking at breezy and cooler by evening, 47 to about 52. so, the next three dais, we're going in the right direction here. 54 tomorrow. near 60 on friday. good for high school football. and then low 60s on saturday with partly cloudy skies. resisted putting a drop in there. next seven days, drop in on sunday, but it's warmer. upper 60s. that's a good tradeoff and mid 60s on monday. rain and showers, colder on tuesday, upper 40s. colder still on wednesday. >> top, sports lead to
5:51 pm
concussions, such a big concern. the nfl player's association is announcing a big step to help former football players. coem has the details. >> charlie's experience concussions when he was a quarterback for the pittsburgh steelers. he is preparing for life after football and wants a long-term game plan for his health. >> concussions are always going to be a concern and it's something that you don't know how your body is going to react 10 to 15 years down the road. >> he is signing up for a new program called the trust, which is part of a collective bargaining agreement. retired players can sign up for a physical and neurological evaluation. >> there is data out there, studies to suggest that these players may be at greater risk for alzheimer's or parkinson's disease and even als. so, you know, with that certainly comes decline. >> doctors at the cleveland
5:52 pm
clinic and two other sites help potential brain and health problems so former players can receive treatment earlier. the trust is long overdue. >> if we can help identify what some of those problems may be, maybe that will solve long- term problems. >> the program is free. anyone who has played at least two seasons can join the roster. coem, cbs news, new york. >> the player's union received $22 million from the league to set up the trust. the program will also provide financial and career advice. it's not over yet. coming up, what is next now that a winner has been declared by less than 200 votes in virginia's attorney general race. >> but up next, ten years ago, tv news anchor hit the big screen. now he has a place in one of our areas most popular museums. >>
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
all right, sequel won't be released, but a new exhibit opens tomorrow at the museum here in washington. >> nancy reports that behind all those jokes, there is a lot of truth about the evolution of television news. >> stop what you're doing and listen. >> the nation's most pompous local news anchor went into theaters nearly ten years ago, leaving behind a host of memorable lines. >> you stay classy, san diego. >> i'm a big deal. >> i love scotch. >> i love scotch. scotch, scotch, scotch. >> now, will ferrell's
5:56 pm
favorite character found a place in the premier journalism museum. >> pop culture and this movie is a pop culture fee no phenomenon is a legitimate mix of story telling. >> kathy cure rated the exhibit. >> this is the famous jazz flute. >> let's go. ♪ [ music ] reporter in the field, brian fontana special cologne. >> it is illegal in nine countries. >> it's on display here. so is the whip used in one of the movies most famous scenes. the ratings war. san diego's rival news team have a rumble and a parking lot faceoff and there's great damage that occurs. and of course, luke wilson loses an arm. >> veronica's 70 power suits
5:57 pm
have also been preserved. >> i love all her lapels are out to here. >> but behind the humor, the exhibit addresses a serious issue. >> it is anchor man. not anchor lady. >> women breaking news barriers. >> there really was a time when women were fighting for equality on the news desk. >> thanks for stopping by. >> stay classy. >> thanks for stopping by. >> all right, i'm looking forward to that one. anchor man 2 starring will ferrell, steve carell, and christina applegate opens in theaters on december 20. tonight, folks, we are learning just how dismal the enrollment numbers are on >> we'll have those figures in just a moment. first, here's the most important moment and the most important story from your world today in 90 seconds. >> lawmakers are asking the
5:58 pm
government's chief technology officers what could have been done to prevent a disastrous loss. >> nobody in this room believes that republicans want to fix the website. >> it is an extremely difficult drive as each mile passes, the destruction worsens. finally after four hours, we reach the eye of this storm. night falls -- one by one, grandpa greets his son. >> have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years? >> yes, i have. >> and the counselors agree the mayor should step aside. an apology should be enough. >> i really passed up and that's it. >> there's a good chunk of the morning where it seemed like there was one accident after another. drivers sliding sideways into guardrails and into other
5:59 pm
vehicles. >> tension all jet eye hopefuls. disney and lucas are accepting online addition and j.j.abrams. >> i'm a professional cuddler. >> there are ground rules. >> not about the adult side. >> she tells their clients only to touch her where it would be appropriate to touch a child. sam says there is a skill here that is worth $60 an hour. >> beautiful. >> today, the obama administration announced just how low insurance enrollment has been on more than 106,000 people signed up for health insurance plans in the first month of operation. most did so through the state exchanges with less than 27,000 signing up through the federal exchange. the white house initially hoped for 500,000 enrollees, but


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