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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  March 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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shooter into custody. if possible, residents are being asked to head to their basements or the lowest spot of their homes or someplace inside their homes, not near windows, for safety. stay with fox 5 for the latest as we get more information. we have a reporter headed to the scene. first up at 6:00, the parents of hannah graham and morgan harrington heard jesse matthew admit to killing their daughters in court today. graham disappeared in 2014, handwriting tony disappeared in 2009. in return for his plea matthew has avoided the dealt pinlt and will spend the rest of his life in jail without parole. paul wagner starts us off live in charlottesville. >> he said his taurt was a heroine, basically because in
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her death she captured a predator. let's show you some video we shot earlier today. just before 1:30 this afternoon, jesse matthew was escorted into the courtroom. the parents of morgan harg ton and hannah graham made victim impact statements. hannah's mother telling the court she misses having tea on the couch and snuggling with her daughter. surveillance video captured the two together near some downtown bars. video her father says the family will not soon forget. you would be hard-pressed to find anyone in this community who doesn't know what 2-4-1 means to the harringtons. at the end of her comments jill flashed those
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the day she disappeared, morgan had said good-bye to her mother with those numbers, meaning i love you, too much, forever and once more. >> overriding priority is that matthew will never be able to inflict his deparagraphty on young women. the agreement meets the objective which we regard as a public safety imperative. matthew's deeds show he's far too dangerous to allowed to be free. >> the fine alty and the accountability that has been achieved today with this plea agreement will allow our family to redirect energy into healing and recovery, both are areas that we have neglected during our quest for justice for morgan. >> reporter: jesse matthew did no
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family member came outside and issued a statement on behalf of the matthew family saying they had apologized for what jesse had done. live in charlottesville, paul wagner, fox 5 local news. >> fox 5 is in fairfax county tonight where a centerville high school student was found dead inside of her home. she died from a suspected heroin overdose. tisha lewis joins us with the latest. >> reporter: this is reportedly the second death caused by a heroin overdose in fairfax county this week. they confirm that the identity of the student in this case is 17-year-o 17-year-o 17-year-old alexia springer. grieve counselors are here. it's a kal that no parent ever wants to receive, the teen who police say died from complications from dug use. springer was
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centerville high school. a facebook page has been started in her memory. all of this comes one day after springer was found inside this centerville house tuesday morning. police went to the home after receiving a report that a woman was dead. springer lived here and was reportedly found by a friend who spent the night. we did speak with a student who says springer was beautiful inside and out and he was stunned by her death. >> that's actually really horrible. it just makes you think just drugs in general just aren't worth it. because it's better -- a temporary booze or temporary high isn't worth your whole life. and it's really sad that someone has to lose their life over something like that. >> we're told that the school did have a vigil in springer's memory here at the school last night. grief and crisis counselors will rein
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i did ask a spokesperson if they are going to be reviewing or revamping their curriculum on drug education and prevention he said he would look into it and get back to me. in fairfax county the number of deaths reportedly caused by a heroin overdose have doubled in the last year. tisha lewis, fox 5 news. >> fox 5 has confirmed yet another lawsuit filed against schools. deonte carraway faces charges taping children engaged in sex acts. this latest lawsuit claims a nine and a half-year-old victim told his teacher about the abusz. she told him i don't believe you. go sit down. the board of education, the superintendent and the principal are all named in that suit. >> outrage and frustration today in a montgomery county courtroom all directed towards a woman who
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while on probation for killing two men in another drunk driving crash. she is likely headed back to prison. bob barnard has the story. >> reporter: prosecutors call kelly lows a danger to the community. the now 40-year-old annapolis medical office administrator was released on parole in 2013 after speaking four years of a 10-year prison sentence for killing two men in a drunk driving crash in the summer of 2009. today in a rockville courtroom she told the judge she had indeed been drinking and driving again in recent months, in clear violation of her probation. the divorced mother of an eight-year-old daughter had previously told the court and her parole officer it was al toids that had mistakingly triggered her cars interlock system. >> the prosecutor called her a poster child for the interlock system and said the interlock
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works. and but for the interlock, she would have been driving more. >> reporter: she had her bond revoked today, left court in hand kufrs. a frustrated judge calling her a liar, an alcoholic, a threat to kill somebody else. >> this is an individual that was given multiple chances, both at sentencing and through her probation time to rehabilitate herself or keep herself on the straight and narrow and some jail time is certainly appropriate. >> reporter: prosecutors and police say this case further highlights the need for even tougher drunk driving laws that are now before the general assembly in annapolis. >> last week there was a full day of testimony regarding not just mel's law but three other bills that will help make it easier to make the roads safer through the enforcement of dui laws. >> reporter: she lk sentenced in june, could be ordered to survey full 20 years in prison. in rockvil
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local news. >> we had a taste of spring but it was short-lived and there could still be a chance for snow in the forecast. sue palka is here to tell us all about it. >> there's definitely a chance. most of the day will be fine tomorrow. the storm we're watching up towards the pacific northwest, the northern plains will be diving in our area and after say 8:00, or 9:00 tomorrow night is when we may have a chance for another last gasp of accumulating snow. it will be around tomorrow and we'll be getting ready to ditch those big winds a little bit later. satellite and radar we have clear skies, diminishing snow showers over western pennsylvania. we have to look up here towards montana to find our next system and it is going to be moving in this direction as high pressure continues to supply cold air certainly aloft. at the surface a lot of this initially may melt. but it will begin to affect our area we think after 8:00 tomorrow night. there could be a few inches
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some spots though by friday morning as our area of low pressure dives off to the south and east. just got some new information in that wants to suggest that south and east of dc there could even be two, maybe three or four inches. that's exactly where we had kind of placed that snow. so a moderate impact potentially for our friday morning and we'll just give you the main points here. the morning rush hour could be affected. i would likely expect a winter weather advisory to go into effect sometime tomorrow night to cover friday morning and that heaviest snow south and east. luckily highways are in good shape because temperatures have been fairly mild in the days preceding today and chemicals will work on this snow. but it could be enough to slow you down and maybe produce a few more delays. much more on the 7-day forecast which has a whole lot of warm air on it. i know you'll like that part of the forecast. >> thanks, we'll see you in a few. now to a fox 5 follow-up, we first told you about an
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veteran who was fired from his job after he tried to shop shoplifters. chick hernandez was in the story. he said he ran to the door, to help a man get out of the store. >> the two kids ran to the door which was closed now, joe got one of them and had them and the kid he had said to his partner, shoot him. you hear those terms, you just -- we all, two guys i didn't know were like oh, crap. and joe said, i've been in the military far too long. you don't have anything. >> hernandez went back to the store a few hours later to give a statement and to also thank joe. we should mention we reached out to cvs to ask them about that and they said it's company policy and they can't really talk about the specifics but we know he lost his job as i result of that. >> hopefully
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better. >> he's received a lot of support from a lot of people all over the country. >> what a super tuesday it was for presidential candidates donald trump and hillary clinton. >> we are going to make america great again. >> america never stopped being great. >> but not everyone is pleased with the results. what some voters started googling as the final tally came in. >> and here's something to think about the next time you ride metro. it is a breeding ground for some very serious viruses. we're going to tell you what tests show is lurking underground. stick around. fox 5 news at 6:00 will be right back.
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we continue to follow breaking news right now. shots fired at police officers in fairfax county. >> marina marraco is live on the scene now with the latest. marina, what do you know? >> reporter: that call coming in for
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just behind me off of franconia road here at a residence. i have with me fairfax county officer tonya wright and you're saying right now this is in the negotiations phase because when officers approached, there were gunshots fired. >> from my understanding officers were dispatched to a suspicious event. as they approached the house shots came out in their direction. we've been trying to make contact with the person or the man inside, trying to resolve the matter peacefully and get everything taken care of as quickly as we can. >> to be clear, nobody was injured. >> nobody was injured. >> reporter: however you are asking residents to seek covered cover. >> when those shots came out, we let people know stay inside and find a safe place. we're trying to get it resolved quickly and peacefully and hopefully it will be evended soon. >> and this is larkspur drive. you have a fairly large perimeter that's been set up. >> we have our canine
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on scene, we have patrol officers, pretty much everybody who is available right now. because there are the threat of gun shots. we're trying to keep everybody safe, we're trying to keep the neighbors safe, the man safe. so we definitely have a lot of officers on a scene like this. we have anybody who can help here here. >> reporter: so it is a barricade situation. you are saying that it was a suspicious call. can you elaborate us as to what you define as suspicious. >> i don't really know the details of what happened. i just showed up also and i'm trying to read through the history. just like notes coming out. suspicious activity, suspicious vehicle. typically that meanses something is unnish, there's not a crime necessarily but that's how it gets dispatched. we know it's not a crime and right now it seems like there's a man in need of help and we're trying to get him out and trying to get him taken care of. >> reporter: do we know if there's anyone else in the home? >> that's part of what we're trying to determine. as far as what i have heard there is not. we obviously can't see through
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walls. we're taking this with as much caution as possible. >> reporter: we're going to keep you posted here as everything develops here in franconia. back to you guys. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.
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super tuesday has come and gone, and based on the results, some voters are trying to get out of dodge. google searches for how to move to canada spiked following donald trump's wins in seven states last night. we should say also following hillary clinton's wens. google's data editor was the first to tweet out this imagine on the twend. most of the inquiries came from massachusetts. according to mashable by midnight how to move to canada had risen by 1,150%. it later dropped down to around the 500 % mark. google says those numbers are quote, dynamic changing
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>> wow. >> a play dough fingerprint mold may be able to by pass security and unlike an iphone. they pressed their finger into the play-dough. in most cases on the first try, the phone easily unlocked. controversy around apple security has escalated. >> you think it's this security think and you stick it in play-dough and it works. >> i guess maybe the fbi will try that on that phone? >> i'm surprised they didn't do something like that anyway. >> this may not come as a surprise, but there are thousands of germs all over the metro system. >> serious germs, in fact. a recent study looked at public transportation, in new york, washington, d.c., chicago, boston and san francisco. grabbing a
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york subway system transfers as much bacteria to you as shaking hands with 10,000 people. researchers found there's about 2 million colony forming units per square inch in the big apple. 2 million. compare that to dc. there are only 30 colony forming units, but metro, dc's metro, is the only train system to test positive for the germs that cause strep and staph infection he is. >> use those wipes, use that hand sanitizer. maybe wear a glove. >> that's gross. >> it's a sure sign that spring is almost here. >> the national between march 31st and april 3rdrd. sue palka, yay! >> and that's earlier than last year. >> that's their first attempt at figuring it out.
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sounds good to us. >> but i have to say, tony and shawn, year after year, they're very good at getting within a few days of that actual bloom when is when it's 70% are open. maybe it will be a little early for the festival. it's march 20th to april 17th. i love the way they go down there and see when it's going to be time to make that prediction and every year they do give a first call in early march. typically it's right around april 4th. so that's a little bit earlier than average and definitely earlier than the last several years. so a good sign and there definitely are some blossom-coaxing temperatures on the 7-day forecast which you'll see in a moment. but also a little bit of snow to get through and some cold temperatures before we can get to blossom watching. those cold temperatures will be around tonight but it will be a quiet night. thursday is also a dry day as
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the snow that we're keeping an eye on is going to be getting closer to us thursday night. evening rush hour you're going to be just fine. watch the timer here you can see this is starting to push into our area after 8:00 or 9:00, and you'll see that continuing until we get into probably 10:00 or 11:00 friday morning. everything is going to move really quickly. it continues into friday morning. let's look at the future cast for that time frame as well because we do think this is going to have an impact on our morning commute, clearly. it doesn't take much. and there is a little band you see this on our future cast down to the south and east of 59 where we think there could be more of our significant accumulation. but by 10:00, 11:00, everything is out of here. clearly with the time frame being one that will affect the friday morning commute, this will have a moderate impact. quiet tonight, a few lake effect snow showers that you can see this. technically it's not a clipper system, it is
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system with a little bit of pacific moisture to it, it will grab a little bit of gulf moisture as well. the sweet spot is just south and east of dc across perhaps charles county, maybe a little bit of anne arundel and down into king george and places like essex getting a little bit more with a general 1-2 for the rest of us and another place up here maybe a little bit more with two more significant can't bands west of the hagerstown area. not the biggest storm but just enough, sometimes they can be a bit disruptive as well. we believe chemicals will work well and road temperatures have been mild so a lieutenant of that will melt off the roadways. gaithersburg you're already down to 32. it's going to be a cold night tonight. this is quite a large temperature change as you've seen in the last 24 hours and those winds will get a little bit better as we go forward. but we're going to jump you to the 7-day forecast because after we get through friday, a few
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saturday afternoon, and then we start a bit of a pattern change. 50 on sunday. so not terribly warm. still a little bit below average for this time of the year, but monday, tuesday, wednesday, check out these temperatures, including tuesday, up to 28 -- 68 degrees. we think fredricksburg might even get up to 71 degrees.
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we have an update now on that breaking news from fairfax county. fox 5 has learned that one suspect is in police custody now. police say shots were fired at officers as they went to make contact with a person in a home. the shots came from inside that home. police say no one was hit by the
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gunfire. they are asking everyone in the area to remain indoors while they continue to investigate and work to make sure there are no other suspects in that case. if possible, residents are being asked to head to their basements, somewhere inside the house away from windows. we'll have more on this tonight on the news at 10:00. >> sounds good. and prepare to bundle up. >> tomorrow is dry. friday morning could be a little bit tricky with some snow. >> more at 10:00.
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cooper went all klondike. he's back with irina shayk just days after he was with naomi campbell. >> irina shayk is like nice, calm, doesn't say very much. >> and naomi is emotional. >> maybe he wants the aggressive model. >> maybe he just likes to bang as many hot women as possible. >> i got will smith outside nobu. >> what do you think about jade chris throwing shade towards jada? >> you're will smith, you cannot let risk crock say those things about your wife. >> make a joke at chris rock. chris rock hit grown-ups too. >> that's opening a lot of stuff up chris rock. >> yeah, the wild, wild, west. >> nic lamb. we got him at the ipic theater. he's one of the biggest surf stars in america.


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