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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  March 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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community is mourning the lossou of a 17-year-old girl policernio believe was killed by an overdose and she's not thend only dru sg victim this week. w. >> and welcome home. just hours ago nasa astronauttru scott kelly touched down in houston, texas. tex coming up what he had to say toy about his full year in space. sa >> live look though on thisugh s thursday morning.ur mor it's march third. thi already into march.toarch it's kind of weather and traffic coming upafu on the 5s at 6:05. and good thursday to you. you i'm allison seymour.n s >> and i'm steve chenevey. ste welcome to fox5 news morning.neg first up at 6:00 today the todat freddie gray case heads toeads t maryland's highest court. cou at issue, whether officer william porter can be forceder r to testify in the trials ofof his colleagues. the maryland court of appeals will hear arguments from bothmet sides. a circuit court judge earlier rejected prosecutors' requestue to force porter to testify.estiy prosecutors want that decision reversed. porter's trial ended in a hungnn jury back in december.ecembe >> now to fairfax county, virginia where two people have l died of heroin overdoses in the last three day
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>> one of them a 17-year-old7-yr high school s fox5's annie yu in cliftonn this morning with more on this i story. annie. >> reporter: hey, goodte morning, steve and allison.nd an this is absolutely heartbreaking.ak as you mentioned, just 17 years old and students here at centreville high school filechoi back in class today just after 8 o'clock, grief counselors,ouor grief and crisis counselorscris will be made available once o again but take a look.ook. this is alexia springer, justgej 17 years old a junior here att centreville high school andscho her body was discovered earlyar tuesday morning inside herid her home by a friend who hadho actually spent the night withht her who then called fairfax county police andicend investigators say that she died from complications off drug use and believe springer sn overdosed on heroin.erdod on her those who knew her are in in shock by the news and they sayyy that she was beautiful insideuld and out, kind hearted generouseu outgoing and we spoke to one to student yesterday who was just j stunned by her death.y hedeath. take a >> that's actually really
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horrible.le like it just makes you thinknk like, you know, drugs ings general just aren't worth it,ori you know, 'cause it's better -- 'cause a temporary like, you know, boost or a temporary like high isn't't worth like your whole life, you know, and it's really sadlly that someone has to lose their life over something like that. >> reporter: now, her deatherea is reportedly the second death in the county this week caused by heroin.oi earlier this week fairfaxeek frf county police were called out cl to a home in springfield involving a 28-year-old man-oldm who had overdosed on heroin. he. he died at the hospital. meanwhile again grief a counselors will be made available again today and alsoad the school district is tellingir us that they are going to re-evaluate the drug educationon program here in the county. cou. that's the latest here inatest i clifton.ton. back to you in the studio.yoin . >> annie thank you very much.nkv >> new this morning police inn bladensburg need help findingneg a missing teenager. 14-year-old lyssa perry was w last seen at they believe she ran away andwa got in a
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the driver took her somewhere in calvert but it's not sure where.e. a domestic dispute inmec fairfax county led to shotso sts being fired at officers. nobody was injured. this happened on larkspurar drive in alexandria.ive police arrested a 19-year-old.9. earlier in the day at the samehe address a 58-year-old man was ms arrested after police wereicer called to the home for a f dispute between a father an son.son. last night's shootinghoot comes less than a week afterer prince william county officerer ashley guindon was killedle responding to call. call. her body now in her home stateta of massachusetts where a funeral will be held on sun. ronald amount is accused ofcc of shooting and killing his wifeliw first and then opening fire onir guindon and two other officers f saturday in woodbridge. in he's being held without bail.uti >> the road to the white housete appears to be over tour ben forn carson. he told his supporters he sees s "no path forward and will not attend tonight's debate in detroit."detroit." carson plans to make ane a official speech tomorrow athomor the conservative political pic action
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national harbor.arbo donald trump, ted cruz, marcorur rubio and john kasich willh wil also be speaking at what'ss known as the c pac conventionvet either friday or saturday.aturda first though the big faceoff as we mentioned the 11th gop 11 debate of this campaign.f th it will be hosted by the fox news channel and brett bear, be, megyn kelly chris wallace will moderate from detroitram beginning at 9 p.m.t p while those can candidatesod are debating mitt romney isne set to speak in utah. exactly what mitt romney will w say not clear. cle but there are no signs thatns he'll either endorse andorse candidate or jump into the jump race himself.. romney has become increasingly critical of frontrunner donald trump.trump. >> astronaut scott kelly backcob in the united states this morning touching down inuc houston texas just a coupleou hours ago after spendingago aftp nearly a full year in space. kelly was greeted by nasa officials his brother mark and a jill biden. bid he spoke of the pride he hase hs in
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>> one of the things i thought g a lot about during this year tse is that there's no greatergreatr privilege than serving your question however or wheneverhenr you might do it.yo this mission is the latest i achievement in our country's space program but it's not thent last.last >> nasa will soon begin tooonegn look at the impact all thatll tt time in space had on kelly's kel body with help from his twin brother by comparing their genetic makeups. makeups his twin brother was there brotw >> dr. jill biden too.r. jill be >> kind of cool to see theto c brothers next to eachoo >> weird to be like in a jete ki after you've been up so high.ig >> after a year of weightlessness. >> it's like he was neverke h anywhere for a year. aea just casually coming down the te steps. >> going down to the convenience store and, youstor know --kn - >> that's why they're greatest.te >> somebody asked him if it felt like a year and he said, oh, yes. yes. >> beautiful sunrise.eautif did you guys see gu see >> yeah. >> cold though reagan national. dulles 24, bwi marshall 22all now, so we're really bottoming b
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we are in for a chilly chill thursday and, yes, we still sll have some winter weather in the forecast for later tonight l and into early and we'll talk all about that. a satellite and radar nice andric quiet, nice and clear. cle we'll be in for sunshine thein first half of the day.t half clouds this afternoon.ds t our developing clip per system will bring us clouds this afternoon and we'll see again an some winter weather in ther in form of snow arrive latere ler tonight.tonit. probably after 9, 10 o'clock tonight.tonight. so, your evening rush hourveninr will be fine.will we'll talk all about how much mc snow we're going get and hownd quickly that will get out of here want we can expect coming c up in just aan couple minutesins but your forecast for the day,fd you're in great shape.hape nice and quiet.. but cool. cool. 42 your daytime high.igh. winds out of the west heret of e five to 10.o0. >> by this time tomorrow werow e could be dealing with a littleni stuff on the ground.on t >> uh, yes, indeed, just aeed, a couple inches expected butted b we'll talk about it.l talk abo we have a winter weather advisory in effect later in tonight but yeah i think tomorrow morning's commute will be a bit of a challengege in parts
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>> okay.>> o >> all right.>> >> one last blast.. >> hey, erin good morning. >> good morning.. i just want to point out, pnt ot steve, you and i match perfectly and allison andon and tucker match perfectly today. td >> prom picture later wait for it on soc.. >> i'll request a prom a pro picture. >> you got it.>> >> maybe if tucker would bring b us some spring flowers maybes that will help out for thehe snow tomorrow.omor 95 northbound at the princerince william parkway a crash right shoulder right lane affected.anf keep it to the left.ef right now we're just seeingee that typical morning flow ofw traffic. congestion picking up also ang o you pass prince william w parkway towards the beltway.war we'll check in now with our maps.maps. aside from that crash andom thar closure this is far south of fredericksburg in spotsylvania, 17 mills drive, east closed right now17 after 95 at massaponax church road.oad. typical slow down 270 on the7 te southbound side as you makeide m your way out in frederick 85redk to the truck scales 33 miles per hour is just because ofjusta congestion. no crashes to report.epor once you pass that pointt point
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once you get into gaithersburgtr you're going start to hit a a heavy flow of traffic towardsffc the spur.r. nothing out of the ordinary for that portion of your por drive. outer loop right now looking good so far as you make your way through silver spring andnd bethesda problem free on the f inner loop.inne i'll let you know if thatw if tt changes i anticipate typicalticp morning congestion picking metro back to normal.or we had earlier track workk affecting the blue orange andra silver that has has cle no other alerts reported.epor i'll let you know if that tha changes. that's your traffic. steve and allison. >> a possible break in the i serge for thasearch for that man airlines.airlines what an american discovered ind a beach in africa. >> deflate-gate not over yet. y why the nfl is headed back too court again today. it's 6:08.
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>> ♪ >> possible break in the search for malaysisia airlines flight 370. australian officials are examining debris washed ashore in mozambique turned up in a spot in matches investigator'sno theories about where theries wreckage from the plane to endae up. up it was reportedly found by a seattle lawyer who habakkuking i his own investigation into theti missing plane.g plane and according to a u.s.coing to official it has beenee tentatively identified as a a part from the same type of plane. pl >> also new this morning, word w
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several short range missiles msi overnight into the sea off off its east coast.oa this happens hours after thers t united nations slapped new sanctions on that country fort o its recent nuclear testing andnd long range rockets launched. delegation oftion of congressional lawmakers including d.c. can congresswoman eleanor holmes norton will will travel torave flint, michigan today tot, m assess the water crisis there. can congresswoman norton is expecting the governor ofoverno flint to appear in d.c. nextex month. last night she sat down with shawn yancy to discuss thisdiscs issue. >> the governor will be testifying before another of my committees in the middle ofim march. march. >> okay. >> first he's refused to comereu down, now he's going come and cd tell us all about it. about >> can i ask you, will you, press him? what sort of questions will you ask him? him? >> i want to know when did he w know about this crisis and did he take immediate action because the buck has beenhe bhas passed.ed >> sure. >> so that i don't even know d where it
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its own water contaminationtanan issues in the early 2000's. 2 >> tom brady's deflate-gateefteg case back in the headlines hdlin again today.oday nfl lawyers will ask anwyer appeals court in manhattan to reinstate the league's fourgu game suspension of the a lower court threw outut suspension when it said thed t nfl did not properlyrly investigate the the ruling not expected for weeks so this will drag on forag at least a few more big payday for kirkbig cousins is official now. now. the redskins quarterback signed the non-- the nonexclusive franchise tender. e his agent announced cousinsns accepted it. the one year contract worth about $20 million the highestn g based salary of any quarterback in the we'll talk more about this inorb today's other big sport b s headlines with the junkies at at 6:30. >> way to go kirk cousins. csi love that.lovet. besides the junkies, takeest you to break with a live lookivl on this thursday. we'll have weather and trafficic >> that's
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>> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. live view of memorial bridge.emr everything is -- well, i w assume everything is runningvetn smoothly there. i can tell you the weather isher off to a nice start.e cold start.ld sta. overnight lows back into thews 20's and low 30's and we'll bedb in for a chilly thursday andhu we're setting the stage here for perhaps your big headline winter's last had your r certainly a possibility thisa ps could
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look long rain.on we have snow moving in laterovir tonight overnight tonight intoht the first part of our morning tomorrow. to let's start with thet' conditions out there thisns ohee morning. 30 right now in washington, 23h, in gaithersburg, baltimore is 22 degrees, 27 leonardtown.wn notice everybody is well below we have been breaking out inakii the teens manassas culpeper cule 19 degrees. very chilly day. haven't done that in several mornings.. lots of clear skies that helping what we call radiational cooling. allows the atmosphere to cooltms and ally louse conditions condii thirty four bottom out in the teens and low 20's and sond s we're off to a chilly start.y s we'll be in the low 40's laterst today. then we have our focus here onon this clip per system whichtem wh will be moving in.will b after morning sunshine cloudss quickly increase this ith afternoon. we'll hold the snow.we'l it will be most al snow eventvet for us off until after sunset tonight, probably more like 9,ok 10 o'clock tonight we'll start w to see the snow moving in. in. it will be a
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not a lot of energy with it.t of the clipper will transfer itss energy to an area of lowrea o pressure here and we'll get enhanced snow totals. we're not talking about major snow. snow watch what happens here as the e energy kind of transfers kind os itself. we start to get some moisture mi thrown back at us went get wt snow across the area.s th are here we are at 4 o'clock. 4 o'c i think between about midnightid and 6:00 a.m. that will be kind of prime time for the event and then it will very it v quickly start to push off to the east by 9, 10 o'clock in o'k the morning so of course we're w still 24 hours out. o. things could change a littleld bit. if you're willing to wait it out a little bit tomorrow c bitw morning i think things willi th pretty quickly improve and impro with conditions that have been b so mild the last few days, iew y think the snow is going to gng have at least at the onsetns trouble sticking is. we are under a winter weather advisory.sory this goes into effect abouttbo 10 o'clock. o'clo just about everybody across the region through 10:00 a.m.10a tomorrow morning giving you a heads up we're going to have toh some travel how much snow are we lookingareo at? generally one to t 3-inches. right now we
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bull's-eye just south and east j of washington, charles county,hc maybe parts of prince georges county, calvert county couldnty see a little more like two too three, perhaps upper side ofid o this will be 4-inches of snow oo by early tomorrow morning sow enough to cause some travel problems but not enough to be a total, you know, winterter whiteout.eout. yes, there's your seven-dayr se forecast. again, it will all be out ofll u here by 9, 10 o'clock tomorrowom morning. we're still in for a decent weekend. nice warmup on zip and look on the horizon, get out your binoculars erin. >> they're out. they' >> i put flowers in myut flowe wednesday forecast for you.y fo >> yay! >> a high temperature oferate of 75 degrees.75 degrees. >> oh, there's three, there's t one for me, steve and allison.. that's so thoughtful of you. >> thanks tucker.uc >> steve doesn't get one d because we broke up but youut guys get one.. >> thanks tucker. >> allison and i get one and a half showers. showers >> we can share the third one.x >> absolutely. a skyfox over 270 south at 80.r we have a crash blocking theckgh shoulder and some slow movingovg traffic towards that so give yoursel
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time. time we're also backed up by the b t truck scales as usual.s u we'll take a look right now atrw our maps.s. aside from that crash and c a closure in spotsylvania thisvaah is south of fredericksburg, 17cr mills drive east is shut down after 95 at massaponax church road so please use caution there. then in prince william county ct 95 northbound volume dale cityat to we also have a crash it's att'sa prince william parkway.ay let's take a live look at thatkt crash scene and show you what yw you're up blocking the right lane right rl shoulder. traffic is getting by to the left. left. mix in normal morning can congestion with that accident ad and you're in for a slower a swe roll than usual towards the beltway. a look back at our maps. in addition to those accidents s that we're tracking, 270racking2 southbound taking a closer c look there by the skyfox crashkr we showed you 85 at the truck scales, 33 miles per hour.iles h outer loop still lookingllking really nice through silveroughie spring.spri you're problem free from gaithersburg to the spur. to and then as you make your wayr out on metro, on or close to to special this morning.or metrobus no alerts.le we'll keep a close eye on your y morning commute. commute.
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starting to see usualsee congestion as well.congesti back to you, allison and all steve. st >> erin thanks. etha imagine showing up to worksp and not having your own desk. apparently it's a new trend. ite coming up why more employeese es are reserving office space first come firster. >> also smokers in need avenuede quick nicotine flight nonicoti longer have the e-cigaretneteete option.opon. details about the new ban ontheo planes coming up, too. too it's 6:20.
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>> 6:23 right now.>> some changes coming to the use u of e-cigarettes planes. first joining us is lauren simonetti.mone >> reporter: hi.>> r how are you steve. ste >> kind of flat today. kin >> reporter: today is flat.r: we had two up days in a row. tyi we'll take that.ha looking much better this year, a dow only down about 500 pointsns in 201 that's nothing.that nothing. like i said futures flat. flat. we have oil searching forg f direction. direction. oil has been the impetus formpus the market selloff or the market rally depending on the the day. when oil is not doing muchh unfortunately stocks aren't going to do much either steve. s >> let's talk about aside from o oil some other things going tng on.on. planes and vaping. we know you can't smoke on smoke planes we've heard that for that year every time you get on aet flight they give that publicubli service announcement.ent. now vaping is no-no, too.oo not just in your seat. s >> reporter: a lot of people wanted to vape on the plane smoking e-cigarettes because they're a nervous flier, you have a long flight, gives you
6:24 am
nerves. question about the battery.bout remember that video last week of the e-cigarette explodingxpdi in man's pocket, flaw ala convenience store and therence was a major explosion. explosio. it was his e-cigarette battery. the department ofthe de transportation is saying weti is don't really understand thedersd effects of these batteries, god for bid something were to happen on a flight what a catastrophe he that wouldet woul cause. you can can't even check thatt e-cigarette in your bagrette ou either. >> don't want flit a cargo't w hold if anything happens downhao let's talk about getting to ao work and finding your space literally finding your space you at work. at >> reporter: what would your: do if allison showed up andd u d was sitting at your desk.oude >> please lauren don't thinkon't that doesn't happen. >> reporter: happens all the time. >> trying to crowd up my space c right now.ght >> no, it doesn't. no, >> right there. it happens all.e the time, lauren. l [laughter] >> reporter: okay. r so, you know, not in ourn industry but a lot of other oth companies are facing thisacing i trend where so many of theiranyt workers are working from home and maybe showing up at
6:25 am
office here and there put in some face time whenever theyti feel they needme to. as a result companies aren'tul giving yout assigned spaces ans more. there's a term and apparentlyy it's called hoteling where youwu need to call up the companyll u you work for and reserve aor r desk ahead of time to say, oh, , look, i'm coming in tomorrowom give me some space and if youmea don't make that phone call phonl there's going to be nothing saved for you.r y you have to do what's calledt'sl and i'm not making this up beach toweling and take any a spot that's opened. ope >> the horrors of that.rorsf t you know, i think it'si it's actually not a bad idea from id the business perspectivesp because why have a whole bunchhn of empty space if people aref only going to be there one orhee two days a week. w >> reporter: agreed.orter:gr >> and some cases a couple som times a movement i guess it i ge depends on what type oftype business it is and the access ta you have to be there or be at bt home. >> reporter: can we get somean o new words, hoteling and beach toweling.. they're buzz words in the industry but --industry >> we should work on >> reporter: yeah, iou know. >> enough. if i work a few days at homefe maybe i'll be creative enoughe g to think of some new som terminology and then we canlogy sha
6:26 am
>> reporter: in the meantime allison, out of his space, all right. >> yes. >> okay . >> [laughter] >> bye lauren.>>ye l see you tomorrow. tomorro >> she's so lovely.y. >> tomorrow. we don't do that -- well,l, actually we kind of do that do t here because we work different e shifts and so we -- no bigig >> yeah. >> what's up, tuck? tuc >> cold air. >> and? >> yeah. >> say it. >> it's on the way.t's on the w not a whole lot but enoughutno that i think tomorrow morning's commute could be -- b >> why are you afraid to saydo that it's going to snow in thein morning. >> it's march and some peopleano sort of wrapped it up of pe mentally, ready to move into mon the next season.thxt >> it's one morning and by tomorrow afternoon it's goingt' to be nice again,s right. r >> i'm not sure it will beurit w nice by tomorrow afternoon buten it will be no longer >> starts this evening.tathis >> starts this evening rushth hour 10 o'clock tonight andcloco out of here by 6, 7, 8 o'clock tomorrow morning.or >> it snows all night >> yeah but it'st not
6:27 am
stick all night long.ight l >> the road surfaces are a lot warmer. >> exactly. >> should be a good thing. >> making all the points for me. cold air is in place though.ho 30 in washington, 26 in new york -- i'm wrapping right- i' now. there is a look at ourno a l satellite and radar.saite beautiful start to the day.l sto there's our clipper. cpp we'll talk all about this abouts system coming in but there's the what you need know.eed 43 today, snow tonight and 41htd tomorrow afternoon.ernoon >> see you again 6:35. >> erin, please don't go. just tells the report and stay y in here. in her >> okay, the here and now.y, t r >> all right. >> right now weather's not affecting our current commute.o taking a look, a crash cleared e 17 mill drive east hasildrive reopened in spotsylvania.vani as we take a look in prince william 95 northbound volumed v dale city to 123. earlier crash has cleared outard by prince william parkway butayb because of congestion you'reof o still down to about 24 miles 24 per hour.per h let's take a live look outsideui from skyfox. they are over 270 southbound.oun we had an earlier crash at 80. right now both lanes getting geg by just fine.t fine the crash is blocking the right shoulder. watch out for some delayst fosod leaving there and past the
6:28 am
truck scales just because ofjust congestion. more traffic in a few, allisonn and steve.and ste >> all right erin thanks so.has we appreciate it.t. coming up an iconic d.c.cond bridge is on its last legs.t le. details next.s ne >> also coming up the caps and c the wizards both with wins last we'll check in with the sportsht junkies and get theirt tir tecumming up as always. it's 6:28. ♪ is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in.
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>> welcome back everybody.come it is 6:30 right now. n you're watching fox5 news morning. and we appreciate
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live look at this thursdayhi morning. tucker will be along shortlybe g along with erin to give you tve weather and traffic on ther an 5s at 6:35. 6:3 first at 6:30, though, tho reports that the arlington aingn memorial bridge only has about another five years left beforetb it will need some seriousri well, it's 84 years old and itnd needs to be completelyplel restructured or it will close by the year 2021. 202 the repairs will cost cos $250 million.50 the park service plans tok seic apply for federal grant moneyrat to fix that important bridgeortg around meantime a search is underec way this morning for a missing m bladensburg teenager. 14-year-old lysaa perry was pery last seen around midnight. midnh police believe she ran awaywa from her home claw on tilden tin road. they believe she got into ave gt taxi. police say the driver took herhi somewhere in calvert county.ou look at her picture. ptu they say she was on her way tort calvert county. count it's unclear where she was going, though. though. police in fairfax countyfair say high school student founddef dead in her home may have diedad from a dru
6:32 am
alexia springer was a junior juo at centreville high school in clifton. grief and crisis counselorscr have been brought in to helpis students.ts. two schools in princesc william county are getting newho names. the school board decidedol unanimously to name a new elementary school after fallenan firefighter kyle wilson. wilso and godwin middle school will md be renamed after communityer leader and educator dr. george g m. hampton. steve, over to you.ou >> ♪ time for the morning line morni right now. righ the wizards trying to make ards push for the last playoffast plo spot.sp let's check in with the sports junkies 106.7 f.m. the fan.he f what's up guys.p guy >> may, what's happening.ap >> the wizards yeah just a wiz half game out of the playoffs pf have won seven out of 10. of 1 they're rolling. >> been rolling. it's a tough, its kind ofits kin tough in the east right now tt because they're in a very kinde of tight group right now as tos who is going get in and who iss not. not to down play it they've the' beat some teams that are kind of at the bottom and they have some tough tests coming up. up. seems like they'r
6:33 am
better collectively. col >> they definitely r morristelyr has helped. hpe they're playing some pooh pooh o teams and that always >> schedule will get a little at bit tougher here in the nexthere two weeks but if you look at a their schedule overall steve they play a lot of bad teams.ea. >> the easiest schedule downie the stretch. >> they certainly have ay ce chance here with the so if they stay healthy theyealy should be okay.shou be >> they have to get through thr this weekend though. thoh. cleveland indiana portland portl coming up.p. that's not so easy. e >> the next five they might t win two, maybe three out of out the next fi >> we got to shoot for moreot than just get to the playoffs to be honest.ones if they get the eighth seed eig and match up against clevelandld they're liable to be out in four, five let's try to get at least the seventh seed. i think that's reasonable.le. >> seventh seed you take onth s toronto who you knocked offnockd last year, right.ight >> not only knocked them, t swept them jp.m >> crushed them aside like they were nothing.ey w >> what do you like about thiso team? they got beat down b early in the year.inhe y look at somebody like ottody lik
6:34 am
to play and he has ups andps downs but he looks like a solid contributor. anything stands out from the season. >> they had some nicehehad so additions.addis. we mentioned marquise morris.eri they're seven and two in an believe since they acquiredd him.m. allen anderson has finallyhas fn come back and he seems to be a valuable edition.diti they seem to be gettingti healthy.althy. they're getting really good g play from marcin gortat of late. late. they might be finally rounding d into form. >> it's john wall, it's his team, he's the engine. w he made some unbelievableelva passes last night againstgain minnesota especially to bealeea and beale hit 10 out of 15. of5. >> beale was sizzling. szl >> i like john wall making the team go and then kicking it out to beale for 3's. for 3 >> they're the two for sure. we showed caps highlightsd hig earlier. they are rolling once it's to the point where ifhe i they don't win its a huge disappointment. great to see last night it washt brooks light back we talkede tal about this yesterday but backayb on the ice for the other team.ea he got a great
6:35 am
the other team you.e other >> wore the sweater lastore night. >> i d and it was flies to seeeo the caps put up a tributeut u video, a highlight reel of hislf last night during the game.ame. >> steve, you had some reallyhal nice seats i saw your tweet my friend. i'm going say you were like 10e0 rows or left lanes from thees fo ice. >> yes. >> perfect seats. per >> that would be accurate.ate. >> those are the perfectse seats. it was really nice classy move a by the organization. not only did the fans give himsh a standing ovation, thetion t players did, too. t backs acknowledged the he's been very gracious. gci been a tough, 48 hours for hours brooks life.ooks can you imagine the emotional rollercoaster to go from ate team that's really pilled toy pe make a really stanley cup run to go to the worst team in tm hockey. he really loved his 12 years2 here and i know he appreciates the gestures from the g organization and the fans.he fa. >> and he was kind enough even though he had a lot of ice time he was kind enough to nothn score so that was kind oftf cool, too. cool nice little --tle >> on at least one occasion hen almost got one past
6:36 am
>> he's been pretty good at py o that this year.ea >> there is a cheap shot.s a cho >> it's a good thing you didn't do that, jp. >> that's a cheap shot.p >> a guy who has been great ton the show. s >> i wasn't going say it but ii said it anyway. i mean, integral part of the t team for the last >> no doubt.>> no do >> talk with you again soon.n. the junks one i 67 f.m. the fan. >> how was the game.>>ow w >> in between like a timeout like a minute long highlightighl reel on the big screen.e bin. >> yeah. >> he got a standing ovationstan which is cool when somebody isbi other on the other team toeream show 12 years here. >> classy move.y m >> why did he get trade idea money deal. >> well, they were going to -- they put him on waivers. wrs they could have sent him down hv to the minors and they endeds up working a deal so theyso they could get the trade instead so -- >> business decision.usinesdec >> rough in sports.s. >> oh, yeah. y >> i know. >> what's going on? going to be recover on the
6:37 am
>> meanwhile kirk is making min $20 million.$20 >> yes, and that's all rightd for just a year.thr just yea >> sometimes it's one year, y sometimes it's 15. >> 38 right now in washington.hg cold temperatures across the area. baltimore 22. leonardtown 25 degrees. 25 degr. 19 in culpeper.culp all right, so we're setting the stage here for a bit of b of snow overnight tonight. won't be during the daytimeay hours.ho sunshine here the first half of the day and clouds theuds second half and then tonight tot probably after nine, 10 canine,0 clock tonigh10 o'clock tonight t to see snow which will last attt least through the first partst of the morning commute. c we're not looking at a lot of l snow but we're looking atoo potential for a couple inchescoi and because of that theha national weather service hasea thnow issued a winter weather advisory. that's probably changed since you went to bed last night andig i will show in you just a jt couple minutes how much snowh so we're expecting and kind of kind the timing on it.n again not going to be a be terribly big deal but enoughno snow that i think there will trw be some delays an few challenges tomorrow morning. >> okay. we'l
6:38 am
maybe some delays. >> yeah. >> okay. he's very cagey about >> i'll tell you why very youery quickly.quickly. because i'm just not -- we're not sure how much is going howu stick. it's been so warm lately andatea the fact that it may beit may snowing for a couple hours anduu not sticking, the roads may be fine and maybe an inch on the t grass. >> we're not going blame if blae you there's not another snowmaggedon.ed >> erin como has a look at the l >> politician with the snoww forecast today. i will say somebody justy jus tweeted me and asked if it'sf i going to be mainly in d.c. orn c the suburbs too and i said iai tucker said also in theal in suburbs. is that >> you got it. t >> good. teamwork. outer loop delays 95 to georgia. all lanes very congestedsted dealing with backed up traffictb there. inner loop not terrible butriblt from new hampshire especiallyps you start to back up here.t bap okay. we'll check in now with a look l at our maps. crash activity dullesy dul connector eastbound before 66.s6 down to 14 miles
6:39 am
because of congestion as well on 66.on6. from seven to fairfax drive dri just a lot of very heavy v heavy traffic so in fairfax twoaiax areas you need to be aware ofbeo this morning.. then 95 northbound earlier eli crash by prince williamilam parkway cleared.le we have typical volume daleume e city to 123 down to 24 miles mil per hour. then the inner loop right nowig is dealing with typical slowdowns 27 miles per hour as2m you head from 210 towards theows wilson bridge.lson you back up again the inner t i loop to the springfieldpringf interchange through annandale and then 270 southbound we had an earlier crash by 80. 85 to the truck scales typicalyl congestion 33 miles per hour.mie metro right now is on time. o t that's your traffic.raff allison and steve. >> still ahead a new push toh t keep metro riders safe. saf what local leaders are teaming t up to do now. >> plus a bruce springsteence concert from this week has gone viral all because of aal b 91-year-old fan.ear-old fan. kevin is coming up with that video in today's fox beat.
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
>> ♪ >> back now in loudoun county where ain homeowner's fight too keep his lands from beingm taken over by the state headstaa to court today. vdot is building a new a four-lane road and they plan to use one to 4 acres can of c o the family's property toppert finish the process. proce the homeowner wants a judge togo declare the moveov unconstitutional.ti right now under virginia lawia l the state can take an owner'sers property without >> in annapolis today t testimony befo
6:43 am
committee in support of a billra to help better protect children from neglect and abuse. it would require a person to to report to authorities if theyriy believe a child is in a similar bill was up for debate last year but didn'tidn' pass. it was introduced followingol the deaths of two cheverlyove toddlers suffocated to death by their mother two years >> happening today the woundedhw warrior project set to testifyoy on capitol hill asking hill skin lawmakers to provide more to mor injured veterans looking toking start families. fil current the department oft depa veterans affairs does not cover in vitro fertilizationtili for wounded veterans.r wounde they're asking for betteror bet health coverage for wounded a new time line for for construction to begin on thehe purple line. >> if you have a news tip share it with us.ha call 202-895-3000 or e-mail e-m your tip to fox5 tips at we're back in a moment.
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> ♪ >> how pretty is that? that's beautiful. >> gorgeous. >> little street view. okay. >> i like that. t monument looking good there inhe the sun this morning. >> back and forth. is the lincoln my favorite? fat is the jefferson my favorite? who can choose. >> when is the last time you >> last summer the lincoln. lino >> i drove past it last week. pl >> did you?>> d >> yeah. au it's beautiful, isn't >> gorgeous down there. >> pretty..
6:47 am
sprinkled with a little bit of snow. snow >> yeah, i think sprinkle is i t the right word to call it.t. not going to be a a l this is tomorrow morning.orng moderate event mostly becauseec it's going kind of impact us overnight when it will beghen ie coldest and we'll have to dealde with it for tomorrow morning's g commute. this is not going to be at go major storm. it is march and storms, yourms, know, really start to windrt tod down this time year. it's about the timing as looksao like the heaviest of the snow to will come in late tonightin latn early tomorrow morning.rrow we'll have snow falling duringlg the morning rush hour.e rnin heaviest of the snow looks to be south and east.beouth i'll show you our expected expec snow totals and i think things will wrap up by 9, 10 o'clock0'c tomorrow morning so it will be a quick mover.uick m that's the good news.'s t it's cold this morning.or 30 in washington.ngn. even i was a little surprised how cold it 22 in north and west we're lookingre at 20's. l 20' dulles is 24 degrees.4 degree at least we lost the wind we had yesterday.terday hagerstown 24 this morning, 23og for you in so, we're starting to get some s cold air back in place. highs did today will only bel o about 40's or so, perhaps inerhi the lo
6:48 am
first half of the day and then n we'll get some clouds and thenne we're focused on this clipperli system which doesn't have a't lot of moisture to work with. w it is flowing up from chicagoin right now.righ as it sweeps in tonight we'll get a period of snow and thenndt we'll watch it transfer its energy to a coastal area ofrea low pressure and that willurd th enhance some of the snowme o totals around here. again we're not looking at ainga lot of snow and with the with recent warm weather i think at t least at the onset any snow wenw get may have trouble sticking sn out there so this won't be a b a terribly big deal. dea here's another look at this at s evening.ev low pressure tracks off to ouro south and east and generally we're in the snow belt forw lt most of our region.n. futurecast we'll time it out for you, snow arrives 9, 10rriv9 o'clock tonight. ton hit and miss at 11:00.1:00 heaviest of the snow overnight g tonight. not looking at a major snow event.en there it is quickly out ofs quic here. i think tomorrow morning there t likely will be some delays butab perhaps not cancellations andlln with the storm quickly gettinget out of here by late morningate we'll probably get a chance to
6:49 am
get back to normal by tomorrowym afternoon. how much snow are we lookw are e aght? generally were town 2-inches. we think the jackpot will behe j to our south and east where it will be two or 3-inches. 3-inche temperatures right around the a freezingro mark, may have that h trouble stick on the roads fori a time before it starts too accumulate. there's your seven day.ay 43 today.od. that early morning snowning tomorrow and then we'll warmar it up this weekend. wkend should melt pretty quick.elt ety saturday to sunday niceic improvement 50.improvt look at next week, erin.ri you asked for flowers and iwersa deliver. look at wednesday.sday. i'm work evening beautiful bouquet for you with 75-degree temperatures. >> you had me at hello. h >> yeah. >> love it. thank you tucker. 6:49 right now and while wehi w have spring flowers in ourows in forecast next week, we have h snow unfortunately moving in later tonight so please uselee e caution for your evening rideyor home and tomorrow morning.row mo we got you covered as theed as roads could be a little bit liti dicey. as for your commute right now rw this is actually 270 as you0 head down to the split to theito outer loop and inner loop justoo some heavy traffic thereffic towards the spur.toward be prepared as you head
6:50 am
gaithersburg. leave the usual amount of timeaf early about 45 minutes.t minuts a look now at our cameras. cames let's show you what else you are up against. aga this is 50 on the inbound sidehu as you make your way from 295295 south after eastern avenue.tern you hit a little bit of b congestion so be prepared for not as terrible as we usuallyaly see but still congestion is i growing right now.owin you can see those taillights. tt we'll take a look at our maps. p we're also dealing with slow moving traffic on the inner t i loop especially the through lanes. lanes. in prince georges countynce across the wilson bridge down toso 13 miles per hour and thena from the spring feel interchange through annandale you slow again. in fairfax right now crash csh activity dulles connectorty d eastbound before 66 eastbound look at that red rd zone as you make your way towards the beltway seven too fairfax drive down to about t ao 14 miles per hour.14 m p and then 95 on the northboundoro side earlier crash has clearedae by prince william parkway.m pary still have volume dale city toyt 123 down to 24 miles per south of that point inpoint stafford you also havels co
6:51 am
that's your traffic.raffic metro is on time.ime. steve.eve. >> erin thanks.n t maryland's governmentland officials have chosen a teamvehe of private companies now tote cm build to operate and to maintain the purple line. l if they're approved a construction would begin laterit this year. that 16-mile line would be opened for service in 2022.02 the project cost $5.6 billion some of it paid throughit paid r federal funding.federal the maryland state board ofrd o public works will vote in april. meanwhile governors fromile maryland and virginia andnd d.c.'s mayor teaming up toming create a metro safety commission.commis the independent oversightent oig committee will direct theil safety and security of metroetro and other mass transit systems s in the area. t metro the only public transit agency in the nation comprisedrd of three separate jurisdictions. >> 6:51. 6:51. hey, that's me, steve.ha i had the pleasure of em o seeing a make a wish ais midatlantic event inn georgetown yesterday.esterday it was women in wishes and iwiea got to meet some reallyea inspiring people including inc
6:52 am
she will just melt your heart. h she's a 10-year-old who who battled leukemia. ke she loves she has a goal of becoming aa veterinarian but her wish wash to be a zookeeper for the day t and she told me a little bit aie about what that was like. >> every single animal there 'cause first i didn't even fir know what that was but nowth they're one of my favorite animals. i don't really think about thebt negative. nega i just think about the positive because i'm, n-every'me bad situation there'she something to look forward to. >> i mean, 10 years old. >> that's >> a fighter and with thatight good advice my goodness, i'mes i better having met her h yesterday and her family.and hem fox5 is a proud partner of a make were issue midatlantictic seasons of wishes campaignhe with so many local kidsmanyocal waiting for their wish to comehc true every time is a good year r to give if you can. they say for every child whose w wish is granted there a
6:53 am
that are still waiting andaitind that equals like 600 kids waiting for wishes.. locally.cally. >> more help the better.e he >> right. so, those women get togetheret g to get the money together. tog >> thank you for doing that. y r >> wonderful thing.>> w >> good to see you guys. g >> flies to see you too, >> custody fight betweendy f singer madonna andna a ex-husband's obviously guyio richie and this happened thihape yesterday in new york city.y nw there was a compromise butise b still no long term agreement.gre the issue centers around the couple's 15-year-old son he left his mother's worldr's tour last year to live withive t his father in london butonut madonna wants him to return toor new york city.w yo a judge ruled rocco can stayy in london for the time being b until something more permanent a is worked out. madonna shared an instagram itar post after the custody hearing a yesterday catched "same teach "a me how to pray" referencingefcig her song devil pray from her rebel heart album. album. we can't show her otherer instagram post but look at the one that she posted four hoursuu ago. it's very not safe for work w but p
6:54 am
that her commenting on the t custody battle itself. iel >> the fact that she kind of keeps change emergencychange emg strategy but while on one handan it's like don't -- they wantey w to keep this private she'svatehe really playing things outer onsn social media.ed >> and also they weren't even physically there yesterday. yesy they had both phoned in.hone she's in the middle of her i believe he's obviously nothe'o in new york city for that asbvci well but yeah i completelyet agreement why are you sharing sa these cryptic posts one cryp instagram. this is a private matter. mat i know they're celebrities butye come on. co moving on now, bruceow, b springsteen i love this videolov getting a lot of attention this morning for what he did f for a 91 year old fan in minnesota this week. w take a look. >> ♪ springsteen brought this 91-year-old fan on stage o stage during dancing in the dark. dar the boss even added a spin and a hug to the video.g to the v love that.hat. she looks so happy. >> aww. >> this woman is a a luge fan by the way. the way. >> she has a t-shirt on.hirt >> this is the s
6:55 am
that bruce has brought her on br stage for a dance.e r a dan she was also selected to joind n him in 2009 at a slow in iowaini and she and her daughter byaugh the way have gone to over a hundred bruce springsteenbr concerts over the years. years >> that's sweet.ha >> by thet' way, this reminds mm of one of the best >> just right there she said s i'll see you next year. >> amazing. one of the best videos of alles time wast this video when courtney cox was brought on cox stage. absolutely classic.ic. this girl he teaches her howhes to play guitar which is veryich fun. >> so cool. >> very cool video.y co coming up this morning at 9:00or a.m. releasing the ghosthe busters trailer which i'm very r excited about the all femaleem cast ghost busters and thehost s four leads i'm very excited excd about that. tha >> will we show it. >> on the 10:00 a on good dayy d.c. you see they're making treat t toes in taco belly. bel >> what happened to doritos? edi i guess it's the same frito f lay. >> i'm excited about this. >> thanks kevin.hanks kev >> good to see you guys.d to y >> tucker barnes, it's your turn.turn >> just looking at this instagram picture. picture. what's going on there,
6:56 am
>> not safe for work. posted four hours ago.hours a steve and allison are lookingoo at it right now. it righ do not look at it if you're a ir kid. it's very, very not safe for >> yeah. >> guess i shouldn't bess looking at i it. reagan national 31 degrees.1 gr 25 dulles.ul 22 bwi marshall. msh today we're in good shape andpe going to get some clouds thisclh afternoon. that clipper system out to the o west will get in here we'll have a period of snow sno overnight tonight, one toonig 2-inches of snow expected by exp day break tomorrow. t not going to be a terribly big g deal but i would expect someectm travel delays early tomorroww morning. all will be out of here byre b nine, 10 o'clock tomorroworw morning. we're set up for a nice but cool erin is back with roads. roa >> i have been chasing tacobe bell for hours and now i'mm recraving it.g i >> yes. >> >> unfortunately as you waketuna up around the district thistr morning typical delays innerelan loop through lanes right nowougr down to 13 miles per hour as you head from about 210 across1s the wilson bridge.ri let's go antidepressant had aidp and switch it over for a look in fair cabs.abs. crash activity dulles connector eastbound before a crash
6:57 am
seven to fairfax drive down to 14 miles per hour. per let's take a look at skyfoxk ako right now.right w. they've been tracking ourraur morning commute.ut right now they're over 270. 2 you jam up down towards the spur. spur keep it to fox5 news morning. back in a couple minutes for your 7 o'clock hour. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. again! again! again!
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again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again!
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at enterprise, we guarantee it. next vehicle purchase? head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ox
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deadly consequence of drugsequen use. a fairfax community mourning the loss of a high school of student who died of an apparent overdose. >> plus debate day. d the republican presidential candidates square off tonightqut for the first time since super r tuesday and the stage a littletl less crowded this time around.d. >> redskins decide to d franchise kirk cousins.kirkousi he accepts.he so what happens now? we'reens w going take a look at what thishi means for the quarterback andth the team moving forward.rd. >> first though a live look le l outside. nice looking bright sky. s it is thursday march thirdh t 2016.2016 30 degrees. deg it's crisp out there. snow is sw on the way. for more details we'll just jt are to wait until 7:05. that's which when tucker andke erin will join us.oin u good morning, i'm allison seymour. seym >> i'm steve chenevey.'m s first up at 7 o'clock a frantic search under way for a r missing teen from bladensburg. 14-year-old layssa perry was


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