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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  March 3, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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deadly consequence of drugsequen use. a fairfax community mourning the loss of a high school of student who died of an apparent overdose. >> plus debate day. d the republican presidential candidates square off tonightqut for the first time since super r tuesday and the stage a littletl less crowded this time around.d. >> redskins decide to d franchise kirk cousins.kirkousi he accepts.he so what happens now? we'reens w going take a look at what thishi means for the quarterback andth the team moving forward.rd. >> first though a live look le l outside. nice looking bright sky. s it is thursday march thirdh t 2016.2016 30 degrees. deg it's crisp out there. snow is sw on the way. for more details we'll just jt are to wait until 7:05. that's which when tucker andke erin will join us.oin u good morning, i'm allison seymour. seym >> i'm steve chenevey.'m s first up at 7 o'clock a frantic search under way for a r missing teen from bladensburg. 14-year-old layssa perry was
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seen at midnight. midnigh it is unclear where in calvert l county she is.coty s if you see her you're doddoue dd call bladensburg police. polic >> freddie gray case will ledil to the maryland courtl ofrt appeals. appe at issue whether officer o william porter one of the sixrtr baltimore police officerse accused in gray's death can be forced topo testify in the in te trials of his colleagues. a circuit court judge earlier reject prosecutors' request to force porter to testify.o tti prosecutors want that decision reverse porter's trial ended e in a hung jury back in hg december. >> in fairfax county thisx coty morning friends and family in fn shock over the death of a high o school student in clifton,lifton >> police believe her deathbe may be drug relatedli.. fox5's annie yu is live in clifton now with the latest.att good morning. morning >> reporter: hey, goodepter: morning, allison and steve. ste this is obviously a very, very heartbreaking situation here,onh a young girl just 17 yearst 17 s olds passed away on tuesdayay morning. and if you look on socialon media you can see that tha 17-year-old alexia springer was veryve
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peers and in fact according todg a student's twitter page pag tomorrow's ice hockey gamekey will be dedicated to alexia she was discovered on tuesday ty morning inside her home by a hoy friend who had spent the night t with her and then calledled fairfax county police and right now investigators saygars she died from complications ofio drug use and they believe that she overdosed on heroin.e we spoke to some studentstude yesterday who knew her andday on they are absolutely stunned byd her death. they say she was beautiful inside and out just generouseneu kind harder person with an a outgoing personality and her and passing has also prompted the pe school system to go back and re-evaluate their drug education curriculum and sadlycc steve and allison alexia's alea' death is not the only one thiset week in fairfax countyount involving a heroin overdomesn os earlier this week arlie 28-year-old man in28-y springfield, virginia was also -- who also overdosedo erdd passed away and so this isy ands definitely a couldn'ty concern c here in the county.ou
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cliff ton, virginia. vgi annie yu fox5 local n >> to fairfax county now whereoe police were called to the sameae home twice in one day it ended in two arrests.rrests. police were called to a homee c on larkspur drive in i alexandria yesterday for aor dispute between a father and his son. now, police arrested a 58-year-old for assault. assau a few hours later they werehe called back to the same house.oe when police arrived they were te fired at but no one was injured. a 19-year-old was arrested. a at this time the teenager has h not been charged.rg. >> shooting comes less than as a week after prince william wli county officer ashley guindonnd was killed responding to aesnd call. her body is now in her home hom state of massachusetts where a funeral will be held onwi be hel sunday. ronald hamilton is accused of o killing his wife first andrst then opening fire on police pol officers in woodbridge. he's being held without bail.hob the parents of hannahrentsfa graham and morgan harringtonarng heard jesse matthew admit tosse killing their daughter daughtern
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graham was a university ofvers virginia student whovirgia stu disappeared in in01 harrington was a virginia tech student who vanished in 2009. i2 to avoid the death penaltye jesse matthew took a plea deal that will guarantee he spendseep the rest of his life in jaill without parole.e new this morning justw thism hours after the united nationsat imposed its toughest sanctions n ever he against north koreaor that country reportedly firedyir several short range officials in south korea saidh d they were launched off thee la east coast into the oce those sanctions are in response to the communist cancom country's testing of nuclear nue weapons back in january. jua the white house says it hopesus the sanctions will cut north n korea's resources and limit its want to develop morevep mo weapons.weaps. >> astronaut scott kelly is back in the united states. for that matter he's back on earth, right. rig he touched down in houston hou texas earlier this mornings after spending nearly a year in space. kelly was greeted by nasa officials. his twin brother and the a second lady dr. jill biden. jild yesterday he received a callal from president obama and now
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nasa will soon begin to look t at the impact that all thatl tha time in space had on kel kelly's body. i was like what's that on his head.head it's his glasses i thought it was a little antenna but it's not. n we do know he grew 2-inches in space. >> really?eay? >> that's so weird. >> that's really weird.ll >> we're going to talk a lot a about that and some other a changes that kell cannily has experienced in our next half hour.ho >> he said it will be a fullid l year of medical testing to seet how his body changed. changed rightht. >> over that year. ove so, how big are space peopleeo then if we're honest? how big b are the people -- peoe >> i thought they were like can >> they're probably huge people. >> you know what i think theywh could be giganattic. >> if he grew a year in space 2-inches imagine how big theyowb are. we just don't >> could be massive.>> could >> very deep thought we'rehought
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>> in our minds we make themminh little and cute. >> exactly.xa >> see where you're going withon this. >> the ugly american is a book b in case you didn't know. k >> let's go to the forecast.o tf meanwhile here on planet earthlt i got a little business tolitt s take care of. >> let's hit it hard then, the tuck if you have business toyouo take care of.are what are we favoring today. >> it's cold right now. n sunshine early this morning.orni cool day today.ay t we'll get clouds this clouds afternoon and that littleit clipper system out to the westus will impact us tonight afteright rush hour tonight. tonig your evening are you shall shower fine. this will be 9, 10 o'clock10 olo tonight through probably 7, 8,y, 9 o'clock tomorrow morningroor we're going get a period ofer o snow around here. around here. we're not looking at a lot. l maybe one to two, one towo, e 3 inches but enough that as it arrives nor morning commutenor tomorrow when we haverr overownight lows near freezing n we'll probably have someaveom delays >> this is not our firstst snow-department o.-dep i think we'll be okay.ka >> here's your winter weatherea advisory in we'll be absolutely fine. f by tomorrow afternoon we'll beeo back into sunshine.she. i think there will be somek
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delays tomorrow nd it will all quickly wrap up and get out ofat here and it won't be a big a deal day. >> referenced the ugly american.american. do you have a favorite book? a today is national book day.faio do you have a favorite book. >> interesting that would thattd would have been yesterday onve b read book day. >> they're going to spread it it out.t. >> after read a book day maybe you're inspired to get one. one is there a favorite book youou would like to share. >> on. >> do you have a favorite. for >> ben franklin's my producer said "fifty shades e of grey."re >> that's the beauty of books. . >> takes you to a differentou t time and space. in honor of snow-deo i request q steve and allison wear cowboy cw hats tomorrow.omorro >> not ruling it out.ulit o >> it's a fashion statement.tate prince georges county 301ouy north at four, we're dealingli with a crash. 301 north at brandywine roadywie another crash.another two crashes on 301 in princen in george's county you'llan
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use caution around that area.t inner loop also backs upo ba through lanes especially slowne down to 13 miles per hour as mir you head past the wilsonso bridge.bridge. we'll take a live look liveoo outside. also the outer loop out by newy hampshire that is really heavyla right now. you can see all lanes stacked. d beautiful sunn.y day.y d weather obviously not a factorsa this morning but this evenings g and tomorrow morning i'mmo worried the snow that tuck hastk nicely brought us in could ben causing some we'll keep you updated onme thaa one. right now 95 to georgia you need a lot of extra timeraim there.ther metro is on we'll have more traffic infic i just a few. >> still ahead nearly a dozenozn men ransacked a gun store.n sto this happened in texas.ex but the surveillance videour pretty amazing.pretty we'll share it coming up.g u >> big news from one of theone t republican presidential candidates as we get ready for the next gop debate.opebate. plus who is delivering aho speech today in an effort to to stop donald trump from gainingai even more ground? 7:08.:08. back in a moment. oment.
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is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ♪ you're ready.
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get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else? >> 10 past the hour right now.hh the next big republican debatee not far away. it will be tonight in detroitige and the stage is going ttro be b little less crowded.wd. >> fox's doug luzader joins us u now with more. doug, good morning. >> reporter: good morning.r: g well, looks like ben carson is now out at least as far as thef debate is concerned.ce we'll hear more from him on mor that front tomorrow but as weros approach this debate tonight anh couple of big questions.. first, where would ben carson supporters eventually go ifo and when he drops out? and also, what's mitt romney goingng to say today? the transformation is well underder way at the oppilant fox theate
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the stage will have to undergo d last minute changes. minut the initial debate lineup has hs shrunk with ben carsoning cni aboucarson bowingout. he won fewer than 10 delegateset on super tuesday with more than 600 in play. >> ben carson's campaignampaig touched millions gave them inspiration.ion. >> ted cruz proving movingpr quick to try to pick up carson o supporters as the remainingemai candidates to prepare foreor tonight's debate. >> looking forward to thatng f debate. are you looking forward tog fo that debate.that debat >> reporter: the smallerter: field will likely mean that tha frontrunner donald trump willmpl face more fire tonight fromight all sides and it may start sta even ear earlier today with mitt romney speaking in utah he'sta made his opposition to trump t u clear and he may drive thatve tt point home today.. speaking for much of the the republican establishment.ment >> hell handle no fury about aya party seconders and what we'rest seeing last w
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in panic mode and this week after super tuesday they're if'e full freakout mode right now. >> reporter: the associated t press got anhe advanced copy of romney's remarks today. and he is expected to callpectea donald trump a phony, fraud, someone who lacks the temperament to become becom president. this is going to be just a full broadside against donald trump and trump will no doubt respond in steve and allison. aison >> makes people more popular pop once they call out donald trump, he responds nowe rponds o suddenly everybody talks.verybo thanks doug.ks dou going to be exciting to watch tonight and different t interese the different strategies.trie >> maybe hear some more aboutor the issues at hands.ands. coming up, the hardest t har working city in america is and it's not washington, d.c.n,c but we are on the list.n th lis we're going to tell you where we we fall.all. >> and also let's -- speakingg of, look outside this morning, g it's pretty.rett we're taking a this lyle tour t
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this nice little city but that t sunshine will be replaced byd by snow tomorrow morning and then e next week it will be be 75 but, hey, that's what happenss p in march.inarch tucker has the details next. 7:13.
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>> ♪ >> okay, tucker barnes. >> all right, we're building,y, building. yeah, let's get right to it, because we got cold cowent ditis out there this morning but we b are looking at perhaps winter's last hurrah.urra >> yeah. >> last year it did snow onar i first dasny
7:16 am
romise that we're done butone bt you know things are lookinghing much warmer by next week. w let's get to it t we're going to go moderate. mer primarily because it's goingy be to arrive overnight tonightergh and i think that morning t commute will have some impacts p as we'll potential the get an tg inch or two of snow on the snowt ound or at least for parts f p of the area by early tomorrow tr morning.rn biggest impact comes from the timing. again it looks like it snowsike overnight into your morning commute tomorrow.comm it will be falling heaviest between probably one,bly 2 o'clock in the morning andinhm six, 78 o'clock in the morning r and it looks like the heaviest s of the snow may actually bectuae the south and i'll show you he ow much snowucs we're expecting in just a second. currents temperatures, coldempe this morning. make sure you got a jacketu reaganad national 21.ional 2 dulles 25 degrees, bwi marshall 24. even some teens out inom culpeper and manassas early ear this sunshine out there at theut the moment. we will see clouds quicklyouds y increase and it's a clipper system that transfers its energy to a coastal low lateow l tonight early tomorrow and trowa that one-two combo will giv
7:17 am i think after probably 9, 10roba o'clock tonight through as mentioned the morning commutenim tomorrow and it will quicklyui get out of here and evenand e tomorrow our daytime highsti will be up near 40 so we're going to melt things offto pretty m quick. quick. still a lot of question marksstk about exactly how much of thistl snow he will stick when itck starts falling out there later we have been relatively warmelar the last couple days so there st you go. generally one to 2 inches. 2nc looks like a jackpot south and a east of town.n. there might be an isolated spot with 4-inches of snow by s tomorrow morning and as mng a mentioned we're going to warm'ro it up pretty quick so eveno eve tomorrow afternoon we'll geterow some late day sunshine withshin highs about 40 and look atnd your weekend. i think it will be gone quickly. quickly. >> whoo-hoo! >> and look at early nextk at week. we got winter tonight a nd tomorrow.tomorrow and then full board spring by tuesday, wednesday next week. ne 75 next wednesday.ednesd >> beautiful. >> what? >> got to make sure my airure mr conditioner works.. >> all those days look great. g monday, tuesday, wednesday.y, wy >> we're going to be talkingoint about, you know, pollen andn mold spores in the sameam
7:18 am
>> that is the only thing for the folks who suffer with ther h allergies, maybe it's not great. >> no, i know. >> i'm blaming it all on allergies.leies. >> yet it's snowing.t's >> erin como has a look atmo hal traffic right now.trgh i'm excited about it but people really suffer througher t this sea >> i do, too.oo >> folks in my own family.amil >> i have an appointment withmet an allergist next week.t w i want to get ahead of the cherry blossom s >> when you get treatment youge can enjoy it. >> yes. my face has swelled up before from allergies.ller i hear the season here isn he really bad. >> it is bad. it >> we're getting ahead of it.tie right now 270 to the truck scales 16 miles per hour 270 southbound. outer loop all jammed up from f 95 towards the spur. 95 southbound to the innerbound loop and bw parkway north andayd southbound some heavierhboundom traffic.traffi so, typical thursday morningy mr commute right now or i would oi like to call it friday eve butrt it doesn't feel as exciteeel ast willing snow is coming in andngn it's going to be a rough ride re tomorrow.rr
7:19 am
rgince georges county 301 aeo crash north at four and 301 a 3 there's a crash north atth a brandywine road. roa caution in prince george's there.ther 50 inbound jams new yorknbou avenue heavy traffic insidevy the beltway as you pass t by florida.flor typical delays on the inner t i loop bottom of the beltwayto through lanes down to 13 mm ile3 per hour as you cross the au cr wilson bridge and then the springfield interchanged through annandale slow trafficwt there as well. wel fairfax we have a crash dullessl connector eastbound before that's your'sour >> so, when it comes to then hardest working americans has some of the best.f the bes >> all righty. a new survey says though theught nation's capitol is the ninth hardest working city in the --h- ninth that's pretty's py >> right. i thought it would be higher. b >> right, all right. rig so, do you agree? we -- okay. o we're not sure. s >> so who better to put on p o this story than our ownwn hardest working coffee sipping man, notebooking holding bob barnard.barnar [laughter] >> reporter: sorry. i waeps daydreaming.drea >> that tickled me.>> t thank you. i needed that. >> reporter: forgot i was --t is thank you.k forgot i was working
7:20 am
morning. hey, guys, this comes from this organization called wallet hub based out of new york and they're usinghey're u information and data from thean bureau of labor statistics. stat we're at dupont circle andircle as we look at people headingeadi off to work this morning, goodn morning, hey we got a smile, a i what do you know. basically what they're sayingat' is that we are 400 percent00erce more productive as u.s. workers today than we were in i 1950. 19 even though they worked 200orke0 hours more per year back then. t wallet hub says technology is making us more efficient but eft get this.hi we work 20 percent more hoursou than most people do in europe but are somehow lessre someh productive than they are.ey you mentioned d.c. being theei ninth hardest working city inngt the some of the criteria they're he' using is that the average wor working hours and the numberumbe of people who have more than one o job.e virginia beach, van fran and fra cheyenne wyoming work harder har than we what say you? you
7:21 am
i believe i'm working hard. very hard to live in the city te so you got to work to make an honest living. >> reporter: do you workte hard. >> i work hard, yeah.hard y i think i need to get paid p more. >> reporter: all these other cities anchorage virginianchogev beach plano texas, scottsdalesdl arizona there they work harderor than us in those cities. cit >> i can't believe that. c't bel i see everybody here up at the early hours of the morning traveling to work, peoplek, pple staying late at at i hear people staying untiltangt 9 o'clock in the evening. eveni i can't see that. t >> i were together differ.tother everyone out here pretty muchprc works and there's a lot of businesses out here.e i don't really agree withlyee w that. >> reporter: you work hard? h >> i do. i work smart, too.rt, t >> reporter: she says she s works hard and smart and by a that she means that she also s a takes care of herself. herse she gets plenty of rest, gets a good night's sleep but doesoes work the study sa
7:22 am
see as this caterer is bringing food out here onlyre one in five americans steps out for lunch during theirh dure work dane wonder which is thewoh hardest working city in the u.s. according to wallet hub. it is anchorage alaska.horagela you got give them something because they're out in coldey all the time'r guys. >> we'll give them that.ha you're right we'll give them.he that all right bob lover that report. thank you. >> how you determine waits.mines i think a lot of people ina lo this city that do work hard worr and with the cost of living soig high here a lot of people work l i think a lot harder than theyhe would if they lived elsewhere. e >> what you take for granted gra we were eating at a, you know, noodles type of place pce sort of mid level place andla the young woman had such auc a positive attitude behind theeh counter and so we talked.ked. she traveled from where we whe w were in montgomery county, shen, lives in southeast d.c. and it's just one of her jobs because she says she just feels -- it's just, i honor i h that so i got the believehe bel we're higher than. that we're a hard working areaoa in the dmv. coming up the nba team'sm' part owner killed in a tragicra
7:23 am
what is now underwhs investigation. what do we know about this. kno >> also nearly a dozen meno arly making off with assault stylele weapons from a store in texas. s look at this video.t this v oh, my goodss.oodn the latest on the search for these robbers coming up next.
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nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. >> ♪ >> all right, goo good morning. welcome back.we cold temperatures. make sure you got a jacket. it's surprisingly cold out there this morning. everybody at or below freezinggg locally. reagan national 31, 25 dulles,s, bwi marshall 24 we had some teens manassasas culpeper
7:26 am
early this morning.orning here comes our clipper this could be our last hurrahurh of winter with some light accumulations expected around here by early tomorroww morning.morn sunshine at this hour.hi we'll get some clouds thisds t afternoon and then after rushd r hour r tonight. tight just tweeted this out after a rush hour tonight we canht expect the snow to arrive and i think it will arrivehiwi probably nine, 10, 11 o'clock1 c tonight and we'll get some bands of snow overnight. overnit this is not going to be a big ab deal. it will be a clipper to an be a area of low pressure off theessu coast and the bottom line isne we're not going have a lot of lt moisture available. generally one to 3-inches across the area.across t just also a you get south andu east of town you guys may bes mb in the jackpot one of the things we'res concerned about as far as accumulations it may snow for awhile and not stick. sti the whole thing is out of heret by early tomorrow morning andoro we'll be right back into theinte sunshine by late friday. f here's your seven day. y look on the horizon there.rizohe tuesday, wednesday, it is, it plain old spring around 75 by next wednesday. >> y
7:27 am
>> more whether a minute.wh erin is backet with roads. >> 7:26. we have a new crash in virginia 66 on the eastboundhe side it's blocking the right rht shoulder in roslyn.os this is after 110 before the t roosevelt bridge.tri traffic really heavy in all lanes across that area so be prepared to tap the brake past that scene.ce we'll switch it over for ait a look at our maps. we're seeing a lot of congestion and slow sansar roes around the dmv. 395 and the beltway. slow the inner loop across the t wilson bridge. 95 northbound jams also a you yu head through stafford and again between dale city andle cd woodbridge. just a lot of that usualhat ua congestion.coesti 270 southbound same story.hboun. to the truck scales you'reck scu down to 16 and then look at that long line of red.ed you dip to 15 from 121 to the spur. outer loop jams by newr lo hampshire as well. that's your traffic. >> ♪ >> erin thank you.>> >> a controversial plan toal pln fight crime in the district passes city council withes little notice. cotic loose lips columnist willt wi summer found something he'shing not happy with.t
7:28 am
>> later the skins franchised fi can kirk cousins.rk we'll tell you about his big h b pay day. pay day. way to go, kirk. back in a moment.
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7:31 am
>> tucker will be around 7:35wil with all the weather details. ws in the meantime talk a little l city business right now.usines new bill passed by d.c. cityy council would pay people toayeo avoid committing crimes.mitt now that's the headline in muchh larger crime bill spearheaded by council member kenyan mcduffie.d he's talked about the benefitset despite lot of backlash. bkl this week the legislation passen with relatively little notice.ic joining us now talk about thatt and other stories in the news will sommer loose lips columnism for the washington city >> the headline was payingay people not to commit crimes.ri >> exactly. >> that stole the attentionol before this got passed you dug deepere and found some moreeore you're not thrilled about.d abot >> exactly.>> as you say controversialsi proposal apparently it's work it the town of california. cif it will be interesting to see paying thousands of dollars o essentially to dozens of peopleo who could potentially be victimi of crimes or criminalsrimina themselves to stay out of thest trouble and anti crime program go to these training programsros essentially. >> right. that's one part though of thet f big picture. >>
7:32 am
>> big bill. it was kind of included in thisi maybe as way to get the wholeheo thing but there's more it to.t to >> exactly. what i found was interesting, ii obviously there's controversiali thing i think it will be it interesting to see how it worksw for the city. what i found was interestinger added into it is something thatt requires the city to make aity a report on it every year on howow the participants are doing andnd what have you.ave y. exactly the kind of thing youin want except that report hiddenen from the freedom of informationi act which is of course how wersw keep our government account howh people like me and member of the public file requests to seeo government reports.vernment r >> the wayep this right now, wee would never know potentiallyotti whether or not this is working?w >> exactly much it's not clear s whether there be on the reportss this seems to be the main benchh mark report on whether it'sort working they have decide thethee public can't see it.puic can >> obviously there's privacy information but the city --n bu- there's tons of stuff the cityht has if i ask for it they redacta out the private information. so it will be interesting to sei whether we're able to see the'r bench marks on this program. pr. obviously spending taxpayer money on a lot of people don't >> is it common when
7:33 am
council passes something is iti common to have the protected.ed. >> no it's not.. when muriel bowser trieed toed witness with the body camera footage kenyan mcduffie said noi way. >> this time it's included in in this bill that he proposed. exactly. it's very curious.urus >> let's talk the street cars running. runn have you ridden them yet.idden t >> i have. >> i never thought the day woule >> big surprise. like a bus on it's pretty much what you'd'd expect.ex. >> we've seen stories about it'e may not save i was lot of time.t they don't run super they're free. fre that's the benefit right now i w >> yes. >> what did you think though as far as after you had a chance th be on them usefulness arcs a novelty thing arc commuterom vehicle? what take did you get >> good question.qust obviously they're trying totryin solve distance between unionstan station all the way people toth get down there and ee ventual tl expand it out supposedly. suppoe you know, they want to keep it k going east across the anacostiaa river and eventually possibly ps down to georgetown.rgetown
7:34 am
line got in an area that has t h relatively little developmentevt when they started building it, i you can even imagine trying ton take it all the way too georgetown. so obviously that will be a much bigger supposedly it will get moreet me useful the longer it is.geit i >> and we talked to ddot aboutt this and they're still adamantda they want to take it to georgetown theoretically realistically chances are what e do you think? >> it will be awhile. aile i would not start buying realuyr estate up and down the tracks or whatever. >> let's talk about -- we talk l many times about the former abot mayor getting back into politi politics. he says that he -- he said he'sh going to do it are we going toot see a big campaign pesce now now soon.fxso >> vince gray exactly federalexd investigation is over.vestigatio he's back he wants a council seat running against alexander. she's on muriel bowser's side.e. he's launching a campaignampa saturday it should be a big you're about to see vince gray g whole lot more.or a blast from the >> has this race already beenlre handicapped between he and h a yvette alexander. axander. >> that's a good question.s a ge right. so there's
7:35 am
money because she's on the mayor's side and the mayor canhc raise a lot of money.lot of m at the same time, you know, poll released by vince grayin gray supporters you have to sort of consider that says he could win hand diddly no other competiti competition. there's a couple others a candidates but no one really competing with him and yvettette alexander with vince gray to split the alexander vote. vot >> it will be fun to watch.n tow no doubt about it. it. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> thanks, will.>> of course check out will in thei city paper all the time pretty much 24/7 loose lips column.s cm let's check in with tuck.ith t big story what's going to be to happening about this timeth tim tomorrow, tucker. >> absolutely, steve. >> i just spilled -- >> we don't need to focus onneoo this. >> live look at beautiful beautl morning across the area. a and we are featuring some veryov cold temperatures out theres oue early.early. in fact, right now temperatures are in the 20s and low 30s. l 3 let's go right to the maps. please ignore the fact i just ij spilled coffee all over myself.s 31 in washington.hito 28 in a
7:36 am
27 cold temperatures to start youry day. chilly afternoon.fternoon only be about 40 or so, ando, ad we'll watch the clouds quicklyuy increase. that's our clipper system justtj out to the west, and it'ss expected to arrive nine,rr 10:00 o'clock tonight.:00 o'cloo likely bring us an inch or tworo of snow by tomorrow morning. mon >> team work.or >> and it will quickly get outwi of here tomorrow afternoon. aftr we have a winter weather wth advisory in effect atffeca 10:00 o'clock tonight throughhtr 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning.g and there's a very quick look ao the seven day. we'll talk more about it but b springtime temperatures returnet by tuesday and wednesday againsa snow tonight after nine,er 10:00 o'clock tonight.octoni thank you guys.yous. >> look at your suit. i don't want to get any of thist dripping on me.ippi did you make a mess. mes >> toilet paper is sticky fortir this. it's the thought that casts. cas >> sometimes the forecast callsl for -- >> we'll move over to trafficrac while steve and allison come ono over.. >> did he spill coffee. >> at least it's on black.ast 'o >> what in the world? what in te >> is that a honey bun?? >> hey, erin
7:37 am
>> honey bun makes spilledak coffee all better.r. >> you have your heels on and io have my flats and so it's a miss match. >> crash activity greenwayy eastbound after 606 in sterlingn so little bit of caution througt that area.thatrea then in alexandria 395ri northbound the beltway to king street, 17 miles per hour.les pe and then as you make your wayouw out in prince george's county, other problems that you need toe be aware of this morning. 301 north at four tractor tct trailers and several vehicles vs involved in that please use caution really backed on 301 north because of that.ha. fine an alternate this morning.i aside from montgomery countyeryt outer loop right now we are dealing with usual delays 95 too georgia. we'll keep you posted on thatn t really backed up gw parkway p southbound as you head to thehe key bridge. bdg in georgetown typical delays ons m allison more traffic in just a a few. i'm going help out tucker withkt that honey bun.ey bun. >> team work. >> we told him many timesany t accidents happen, tuck k it's is okay.okay >> it's okay. is ok >> mistakes make us learn and ln grow.grow coming u
7:38 am
owner of an nba team actually ay part owner let me get that righ dies in a car crash. crash why police say the timing iss questionable.le >> also, thieves storm a guntorg store in texas. more dramatic video coming upomg next. ne time right now 7:38. ♪
7:39 am
(all with worry-free ownership. colors in your neighborhood... head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one.
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♪ 7:40 right now it is theighe break in everybody is talking ey about. watch this video. this is just scary stuff.s ju if you have seen thisseen surveillance video you know why. not one or two but 10 robbe
7:41 am
ripped off the front door of a houston gun store on tuesday tud morning and then ransacked the place leaving with 50,0, high-powered weapons the entire thing lasted just two they were smart enough to covero their faces they wore gloves glo that made it very hard forard fr police to catch up with them.upt there are reports that theres re have been some arrests ines connection with the smash and ta grab, however, but not all of no the suspects are in custody. nor are all of the guns recovered. natural gas industry tighteg and part time -- part owner ofwn the oklahoma city thunder hashur been killed in a car crash inran oklahoma city it happened justaj one day, though, after he wase indicted by a federal grand jury.ju police say that man audreyy mcclendon his vehicle slammedics into a concrete bridge pillar al a high rate of speed. of he was the only person insidesos the car. c was not swearing a seat belt ane police say made no tempt too mp stop. police say he may have tried tod kill himself.. a troubling statement when e
7:42 am
it comes to the spread of the th zika virus.. ahead of the centers for diseass control telling congress therete could be hundreds of thousandsus of new cases by the end of the year.year. officials are also concernedalsn about its spread in the united states as we approach mosquitoio season which typically begins in june.ju that's something i'm not'soi looking forward to.. no. on any level.. >> great start to the day for d kirk cousins about ready to sigg a $20 million contract for just one year. >> what was that?hat was t >> somebody >> okay. >> and also, o are the the foofighters breaking up? say ii isn't so? what? wt? >> kevin has the got the scoophs in today's fox beat. bt what? ♪
7:43 am
7:44 am
is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ♪ you're ready. ♪
7:45 am
is that coffee? nespresso. what else? ♪ it's hard to imagine thatha tomorrow we'll see snow out there while it's so pretty today. but it's cold i guess.i g urmperatures still underat freezing. >> it got cold overnight. >> really cold yesterday. >> it got cold overnight.rnight >> standing outside after the ar caps game last night trying toto find ride. >> did you have a coat on? you >> i did not. >> you had on caps jersey.erse >> i had on my caps >> did you have a hat on.ave ha. i did not. it was the win>>d tuck. >> the wind was very chilly las night. >> biting yesterday. bing >> and no outer wear. >> i did not. (laughter). >> are we good now?goow >> yes.. >> i tell him all the time. t t >> i know do you. kw do we exchange texts well into thee evening. >> he wants to know what tont ko wear. wear >> he won't ever listen.won'er >> he doesn't listen. he do >> um-um. >> that is acc
7:46 am
>> let's go to the forecast.ato we are lookingto at, steve, allison, help steve get dressede tonight. >> let me listen this >> listen carefully.stcarefully moderate impacts here mostlye m because of the timing on thisimn one as we are looking at just as couple inches of snow potential here but it looks like the bulkb of it comes in later tonight t after rush hour tonight and through the morning rush hourush tomorrow. so again the timing it will be e coldest time of the day so it's likely -- likely to help ao h little bit.le heaviest of the snow will fallt south and eastf of town.own. i'm going to show you expected e snow totals we're talking locally townow 2-inches maybe more like two tot three or two to 4-inches south u and east of town.n. numbers, cold, 31 in washingtono 27 we had teens last hour inou i manassas and culpeper now up tot 22 degrees in culpeper for you. 26 in fredericksburg.cksbur 30 in leonardtown. north and west the mountains m cold as well mid 20s in hagerstown and 27 in winchesterr it is what we call clipper system.. this one actually has prettysret good moisture with it,
7:47 am
stream in here later tonight.ont get sunshine first half of theei day. it will ab cool day today. bring a jacket.g ac only about 40 for daytime high.e clouds by afternoon mostly mos cloudy. then we'll see a period of snow break out eu around here nine,en 10:00 o'clock tonight and bed b with us threw the early morningg rush hour tomorrow and again iga think the main roads will be rol fine here.fine it may take a couple hours before it actually even startsta to but by early tomorrow morning ig would think there likely be some delays. delays. perhaps school delays. perhaps getting to work lateo at delays. d here's future cast tonight at 10:00.0. put it in motion.t it there we are at 4am prime time between two and 67:00 o'clock00o tomorrow morning. notice how quickly it's out ofli here as we warm things up by b tomorrow back near 40.ear so i think whatever we get inha the form of snowwe will probablo evaporate and be gone prettyre quick by tomorrow afternoon aftr there's your snow cast, lose l mike voice.. one to twenty fours here local lcally. your jackpot just off to the south and east two to 3-incheso as you get down into southern su prince george's county, charless county, calvert county you l
7:48 am
to get a little more to ouro south and east.ndas seven day forecast, we warm it i up a little bit this weekend. wd bring back the sunshine. ssh could be a quick period of rain and/or snow showers night.rsig look at that springtime warmthar by tuesday and i want to -- i'm going walk outl of the way.he w i don't know quite what thatitet move was, but i want to featurea the flowers, erin, on wednesday. >> i think you shall bring in sg real nurse for next >> i'll work on that part. >> a flower part in here.r pa >> you got it. >> thank you i appreciate that.t right now, 7:48.. i like the little ooze off sarcasm when i ask you for ask f flowers. it was nice. >> it's >> inbound key bridge backed upd very heavy traffic as you headed gw parkway southbound on to thet key bridge much lots of trafficf move over to the 14th streett bridge.brid. same story.. really crowded conditions south capital street bridge head out southeast part of the district.. jammed from south capitol c douglas a lot of extra time neededla fod those bridges for that commute.u now a look at our maps. o m aside from really crowded crowd bridges, we have crash activityt greenway eastbo
7:49 am
sterling little caution in l loudoun county and init alexanda 395 north beltway to king street down to 17s miles -- 17 miles a hour. ur. slow roll there. and then as you hit the springfield interchange slow inh through annandale.rouganna also, we're dealing with slow so conditions prince george's, 3011 north at four tractor trailer ta and several cars involved in aon crash leave early if that's tt' along your normal commute inormm prince george's.princeeorg suitland parkway inbound reallyl slow as well by silver hill. h back to you guys.s all right.all ri erin, thank you very much. well there's no postt franchise tag drama for the traf redskins now. >> today quarterback kirk cousins is expected to sign hiss one-year deal with the team.eam. wisdom is here with more and i say hash tag way to go kirk.irk. >> yes. time to get paid.time to ge >> let's get paid.t >> >> you now show me the money.ow me the. >> that's right. >> that's what this team is doing.. >> burgundy and gold paying him. cousins will accept his franchise tender officially sigs at some point thursday morningth that's what his agent is saying. once he d
7:50 am
locked in for one year at $19.9 million. it's the highest base thed salary of any quarterback in thn league for this coming season. cousins led the nfl with 69% complete completion rate, 299 touchdowns, 11 interceptions and 4,166 yards for a team record. r they finish the season nine and seven and the division champsona for the packers beat them in thn wild card game to end the year.. the team will have untile uil july 15th to negotiate a long-term deal with cousins f they can't get it done by then, they'll have to wait until nextt year and then we'll go throughoo this process all over if he performs well this year,l, though, it could mean even more money for kirk cousins. meanwhile, unless somebody sebod trades for rg3, he will be be released by march 9th.arch 9th so they won't have to pay that $16 million salary for rgiii. so rgiii era coming to an end officially pretty soon.y s kirk cousins era beginning now.. let's hope if you are a fan of a the burgundy and gold it doesn'e go the same way that it
7:51 am
rgiii. remember he was hot in 2012.2. rookie of the year. y all that offense. offense. everybody thought that theyy th finally got their guy. and then things went horribly awry. >> like my spirit animal kirk cousins is a slow and steady wins the race.e >> slow and steady does win then glace there you go. >> we shall see.>> >> this is a rich slow and a steady tortoise though now. he's paid.'s p >> um-hmm. okay. okay. >> best of luck.>> >> thank you very much, wisdom. >> you still got to earn thato t money. that's key.that's k this is just for one year. yr. >> yup. >> the key you got to performout and now you can get even moren money. >> yup. all right. >> there you go. >> there it is. >> more incentive. te incee. thanks wis.anks let's head over to our left ourl right now. check in with kevin mccarthy.ccr what's going on, kev. >> give austin some credit. crei i love watching his shots. shot. you are awesome, sir. s something near and dear to my do heart taco bell at it again.t an this is amazing they're rating the fretted at a lay pantry.try. guys a lack back story how muchh i love taco bell.oel obsession when the tour receiptt
7:52 am
they weren't available yet. y i went and bought doritos anditd poured them into my actual tacot to taste it. now this is a new one. they're adding the cheetos to to the tacos. tacos crunch wrap sliders came in i three flavors. this is amazing.s amazg. spicy chicken, beefy cheese and supreme before you get too excited they're only available in canada. canad no word if they'll make it here to the south of the borderorr but --b -- >> ! one that has the hash the h browns in it? >> the crunch wrap slidersrs they're smaller versions of the crunch wraps. >> meat in it. >> you're talking about thee ta breakfast ones.kf >> you can get aas minutia. muta the breakfast o this one is the crunch wrap itt will have cheetos inside of it.o here's the thing,.ng. >> -- you think if you order yd the breakfast one with cheetosht added they would do that for thf you. >> why does he do this. >> i'm going to taco bell afterr work and pouring a bag of cheetos into my tacos so i can try this.try this. >> i'm not surprised.'m n >> looking at all the differente frito lay.ay perhaps next we can have the t pita chips or maybe the
7:53 am
>> how about a pita rito,. >> there you go. there you go. >> you're welcome taco bowl bell. >> i'm going to give it another try.try steve this is near and dear to your heart.. is foofighter foofighters breaks dave grohl going solo.ol they will stay together and keee performing rumors were swirlingw around as the group was breaking up after dave grohl performed a solo act at the academy awards.. people were saying there's going to be bad news coming when theyw told fans they had bigadig announcement.unceme instead, they addressed they ade rumors in a parody video featuring nick lachay act likeak he was joining the group as thea end of the video a slate came um reading "for the millionth timet we are not breaking up and no body is going expletive solo".ol >> did you like what the spinning -- they did the oldld batman throw it was awesome. ame >> i loved watching that.ov w almost getting distracted bytrte that when i was trying to tell the story. story. >> days david hasselhoff is kn
7:54 am
watch now the rescue bowie to bt the lifeguards in the new bayewy watch movie.ovie the rock who's in the movie made the announcement that hasselhoff is joining the cast on his face bock page. pe. the movie about a group off lifeguards who are forced to fce team up with a former olympian played by zach efron to save the bay and movie began shooting onn february 22nd and dwaynend dyn johnson also confirmed that thea film will have r rating? r >> is this a clip from the filml or clip from the show. >> this is a clip from the show they just started filming it on february 22nd. >> if they're going to have guyo try to escape by runningni directly into the ocean, i'm non going to see the movie.. >> and the way that you saidai that, makes me sad but i thought you meant david hasselhoff wasow going to be chiming in on thingi and therefore on the show. t s but he's actually going to be on the show? >> making a movie.>> makg a >> he announced it -- the moviem and he announced on facebook,acb right? >> the rock announced it sayingy david hasselhoff will be in then bay watch movie and it will be e rated.te i'm a little concerned about
7:55 am
why are they making r rated bay watch. watc the tv show --tvho >> it might get steamier. >> steamy. >> your boy rock is in it.n >> i know. i k >> we'll see what happens there so many people are bingeop a watching this show already.his . fuller house made debut on in i flex last week noun fans willwek get a double dose of cam dee. de netflix renewed it for another r season the show is a spin off. >> what? >> of the '80's and '90's family sitcom full house. >> i thought it was bad.houghtw >> i'm three episodes into iteee right now. it is one of those shows that it is so bad that i like watching it. to me it's about the inn t i comfortable moments.table mom it makes you feel so awkwardowk when you're watching it. it. they make so many references to michelle, the twins olson twinss not in the show.he they make a joke about that as well.well >> our show, awkwardness sells. >> awkwardness is i'm three episodes n lit makeitk you cringe in the best wayinge i possible. >> watch us inter act within tucker.. >> exactly. >> the best thing to do would bu to have camera on tucker as wee go offeror entertainment timein and we're into his weather timet and he gets so --
7:56 am
face.ce so excited about that.ited a >> like now. like no >> we're 50 seconds into yournt time tucker.uc i apologize. >> keep talking, kev.eep ta >> we had taco bell discussions. >> can i say real quick i loveov david hasselhoff. >> hov. >> ever since he wore don't d hassle the hov shirt.hi >> euro trip was funny. was f he had a cameo in there. >> yeah. he had a show back in the '80's >> good stuff.tu 32 at reagan national. t dulles 30. bwi marshall i can talk hasselhoff all day.ld here we go. we got clipper system off to tht west. that's on the way. clouds will quickly we are going to get snow tonighn after probably nine,bably 10:00 o'clock tonight.k toight here's what we're thinking fornf snow totals by early tomorrowlyo morning generally one to 3-inc 3-inches.3- highest amount here will be jusr south and east of town, and this whole thing will wrap up byp nine, 10:00 o'clock tomorrowloct morning probably be some delaysd and then things will be cleaned up pretty quick here withere wit daytime highs near 40 tomorrowrr afternoon. there's your seven day.ay hey, real quick.ui i know i'm now breaking into i erin's time i want to show youw next wednesday. look at our daytime highsme forecast for next wede
7:57 am
mid 70s around here. >> whoo! >> all right. that's a look at weather.eath erin is back with traffic.h >> i love everything about thatg now i want taco bell. t bell. owe want to go to taco bell witi david hasselhoff. >> cheetos. >> how does that sound. doe >> and kevin, too, obviously. os you're so excited about it. abo all right.l taking a look at traffic. tra outer loop jams by new hampshiri avenue. give yourself a lot of extraa lo time to get swords the spur. 95 to the in your opinion jams and we're really heavy passedd take look at our maps right nowt on the areas of concern thisonci morning, suitland parkwayay inbound really jammed by naylor. 270 southbound really slowlly s moving traffic. we got you covered. keep it to fox5 news morning. ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning.s n ♪ ♪ yes, winter's last hour a l that's what we're saying aroundn here. it is thursday, march 3rd,rd 2016. you're looking at the salt dome, yeah, our last gasp hopefullyly from old man winter tonight into tomorrow you're looking live att the salt dome near our studios.. should be a busy place this timt tomorrow. more details coming up inp i weather and traffic at 8:05 on 8 the 5's.e 5's >> good morning to y i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. first up 8:00 o'clock this 8:0 morning if you have not yet lefl your house this morning whetherh you drive or take public publi transportation a lot oftation at information to pass along.atto p let's start with thes stith drivers. specifically those who use thelt arlington memorial
8:01 am
scary prediction for you.nor you won't be able to drive overr that bridge in five years. >> bob bar gnar joins us thishis morning live from the bridgeg with the reason reasohy bob, five years sounds like a a long time but we know, you knowy it's really not.y n what's happening?ng >> reporter: yeah, it will be w here before you know it. basically, this bridge which bdw opened in 1932 is crumbling. crb it's falling apart. roughly 70,000 cars day takeay t this bridge.ri we've already reported they have some lane restrictions here because of the support sup structures here that arecter crumbling. also, two major problems. problm underneath the asphalt here is supposed to be 11-inches ofes o solid concrete. conet and they've taken some samples l and they said basically that tt 11-inches of concrete is justt crumbled rocks. so that needs replacing. rlaci the other issue is down here the support structures under 19 theh bridge. we have a second camera across r the way here and basically these are called run i don't know posts the leg of this bridge if
8:02 am
you will. and right now, they need $5 million in repairs to theo post that is are in the middlen of the bridge.he that's the very least that theyt need to do. do. the problem is this. the national park service tellst us as was first reported in thet washington post today that thiss bridge needs about $250 milliono in but the national park service s budget for transportationrt projects across the country is $250 million.illi they have $12 billion inli in transportation project needs across 410 national parks. par so this bridge alone can't taken all that money.. so basically they've known thisi for years and now the national o park service is kind of putting up a red flag and saying, hey, we need agencies, government gon across the region to geto together and help put up the p u money to keep this iconic bridge because if not, that's the estimate.tite. in five years because of the crumbling road surface and the deteriorating support structureu they may have to
8:03 am
bridge to vehicular traffic.raff it would stay open as foot a bridge alone. so that's it, guys, a lot of needs, overhaul works $50 million that is needed andsd it's just not there. j the money is not there and tre they're putting out the alarmhe bells today, guys, the nationalt park service is. >> i guess it's just time for te something else to have scaffolding on it in this city. >> such an important thorofare. i take it all the time. one of the bridges i take allest the time.the tim i get need money to do that.ha maryland's purple line, weew talked about the drivers, thisvi one for the commuters.for the >> the riders. the riders. purple line could be constructet by three private companies aeerc team of private companies wouldw build operate and maintain the purple line.e now, all this a is approve thehe construction would begin later l this year. 16-mile line would be open forpe service in 2022.022. the project would cost $5.6 billion. some of it would be paid througo federal funding.di so that's another piece of thiso plan.
8:04 am
works will vote in april. meanwhile governors fromov maryland and virginia along with d.c.'s mayor all teaming up ton create a metro safety commissi commission. the independent oversight committee will dirndect the saf and security of metro and otherh mass transit systems in thems i area. metro is the only public transis agency in the nation that's comprised of three separate sepr jurisdictions. today the freddie gray casec heads to the maryland court ofhn appeals.pes at issue with officer williamli porter one of the six baltimorel officers accused of in gray'susg death can be forced to testify t in the trials of think of t colleagues. circuit court judge earlierdge r rejected prosecutor's request te force porter to testify. tes prosecutors want that decisionaa reversed.ed. porter's trial ended in a hung h jury back in december. the road to the white house appears to be a little less ls crowded now. now. apparently over for ben car scott republican presidentialsie candidate he sees quote no pathp forward and will not attend att tonight's debate in detroit. carson plans to make officialeff speech about his future tomorr
8:05 am
tomorrow. that will be conservativel be political action conference atoc national harbor. hbor donald trump, ted cruz, marcoar rubio and john kasich will alsol be speaking at the cpacc convention.ention. debating tonight. big face off as we mentionno the 11th gop debate of this t hosted by fox news channel bret baier, megyn kelly, chrisly c wallace all moderating deet baib from detroit starts atit s 9:00 o'clock t it will be interesting to seeert how this compares to the firstpe debate they hosted which hadch like 10 people on the now just four.w justou >> right. here's some more of the issuesme people are actually concernedonn about.t >> finally get to that.o >> you know what else we care about around here, snow.e, sno >> yeah, we do. >> i like when you guys are in stereo.ereo. we'll be on tomorrow morningrowi starting at 4:00 to let you knot how to work it outpatient theou trouble spots. >> a little bit of -- we'll have a few travel delays tomorrows to this won't be a major storm.jor not repeat of what we had ine hd january. maybe an inch or two of snow ono the ground by tomorrow morningoo and -- and -- >> it's different because thedif road isn't as cold as it wascold that one time.e >> exactly. >> we got that little bit oft th
8:06 am
>> temperatures in the 60 as fee days ago.days and that will help kind of --kid the snow -- it will take a w couple of hours for it to eveno stick on the roadways.oadw >> right. okay. >> i think in the scheme of in things this will not be major. j >> it's cold. it' 32 in washington.ngto we are having cold the past 2424 hours and chilly today. t that will help the snow littlenl bit. 30 dulles. bwi marshall 31 here comes our clipper system. . sunshine at this hour.r. hey, you're fine during the fe u daytime hours. dayt fine for night's commute.orig this will be overnight tonight really after 9:00, 10:00,00 11:00 o'clock tonight through tr early tomorrow morning.rly it will be a quick mover. m i think everything will wrap upt by seven, eight, 9:00 o'clockk tomorrow but by then we can have an inchi or two of snow on the ground.heg winter weather advisory issued i early this morning for justus about everybody. eve the thinking again is perhaps one or 2-inches of snow by early tomorrow morning. with cold enough air in place we'll look at our expected snow totals in just a minute but a m heads up today.head just a chilly day. day. make sure you take a jacket whej you run out the door withd wit temperatures only abouty a 40 degrees this afternoon. >> all
8:07 am
>> think of 75. 7 any think of 75.k o >> it's on the seven day.t's >> focus on next week, erin. skip right past today.ast today >> i know. exciting thing we get to startet our friday early. ear. >> yeah, we do.eah, >> you know. >> >> yeah. >> that's right.>> start it early gets over early.. >> exact of the maybe luckymayby people who tele commute get toet work from home tomorrow.orrow maybe we've made some folks days >> maybe we have.>> >> or maybe ruined it.uid either way we'll let you know l how the roads are shaping uphapp when the snow moves in.enw right now sun glare weather. w not affecting our friday eve grab your shades you'll needde them by the american leon bridgb inner loop and outer loop busyy typical congestion you can see as the cross the bridge it getst lighter right now across thecrot wilson bridge.ri not like the earlier delay weely were seeing. switch it over for look at our r maps right now um i'm dealingi'e with hair static as a result oft cold weather i think. >> >> so are you. this is why i love allison. right now prince george'ss 301 north at four tractorurra trailer crash and several and s vehicles. watch out for that crash slowino you down in prejudice.ju
8:08 am
606 in sterling and if you're ar taking metro malfunction at pentagon because of that blue line, largo town center delays. yellow to mount vernon squarear delays. red no alerts. ales and metro bus on time right nown we'll let you know if anything y pops up and i'm bracing myselfyl for potentially rough ride thise evening and tomorrow once therrc snow does hit the area back to you steve and >> still to come this morning another item banned onand o airplanes. what you will not be able to take on your next flight.yo it turns out, happy events e can break your heart, too. t? what? >> we'll explain.e' ♪ ♪
8:09 am
8:10 am
♪ the deflate-gate case goesfl back to court today. not over yet, folks. nfl lawyers will ask appeals court in manhattan to reinstate the league's four game suspension for tom bradyat.ttorb a lower court of course through that suspension out last year lt after it said the nfl did not n properly investigate the case. brady is not going to be at thet hearing today. the ruling not expected for fewf weeks which means we'll talkwe'l about it again in a few weeks. testimony though continuesoi today in the erin andrews hotell stalker lawsuit. lsu yesterday, a hotel securityit expert testified defensing hisng staff saying they did nothing ng wrong. wrong. defense also challenged andrewss claim that she has suffered suf severe permanent emotionalmoti damage because of it. o andrews is suing the stalker ana hotel companies for $75 millioni the pentagon looking for fei good hackers.acke tech keys if you think you can u hack into the defensehack department, well this is rightnt up your alley., you officials are looking forking
8:11 am
participate in the hack theack pentagon program. progr it's pretty sweet gig. hackers would actually be paid p the program begins next month. e-cigarettes are now bannedw on commercial the u.s. transportation department recently enforced the rule to apply to all domestic ds and foreign flights traveling tg and from the united states.dtat now this means that you cannotun smoke them, you cannot checkannt them in your luggage.gage the agency says the new rulesew should eliminate confusion over whether the existing airplane smoking bans include e-cigs. e-c well, we have all heard of o broken heart syndrome, right but it turns out happy events werenr can break your heart too.oo >> extreme happiness can lead td brief period of sadness. researchers studied nearly 2,000 people nearly 4% of those people experienced something happy thao also made them feel sad. s some happy events include i birthday parties, weddings and,s winning big at the casino. >> your birthday is over, thes , wedding right not have work outr
8:12 am
>> we studied it. >> what did i just tell you? teu >> everything that they studiedd for ho* however many years overv 2,000.0 >> i just expressed to you thatr i'm feeling really happy today.d >> and you're bringing. bring >> now i'm upset. upset >> coming up astronaut scottna kelly is back on earth. this is something to be happymeo about. he spent almost a year in space and already a difference betweeb him and his twin. it's >> it really is. >> it's fascinating.>> i the major physical change thate happened to him while he was ins space.e. >> the effects of wait lessness. let's take live live outside on this thursday yes, yes, see through thehe sunshine into your crystal ballb for tomorrow which will be will cloudeclouded by snowflakes and flurries and a little bit of a i accumulation.lati tucker has all of those details coming up next. ♪
8:13 am
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after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
8:15 am
>> welcome back b get excited. we're about to see more snowto around these parts.nd the >> not too much.seot t >> not too much.>> not >> the right amount. t t >> we can handle it.hehandle >> happiness will be broughtill down by the fact it's the last a snow of the year.snowf th >> why do you think i'm feeling' so happy today? i had darkadar roast. maybe more caffeine making mee n crazy instead.nste i'm confusing happy with little --li >> it could be that, too.ulbe t >> i had dark roast an honey bun.n. >> do you feel super happy.fe >> i feel funny insidele.ide >> maybe that's what it is.hat'i maybe i feel funny inside. inse >> let's go to the forecast.oras let's go to fox5 super -- ser - >> oh, boy. >> first five.>> >> cuteness time.>> c >> yes. yes >> cuteness time, yes. foxfox5 first five photo of th day. double trouble.double troub >> oh, my goodness. ♪ ♪
8:16 am
>> all right. we got devon and demi. >> devon and demi they arei they thrown months old.wn mon >> they're the best dressed-year-olds.seyear >> they're twins.y' 13 months old.thold >> they're twins. >> and get this their favoritee member of the our very ownwn allison.lison >> i just hit the lottery.e ltey >> she's available for playle fp dates.da >> yes i am. yes i'm having serious babyusab withdrawal.with yes. i'm available for play >> they're >> that is -- look at -- look at demi's little sweater poncho. p look at devon's little --e -- >> yes. >> zip up. when the weather breaks auntreau allison will take you to thewi park.park >> right. >> make sure there's an adult to accompany --co >> i'm an >> to accompany you to make sur you don't --yo you know. what do you mean?yo >> take them to the park you'llu have to get new outfit you'ret u just as fancy. fancy >> i know. good luck with that. lk with th. they are super cute.ey super >> we love the picture and wetud love allison, too., thank you for sending it in. i and to zen us your child's chi's picture go to our facebook
8:17 am
fox5 d.c. and send it on that. t >> my goodness.dn >> promise we'll get it on theli air the neck couple of weeks.e s we're cold. 32 in washington.n washi we had teens this th. manassas, culpeper in the low lw 20s. 20 very cold air mass settling intl here for early march and we'llnd be in for a chilly day today.ay only about 40 for daytime highsg make sure you got a jacket readr there's our clipper systemer talking about snow all morning.i it does arrive tonight afterhtft rush hour.ou probably nine, 10, 11:00 o'cloco tonight.t kind of marginal conditionsti temperatures will probably bee above freezing when it starts.ta may have trouble sticking forckf few hours.few hou not expecting a lot of it, butob could be enough of a nuisance nc that we'll have a few travelra delays by early tomorrow mornini as i think snow will still bel flying for that sort of the thae first half of our morningorning commute how about snow we looking at generally one to 3-inches, andn, again some of that may not stics at the onset that will hold dowd snow totals. but again enough that theret t could be some travel issuesl perhaps school delays tomorrowas morning. so stay tune for that.or there's your seven day.. 4
8:18 am
we'll actually be above freezinz by tomorrow afternoon.te it should all wrap up by nine,in 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning.g weekend looks quiet.ui maybe a brief period of lightd l rain and/or snow showers showe saturday night and then we are on track for our warmest temperatures of the year. >> yes.>> >> by wednesday afternoon.. get out the suntan lotion you'l want it. wa 75 >> it will be real nice.eal >> bring it on.>> >> i like it, thanks tuck.k >> check in with erin and get ag look at the roads. eight cot 18:00.ot8: outdoor lunch next wednesday iti is.. >> inbound suitland parkwaydarky prince george's a stall at nay a roar blocking a left turn laneur causing really backed upup traffic.traffic. alabama avenue also in that area metro buses experiencing delaysy because of congestion southeasth section of the district.n of t s once you get inside there. there so be prepared for that as well. also, in prince george's thisrg' morning, thee 01 on thenhe northbound side at four tractorr trailer and several vehicles veh involved in an earlier crash.. bigger delays dissipated watchet for a scene and loudoun county y crash on the shoulder, greenway eastbound right after
8:19 am
sterling.erling. metro update.te earlier malfunction at pentagona you still may experience someeom delays blue line at largo townan center yellow line at mountount vernon square. sar again, don't forget about thoset bus delays southeast section ofn the district.the di as for yourst morning commute cu downtown we're seeing congestion as you make your way towards thr capital over the douglas bridgei south capital street inboundnd really jammed it's a slowlo commute from gw parkwayarkw southbound on to the key bridge us a get into georgetown you'rey stacked wisconsin, connecticutot typical congestion as you head in chevy chase we got you coverc this morning much that's yourucu traffic. steve. >> for the first time in nearly a year, astronaut s tcott kellyk back on solid ground and on u. s soil this morning he touchedre down in houston texas overnightt greeted by nasa officials his twin brother mark, his wifeif gabbie giffords, second lady lad dr. jill biden. biden. yesterday he received a callecv from president obama thanking t him for his time in space. >> um-hmm.m-hm. >> now, nasa will take a closero look at the impact all that timt space had on his body some ofodo the changes are alread
8:20 am
noticeable i'm talk now a big'm way. holly is back to explain. e it's fascinating. fasna >> it's really not insignifica insignificant. >> no. >> significant change. >> it's definitely worth repor reporting. yes, my mike is on. on. allison and steve the immediatem effects of pretty let's start with his height. hei scott kelly is actually are youy ready for this 2-inches taller. amazing. >> 2-inches. >> that's incredible.edib >> right. rht >> so why do you ask? well? wl since there's no gravity in space your spinal disc areyour actually not compressed givensed you the boost of height. being taller isn't perk enoughke to go to space mr. kelly is also younger. okay this is not as significantt but it's still worth reporting.i according to astro physics expert kelly is 1,100th of a second younger. you that is because time passes morm slowly in space. as explained in albert einstei einstein's theory relativity.. he touched down in houston.. kelly commented on his age
8:21 am
difference.differ >> it was a very long trip when i left here in february i don'tn even know what day it was inn february. i was 50 and now i'm 52. 5. so but it feels great. gre one of the things i thought a lot about during this year iseai there's no great privilege thant serving your country, however hw and wherever you might do it. >> nasa says it will wait a fewt months to begin further testingh of the mission on scott's bodytd to give him time to readjust to life with gravity. gravity but when they do, they will gett help from his twin brother markk comparing their genetic make upu to see if there are any changess he's the first american to speno that long in space he doesn'te e hold the record for overall time spent in space.. russian astronaut spent 438 dayy in space back in the '90's. >> i'm curious.urio if the discs will compressl mprs again. >> he needs to play his pick upu basketball now because we don't know. know. i don't know how long it willow la
8:22 am
nkout things you don't thi about like his bones and his muscles will have weakenedave because he didn't have to bearvt the weight.t. >> sure.>> sure. >> because gaff have g they they do exercise in space.. >> he walk down the steps of tht plane. we saw. we >> they are a little bit weaker. and his heart is actuallyy smaller because it not have toth pup and as hard because thereaue was no gravity in having to pumm the blood to the extremities oft your body.your b >> not the pick up basketballasl game >> maybe not. ig right. >> all of it is very veryit iryv fascinating. >> i'm curious when he wrote those remarks he knew when thehh end game was, did he wait untilu last minute to do it. i put it off? scratch this outchu we'll do it i >> this is the other funny t thing, too. they did say a lot of it, of upping, people like what arele k they waiting to see, you know,yo before they start doing lot of analyzing? actually a lot of it he collect the specimens all time while he was in space. his identical brother did it btd here at the at the same time.e m so they actually the collectiono is done. d now they'll analyze.lyze yeah. >> fascinating stuff.asciting s. interesting to see the researchs >> awesome, thanks, ans >> still to come this morningnig
8:23 am
controversy for kanye. kye >> and new developments in madonna's custody battle overtle her 15-year-old son.ldon what a judge's ordered thehe singer and her ex do -- d >> to do. >> each of them.>> eac >> okay.>> oka >> yeah. >> all right. that's next. ♪
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪ >> all right. yeah, we're looking at a liveok shot there.
8:26 am
cold conditions overnight.ins nh teens and 20's just 32 here in town. still on track for snowck forno overnight tonight into earlyntoe tomorrow morning.orni let's take look at that togetheo right now.ri there at reagan national. natioa 30 dulles, bwi marshallarsh 31 degrees. quick look at youric satellite/radar. here comes our storm system.rm it's a clipper not a lot off moisture with it. wh not lot of cold air to tap intot just enough of both that i thini we'll get a period of snownow starting probably nine,bly 10:00 o'clock tonight throughnig the first part of your commutete tomorrow.tomo in fact it looks like the wholew thing will wrap up by eight,ig 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning.o. when all is said and donendon perhaps an inch or two of snow locally, and some higher amoun amounts. how about one to 3-inchesone locally here with heaviest ofea the amounts to the south and tot the quick look at your seven day.evd there you go. get it out of here tomorrow torw afternoon and good lookingn weekend if you have weekend youe plans although cool. cl. all right.all righ more weather in t.just a minute. erin has got your roads.roa. >> 8:26 right now. 8:2no a lot of congestion.onstio this is a look inbound as you make your way on 295 at eastern. you can see all parked up withp
8:27 am
really bright sun today as wellu grab your shadn es.r shas sun glare could be a problem anm you don't want to deal withlit visibility issues as you make ye your way out on inbound 295. let's go ahead and switch ittch over for look at our maps. suitland parkway inbound a iou stalled vehicle at naylor road o it's blocking the left turn lann and causing some big delays as you make way your out in prince george's new york avenue inbound in theod district really backed up askep well by florida. no shock there. t prince george's as well 301 north of four there was anhe was earlier crash involving anvolvig tractor trailer and severaldev vehicles. a few leftover delays. beltway usual congestion topstin side out by new hampshire on tho outer loop. outer lo that's your traffic. youtraf back to you allison and >> still ahead this morning whag if you had to reserve your deskd at w we'll tell you about this new trend taking over offices soices we're told across the country.. really? okay. okay. we'll get the information forrma you also we'll take a look backk at all 15 seasons of american ai idol with the help from ourelp f friends at people magazine.. how they are celebrating this t hit show coming up
8:28 am
next. next. is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ♪
8:29 am
you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else?
8:30 am
♪ like awry mick of the cherre blossom music from yesterday. y >> a little mj.e mj. >> yeah. >> >> it sure is. y>> >> like a little bit ofbitf everything.ever >> maybe this could be ouruld official cherry blossom music. >> i might prefer p >> okay.y the it wouldn't make sense if themae words came.words me. >> absolutely.>> >> all righty. >> great pictures outside thissu morning both of the memorialf mi bridge and the white househite h behind it. great start to tod stick around in just a couple ou
8:31 am
coming up for this timer is t tomorrow. first at 8:30 get your newsouew headlines this morning.thisor fairfax county community com mourning the loss of high school student found dead her home. >> police believe it may be drug related.ted. fox5's annie yu is live in clifton, virginia, with theginih latest on this tragic storyry truly.truly. we're waiting to say t conclusively if it's a drugly i overdose but this story just repeats itself far too oftenar across the united states.he utet good morning. >> reporter: hey g morning mor allison and steve.soand st you're're r you knowig, the police tell us s likely it's likely alexi ya overdose on heroin right now ain school is underway here. started 8:10 this morning atorng centreville high school, and wew actually spoke to some studentss this morning who tell us that aa leaks see ya was a very veryeryr popular girl. gl. everyone knew her. she was heavily involved inold school. she was homecoming princess. pnc and as you mentioned allisonis this is aparen's worst nightmare losing your child, you're,ou probably looking at photos now s of 17-year-old
8:32 am
a junior here at centrevilletree high school in clifton her body was discovered tuesday morning inside her home by a friend who spent the night with her who h called fairfax county police.ntl keep in mind fairfax countyaxou schools were out of school oncho tuesday because of super tuesday. investigators believe that bel t springer died from complications from drug use and police are telling us she likely overdosedd on heroin. those who know her describe herb as outgoing, generous, justt beautiful, many of her peers p were stunned by her death, and,d again, we spoke to students this morning who just say that had no idea a lex ya was using any typt of drug.ofg. fairfax county school officialsc will review its drug education i and prevention curriculum and, you know, her death reportedlyel not the only one caused bydy heroin overdose this week mende fairfax county.ouy police tell us earlier this weew a 28-year-old man in springfield also reportedly overdosed on o so definitely a growing concerni and if you visit
8:33 am we've actually listedl in resources for you to refer to if you know someone who is --s who might need some help.d some. that's the very latest here in e clifton v have a. back to you in the studio. stuo >> good evening,, a thank you.than you and today allow down countyu family is fighting to keep theit land from the state.ta their case will be in courtou a hearing is being held becausec the family is fighting a lawhtia that allows virginia's governoro to take possession of privatete property without any notice to n the owner. owner the family is on the bring ofng losing 4 acres of land due to aa new road that's being bng constructioned by vdot that will lead to shopping and business development. this family filed a suit askingn a judge to declare this unconstitutional. just schools in princeoo george's county getting new names. school board decided to name a new elementary school afterchooa fallen firefighter kyle wilson.. and godwin medical school willoi be renamed after communityni leader and educator dr. george o h. hamp ton. t all right. a little break here. sometimes we get to do reallyet fun stuff out in the c
8:34 am
just wanted to share this. i had the pleasure of speak tagg make a wish mid atlantic eventtt in georgetown yesterday.terd you know we love make a wish mid atlantic.. eden's unicorn wish. >> that's right. >> yesterday this was make aak wish and women in wishes. whe that group helps to fund some oo the wishes that these kids get s to go on i got to reallyy one wish kid there was susanna.. she's 10 years old she battledad leukemia. she loves animals and has the goal of a vet.. her wish to become a zookeeperke for a day and she told me ae little bit what that was like al the baltimore zoo. >> actually better than i expected and i did not expect all -- every single animal animl there.the. at first i didn't even know was a -- now they're one of my o m favorite animals. animals i don't really think about the t negative. i just think about the positive, because in every bad situation a there's something to look forward to. >>
8:35 am
inspiring, right? fox5 is a proud partner of make a wish mi lap season of wishes campaign.. with so many local kids waitingg for their wish to come true anyu time of year is a good time to t give if you can. c currently there are like 600e l0 make a wish kids who are waitini for their wish to come true. >> the need is definitely there. >> all year round. rou >> you can see the excitement.xt she just lights up the room.oo >> it's magical.agical if there's magic it is trulyly >> she mentioned a blue tigerlur part of her zoo expedition. expt i was not familiar with the zoo tiger. maltese tiger criticallyticall endangered but the few fur actually looks blew to see the e video with her.. also, no fear. you know sometimes it's liket' l frightening being this close toe you know, whatever, a giraffe or she got right in there withre w feeding the penguins and --nd she's amazing. that's make a wish mid atlantic. we're happy to be on board ity o them. th >> well do what we can.l do whae hopefully you will as well.y yo in the meantime tucker is here to let us know everything weg need to be prepared forpare for tomorrow. >>
8:36 am
big deal.k big de although we'll have ala period o snow overnight tonight.vernig take a look at maps in a secondc let me give you a heads up muchc it's cold out this morning.or 32 in washington.ngto 27 in frederick.. 28 manassas culpeper a couple au hours ago we had teens off tonsf our south and west.h anest. very very chilly morning. m 30 in quantico.30 in quant 32 for you in leonardtown. clear skies at the the clouds pretty quick.tty quick here comes our clipper system. you can see the moisture snow so streaming back towards chicagodo this morning. mor now approaching cleveland. and we can expect snow to breakb out around here after rush hourh probably nine, 10:00 o'clock0:0k tonight we'll get a period of snow beginning and then andhe overnight tonight it will pick up a little bit in its intensity and i think by early morning byy our morning commute tomorrow thm snow will still be flying atlyg least through seven,ghev 8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning wm are going to have period of snof around here early tomorrowom morning. all right. how much snow we looking at? weo not whole lot. l one to 3-inches looks like the jackpot here to our south and sa east.ea perhaps parts of prince george's county, charles county, calverte county. you guys will get a little more, and one of our sort of questionq
8:37 am
actually going to stick? it hat been relatively warm the laste l couple of days with theda exception of yesterday.. and that will probably hold down the stick age overnight.ig that's not an official r 43 today. increasing clouds cool afternoor and snow after probably nine,bln 10:00 o'clock tonight we'lle'll start off on the light side. lht all right. look at the seven day. we have a very warm temperature on the seven day.en d if you haven't seen it, you'll y want to see it.wao se stay tuned for that.ed erin has got your words.r words >> i like the sound of thatthe warmer temperature tucker 8:37:7 my biggest concern right now iss a, the congestion for the morning commute and b, what thet snow moving in will do to theo t evening rush tonight anding rush tomorrow morning.tomorrow we're going on 4am tomorrowomorw morning. we got you covered with how h traffic shaping up.affi as for your friday eve commute,u 66 east at the roosevelt bridgee there's a crash blocking theinge shoulder little bit of a blurryy camera causing delays on 66 eastbound. we'll switch it over now andt ow show you what else you're upou'u against for your morning drive.. malfunction at the pentagonn happened earlier with metrolierm because of that blue line delayl largo town center yellow l
8:38 am
delays mount vernon square.qu no alerts on any other railerail lines right now.ght n as for your morning commute inom the district as we zoom in you i can see a lot of yellow and redd on our maps.aps. secondaries backing up.p. you're slow over south capitoltt across the douglas bridge, bdg 14th street bridge, 11thdg 1 street bridge, 295 inboundnd really jammed by eastern avenue. top of the beltway by the outert loop dealing with a lot ofot o congestion. and same story 270 southbound by the truck scales. s 121 to the spur.pu 95 southbound bw southbound jammed. give yourself extra time if yout have an early flight to get to t reagan national. nat typical congestion same story ss heading to dulles and bwi.wi we'll keep a close eye on your y morning commute.g com. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. 66 inbound out by centreville cv really heavy as well. as w steve and allison. >> all right.ight. erin, thank you.erin, thank >> still to come the new trendcw taking over offices across theot >> and later, kanye west caughtu red handed in a questionableione t.t. that's coming up in the fox fox ♪ ♪
8:40 am
it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
8:41 am
♪ >> what if you had to reserveif your office space, your desk aty work, your cubicle. >> a new trend in corporate america apparently there is no assign seating at the office. some call it hoteling. some call it beach towelinspacgn as find a spot and put down youn towel that's your desk for the day. da employees can just claim a spacm when they come to work. t would that work for you? isor yu there going to be a away fory couple of hours pack up your stuff and find a new desk when w they get back.ack. obviously this applies to lot op companies that do a lot of do af teleworking.teleworkin >>
8:42 am
>> employees.mploye >> okay. that day you have to be in the h office, they're saving space.ina they're not giving everybodyg ey desks if you're to the going to be there every day. tre e >> the trend is telework. >> it makes sense from sense fro perspective.rsiv >> it comes to hard-workingard- americans how does d.c. work asr far as the hardest workingor americans.s >> we're in the top 10. >> nation' capital is the ninthn hardest work city in the unitede states according new survey byvb wallet hub.etub. the company compared factorsan often social security averageso hours worked per week commutek c time and average retirement age. now, by those different criteria, i would think we woull be number one or two. t again we're number nine.r which city is number one? ne? anchorage alaska. virginia beach coming in seconds rounding out to the the top fivf plano, tech text. t sioux falls, south dakota anda irving texas. surprising? >> yeah a little bit. yea >> little, right. lit back here in our regioneg baltimore comes in at number 60e i find that hard to believe, t o too. maybe it's just still ahead madonnayb and her hh can
8:43 am
latest on the custody battle isl coming up.. >> also, people magazine magaz celebrating 15 seasons ofsons american idol. who is that on the cover? newo? book out.ut. we'll take a look inside comingc out next.ouex ♪ i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (man) we're out of 2%. i wonder what else could be better around here? (man) i heard that. now get our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, plus tv & phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. 100 meg speeds at a price this good? fios can do that. cable just can't. switch to better. switch to fios
8:45 am
>> welcome back. let's get it to.le looking at our storm system tonight into tomorrow morning.u moderate impacts across the aree mostly that's because of theset timing as it will arriverr overnig
8:46 am
morning commute tomorrow. tw. all right. biggest impact as mentioned mti coming from the timing snowfalling overnight tonight ig think after nine, 10:00 o'clocko tonight through that morningth rush hour although there arehe indications it will be out ofs t here pretty qui nine, 10:00 o'clock in the o'cle morning it will be out of here.e heaviest of the snow expected ec snow totals look to be to thek south and east of d.c..c i don't expect they'll be manyhb problems on the main roads but t certainly some school delays are a possibility as we can get a cg couple inches of snow locally. y cold this morning 32 inn washington.gton baltimore 31.ltimor 31. 20s north and west. martinsburg, hagerstowng, hag frederick 27 degrees.7 degree 32 there for in you in y fredericksburg. very very chilly early thisilart morning. we had teens out to our westo os early this morning. morng sunshine right now. n clouds quickly increase and thid is our clipper system and what a we're going to watch happen ispn this system will kind of quicklk transfer its area to an area ofe low pressure off the carolina coast. co that is a process takes placepr we'll get a period of snowoca pi around here later tonight
8:47 am
nine, clock tonight throughht tu about six, seven, 8:00 o'clock0l tomorrow morning where things wrap up pretty quick.tty qui all right. all let's go to future cast and jusj kind of show you the -- how thit thing shapes up up here. here we are this afternoon. aft. no problem at all for the afternoon evening rush this will be more like laterlate here we are at 11:00 o'clockat'c starting to see snow up ahead of our system quickly starts totast transfer it's energy to area ofa low pressure we start to get tog wrap around snow as the system s pushes out to sea. to sea. there we are at 4:00 o'clock.k and again it will be cold enougg to support snow although we havv question marks about how much os this will actually stick when aw starts to fall and that could impact accumulations that'sns ts tomorrow morning attomo 10:00 o'clock. and things are already wrapping up. so again tomorrow morning's morg commute will be the only real time frame where we're dealingre with falling s snow cast one to 3-inchess generagenerally heaviest of thee will be south and east of town.w calvert county, southern prince george's county, charles countyy you guys look to be in theto ben jackpot with this one againhi
8:48 am
totals. however, enough that there coulu be delays tomorrow morning. all right. there's your seven day.ay 43 today. 45 saturday. satur 51 sunday. can we focus on wednesday? iayi think we can. can let me get out of your way. youw i was going to try to make ---- basically i was going try togoiy make something cool happen witha my map but it didn't work. wor on wednesday, there it goes. ite now i'm in the way.i'm he way. look at your daytime highs on wednesday. we >> what's happening?dn >> i don't know. don't know. i just keep talking.. 75 degrees.egre this is what we have to lookoo forward to next just take that away from the weather forecast.her foreca all right, guys, i'll toss it'ls back to you.ou >> i'm so confused. >> perhaps we shall consult some of the other experts to help t l sort things out for us.ou for >> how about holly and >> that would be great c what's going on, >> can you help. h >> sorely miss inform.mi we are the expertsss. nonetheless we'll give eight goh >> that's right. here's what we can talk about. c good morning to you. morni y because we've got a busy two hours planned for good day.
8:49 am
years ago and today mitt romneyy is speaking out to make sure the donald trump doesn't become thee neck president of the united states either. er. the strong words romney will use that in his state of the of campaign address. addss >> speaking of the presidentiale election, place your bets the rest of the world is.e ld in fact, one professionall gambler and political p handicapper says altogether morg than a billion dollars will be b bet on the out come of this year's race. r he's joining us live in the loft to letof us know who he thinks k should hold em and who should sl fold em. em >> all right.>> did you make it through thero winter without getting the new?n that's a big question for a lotf of people.of pe. well, even though it's march,s h you may not be out of the woodsw just yet. in fact, we're going to find ouo why we haven't even hit peak fll season just yet, and if thatfhat shot that you got back in thek t fall, if it's still effective. >> oh, say can you see!! >> nice. >> today is national anthem dayy when it comes to singing thehe star spangled banner few beltt the out better than caleb greene
8:50 am
nats games and this morning he'h starting the 10a off for us. u >> all right. right and snow tomorrow but mid 70sid next week. so bring on the spring fashion.i we're talking dress trends endrs for warmer weather.warmer weath. >> you know what to buy. b >> absolutely here's the crediti card. >> oh, good day dc starts in arn matter of minutes. >> caleb green such a great voice.ic he sing at all these big eventse around the district. distric used to be with the us army banb just in case he doesn't showsn'o holly we're pencil you in. >> she can at least be a back uu singer.. >> pressure.ure. i'm sweating now.i' >> sounded good. see in you few minutesm .. ♪ >> all righty that. music means it is kevin mccarthc time with the fox beat.ox b hey, kev. >> good to see you guys.d to >> you brought your own snacks today. >> you her the story earlier. nan today i'm injury jealous a adding cheat to their cruncheirc wrap at taco bell. not made it to the united states yet. i went to the vending machinee and bought my own cheetos.wnhe >> okay. >> taco bell today and pour them into my crunch wrap.crun w >>er
8:51 am
>> i'll report back because thiu is the hard news you expect froo fox5 news morning. >> i appreciate your in depthyop reporting. >> we'll need a life report.t. facebook, periscope whateverpe you're doing. >> i'm so excited about this.teh i cannot wait. real quick by the way the ghostg busters trailer will be comingil out today.toda. the director paul feig justig jt confirmed that for me on twitter. it will be released at 9am thisi morning and he tweeted that to t me little bit ago.g coming about nine minutes nowe t and we'll share that on good day d.c. d.c. i'm very excited about. eed a all female ghost busters castusc inn clouding kristin wig, lesley jones, kate mckenna minute andnd melissa madonna custody battle with ex-husband guy ritchie over their 15 year daughter son roccr far from over. over a judge agreed to led rocco stas in london with ritchie untilhie something more permanent is worr out. now rocco left his mother's touu last year to go live with his h father but madonna wants rocco c to return to their new york, ney torque new york with her. n yor the
8:52 am
don't resolve the matter soon, the court will and just so youu know they both were noto physically there in court. iurt they had to phone into the intoe actual courtroom for that tha courtroom moving now another controversyno for kanye west. w this is kind of crazy.zy rapper was caught browsingwsg website that commonly used too download pirated software.e he posted this picture of his computer screen which shows an open tab for a file sharinghari sight called pirate bay. now west hasn't offed anyofd explanation for his visit to th site. but it is reportedly one of then places where his new album has been -- new album supposed to bo available on tidal. look in the left hand corner you see the pirate bay there. a lot of people wondering arin little hypocritical of hill toll be on pirating site. >> i thought that it was just -s he did it on purpose. pur it was a joke. it was prank. prank. >> there was some back and forth of him and dead mouse.ou back and forth there. i mean, no one knows for sureorr but it is a little suspect thatt he was on that site especiall
8:53 am
especially -- this is too littll too nerdy look at the search bar xxe some kind of software that t dead mouse is involved in. invvd why are you pirating t >> i heard it was prank. heard r we'll see.we'l >> we'll see what >> okay. thanks guys. >> thank you.hankou. >> well, as american idolmeriido prepares to exit the air waves after 15 seasons, peopleple magazine is taking a look back k at the show with a new book and joining us more now with more on this is gentlemen gentleman 19an ruben steen a writer from people magazine. good morning and thanks forng joining us. >> thanks for having me.hafor hm >> so tell me about thiss publication. >> so this is our subscriberscre like issue that we're verye're v excited about.ted about it is going to be on standstand tomorrow march 4th commemorat commemorating 15 seasons ofeanso american il. the best of american idol anddol just kind of looking over all of the highs and lows and high hig notes and low notes of the show. >> okay.>> give us some of the high notestn before we get to some of the low notes we can look for
8:54 am
>> well, our cover star cary cy underwood from season four, ofn course, is one of the brightestt stars to come out of americanrin idol, and we catch up with her, how life is now seven plus grammys later, and how she's hos doing with her husband and herer baby and just how -- her ride searchly. >> she's the best of what the bh show can can but if we're honest there havehh been some people that we thought might go a little farther andnd then they kind of fizzled out. t give us some of the bad in thehe public indication.atio >> so we catch up with prettyret much everyone.. and, you know, one of the people -- even though theyhe didn't win a lot of the peopleel that we talked to are, you knowu doing great tng >> okay. >> we catch people up on william hung who everyone remembers from those early seasons she bang,g, she bank. ban >> she bang, right. rig >> he actually sold, you know,ok quite a few more than some of the winners. >> really?>> re >> losing wasn't always thewa worst thinsng yeah.ea. >> what in the world was on the
8:55 am
album besides that rendition ien was about to say parody a a rendition of that song?on >> a number of renditions. renon very special ones.cial o >> okay.>>kay. >> so tell ming when we lookwheo threw it, will it be typically c what when we first saw thesese contestants and then what they're doing now and how much m did you talk to them while putting this book together?he >> definitely. def so we kind of looked back onf lb their early days and they werehr fresh faced and catch up with w them now.em we have ruben studdard and claya aiken and just really memorable you name it jennifer hudson.n like the show made huge hugee h stars. so we're just like lettingeet people know what life is like now after being on american id idol. >> to me, it just seems thatems we're looking at old jennifer ji hudson video when she was on tht just a total transformation anda this is somebody who did not wiw but went on to win an oscar for goodness sakes.akes. >>
8:56 am
that was the same season ass fantasia.ia just two really huge powerhouseh heavyweights, and, yeah, she got on oscar out of it.t. they knew what they were doingwh in terms of findingat talent. >> the show definitely was a model for other shows and kind n of sad to see it come to an ende but thanks to this book from bok people magazine, we can relivean the moments. thank you so much for joining s us. us >> thank you. >> all right. r so cool the show really does, tucker, by -- bye it really speaks to the best oft what can happen and then also people sort of get lost in it,t, >> oh, yeah.ea >> huge stars. >> huge stars.uge >> huge stars come from the sh show. hey, there's live we got sunshine at the momenthem although it's cold.s c very cold overnight.rnight most of the area in the low 20ss this morning. and we got big changes.ha let's get to it.s ge 35 now at reagan national. nio dulles bwi marshall 32 degrees.r setting the stage here for our winter event not going to be major deal. d but i think we will get snowno overnight.
8:57 am
tomorrow morning by day break db and then the thing will wrap upa pretty quick there may be higheg amounts just coming up here in i few minutes i'll show you our expected snow totals.noot but the key thing to remember rm here this will be moving througo pretty quick late tonight andnd early tomorrow morning and yourr weekend although cool look to b in pretty good shape a fewew snowflakes or rain showers onn saturday. look at next week.t neee 75 next wednesday.nesday okay.okay guys. i'll be back.i'll we'll talk all about this winten event arriving later tonight int just a minute. back to you steve and allison.dn >> tuck, see in a few. sa we'll talk with the fox medicald team why flew season is hittingt so late. >> all righty. later, why betting on next commander in chief can be big business. good day d.c. coming up next. ho. ♪
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♪ straight ahead, a politicalt war of words. mitt romney rips donald trump aa a phony an fraud in a speech hee is set to deliver later todayert and gop front runner is already responding.onding >> plus a busy d.c. bridge coull be major danger.anger. how much it could cost to fixto the memorial bridge and the impact the work could have one traffic for years to come.. the side effects of -- waitt until you hear what happened tod astronaut scott kelly aft his h record setting trip to the iss.i first though, not so fast spring.i snow is taking aim at the d.c. region.region could this be winter's last


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