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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  March 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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is in our future. fox5's sue palka is here.e. >> sue, i can't believe we'reca' talking about it's march, right.inarch, right. >> it is march and thesearhe things happen in march. hpen we're already hearing sarahng s and laura that some people arere seeing their first flurries f which is a little earlier than expected but it will be very ver light. ligh temperatures at 40 degrees soee anything that you do see is i going to melt. to mel it will be very light, it will l be a little later tonight whenin there's a possibility of getting a small accumulationumat on grass.on g we are lowering expectationsower just a little bit with thistl one because the storm itself doese not look terrific butrrit just enough and the worst timeot wind gust our morning rushus hour approaching that t a wintew weather advisory has beenviso hs issued for much of our area oure from 10 o'clock tonight untiligu 10:00 a.m. friday and there ande are some winter stormerto warnings.rngs. that includes toward thear the northern neck of virginia. vir we're watching for the king george westemoreland area, i'm not sure if king george is in it, doesn't look like they are but westemor
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are in the winter stormhe w warning. you'll get the bulk of your yr snow during the day tomorrow. that's when we expect to see the storm getting off thengff coast and potentially throwinghg back a little bit more snow at those areas.ereas at the moment it's very vy scattered, very light and as ven we put it in motion it looks aoa lot more dramatic than it will probably end up being.ei want to show you again one one more quick look at that winter r weather advisory.atheadvi the impact mike thomas and i were discussing should we takedt this from moderate to low andtea we decided to keep it att moderate because it will bewi occurring or it will beill be wrapping up especially as oures morning rush hour getspe going. so, there will be some slushy spots, there will be someil be slick spots on roads but it b should be a low impact inmpact terms of the total snow. s most of the accumulation onatio grass and the snow is out of o here by mid morning so last l stop we tweaked our snow totals just a little bit, west,w of d.c. we're only going to goio see a dusting, a coating on grass to maybe an inch. one to two for lower southernern maryland and far to the northnd and west and that two to t t 3-inch amount is where theer
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you'll get the bulk of yourulofr snow tomorrow.snow tomorrow. much more coming especially anla hour by hour forecast that t everyone loves to see when i join you in a few minutes.w tes. sarah and laura.d l >> sue thank you. sue >> developing tonight theelopino family of a fairfax countyf a f high school student who wasen wo found dead inside her homee tuesday morning is denying the e 17-year-old died of a heroin a r overdomes they claim in-- an- claim initially made in an a county press release andsend confirmed by police. pic >> fairfax county police areax u backing off that of claimf c tonight and say investigatorseso aren't sure what drugs alexia ae spring are may have taken. fox5's paul wagner joins us live from centerville highervi school with that story. paul. >> reporter: laura and sarahar the story about what happenedppd to alexia springer was borner w out of this press releaseel which was put out by the fairfax county government yesterday and it says that on tuesday, two young residents in the county likely, and this t is the key word, likely diedd of a heroin overdose.n ove the county government saysntve that they got that information from the police bu
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information from the police is now in doubt. outside of the centrevilletrev home the 17-year-old sharedld sa with her family her sister whot declined to speak on cameraam said alexia died of an accidental drug overdose andnd was not using heroin.sing she said the junior at centreville high school dide hi not use the drug and the police were wrong to say she did. late tuesday morning at 10:45 1: a spokesman for fairfax countynt fire says the caller to 9111 said a female at the house was unconscious and not breathingtng and when police and paramedicsac arrived they found no signs of however, police say investigators did find f evidence of drug use. u >> detectives believe herective death was related to a drug related detectives have collected a hav sample of it and they've sent it off to be examined.xamid. once the toxicology labicolog results come back in we'll bemeb able to confirm exactly whatctlw type of substance it was andst if it actually had anything tonn do with her death. >> reporter: however, justever, yesterday a press release fromm the county gove
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without naming her the teen's te death was likely the result of using heroin.oin. >> i'm not sure exactly why --hy where there was a miscommunication. i suppose it's suspected that'st it could be some kind ofe opiate drug but like i saidai that's beyond our purview tourew state. we have to wait for the lab l toxicology corruption to come c back before we know what itore is. >> reporter: at the highr: at th school wednesday friends ofnesd alexia gathered to rememberd o the junior and tied balloonson to some benches that werech later released. >> alexia was one of the most m selfless people you would ever she was kind hearted sweet,ndeat homecoming princess, played sports. she had more friends here in f the school. even if you didn't know her personalldiy you new of her. of. >> reporter: john massa a senior said it was not heroin.n. >> she didn't use heroin. uer she wasn't heroin user.wasn in fact she didn't reallyea abuse drugs. d she made a mistake and unfortunately she paid they shid price and we all grieve andll gd
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more than the loss of her.n the the federal government saysernms more people die in this country from drug overdosesg ove than they do in car crashes. css and here in fairfax county the government is trying to stay toa on top of a heroin problemro which they say the county doess have. in fairfax county the number thr of deaths from heroin heroi overdoses doubled between 2013 and 2014 and fire and rescueescu responded to 291 suspected suspe heroin overdoses across thehe county between 2011 and 2014.01. so, although that information ia that alexia springer may haveav died from heroin at this pointhn again that's in doubt.ou live in fairfax, paul wagner, fox5 local news. >> paul, this is a situationisit that just keeps getting worse g and worse and we are taking a t closer look tonight at anotherno twist in this heroin and opiate epidemic. the alarming rise of fentanyl. y
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and the problem is users havers no idea that that's what twh they're we'll have that story at 5:30.:. >> police in prince georgesin county need your help toelp identify two suspects wanteds in can connection with awa robbery at aon cvs. cvs this incident took place lastcel friday afternoon inerno in beltsville. police say the suspects stolepes prescription medications fromonm the pharmacy. pac the manager of the store army veteran joe morisi was fireds after he attempted to stop the robbers. he says one of the men wason armed with a screwdriver.dr police are asking anyone with w information to please giveleas g them a call. two men have been arrestedes and charged with humanum trafficking and sexual abuseexul of a minor. court documents revealed onecume of the suspects said he drovect as school bus for prince for p georges county.nty. fox5's matt ackland is as following the story from f montgomery county where policewh got a 911 call from the the teenaged victim that exposedhatx this case.this c matt. matt. r: reporter: that's exactlyte right, sarah. sar montgomery county police were first
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right before christmas whenre c they got that 911 call fromrom the apparent victim. vic let's take you to video nowideon and we'll tell you exactlyouxa what we have been able to ae t learn so far today.od court documents revealed thecun victim called for help from this shady grove red roof inn. . detectives interviewed her and t she stated she met 22-year-old2r devaughn sharp and he told herhp he would pay her to have sexay h with m she also told police rally mcclam gave her instructionstrun on how to accept money andnd provided her with a phone. investigators located ads inorod the escort section of the of classifieds that theyeds th the determined were placed by mcclam. mcclam court papers reveal mcclampers told police he drove a schooloo bus for prince georges we asked police if there was a connection between that job thaj and the victim.icm. >> reaching out to the folkstohe who may have ridden his bus,bu maybe some of the youngtheou people. >> certainly that's part of tha the investigation but at this time there is non connection,ot no known connection betweenon
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suspects' occupations.upations >> reporter: so we did ask ask authorities if they thought thog that there were other possibleos victims here.ctims ere. they said that is something set that they are looking into. int by the way, we did contact c prince georges county schoolses today and they sent us a a statement saying it's not it' nt their policy to discuss any any individual students, employee or family member but i cany me tell you this, this is if the spokesperson, that we conducton rigorous background checks buthu the police department or the school today did not confirm that this gentleman was a school bus driver. d he said it when he was being b interviewed by authorities. live in montgomery county,momery matt ackland fox5 local news.ew. >> meantime we are learning leag more tonight about that t barricade situation in fairfaxoi county where shots were firederf at officers. off police were called to this home on larkspur drive.
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a 19-year-old called 911 tod 91o report someone was in his som home. when officers arrived shotsedhot were fired in their direction.ic detectives say no one was inn the home but they say he fired the starter pistol similar totos this one at police.ol he is charged now with assaulttt on a police officer and placing a false call to police. police. >> to prince georges countyce g where the school board will hold its regularly scheduledhocd meeting this evening but oncenig again, the board is tablingab its discussion of itss disc volunteer services program. >> now, the program came undered fire after deonte carraway was charged with sexual abuse andbu possession of childon of il pornography. fox5's marina marraco livera l in upper marlboro with that tt story.y. marina. >> reporter: yeah, andor volunteer services was clearly posted on the agenda forndfo today's school board meetingscha and when we reached out here her to the school board they saych that now it's been axedoo and ad they're claiming that because two weeks ago back on february 18th they decided to dd form a task force, it will not
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be revisited for two months. mth the question is what happenswh p in this in between period withio all the volunteers that areers a still part of the county, have v they been frozen, are they allowed into the school and the have any changes been made because allegedly deonte dnt carraway was walking students individually into bathroomsuall and having sexual encounters ent with them apart from staff sta members and aside from anyny view of any adult in then t period.. so, what happens with these volunteers? we asked a dr. eubanks two weeks ago if there would be any sort of freezing of hiring of volunteers.lunteers. he seemed to believe that thetob majority of the volunteers were parents, school parents and he believed that theve majority of them were acting in good faith.d ith. well, no more we'll know moreor in two months when that task thk force comes back. b that that task force comprisedce of school board members andl bo community whether there will be anyere wie changes to volunteer services se made here for the county.ou in the meantime tomorrowomorro carraway will have
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appearance at federal court.rt marina marraco, fox5 local l news. >> we have a follow-up on a fox5 exclusive. a.m. loudoun county homeowner will now get his day in court ic and try to challenge ahaenge virginia state law that will allow the commonwealth to takelt possession of his property ins i ashburn without notifying he's been battling the state ths for years over a new road that h vdot wants to build that would w lead a new shopping and new s business center. to build that road the statead e would have to seize one to 4 acres of his during a court hearing todayriny the state tried to get thethe case thrown out but a judge sided with him and will allow a his challenge to continue. >> he'll get a trial onll g whether the state can take hisca property without telling him tei when it does so.oe and this is a case that will w have broad implications for all virginians because thecae t court is going to decide whether the constitutionhe requires the state to tell ar person when it takes s
5:12 pm >> hopkins says he expects the y case could go to trial withinal six months.xon >> an iconic d.c. bridge is in danger of closing if it doesn't get a major overhaul.l. the national park service is preparing to patch up thetcup arlington memorial bridgememoe which will extend its life by lb another five years.ears. but the 84-year-old bridgeri needs to be completelyomplel reconstructed or it will close by 2 the repairs would cost c $250 million and right now theit park service doesn't have thecet money to do it. i they plan to apply for federaled grant money to help fix the bridge. bridge >> coming up, starbucksup, employees are learning morerninr than just how to brew upewp coffee. >> why they are getting a the lesson in breastfeeding ahead.he >> wow. and the first of its kindf k a college is launching a lauhina bachelors degree program in gospel music.gospel we're going to tell where >> and mitt romney lays out scathing critiques of donaldf do trump and of course the donald n barks back.bac we'll have that coming up.
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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>> ♪ >> in the race for the white house there have been 15een republican primary racesry races donald trump has won 10. tru >> he has. he but there is still a deptill a divide within the republican party from those who are not
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donald trump winning the trumpie nomination.mination. fox5's political reporter ror ronica cleary is here withar her more.more so, big drop today from mitt romney.mney >> yes, it was incredible.ncdib. certainly not something youy normally mittno romney spoke today at the hinckley institute based out i of the university of utahns heth opened his remarks by saying er wasn't there to announceth his candidacy for president. pri he wasn't there to endorse a candidate.cand instead, he was there to speakss about donald trump and tell t the people not to vote for him. donald trump then responded tose mittomney's remarks at a rally today in maine.y >> let me put it very plainly. n if we republicans choosecans donald trump as our nominee, nie the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatlyre diminished but you say wait, wt, wait. isn't he a huge business success? doesn't he flo what he's talking no he isn't and no, he doesn't many. many >> i'll just address it'l qul ickly 'cause it's irrelevant.vant
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candidate. he failed.he fled. but i backed mitt romney -- iom backed him because -- you canyo see how loyal he is. he was begging for my endorse. r i could have said mitt drop tot your knees, he would havees, dropped to his knees. kne he was begging.. >> certainly the two speaking in different styles but you may recall donald trump actually endorsed mitt romneyor when he was the gop nominee inie 2012 and romney touted trump'sru business successes. suc i spoke with alexis levinson a senior political reporter for nav national review and shew brought us back to the day day when trump endorsed mitt romney. take a listen. lte >> we were all sitting there saying my gosh this is so g awkward, so uncomfortable.omforb i'm not sure they ever had ay ea particularly goodularly relationship. that said obviously at thed viou time romney felt that trumpt tru was an endorsement that hehat wanted and he didn't mentionten that in his speech today.peec he needed to bring that up.d to he needed to kind of say, you know, 2016 is different thannt 2012 or
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least addressed that fact.t. >> well, romney did put out a tweet today after trump's trumps comments. it said if trump had said four years ago the things he says today about the k can kk, muslims, mexicans, disabled i would not have accepted his endorsement.rsement. there's another debate hosted by megyn kelly. kelly. you may recall that trump feltmp she didn't treat him fairly and he skipped the next fox next news deb took place right before iowaef i and he hosted a fundraiser for veterans instead.nstead. ted cruz then went on to win the iowa caucuses so we willeil see what happens tonight. tig for fox5 local news, i'm ns, ronica cleary. >> all right, thanks, ronica.ths every election cycle we see campaign signs starter to pop up near polling places andgs front yards.ards >> one undecided voter wantedane to put up a sign of his own and you may have seen thiseen ts sign spreading o
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media. it says idk, i don't know, not trump, though 2016.h 2 the man behind the slogan is comedian dave ross. trump has certainly been a controversial candidate inspiring strong opinions both for and ross says he receives so manyson retweets and likes he put the pt anti-trump slogan on bumper stickers and t-shirts. t-srt the merchandise sold so wellhand he says it's paid his rent forio the past few months. >> good for him.>> >> i know. he also created a web site andia now has a licensing deal soo the idk not trump though tho shirts will soon be sold at urban outfits. >> that's great. >> isn't that >> i'm glad. it's like he's making money's off of m it. if you can make money off o trump, good job.d j coming up soon you may not recognize kfc's colonelfc c sanders.sander >> we'll tell hugh has been cast as the first t f african-american member toam play the chicken founder. fouer. >> girls are getting down and da dirty.y. first, all deem mail ghost
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busters trailer brings back b the slime. sli so , who are you going tore youg call? ghost >> girl busters, right.ight and could you have some hiddenhm ridges in your house? we'll h?w tell you how one family struck s it rich when they found thisndhi card hidden in a bag. >> wow. >> ♪
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it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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>> ♪ >> starbucks is getting a sealge of approval from a well known britis ah charity. coffee chain allows women toment breastfeed in their stores. in i >> that caught the attention t of the national childbirth trust. >> the group has designated dese starbucks as a parent friendlytr place. stores can can now display the organization's parent friendly'p place badge in their starbucks is the first chain cha to gain that status intain britain. about 800 stores will display d the badge ultimately. kfc has cast another actoroc to play their iconic chara
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colonel sanders.sande >> the newest face of the fast f food chain may not lookot loo familiar. david allen greer has beenn grra cast as the first blackstla colonel sanders. the actor revealed the news aewa tweet this morning.t th can kfc's latest ads beganbega last spring with darrellh darre hammond as the colonel con followed by norm mcdonaldcdon and now jim gaffigan.affigan. no word on when greer will debut as the colonel.olon we know who a lot of moviegoers are going to callo this summer.this smer. the trailer for the new ghost nt busters movie was releaseds read it features an all female team m led by melissa mccarthy kristen wiig kate mick kinick k none and leslie jones. and there will be somethinget strange in the neighborhood when the new ghost busters hits theaters on july 15.uly >> looks good.ksood. >> kind of a fun different difre revival of that old classic.ic >> oh, yeah. oh, y >> coming up, maryland high high court takes up key issues inssun the freddie gray >> how it could impact the outcome o
5:25 pm >> and we are taking a closer look at the alarming rise in ri the sale of a drug called fentanyl.. the dea says it's leading todint more and more lethal drug overdoses.overdo >> reports of people seeinge flurries around the area.roun no problems expected for thed rt evening rush hour. hr. mount storm in grant county west virginia has picked upa ha about a quarter inch of snow sno and prime time for us is going g to be about 10 o'clock tonightog until 2:00 in the we'll have much more on the timing for morning rush hourou and what you can expect for the rest of your friday.y. fox5 local news at 5:00 will:00i be right back. bac >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 5:00. >> should one of the baltimoreti police officers charged inff freddie gray's arrest andt a death be forced to testify to t against other police officers pc even though officer is facing a retrial.a >> that was the questionth before the highest court inourt. and fox5's tom fitzgerald is fir here now with more on that. fitz. >> reporter: good evening.r: gdv this hearing stretched out h over the course of two hoursea today on the bench were sevenenr appeals court justices and add a odds with the state attorneyit general's office and theh l's defense attorneys all tryinge ty to settle this issue. i baltimore police officerore poco william porter, he is chargedrtr in the death of freddie gray. gy but his case ended in a i mistrial. five other officers' trialsic are now on hold as the appeals a court today tried to dig into the question about whetherstn ab porter should be forced toor testify in those five other cases.s. now, the officers charged inhari the in custody death of custodyh freddie gray arrived in i annapolis this morning withngit their attorneys at ther attorne
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they would not speak as they t entered the building. the state of maryland wants to grant officer porter limited immunity in order toer get him to take the stand in his fellow officers' trial.ffict now, that immunity the state ths insists would not violate his rights of self incrimination.nca which as you know isws guaranteed under the under constitution.on. now, defense attorneys, they att say this. they say if that were tot were t happen, it would create an impossible situation for officer porter and violate hisat rights. they say not only wouldld porter's testimony give prosecutors an advantage when w they retry him but that his tha testimony will be so widelywillw reported on through the media, m social media that it would beule impossible for him to get a fairy trial. t this hearing stretched for hours but when it came to ahead it was at t the moment at the end when the assistant assia attorney general kerry edwardsar and defense attorney gary procter clashed over how h testifying against sergeantng alicia white and how white's whi attorneys would try to damage
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porter's credibility. >> they he will have to call tol him a liar. they will have to probe his voracity.racity. sergeant white was his director supervisor for fourerv who knows what she knows. and that will all be repeated ra so that the jury pool sees it in in our first trial ari hundred pearls of the jury hadph heard about this case. >> to be sure, it is not only his testimony but any evidence e or information that might bemit derived from that testimony that would be pro hinted andprod the state would carry the, and this is what the federal caseedl law has said, the heavy burden b of establishing that everything that it introduces against mr. porter was taken from somewhere independent of his testimony. >> reporter: so as it standso as right now these officers'esoffic trials, sarah, have been putha n on hold and they're going to stay on hold until this court of appeals decides this case. d >> so, what is the likelihood to here that porter is going to goi testify? >> reporter: well, you talkr: to the people who are th wewho e legal experts and they say the yeah, it looks pretty likelytt k he's going have to and h
5:32 pm
why. i want to show you this clip. this is douglas cull bert a cl law professor at the university of we put your question to him. this is what he says. say >> it's understandable that ae t police officer doesn't want to testify against other policenst officers. there is a code of silence sen that's been well recognizedogni but at the same time ah it can undermine or subvert the administration of justice fromto going forward. forwa >> reporter: and that's theorr:a key question, is this holdings i all of this up. this this court is in session untilsu the end of june.e end of j we might not have to wait that i long for a decision, though.h. we're hearing this could comeg h rather qui we could see these trials t restart, sarah by the anniversary of the baltimorey ob riots which as we know is on april 25th. >> coming up quickly. c that's forom sure.'s f fitz thank you so the family of a fairfaxfalyo county high school student higho found dead in her home iss speaking out. alexia springer's family says alexia dived an accidental accid overdose but the drug was nothe heroin. police had originally confirmed heroin w
5:33 pm
springer was using. police are now saying n say investigators are not suree s what drugs springer may haveave taken. her body was found on tuesday. springer was a 17-year-oldar-o junior at centreville high school. >> ♪ >> with a spike in overdoses ove authorities are very concerneded about heroin, but now anothernor drug is on the scene and this ad one is even more deadly.ea law enforcement is blaming an increase of lethal overdoses ovs on fentanyl.tany it's significantly more powerful than heroin andhan in depending on its fewer are the e it can can be 100 times more potent that >> a friend one last time. t >> this is the club no one wants to belong . mothers who have lost childrenlt to a drug overdose mostly m heroin cases here. but at least two of these moms m say autopsies revealed it reveae wasn't heroin as they su
5:34 pm
>> i'm a nurse. i knew it was a a surgical anesthesia but i hadst not heard anything about that t being used in place of heroinf e or being mixed with heroin andhe now i hear about it all the time. time. >> reporter: nancy was r involved in her son, danny's life. she says he was creative and artistic, your typical boyical active and loved super heroes funny and loving. l >> i was a pta president whenden my kids were growing up atowin u their school. for the most part a stay at sy home mom.home m you know, thinking i was doingg the right thing. t never in my life did i ever dide believe anything like thisanyt l would happen to me. >> reporter: danny did wellr: in school but after graduating u from the university off maryland, things changed. c he had a job lined up butp b never completed the online credentialing.edti she suspected he wasedas depressed. >> my husband had found somed h syringes in the basement. b >> reporter: they triedepr: t getting help but the downward dw spiral was too fast.sp on june 14th, 2015, danny5, d injected his
5:35 pm
>> we were completely blownn away when we found out it was fentanyl. >> reporter: fentanyl use isuses skyrocketing.skyrocketing. according to the dea therdin number of lethal overdoses hasrs tripled in the past three >> this is pure poise storm.s it'poison.when you take it evene smallest amount can kill you.t . >> reporter: it's dangerouster: for even the investigatorsnvesta combing through evidence at an overdose scene. so, touching the powder is powde enough to just absorb into -- it >> into the skin, it's transdermal, yes.erma >> reporter: and it can killr: you. >> it can kill you right onou rt the spot. >> reporter: and following fo an overdo, users will flock tok the deal here provided that deadly dose in search of the most potent stuff. fentanyl is cheap toap manufacture illicitly.fa it's often made in china c shipped through mexico and nowto dealers are making moreug moneye by disguising it as oxycodone
5:36 pm
percocet or oxycontin whichnt wh sell for mr. money. mr. m it's easy to get on line or l other >> it's like playing russianlays roulette. they don't know what they'rether they know that it's potent andpt that's what they want. they >> reporter: a drug treatment specialist foren decades says the problem has reached a fevered pitch. p >> we see more and more people coming in for treatment.reat they're younger and younger. yog you can do everything andnd suddenly find yourself asking ak what happened. hap >> reporter: miss ryan lost her son casey to a fentanylta overdose. >> when i got the autopsy thatt it was a hundred percent p fentanyl i knew in my heart of n hearts that casey had no ideao what he was taking. >> never in my wildest dreamsst did i ever think anything like this would happen. >> parents never do. the biggest concern now is ift o fentanyl is being disguised as other meds in pill form, the dea says kids are getting a g together to
5:37 pm
so-called pharm parties,rm part, everyone bringing the pills the they can get their hands onir hs xanax oxy percocet and theyt have a party popping the pillshp so it's very, very alarmingla and the department dea is all r >> what can parents do about dob this. >> so many people are asking. po the drug treatment counselornt u said the parents need to staydoa on top of their kids, stay ontao top of the latest informationrm and know that there is help out there if they need to askeek for help. the schools are also getting gei involved in keeping parents as informed as possible. in fact, there is an informational meeting land at la shady grove middle school in montgomery county next tuesday u night at 7:00 p.m..m the assistant state's attorneyor will be there, the pta. they're doing this they're talking about opiate ope abuse and what you can doe whaty about it. i'll post it on my facebookeb page. >> so many things parents haven to worry about today.ut today. let's check in with suek in palka here as we take a live look outside and it's been, i be
5:38 pm
there. it was a little bit cold but nothing we can't handle compared with what we're goingh to see tomorrow, sue palka.or >> you're right and sarah, s lauer remarks the one thingma about this time of year it's t really hard to get snow toet sno stick around awhile and we got up to 41 degrees today so aoday lot of what we're going to seent is going to melt and the factd f that this is coming in ahis isin little bit early now is not good for snow lovers becauseec we're still rather warm and aram lot of this is going to melt. to everything seems to beeverythi speeding up just a little bitjul and as a result of that and a r the storm track and some dry sod air we see getting pulled intolo this system i think we'rem i the going to be lowering totalsto b for many of you around theound e but there could still bee coulie enough for some two-hourr delays but i would definitelyou do your homework kids.k kid here's what we're seeinge' tonight. a little bit of light snowitf already around the i'll put this in motion and this is going to continue toin fill in.ll in. also some rain initially in some spots.po and one thing we can do ising ad check our snow machine and youcn can see where the snow is more significant down towards saint mary's city, over towardsow front royal and out to westto virginia where we've had
5:39 pm
areas. again, we expect prime time toie be a little bit later tonightert into the first part of thet of t overnight for us.t f let's go forward and look at everything in motion. when you look at this, whathat you don't see is a lot oflo organization and you also seeo e nice enhancement here in the mountains that then breaks up b as it comes across the monday tm tans so a little bit of a dry slot here as drier zaire getting pulled in and that will also cut down on some ofe o our totals for the western wes suburbs.burbs. so, if you missed it earlier itr we'll show you those totals in l just a moment but again, snow at times through the overnight n but this is going to be endingod very early friday morning. m there's another system that we'll be watching saturday night, a little bit of a atle clipper with some rain or snowno showers, no big deal here aslers well and a big spring warmupingw on the way.on t w wanted to show you tomorrowouomw morning, though, because ifg, tg you've got earlyh, morning mor travel plans or you're worried about the kids watch the timerat here, this is our futurecast and 4, 5, 6 o'clock most of it t is over. you might get a little ltl wraparound by 8 o'clock orck o 9 o'clock.9 o' this storm gets healthierealt
5:40 pm
which is why we're throwinghy wt back a little bit of moisture mt into some of the communitiese t closer to the richmond area including westemoreland countyee where you now have a winterave a storm warning so you may getay three or 4-inches of snow outno of it but the rest of us an inch, maybe two and a lot of o it on grassy areas because theee pavement is still pretty the big spring warmup is what w a lot of people want to heare wh about but we have to get through this snowstorm firstis o and from d.c. on west we'reeswe only going to call for a a coating to maybe 1 inch. 1nch. there will be some one to 2-inch amounts south maybe m toward lower southernouer maryland, farther to the north,o and west in the higher in thig elevations you get your batch yu tonight. down here where we have a twoere to three, you get this mostly m tomorrow once the system isw cet off the coast and it can grab g some moisture to throw backo t into that to give you a heavier snow bands relatively speaking. and again a lot of meltinga loti initially because it's still iss 39 degrees. sun is high even though we didn't have a tremendousareme amount of sun this afternoon, ao more sun this morning heated h up the pavement. roads shou
5:41 pm
7 o'clock i expect a lot of ust will begin to see those light tl snow flurries. they'll be melting on contact ot with the pavement. they'll start to stick to yourtk car about 9 o'clock or so s 36 degrees an bit moreit m vigorous snow at 11 o'clock with a temperature of tture 34 degrees but we'll drop to wep 32 tonight and while ourhile suburbs may be a little bit litl colder to allow for some accumulation on grass andlation sidewalks and other colder spots we do still get up to 42 degrees tomorrow with thewit snow ending early and then and we're partly sunny and breezy for the afternoon. after this is the latest futurecast. c snow building after sunset asunt our storm system gets to theetso coast but you can see how kind w of raggedy it looks towards t our area. there's the batch that gives the heavier snow for the worm warning areas. after the weekend is over it's on to the warm stuff. let's check out the warm w stuff.uff. fox5 accuweather 7-day 7ay forecast, 51 on sunday. on don't be surprised to see a surt little mix late on saturday souy definitely still wintry aroundad here but then monday 60,y 6 tuesday up
5:42 pm
wednesday 75.wednes 7 want to check out wednesday's wd high temperatures around theem region, check this out aspe we're going to and, ch hopefullp it's going to pop up, if itp, i doesn't we won't worry about woo it. there we go. you got to see this, right, a rt little taste of spring fever.ine i think it makes it a little a t easier to take a round of snow s when you know there's a 75 in a7 your future even on thursdayn tu it's looking like it will bet wl around 73 with a few showers.ewo that's your weather forecast. fc over to sarah, lauer ranuer ran brody. >> allaura and brodyhe.he >> thanks so m >> imagine not having a assigned desk to work from.k tok >> a trend being seen atng see companies across the americaca and we'll explain why ahead.exw >> and a family hits the a famhi mother load with one of the greatest baseball card finds can in recent memory. m brody. >> today was a momentous dayomts for kirk cousins and the couns a redskins as cousins signed his one year franchise tender but fa one local team took theamook opportunity to throw a little l shade the skins' way.shad we'll have that in sports.
5:43 pm
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>> ♪ >> all right, exciting day for, kirk cousins.kirk >> this is news a lot of c t people were waiting tohi here.e. >> yeah, exactly. ectly he signed the tender, ten $19.96 million per year.9.96 mil i wanted him to have one ofto h those big lottery checks but unfortunately he did not.ely idn another team decided to take aeo little shot at the redskins assa part of this, a little budding rivalry. rivalry. >> who could that be. who >> what's the other local team? today 33 made it made its official. kirk cousins officially signedyg his franchise tender meaning tea he is locked in for nextor season at $19.95 million.5 the teams have until july 15il l to hammer out long term deal. d to signify
5:47 pm
redskins tweeted out this. they tweeted this regarding their quarterback joe flaccort and his new extension. ravens gm ozzie newsome saying joe is our quarterback anderba we're proud of saying that. little bit of nfl sub tweeting going to to which the redskinsed replied with a bob the builder i meme saying i'm here to fixheo your at button and tweet it toe the ravens.s. basically saying say it with your chest. if you're going to say it togo us, don't say it behind our back. to add to this redskins and ravens play each other in the o regular season for the first time in four years.ur y to baseball where the b nationals announce they're the extendsy tending the he protective behind home plate from the currents position c that ends right before the team dugout.ou this year the netting will be extended down the baseline to bl the end of the dugout.e dug the team said expandi
5:48 pm
netting is the best approachpp to enhance fan safety. saf call it a baseball baseball collector's dream a man recently found seven baseball cards of ty cobb one of the cob greatest players to ever live t and the cards were found in ae n paper bag in the disease'd relatives' home. h card experts in southernn california say the cards areards the real deal. previous copies of this card,ope it's very rare have gone for $150,000 each at auction. aucti there were only 15 inn existence.exisnc they found seven in this bag. b they were printerred between '99 1909 and 1911. and91 so they say this could be worth over a million dollarson d for these seven cards. check your attics everyone. eryn >> in the attic. >> if you have an older homen oo maybe floor boards and thennd te yesterday tiger woods openedoode the playground at blue jack national.onal a golf course a kids only o course made specifically for junior golfers designed byesigny woods. thrills was the inaugural shotwa at the new course.s n cou 11-year-old taylor crozer an a perfect student perfecter attendance you don't get moreetr perfect than this.han t >> what. >> this is the very first
5:49 pm
here and it's a hole in one. >> joking. jok >> front of the grail galleryf r in front of the tiger woods of the first shot ever. tiger gives him a big >> that's amazing. >> more perfect than tiger tn ti woods.ods. >> tiger can't believe >> tyinger is saying everybodyer is going to know i where my golo course is. >> he can't even -- yeah exactly great proem employeegr for his course. tiger woodsea only has threeee career holes in one so that's t how rare this is and he got tohi do it in front of as ll these people his family and of course his hero, tiger woods. ws >> the best. >> perfect. >> i just can't believe.n'bel >> the most memorable day foraby that kid.. >> yeah. >> it's all downhill from there. as far as golf goes itar a probably, it probably is.ably, t >> all right, let's head overt' to tony and shawn for a look loo at what's coming up on the uon news at 6:00. >> can you imagine. imagi >> i know. >> i k >> that kid already has one h third of the number of hole in ones that tiger woods has.. >> yeah. >> that's great. >> he's got plenty of timet pl beat that record.ecord. >> yeah. >> he's got a long way to go,a w though. >> speaking of
5:50 pm
brody maybe you can help memayb with this. i have a shawn yancy rookie yany carcard. any idea how much that might be worth. wor. big news for anyone'snyone' commute includes driving across the memorial bridge. bri at 6:00 we'll explain why youxpw may find a new route to and to from work this time next year.ta >> also ahead get your glasseso ready. we will reveal how wine canw help you lose weight while yout sleep. >> and speaking of sleep, the way you nod off may be causing b you to age.. we'll share the best sleep bestp positions to keep you looking young. we hope you'll join us tonightit for fox5 news at 6:00.
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>> ♪
5:54 pm
>> imagine showing up at thene s office and not having an assigned it is a trend being seen asit sa companies across america asmeca more and more employees workes r from home. he. instead, they're reserving aerng space for when they do put ino p face time at the office orffe just showing up hoping to findpf a free desk. des the trend called hoteling or or beach toweling can save sav companies money since they the don't need as much real estate.ta it also allowst workers the flexibility to work where they want. it makes sense.en >> makes sense. >> i think so. >> all right. a new curriculum set to debuto at a college in new york cityy is hoping to hit the righthe notes with their students. >> nyack college will begin offering bachelors degreesng this fal bl in gospel music.pelm school officials believe this is the first time in thehe f county tree that a bachelor bhe degree will be offered if gospel music and they hope theio new degree will change manye biases that come with gospel whl music such as it beingng reserved only for churches. crc it's such beautiful music.ic. >> yeah, it is.
5:55 pm
they could do a whole course. c. >> oh, i'm sure. i'm >> based on this.>> based on >> i'm sure.>> i'm >> there's so much history,tory too. >> yes. >> so i guess maybe history lesson aloesng with it. >> indeed.>> indeed. >> coming up next, bundle ofdle joy. meet the newest and the cutest t member of our fox5 family coming up next. ext. >> i like that picture.. >> ♪ ♪
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5:58 pm
>> well, we want to introducewa you to the newest member of mbe the fox5 >> our own lauren demarco gave g birth to this beautiful babyab girl last night. >> she's add store rabble. >> she and her husbands brianbar welcomed their new daughter dgh bryce.bryc the newborn weighed just overher 7 pounds and both mom andom daughter are doing great andat a looks like dad is too. t we want to wish all the best thb to lauren and the n
5:59 pm
member of her family. you look great, too, by theoo way. >> lauren you look amazing.mazi >> that's amazing. ama enjoy. en hope you get some sleep. s also wish a happy 21st birthday to franny pauline oneyl of our viewers. >> all right.>> >> were days ago. >> thanks for joining us ernight at 5:00. >> fox5 local news at 6:005 lole starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 6:00.00 >> ♪ >> let me put it very plainly. if we republicans chooseho donald trump as our nominee,omie the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatlyre diminished. >> ahead at 6:00, fighting words.s. former massachusetts governor go mitt romney urges his partyis p not to nominate donald trump for president.resint a busy d.c. bridge could be in major how much it could cost to fix the memorial bridge and thehe impact the work could have ond e traffic for years to come. but first, another winterir blast is ostn the way.ay snow is
6:00 pm
region. region could this be winter's last b stane d? the news starts right now. >> ♪ >> and it is good to have youisg with us tonight.with i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy.wnancy. i hope it's winter's last stand. it is cold tonight and this is i just the beginning.just the beg >> yes, so that's the bigs e question there we asked of suefe palka.palka. we're going to get some snow. s do you think this is likelyik the last accumulating snowg that we'll see?that we'll see? >> you know, those are thehose e signs that we're seeing, tony.on you're definitely -- you can't c hold me to it. in terms of having somee potential for accumulationumat this looks like our best shotess for the next several days.ay once you get beyond the middleel of march even if you do get you something it's hard to keep it e snuck place and the patternatten does not seem to favorm to fa anything really big as a matter of fact this one'sof really having a hard time fing d getting its act together, too,ho to be perfectly honest andest it's coming in a little bit earlier. a lot of viewers seeing flurries now. we thought it would be a few more hours before you see itoreo but unforna


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