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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  March 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at 10. this is truly a dark day in prince george's county. tragedy in prince george'sy county,in an officer begunked dn outside police headquarters. the community needs to know that one of your defenders has been lost. as the department grieves, there's a painful work off investigating the death of af friend and a colleague. life coverage of the senselessse act of violen
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are going to begin tonight with breaking news from princews george's good evening, everyone, thanks for joining us, i'm matt ackland. >> and marina maracco. officer gentleman key kohl's soe was shot and killedma outside te prince george's county police die'd the three station. alexandra limon is outside the center. the comment that really got to me from the chief who said onesd of your defenders has been lost. set the scene for us there at the hospital >>reporter: it's been veryy emotion l al here the hospital. you're right, the police chief gave a press conference about at hour and a haling a and gave a g very disturbing picture of what happened earlier today. the suspect essentially ambushea the officers at the third district police station walkingn up and opening fire with no warning, ultimately killing that young 29 year old police officer who has now beenç identified aj
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at about 46789. 30 this afternoon, an individual launched an unprovoked attack on the district's three policece stations and brought several of our officers under fire. those officers did not syringe. they bravely advanced and engaged this individual. again, that active the shooter situation happened outside off the third district police station in prince george's in county on barlow road. the hours that followed were chaotic. am of the main roads in landover were completely shot down as police searched for at that time an unknown number of suspects. we now know one of the suspect,s the man who police say actuallya pulled out a gun and opened fire on officers was also injured a when the officers returned fire and he was taken to prince george's county hospital center. there was also a second suspect who police say fled the scene after the first suspect began
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shooting. that second suspect was later arrested after an intensive search of the area at a shoppinp center about a mile away from that police station. tragically during the shootout between the armed suspect and police, prince george's countyin police officer wasce critically shot and later died here at the hospital.spit again, he is lied as a 28 year old officer who was about to turn 29 years old.year in fact, his birthday is this week. jiki kohl's son. we've learned kohl's son was an under cottic officer and he was a defender of the community and says this is an incredible lossi to the department.epar it has been a very emotional night out here as dozens officers have shown up to giveo their they even at one point, joined hands, bowed their heads and joined in a prayer circle l.irc one of the officers who was engaged
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him to this facility where he was pronounced dead. he had an infectious smile.le. elite up a room. he was a tremendous personality that made everybody smile andsml wanted to be everything to everybody. he was a police officer who wass a reel cop's cop. he didn't shy away from any calls. he never sha recollected his responsibility. incredibly sad news. you can see how it is affecting the members of this department. now, to recap, one suspect wasws arrested and taken in for questioning, another was brought here to prince george's county hospital center. we're told he is expected to recover. earlier tonight, a woman showedw up here at the hospital saying she was the aunt of the two menn involved in this shooting. she was looking for them.them she said she had no information
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we will have some of what shehe told us in another life update coming up at 10:30. life in prince george's county, alexandra limon, fox5 local news. > and tonight across our region folks are simply trying to wrap their head around this senseless tragedy. so sad. maryland governor larry hogan said he is shocked and seaned. we are committed to assisting prince george's county.e's and the local police are working with local law enforcement tonfr provide support as needed. the governor goes onto say theay first lady and i say send our prayers to the family and loveds of officer kohl's son who made the ultimate sac to fellow citizens and the community. the governor has ordered flags to fly half staff. since another hooting in
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area targeted on february 27678 prince george's county ashley guindon was shot and killed onn her first day on the the job.b. she was laid to rest in her hometown in massachusetts justna last week. crystal hamilton, the wife of wf the suspected shooter alsohoo island can. two officers were injured in the shooting, jessie hem ton and david magian. officer hem ton was release froe the hospital last week and thisd community, i mean, this is in virginia. now it's trying to recover from one senseless act and now we go simply into another one exactly two weeks apart. it's incredible the dayth gentleman view this community is reeling from.rom. we were hoping when we came up to do this first update this officer would pull through.ough we said let this not be like itt was two weeks ago reporting thee awful story in prince william community. >> our hearts go out to this t community and all the police officers of course. > we should let you know that
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follow the story and bring yourg the latest details throughoutta the night. you can get the very latest onas our website at fox5 and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. > now to montgomery countyry where police say a man found dead late friday night was a passerby found sheldon williams on southeast on the bridge boulevard section of shane i spring. he had visible injuries to his body, investigators are trying to find the person responsibleps for his death. police want to hear from anyone with any information because of this was he killed because he was a gay? well, that's a question that remains under investigatioa tonight, a murder investigationn that is now two years old.d. deminute so lewis an actor andnd model was shot and killed notill far from his southeast d.c. home. police tell us the case remains on. no one has been arrested. ar his family says they believe hee walked into a trap and may have been shot bias many as two
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lewis was gay and his family thinks that may have led to thee murder. > and we're gooding our first i look at the atlantic club math of a train reaction crash. this was posted onto instagram. virginia state police tell us mary daniel stopped her car in the northbound lane last timeane and around the same time several metro police cars werelice responding to an emergency car. the police car swerved to i void hitting daniels' car, but two collided. a third slid off the road and hit a wall. the officers and daniels ended up in the hospital but areal b expected to recover. let's talk a little bit about the weather and here is a life view outside.outs boy, it is foggy. i think that might be the washington monument there in the background. >> i can't really see it.t. a lot of mist out there. it was a i day, pretty dreary for a sunday.unda let's go dune to gwen. >> you're absolutely right andlr the rain is still coming down.n. we're not getting mu
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break for great for the flowers and greatt for the grass and hopefully thee cherry blossoms, also.lso let's take a look at our maps. this wide swath of rainfallof moving it's he way across they area and it's been doing so for most of the afternoon intonto tonight. some of you saw a little bit of ita earlier. we have a couple of systems responsible for this and a it's not over yet. tonight and also tomorrow we're going to be dealing with some of this. so be prepared as you get readyy for your morning commute.ommu so here is another look at it a little bit closer to on. you ca see how it's moving fairlyairl quickly heading its way off toay the northeast, but the fogthe definitely sticking around into the early morning house. our highs today we hit 670 at reagan, 62 at dulles. temperatures still slightlyligh above the seasonal average. right now we've got 50 at d.c., 49 at baltimore, 53 at fredericksburg, and 50-degreesdr at winchester. your overnight low will be into
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where. we have the rain and the patchy fog to deal with. only six more days and it will be spring.g. i'll have more details and your full forecast just ahead. > six day, i'm counting. still ahead, improving safety on metro. details on the training exercisc that shutdown one station todayi and how metro says it's making you safer. and rescuersç rush to the aid f a bald eagle in charles county. we'll explain why the bird needed their help. we are continuing to followllow tonight's big story. a prince george's county police' officer shot and killed outside the district t three station.tin a new life report coming up for you at 106789. 30 tonight. for now we're back in a moment.
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> it was just a training exercise much. earlier today metro training police and first responders inpd alexandria joined together to conduct an emergency response em drill the at the
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metro station. more than one hundred people participated. the purpose of the drill was too simulate conditions if a train derailed. metro workers and first responders tested their coordination and communicationou between each other. these exercises are important always because it brings first responders together. tog it reaffirms to our riders and to our employees that can we can handle real world you can never train enough. metro conducts these types off drills about once every three months and today's exercise was challenging because it involved a metro station with an elevatel track. metro will unveil it's new select pass on wednesday. here's how it works. riders can pay a flat fee foror unlimited travel a month in advance. the select pass has some limits. it's geared towards riders who have short commutes on trains.rn if you spend 81 bucks, thehe select pass will cover tripsove that cost up to 2.25 a ride. for 135 a
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trips up to 3.75 each way. metro transit police officersan are getting a makeover thanks to the new general manager.anag starting this summer they'll be wearing more brighter visible uniforms. the neon color with reflective trim that will make officers easier to so. right now they wear navy bluelue which can be hard to see in metro's low light conditions.cod and some quick action byby sheriff's deputies helped safe the light of a bald eagle. this happened on friday.frid when deputies arrived in this wooded area they found the eaglen tangled in a correspond.o workers with the department of resource s a helped the deputy ts. they caught the eagle. they checked the bird for any injuries and then release it. it that's absolutely wonderful. we have a couple here at the zoo t that we're watching closely.cs with all the bad news tonightig itht's nice to see something lie unfortunately the weather did not accoan
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itself' a horrible, dreary day. you said it was going to be like this so i'm going to give you credit. absolutely. >> without the rain we wouldn'tt have the beautiful flowers that we get. very true. >> we have to have a little bitt of everything.ryth let's take a mr. and we'll showd you what's gng on right now across the area because the rain continues to fill in and we continue to see it as well.s if you take a mr. at our maps we'll show you that.ow y it's going to continue tonight as well as into the first part of tomorrow. let's zoom in her a little bitnh closer and show you some of our neighborhoods. here you go. this line stretching acrossross gaithersburg that has some pretty heavy rainfall in it. it will start to taper off a little bit once we get a littlea closer to the early morningorni hours and then another systemhe are going to bring some light rainfall.ra winds are light. we're going to get a little bite of a north easterly flow andflow then a southerly flow once we get into tomorrow a little bit. 56-degrees with the rainfall. your overnight lowe's expected
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50s every where.ever we also are talking about a cool and something i early week, butk guess what we have a warmup coming our way and by about mida week it's going to feel likeike it's the middle l of spring all over again. wait until you see my seven-day i am i'll have the forecast four. >> 70s. >> you're telling on me. > ewings have an unusual way of marking the the end of winter. the holiday is known as my list its saw. excuse me if i didn't say thatht correct limit it dates back to the pagan times. the holiday marks the end of winter it also marks the start of length for or the christians. > and americans may not be spending of much green for st. patrick's day this year. the national retail federationfe says we'll dish out about 35bout bucks on the holiday.olid
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last year. surprisingly the federation sayt the holiday is most popular with 18 to 24 year olds with 70 percent of this group gro expected to take part in some of the celebration. are you dog anything? >> i don't know at this point.ot i usually don't -- it gets too >> how do they know people are going to spend a dollar less? how do you predict that. >> some kind of matrix algorithms. > that's a lot of money.oney >> isn't it a quarter of a beer. > six, seven dollars a beer. > still to come, riversom swelling in parts of the south. how residents in texas and louisiana are trying to clean un from flooding tonight. >> plus a new report on the deadlylgerman winnings plane crash that happened a year ago.. the recommendations now being made for doctors who treat pilots. we want to remind you the news e room is following tonight's topç story, a prince george's county police officer was killed in what the chief calls an unwarranted attack.atta for hours residents in palmer
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we are going to back to alexandra limon in about 12 minutes in prince george'srinc county. for now we'll be right back. stay with us.
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> the united states is adding t key piece to those jointint military exercises with south korea a nuclear power aircraftir arrived today, the uss john stens is will participate in the exercises. three us guided missile destroys and a crewser will join in. this is the largest exercises the two suntries have you ever done. a new report probing the doomed german wings flight one year agr is calling on doctors to warnarn authorities if a pilot's mental health would threaten safety. co-pilot and dry
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using anti-depressants when he e be intentionally crashed the plain into the al pes. > 27 year old co-pilot and dry as rub is was likely batting depression when he lockedocke himself in the cockpit and deliberately flew the plain inta the french al presidential killing all 150 people on board a year ago.ear a new report by the air accidenn investigation he was not only on antidepressants about a dr. recommended two weeks before the crashd that he be checkedcc into a psychiatric hospital.ospi in fact, rub is consulted dozens of doctors before the weeks before the crash and showed an symptoms of a sky cottic episode as early as december 2014. his doctors did not warn german airlines. they urged the world healthea organization requiring that doctors warn authorities when a pilot's
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threaten public safety even against the patient's consent. this is why i think that more specific clear regulations are necessary to explain when dr.s could be required to breakreak secret medical records to preserve public security. in particular, when pilots orlos people are carrying passengers.g the report also recommends more regular evaluations of pilots with history of mental i in. another issue, lou bits hid his worsening depression to employers. they encourage pilots to come forward about their mental health illness essay howing pilots to fly while taking antidepressants. in the us, britain, australia and canada pilots can continue to fly while taking antidepressants under medical supervision. it did not make it any easier to access a locked cockpit.cock the company will cooperate with authorities and support, quote, possible implementation ofon
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in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. > now to the latest on that deadly tug boat crash that happened saturday morning on thn hudson river. officials say one person is dead and two other crew members are missing and presumed dead. a 90-foot tug boat named specialist hit a barge spilling about 5,000-gallons of full int the hudson river. investigators are still tryingor to figure out ths e cause of tht crash. > that's a lot of full to be spilled for sure. > still ahead tonight at 10, flood waters overwhelming partse of the south.out the latest on the damaging floods that are keeping rescue crews working over time this weekend. a simpler way to sell your home. a new app plans to make it all easier. how much of the profit are they pocketing. back in a moment.
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this is fox5 local news at 10. welcome back, everyone. we want to return now to the th breaking news we've been w following all night. a prince george's county police officer has been shot and killed. officer jacai colson's life was cut short just days before his 29th birthday. alexandra limon is life outside prince george's county hospital center with the latest. >>reporter: herecoit at the hospital it's been a very sad and emotional scene as members of the prince george's countyges police department have gathered here to muriel bowser one ofur their own,ie that 28 year old officer, jacai column son whoolm was killed in an active shooter situation earlier today you mentioned his birthday was this week. húhe was about to turn 29 years old. we've also learned he was ann undercover narcotics officer. earlier today not longing a the police chief walked us through what
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at about 4:30 this afternoon, aa individual launched an unprovoked attack on the district's three police stations and brought several of our officers under fire. those officers did not syringe. they bravely advanced and engaged this individual. i the active shooter situationhoot happened outside of the third district police station here in prince george's county on barlow road. the hours that followed were chaotic. am of the main roads in landover were completely shutdown as officers searched for the suspects. we now know one suspect, itselfe man who police say actually pulled out the gun and opened a fire ons of others was alsolso injured when those officers tho returned fire and he was also brought to prince george'st county hospital there was osa second suspect who police say fled the scene after the first suspect began
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shooting. that second suspect was later arrested after an intense search of the area. he was arrested at a shoppingshp center about a mile away fromom that police station. now, earlier tonight, here at the hospital, a woman showed up saying she was the aunt of thef two suspects involved in this shooting and she was very concerned looking for them. i know i got the phone call. cal >> from who.m wh >> from my cousin.ous and i'm out here looking for them. nobody, the police, nobody don'c know where they're at. and again, since then, prince george's county police haveount confirmed that both suspects are in custody. one here the at the hospital, the other taken in for questioning, but an incrediblyri sad and disturbing night here as the police chief walks uss through what happenedat h essentially saying this was an ambush on their officers. the shooter
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opening fire with no warning and now this department left morning the loss of that officer just at short two weeks after the officer in prince william was killed. so this entire community, d.c. area just rocked once again by what's happening. > it makes no sense, alex. thank you. we will stay on top of this of story for you, bringing you the breaking updates throughout thes night and you can also get the very latest, all you need to doo is go to our website, fox5 also we are following this onn twitter and facebook.nd join us there as well.ll alex will be back for us coming up at 11:00. starting now to the serious flooding situation in the south. folks in louisiana and mississippi are not out of the f woods just yet. more flooding expected to comeme in the following days.ays. the storms are to blame for at least four deaths in louisiana.. thousands of homes have been damaged and president
10:33 pm
declared louisiana a diaster area. check out the conditions inin southeast texas. look at that car, flood watersar in montgomery county, texas are causing major problems.robl firefighters say they rescued r about a dozen people yesterday who became trapped in risingisin waters. in fact, one river is already five feet above the flood stagee and could rice even hire tomorrow before it starts to finally recede. > thankfully we're not getting that kind of rain, but we are getting some reign.some like you said, gwen, that's good for spring. flowers finally coming. i want to say that the system tt the south is part of the system that has moved up a across our region with that rainfall. it's been a pretty wet day. not a lot of sunshine, couldn'tn give you that today in then weather buffet at all. but we do need the rainfall. we are going to see it lingering tonight and into part of yourr monday. so for your morning commute be aware. there's a shot of our national cathedral not too clear out there be
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conditions. but the steady rain will be ready in as i mentioned, for tomorrow we are starting with some showers at times on your monday. so just be prepared for that because we're going to continue -- well, my radar isar not filling in here. we are going to see that at least pushing its way throughrog tonight as well as for to. we'll be into the 60s or so.or s but still the rainfall is needed right now. so not too many complaints hopefully.ho seasonal forth early weekk temperatures, but wednesday, owe, my goodness, do i have aave warmup for you on wednesday,edne temperatures, matt gave it away a little bit, yes to the 70s, but he doesn't know exactly howt warm it's going to be. we are definitely going to getto the southerly flow in there andt we're going to be back to where we were with the spring temperatures. this is the big picture, as i mentioned, this rain came down from the southern gulf statesute area and really just continuedju to pushst its way up to the northeast and continuing to do so. some pockets of heavier rainfalv
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to our south seeing just a rumble of thunder or two, but here's a closer look for youlook here and this is an area hererea where the rain is getting a little l heavier.avie we'll start to see it taper off a about it once we get into the overnight hours into early morning. but then we're going to see it start all over again. ag we're going to see light rain and periods off and on throughout the day. temperatures still above the seasonal average by a few today degrees. we've had this sort of roller coaster time period where we went from 80s to 70s to 60s andd that's exactly how things arengs shaping up for us tomorrow. we've got 52-degrees at manassas, 50 in the nation's capital, 46-degrees this hourths for gaithersburg.ther baltimore at 49, the same at culpeper andç 50-degrees for hagerstown. we're going to seat frontalat f system, fairly stationary inatio nature. this is going to be hanging around a little bit. once w
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weather it's going to be intobe parts of the early morning hours of tuesday. don't put the umbrella too far away. you're going to need it. we will see a change once we get to hump day. that opens the door for the ware air to come n. we're going to bo into the mid to upper 70s by the time we hit wednesday and then we've got a frontal system coming in. behind that frontal system, a temperature drop.te back into the 60s, but beforeut that happens we're going to geto the benefit of that door opening up with that warmer air moving in. here's a look at your dayay planner then for your monday. by midday about 51-degrees stile talking some showers.howe expect some patchy fog in theogi morning as well. that will definitely impact any of your driving conditions.ndit 47-degrees for tonight. we've got a north easterly wind five to 15 miles an hour. for tomorrow our highs are going to be in the 50s and 6 20s.0s. around 55-degrees for us with the north easterly flow, a little bit on the cooler side. st. patrick's day is on
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thursday. we are looking at a maybe a few showers earlier in the day muche this is the winning dayinni wednesday when the temperaturesa will rise into the mid to uppere 70s. i don't think anyone is going to explain about that at all a. once we get towards the end of the week, we dry out to friday,, saturday and sunday another slight disturbance that couldtht give us a few more showers. umbrella definitely for your monday. > matt. >> but 70s, high 7 by wednesday, good news. > still to come at 10 tonight, cbs losing bills of dollars ins sales by choice. yep, the numbers are in. the new steps the company is taking to prevent smoking. why so grum pi at the happiest place on earth. have you seen this picture. >> the story behind this photo that really is going viral coming up.up. plus from the pits to the court we've gotcha covered with
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fox5 top plays of weekend next in sports with brody logan.
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verizon center rocking, right.nt >> the verizon center was rocking all weekend and now we have our brackets finally. >> too bad you have to make it. i just asked brody. apparently they're not in the nt bracket. news to me. maybe like they were the 69th seed. florida just missed it. umd. uva is. is hanson is in. of course. and then george washington justs missed it.ed they were on the bubble and they didn't make it. > the ncaa tournament field is set and they have their own the field for filling out a bracket. a 16 seed has never beatena
10:42 pm
14s are the new 126789 a 14 seed is when a came each of the laste three years.ear last year all number five seeds avoided upset which is great gr news for maryland. here are the brackets as they look for local squads. virginia lost the acc championship no matter.ip n they are the first one in thehe midwest. now to maryland, the terps draw the jack rabbits of south dakota state and travel 2400 miles tome spoke cane for the first round. here's coach mark turgeon on that matchup.chup it's a great city and great parr of the country. we're looking forward to that. h sometimes it's good to get away. i feel bad for our fans. i'm sure some are hoping they'de be in providence or new york. south dakota state we got to seg them a lot. they were in the cancun challenge with us.leng we got to t see them play. they are a terrific, well-coached team. really bald team. we feel like we can reply withit anybody.
10:43 pm
sent us to the moon. send them to the moon. time for our top five plays to the week. the second week of march spanning the globe. as you i rules football down under. this is a 50-80-meter goal. that is 87 yards away he nailed it. to put that perspective if he were punting in the nfl he he'd pin the other team at their own one. usually people don't try pass 50-meters in aussie rules. the us womens national teamnati facing off with german. alex morgan continuing her grear play. look at this, flicks it over to the defender then volleys in mim air. no matter. that's a goal. this is -- it's against the se
10:44 pm
it's just a great set of skillsk the us takes the cup 2-1. aac tournament. cincinnati. it's good. you think that's the game winner, owe, but there's so much timeç left, eight tenths of a second is too much time. 70 feet away, it's good. they go crazy. that ties it sends it to a fourth over time when uconn would win. they're now a nine seed in the field of 68. just a great finish. houston baptist, owe, no. no. i don't even know why guys are trying to take charges at thishg point anymore. i thought that genuine ponyon should have been playing in the back end of this.his. he's laughing it off. he's also got to be embarrassed. that's
10:45 pm
dunk, though. number one, kansas wayne sullivan does a dunk of his own. he's looking down at the rim, th but this is where it gets great. watch uncle. this is uncle anthony. an it looks like he's about to eat his hat. he's going.oing for their next game he had a bigger flock. he went to home goods or something and got an even ev picture clock. he put the picture from that fr dunk present the day before on his clock. he's a great fan. he's been doing this since hisis nephew was little. you got to love the family support there. and the giant clock. kansas is a one seed. is he going to get an even bigger clock? everyone is going to look in the crowd looking for uncle. > more popular than the game.a. the best part is after the firse reaction they cutback to him.
10:46 pm
you can see him apologizing tog the people around him. dad was holding him back.ack dad wasn't even that hyperredhat about it. it. everyone has an uncle like that. a little bit too crazy.azy > thanks so much. still to come tonight at 10,0, selling your home through an app. we'll explain how the open door app is shaking up the real estate industry. and a baby kangaroo making himself at home at a police station. find out how the little guy is y becoming a part of the department can.
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> a health alert tonight about a new development in breastal cancer research. a new study presented at the urine breast cancer conferenceae shows two drugs eliminate certain types of breast cancer in just 11 days.s. the approval of the drugs couldr mean some breast cancer patients would not need
10:50 pm
chemotherapy. researchers say larger clinical trials are needed to effect the effectiveness. allergy suffers are paying the price, warmer weather means hay fever are flaring up. experts say it is still too sooo to tell just how bad the allergr season will be this year, but with the first signs of allergies they recommends th starting your antihistamine regiment right away. pharmacy companies, the pharmacy company cvs says it has lost 2 billion-dollar in sales aftere choosing to stop selling tobacco products. cvs also pledged to spend $50 million on an anti smoking campaign. the initiative is called be the first and calls on young people to create the first tobacco free generation. cvs says the campaign will lastl for five years and hopes it cuts
10:51 pm
by 3 percent. a new app is shaking up the reae estate industry. it's called open door did. and it works to sell your homeor by eliminating the middleman. open is a web-based company. the site guarantees a quick sale and an exact move outdate. how do they do it they use use suffice kitted programs that analyze the risk of buying your home figuring out how long it will take to resell it and figuring out how much of a profit. the first time i saw the house was one of the most painful experiences. now, traditionally realtor would charge about 6 percent to sell e your home. open door charges between 6 and6 8 hannah half percent. i'm not sure how i feel about that.ut that's why i hire a realtor and he made it pretty much stresstrs free and did it less than 6 percent. it feels
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involved because you're checking you're going 2 percent when you're talking thousands of dollars. an 2 percent that's a lot of of money. i think i'd rather just go with a realtor. >> this is supposed to be thehe happiest place in the world, buo it looked like the most miserable for one woman. a trip down disney's splash mountain. everyone else is looking downng and enjoying the ride, but jordan alexander is giving the camera some shade. arms crossed. splash mountain is her favorite ride. she told insideç edition, her husband said he would go downown with her but then backed out bac after a long day at the park and she's clearly letting him know. she she's sending a
10:53 pm
when they walk up to the foe owe line. i couldn't hold myself together. she's keeping her cool pretty well. police doings step in and help officers all the time, but what about a police kangaroo? take a look.. queue joe.e meet queue joe, the kangaroo. t isn't that a dog from the steveh king movie.king what is he doing? > the little guy is only fouror months old. he was rescued from a remote re area in australia and then taken in and adopted by a constable ia western australia, the police department there.rtme the video of little could he joe was posted on the police department facebook page. he's making himself at home. his name was chosen after asking the community for its suggestions. > that is so cute.ute. i guess when t
10:54 pm
they could be dangerous. they could actually kick people and kill them i read. >> i wonderad how long they're e going to keep him there. dogs can sniff out thing, but a kangaroo, we'll have to see. > cute. still to come tonight at 10, alaska's famed in vettura. f the latest on the investigationh into an assault on two sled doing teams. that's coming up.
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> we're learning new detailsea about that deadly crasrnh that c happened during a i last contact's most favorite raise,ae the i did it rod. >> the man suspected of crashing his snow mobile north easterlyi two competitors appeared in court. he's being held on a $50,000a $5 bond. we hear the latest from fox's will car. >> for the men and women competing in this raise losing g doing is like losing a familyily member, so you
10:58 pm
how crushed they are this weekend. it's all took place in the earle morning hours of saturday.. it's about a five hour flight from anchorage. arnold today last can i who admitted he was drunk going about 80 miles per hour. if that's not bad enough he then turned around and tried to plow into the team two more times before taking off.ff. one dog was killed, another broke a leg and a third was seriously i appreciate the sympathy i am it was horrible couple ofoupl seconds that will last for a long time. amazingly king wasn't hurt. it's known as alaska's lastalas great it's hard to imagine how somebody can kill one of the dogs competing.comp he's an amazing guy and i'm jusm
10:59 pm
to he's going to keep on pushing he said. kink is pushing ahead continuing to compete in the raise. as for dough mass can i he turned himself in and faces several charges, including in los angeles, will car, fox news. this is fox5 local news at 11.1. this is truly a dark day in prince george's county. tragedy in prince george's county, an officer begun downed outside police headquarters. the community needs to know thaw one of your defenders has been lost. as the department grieves, there's the painful work ofof investigating the death of a friend and a colleague. life coverage of the senseless act of violence starts now. it is a sad night here in our area, we begin once againnc tonight with breaking news. thanks for joining us tonight at 11
11:00 pm
and i'm marina maracco. we start with the breaking news we've been following all night, an officer shot and killed outside the prince george's county police three station. alexandra limon is life outside the prince george's countyince hospital center where the c officer was rusheden earlier tonight. >>reporter: that's right and he died here at the hospital. it's been an incredible tragic and emotional night as members of the prince george's county police department gather here to muriel bowser one of their own.n take a looke at his note on. te officer who was shot and killedd in what police are calling an ambush-style shooting, that was 28 year old jacai colson. his birthday was this week. he was about to turn 29 years old. we are told he is a four-year veteran of the prince george's e county police department and was an undercover narcotics officer. > at about 4:30 this afternoon, an individual launched an unp


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