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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  March 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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and i'm marina maracco. we start with the breaking news we've been following all night, an officer shot and killed outside the prince george's county police three station. alexandra limon is life outside the prince george's countyince hospital center where the c officer was rusheden earlier tonight. >>reporter: that's right and he died here at the hospital. it's been an incredible tragic and emotional night as members of the prince george's county police department gather here to muriel bowser one of their own.n take a looke at his note on. te officer who was shot and killedd in what police are calling an ambush-style shooting, that was 28 year old jacai colson. his birthday was this week. he was about to turn 29 years old. we are told he is a four-year veteran of the prince george's e county police department and was an undercover narcotics officer. > at about 4:30 this afternoon, an individual launched an unp
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district's three police statione and brought several of our officers under fire. those officers did not syringe, they bravely advanced and engaged thisç individual. the active shooter situationh happened outsidooe of the third district police station inice prince george's county on barlow road. the hours that followed were chaotic. am of the main roads in landover were completely shutdown.shut people in the area were told to shelter in place and stay in their houses.ous we now know one suspect, the man who police say actually pulledca out a gun and opened fire onn officers was also injured when those officers returned fire. he was also brought to princerog george's county hospital center. there was also a second suspect, a man who police say fled thethe scene after the first suspect began shooting. that second suspect was later arrested after an intensive search o
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center about a mile away from the police station. again, tragically during thehe shootout between the armed suspect and police, a prince george's county wapos critically shot and later died here at prince george's county hospital center. he is 29 year old jacai columnun son. > one of the officers who was engaged took jacai, put him inhm the back of a crewser and brought him to this facilitycili where he was pronounced dead. jacai had an infectious smile. elite up a room. he was a tremendous personality that made everybody smile andsml wanted to be everything to everybody. he was a police officer who was a reel cop's cop. he didn't shy away from any calls. he never shirk hishe > you can see just how its expecting members of thectin department here.
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it's been been a very emotionali night. earlier this evening, officers joined hands in a prayer circlec outside of the hospital.he very tragic knews t reportnews tonight. one of the suspects was takenakn into custody for questioning. the other is here at the hospital and he is expected to recover. reporting life in prince george's county, alexandra limon, fox5 local news. > and tonight folks across ourr region are trying to wrap theirr head around this senseless tragedy. maryland governor larry hogan release a statement saying in part that he is shocked and sadd end that, quote, our add perfection is committed to assisting prince george's counte officials during h time and thed maryland state police are are working closely with local law enforcement support as needed. the governor goes onto say thesy first lady and i send our sincere prayers to the family of officer column son
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ultimate sacrifice to hishis citizens and our community.muni the governor also order fed flags to fly at half staff in on r of officer colon. back on february 27 prince william police officer ashleyhly guindon was shot and killed on her first day on her job. she was laid to rest in her hometown last week.t the wife of the shooter was also killed. two other officers were also killed. both of them still recovering. officer hem ton release from the hospital last week. the officers are going through the same thing that princehat william county did last week.ek. they helped escort officer guindon's body, now everyone hay to back them. because they're going through something so tragic, somethingot the police officers face on a
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i wonder if they still had the stripes across their badges for the officer in prince william county. i'm sure they will come up and we'll be covering a sad funeral. a good looking both of them 28. such young people. >> robbed of so much. they put on their uniforms and n they go out to protect us. they know that this can happen, but -- what makes this even worse it was an ambush at their home, at their district. this was a district station that he likely reported to every single day, an undercover narcotics officer we're learning, four years on the service. you heard his fellow colleaguese say, it's an officer that nevere shied away from any call. a lot of times you hear aboutut there are certain people that don't want to go to certaino calls. if this is how it happened, the suspect entered the lobby and they were con fronted withh gunfire and instead of shying away they went towards
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the prince george's county told reporters that this is anothersa mother who has lost a son andnd you have to think of it thathat way. look at him right there.ere. his entire life ahead of him. four years of service.vice >> a four-year you can only imagine the long list of years that he was awaiting to go and continue to follow and all cut short at the police station where he worked, so tragic.ragi > so am details we don't know o the at this point. investigators promised us somes type of newses conference tomorrow where hopefully we'll learn maybe some details of what led up to this.his. the chief kept saying this was an unwarranted attack. unprovoked. he couldn't explain it.t so maybe more details will comew to.e you know we're going to stay on it. in fact, we'll stay on this story tonight as well bringingl you the latest news update. between now and 111:30 you can also join us on fox5 and on twitternd
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the latest updates on this tragic story. now we're heading to montgomeryo county where police say a man found dead late friday was murdered. a passerby found shelled done fo williams. firefighters say williams had visible injuries to his body. investigators are now trying too find the person responsible foro his death. police want anyone who has anyhs sort of information to come forward about this case. > was he killed because he was gay? well that's a questionstio that remains tonight in a murder investigation that is now twonow years old in the district. dough men so lewis and actor and model was shot and killed notill far from his home in southeast. police tell us the case, it remains open no one has been arrested. his family says they believe he walked into a trap and may have been shot bias many as two men. lewis was openly gay and his family thinks that may have led to his murder. > we're getting our first look
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at the atlantic aftermath. mary daniels topped her car in the northbound lanes last nighth at the same time several transit police cars were responding torr an emergency car.. the police cars swerved to avoid hitting daniel's car, but two vehicles collided, a third police vehicle ran off the road and hit a jersey wall. the office officers and daniels all ended up in the hospital.he thankfully all of them arem expected to recover. > let's talk about the weatherh for just a few minutes. we're going to take a life look outside. can right there. there is friendship heightsheig behind and over there is gwen tolbart.b how is it looking?king >> it is still raining outside, matt and we're going to have to deal with this for late whilehie longer, the rain heavier at times. we've got some patchy fog toog talk about and yes, dreary with all kinds of clouds.uds. let's take a look at our maps and show you what's
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widespread rainfall across the entire region and it continues tonight. we've seen it all move up from p the south and it started in the earlier part of the day and the early evening hours ands continues. there are some pockets of heavier rainfall in this ass well. the good news is we don't have any thunder storms to talk about. our highs today, well, pretty above the seasonal average by ay few degrees or so. we are into the low 60s and the mid 50s at our airports and right now our currentour temperatures we're at 50-degrees at manassas, the same at d.c.. dulles at 48-degrees.-deg that's the same for baltimore while hagerstown is at 49 and frederick is at 46-degrees. your lowe's overnight expected to be in the upper 40s and the low 50s. not tooç far off the mark ofark where we're going to be for highs tomorrow as we end up into the mid 50s or so.or it's going to be a cool and something i early week. be prepared, keep counterfeit umbrella handy.dy. i'll let you when the dryhe weather and the sun returns
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> still to come at 11,1, improving safety on metro. details on the training exercise that shutdown one station todaya and how metro says, well, all of this that you're seeing on the screen is going to make you safer. stay with us.
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> it was just a training exercise earlier today metro transit police and first responders in alexandria joineda together to conduct an emergency response trail at the is hour i
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more than 100 people participated in this. the purpose of the drill was to simulate conditions if a train derailed, metro workers and first responders tested their coordination and communications between each other. > these exercises are importana always because iret brings first responders together. tog it reaffirms to our riders and our employees that we can handle real world emergencies and youou can never train enough. > metro conducts these drills about once every three months. today's exercise is california evening because it involved ad a metro station with an elevated tract. still ahead tonight at 11 it was a dreary, rainy sunday outside. > what does the week have in store. gwen is look with the full forecast next.
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> hi there. >> hi there. how are you? >> who's on first? who is on second. > no need for us gwen. you had your umbrellas out today. >> keep them handy, how is that for you?you? >> owe, no. we've got more rain coming.omin today was the day where the rain came down. a little heavy in some spots, a little light in others. we have a little bit patchy fogg to deal with as well. it is dreary.rear couldn't get you any sun if you
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it's not's we have the clouds, the rain, th the drizzle and fog.fog. that's what's happening. but great for the grass and the flowers as we get ready to headd closer to spring. steady rain in the overnight t hours. yes, that is exactly what we're going to be dealing with.ith. we're going to see it lingering into monday. be prepared for that.that tonight, having the rain stickt around into the first part of your monday and then off and ond throughout the day. so not a heavy steady rainfall at least for the day. not too bad.. but it is going to be around. so we're going to have to dealal with seasonal early week temperatures, but wednesday,ur have ies got a warmup for you.y. unbelievable as our temperatures rise into the 70s and not the low 70s, either much that's my little teaser for you. you'll have to see in my seven day forecast, but in the meantime we're dealing with all the wet weather. this system started to move inn from the gulf states yesterdayet and it wasn't all that close yesterday, but by the time we got into this evening we really started to fill in in quite aui
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we had some heavier rainfall as well. that has been the pattern and will continue tomorrow as well. we have some tapering off from south to north. that is going to end up givingin us another round of showers. your early commute is going to be on the tricky side. > temperature wise today, our highs were actually still above every where. 46-degrees for gaithersburg this hour. we've got 48 at baltimore, 47 at martinsburg, 49 at culpeper, 48 at dulles and 50 for manassas. a little cooler than it hashas been. we did this run of temperatures that were unbelievable from thee 80s to the 70s to the sixties. now we're actually going to hean to the 50s. we have the stationary frontalt system here.em h it's going to be sticking around and we're going to see these waves
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can't rule out that we won't have some wet weather starting right through into tuesday, atts least the early part of tuesday. so a couple unsettled days for you. we are going to see this start to move and then we're going to have aç warm front push in. by hump day we're going to see big difference in the temperatures as that warm front moves to the north what does it do, it opens up the door for aor nice southerly flow. we're going to be into the midid to upper 70s. by wednesday.wedn there's a cold front, but once it does move through, by thursday you're going to see a drop in the temperatures once oc again. we're kind of on the rolleroll coaster ride in terms of the mercury. 51-degrees, the clouds and showers about 53 by the 5:00.00. tomorrow we're talking a high of only of only into the mid 50s. so a lot cooler than it has bees as i mentioned and you'll be dealing with the clouds and the showers. the good news is we're getting
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the count down begins. saint patty's day isn't lookingg too bad, he'ller and wednesday, that's the winning day at 77. we'll be back right after the break. stay with us. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. > it's march madness ands everyonema has his or her own wy to fill out a bracket.rack some people go for veteran squads and senior leadership other people go for the bestes mass coverage of the senseless. and then some pick the hometownw teams. people in the dmv will have a couple teams to root for the next few weeks. a local nobody george washington left out of the field they playt in the nit on wednesday. maryland, the terps draw thehe jack rabbits of south dakota state and they have to travel 2400 miles for the first round. here's coach mark turning
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on that matchup. i feel bad for our fans because i'm sure a lot of them were hoping we'd be in providence orp new that's the way it goes. south dakota state, we got to see them a lot.lot. they were in the cancuncanc challenge with us. they have a really well coached team. bryce harper is the face off baseball and he wants to change the game. baseball is a tired sportpor because you can't expressxpre yourself. that's what makes the game fun. we know what bryce this is of baseball, but what do you think of bryce? our gym low jim lokay found i need your first impression off this guy. >> great ball player. he's a good ball player, bryce harper, man, myth, legend, mvp of the century. hate him. why? >> i don't like
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harper is a little tough for pitching. i don't know. he's in a lot better condition, a lot better shape he should be able to do as well.ell >> he's just a man. he just hits homeruns. he says it's a tired sport. he doesn't get a chance to express himself.expr is that something missing or isr it the way it is. >> it would help the game quitet a about it. i think he really likes baseball and all of a united states senat he's not happy about it. you're a yankees fan inin virginia. >> yes. > how does that happen. >> my original family is in from new york.k. what do you think about bryce harper. >> we have to figure out if we f like him or not. he has to get through the maffia. > like the maffia, the natsats maffia taking on st. louis inoui spring training, matt converserm off his double no hitter
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great in 2016. he gets brandon moss way. how about harper.arpe here he is having a little fun in the grapefruit league. that scores ben reviewer. the cards come back and this one finishes in a 4-4 tie. this week we got our first look at an earlier render of the new redskins this is from a swedish firm tham has never designed a stadiumtad before. it is very modern with some sort of translucent net around the outside. it even has a nice moat for all you kayakers out there.ther i think it looks like a yelloweo mold. >> what does that look like too you. >> a candy dish, a bowl.owl maybe a clock you put soup in it. > like you could slurp it up.p. >> yeah, yeah.
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this is the new redskinseds football stadium. >> wow. it's the look of a soccer stadium. but it's very nice. > i think it looks it's beautiful.eaut a nice color. it's very armed suspect sus advertise particular, but not the typical look of a football stadium, > not in america, for sure.e. >> maybe for l ballet, but not football. > no ballet, at least not thatt i know of. not much outdoor ballet, but that design it's actuallyuall structurally significant. it's called a saddle design and that way there aren't pillars blocking your view. that way you can have an open course. they've never made a stadium? >> they've made a stadium befori so they don't have the pre-conceived knowings of what a stadium should look like. >> but that brings with it potential failure. > what is it keepin
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>> the weight is more evenly distributed. > what's with the moat. the >> the moat, what's going onng with úhat? > recreational activity warmup? >> you don't want people that have been drinking all day tailgating.ta > we'll be right back with our last forecast. yep. find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love, you want more.
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love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity.
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here's a look at your seven day forecast, rain tonight and, ra expect to see a showery day
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and a few showers for the first part of your tuesday. st. patrick's day, a few showers, but early in the day. we've also got a great day on wednesday heading into the upper 70s. keep your umbrella for tomorrow. >> yeah. we'll have all the latest in prince george's county coming up tomorrow morning on fox news.
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