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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  March 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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. jacai colson, police officer, and a hero. >> a prince george's county police officer killed by friendly fire during an ambush. tonight chilling new details about the suspected gunman and his brothers who recorded the attack on their cell phones. >> plus a mess on metro. major repair work is under way
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disrupting service. what you need to know for the morning commute. >> and an isis fighter with ties to northern virginia was arrested in iraq. news at 10 starts right now. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm tony perkins. we begin the nont night with a new story on the attack. >> detectives believe jacai colson was killed by friendly fire during the shootout. marina marraco begins our team coverage tonight. marina? >> reporter: if this case could take an even more heart-breaking twist, it did today when we learned that in fact detective jacai colson was killed by friendly fire by one of his fellow officers. the chief saying today he is not ready to publicly name that officer, but at the culmination of the investigatation and once they get all the forensic details back, they will make the
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details public. here still an active crime scene. here at the station you'll see the right side of the door, a glass door now boarded up from that gun fire shattered in the gun battle. and just across the way, a neighbor who's lived here for about 50 years, she says she saw it all go down. >> he kept yelling come out and confront me. i'm ready for you. i'm ready for you. >> reporter: for nearly 10 minutes jen et x-ray watched from her front door as she says this man stood? the middle of the street threatening officers. >> i came back in and i looked out here and then i heard some gun
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>> reporter: the chief believes michael ford used anything in sight to try to get the attention of officers. >> fired randomly and closely behind investigators say michael ford's brothers sat silently without warning police and videotaped what investigators believed would turn out to be suicide by cap. >> this was callously recorded and could have been prevented. >> reporter: from sfrens video investigators determined michael ford fired off a magazine and reloaded his handgun. it was then detective jacai colson pulled up to the station. >> detective colson was arriving in an unmarked vehicle and found himself in the middle of a gun fight. he immediately engages a shooter. he is not wearing body arm or. he's not prepared.
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parents listen about the death. he engaged the suspect allowing officers to neutralize the threat but it was then when colson was critically shot. >> circumstantially we believe the fired round that led to detective colson's death was fired by one of his fellow prince george's county police officers reacting to this. something that could have been prevented, could have been stopped. >> reporter: forensics will officially determine which of the six officers who fired rounds ultimately took the life of one of their own. >> they are ultimately position in advantage but they don't know because of where they began exactly what they are facing. and it is in this confusion that we believe the errant round struck detective colson. >> i went to that window and there were so many guns all over. i ran into the bathroom and i heard almost like 50
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gunshots. >> reporter: and the chief saying tonight that michael ford, the alleged shooter, had a history of mental illness, but he had no outstanding warrants for his arrest. now all three ford brothers facing a total of 21 charges. everything from conspiracy to commit murder to second drae murder. live tonight in prince george's county, marina marraco, fox 5 local news. >> marina, thank you. tonight the ford brothers' family is speaking out and they have plenty of questions their own about how and why this happened. alexandra limon continues our team covered. >> we feel sorry for them. praying for michael too, praying for the families. >> reporter: two families are now in pain dealing the aftermath of a senseless shootout. the family of officer jacai colson, and the family of the three suspects who have been arrested. >> that's what we want to know, why did all of t
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what caused it. we don't know. >> reporter: police sent all night and into the morning hours searching this townhouse in hyattsville where the gunman's mother and grandmother live. >> last night just a bunch of police cars and so forth and they were looking at a red auto that was parked over in the parking lot. >> reporter: and they towed the car, you said? >> yeah, they towed the car away. >> reporter: family members and sources say michael ford was the gunman. we're learning michael had a troubled past and court records show he was facing domestic-related charges. sources say those troubles may have been the reason he launched what police call an unprovoked attack on the plition station, and his two brothers were also part of the plot and have been arrested. police say the gunman was also hit by bullets from the officers returning fire, but he is expected to
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>> they won't let them see him yet. i've been in touch with the grandmother, she's not feeling well. they say she had a heart attack. >> reporter: alexandra limon, fox 5 local news. >> new at 10:00 tonight, a man is under arrest accused of attacking a 17-year-old girl in a virginia hotel. michael lawson is now being held without bond. the victim told police they got into an argument at the potomac inn in woodbridge saturday night and when she tried to leave, lawson restrained her and choked her. they say he also gave the underaged girl drugs and alcohol. >> it has been a long day for metro riders taking the blue and orange lines. an early morning cable fire has caused plenty of delays today and metro is working overtime to try to fix the problem in time for tomorrow morning's commute. fox 5's sarah simmons is like at mcfear son square with the latest. >> reporter: yeah, it was quite a wi
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out here for metro riders. metro is hoping to have things back up and running as normal for tomorrow morning's rush hour. they suspended rail service at 9:00 p.m. tonight between foggy bottom and federal triangle as they worked to make those repairs from that fire that happened in a tunnel near here earlier this morning. so they are providing shuttle bus service tonight up until metro traditionally closes between the affected stations. because of all the delays, anyone traveling the orange, blue and silver lines tonight are encouraged to find other options. it was cable fire as we mentioned that broke this morning causing that messy commute. riders ended up taking shuttle buses around those affected areas, something everybody is very much used to when there's any issues out here with metro. the general manager spoke about the problems today and how that confusion came at such a bad time right during that rush hour commute. >> it's a
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happen right at the peak of the peak. you're trying to meet a huge push like that so that's what we were wrestling with this morning. the timing could not be worse but again we've got to keep hammering away at core issues, fix those so we can prevent this from happening. >> reporter: now metro says it is working closely with the federal transit administration, also the ntsb. of course since they are also under close scrutiny after the snoek smoke in the tunnel incident back in january 2015. we are hoping to hear more from met tow but at this point the goal is to have service back up and running as usual tomorrow. sarah simmons, fox 5 local news. >> in montgomery county eight firefighters were hurt in a townhouse collapse. take a look at this
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capturing the moment the front wall and second floor came crashing down. good grief. it happened early this morning. one firefighter suffered serious injuries. all eight are expected to survive. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. >> let's take things outside right now. we are wrapping up a dreary, gray start to the workweek and there's a chance your morning commute tomorrow could be a little messy. let's get to sue palka what you need to know. hey sue. >> it feels like a little bit of a setback. >> yes, it does. >> and tonight there is a little bit of fog arn, a little bit of drizzle and you're right by the time we get to the morning commute there could be some showers around. i'm seeing a few thunderstorms but as that moves into our direction the cold air will take the sizzle out and we'll be looking at scattered showers tomorrow morning, get the umbrella handy, maybe plan a little extra time on the r
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here's what's going on on radar right now. very little measurable rain in the dc area. you can see down toward that area, that is also moving in our direction. the more substantial rain will likely end up in central virginia in the potomac high lands but it will start to move in our direction as well as the frontal boundary that has been dividing us from the warmer air to the cooler air over our area today thanks to the northeast flow. we've had the drizzle, some areas of rain, a little bit more tomorrow morning. still a little bit on the chilly side. temperatures are in the 40s in the region. that's not bad but it certainly feels a lot colder than last week. tomorrow we start out with the showers, more clouds, a little bit of fog here and there. and if everyone crosses their fingers we may be able to see a little bit of clearing before the end of the day tomorrow. sometimes it's really tough to break out of this pattern. but i do see a break, i'll let you know what i think is the
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coming up in just a bit. >> tonight a man from alexandria is in custody in iraq. >> he claims he's a member of isis. what he had on him when he turned himself in this morning, coming up next. >> and a little later president obama is oemg up about his wife. what he had to say about the first lady's figure. also tonight we're on eagle watch. we're going to tell you when the first egg at the nation abor eat yum could hatch.
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>> an isis fighter with ties to virginia was arrested in iraq. fox's jennifer griffin has the details. >> reporter: a kurdish general says the man in this video is an american citizen who is also a member of isis. the general saying the man was
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fighting for a terror group until he surrounded monday in northern iraq. >> where are you from? >> the united states. >> reporter: the man is identified as a 27-year-old from virginia. he was reportedly born in virginia to an iraqi mother and a palestinian father. >> we do see and have seen over the last several weeks reports of more and more defections from the group. >> reporter: he walked in and gave himself up. he was carrying multiple forms of id including a u.s. driver's license as well as cell phones and a large amount of cash. meantime a new unicef report finds younger children are being recruited to fight in syria including some as young as seven. some children even seen executing prisoners. >> now we get more reports about them
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engagements. all those are good indications they are struggling with their ability to recruit and retain manpower. >> the u.s. is now investigating the man as being held and torthed. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> we have a warning for parents in chevy chase, maryland. police say a suspicious man has been approaching children in that community. a man has tried to lure two little boys friday morning. he is described as being in his 50s or 60s with gray hair and a beer. parents in the air why are now reminding their kids to be careful around strangers. >> i did have a conversation with them about what to do in that situation, because they also like to go out in the play in the front yard as we're getting ready to leave the ho
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strangers and not getting in anybody's car and coming to tell me. >> police have stepped up patrols in the area. they're asking anyone with information to give them a call. >> it is the eve of another big tuesday in the race for the white house. and candidates on both sides are stumping for votes. ahead of contests in five critical states. peter ducey has the latest now. >> reporter: with all eyes on the big winner-take-allstate's of ohio and florida, new polls show donald trump expanding his lead over senator marco rubio there in the sunshine state. leading political analysts predict tomorrow could be the day that makes the republican contest a two-man race. >> if the republicans don't want donald trump to be their nominee, they better suck it up, they better vote for ted cruz. >> reporter: marco rubio campaigning across his home state today
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the polls. >> we don't know what the marge i can will be, but we know it will be up to you. >> reporter: this following a wild weekend on the campaign trail, starting with the trump rally on friday cancelled after unexpected violence erupted between protesters and trump shorters. the frontrunner continuing to defend his supporters today. >> we're tired of a government that is run incompetently. >> reporter: in ohio a monmouth university poll out today finds john kasich with a slim 5-point lead over donald trump. this as kasich picks up a last-minute endorsement from former republican presidential nominee mitt romney. >> this is the guy that ohio needs to vote for. america is counting on you. >> reporter: that same poll shows hillary clinton holding a 14-point lead over bernie sanders. >> tomorrow people come out. we're going to win here in ohio. >> reporter: the other three states holding
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tomorrow are illinois, missouri and north carolina all of which divide their delegates proportionally. in washington, peter ducey, fox news. >> former gop vice president candidate's sarah palin's husband was seriously hurt in a snow mobile accident in alaska. palin canceled an appearance at a trump event this morning. she did speak later in the day before coming back home to alaska. >> it is a newly discovered type of dinosaur. find out why scientists say these fossils are so important.
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tonight we are still on baby bald eagle watch. this is video from earlier today. is this video or picture? it is video, okay. it's video
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the nest at the u.s. national ar bor eat yum. we're told one of the small eggs has a hole in it. we have a link on the web cam on >> that right there is the dad. >> how do you know? >> they brought on an excerpt. these are live images right now. the mom's feathers, there's a more brain tone and the mom's beak is supposed to be more two-toned. >> is the mom sitting on the egg. >> both. the picture we just showed was the dad. i'm not sure who this is because it's -- is that picture -- it kind of looks black and white on our screen.
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>> earlier you could see there was more brown tone in one of the more brown camera. >> what if we took a live shot and she was reading a newspaper? >> i would be very scared. thank you for bringing that up for us. i think it is really exciting. >> it is cool. >> exciting news from the smithsonian today. >> the natural history museum announced the discovery of a brand new species of dinosaur of all things. >> reporter: we're going to go back a hundred million years here but it's amazing that new species can still be discovered in 2016 and in fact they can. the dinosaur is a long lost descentant of the t-rex. it lived about 9
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ago and fills a 20 million-year gap. paleontologists recently discovered the species through their fossils from asia. the department of paleobiology at the submit zonon has concluded that it was a nimble pursuit hunter, with blade-like teeth and probably preyed on various large plant eaters. research also determined that it was smaller than t recollection but its brain and senses were almost just developed. it's estimated to be the size of a horse and weighing up to 600 pounds. it has long been known that tie ran sore rust -- questions have remained about when and how quickly the growth took place. the discovery of a new species helps fill those gaps.
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fills a huge gap in the record. the first ones were the size of a large dog or person and we suddenly get these gigantic ones and how something starts out as a predator became the top dog. >> reporter: so in conclusion, if it appeared during the end, the brains evolved before the larger bodies. so the development of the giant t-reks was not until closer to the end of the whole tyrannosaurus life span. what i found so fascinating that we can discover these remains,
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ground. and this is the ninth species he's discovered in his career. it's not uncommon and it just keeps happening. it's unbelievable there's so much still out there. >> he must know where to look. >> his back yards. >> he knows all the secret spots. you might have to go to central asia but he knows them. >> coming up next tonight, a car took a scary four-story dive off this parking garage. we'll tell you happened as fox 5 news at 10:00 continues.
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>> reporter: i'm marina marraco tonight we're live outside the prince george's county police department district three station where yesterday a gun battled ensued between officers and suspects and tonight we're learning new details in this case including investigators believe that
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veteran detective jacai colson was shot dead by one of his fellow officers. the police chief says the confusion that ensued during a gun battle with suspect michael ford led to, quote, the errant round. investigators say two other suspects, ford's brothers watched from nearby cars and videotaped the entire incident. now all three ford brother charges are facing second degree murder charges. tony, shawn? >> there have been five ambush style killings of police officers in the united states this year. >> fox 5's ronica cleary spoke with craig floyd about the state of law enforcement in america today. >> for the last two years, 21 officers were shot and killed in ambush-style attacks. most of the war memorials, they have a fixed period in time where people died and they don't have to add new
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we do, unfortunately. some day i'm afraid these walls may very well be filled. i always say who is the most visible, the most vulnerable symbol of government, it's the police officer in uniform. this year we've identified five law firm fatalities, officers killed by gun fire who were also culled in ambush-style attacks. if those numbers hold up, it's the most officers killed in ambush-style attacks we've seen in decades. sometimes yes police officers do become targets. it's sad, it's shocking, and i think it should alarm all of us. the names on these walls, these men and women died for you and me. >> fox 5 will stay on top of this story as the investigation into officer colson's death continues and the community tries to heal. we'll bring you all the latest updates here on air, online at as well as on facebook and twitter. >> developing tonight some pretty
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path of destruction, flood waters are rising in some areas. laura engle has the latest. >> reporter: parts of the south are still under water, but in some areas the flood waters are receding after nearly a week of heavy rain. the storms leaving at least six people dead and more than 5,000 homes damaged in louisiana alone. now and civilians are scrambling to assess the damage. >> i'm just concerned about what kind of damage the water is going to do and especially if it stays around for a long time, kind of like the katrina event. >> reporter: and the trouble isn't over yet. about a quarter of louisiana's river gauges are still in some level of flooding prompting president obama to declare a major disaster for the state. the emergency management office describing the flooding as historic and calling for voluntary evacuations of at least two towns near the pearl river along the louisiana-mississippi border. >> it's very
10:35 pm
current, and just if it come in the house, you can redo that. but if you get in it and you're gone, it's over. >> reporter: also causing concern, another line of thunderstorms that hit parts of oklahoma, arkansas and east texas. several homes destroyed in uncertain texas. that's just a few miles across the border from louisiana. residents now watching and waiting for the water levels to drop. >> just up everything right now. you don't what you're going to need, you don't what he if what you've left behind is going to be there when you get back. >> reporter: officials are warning of more storms expected later in the week bringing fears of increased flooding through out the region. in new york, laura ingall, fox news. >> a woman in maryland plunged four stories out of her parking garage in her car somehow she was not seriously hurt. the car landed
10:36 pm
the sidewalk. the driver was taken to a hospital for treatment. she is expected to recover. police are investigating what exactly happened. that is incredible. >> wow. it's amazing she's alive. >> yes, yes. all right. coming up next, fitness guru richard simmons responds to the mystery that took social media by storm this weekend. >> president obama is opening up about the first lady and her curves. judi kurts joins us to break it all down. >> we've heard tax and spend, but how about tax refund and spend. the new surveys say more than half of all tax filers are expected to receive a refund this year with one in three planning to save or invest it. maybe more should. another report showing one-third of americans have absolutely no savings at all for retirement. more than half say they have less than 10,000 bucks in their nest egg.
10:37 pm
loans that blew up the housing market? don't look now, there are early signs history may be repeating itself in the auto history. and talk about a pot of gold for the committee. a new report predicting folks will spend nearly 4.5 billion bucks this st. patrick's day. if you're wondering where a lot of that cash is going to be going, check out your local pub because 13 million pints of guinness are expected to be consumed worldwide. cheers. that's business.
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what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother?
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with a gentle touch? you get extraordinary medicine and remarkable care. novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient. well, it seems the richard simmons mystery
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the fitness guru says he's fine and not being held against his will. he tweeted overnight i can't believe i was trending on facebook. people online started searching for him after a new york "daily news" article said his friends hadn't seen him in two years. in an interview simmons says he's been hanging around the house more and didn't want to travel anymore because of his knee problems. maybe he just didn't feel like hanging out with those friends anymore. >> very odd. i'm glad he's okay. >> you would think they would hear from him. two years, long time. one of the world's largest cruise lines will soon be setting sail for cuba. >> carnival cruise lines plans to offer trips to cuba. they'll begin service to the island this may. it's expected t
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increase tourism. >> right now metro rolling out a brand new fare option this week. they are called select passes. the monthly pass option costs $135. it will work out to be three round trips but the pass has some limits though. it is geared towards riders with short commutes. for trips outside of your price range, you will have to pay the difference. >> all right tonight on fox 5 local news at 11:00 we're going back to mcpherson square. we've got the latest in the progress in a live report. >> also new at 11:00, friends and family gathered to remember a two-year-old who was killed in the middle of a crosswalk last year. we'll have more on this emotional story. >> we're also going back to palmer park, maryland where new details emerged today about a shoot-out that led to the death of a police officer. what we've learned about the
10:43 pm
28-year-old detective who lost his life. that's coming up at 11:00.
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welcome back. it is time to get you in the know. judi kurtz writes the "in the know" blog at >> everybody is buzzing about barack obama. >> he's talking body image issues. he says he does appreciate his wife's curves, as he put it. i hope he cleared the statement with michelle before making it, otherwise he might be sleeping on the coach for the next few nights. it's actually funny because michelle obama, although her husband certainly appreciates her curves as he says, she's admitted to wearing spanx before, to slim and trim like many of us ladies
10:47 pm
it's a little fun tidbit there. >> he was saying she's a good role models for the daughters. >> yeah. he was saying it's a good role model for his kids to see that their dad really does appreciate the range of motion that his wife is and he also cited other performers as beyonce opening up the range of body images that young girls see. >> if he also admired beyonce, that might get him in trouble. >> jennie depp, he made some waves this weekend weighing in on donald trump and his campaign for the presidency. >> yes, he is the latiest celebrity to weigh in on donald trump. he's calling trump a brat saying he has a sense of bullydom about him. of course johnny depp played trump. i don't know if he should be bashing him.
10:48 pm
there's johnny depp as trump. calling him a brat is the tamest thing he's been called. certainly a lot of folks are vocal about his candidates. >> bernie sanders picked up an endorsement from another celebrity. >> a surprise to many, danny devito was stumping for bernie sanders, made a surprise appearance on the campaign trail over the weekend for bernie sanders, a very enthusiastic danny devito saying he's feeling the bern. he's a bernie sanders kind of guy. i don't know if sanders is going to get a boost from devito, but you never know. >> where has danny devito been? >> he's been making those commercials with george clooney. >> that's right. >> celebrities who come out now for sanders really have to be passionate. a lot of experts say it's not looking like it's going to
10:49 pm
the cards for a sanders presidency. >> i think any celebrity who comes out for any candidate really has to think that through because you're going to, no matter who you support, alienate some of your fans in all likelihood. >> as shawn mentioned, where has danny devito been lately. he doesn't have that much going on. >> i like danny. >> now you are in the know. thanks judi. >> let's get updated on the weather. here's sue palka. >> you sure you want to get updated on that? >> it's better for us to know. >> or not. >> we're going to get you in the know with the weather and what you need to know is it's going to start on another gray note but we think there will be improvement as the day goes on and maybe we'll get some clearing of the skies later in the day. a wetter start and a drier finish and we should warm up from these temperatures only in the low 50s today. that's not too bad compared to the average which is 55 degrees
10:50 pm
when it was kind of a summer preview, it feels like a setback, doesn't it? at least that sun is setting later now. tomorrow maybe we'll see a little clearing but we'll have some early scattered showers. i think the better chance of more moderate rain may be south through central virginia to the midwest. a nice warm-up is on tap for wednesday. just have to show you this picture because you are going to love the temperatures. now, 74 degrees is what we're thinking wednesday's high will be, probably the only day this week in which we hit the 70s. there is also a front that will be coming and it's possible that we could have a shower or maybe even a rumble of thunder on wednesday. a nice warm day and as the week goes on it gets cooler and the weekend right now looking a bit unsettled. mainly on sunday it looks like we're going to have some rain around in an area of low pressure off the coast which could mean the rain could end with a little bit of wet rain or snow mix at the end
10:51 pm
possible. it is still march, afrl after all. rain around the dc area, not much. certainly some fog in some areas. down to the south and west where it is warmer and they haven't had that northeast flow, we're finding some rain, some imbedded thunderstorms, there's been some reports of hail, but as that whole mess is moving in our direction, the sizzle is going to go out of those storms and what will be left will be some showers and i think we'll see them in here a little bit later. taking you forward in time with our future cast and it's got a good handle on the placement of those showers and storms but get you to about 2:00 in the morning. while you may hear some showers, a few moderate rumbles in central virginia but most of us are going to see this kind of breaking up to be very widely scattered showers tomorrow morning. still kind of drizzly, still cloudy, still maybe a bit of fog here and there. and as we go into the afternoon, hopefully future cast is on to something here and we're going to break up
10:52 pm
get a little bit of sunshine to end your day. now that we're in daylight saving time, temperatures in the 40s around the region tonight, they'll stay steady because conditions aren't going to change so we may drop another degree or two. clouds and drizzle tonight, with some patchy fog, 47 degrees and you can see all those clouds as we start our day tomorrow. gradual diminishment of the clouds. tomorrow's temperature about 63 degrees. warm for one day we think on wednesday as we pop back into the 70s. there will be another front coming right behind that. and as that front moves through our area wednesday night with maybe a shower or a thunderstorm, we're right back into the 50s and 60s for thursday and beyond. thursday is st. patrick's day, 65 degrees. there may be a few showers around during the day and into the evening hours. it looks like a dry day for us friday. saturday also dry but spring begins on sunday with some rain around here, 54 degrees. that's the ste
10:53 pm
as a little bit of wet snow on the first day of spring. wouldn't that just be so perfect, right? monday's temperature 55 degrees with clouds to start and sun to end. that's your 7-day forecast. tony, shawn, back to you. >> all right, sue thank you very much. >> we'll be right back? >> no. okay. we're talking basketball now. the ncaa tournament bracket was unveiled last night. >> tonight the maryland women who have advanced to consecutive final fours learned their draw for march madness. that's the terps reacting to the news they are a number 2 seed. an 8-game home winning streak in the turny. the winner will face washington or penn. how does the
10:54 pm
>> it's never really maried to me. it's been about the match-up and the teams in your bracket. we've been fortunate to be from a 1 to a 4 seed to be able to make it to a final four to have the dent to win a national championship. the most important thing is your bracket and are those teams favorable in terms of being able to advance. >> george washington is an 8th seed and will face kansas city on friday. >> we'll be right back.
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the aleejant, that's what you're calling yourself. >> that's a clip from the new movie allegiant. it is the sequel to insurgent. >> are these the hunger games? >> no. >> they all look
10:58 pm
>> they do. kevin mccarthy sat down with some of the stars to talk about the installment of the series. >> as you set out to be actors i know consciously roles you chose, do you want to be as different as possible? >> i think you definitely try to do different things as an actor than what you've done and yeah it's material that really stand out and tells a story that you haven't seen or heard before, that's always a great plus. >> absolutely. that's the wonderful thing about being an actor is you get to try on different skin and be different people. and the more different they are from you the better. >> i know you mention on taking on different people and you both have played some of the most dramatic roles. is there one particular role that was the hardest to shake, that was the hardest to get away from once you had
10:59 pm
filming? >> that was an intense one. i feel like these days it's the minute i'm done i want to shake it off. because then i'm home with the kids and you know, it's time to take on that role. get down into the arts and craft world. all of that stuff. >> i think playing wanda johnson was tough. it was tough to let that one go because it really is her life and she really had lost her son. >> the movie hits theaters friday. >> the news at 11:00 starts right now. right now at 11:00, an eyewitness account of the shoo
11:00 pm
maryland police officer. >> i just saw him reach into his coat. when he reached into his coat, i said oh, he's going to start shooting. >> what we've learned about the three brothers accused in the ambush-style attack in the front of the police station and the young officer who was days away from celebrating his 29th birthday. >> plus a fire inside of a metro tunnel calls for overnight repair work. will the transit system be back on track for your tuesday morning commute? fox 5 local news at 11 starts now. >> i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm shawn yancy. we begin tonight with the latest in the death of prince george's county police detective jacai colson. he died after a gunman opened fire outside the district 3 police station. >> tonight three brothers are in custody. marina marraco is live in palmer park and we learned today that detective colson died from friendly fire. >> reporter: he did. and that


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