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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 15, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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and crews worked overnight to repair cables that were in a fire. metro general manager apologized for inconvenience. they're expecting to on on time and with full service at 5 this morning. >> new this morning fairfax county police need your help finding missing 91-year-old ma man. roger patery was seen around noon forest hill drive gray sweat pants, red police jacket and tan baseball hat and may be driving silver toyota scion virginia license plates. if you see him you're asked to call police. >> and developing overnight a drug investigation turned deadly in chicago. three police officers are recovering after they were caught in a shoot xwrout with two suspect it happened on the west side chicago. one of the attackers was
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and killed and all officers are expected to recover from their injuries. >> now to prince george county where there are disturbing new details bts ambush style attack that left one officer dead. >> investigators believe jacai colson was killed during friendly fire during the shootout. good morning, mel. >> good morning, guys, you know, that sobering news is really starting to sink in. that news of how officer colson died. it makes it no less tragic and in some ways more so. prince george's county police say 22-year-old michael ford intended to commit suicide by cop his brothers videotaped a last will and testament that drove michael to bar low road and continued to record on their cell phones as he began his barrage outside the district three station. he fired repeatedly at cars and buildings and reloaded and started again. neighbors
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>> he put his hand in his coat and i said oh, my god he's going to shoot or something. so i came back in and then looked out here and i was looking out the window and then i heard gun shot like pow, pow, pow, pow, and i said oh, my god they're shooting at each other. >> and that, according to police, is when officer jacai colson, in unmarked car out of uniform not wearing ballistic investigate drove up and with jacai parents looking on historically he engaged the shooter giving officers time to protect the community. in confusion a fellow officer's bullet struck and killed the young detective. the ford brothers are facing a combined total of 21 different charges including second degree murder, attempted first degree murder and con % is
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murder and con concy. coming up at 5:00 we'll hear from the ford family pastor. live in palmer park. "fox5 local news". >> family of the three suspect in this case breaking silence saying they, too, are in mourning following this incident and we'll hear from them coming up at 5 as well as what we're learning about alleged gunman and his troubled past. >> isis fighter with ties to northern virginia was arrested in iraq. the discovery was made when mohammed turned himself in at iraqi check point. cellphone footage posted online shows him surrounded by iraqi kurdish troops and the 2 27-year-old is reportly a residents of fairfax county and he confirmed he is from the united states by showing his license. . >> where are you from. >> united states. >> we do see and have seen over the last several weeks reports of more and more de infections from the group.
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>> meanwhile the u.s. is investigating mohammed amin as he is being held and interrogated by troops in iraq. >> happening today a virginia woman is said to be sentenced in connection with her mother's murder. they is accused of murdering her mother last may and christina's wife is also charged in the case. nancy mercer was found shot to death. she worked as a nurse for med star washington hospital cente center. starting now politics reckoning day for the presidential candidates. tonight is win or stay home for marco rubio or john kasich. both must clinch wins in home state of florida and ohio to stay in game. both states are winner take al all. trump is leading rubio and trump is
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ohio many have already cast absentee ballots for tonight's primary. >> 4:35 is the time now. let's get a check of today's forecast. gary in the weather sent erin not that great a day. >> i know. it's gloomy out. and hopefully we keep our fingers crossed. we get sunshine. i hate to say it, we're not having real nice weather for this last week of fall going into spring. here are temperatures this morning. 4 degrees. even though at the improves we get a couple decent days and go right back to a chilly, cold pattern into the weekend. 47 in town. gaithersburg 43. westminster 436789 lot of 40s out there this morning. matter of fact everybody and it's all 40s this morning. we had heavier showers down south. but as they're lift into this cool air wedge
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dissipating and it's more stable. we can't hold together anything of significance. so it's just light passing showers. otherwise some light drizzle this morning. cloud cover in place. it looks like again cloud cover will stay with us most of the day. we stay a little cool today. drizzle with us. late today a few sunny breaks. winds will start to switch to the north and northwest. if that happens early enough we'll begin to breakdown this wedge of cool air. we'll securey out some of the cloud cover and get into a little bit of sunshine. otherwise, though, we're going to stay cloudy with mostly some light drizzle around here. again, hopefully by 3, 4:00 before the sun goes down maybe a little bit of sunshine. here's erin cuomo. tuesday morning looks good. >> i'm hoping that light drizzle passing through doesn't cause major problems for a commute. right now construction in prince george county outer loop to marboro road. traffic getting
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and as you can see plenty of green on the map and we'll let you know if that causes my delays. 395 south roadwork seminary road, roadwork quiet all the way to the 14 street bridge as you head to georgetown. no problems on 11 street bridge i'mer. represents all area bridges. plenty of green. we'll let you know if anything else pops. . >> we're on eagleette watch no now. high up in a tree at national arboretum. one of the eggs has a small hole in. it so now it's swruingt a matter of time. the eggs were laid back february 10 and 14. eagle eeings hatch 35 days after mom and dad that's what they're called they're first balanced eagle pair to nesting in
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>> i can't fell that's mr. mr. president or first lady, that's what they're called. >> that's probably the mom. as we get closer the mom is watching over and dad is going out gathering food. >> taking a snooze there. >> awe. >> having newborns is exhausting. >> get it while you can. >> for real. >> michigan uber driver accused in deadly shooting rampage giving up stiingt what may have led him to on fire and dramatic new video of had his arrest. >> tell log at the center of investigation. one employee and what he was caught on camera doing
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>> the victim claimed she got into it with the man and lawson restrained her and choked her and gave her drugs and alcohol. he is facing several charges including abduction and strangulation. michigan uber driver charged with a shooting rampage said he was being controlled by the app through his cellphone. jason dalton is charged with killing six
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two others in kalamazoo and working as an uber driver. he felt artificial presence and when he opened the uber app a devil had popped up. meanwhile new dashcam video is released in connection with shootings and documents with police reports and from all three shooter locations. putin had plans to withdraw forces in syria. and it is expected to begin today. the announcement comes after peace talks in again eva named in ongoing war in syria. white house says they spoke about next snepz implementing
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month. >> straight ahead nfl changes tune when it comes to the length between conductions and brain disease. >> and mystery solved. fit us in guy are you richard simmonds breaks silence following concerns he was held against his will. gary. >> thanks a lot, holly, still cloudy, still drizzly. few showers, too. will today be the day the sunshine comes back? full forecast coming up. traffic too. stay with us.
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>> at tleeingt was not raining. >> that's all you got? >> that's all i can bring. i see every reason we should get sunshine late this afternoon. i know it's not much to hang your hat on. >> it's a start sometimes we get the clouds stuck lining this cold air damming tape does what it want to do and i see every indication why we should get sun today.
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everybody is in the 40s today. this morning. dulles 4 86. bwi 456789. >> 74 for a high temperature tomorrow. going to be warm. sunshine tomorrow. maybe a shower or possibly even a thunlder shower late in the day there's a little disturb an breaking through and trying to produce showers mainly clouds and driz 8 and disturbance comes by late in the afternoon and the winds it's a sutel change. th s should be enough to secur
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securey out this cold level air and that should break the clouds and bring bert conditions this afternoon. couple showers come ago cross. and showers from the south come into the cool, stable air they tend to fall apart. heavier showers in central virginia watch as they come to a cool air. and future cast tries to show a shower. future cast 4:00 begins to breakdown the clouds. after 4:00 before we have a chance for substantial amount of sunshine. i don't think it will be a lot. until then driz thl morning. maybe a shower. drizzle at noon. and then we'll begin to see sunshine breaking through late this afternoon that will help high of 60. if we dent get sunshine today we'll get tomorrow. pm showers maybe a thunderstorm this afternoon, 74 degrees.
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help ra cans like thursday, 65 not bad we'll cool off again going into spring. here's erin. do you know spring starts sunday, erin. >> i like everything about that in mind mind is tart aid week ago. we have breaking news out of maryland a freight train crash involving freight train and car intersection of wrights ford road. right now no roads are shut down but they may in the next hour for investigation. only minor injuries reported. but use caution as eye one onesville at rex ford road this morning and we'll let you know if that closure goes into plac place. and roadwork past seminary road northbound side and 270 no typical voll num
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back to you. and now the monthly pass option costs 135 and saves regular commuters 27% a month. and the past we have limits it's geared towards riders for short xhupts for trips outside of of the price range you have to pay the difference. >> take a look at this scary moments for maryland driver after she plunged four stories out of a parking garage and ca car. somehow believe it or not she was not seriously hurt. and the car landed upside down in the sidewalk. and police now investigating trying to figure out what happened. and in kansas the investigation continues and federal transportation says they are focusing on the condition of the track and it's too soon to know exactly that what the caused derailment. the train was travelin
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the speed limit and a dozen people were injured when the train cars went off the tracks. and we noticed something was wrong where the track and put the train to emergency braking early in that process and probably was responsible for the train derailment not being worse than was. . >> all the people injured are expected to be okay. >> it's been raining four straight days in parts of calipari and for the state it's a mixed bag of rain. causing mudslides and power outages and replenished reservoirs in calipari. calipari is in fifth year of drought. officials say lakes, many household in northern calipari depend on, have not been this full since 2013. >> rain finally stopped in texas, louia
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neighboring states and there was historicing flooding in texas. many evacuated homes and took shelter and in louisiana people stuck in their homes are getting a help from women with boats. >> call it uber taxi. boat taxi. i've been running people back and form to gets them to their job and vehicles and get them out and probably 50 people over the course of three or four days. >> the national guard is called in to help prevent flooding and more rain is possible this weekend. >> home owners in washington, d.c. state are cleaning up and trees foal power lines. a lot of residents ep have been in the dark since sunday. >> tell log is at the center of a criminal investigation after video surfaced showing a man urinating on one of the factory assembly lines. video was recorded in 201
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memphis however tell log said he learned of the video last night and immediately alerted authorities. fda is now conducting an investigation. tell log says product that would be affected would be past their expiration date. . >> and well for the first time in nfl executive acknowledged that there's a link between concussions and brain disease cte. jeff mill area period. perfect a congressional committee. he is senior vice-president for health and safety when sdpd there's a connection between hits and football and cte he said certainly yes. the other work of boston neuropathologist who found ct next brains of 90 former football player. >> wizard john wall is doing his part to help the community building a center for homeless familys with young children. today a groundbreaking ceremony will be hold introduce bright beginnings new child development certainty and goyl up
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street in southeast to provide children with education, therapy and social services the menes tournament bracket was unveiled and maryland earned a five seed in the south women and the terps women are number two needing ton region. iona is going for the first time ever and the winner will face washington or penn. >> what took social media by storm this weekend has been solved. simmonds said he's been hang around home more and didn't want to travel anymore because of knee problems and posted this message to facebook page. thank you all so much for following, caring, commenting and most importantly still smiling and
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served for him after new york daily news article said his friend had not seen him in two years. >> the european space agency started mission to explore mars and look for signs of life. first phase launched today and mars launched off on market and space craft will go on 7 month, 3 0 0 million mile long journey sketched to arrive in october. second phase launches in 2018. >> clouds and drizzle where we were yesterday morning. visibility is not a problem. lowest is 3 miles outside frederick. that is not necessarily bad. 47 in city now. in and around dulles, 46 there. and those of awe long the i 81 corridor 44 hagerstown to 45 mar tipsburg and winchester you get
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cool outside this morning. we'll warm up today. not much but we'll warm up a little bit. showers trying to come up from the south as they come north they're breaking up and fall ago part. we're left with clouds and some drizzle. temperatures later today we'll touch 60 with a little sunshine late in the afternoon that may elevate the temperatures down south to middle 60s. here's erin cuomo tuesday morning with your commute. >> well, 4:56 now and we have breaking news oxon hill a new crash in outer loop out by 295. caution there. and also freight train crash if you make your way out imsville maryland. it was car versus freight trai train. luckily only minor injuries and at this point they have not shut down the road. we'll let you know if that changes. more roadwork prince george county and stravrk getting by right. see caution. upper loop quiet at that location and 395 earlier work on southbound side near seminary cleared and northbound comte
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things look going across the metro bridge. hopefully better commute than yesterday. back to you. . >> coming up at 5 many questions remain following shooting death of prince george county police officer. he may have been killed by friendly fire. and a woman sgribdz what unfolded independent front of her home. >> not a great day for wall street. stock fruit furz, dow, s&p and nasdaq all down that hour. selloffs today in asia and plus mark's cross europe are also trading down right now. investors around the world are waiting to see what the federal reserve here in the united states has to stay about global economic growth. now, key committee meets today and tomorrow. we're back in a moment. time now is 4:57.
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>> we want to know why all this happened. what caused this. we all know. >> five unanswered questions following ambush of prince george county police officer and alleged gunman's family speaking out saying they, too, are in mourning.


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