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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  March 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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systems go.ems g metro trains reopened to t riders about an hour ago.ourgo crews working up to the veryer last minute to make emergencyrgy so, what did they find? well w its alarming.lain a live report coming up. com u >> also a top d.c. judge.c. accused in a decades old rapeldr case. ca the accuser just 16 at thet time. how the two were connected andea why that judge is not on the on bench this morning.nch >> first, though, straight upgh 6 o'clock giving you that live,u look outside. outsi. it's thursday morning, marchar 17th. hey, it's saint patrick's day.i' weather ans d traffic coming upu on the 5s at 6:05.:0 good thursday morning, i'mng, allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m s let's get you caught up firstca on the metro situation.ugiton all the trains on all the o t lines up and running this hour. >> our melanie alnwick joins ali us live from the foggy bottom bo stop where crews worked lateked into the night to makeo m necessary repairs. mel, good morning. g >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison.anallis folks here definitely gettingetg back on track this morning.orng and i think a lot of peoplepl finally realizing how seriousus this
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what the problems were with those underground cables and knowing that even though it eve was a really risky call anall tough call for metro gm paul pl wiedefeld that they foundhefo defects so serious in at leastea three parts of the line thatt trains should not have been running along those now, things did open onn schedule at 5 o'clock thislohi morning. take a look at the video weeo w shot here just as the station manager came in and opened upne those gates and the passengersse started to go in. gin. so, good news for there was a question perhaps pea that maybe foggy bottom where we perhaps the most seriousus repairs were needed to be done n may have caused a delayed opening on some of the orange,ea blue and silver line this morning but turns out repair rai crews were able to get to everything patched up song pat everything opened on time as normal this let's take a look at the videohd from the press conferencerenc yesterday where really just some stunning images of what ofw
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underground.derground. but you know we talked aboutbo yesterday these 600 jumperum cables sort of like extensionxtn cords in a way that connect cone parts of the third rail and inspectors along those lines found 26 different defectsef three of which they calledyalle show stoppers major issues i where there is damageds dag insulation exposed wires, situations that were capablepabl of sparking an electrical fireie and even more stark was the admission that what could have w been onha mcpherson square ate that metro station with theh t smoke and the fire that we had d on monday. had it happened when trainsins were full and there were a lotel more riders on board. >> it would have been veryd similar i believe to theha the l'enfant plaza. again depends obviously wheres b the train had been in thaten in instance.inst but clearly the conditionson were very similar to what we experienced at l'enfant plaza meaning in terms of the smoke.
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different strategy than one we t followed apparently.ppartly. >> still have to look into what is causing theses caus problems, what they can do to prevent these issues in the future.fu the chairman said this shouldis be a call to the local government that metro needs anea dedicated source of funding. fug i'm melanie alnwick, fox5, fox local news.ew >> mel thanks. we'll continue to followue breaking news coming out ofmingf montgomery county this morningyh where police are investigatinges a single car crash that crat happened in rockville lastt night on muncaster mill road and emery lane after 11:30.1:30 no word on the injuries at this point, though. >> also developing overnight,op ain homicide investigation aftea a man was found dead inside a mercedes benz along i-295 near r benning road in this happened around 9:00 lastst night. police say it appears theears t victim was shot. sho the search for a motive and a suspect continues at thisue t hour.hour >> three dozen people homelessos this morning after fire rippedir through their apartmenth complex this in marlo heights.t.
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barnabas road last night.oad the roof collapsed.of c now the good newsol here, nobodb was hurt.s hurt. but again, all those peopleple displaced. still no word on a a chief judge for the u.s. s district court in d.c. d. retiring now amid a sex scandal.dal. >> d.c.'s federal judge richard w. roberts is being isng sued by a utah woman who sayshoy she was sexually assaultedssauld decades ago by him. fox5's annie yu joins usoins live with more on this story. annie, good morning.e, >> reporter: hey, goodte morning steve and allison. yeah, judge roberts announcedrt he is retirings after this woman filed a suit on wednesday regarding ascheng asce allegations from decades now, the woman, terry mitchell, we have a picture ofro her is seeking $15 million in damages in a civil suit whenwhen which she filed wednesday in a salt lake see city district.tri. mitchell who is now 51 claims1 a she was sexually assaulted multiple times by judge jud roberts when she was just 16en s years old an witness in a high profile case involving
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supremacist who killed twoilledw black joggers in salt lakeggeris city in 1981. in 19 roberts was 27 years old atld the time an federal prosecutor u in the lawyers for judge roberts say jd he will challenge thellge allegations in court.tion they did acknowledge they hadd an intimate relationship withnsh the woman but they -- hisy -- lawyers called those accusations categoricallyoric false. now, utah attorney general's ges office also investigated the woman's allegations once the suit was filed but opted notot to prosecute judge roberts. jud investigators found evidenceorun of an intimate relationshipatios but say that he did not break b any laws because in 1981, she98s was old enough to consent tosent sexual relations. now, judge roberts notified the white house of hime stepping down yesterday and he h could face a congressionalessiol hearing moving forward.ving for. that's the very latest here in northwest.northwest. back to you in the studio. >> 6:05 right now.ghtow. that means it is time for weather and traffic -- oh, myh,m goodness, what do we have heree slide into our staff? >> hi. good morning.go >> i feel festive
6:06 am one of the two >> closest i'm ever going getgo to the green jacket. jacke >> congratulations on theul masters win. >> thank you. >> does this have historicis h value to you as well.luto y >> when you're my grandmotherrah who is no longer with us gaves all the male members of the of family the same green jacketreee for christmas and then we hadd e to wear it. wea >> i love it.>> >> you still have the familyil photo.oto. >> somewhere. i don't know where i can findhe reat. >> okay. >> i was a younger man.. >> that's sharp. t >> so, i bring it out once at oe year. ye >> in honor of grandma and saint patrick's day.inpatr >> absolutely.>> line in washington. it's cool out there and ifn ere you're getting ready for some fun this afternoon for the for t saint patrick's day should bes d pleasant. >> all right.>> a >> all right. >> yes. >> temperatures in the upper a 60'sin. t. yeah, but a cool start to your r day. 39 baltimore, 39 there's your satellite andur saa radar.rada it's quiet at the we'll see plenty of sunshine sun first half of the day.heay a little cooler today, upper,ppr 60's but still very pleasant.les might be a scattered showers sws this afternoon.erno seet
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showers back into westerneste pennsylvania and parts of west virginia v we're going have torg deal with a few of those l hatet this afternoon.this aft most of it should be pretty light. there we go.there there's a look at what's goingai to be happening.appening let's see if we could find aldd map that would be a little wou more helpful. hpful there we go.the we maybe a late day showerr scattered. 68 your daytime high. hig winds out of thewinds out of the west-southwest at 10 to 20.t 10 >> i feel like we should beould asking where you're performingen later. later. >> maybe i will perform >> like in an orchestra.ra >> something.omet >> uh-huh. it makes me happy.akes >> thank you. >> very festiv te.ery feive >> makes me very happy.e very hp >> i'll do some irish dancing.hg >> we'll have that later todaytl on good day. perhaps you can join in. >> perhaps i can. >> we'll find out.>> w find out. hi, erin, good morning. morni >> good morning.>> [laughter] >> i know, it's a little >> i need to you do thehe leprechaun dance.haun d. >> well, we'll see how the day progresses.ogress. >> it's a no-brainer.brne he'll be doing it by 9:30. >> what's in his coffee.offe okay. okay. checking in with your trafficraf there -- there shouldn't be anything at all in your coffeefe but if there is call a sober sob driver. how about that for
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morning, friday eve saint patrick's day advice. 95 ns orthbound delays daleays e boulevard to woodbridge.dbridge. heavy traffic there.traffi the so give yourself plenty ofnty time get through that areatrea towards the beltway.e beltw you can just see a lot of slowfo moving conditions.tions. let's go ahead and check inhecki with our maps right now. aside from that delay lorton to franconia spring fieldsg fi parkway 27 miles an hour.27 m road work heading past p seminary on the southbound t side of 395. in alexandria northbound sidea b a little bit of traffic traffic picking up as you head pastead s duke street.eet. 295 south congestion fromst eastern to pennsylvania.ylni 22 miles per hour.22 m and if you are celebrating saint patrick's day today good news metro is on time anime available option to avoidvoid back town t >> still ahead, supreme courte t showdown. president's pick heads topick ho capitol hill today. today w plus , it was a long swimit but this dog missing at seat for more than a month. mon >> my goodness. goo >> found alive. ali that story is coming up next. >> what a good boy or girl.
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>> michigan governor rickichi snyder testifying about hises role in the lead tainted water crisis in flint,ti michigan. snyder claims a failure ofer c government at all levels afterte
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switched to the flint river too save money. thousands of childrenth wereldrn exposed to then toxic water. w >> new details on why army why sergeant bowe bergdahl leftbo bt his post in afghanistan back in 2009. in documents released lastlast night, by his attorney,ney, bergdahl said they wanted toy draw attention to what he sawo w as leadership problems. pbl it was also revealed thatd t bergdahl suffered from a mental disorder when he leftder his post developingopin significant mistrust ofift others.he bergdahl is facing general court-martial on charges ofs desertion and endangering troops.troops. music industry mourning the loss of frank sinatra jr. j. the 72-year-old was on tour in daytona beach florida when he unexpected passed away the sinatra family says he died of cardiac arrest.c at. >> he had been doing a bighad ed tour.ur heartwarming story out ofmit california.californ al you'll love this. the navy rescued this german shepherd more than one month mon after it fell off of a
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boat. >> what. >> in the pacific ocean.n the pi could you believe that?lithat >> no. >> no. >> that's 2 miles from land. the one-year-old pup named luna had been presumed dead but her owner was confidentas that she would make it to aa nearby island. on tuesday five weeks later awea navy crew on san clement cle island spotted lawn n the crew t was out there doing someg se training. tr the dog now staying with the ayt friend of the owners until the two can be reunited.ted. you talk about the instinct to survive.rvive. well, there's the perfectthe's example right there. >> luna hasn't been reunited with her owner. >> but luna made it to thehe island. island >> do you see how she's --u se well, look at this paw, okay,aw thank you, sit d that's not even her trainer. >> i learned it myself on theed island. i >> okay. >> well, luna, you're amazing.mi a major change coming toe co american made cars.erican made s >> live look outside right now t as we head to break this break thursday morning.sday m we'll have weather and traffic on the 5's coming up next.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito --
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rrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> there's a live shot andhere we're looking at clear skies, cs quiet conditions.ti it's cool out there but things are starting to get back toack normal.norm metro is run on time so that's ' great.ea let's get right to your forecast, your saint patrick'spa day forecast and i hope you find pot of gold at the end of e the rainbow today.the rainbo we're looking fantastic as wetac get into the afternoon hoursnooh with temperatures in the upper u 60's. 60 it is going to be i'm just going give you ang head's up that right around happy hour this afternoon, we could have a few showerswers
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they'll be widely scatteredcatt but we do get one or two showers -- he's very enthusiastic. one or two showers yesterdayes with breezy conditions thisonon afternoon. your bus stop forecast. great shape this morning, morni sunny skies, sunny conditionss,n expected.expected little cool out 40's for the most part.'s f mos after school upper 60' we are going to some breezes. bz if you have an outdoor sportsrts event later this afternoon, aft high school sports laterat today, we'll have some showers around. 49 now washington.49 was 46 in leonardtown.nardtown. it's cool out there but it'serei not terribly cold. col frederick at 39.t 37 this morning in culpeper. all of us warm up again yesterday we played it into the 70's. the won't be quite as warm today but with a lot of sunshine and the cool air lurking off or o lagging offer to the north andhh west i don't think he'll be noticeably cooler thisoo afternoon. should be another pleasante an day. this is our little piece oflif energy for later today.ateray. it's very weak but it could kick can up a shower latershowr this afternoon. just want to give you thean giv heads up here.hes up speaking of heads up, let'sp,'s talk about the weekendee
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looks like we'll have an area wh of low pressure off the coast and this will be the setup for sunday. looks like sunday morning weorng could be dealing with a bit ofaa a wintry mix across parts ofcrot the area. right now it doesn't look like l any accumulations, at least not on the paved surfaces, youar know, with temperatures in theer 60's and 70's that's going to be tough to do but we mighte mig get some accumulations on somen of the grasses. we'll have to watch it off to t the north and westo where it we may be a little morey littl impressive. there's your seven-dayur sevay forecast.fore 68 today.68 t 60 tomorrow.omro and your first day of spring s cold with a chance of rain and or snow, a wintry mix here. h temperature in the low 40's.atue all right, guys, that's thehas latest from weather. steve and allison, back toallisb you. >> check this out.>> c we want to show you the eaglehe cam right now. there the eagle just sat back ja down on the eggs but there is te more cracking.more cra now, we say the first littleirst crack last flight officially from the arboretum who who contacted us and they were and it's official now, it willl happen within 24 hours. h now you can't tell right now because looks like mom sittingmg on the eggs right now. the >> i like the closeup.ike thclos >> but there are more crackse in the eggs we just sa
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so we'll keep a close eye on eye it. erin hopefully we'll see some little baby eaglets real soon. >> we could have have a saint patrick's day baby birdie.s dayb >> there's a real good chance a about it.abit >> right now skyfox is over a this is seven eastboundou leesburg pike at the beltway. so --so - [laughter] -- come here, come -r here. wait. wait i need you to stand in front of the map. let's switch it over for our our map. i want tucker to come back.ker watch out for that crash tt blocking the shoulder.blocking e that's something you need toomet be aware of this morning. now for a look at hour maps. we'll show you what elset e you're up against thisgainst t morning. lorton to springfieldgf franconia parkway 27 miles per hour. caution there. just some heavy congestion.ion. 295 southbound that's a good g one. it's like the ghost of tucker. c >> that's the best.s the best. >> i think allison gave the best description throw of mytion green necklace there i triedneck wear. >> i was looking into youroo soul. >> it was like a littlewas window. >> uh-huh.h-hu >> it looked very >> yes. >> 295 southbound congestionou eastern to pennsylvania. 22 miles an hour.
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even though i'm not.i'm back to to >> erin thank you very much.u rm >> well, big move to make big mo vehicles here in the unitedhe ui states safer.states saf major automakers and federaleder officials agreed to make automatic emergency braking standard in most cars and mid-size vehicles by the twenty four 2022. f it uses cameras radar and other sensors to see objects o in the way or slow or stoppedr s vehicles if the driver doesn't react.react. now, officials believe thiss technology could cut rearut impact crashes by up toshup 80 percent.80 p steve. >> for those of you planningf y on celebrating saint patrick's day day you have a safe and y eeway to get home.wa it is sober ride. the washington regional reg alcohol program offering free taxi rides to adults over 21ve from 4:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. all rides up to $30 will be free. last year the service provided near 200 rides on saintes on patrick's day. hopeful physical you're stillphs out at 4:00 a.m. you do notot have to work >> that is very true.t
6:20 am
challenging.chal >> uber rolling out a newrollg u feature, it's a family plan.y details next.ext. >> it gets under way in at undr couple hours.couple hou did you fill out your marchar madness bracket? the businessbc beat coming up after the break. >> ♪ stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in rs. stronger, is changing even faster than they do.
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s to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> uber is making hailing a m car a little bit easier with ait new family plan.w fa at least paying for it first we'll check the markets. s joining us from the foxom t business network studio laurenoe i hope the green for saint f patrick's day is a good thingda
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once again, good morning. >> reporter: hi there., good morning steveor. s green is wall street is on a winning the dow jones up four days innea a row. row it was higher this morning, morg then it turned negative.egate. right now we're flat the dow highest close of the year. s & p highest close of thehigh year. check your 401k.01 you might be positive becauseitc the dow jones is stillstill negative in 2016 but only by 991 points.91 p that's it.>> one good rally away.rally >> we'll take it. let's talk about uber rightr now. i guess it's a combination ofonf making things easier and alsonds maybe making dad pay for your y ride. ride >> reporter: you know, myou kw,m mom baby sits a lot and sometimes i call her just now uber gets there. tre sometimes people want to pay for their other family membersem and some of their friends soo they're out with a family famil profile.ile. it lets 10 different customers s all go under the same creditdi card. so, yeah, book had uber rider r and make dad pay for it or in oi my case i'll pay for it.ay f it. >> there you go. very nice of you lauren tono offer that and take care of ce o
6:24 am
>> reporter: any time.or i'll do it for you. >> you're so sweet much spirit of the holiday today.he holid we can find uber and ride a r sharing service on different d maps, different services, dieren coming together. >> reporter: yeah, you know, google ventures is an investornn in uber so soon first ont o android then on ios when w you're on google maps you cans u look for the taxi icon.ico that will be in uber.n uber. you can call an uber. u >> very cool. coo let's talk march mad today is the day everybody is de going to scramble to fill out o the brackets before the first 12:15 duke plays.12 >> reporter: yeah, 12:15. 1 wait a minute. >> what's that.>> >> reporter: 68 teams is it wi wt8 h one dream, is that whaw we're >> that's the big headline.eain who is it that's filling outilli these brackets at work? a w >> reporter: your boss? what? >> what. >> reporter: usually the bosses say all my employees dold is watch the ncaa games, we're losing so much money as a result. no career builder says this,bur it's the boss, it's the bs, it' manager that is more likely torl get excited and play in the marc
6:25 am
employees themselves. all in, ones ee in eight will participate in office pools this year. that's down from last year.m lay i don't know what's going on.ha we're not that into it but our t bosses are. a >> that's interesting.hat's re well, i mean. >> reporter: yeah. yea >> we have a lead people here and i may or may not havemay ayn noticed the boss' name wayay couple entries.le >> reporter: a coupleeporte entries, okay. >> we'll see how that goes. h did you fillow out a bracketrack lauren. >> reporter: ooh have you to o do so. i have an 8:00 a.m. deadline to get in it. >> do you know who you'reu going to take. >> reporter: do you want to help me out? do you know ikn d wo n last year. >> what? >> why don't you help me out this year. >> reporter: yeah. r random guessing totally paystall off sometimes.f et >> you're not winning friendsg right now.rit no okay.ok message me your picks and thenc we'll go from there. t >> reporter: thank you. y >> thanks lauren.hanks lau we'll see you tomorrow. tomor good luck in the brackets. >> reporter: bye. >> why is it a surprise thatth the bosses do it? they can doyn whatever they want to do. >> they're the >> high-five on uber becauseec i'm considering that.
6:26 am
girls are taken care of.ak care. >> i know. >> kind of scary, though.ho kind of >> who did you pick.ic >> i did two brackets but mys bu number one bracket i took one bt kansas. >> kansas. >> i think i'm going uva. i >> are'm you?? >> what. >> w >> no, no. >> relatively local team.ivel >> kansas and michigan state. s >> hold it. >> i saw the picture. pictu >> hold it.>> for uva to go all the way it means that the little teamtleea that could gets knocked outke like right away. >> unfortunately allison ill picked against hampton in then first rounds. >> good to know where you -- you >> no, i understand in mynderan heart i have them winning.m >> go ahead tucker.o ead t >> in the 40's to start yourta day. lots of sunshine.lo enjoy a beautstiful start to stt saint patrick's day.sain later this afternoon we'll geter a few clouds, some breezes and there might be a shower but most of your day we're inbeur dy pretty good shape. we' tomorrow 60.tomoow cool start o our weekend.kend maybe a rain/snow mix on >> you know what i justnow i j realized though. >> what.t. >> it's probably a bad timeob forab me to admit i did pick dip caln temple.em >> you picked temple.ou pked
6:27 am
>> yeah. >> y first round or seconds.round or >> sorry al you're the onlyl yo one. e. >> cool. i like to know who my enemiesyns are in my life. m l it took me some time but now -- >> you know i'm a big piratesigs fan. >> erin how are the roads.are er >> roads not looking so good. go >> like our relationship,p, steve.steve. >> 66 east delays princeelays pi william parkway to the carway tc rest area. re there's a crash north of this t point on the shoulder. sul caution there. it's just after 234 where that accident scene is and you canann see heavy traffic. heads up if you're heading outdo in manassas or centreville. cen a quick look at our maps right t now and 95 north lorton to the e franconia spring fieldsingie parkway twenty seven miles peren hour.ty i did what lauren did last march madness and ine came pretty far along just byt guessing. back to you. >> very cool.>> vy co it's 6:27 right now. n let's find out what's coming o up. eagles, that'shas the big deal right now. n >> eagle watch. we spotted a big old crack in i one of the little eggs just l minutes ago. >> plus we'll check in with the sportsl junkies. junkies
6:28 am
adam laroche's suddenhe why did he do it? family matter? we'll find out. 6:27.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everybody. 6:30, live look out there l across theoo dmv. d it's going to be a pretty niceyc day. well, hey, it's saints sa patrick's day, so may the luck c of the irish be with you welcome back to fox5 news morning.morning. hey, metro back in business buss after an
6:31 am
long shut down.t d crews used that time foror inspections and repair workor and their finding pretty alarming. officials say there were morethr than two dozen damaged areas along the tracks.g the trac our melanie alnwick will havee more at the top of the hour. hr. d.c. police need helpice ned tracking down three people who p attacked a man as he entered a columbia heights apartmentts a building. this happened on last las wednesday at 15th and euclid anc streets northwest and ithwest ai believe you're looking atyou'reg surveillance video here. aan hardce to watch. watch want you to know it's hard to t watch. the suspects beat that man m took his backpack. bac there's a $1,000 reward forard o information leading to arrestses in this case. c in prince william countym cy school board members got an gota earful from upset residentst r over the renaming of a middleid school. this all started with peoplehpl who want to name a new elementary school after -- inftn manassas after a fallen falle firefighter kyle wilson orter community leader dr. george geoe lam ton. while in a compromise theom board voted earlieprr this montt to n
6:32 am
wilson and an existing school so godwin after hampton but somepts say the public should have hadeh the opportunity to give inputut before a name change. change. today could be the day wee see one of those little bald bal eagle eggs hatch at theatcht th national arboretum inet northeast. take a look at this right herehh right now. now. everything is calm but just butt minutes ago we spotted a big crack in one of the eggs. e last night it had just a small s crack so any time now we willil see that little eaglet. steve, over to you.ou. >> ♪ >> time for the morning line.e o man, we have a lot to talkot t about today.about today. big day in the world ofheorld sports.orts one story a lot of people areofp talking about former nationalsaa first baseman adam larochelaro retiring its why he's he' retiring.retiri let's check in with the sports junkies 106.7 f.m. the fan. happy saint patrick's dayt guys. >> hey, steve.>> >> where is your green? you got your green on. >> a little green in the shirt today. little hard to see but subtle nuances. ce not like the green lurch hat hat that i'm spying. >> i'm the only one who cares.o
6:33 am
>> i have green boxers.e green r you want ts.o see. see >> no, i do not.o, i dot >> oh, okay. oka >> but if you get ooh chance to check out tucker he's he' covering to all of us today he h has his master's jacket on today. da pretty bright. adam laroche stepping awayppg aa calling family time. drake, his son, 14 years old,14o you know, take was in the t dugout every day when he washe here with the nationals.nation apparently that was the the agreement when he signed with the white sox according to the manager so why change thingse now if you're the white socks?? >> well, this is what is when you hit .207 or whatever her h did last year unfortunately.nat. i think it's performance related to be honest with you. . if adam laroche had a typical tl year i don't think we would beee dealing with i think it's sad and sad a unfortunate. i feel for adam and i support him 100 percent but unfortunately when you don'ty play at the level that they think you're going to playwhve a you're vulnerable to these t things. thin they just start pulling thingsng out of the clear blue >> maybe the white socks whenkse they agreed to this theygrto t probably just assumed he'll bring his kid around once ind ar awhile not every single day sin for a few hours a day an
6:34 am
sure robin ventura and the coaching staff with the white w socks says he's not hittinge' the ball well, he's any other performing like he did in l washington enough is enough.noug let's dial it back a little it a bit. those are the words they used and you feel for him. h he wants to hang out with his h kid. >> doesn't his kid go to school? my kids -- kids >> i think he's homeschooled, right? >> the big secret -- not even--e a secret it's kind of an open secret. law quoted as saying they'rere not big on school.ool. >> they're a little different.d. >> i wasn't, [laughter] >> i still had to go.llad t >> but you were supposed toersus go, cakes., cakes. that's the difference.ifrenc >> i was forced to go toas f school. >> listen, i don't want to runot out of time. i want to get your bracketr brae picks. the tournament starts today. t duke kicks off at 12:15.. who do you have.av give me a couple picks >> i'm going -- i have kansassa winning it all.ll >> i do too. >> it's tough to get away fromha that when you look at theat t tournament. >> i have a super chalk key chak bracket steve. i have kansas, text a and m, west virginia, michigan st
6:35 am
all are three seeds or better. b i have michigan state winninging it just because tom is so s great this time of the year.ofha >> i'm going take kansas, textsx a and m in the west.hees i think uva gets by michigangan state this year. yea this is the third consecutivesei year they've played them in the tournament.the to >> if they play.>>they >> i'm going take kentucky tockt beat carolina and get to the tot final four. they're hot.ey'r they've got pedigree and aigre d bunch of pros on their team.m. >> eric what do you have.hat yu >> kentucky scares me.entucky s. >> i have actually carolinatualy winning it c all. all. i won't bore you with all ofe ua it. my sort of surprise team andprid they're a two seed is seed villanova getting into the i final four.l fo >> i have kansas, michigan micha state in the final and i also have kentucky and oklahoma inah the final four. so,. >> there you go he. >> your traditional power. >> it's pretty chalky. cha >> today is saint patrick's day it's a little crazy and wee have to work tomorrow so i can't get too nuts. too n tomorrow i'll probably be out bt all day. day. are you guys doing events or
6:36 am
>> i'll be atop golf inn loudoun if you want to comeo c out there.outher >> steve will go out there.go oe >> that's a little far guysar g for a thursday. thursda maybe this weekend. [laughter]ghte >> all right.>> >> you guys are funny.nny. i'll talk to you later. later junks at 106.7 f.m. the fan at 6:36. >> inside joke. ins >> yeah, there's an inside insid joke. we'll leave it there.leav >> we will. >> yeah. >> all right. here we go. >> good morni>>ng.rni >> good morning. g i just want to get luckier luckr just by touching your jacket. je >> i think it's a hundred percent polyester but it'slyestt lasted for a long time. tim >> yup, got that little bounces in it.ces it. >> 50 degrees this morning in washington. 47 in new york city. city. 49 in pittsburgh. little school tart to your day. another pleasant afternoon particularly for saintly patrick's day. i know in the past we've hadpa some cold this will be a nice mild mild afternoon upper 60's so great st if you want to get out and get to a beer garden to how do you celebrate. celebrate. >> can i ask a question? ask >> sure.e. >> what is a beer garden? just a bar. >> it's basically an outdoornut patio. >> you're drinking out
6:37 am
>> beer. >> yeah, you drink beer andrink there might be some sort of o plant or something. >> tucker you've made thatyou'vd joke several times now.everal t however, i will tell you that recently after doing some deep ancestral digging the oldest relative that i can name is a gentleman with the last namet of chamberlain who was from ireland who married a moroccan. >> so that means that you arenst coming --coming - >> and here we are.nd h >> you are coming out at thehe pub crawl.pu >> that means the pop of greenrn i have here and here is for my m pop of irish ancestry. >> fantastic.>> fantastic. >> people beg you, they try to just drag you out. >> no, i try drag you out with w me all the time allison.llison >> that's all you got to do.yoto >> i like >> thank you very much.nk you v >> and i would like tomu borrowo that blazer at some pointompoin tucker.cker >> me. >> i wanted to borrow thed green. >> oh, yeah. >> but i love theto purple.urpl outer loop shoulder of theuldeot ramp to seven out in tyson in ts dealing with a crash scene.ce as you can see the
6:38 am
stalled semi blocking the big scene there. the right now traffic is coming by on the ramps so that's goods go news. ew one lane getting b we'll switch it the our cameras. 66 inbound, wow, look at that delay.dela delays from prince william pri parkway to the car rest area.est we had a crash by 234. by 234 because of that, all lanes lanes really stacked up. you need a lot of he knowshe tray time from manassase fr through centreville this morning. moving over to a look at our l maps, delays continue.ontinue. right now lorton to franconia-springfield parkway down 27 miles per hour.s per . down in stafford thingsst backing up by 610. 270 dealing with an earlierar crash and delays from 85 to85 the truck more delays in just a few. few. back to you steve and allison. >> erin thanks. 6:38 right now t a red red carpet rollout in the rlout district.district. the cast of the new barbershopp movie called barbershop the next cut they're all in d.c.n >> so exciting. excitin good morning plus we'll check pl in with our kevin mccarthy. m i know he wishes he could beishc here today. kevin is lie out of l.a. and he's geeing out this morning. we'll tell you why when we comeac
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> ♪ >> the zika virus outbreak could spell good news for the t bug repellant industry. demand for bug spray isnd f expected to be two to three times higher this year. company has already stockedeady full in anticipation ofip surging de. last year americans spent s $168 million on bug spray.illi happening today in theonenin district d.c. mayor murieloruril bowser wil
6:42 am
toxic flame retardantretardt chemicals in household hou products.produc this prohibits thehe manufacture, sale and distribution of any flamef retardant products thatant contain a chemical with the potential to cause cancer. >> unveiling a new hockey themed waiting room in theti pediatric unit. this ispe at medstar georgetownt university hospital.iver couple of players includingding karl alzner anyone backstromba and braden holtby will help help kids with arts and crafts and c after that ribbon cuttingat ribc ceremony.ceremony. the money for the waiting room was raised from a nonprofit soof kids you know the kids will love it i while they're waiting at theitat make eight little bit easier. lt >> the best. >> still ahead kevin sits downi with melissa mccarthy talkingal about her role in the new comedy the boss.s. >> if you have a tip share it tp with us.with u e-mail your tips to fox5 tips t at we're back in a moment.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> ♪ >> there's a look at the foggy bottom metro station down by ltw the gw campus and all systems se go today.ay. >> yeah. >> they did find some problemsnr yesterday during the 24-hourhour shutdown.down that's a good thing.'s they were able to identify int those problems and now hopefully the system can move forward in better shape thanhape it was earlier this week.s w >> you know what, i'm sure i'm people riding have much more -- they feel more secure sc perhaps getting on those on thoe trains. >> i would hope so. wou >> and the pain of yesterday yte
6:46 am
>> we made it through it.hrough you know what we had tuckerad te barnes, we had a beautiful dayay yesterday. >> sure d we were in the 70'se s steve.ste. absolutely gorgeous out there yesterday. today the luck of the irishck and we're going to be back ine n the uner 60's so we goteot another nice one to look l forward to.forward to. might be a shower later this sho afternoon but most of your day will be nice and dry and again nice and mild for this time ofim year. temperatures about 10 degreesbot above normal.ab all right. your pickup forecast running r out to the bus stop thisto morning, generally in thely 40's. little cool out there butl t th again we'll be rewarded nicely n as it's going to feel more m like spring around here this afternoon. it will be breezy butezy temperatures should bemp erapproaching the 70-degree0-gr mark. all right. all little cool in spots. frederick 39 degrees. culpeper 38.culper we're 50 here in the city. cit 47 in quantico. quaic 45 in 47 this morning out ins moou annapolis and again, cool start to the day but it should y be a beautiful late morning, mog early afternoon once we get anct chance to get the sun to warm tr things up a little bit. b clear skies at the moment. m we're going to be dealing withew this little bit of cloud cover and it could bring throughhrou again a few showers kind of
6:47 am
mid to late afternoon although o it doesn't have a lot ofave a lf energy with it.en much like yesterday. like yestey we didn't get a whole lot wholel yesterday but we did get one g e or two thunderstorms. i think we'll see one or twosee showers develop a little laterir this want to talk about the weekend. lots of question marks andrk lots of questions about the possibility of a winter stormins even though it will be thet will first day of spring. yeah, we're marginally set upy t here for the potential for f some wintry mix. m we'll have coastal low, looks, like just enough cold airold a around on sunday that we couldwc at least mix with some wintermen weather in the form of somef s snowflakes for parts of thes area. so, just keep a heads up we're not expecting any accumulations at the n and i don't think we're goingt h to get any but it will be kindli of a close call for parts of pts the region, certainly possible north and west where we have hav higher elevations and some colder -- typically colder c air. we may see more of a mix to to show during the day on sunday so just keep that in mind. 68 today. tay enjoy a beautiful afternoon. af. all right, that's a look ats ak the forecast. forec let's toss it back over tock erin and
6:48 am
>> 6:47 right now and skyfoxkyfx is over a metro station, theyone had been up and running rightunt now and you can see traffic isfi getting by in virginia. vgi this is near 66, so thingso thig getting back to normal. metro right now on or close to schedule.dule so roll 66 eastbound into the district. let's take a look at a different camera. we had an earlierff crash 66 by 234 on the eastbound side.bound rider now we're dealing way w crash inbound third streethird t tunnel by new york you can see new york avenuenew e traffic really heavy. heavy noplace there. new york avenue inbound ise inbi always heavy every day.ry day so we'll keep you posted on what that accident is doing to your commute. here's a tweet from capitol bikeshare. they have resumed normalesume pricing and operations todayopit as metro service has resumedas r so a heads up there. 295 inbound very slow trafficw f as you head down towardsnow pennsylvania inner loop through alexandria ad slow and congestion eastern to pennsylvania, 295 south specifically down to 22 mileso l per hour. hour.
6:49 am
volume edsall to seminary, sin 19 miles per hour. miles per ho. we'll let you know if and when w anything else pops.anyt that's your traffic. back to you. >> well, the stars of barbershop three hit the red r carpet. hey, cedric the entertainerer hit the red carpet at friendship heights. ice cube. >> there he is. >> is that ice cube. t >> yup. >> go ahead, ice cube. c a kind of like those shades. and regina they were all were they're celebrating the series r third installment and guessndue what? they will be here withe e us live this morning. >> can't wait.>> c >> you cannot miss this. tune into good day at 10:00 at 0 to see all three of the stars. s there's she's so pretty.e's >> she was with kevin hart. ht. remember they came in and hung n out with us before.efor she was so nic >> yes, very nice.>>, ve >> that's coming up on goodming day. watch starting at 9 o'clock a this morning.t this right now it is 6:49 here inre los angeles it's 3:something 3:t in the morning. morni it would be 3:49 i goals. ioals let's check in with kevin mccarthy. i think it's just the hours jus that change.
6:50 am
>> you are a mess. kevin where are you.e are y >> i'm on hollywood boulevard right now. it's 3:47 in the morning.ning i just got out of batmanman versus superman. i just saw it about six hours h ago.o. that's the dolby theater, tat that's where the oscars arere tc held every year. el captain where the disney d films play. this is where tourists comest c when they come to l.a. l i don't come down this streettrt often. they have all the walk of fame signs. you can see kermit the frogt thf right there, the famous walk w of fame sign. fam i'm in l.a. sat down with the casts of aas o bunch of movies.ov i saw batman versus superman last night but i can't give mymy review until next tuesday at 6:00 p.m. eastern time.ime. so, i think we have a photo off me before the screening last night. night. i'm 31 years old and i wore a batman hoodie an superman super shirt so that says a lot of about me as an adult i think. it >> i think it's really cute. and you're not taking sides, sid you're repping both.yore r batman and superman and
6:51 am
>> yeah, i'm personally moreerso of a batman guy because i love v what they did with the bath t bt plan series but i love lov superman, i love the man ofan city. i'm also sitting down with ben affleck today and henrye cadville. we'll have those interviews exclusively on fox5 next week.5e yesterday i sat down with melissa mccarthy for her movie m the boss.e bs. here's the crazy thing abouthi this movie. this movie is rated r. there's a lot of scenes where se cursing takes place around a young children.ld so ire wanted to ask lush as an adult was that weird for her.wer check this out. >> i love in you a suit anti. >> thank you. >> always enjoy >> when you're doing scenesng se and there's young children ins l the scenes and you're saying s these raunchy r rated cursing c scenes. >> it's terrible. i >> are there parents onset. paro >> there are -- no one seemsnee to have as much of a problem pbl with it as i do. it i d i kept saying -- literally weerw would do the scene, everyonevere is like we know. k everyone is like we've all been
6:52 am
would surprise. spr i would preface it with now what i'm about say is not howot i speak in life -- and all ofndo the kids were like we get it. g it's a movie. mie i'm like okay, and then afterwards i was like i just i want ti o apologize for sayingay those words.e nobody else really cared. it was just just m like every time i did it i was like, i'm sorry.or >> that movie the boss is ss going to be opening up inpeni april. i'll have more from the cast frs next week. i also spoke to jessie metcalfef yesterday. you know him from shows like dallas as well as desperate housewives.housewiv he actually went through a tou very serious point in his lifeif and the new movie he's he' promoting is god's not dead d two. he opened up to me aboutd up something serious thatmething su happened to him a couple years a back. check this out.. >> specifically definitelycallyi because i think that faith is a fundamental element ofal ele having a well rounded life and e a positive human experiencexperc
6:53 am
you know, takes people in as pei lot of negative directions ande how can can people handle thehad day to day struggles without some element of faith. of fai you know, i think i was firstth introduced to the idea ofdea faith when i got sober, youob, know, five years ago through thr the 12 step program of alcoholics anonymous where you have to turn the will and thelnd care of your life over to godo as you know it, find a higherig power and it was essential toen me then and it's essential to me now.ow. >> sitting next to him is melissa joan heart obviouslyrt as a kid i grew up watching wch shows like sabrina as well as.. she opens up about her faith and we'll have more of thathave coming up in the next coupletou weeks. a lot of these big interviews ii coming up especially next week w with batman versus superman we'll have a whole week of interviews with superman batman wonder woman lex luthorom everybody. you guys have the biggest showt coming up today in the 10:00 a.m. hour.a.m. i'm so excited for you guys to have ice cube and the ha h cedric the entertainer.ntertain i saw the film barbershop d
6:54 am
i'll have more on that in thehae coming weeks. weeks. >> real quick, when you meet wh with batman and superman supma today, will they be together with you or is this one at aon time? >> you know what, steve, thiste is crazy, i'm interviewingervieg nine people today, allll individually.vidual. so, they are not together. toghe >> so you will not get thathat showdown of batman and soup ands plan in the same room.n same ro. >> let me ask you a question.k o i do want to ask you --sk y - they're not going to be in thet same room show. i wear that outfit you justou j saw me wearing in that picture or should i do my suit like iit normally do. i had my green on for saint for patrick's day. should i go with the whole w outfit. >> do it with the getup. getup >> you do. you >> don't you think. >> i don't know.>> a little too much? >> i love how you look right now. >> but when is kevin ever too much? much >> you have to make thee toake decision. we'll agree to disagree.isag you've got make the decision.ecs >> i will. and guys have fun today andod a enjoy the rest of the show andsw i'll talk to you guys in a gs couple hours.ou. i'll head to the studios now. tu see you guys in a coupleou hours. >> you should probably listend to allison. thanks, kevin.prthks we'll see you soon. s here's our facebook fan of f the day. day
6:55 am
daughter trinity. tni look at this great picture ofre them together. >> hey guys. >> that's a proud dad righta pr there and a happy daughter.ghte they tune in every morningin evr before they head off to work t r and to school and butch addsutch he is a proud today.roud t how about >> yeah. >> that's a great p >> all righty.>> a rig you guys have a super-duper day. day. >> little daddy daughter time.d 6:55. you know what that dad doest ds not do.not d >> what. >> he does not wear his brightri green exact jacket in the cart with him.with him >> maybe not in that picture. pu >> you never know. kno >> you don't get a chance toet a wear this every day.every day >> no, no. >> it looks sharp.t los shar it's my favorite color in thecoo world what you're wearing. wea >> on the third hole right thiri now.w. got another 15 to go.anot >> i think what steve ishi what saying is he wants a chance toet wear this today.oday >> steve. >> maybe just on the 18thh fairway. >> no, i'll give you a chancel to wear it from 7:00 togi 8a: >> might be a little much. >> 42 dulles. bwi marshall 39.shall 3 you'll look great in upper 60's to near 70. a spring like
6:56 am
as we are going have a lot oft f nice sunrise behind steve and allison on our big it should be a nice start toe s the day.e da a few clouds this afternoonud and maybe a shows er or a few f sprinkles as we get a littleitte upper level disturbance comingcg through. won't be a big dale. 68 today. 60 tomorrow.60 tomorrow. heads up this weekend.s up thisk there could be a bit of acoul wintry mix around here duringerg the day on temperature in the low 40' we're not terribly concernedy cd with accumulations.atio we'll talk more about it as weeb get a little closer.tle erin is back with the roads. ros >> gave you the look ofyou e lo disapproval for the sundayval fo forecast.r right now 6:56 and skyfox overx metro station.ovmetro st metro up and ratunning today, all lines on or close to schedule at west falls church. u you can see things are picking g up out in virginia. vgi let's switch it over from aitch look at skyfox to a look atk our maples. if you're making your way out for saint patrick's daysain celebrations today keep in mind mark brady tweeting outk if you're headbring out in out i prince george's county 1-800-200-taxi that is sober ride number.ride they want you to celebrate celeb responsibly.sp keep it to fox5 news morning. mi we're back for our 7 o'clock
6:57 am
for crash survival, subaru has developed ours hour of news in just a few. most revolutionary feature yet.
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and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not toyota. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> let's get you going at get y 7 o'clock this morning.ock speaking of going those metroosm trains are going this morning, g back up and running, allll systems go after crews worked we overnight to make sure all those last minute emergency mine repairs after the day long d l shut down. question is have all the the problems been fixed this morning? we'll have a livehavel r
7:00 am
minutes. >> and also, one of the district's top judges resignsges on the same day he's accusede of sexual assault. assau how he and his accuser connect canned and the punishment heish may face. >> also it is eagle watchit is a again this morninggl.. look at that. t one of the eggs with a big crack in it, actually both b eggs have cracks in them but b one of them looks like it's's about ready to hatch.dy to hat that process happening anyappeny time now. n it could be just a matter off hours before those littletl eaglets are born.or live at the national arboretum awaiting the arrival.rr it's exciting. >> good morning. today is march 17th, 2016. 201 i'm allison seymour. seymo >> and i'm steve chenevey.y. welcome to fox5 news both eagles in the nest rightesi now. look at that. t they are proud mom and dad and d right there. >> uh-huh. >> getting ready for that big moment.. expected to happen at some at point during the day today. we got that first report of an official crack if theal c arboretum yesterday.esrd >> okay. o we know what to look for. f >> 24 hours until those littlest eaglets work their way out of wo the eggs and we'll hav


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