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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  March 17, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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minutes. >> and also, one of the district's top judges resignsges on the same day he's accusede of sexual assault. assau how he and his accuser connect canned and the punishment heish may face. >> also it is eagle watchit is a again this morninggl.. look at that. t one of the eggs with a big crack in it, actually both b eggs have cracks in them but b one of them looks like it's's about ready to hatch.dy to hat that process happening anyappeny time now. n it could be just a matter off hours before those littletl eaglets are born.or live at the national arboretum awaiting the arrival.rr it's exciting. >> good morning. today is march 17th, 2016. 201 i'm allison seymour. seymo >> and i'm steve chenevey.y. welcome to fox5 news both eagles in the nest rightesi now. look at that. t they are proud mom and dad and d right there. >> uh-huh. >> getting ready for that big moment.. expected to happen at some at point during the day today. we got that first report of an official crack if theal c arboretum yesterday.esrd >> okay. o we know what to look for. f >> 24 hours until those littlest eaglets work their way out of wo the eggs and we'll hav
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eagles looks like on saint on sa patrick's day. >> so, here's what i say. s we need to double box it whenoue they're standing up looking at those eggs because i don't want to miss the moment. >> i agree with you. >> but that's just me. b m >> we'll do our best to get itot to you. in the meantime we're going're n our best to get you all the to l information you need aboution metro. looks like all things are back l to normal for the commute thisf we know the doors are train started runningor at 5 o'clock this morning. >> crews worked to make those to repairs late into the night to make sure all five lines wereinw up and foggy bottom metro station wastn one of the last to see thoseaste repairs and that's where wes wre find our melanie alnwick this morning.morn good morning.go >> reporter: good morning,r: guys. guys and i think overall a lot of people saying this morning say that general manager paul paul wiedefeld made the right callall despite the inconveniencenconni knowing now what they found including three areas of trackaa that had defects so seriouser that trains should not haveuld n been running over them. the foggy bottom was one of the o t lines where those seriousus defects were found, deemed todeo have the most serious issues.s. even so the gates were op
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this morning right on time atn m 5:00 a.m. repair crews worked throughke the night to get all of the the lines back opened today.od at issue, you know well talkedle about this yesterday, the 600 jumper cables. so think of them like extension cords that connect parts of the electrified thirdri rail. inspectors found 26 defects. des most were not imminent hazardstd but three locations mcpherson ms square potomac avenue and ave foggy bottom had a very dangerous fault. damaged insulation on those electrical cables and exposedab wires capable of sparking an electrical fire. though the repairs have beenee made, wiedefeld said there iseri much more to answer for. f >> the issue two days ago. a i'm asking the same question, qt how can this be? we were here h 14 months ago. mon. how did we get here again.e agan that is the next step rightep rt now, what do we dodo d differently, what have wet have learned, what are we findingwe out f there to change this? thi >> reporter: so, the three most serious defects found
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part of the system.e ystem. and so here's the thing.he t they do annual inspectionspeions pretty much those happen every june and then even in betweenn t those annual inspections therene are people that walk the tracks and visually inspect. ipe they can't get that close tot ge the third rail where they would be able to see thatha frayed cable insulation so thene question really becomes areeallo the inspections not up to par? p do they need to step those up u or is there some other problemro that is contributing toibut deterioration of thedete insulation sooner than it would be ordinarily expected. ec on top of that, also lastlast night metro board chairman chair jack evans said that all of sai this is a wakeup call that that metro finally needs from therom local governments a dedicated dc source of funding. fdi live at foggy bottom, i'mtom, melanie alnwick, fox5 localocal news. news. >> we continue to follow developing news out ofews out of montgomery county thisgome morning. police are investigating an overnight car crash in rockville. this
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muncaster mill road and emerynd lane. no word on injuries. iur >> a murder investigation indeie northeast d.c. where policet d. say a man was shot to death inside of his vehicle lastast night. this was in a mercedes along a 295 along benning road.along in. no word on any suspects. suspect authorities continue toities cot investigate. a chief judge for the u.s.fu district court here in d.c.ou retiring amirtd a sex scandal. >> he's being sued by a utah sba woman who says he sexually assaulted her decades ago. a annie yu joins us live with w more on this s good >> reporter: good morningte allison andr: steve.te judge roberts notified thero white house of his retirementbeh plans yesterday.s he says he is stepping away awa from the bench for an unspecified medical issue.d mec now, this is the woman who is accusing jump roberts of jum sexually assaulting her more hee than 30 years ago. a terry mitchell, she's seeking se $15 million in damages in an ins civil suit which she filedly in a salt lake city district dtr court wednesday.ednesday. in the suit mitchell who ismitcw now 51 claims that she was sexually assaulted multiple mull
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just 16 years old and ast witness in a high profile high l that case involved a whited w supremacist who killed two kill black joggers in salt lakejogg city back iner 1981. 1 now, at that time roberts wasatt 27.s federal prosecutor in that case. now, lawyers for judge roberts d say he will challenge the woman's allegations in courtn c and while his lawyersaw acknowledge that roberts diddg have ae n intimate relationshipp with the woman, they calledthey her accusations categoricallyatg false. now, the utah attorney general's office alsoral's offi investigated the woman'sheoman's allegations once the suit was filed and they, too, found, f evidence of an intermate ier relationship but that roberts did not break any laws because u the woman was old enough to eno consent to sexual relationsio under utah law back in 1981.n 1 it is now 18. 18. now, moving forward, judgeward,e roberts could certainly face ar congressional investigation asnn a result of this allegation.ati. back to you in the studio.di >> all right, annie thanks. rht more on this story coming up cou throughout the morning.hout in the meantime let's get aime e check on your saint patrick'st r day
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tuck. >> hey, guys. yeah, we got a nice sunrise suni and beautiful conditions. >> like a leprechaun. like you can can't find him. >> there he is. >> i was looking for the pot t t of gold. g >> hello. [laughter] >> hi. >> yes, this springs out theis green in your eyes. sn >>in really?eally? >> really does. they look like contacts. >> you noticed that.ha >> any never noticed that.edhat. >> it's a little >> let's go to the forecast. go luck of the irish, yes it's i going to be in the upper 60's -- are irish peoplesh peopl feeling lucky. luc >> i was just thinking theast tt very same thing.hi >> i wonder if that's true.der >> i'll do some research. >> okay. >> where did that come from? fro >> exactly. hey, there's your bus stopbus forecast.forecast. temperatures in the upper 40'sn and look at that. t we'll be near 70 this70 afternoon after school so itn as should be a very pleasant damels might be a shower later this afternoon but most of your y saint patrick's day we're intr great shape.ic 50 now in washington. wasngton. there are a few 30's outare a there. 39 in frederick, 37 this, t m
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manassas so a couple coolpl c spots but otherwise we'rewise going to be off and should be another nice day.her e not quite as warm as but very pleasant.but veryleas again temperatures about tempetu 10 degrees or so above normalor with a few showers much likeuchk yesterday, just a few showers se developing late this afternoonir so if you have plans later planr today, i think in generalnk in n we're going to be in greate in r shape for it.shape i >> during the gold and silver sl rush years in the second half of the 19th century the numberye of famous and successfuluccess minuters were of irish i american they found the most, you know,o, precious gold and there's thed ' luck of the irish. >> there's the gold rush. >> i learned something newrned today. >> very cool.>> v on the screen right now looks like momma playing withla the eggs again.eggs aga >> she's turning them around. ao >> yup. >> yeah. they turn them around wed we learned so that they won'ton stick to the egg when they hatch. stick to the shell. sll. >> wonderful isn't it.on >> nature is amazing. amazi >> we'll keep an eye on it. some point today we'll see wll some babies. we have to get to work thiset mornin tg
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with delays or single tracking. back to you. >> donald trump is warning if he is not the republican nominee for presiisdent what het is plus why the next debate has de been >> and president barack obamasie facing backlash over hisac supreme court nominee.cour why some republicans are refusing to meet with him. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> three dozen people lefthr homeless this morning afteree fire ripped through their apartment complex in marlo heights. smoke here quite the scene. this blaze broke outer on saint barnabas road last night. now, the roof eventually thipe y collapsed. good news here, no one was one w hurt. hurt there's still no word o an an cause. cause. >> we now know that a case ofce mistaken identity led to thehe death of a prince george's county police officer.ffic officer jacai colson died inn the midst of a shootout right
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station last authorities say an unnamed annnd officer saw a man with a gunr s during the chaotic attack onk on the station and perceived himiv to be a threat. t it turned out it was the officer. offi police determined foureterne officers were firing their firgt weapons during that shootout. st supreme court nominee nomin judge merrick garland will visit capitol hill today. tod >> republicans have said they s won't even get a hearing but heg some have said they will at thel least speak with him. the gop's position is fortified by previous by pr statements the president and the vice president made when theysi were in the senatdee in 2006n 20 when senator barack obamaorarac wanted to slow the process forcr president bush's nominee.iden he said i'll be supporting the n filibuster because i thinkbust judge alito is somebody who is contrary to core american ce am values. in 19972 then senator joeator je biden said this. >> the senate judiciaryudic committee should seriously consider not scheduling confirmation hearings on the nomination until -- untilonil - after the political campaign cpg season is
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>> yesterday biden pushed backak tweeting "as chairman of the judiciary committee i made i m sure that every #scotus some stands for supreme court cou nominee got a hearing or a heana vote even though i pop opposed.d. >> the presidential debate insie utah has been scrapped. bee s frontrunner donald trumpontr pulled out. he says he's not participatingaa because he said we have "had " enough debates. ." kasich says he won'te w participate because trumpuse won't participate. pti trump warns there will bemp w riots if the party tries toty t block him as the nominee. t nomn his words. on the democratic sideon t with a huge delegate lead h hillary clinton turning her attention to a showdown with donald trump and this morning senator bernie sanders is weighing his next move. he needs to win everyugin abeng remaining state primary statemas by 40 points to beat hillaryeati clinton but he says he's h staying in the race. >> coming up the growing thewi backlash over a school name.e. >> and our bob barnard is --arnd he is
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shelf, top branch on our eaglen watch this morning. mor bob. >> reporter: hey, guys, good he morning.mornin the hatching process has pro h begun. the first of two eagle of t eggs are starting to crackg to k open. we are live here at there national arboretum. we'll have the sto ltiry andry a pictures right after the the break. >> ♪ you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> ♪ >> what about this onet allison. >> allison was playing some michael jackson oras
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five. >> all time where you want towhr be. >> no secret allison is a big jackson five fan but you like yl this song, too. >> ♪ >> i could have done backup onav it.on did a little scatting.ttin >> i love that.hat. >> thank you. tha >> i like to make you laugh so h that works.that wor >> let's go to the maps and thes take a look at what we aret re going to be dealing with. >> here we go. hello.hell >> pot of gold. gol >> wait a minute.>> wait a minue >> leprechaun. >> he's coming.>> >> he takes his time. h [laughter] >> dance young m >> steve at the end of the dayof i want to be dancing like that l with you. you >> well, one of us probably oneo will be. >> up arupper 60's. 6 could be a shower.sho a pleasant day. a lot of sunshine the firstun half of the of th day >> are leprechauns evil or good.good >> they're mischievous. >> that's the exact word.s they're sort of trouble maker.fe
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>> sunrise forecast thank youorh for sending it in. beautiful. what a beautiful photograph by lirmand.lirman >> >> 50 degrees sunrise was at 7:16 and we are off to a coolo a start here. her we should be as mentioned in the unare 60's to about 70 aut today. so another nice day.ay there are clouds out to thecl west and there's the chanceou'st for a shower or sprinkle lateret today but most of the daybu of we're in great shape.hape. particularly for the middle ofhd march. won't be as nice this weekend. d look at saturday, 48 and we and cloud up and by sunday believeny the or not we could have a bit of winter. winte >> cool day on sunday. sunda >> sunday is a wintry mix day w for the first day of >> is like a dangerousro driving -- i got places to go.o >> i don't think the roadson't will be impacted because we'veaw had temperatures in the 70's0's yesterday, mid 70's today. >> okay.>> >> but there might be enoughre m that it sticks on the grass in g some spots. we'll have to watch it.wa >> it's happening. >> show that i do listen youo l to i'm going guess today we'llss have about 12 hours and maybe he two or three minutes of daylight. >> excellent observation. >> i paid attention in classatte yesterday. >> youet
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>> so does erin.>> s good morning. mng >> love you.>> love right now 7:17 and taking a tak look outside, you can see really heavy traffic 270 south s as you make your way down fromor the truck scales.the uck you have that congestion andn ad then again from clarksburg tork the spur. you can see just very crowded no ya', to report. r you're just up against some volume so please leave earlyeave if you want to get to work onoor time. a look at ti50.look a 50 inbound really backed up inei new carrolton right now as youos make your way out towards thedse beltway and inside the beltwayhw you're jammed 410 to410 kenilworth avenue.vee. so please have patience there. e new york avenue inbound jammedam up by florida as well asrtheast section of thehe district. aside from that congestiononst we're seeing a lot ofa o congestion volume 95 northe dale city to lorton and thend as you make your wale out 395ut3 north volumed saul road to sooat many nady road its a crowded morning on 66.n 6 metro on time. t rail lines operating as they a should. metrobus is on time.n t no reported delays there. 295 south you may hit someom
7:19 am
taking metrobus because of thes can congestion in theon district. congestion eastern to pennsylvania 295 andlvan southbound. bw parkway southbound also jams one fledge to powderto powe mill. have some patience there. t bep of the beltway outer loope by new hampshire heavy trafficrf same story inner loop over theve wilson bridge. back to you guys. ts. >> d.c. is one step closer top r having a baby eagle or two. two one of the eggs officially has h a small hole in it. i experts call eight pip when 93eh get that first little pip fromlp the beak and 33 say that babyhab bird should hatch within a 24h n hour window. >> fox5's bob barnard joinsna js us live from the nationall arboretum with that up close c look.look. now, bob, please, we know how wh you are, you get right to it. do not climb the tree. tre it would not work out well. w >> reporter: i was tackled about 20 minutes ago trying tout -- yeah, it's a tulip popular pp and we were -- everybody is eveo staying away but we have the cameras thanks to the american e eagle foundation which putonhich them on this nest last summerumr after thi
7:20 am
pair hatched an egg last year. so, here now the live picture pc you can see from one of the two eagle cams that are upe cams there. th and the folks here at the t national arboretum noticedumot last night around 7:30 and0 and then again before midnightt that the pipping process, thesst hatching process had begun. hadb we can slo show you some tape fm 6:15. there you can see the legs.e thg the first of the two eaglet twoe center city trying to maksis tr. this could take from betweenet 12 to 48 hours.48ours the second one, that's eithers mom or dad we're not sureot s because they're taking turnsingu it's not like dad is outike daio fishing and hunting leaving leai mom to do all the work. w they're taking turns keeping those two eggs nice and warmgs as the n pipping process has begun, the hatching process.chin they expect that the second t egg will start the same procedure sometime maybe thiss weekend and there now a live lie picture, we're not sure if suref this is mom or d they were
7:21 am
about 20 minutes or so ago and o so this has begun guys and it's going to happen any timeent and we'll be here. h you can watch the live -- the two different cameras l go to our web site click on cli the bald eagle icon and itld eae will take you right gr pretty exciting stuff almostff a like the panda cam. c we're hearing about people alle over the country watching this anticipating this documented doe birth of a bald eagle. bald eagl this is the first pair of bald eagles that has hatched eggs egg here at the national arboretumrr in 70 years, guys, so exciting t stuff here in our nation's >> all right. thank you so much bob. we are looking forward to itwart as well. w >> so exciting. s >> uh-huh. >> we'll try to bring it to it you live when it happens. >> coming up a local schoolg up recently renamed for a princeric william county commune leaderoud but not everybody is on boerard with that plan. pla we'll explain. >> a break in at another localtc school caught on camera.on cer we'll tell you what was taken wk coming up next. time right now is 7:21. >> ♪
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it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us.
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she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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>> ♪ >> 7:24 right now. in the district burglars wereic caught on camera breaking into a t charter school in d.c. wher. police say they stole 10 ipads from eagle academy inacady southeast d.c. now, this was back on february 28th. investigators say they soldy thy the ipads online for as low as $ $ at least one of them was sold ws at a metro station in suitland n for just $40. $ if you know anything you'reknow asked to call police. >> prince william county now co school board members got anot earful from upset residents over the renaming
7:25 am
school. this started with who to nameame a new elementary school afterer in manassas. fallen firefighter kyle wilson o or community leader dr. georgeee lam ton. in a compromise the board isvoted earlier this month to t name the new school after wilson and an existing school sh godwin after dr. hampton butpton some say the public shouldc ou have had the opportunity toor give their input before theefor name change. cnge. >> 7:25 right now. 7:25 right n let's check back in withkn w tucker barnes get a look atook what's happening outside onutd this saint patrick's day.aint >> beautiful start to the day.ta sun up at 7:16.:16. i'm always late to the party.e p did you guys mention theon fountain is >> i just saw it. saw i >> you can see there it. >> yeah, cool. c >> cool beans.ns >> very cool, very cool. c let's get tomorrow. looking at cool temperatures coo to start your day, 30's and 40's, 50 here in the city. the c >> all >> but yesterday we made iteste well into the 70's and todaythea up are 60's. 60' should be another pleasant plasn afternoon 42 dulles, bwi marshall 51, reagan national 50.l 50. clr
7:26 am
to start your day.r cloud cover and a few sprinkles out towards westernows maryland and extreme southwest pennsylvania. that little piece of energyy will chug through here kind ofhu played to late afternoon andte it could kick up a fewew showers. so, allison if you are at a area beer garden. >> uh-huh.huh. >> celebrating. >> need a little. nee >> your history, your ancestors.hi >> yeah. >> you may -- yeah, you may - have to get- indoors reall quick.ick. >> okay. >> okay. >> it will be okay. i >> yeah. >>t not the worst of it. wor i'll be back with the seven t s day. we'll talk about the weekend. we maybe snowflakes on the firstak day of spring.g. why not.ot >> why? >> but why not?ot >> but why? w >> but why? why >> erin como, why?hy >> why snow on the first day day of spring we're going to have snow. >> especially with the tease of all the nice weather. nic >> exactly.>> exactly >> well, right now we arel, dealing with a crash r reportedr between the spur and river road. because of that outer loop thaoe crash look how slower, this camera by bradly. inner loop heavy volume but hea that's typical right there.he let's switch it over and check d in with some other del
7:27 am
issues we're dealing withre deah around the area.he take a look at some of our of maps. maps we're seeing slow conditions cos 295 eastern to pennsylvania.vani 11 miles per p hou north of the district bwhe disi parkway southbound reallyea backed up 197 to powder mill road. tons of stop-and-go trafficstop there. 95 southbound to the inner t i loop top side of the beltway also jams.also jams. bottom of the beltway acrosse the wilson bridge very slow moving traffic and then volumeri edsall to seminary on 395o semi inbound.inbound. you're jammed from roslyn ros across the key bridge and alsoo the 14th street bridge slowt conditions. we'll take a look at south a s capitol next. keep it to fox5 news morning. >> ♪
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♪ welcome back.>> we're on eagle watch.on e >> oh, my gosh. >> this is the nationalnal arboretum and we're seeing oneg of the couples they mate formate life, mr. president and theresia first lady.firs >> okay.>> oy >> any minute we got to checkohe back in because we've seenve s cracks -- at least a crack in ck one of the little eggs thatggs t either the president or firstrs lady right there is sitting on. we can't really tell the difference. (laughter) good any way that'sd that cam a stick with us all us morning long we'll be dipping in and out of just to check on the progress of our eaglets. elets well, now to that> we, no unprecedented shut down of theoe district's metro rail system.lys the entire city just stopping grinding to halt after officialr decided to close every station i over safety concerns but
7:31 am
inspections are now done.s arnow the metro is open again thiss and we'll show you a live right now foggy bottom the metro station.atn. metro board chair jack evansac e saying the shut down dow demonstrates the need to reind t vest in the system. >> i hope this is awake-up callc for the entire region for the district, for virginia, foror maryland and for the federal government that we need to needt invest in our system once ande for we need to stab the dedicated funding source and once and fora all we need to support metro. >> metro officials will now review the history of the damaged wires and figure out whw these problems happen.ap joining us now for more and and metro all the time metro, metrot all we're talking about will, ii hope you know that.wha >> absolutely.>> abs >> will sommer loose lipssommerl columnist with the washingtonaso city p did this affect you yesterday at all?? >> i bike to work. >> okay. it.y.
7:32 am
covering it and it really just -- i think anyone in the region really was affect tht by it. astonishing event.gvent. >> right. unprecedented. let me ask you as far as thehe workload and what have you, whau there are a lot of people whople work from home these days, days, liberal leave went into effect.c did it disrupt us as much as yoa might have thought would it?ht w >> new york i think if you saidh a week ago or real whole they announce my gosh, what a gosh, a disaster for the city. forhe c and i think what we saw wasaw especially with the federaleral government allowing liberaliberl leave want have you it didn't dd quite turn out as bad as wead a might have thought. t >> what do you think from theout leadership as spec of this newhs gm now? are you more hopeful hf less hopeful in this leaderships >> you know what, i think took a lot for paul wiedefeld to say sy look this is so bad we'read shutting down the system.yste he's earliest enough in the tenure he can do without witut reflecting on him per per a bold now we'll have to see, you knowe if a week from now we havee have another one of these smokehe incidents. that will raise lost questions.o >> with such an brunt move whatv does ie t speak to in yourour
7:33 am
>> i think it speaks to how badw the metro system is right now rw and how dangerous.e he's out there saying, upping, p there's a risk to life. l you will be it perhaps a lowow one. it was interesting timing asing well because it's going right into the afternoon rush hour onn tuesday and people are saying, y he's getting out there and t a saying, yeah, it's pretty p dangerous on the metro now.heron go on home.e >> >> because i think what tookoo people off guard for me or caught people off guard was howh abruptly the decision was made.m >> oh, yeah. oh, y >> have you heard from peopleu about that part of this story? s just that really no notice andie it's just shut down.t dow >> really just a couple of hourh i mean certainly we've seen w s muriel bowser -- always worthayr metro is not run by d.c., by the transit company.ompa she just found out a couple aou hours ahead of time of the the announcement and really she wase surprised by it. >> okay. moving forward now, how do you u feel about the problems that they found? you know they fount some iss >> startling. we saw those pictures, right? rg >> they have some issues.y ve ss >> r
7:34 am
wiedefeld called show stoppersto that serious. serio so, you know, i think thisnkhi speaks to both this problem witw the insulators want have you,, but also more largely thelyhe problem with the metro systemros just apparently isn't gettingn'g the money it needs. >> right. rht true. i am having a very importantmp birthday in a couple of weeks i'm not that old and i rememberm when metro went in, you know h h was young and you look at some of the other systems around our country. you know new yorkers are alwayss going to tell our system is i i wasn't hundred years old.ed y o why are we seeing these proble problems. >> there's lot of theories about that. one, jack evans is pushing for metro lacks a dedicated fundingd source every time it comesomes around we have to ask maryland,r virginia and d.c. and thend t federal government for money.. obviously subject otherject o political precious other budgetd issues rather than being a rher dedicated part of the budgetof e every year. so that affects metro's abilityi to plan. >> okay. i'm just thinking back do wek d know anything about the materiat used back then, have we learneda anything about perhaps it not being as durable as the other
7:35 am
i suppose we'll find all thesewl thing out. >> speaking of specifically this issue that was investigate the t yesterday, it's startling.tali surely people have seen these before working in the system,ys, right?t? >> right. >> these huge frayed wires andyd all of that. l of t >> right. >> it's remarkable i think they had to shut down the system fort the entire day to find this.. >> should it happen again? >> honest? >> i mean. >> -- it's kind of a cool ideai once year. >> this is will somers.s. >> right. just shut it down.just get a little holiday.. everyone goes out. o they fix the system. system. >> maybe little more notice nexn time.ti. >> absolutely. >> all right. will sommer with the loose lipsl column with the washington cityo paper. okay. it looks like it's tucker time. tucker, do you have a camera, mm friend? would you like to comem and use >> i would love to.ove to i don't want to walk throughk ro your shot to get we got temperatures right now 50 degrees. we're looking at sunshine toat h start your day.your d. allison, i'll talk -- >> i'll mime it.'lme >> great. there's a live shot and we'ree looking at sunshine across thect area. cool conditions out there, andta
7:36 am
upper 60s to near 70 and lots os sunshine here for the first halt of the day. the but as we get into the afternoon hours, we've got the possibiliti of dealing with maybe a showerwe or so.o. 50 now in washington.hito 46 in annapolis. annap here's a look at your you satellite/radar. cloud cover and a couple showere there is to the west. wes we'll have to look out for thosr later today.later to we might get a shower, my get a shower later today. watch that little area there asa that moves on through. othro otherwise great looking st. st. patrick's day. d again we're in great shape latet today.toda breezy conditions winds out ofdi the south and west.e soutd we upper 60s near 70 enjoy a beautiful st. patrick's day.atrd all right. you want to see the seven day. d i'll have it in just a minute.e. maybe a wintry mix around hereer by sunday.y >> erin you like the sound of sd that. >> i love the sound of that andt i love your green blazer.r. happy st. patrick's day.'s d >> thank you.>> t >> 7:00 arthritic.>> let's look at traffic and showtr you what else you're up against this morniu' right now really slow conditions because of an earlier crash. cr. this one is out by river roadiva between the
7:37 am
your way down towards bradley you can see all the backed upkeu caution there. inner loop is slow as well. let's go ahead and take s a lool at ours maps right now. showing was else you're dealingi very slow conditions.low dition. metro is on time. t that's great news we'll let youl know if any rails are single tracking. crash with delays back on 270 s7 you can see on the map exactly where that camera was.a w aside from that we'll forwardllr our maps and show i was look at twitter. mark brady from prince george'sn county letting every unone knowk for st. patrick's day celebratea safely, call 180-0200 taxi if0 you need a sober ride. re. right now, inner loop delay as you cross through alexandrialend from about five to the wilson bridge.. it's stopped traffic. sto give yourself plenty of time, t, congestion.. again fresh the springfield sin interchange through annandale and volume dale city to lorton.. stafford jammed up by 610 as a well just need to leave theea house earl until virginia toir gets towards the district.ic to 95 south congestion easternne to pennsylvania.nsylva north of that point b w parkwayr backs up.s u really slow suitland parkwayandp inbound and south capital acrosr
7:38 am
a lot of extra time needed thiss morning. mo grab your patience. your patienc back to you guys. to guy >> still to come this morninghir this is is >> i'm so excited.'mo excited. the cast of the new movie barbershop the next cut will be live in the lot of this morningi first though we'll take to youlk last night's red carpet.t. >> did we mention ice cube herec with us today, right?ig >> i'm so excited.>> i so >> we'll head to the west coastt as well.he wel you can't talk movies withoutit kevin mccarthy and has a chancea to talk with the cast of now you see me two and he had a chancina to big movie last night. nig we'll talk to him about thatbo coming up.
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
♪ 7:41. 7:41 breaking news this morning. mni sea world has announce the thatt they will end their killer whale breeding program this year. yr the decision comes in the wake w of mounting criticism from animal rights active visitsive i regulators and lawmakers who sas the whales conditions in captivity are inhumane. sea world will announc announcee will end theatrical shows featuring the whales and newe wa partnership with the humanth thh society of the united states.. now to ohio where there wase a moment of panic at a zoo. this had a after two polar bears escaped there enclosure. >> 17-year-old female namedamed barrett an 26-year-old mail named little one wandered into a restricted area yesterday. yesrd now we're told they remained contained. they were never on the they are never a threat to the public. they just got out of their eppte closure.closur so as precaution all of the
7:42 am
locations until the animals were found.un no zoo employees or bears were injured during the incident. icd as a child little boy we lived v in cincinnati used to throwohr marshmallows to the polar bearsb back then. ba >> that's not nice.t ice >> they would catch them. the you get to feed them. >> did they want to eat to marshmallows. >> it was allowed back then. it was a different area.nt a >> there's a video you shouldoul see of a lion reaction to go little girl blowing a kiss. k i don't know whether to be to afraid or say aww.ww >> the reason why one baseball playerplayers with ties to d.c.i walking away from millions ofil dollars.. >> kevin sits down with jessees eisenberg to talk about his rolr in the new movie now you see me two.
7:43 am
7:44 am
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ss can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. ♪ all righty there. we're waiting. i don't know who is more excited, the first couple or the crew here at fox5 news morning.i we cannot wait. wt. >> or the people at thehe arboretum.m >> it's skating for everybody.ry >> a couple different viewsple right now of the eggs inside the nest expecting them to hatch att some point today. tod >> okay. >> and of course tucker barnes the eagles, you have to play tht eagles when you're talking about the eagles, right?ight >> i'm getting that, yeah.t,ea i didn't get the hotelhe hot california reference but iter bt looks like a nice place.e pce >> the eagles.. >> allison showed you somehod yo traffic.affi >> what?>>
7:46 am
>> you know what, guess what,wh nobody is listening to what you're saying today, becauseda u that jacket is oh epic. >> if anything bad happens,hing tuck, like you doing traffic,ff, blame it on the leprechaun.reau everything was green on thatng e map, did you notice. did yotic >> everything. >> st. patrick's day. here's your forecast. there's our favorite p y leprech he's kind of a creepy lookingoo little guy, isn't. isn >> yes. >> >> there he is.>> all right. well he's obviously gotten intot the liquid refreshments and upper 60s with breezy conditions around here today. but most of your day will be wil pretty nice.ty nice. might see a shower late this lai afternoon heads up if you'll bel out celebrating here late thiss afternoon there could be a few lonesome showers. swe 50 now in washington. washingto. cool start to your day.. 41 in baltimore. few 30s. 39 in culpepper.pper. perhaps a jacket, a green jackec if you have one over the nextont couple of hours and then we'lln' see daytime highs in the upperpp 60s to about 70. 7 nice warm up expected across the region.gion. satellite/radar nice and quietci sunshine to start your day. day we are focused off to the northh and west possibility of a
7:47 am
cloudiness and, b, a few, a few sprinkles or showers thisrs afternoon as this little pieces of energy moves through.s tou won't be a big deal. big dl. not expecting a lot. aot keep that in mind.ep that in we'll clear out tonight. it wil be cooler as we get into fridayi the weekend set up doesn't lookk great. particularly by our first day o spring on sunday.ringn sund area of low pressure off the the coast, of course, still question marks but at least the possibility we could be dealingc with a wintry mix around here bb early sunday morning. roadways of course it's been son warm yesterday we were in the wr 70s i don't think roadways willr be impacted by any snow thatnow might fall we might get lightht accumulations on some of thetiom grassy surfaces, that kind oft d thing by sunday and again, still some question mark with it might be a chilly rain forchi good part of the area withith temperatures in the low 40s.e ls there's your seven day. 68 today. 60 tomorrow. tom first day of spring with item manies in the low 40s and wintrn mix. mix. gradual warm up next week.eek. that's the latest from overheara let's toss it back to traffic with erin.thri >> thank you tucker d a greatret job witness traffic before the r weather as as wel taking a look a
7:48 am
congestion picking up and it looks like we have a disablede a car blocking the right shoulderl as you make your way downr way towards the spur from 118 you'ly hit some stop and go trafficraff leave early.leave e you can see heavy conditions inn frederick by the truck scalesrue really jammed up and just befors the spur you're basicallyical parked.rk once you get passed falls roadaa that's what you're dealing with' as you take a look at beltway, by bradley road we're really rea backed up right now look at thaa sea of basically parked trafficf we're dealing with crash between the spur on the outer loop andpd river road.ver that created additional volumelm right now inner loop justerp j typical slow roll as well thatet is why things are overflowing oo to 270 as well.s w we'll take look at our maps o mp right now aside from those delal areas in maryland as we take we look in virginia, 95 north daleh city to lorton jams and then thn inner loop really slow from slor branch avenue all the way across the wilson bridge in alexandriad outer loop by richie marl bowe m some volume as well and thel ant inner loop from the springfielde interchange through annandale slow. usual stop and go in tysons, t
7:49 am
north at that point b w parkway from powder mill road down youow will hit some stop and go conditions also. in addition to that, suitlandand parkway inbound slow at naylorao and we're really slow as you you make your way new york avenueen we'll take a look closer look at 395 next.5 next. back to you guys. >> frank sinatra, jr. passed away. he was 72. 72. >> apparently died of cardiac cc arrest. ar he was on tower down in florida. of course, the son of singer and actor frank stun nat tran hisat first wife nancy he followed his father into the music businessei serving as the musical directorr and conductor. all right. star power here in d.c. and here on the show. s stars of the barbershop threersp hit the red carpet last night.. amc mazza gallery.. ahead of the opening onng on april 15th. >> ice cube, cedric theedric entertainer and regina hall were all there.all t they will be here with us live e at fox5 next. n so tune in to good day at 10a
7:50 am
see all >> i'm excited.eed fun people.e. regina has been here before.. >> cedric weren't here before.ef >> not that i can remember.ememr >> we are headed to the west wet coast now. now kevin mccarthy is fresh off another good morning.go >> i just saw batman versus souu merman. me i'm still geeking out about it i'll have my review next week.. i'm sitting down with benith affleck today.affleck today. i'll have more of that coming um on my twitter today at kevin kev mccarthy tv you mentioned iceon cube and cedric the entertainera will be there for barbershop tho next cut. that movie really really makeslm you think and i'm excited you et guys are having them in studiotu this morning and definitely tell ice cube that straight out of the compton one of the bestf thb movies i saw last year. absolute masterpiece i'm here te talk about now you see me two i loved the first one. i don't know if you guys sawf ys this movie magician film in thet theme of robin hood. four characters, jesse eisenbe eisenber
7:51 am
cast.. woody harrell son was in the t movie morgan freeman the movie m itself the sequel is coming outo this year and i spoke to theo te cast i sat down with the cast in london on the set and this is ss cool because as kid i've alwaysy dreamed of going onset andoet seeing movies are i net with jesse eisenberg onset and this is right after or afteo during the time he was filming batman versus super man he man mentioned that a little bit butt we talk about where we are one o the set and why this movie is back and better than the firsthf one. check this out. >> bingo, ban go, bongo.. >> despite to be positive pos despite making zero flog a year. ♪ >> you thought they had tho disappeared forever.. but this is the moment we've al' been waiting for. ladies and gentlemen, the fourte horse men. >> okay. that's not the interview that'st the actual trailer forer the nee movie that came i'm not sure if we'll have thehe package here shortly or not but i di
7:52 am
london the film comes out this june and -- okay. o we're not going to have theoingo jesse eisen interring in batmant versus super man opening upni march 25th i'm sitting downti with him again aga t the interview with jesse j eisenberg i'll have coming up in the 8:00 a.m. hour this morningr back to you guys in studio. >> kevin i know you can't give review of the movie.. is jesse eisenberg in a lot of movie? will we see a weee significant amount of him in batman versus super man. >> i can't say anything about a that movie yet.that movieet. >> come on, kev.>> c >> i literal confidential notde say a word about it.y a wobout i was one of the first people to see the movie in the world.orld so i'm not allowed to say to anything about it yet.hing at i'm sitting down it with thetith cast today.oday my interviews will be next weekt but my review i have to hold until tuesday at 6:00 p.m.t 6:00 eastern time.ern unfortunately. >> we respect that, kev. k >> we'll read between the linesn in his tweets. (laughter).(laughter) >> i can't say't can't say anything yet. >> just text us.ex u thanks, kev., >> thanks guys. >> 7:52. we want to say good morning tont our fan of the gay day butchie
7:53 am
and his daughter trinity. t that's awesome. >> hello. >> daddy daughter time. t they tune in every morningor before they head off to work and school. he is definitely one proud dad. >> aww. >> that's great picture.grt pi adorable for your chance to be tomorrow'o fan of the day leave a commentom below his photo on our facebook that's awesome. very cool can.ool can >> what else is awesome' socials security tucker's wardrobe tod today. >> i dress the part. i can hang out in the clubhouse. >> serve some drinks.ri >> or you could have some drin drinks. i could probable dollar both.ab >> that's righlet.. >> serving drinks and you're behind -- yeah.. >> that doesn't last long. >> >> all right. r. yeah. the golf game is not great. >> are you a golfer?olfe >> too frustrating. can't do it. >> really? >> no. >> have you tried? >> yes. >> okay. i'm not very good either. >> yeah. >> not even at like put put g. p >> i'm very competitive.titi i don't know
7:54 am
about me? (laughter). >> i'm very >> you're on the fox5 morning team. team. we're all competitive.mpetite >> dog gone it, you're right! >> steve is a golfer. gol he represents for us.eprents reagan national 50.l 5 dulles 42. bwi marshall and we're looking at upper 60s maybe 70 today. t. yeah, we'll take it.we'll take i could be a shower later this las afternoon most of your day willt be sunny and bright, and and beautiful. it will be breezy winds southdss and west 10 to 20. but again most of your dayr d featuring sunshine and quiet conditions that little bit oflif light green you see out to the o west has nothing to do with st.t patrick's day it's light rain shower activity.shower all right. al let's focus on today. tay there we are. a temps in the upper 60s with 6 clouds by afternoon and a showeo by what i'm talking about is ths weekend forecast because won yoy know it always the case, first day of spring looks like wewe could have wintry mix for the f day on sunday with temperaturesu in the upper 30s and low 40s. i don't know if you remember or not but last year on the firstof day of spring it snowed. sno >> did it really?>> >> um-hmm.
7:55 am
>> so it's certainly they he possibility that we could get g flakes. right now we're not worriedt wrd about any accumulation but itlab will be a closute call in some m spots particularly north andrtic west. >> but it looks like the one, o, two, third day of spring looksio nice. >> yeah. we'll warm right back up. >> i had toig count on my fingee >> we'll be complaining aboute o 90's and humidity in no >> remind me not to complain. c >> you don't typically complain about that. >> thank you very much. >> check in with erin and get at look at the roads.t the r morning after erin.rin >> the morning after the big metro shut down.ow metro is on time we'll start yoy off with good news but look atu the map. we're seeing a lot of sloww conditions new crash prince newa george's county the outer loop by two -- seems like it's more r red today than yesterday. yeste. stand back and put your headoura right by that accident. t look at that. look at you.ok at u >> do your work. >> just curious to see howsee things would look. look. okay. okay. inner loop slow across thelow wilson bridge. 295 is stacked 50 inbound insid the bel
7:56 am
outer loop jams 95 to georgia. a 270 is basically a parking lot.t there's a crash after the spur u on the outer loop and inner loor through annandale park a lot oft people are driving today in t addition to publicon to c transportation. some of the metro buses aretro e dealing with minor delays andays congestion inside the district r as well. aside from that wide view prince george's inner loop five to 4144 14 miles per hour there. there five inbound by 301 really slowo also and then we're seeing thist crash that we showed you causini delays on 270 as you head to tho outer loop and 95 northbound in virginia jams up as well volumel dale city to lorton so give giv yourself extra time there.he i'll tell you guys i'm really rl competitive, too. i'm terrible at tennis and i ama no fun to play with because iaue play so i choose to not play. p >> at least we know our weaknesses. >> 7:00 vick. still to come this morning nakem key has a new sneaker out debuts it.. pretty future rustic features in this shoe wear.this we'll talk about that.tabout >> i have been waiting for this
7:57 am
and would first ladyou fir michelle obama ever run for president? what she told the audience at the annual south byy southwest festival. fes ♪ ♪
7:58 am
it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face.
7:59 am
ll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
8:00 am
the birds that have taken d.c. by storm.d. you're looking live at the eagle cam at the national arboretum. the first signs of egg hatching have been e spotted in that ness there's a small crack in one of the eggs where the eaglets' beak started to poke a hole.e a bob barnard will join us with a live report in just a few minutes.te. and good thursday morning tr you.yo it's march 17th, 2016. 2 i'm al so seymour.eymour >> i'm steve chenevey. happy sane pat treks wl come to fox5 news morning.nig first up we'll start withtat the latest on metro thiss morning. >> all lines back up and runninp this morning after safetyet concerns forced metro to shutohu down for 29 hours. fox5's melanie an week is liveek at the foggy bottom metrom m station with the business as usual behind you,dou mel, good morning. >> reporter: absolutely.olel i mean i was just thinking tonko myself as i was walking --ki watching all these peoplepl streaming to and from the foggy bottom metro, how different itnt was here yesterday.rd. and how good it feels for most t of these riders to be able to take their regular form ofaror transportation again.ongain
8:01 am
morning, but certainly i think there was some justification.ti. yesterday we learned for the shut down knowing that general manager said the inspectionctio found see defects so serious that in some cases like here ata foggy bottom trains should notud have been running on those tracks. as we said, foggy bottom. this one would seem to have thee most serious issues along withsh two other stations. even so, the gates were open o right on time at 5:00 a.m. and that is because repair worksrks were working throughout theouout night to get all the lines back open today and riders certainlyy are relieved. >> it was great.wasreat actually i was really surprisedd that it was opened up.pene up. it's on on it's actually early. ear two minutes early. i can walk all the way to walkol which i didn't think i was going to be able to do. d >> i don't know what we'd do it op a daily basis.asis people going to scooch peoplepl
8:02 am
city, the museums andeums a everything. >> reporter: at issue as we a t know were those 600 jumper cables.cabl you should think about them sort of like extension cords that ara connecting parts of the thirdhei rail that have gaps in them.he inspectors across the hundred hr miles of track they look at found 26 defects. most of them were not eminentnet hazards they were like places where water intrusion wasntrusi getting into those cable coversc or some debris in the way.. but, there were three locationss mcpherson square, potomac avenuu and fog bee bottom that had very dangerous fault, damaged insulation on cables and exposed wires that are capable ofable o causing an electrical fire. and again, so we know that all a the repairs were made overnight. all of the instances tender fidd were cleared and taken care of r and repaired.. but certainly there's much much work to be done learning what w led to this, what is causing iti and how they can make sure a su situation like this neverer happens again. live at foggy bottom, melanie
8:03 am
alnwick fox5 local news. >> melanie, thank you., thk yo >> also in the district achieve judge for the u.s. districtistrc court retiring but a mid is sex scandal.scanl. >> utah woman is seeing the d.c. federal judge richard w.hard w roberts. the woman says the judge sexually assaulted her more than three decades ago when she was lawyers for the judge say thatat he will challenge the womans allegations in court. judge roberts notified the white house of his retirement plans he says he's stepping away fromf the bench for an unspecifiedpeci medical issue. issue happening today, the the president supreme court nomineen merrick garland is expected toeo visit capitol hill and spookl ho with democratic garland is one of the chiefhi judge of the federal appealsal a court in d.c.. some republican senators willorl also meet with garland today buy they maintain that he will notin get a confirmation hearing.eang senate majority mitch mcconnelln spoke to garland by phone and ad said the senate won't even't consider a nominee while w president obama is in office. also, knew this morning seai
8:04 am
they will be ending the killer whale breeding program thisam t the decision comes in the wake of mounting criticism from anroa paul rights active visits regulators and lawmakers who sas the whales conditions inonditii captivity are inhumane. sea world also announced thated they will be ending theatricall shows featuring the whales anlea new partnership with the humane society of. o united states.tes okay. back to eagle watch right now.rn we are anxiously awaiting theg t rival of at least one of those o eaglets expected to hatch in tht national arboretum today.. >> we've got a great view of the hole called a pip in one of thee eggs around 6:00 15 this morning.morn i suspect it's right there.he >> that's it.>>t's >> okay.>> okay. and we've been on edge everr since. yes, tucker?? >> ! mother that's pecking thatt or --or -- >> no. from the inside. >> eaglet pecks from the inside the mother does not help. >> okay. >> which i said was kind of aai good lesson for human parents.ts >> parents must arrive on theirr own. >> yeah. bob barnard joins us now fromro the national arboretum with thew very latest.ryest. bob, is there anything you'd
8:05 am
we're here in the studio tryingy to say everything but you'rebu y there. >> reporter: yeah, i'd love love everything.eryt i will tell you you can't take k all the credit away from mom.m m she keeps working that nest. ne. she keeps checking out the egg.g we can show you a live picture this is her we believe it's her because both mom and dad have been taking turns on the nest ts but let's call it her.. she's been like reforming themit nest and every now and againnd a getting up to check on the one o egg that is starting to hatch, h and the cracking is growing. so the he'll eaglet inside isnss trying to makes way out.o makew she's just keeping the eggs egg warm. we can show you some video tapep from around 6:15 this morning aa you can see the pipping the cracking of the one of two the second one was laid a coupla of days after the first.he so it may be this weekend or sos before that one starts torto pipping process. but mom and dad have beene b keeping the eggs warm. the first eaglet is trying to ty make its way out, and when the pipping process starts which was first noticed last night around
8:06 am
hours before the eaglet will w hatch zone it looks like as wese keep seeing in the last few f minutes here's again a live picture the cracking is growingi and so i would expect at sometom point later today we're going tt see that i'm no supper but the t way the cracking is growing thaa we're going to see eaglet in i this nest later today.esr this is the same nest where wre another eaglet was hatched lasts summer and what happened was the mom and dad migrated during the summer and the american eagle foundation put two cameras there so that's how we're able toble watch this unprecedented soon t be birth of a baby bald eagleldg here in the nation's capitol. guys?ys >> i have one question.uen is there a tree on neighboringbi property tall enough to you can scale to get the view of the birth?birth? >> don't do it, bob.b >> reporter: i'm gng to try. go >> i know you are. >> rt. >> reporter: we're told it's hundreds of feet beyond this bed fence right here.
8:07 am
point tree i might scale. scale be careful, bob, we'll see inl i you a little bit. >> maybe get skyfox up for thatf you never >> don't encourage that.ourage why not? >> you mean bird's eye view ofw the birds being born. born. >> i thought you money bob.ey >> no, no, no.>> n bob needs to stay on the groundo >> we're coming to visit >> casual walk. casuawalk >> i'm working on my see how faf i can get.i caet >> let's not speak of hamp tonon you all don't believe. >> i think hamp ton is going all the way this year.r there's never been a 16-one upset if there were to be one in wish it to be ham and ton. ton >> thank you very much.nk y >> we would have a big party.vep >> i would hope so.>> i wld h i wouldn't be here but i would hope you would. wou >> let's go at the forecast. let's go cool temperatures torao start your day beautiful thisayt afternoon.oon. >> awesome.>> >> can't wait.>> c >> hanging out watchingging basketball. >> let's see. 50 in wash lington.ngn. 41 up in gaithersburg.sbur 41 dulles. ds. 37 in man warmup upper 60 today's.ay' should be another very pleasantt day. expecting nice conditions fordi the most part. later this afternoon we might m
8:08 am
see the light shower activityctt back into pennsylvania and now working into western maryland md it's a possibility that we can t be dealing with that.ha there's a quick look at theiclok seven we'll focus coming up on thep oe weekend but there could beld b wintry mix around here for our o first day of spring, erin.g, eri what do you think about that?th? >> i don't like the sound ofe th that. >> what do you think about us ti going out and pub crawling atngt 9:00 o'clock? o'clock? >> i think all my dreams arell m coming true. >> you're wearing the green gre blazer i'm green inside my hea heart. >> i'm ready for green beverageg >> we can make that happen.t ha. >> maybe a milkshake as allison likes her mcflurry. >> is that what it is. i >> shamrock shake. shake >> how dare i? >> everybody knows it's a k it' shamrock shake g i never had one before.fore >> i need to get getne >> green vanilla shake. >> i'll take it.>> i it sounds good to me.s that's something i can outer loop there is a crash whyy by river road.byer r another one on the outer loop ol right now by 414 causing bigng g slow downs let's take look ate a that delay. th as you makate your way past ritchie marlboro live look atboo our camera you'll see some majoj slow downs basically parked.ark. so that is not good news.
8:09 am
seeing big delays on the inner n loop from five across the wilson bridge as well. well let's switch back to our mapsaco aside from that big delay, youao can see we're also dealing witht a crash delays back to 270 270 southbound from the other oneere that's just past the spur. outer loop by new hampshire hams really jams up as well. 267 eastbound if you're makingen your way in fairfax a lot of of volume from 28 to hunter mill road. caution there if you're heading out towards the airport.e airrt aside from that, in princeince george's county right now closer look at that inner loop delayp d five to 414 down to 14 miles per hour.ur n ur slow again inner loopw agai through a annandale.da that's your traffic. back to you. to >> thanks erin.nk the reason why one baseball player with ties right here in i washington is walking away from millions of dollars. >> definitely a trending topicip this morning. first, though, what first ladyad michelle obama says she won't do after leaving the white house. e ♪ ♪
8:10 am
(vo) you can check on them.
8:11 am
em. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. prince georges county policeeo confirmed it was a case ofrg mistaken identity that led to the death of officer jacai colson. the chief said that shot thatitt str uck t and killed detectiveecti colson was deliberately aimed at him by another police officer. cole zone was in plain clotheslh when he was shot.e was ho police determined four officersf were firing their weapons durinn the shootout. politics now next monday'son republican presidential debateib in utah is no more.
8:12 am
front runner donald trump said i he would not participate becausc says we've had enough debates.. john kasich seduced he won't w participate if trump won't participate nobody will nob participate.. trump warns, however, there will be in his word riots if the republican party tries to blocko him as the republican on the democratic side, s hillary clinton turning herlionr attention to showdown with donald trump now.donarump n senator bernie sander socialso security weighing his neckci mom now he would need to win everyry remaining primary state by 40 points to beat hillary clinton.. still he says he's staying in the race. e while the candidates aredite counting down to the big the b election first lady michelle f obama is countinirg down how mum time she has left in the white house.use >> held a gathering at the souts by southwest mew music festivali she has no aspirations to runnst for president. president. her decision is more aboutcisi family than politics.itics her top two reasons are hernsre daughters malia and sasha. sha >> but they will be staying inwl town for them to finish school.h >> for them to finish school.oo i love everything about that. at coming up nike knew futuristic sneaker. >> first though baseba
8:13 am
decides that he might call ithtl quits after his team's unusual demands. we'll talk about why he is walking away next.t. it's 8:13.'s 8 ♪ ♪
8:14 am
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♪ ♪ the roads a little lesss crowded than yetter.nte metro back up and running today. that's a good thing. t all systems go this morning andi so far knock on whatever no disruptions at the metro m stations. however if you find anything ou of the ordinary today, let us know. i
8:16 am
usually it's him.s h today it's you. i just want to do cuteness.utens >> knock on wood. >> nobody is home. >> i couldn't help myself,f steve. stev i'm sorry. >> can you help yourself to cu cuteness.teness. >> no. super duper adorability. >> listen. -- ♪ in honor of you little michael, my favorite michael jackson song -- my favorite song of allf time. i do want to be where you are ya today little michael. >> aww. >> that's so sweet. sweet >> sing along while i read.wh >> i don't want to distract fror michael. >> michael has a great big birtr he turns one! >> yay! >> happy birthday big guy.. >> handsome smile. i love it. >> happy happy birthday.. >> learning how to walk on hisis little walking toy. >> i'll bet everyone aroundt evr michael is lucky to be there.hee >> cute little smile. i love it. >> great.>> great. >> aww have a good day.a gooday. have a lucky charms type of day.
8:17 am
>> lucky charms. crm >> um-hmm.m-hmm >> hope you get all thell marshmallows.rslo >> magically delicious. >> yes. >> you know what i found if you get in there and tack all the ad marshmallows out you can leave a the rest for your brother. it work worout >> don't think i don't know thad trick. i've got little brother, too. >> all right. rht speaking of tricks, there'st our favorite leprechaun delivering mostly nice weatherea for us upper 60s later today t with a chance for shower littlet later. >> what disturbs me about thisai leprechaun is lack of a torsooro piece. >> it does look like --does loo >> it's all legs and arms. arm >> a little out of >> okay. just wanted to get that g >> have you seen real leprecha leprechaun, al, you know thisal might not be out of theut o ordinary? >> that's true.>> >> we've seen >> yes. >> that is true.>> t you're right. perhaps leprechauns have noo torso.tors >> steve is the deep thinker oft here. >> i know. >> 50 in washington. 48 up in new york.p in n all right.l upper askings today, maybe 70 ae few showers north and west.nd w got to deal with those laterer today.
8:18 am
shower mid to late afternoon a keep that if mind if you're outy and about little later today. t but generally dry conditions ans nice. little cooler tomorrow. saturday looks cool. coo sunday could be a wintry mixintm with a coastal low. watch that carefully withat carl temperatures in the upper 30sup and low 40s we're not expectingp a lot of stick catch but maybeay our last flakes of the season os the first day of spring. s it happened last year.d la y why not this year, too?? >> i'm not sure -- last year y turn out to be okay. be >> it was >> bounced back nicely.el >> we did.>> >> much like we from the metroro closure, erin, bounced back nice daal. daal >> exactly. typical road problems right now. inbound 295 there's a crash southbound at the 11th streettre bridge. slowing us down and northboundoo crash blocking a center laneterl suitland parkway so big problemp in the district on 295. 2 let's take live look outside. 395 northbound by shirlingtonby there's also a crash s blocking the shoulder i'll get out of tht way. you can see it to the right han side of the screen.n. look how heavy that traffic sics all lanes but slow from the s beltway all the up to the 14thh1 stre
8:19 am
if you're heading from ross lanr the key bridge really stacked ud into georgetown and m street,ee, wisconsin, typical congestionont same story northwest section ofi the district as you head in on massachusetts and connecticut.oc let's take lock at our maps. gw parkway southbound slow as sa well and also seeing delays 2677 east toll road volume from 28 t8 trap road actually just got a tweet they were seeing a typicap slow downs. d no crashes just a ton of t o congestion by the airport. wide view for you where you canu see all of these problems problm there's a crash on the outerhe r loop right now as you make youry way out by 414 backing up past p ritchie marlboro. a lot of congestion and we'rend' dealing with a crash outer loopt by river road.byer road. more traffic in just a few. >> erin, thanks.n,s. 19 minutes past the hour righteg now on this thursday morning stg patrick's day.s d baseball season right around tht corner. spring training right now, andg one player says that's it, i'm out. out. thank you for playing along. a. former nationals first basemanen adam la roche will retire. rir >> wisdom joins us in studio. he's dot the details a
8:20 am
true reason behind this bd t retirement. reti >> it's an interesting story. ir but listen to this. thi i want to you think about thisut for is it going to be good reason ro for the team or good reason foro the player? and i'm going expound on this and let let yout think about it.abouit. >> i wait patiently if wait pati patiently while i give youile iy details what's going on here. oh ears the deal with adam.dam. he's 36 years old. he hit .207 had only 12 homerunr that was big drop off and this s was the worst year of his carees this past season. pas now he still has one year and $13 million remaining on hisninh contract with the white sox.hite if you're wondering why heri w decided to walk away, well, ken rosenthal of fox sports says ss white sox vice-president kenpres williams told him he couldn't cd bring his 14-year-old son draken into the clubhouse any more.ny r that's the story that kenha k rosenthal is report.ep drake had traveled with histravs father for several years.ea ken williams of the white soxtex disputed the report thator t rosenthal was putting out theree he was telling ken rosenthal this. th all i'm asking you
8:21 am
regard to bringing your kid tobg the ballpark is to dial it backb i don't think he should be here 100 purse of the time and he hat been here 100% every day in the i said that i don't even think he should be here 50% of thehe time.time. figure it out. o somewhere in between.. we all think his kid is a greate young man. i just felt it should not be every day. d that's all. all you tell me. where is this country can youryu bring your child to work every day? now washington nationalsat player and super star brycetae harper and former teammate laroche treat tweeted supportup good for you roach nothing like father and son in the clubhousee it's a family game. gam hash tag family first.. laroche also collect add golddd glove and silver slugger awardga with the nats back in 2012.2. he still could change his mine.n he doesn't made a final decision just yet. do you think the white sox are w in the wronghi or do you think t laroche is just being af
8:22 am
man. man. >> did dough it dou >> yeah, every day.h, eve >> every day. e >> okay. but he went to another team andr they were like, no, we're not -- enjoying this. >> his son drake is 14 now. n >> yup. >> he was with him with the nat every day.ev adams dad played major leagueeau baseball he grew up in the uin clubhouse as well.e as wl. wants to do that for his son.atn his son with the nats was alwayy out shagging paul's pre-game an everything else.eryt apparently, when he went to thee white sox he told them this ishe what he wanted to happen.n. >> okay. >> if they agreed to it at thatt point why change now? that's n the only problem i have. i understand setting precedencee rgiii the dad in the locker roor all the issues came out of the there. you have to draw the line to dre somewhere. if they agreed to it -- >> rightag.ight >> don't back down on thatac agreement. >> here's the problem.s everything is fine and you knowo how this is, everything is fine as long as you're winning. youei if you got world series and wore you're going to ths e playoffs o every year and everybody isever performing well --l -- >> you think this is a ploy to get him out?hi o >> the thing is when you start s loading and you start seeingrten things as a general manager toll him we need to be -- another-- o thing they said.thing they sai we need to be focused.e fus we need to focus and our focus o
8:23 am
so -- also think about it like this. >> let me just say this.his. >> with 20 some players on the e team if everybody wanted to havd their kid at the game --ame >> right.>> they shouldn't have told himav they can do it. >> every single day.e thry sin >> keep this igln the nats went to the post seasos when adam's son was on that field in many locker room everye day. day. it's about the players on the pt field. >> that's true.>> he was also performing then mucn he's not performing any more. so big drop off in the stats.ts >> interesting argument. arg. >> it is an interesting argume argument. >> when do ball players startert wearing slacks.aring >> on the field it. on >> look like >> white sox uniforms.. >> that might be another issue.h >> that's a style arguments yler allison. >> 8:23 right now.>> still to come uber rolling out new feature targeting families.. family type.yp >> i love this.>> i we'll explain how it works and d how it might help you and yourny kids. >> all righty. new documentary is taking an inn depth look at people living witw a condition that many have never even heard about. a we'll hear from some of theirir stories.ors. get you some help if you're oner
8:24 am
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>> beautiful start to the day.ul little cool out there. s c temps in the 40s to about 50. at late this afternoon upper 60s with lots and lots of green outo there. 50 right now at reagan national. 41 dulles. bwi marshall 42. 4 the only thing we're concerned n about a chance for a shower a later this afternoon.teis after. they'll be widely scattered butb see these light rain shower s
8:27 am it's possible a few of those t will sneak who in here later today with a chance for again aa few showers around here probabll after three, 4:00 o'clock todayd all right. r let's go to your forecast forec this afternoon.eron some clouds out there later. temps in the 60s. 6 still very pleasant day.ay i'll be back in just a couple of minutes and look at the sevenlok day and focus on the weekend, w, first day of spring, maybe aof m wintry mix.wintry. erin?? >> how is traffic looking? look? >> i don't know if this show upo in front of the green screen iee have my change of clothes. cth look at that.ok at that. this is green dress i'm going tt wear later for good day. >> right now it's just invisiblb with the maps.wi get a look at that later.hat lat that was a huge fail.ugeai right now, 295 there's a crash c on the northbound side at thee t 11th street bridge another one e at suitland parkway inbounday suitland parkway silver holer h road to south capitol street. se really slow traffic there.he and you're slow across douglas l bridge. ge whole lot of congestion as younu make your way out around therodt district today. toll road 267 east a ton of volume 28 to trap ro
8:28 am
make your way out taking a widee view we're seeing very slowylow traffic on 66 eastbound throughu vienna. we will have some more trafficef keep it here to fox5 news5 n morning. we're back in just a few. ♪
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ welcome back.e joining you live from the loft this morning but first lookingio outside. what a gorgeous day today at st. patrick's day.ay may the luck of the irish berish with you in your travels today.. 8:30 and welcome
8:31 am
you may have recently scene anle ad on tv it stars actor dannyctd take look. >> i do this.s. (laughter).. >> i do this. thi (laughter). >> that's a little bit of the ad it gets core your the a tensionn he's crying one second andone laughing the next.laughihe what he's referring to is noto laughing m in fact a new documentary thatea premiered right here inied righ washington this week is shed ish something light on thisn thi misunderstood condition.diti the documentary is called beyonb laughter and tears. andea it is explores a condition cdi called pba which often affect affects people who have h traumatic brain injuries or those who have multipletiple sclerosis, parkinson's disease or alzheimer's. here's a clip from the documentary. >> i'm not sad. sad >> my best friend and then i'm trying
8:32 am
laughing.. >> i had a stroke and i mew my m problem was associated with my m stroke.stroke >> i was in denial for the factt i had a traumatic brain injury.r >> my oh motions were totallyior thrown off. th i'd just start crying andg a feeling the sense of i can't ofc stop and i don't know why. >> being in restaurant and all of a sudden you start crying for no reason.non. people look at you like you'reou an idiot. >> joining us now is diana hurley you saw her in the clip. miss die nan, were good morningo welcome to washington.we >> thank you.. >> you traveled from californiac for the debut.for th >> yes, i did.>> y >> why was it important for youy to be here. to >> to make awareness for this problem called pba. p >> can you tell us about yourutu story and how you developed pba? >> yes. about three years ago i had a stroke, and i noticed afterwards i started having episodes wheres i would j
8:33 am
and it wasn't associated withiae anything. i just would start crying.rying >> what did your doctor say? >> well, my original doctor, my primary dr. really didn't say aa whole lot about it. she just thought, you know, thit goes along with the stroke.e. >> right. >> and i needed really to find d out what was causing it. so she did send me to a neurologist. the neurologist -- neurologistso are more aware of this thanhi t normal regular doctors. >> what can were person do? o? does uncontrollable? what can n person today do?oday d >> it's unchromable.nchromab there isn't really anything thae you can do. what you need to do is -- is contact your doctor. why and see if you can talk to him about seeing a neurologist t so that a prop
8:34 am
be made, because it's so often it's miss diagnosed asgnos a depression.pressi >> um-hmm. um- we're seeing some of the -- som- of the reasons why pba or the te causes i should say stroke,, traumatic brain injury,ain alzheimer's, multiple sclerosiss and parkinson's disease. so this affects about 2 millionl people nationally i learned.ea what do you hoping that this documentary will do even for f those that small population whon suffers from this?suff >> my hope is that more peopleel are made aware of the pba so that they can get some kind off relief in their lives. because not knowing what'sno wrong, why you're doing this isi very traumatic. tra it affects your life so much. >> right. >> and so, you know, gives i was feeling of that you've actually when you were get
8:35 am
well, that's what's wrong.. now you can deal with it. now you can explain it to peoplp because it's so hard becausedec people treat you differently.rey we don't want people treating us differently.ff we're just like everybody else. wee just have a disease processe that, you know, affects ourectsr lives. >> what do you mean? do peopleo you know, do they talk aboutbout you? do they look at youk a strange? walk away?way? >> yes. >> what have you experienced?veu >> yes, they do look at youu strange. like, for instance, if you're in a restaurant to eat, and you start to cry or laugh because, c you know, pba is laughing or crying, either one, and i've ha' waitress come up to me and say,s oh, i'm so, is there something i wrong? is there something i cam do to help you? >> right. >> and people will sit in theitn booths around you and they will look at you like, oh, you know,
8:36 am
they want to make you at arm'srs >> um-hmm. >> and if they just let you getg through it, because it doesn't d last very long. >> okay.>> o >> if they just let you get jus through it and leave you alone a and don't street you differently.erently. >> right. it.. >> makes eight whole lot easiere >> we hope that this documentarn will raise awareness and check your local listings to where yoe can see it.n se we miff the debut on earliert oe this if you know somebody in your k life and you think maybe tnohist person has pba, a neurologist ii what miss diana says they willtl basically know how to treat anda to diagnose you.ose thank you for spending some timn with us. >> i appreciate the opportunityo because the awareness that weent can get out there to people, it's so much because even veterans coming back from, youou know, that's so important theyoy know that there is something som they can do about it.ut >> thank you very much.yuc >> thank you.ou >> back to you. you thank you allison.a
8:37 am
let's get to it. i luck of the irish lucky day fory everybody at least weather wiseh with temperatures in the upperer 60s. close to should be a nice afternoon.. yes.yes. a few showers perhaps laters ppl today. look at that on ourt on satellite/radar. cool out there at the moment.he 50 in washington.ngto parts of the area upper 30s and low 40s. eventually we'll see daytimeayti highs well above normal againmaa maybe 10 degrees above normal with temperatures approaching 7g by mid to late afternoon. after in addition, approaching theacht area, a very weak frontal systes out to the west. it's license bringing sprinkles and light showers to westernes maryland this morning and we'll have to keep amon eye on that as at least the possibility that t there could be a scattered aca shower later this afternoon.ft. otherwise enjoy your st.our st patrick's day should be a niceua afternoon with temperatures well above normal. nor more weather in just a minute.e. we'll talk wintery mix maybeay sunday. >> erin how is traffic.rin ho >> problems. we are really slow on the inneri loop there's a crash headlightsa comes towards us approachingac georgetown pike blocking theckit left shoulder on the inner loopr delays outer loop really heavy let's hey go ahead
8:38 am
a different camera. three knife northbound earliernd crash still blocking theg shoulder out by glebe road. r because that from the beltway bl through the 14th street bridgee super slow traffic. t a lot of congestion.lot same story on the outer loop byo ritchie marlboro a crash at 414. excuse me 214 and you can see it's still slow roll there.he moving over for our maps.ver . in addition to those problemhoso areas, some crashes. more crashes continue 295ontie 5 northbound at 11th street bridge, northbound at suitland i parkway.rkwa inbound suitland parkway silvers hill road to south capitol c street really slow traffic therc as well. speaking of slow traffic more sketch east toll road volumeolue from 28 to trap road get anad early start right now metro iseo on time. on but our roads are dealing with t tons of congestion and if you'ri heading out for st. patrick's day, please get a sober ride ifd you plan on tar taking anytang partying. let's keep it safe.keept great weather to be out andathe about for lunch today.hod back to you guys. >> great advice, erin.e,rin. great day off to good start sodt far today.ay. >> uber giving piece of mind tot parents.s
8:39 am
details on new featuringeaturing targeting families.amil >> a look who in your office iss paying the most attention toio march madness.ness a bracket just waiting to beaitb fill out.fill 8:39. ♪
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ uber making it uber easy -- (laughter).. >> forget it. uber is making it even easier ee for you to hail ride for someone else.el the ride sharing app is n
8:42 am
offering a family it allows 10 different customere to build the same credit card,,r what took you so long uber? although it's called a family am profile you can decide to addo d friends or co-workers orr whomever. right now the feature is beingub tested in atlanta, dallas and phoenix.oenix. bring it here. it we love it.t. >> we have the best floorheest director in the business withesw lee and even he thought that wat little much, al. >> he disagrees. >> he says you were right.resays >> thank you.>> tnk you. managers going mad overadve march madness.adss not at their employees filling g out their bracs.heir bracs >> they want to do it themselv themselves. executives and supervisors according to this study are more likely than other workers too participate in march madnessne office pools. maybe because they know theycaus won't get in trouble for it, right new survey also found outd one in eight workers plan to bet on the tournaments this year ata least fill out a bracket.ra that's actually down from last
8:43 am
okay.okay i say they're doing because thee don't face any repercussions fof doing it because that's what tha makes them the boss. the >> they can get away with it.gey >> exactly. ectly. nike is out unveiling its firstf power lacing sneaker. sneaker >> it allows users to make the fit looser or more snugly by b pressing buttons on the side ofh the shoe.thoe mike can he says potential for shoes with adaptive lacing isacg huge because it provides accustom fit. >> so this is like a step aheada of the -- remember the push --h- pump thing. t >> yeah, yeah, yeah. yh >> pump many would make it snug. now we're just doing it electronically, right? >> i don't know the price pointr i imagine it's very high.y but i think for people perhapsee with disabilities even it wouldw be kind of awesome. >> if you were like a runner gee snug around your foot.ourt. >> that's right.>> that's >> custom fit.m >> future is here. >> coming up, kevin joins us, ks live from la for today's fox fox beat. beat. >> it would be uber comfortable. no? all right.ight pay back. bac let's head to break and look atl the eagle cam right now.ow
8:44 am
>> they're uber cute, al.ut >> they are uber cute, steve. s ♪ ♪ at wegmans we believe the best way to help you is to provide choices that offer you the best prices, quality and selection. wake up with wegmans family pack
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♪ >> we have a look outside rightl now.oo i'll tell was we're off to good start. yesterday very nice.yesty very c absolutely beautiful day out there.there. temps well not 70s yesterday.esy lots of sunshine, too. too. tuck, can we do it >> later this afternoon main a a shower. we'll look at. that evident most of the dayos will be absolutely beautiful bea steve. get out a ch
8:47 am
enjoy. >> hope so. >> me, too. >> all right.ll rig me, three. >> 50 in washington. wasngton. 47 quantico.47 quantico. 46 in fredericksburg. little cool overnight here, anda just gradual warmup but now thew sun has been up for about anbout hour and a half. and a we'll start to see temperaturesu jump pretty quick. again mid to upper 60s locally.l there is going to be a breeze ae here pretty good southwest sth breeze up ahead of our littletl upper level disturbance comingrm through and that could spring ut or sprinkle or shower. again, doesn't look veryoo ver we're not expecting much. a possibility of a few sprinklel later today and drag in cloudlo cover here as it arrives laterat this afternoon. all right.rht mentioned the temperatures. want to focus on the weekend. as we've got at least the possibility of wintry mix around here. here what's going to be the set up te for the week jenn cold col temperatures tap into cold airoa off to the north.f to the coastal low. l so if it were january, februaryy we would be looking at veryter wintry event but with it being b the first day of spring, it looo like we could do again a wintryr mix for parts of the area earlyy sunday
8:48 am
all rain or maybe not a wholeote lot in the way of temperatures will be marginalar upper 30s and low 40s out theret but it bears watching wch particularly north and westes where we have higher elevationsi and areas that are typicallyatrt colder. you may see more in the way of o accumulation as we get into thet day on sunday.da we'll watch that. tha future cast just want to pointan out a couple features late thisi after into the noon the cloudoo cover trying to paint a couple l sprinkles across the area byrea 5:00 o'clock tonight.onht notice it's green. clever. and then really fast forward for this into early sunday morning.i i just want to show you wintry n mix setting up around here by day break -- this is really rll taking its time. t all right there.all we are. by early sunday morningunda 8:00 o'clock.8:'c it look like we can be dealing d with wintry mix around hereund r again by day break on sunday sda maybe with us for part of the ur day and again temperatures willl be kind of march jim to supportp winter weather around here h here's your seven day.ven d 68 today. tod definitely chilling it down byy saturday. and plain old cold by sunday for the first day of spring with sgh wintry mix around.ntryix
8:49 am
40s. again this afternoon 68. enjoy beautiful st. patrick'sult day. >> all right, guys, back to you. >> we'll zen it right back overr there, tuck.uc find out what's coming up on up good day d.c. the star power almost too muchto ladies.lies. >> busy in the loft today. big stories, big stars, all bigs coming up that is morning goneng day d.c. d.c. >> ahead at 9a we're live ase a metro reopens. have all the problems been fixed? we have what you need te know at the top.ow at the to >> achieve judge for the us j f district court retiring a midid accusations of sex abuse decadec ago. we're live with the details.ithe >> also developing now, adeping popular entertainer dies sudde suddenly and sea world making ag major announcement.ement >> plus, you still have a couplh of noontime is your deadline toinet finish up that march madnessad bracket. >> if you need some help, just t wait until you see who wee assembled to give you someyou s pointers.pointers >> i know i might have to bei making some changes in my i bracket after we talk to them coming up on good day at 10a wew have mega stars with us in thesn loft. okay. follow me maureen.foll come over here. o
8:50 am
into a barbershop.. where is the barbershop pole? p that's what we wha listen who will be here. h cedric the entertain are in. in ice cube. >> what? wha >> regina hall, all three live e here to talk about their new movie barbershop the next cut.. >> we're also in case you didn'd notice celebrating st. patrick's day in an epic way. w. that's all i'll give you for gyf right now. this is the only place to belae this thursday morning. thu trust me. we're just minutes away. maureen o' umeh and holly o' morris. >> erin go braugh.n go braug >> we're excited o excited. 8:50. 8: coming the a 9:00.cong t >> happy birthday to jewels to w barry man from his dad and and stepmom.ep he's 10 today. >> double digits. >> happy birthday.thday >> all right.>> a only person probably more exci excited than jewels right nowha for celebrating his birthdayn s kevin. he is on the west coat right n now. how out trolling holly boulevard 3:00 o'clock in the morning l
8:51 am
lyrticularlily probably notli sleeping after seeing that -- ii know, i know. kw. probably not sleeping seeing agg big movie last night.t nht hi, kev.,ev >> good morning steve andstevend allison.allison. >> you're right.>>ou'r i have not slept barely. barel i saw batman and super man 9:00 p.m. la time midnight your timee i was on hollywood boulevard this morning next to kermit thet frog walk of fame sign which isc really cool. real now i'm here at kdtv studios ins los angeles and i had to seeee batman and super man last nightg i'm geeking beyond belief.ond b. i'm sitting down with ben affleck, henry calf, jesse eisenberg.g i'm geeking out beyond belief.el but now talking about movie called now you see me, two. the first film cost $75 millioni to make. it made a ton of money to lead to the sequel. s the sequel takes place a yearr it was regarding magicians in a robin hood type theme amazing cast of the jesse eisenberg, woody had a roll son i la fishes
8:52 am
sequel is coming out in june ana last january i got to go to thet studio and actually go onset ini last january and sit down witho jesse eisenberg himself to talkt about the movie onset as a kid d always wanted to go onset thisni was very very cool experience to see this. se check this out.. >> i'm a big nerd i've alwaysi'e want thing to onset as kid. >> cool. >> cool. >> can you explain where we aren in the movie world first and like where we are on the set asa well.we. >> sure. so we're just broadly speaking england long cross studios on ariette outside london and thisd is a built set. a built this not real room and a lobby b atrium of this billionaireaire scientist who created thisat t computer chip that hack into ann computer system in the worldm id this is very valuable thing andd the illusionists we play me woody harrell son, dave francoo and lizzie kaplan we exam ninexe the computer chip witness intent to steal it. we walk through this lobby. l it seem like a small piece oflle
8:53 am
and we go into a room over there and that's this big lab where ww then steal this chip.. so all these sets are built andt they're incredible.. even if for example this set ist only used for like maybe a minute of the movie but it's b i still like the most up credible -- >> in the first one your hairrs was different.yowadiff >> right. >> i'm assuming you shaved yourr head for lex luther.ut were you a able to actually gety that as character point to make your hear shot in this film.n tf >> no. all the characters look a little different. the movie takes place a year tor year and a half later. later we were kind of like on the runo and in hiding.. we've kind of look different. >> okay. it doesn't like start directlysc from the ending of the firsthe t one. >> seen in the first one whereit you run off the building b obviously it turns into money.o. >> right. >> when you shot that onset, do, you jump ton a pad? how did yoy do that. >> exactly.. >> that's all that is.t's it is. all the stuff in the movie could be done even more so with sequ sequel. like in the first one there were probably a few things that woul be very diff
8:54 am
maybe -- >> or requires technology thatha maybe not existing much this on pretty much like all the stufftu could theoretically be done ande with work with a team of the t best illusionists in the world w to make sure i'm sitting down again with him in five hours for batman versus super man he playp lex luther in the movie thater h interview you just saw tooku sto place a year ago in -- a year or so ago in january. i was you before i saw batman bt versus super man he finished fhe shooting it.ting very very i'm sitting down with him againa now you see me two opens up inpi june of next year -- this year, sorry. >> you know what else is reallyt cool, al, kev got the flowers we sent him behind him. both bouquets actually.. >> yes.>> >> get them to la in time. >> we did it. we d >> happy st. patrick's d. >> now you see us. >> they hand delivered them to d me and this is from steve s chenevey your best friend inried washington, d.c. and actually ia and out gift card in there.ard e >> my name is not on it? >> what about the one from al? >> of course your name was on yw it. >> this is what happens when yoa go in half with somebody and you
8:55 am
>> i swear. swe i told >> great.>> great. >> allison seymour and i spellpe it out. (laughter). >> >> i cull actually don't knowonk whose flowers they are.fl i might have towo take them homh to lauren. l i don't know if they'll go on tl the plane with me to come homeme tonight.tot. i'll see you guys in studioin so tomorrow morning in the 9am houh with melissa mccarthy and jesse metcalf opens up about his goini to rehab about five years ago and how that really changed hisd life. we'll have more on that comingom up in the 9am hour. hour i'll seal you guys in little i t bit. >> big thanks to kevin he set up having ice cube and cedric theet entertainer in studio with ush s >> regina hall. reg >> they'll join regina was here with kevin hartr last time, kev. >> right. exactly. i saw barbershop the next cut. t very timely movie. mov very emotional film and i thinkd they did really good job of balancing out drama and comedy a and i think it's perfect timeitt for this film to come out.ome you guys will be reallyea surprised really the emotionalmi performance that ice cube gives in the movie. mie. >> awesome.>> awesome. >> they'll be in studio in the 10am
8:56 am
allison i'm looking forward toot seeing your social media stuffea as well. as w >> at 11:00 o'clock or so.lock s i'm excited too, thank you kev kevin. >> see in you bit. >> bye guys. g >> let's fine out what'set's f happening outside, tuck.e, tuc >> batman and super man wouldn'u fight. it's like -- >> they fight together.oghe >> fred flintstone and barney by rubble fight. >> or steve and tucker. >> 63 in washington or bert andd ernie.. >> they would not fight.ight thee they might bicker.t bic 42 at bwi marshall.arshal 53 at dulles.uls. watching those numbers up, uppep 60s near 70. could be a sprinkle or showerr e this afternoon.fton there will be clouds laterlle cu today. very comfortable conditionsti expected around here. around her quick look at the seven dayt ve focus on the weekend.on the wee. it will be chilly with perhaps a wintery mix by sunday morning.ym let's focus on our st. patrick's day upper 60s. speaking of focusing on st.. patrick's day i here we've got to head doing traffic -- we've-' got a head doing tff >> i had to change.e. i'm going to
8:57 am
the way. the that is so cool. c >> inner loop approachingppac georgetown pike there is a crash blocking the shoulder so cautioi there. slowing us down. d outer loop heavy let's move it over and show you what else wt e you're up against this morning.. slow-moving traffic on other otr spots gw parkway inbound. ind take a look at our maps muchsuc also seeing delays 295 inbound d crash at the 11th street s bridge cleared still dealingll with a crash at suitlanduitld parkway. keep it here to fox5.t good day at 9a is coming up anda we have a fun st. patrick's dayy celebration, big show you don'tu want to miss it.
8:58 am
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♪ straight ahead, metro backeb up and running. rning crews worked overtime overnight to fix a series of power cable problems.. yesterday's emergency shut downr is now shedding new light on th transit system's crumblingli infrastructure.uctu >> i have fulfilled myulfill constitutional duty.ut now it's time for the senate toe do >> one day after president obam named him as his supreme court nominee, federal judge merrickgk garland heads to capitol hill tl try and sell himself to the senate.nate. but despite his moderateere credentials, he's facing an uphill battle for a spot on thet high cou we'll tell you why. family first. fir a former national walking awayna from a multi million dollar dola contract to spend more time witw his son.on. why adam laroche retired rathere than follow orders from his new and later, an eagle watch wh


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