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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  March 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> i accidentally shot andidtall killed my best friend.yes >> what he told the officerold f who killed jacai colson about making a tragic mistake. then, controversy over theco mayor's proposed homelesseless shelter sites.te residents voicing theirnts voicn concern about locations andns a the costs for taxpayers.yers plus, metro is back onk o track. track. what the man who made the callhc to shut everything down isg down saying tonight about the unprecedented steps and why itdh was worth it.woh it. fox5 news at 6:00 starts now.ow >> ♪ >> and we thank you for♪ joining us tonightnd w.e toight i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. tonight members of the prince george's county police's department are devastated over the friendly fire death of officer jacai colson. >> a tragir c mistake was made s during a chaotic shootout andoua it's not the first time prince george's county police haventy h lost one of their own in this t way.wa fox5's paul wagner joins us jns now with the story.tory paul. >> reporter: tony and shawny ans 27 years ago gary summers shoteo his best friend during a druga d raid in riverda
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the two were teammates in theeam special operations division and were trying to open theing door of an apartment when the assault went dreadfully wrong.yg mark murphy was killed whichd wi left gary summers withmms w thoughts of suicide. sci that's gary and mark runningun together in support of thepportf special olympics and in this t photo that's mark on the lefteft after another successful the pictures now hanging ining gary summers' office where heffh can see his buddy every day. >> we did everything together. t we did everything.vethin and we went through a lot of l doors together.or >> reporter: but on theutn fateful day in august of 1988,9, the door they were trying tog to go through suddenly swungg open. >> and now we had a suspectct there. very similar to the other oer night it's a quick make a decision, my decision was to fire. mark could -- could see more ser of the suspect than i couldould and made a determination to stand up and he came in between m
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on the suspect and i actuallycta shot and killed my best >> reporter: at that momentat m gary summers says he felt like t he was on an island and knowing what was coming askedine him self if he really wantedyan to go through it.hrgh it. >> i had to really think out there. i had a wife and three kids k that depended on me he. that really played heavily invii my mind, you know, but honest to god i didn't want to gont t g through it. >> reporter: summers was 35 years old at the time and seriously thought of ending his life. hi >> all i can remember at thathat moment, the day or so after so t was i want to talk to somebodyod who's been in my shoes, who'shos actually experienced what i experienced. >> reporter: gary summers garsum says he talked with the capitol police officer whoce oir accidentally shot his sergeant during a training exercise. exes and with the help of a o psychologist, his family andgi,i the police department, he survived.iv. >> eventually i came to the --he i came to the conclusion thatiot accidents happen
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something and still with the right set of circumstances antac accident happens. >> reporter: so last mondayr: night gary su smmers did for thr officer who shot jacai colsonol what another officer did for him 27 years ago. a >> i was there mainly to let him know, one, that he's not hsn the only one that this hashis ever happened to so he didn'te ' feel like i did when it happened.haed and two, i wanted to tell him h my story so that he knew that he could trust me. >> reporter: the policeor chief revealed this wteeek the k officer who opened fire onn officer colson viewed him as a threat and shot him intentionally during a chaotic a gun battle outside the t district three station.a >> take your time.e your t >> reporter: today gary gar summers works as a firearms fira instructor for the montgomeryr county police and mark murphyfo is never far frome an his mind. >> i wish that we could bee sitting on the front porch talking about all of the fun
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we had together, absolutely,bsu, he was an awesome police pol officer and like i said, he he was -- he was one of my heroes. >> reporter: gary summerste says the officer he met wr:ithet monday night is strong willedgd and appeared to be okay but inut the coming days he says thatha officer needs to be reassured rs that what happened was ann accident. he should honor jacai colsonai l and then take care of himselflf and heal if needed summerseededu says he'll be there to help. hel paul wagner, fox5 local news. n >> so much to go through.. thankfully he shared his story. paul, thank you.ou a small sign honoringnon detective jacai colson is up is on the door of the district disc three station. prince george's police shared s e photo of the sign on twitter today. if you take a close lookse l there, you can see the bullet tt marks in the door.heoor. the sign reads the scars thatha these doors bear are silent testimony to the bravery ofto the prince george's county g police officers who went into the face of gunfire to protectsp
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2016. a viewing for detective colson will be held next hd ne thursday in beltsville followed by a special memorial a service on friday in upper marlboro. the detective will then bectiv buried in his hometown in i pennsylvania march 28th. 28t >> d.c. player muriel bowser made a rare appearance at a d.c. council hearing today to ty support a plan that has many m at odds. os. at issue, new proposed pro homeless shelters all over thele city. new questions about the cost t and the mayor's connections too owners of the proposed sitespose are getting the attention of some council members. mbe matt auckland is live at theandt wilson building with more.or matt. matt. >> reporter: hi, tony, thisy, ti meeting has been taking place all day. it started around 10:30 this morning. morning. if i turn around you canur probably see all the council members' cars still lined no telling how long it will take, about 90 people signed up for this. now, most of the council members, they are agreeing with the mayor. d.c. general has to be closed c down and they even agree thathat
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other places.laces. but now some of them have questions about how thiss shelter program is being bng financed. it's not often you see the oftes mayor at a council hearing. hri but maintaining support isport i important for a shelter program that is generatingenatin many questions and concerns. cce >> the post failed to coveriledv the whole story.e s >> reporter: just last rep night, the washington postto pos reported on the high cost ofh cs the at least $4,500 on average perge unit per month.onth more expensive than many d.c. d apartments.apar also the post reported the proposed sites are owned or partially controlled by majorrol donors to the mayor.ay >> the post did some researcheec and said that some of these of t contracts have been awarded tohe people who supported youred y campaign.mpaign. >> okay. i don't really have anythingly h to say about that.hat. it's clear.le it's obvious and transparent.nst we've put out all the information about the the transactions and we welcomeeel any questions about it.s >> reporter: this a couple coupl lives just 50 fe
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the ward one proposed site.d s they welcome the new homelessewm shelter but are concernedr bu about being left out of theg leo decision making process and the cost to taxpayers.axpars >> i'm just more concernedonrn about how much money we are spending on this. t we could have done a better job essentially and helpedel more homeless people if weess p only paid more due diligence financially. >> reporter: jennifer spater: lived in d.c. general last year for a month. jar for she supports the mayor andppor says there has to be an to alternative to helping theping homeless now. >> there's still other families, hundreds of familiessf that still have yet to go g through the process that i'vet i gone through. >> reporter: most councilr: mos members agree the time to acte o is now a. now but the financing of thesecing o projects needs to be reviewed.we >> as i have dug deeper into the financial aspects of the proposed leases and development from the mayor, ifr have a lot of questions and someomf major concerns. cce >> reporter: so many people have questions.have in fact the council membersilem
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hundreds and hundreds off e-mails from residents on this issue. this was just a specialpeal meeting today. basically to hear from publicub and public officials. officials no vote today. tay that should happen next month nx and one more thing before we bee leave you, tony, there's a lotrt of discussion about the wardn five fight. last week we took you there.he it's in the middle of an o industrial area.industrial a it's near strip clubs. eolot of people are upset about that and it seemed like sd from what the council memberscie were saying today that they would be possibly opened to moving that site but the way w that the legislation is is written, it's all or so, it's believed the mayor t would have to come in and amend it as well.end it a so, there's probably going to gt be a lot of work taking place pa behind the scenes. s live at the wilson building,n bd matt ackland, fox5 local news. >> you probably noticed metro m rail is back up and running on g a normal schedule tonighton following yesterday'say unprecedented shutdown. shuow metro's general manager says all 26 of the damaged electrical cables found duringa inspections have been
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replaced. moving forward he says moreay rigorous and regularrirous inspections will be theonll b standard for metro.dardor m now when asked about his a h decision to shut down the entire rail system, paulau wiedefeld said he always wants a to move quickly when it canickl comes to passengers' >> you know, to be frank, i wish i hadn't had to make to those decisions. dis i wish that a blizzard hadn't come in. i wish in i hadn't had what had occurred 48 hours ago but whenoe they do can do you mean me iu am going deal with them in a very decisive -- i'm going to gt make the decision and we'rere going to go and we're going town do it based on safety of they oe customers and employees andan that's how we're going do make m these decisions.isions. >> the general manager is alsoao working on a plan to replace all 600 metro cables in thelein near future.ut >> has mat crews were calledat out for a report of an c explosion at ther national zooz today. the zoo says no people orr animals were hurt. h a contractor working in akingn mechanical area near the over and otter exhibits noticed a smell of chlorine.hl he left the area and heard a hrd loud bang.lo crews are trying to determineyi the ngcause.
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>> an effort to protectefrt t families and firefighters iners the district is now law. mayor muriel bowser signed ariel bill to limit exposure toosurto flame retard danders that are de known to cause cancer. c >> this is a huge proactiveroaci step in fighting back against cancer. one, that is an initiativeti going on nationwide which we continue to fight but it'ss ever -- i'm ever so grateful gte that the city that we work foror takes our heah and safety seriously.y. >> the law prohibits the t manufacture or distribution ofit any furniture or children'shire products that contain chemicals that are known carcinogens.carcinogens. still to come tonight atome 6:00 a new eaglet could arrive any time now.anti >> that's right. rig the crack in one of those eggsse at the national arboretum iss getting bigger. we'll show you how schools are using the eagle cam as a teaching tool.oo >> and you better be nice n during your next trip to theri o doctor. do we'll tell you how being branded a difficult patient d coul
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hey, sueif,ct another beautifull day. day. >> it is absolutelyt bsol delightful. we got up to 69 degrees today,do shawn and tony, a perfecter happy saint patrick's day for everybody and the luck of thed h irish is with at this hour it's 65 degrees.5 e we expect a lovely evening. eni and i don't know if you heardw d this during our 5 o'clock newscw but we do still have snow in sno the forecast for the first day r of spring. we're talking about what youut can expect this weekends when fox5 news at 6:00 returns. >> ♪
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with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. [thwack] the spring home event. from classic to contemporary, havertys. >> ♪ >> lawmakers on capitol hill demanded answers today on thense water crisis in flint,is i flint michigan. michigan's governor rick gover snyder testified before the t house oversight and governmentet reform committee. committee. flint's drinking water was contaminated with lead from corroded pipes after the city switched to a new water source s to save governor snyder admitted to adm the failing of his administration in the crisisra but he does not ptilan to resi n resign. >> when you have experts thatha you relied on, theyve failed.
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a responsibility for that.ha i kick myself every day e wishing i would have demande d more answers and asked more questions but put it in context, when something badethig happens, and this is and t terrible tragedy, this has been the humbling experience of my life... >> words than just a humbling al experience. >> to walk away from it.o walk i'm making a commitment tomi solve this problem because people deserve better. >> flint switched to the new swi source for water in apri april 2014. governor snyder insists heor s didn't know about the elevated e lead levels until october 2015c1 when residents were told to td t stop drinking the water.. thousands of children were w exposed to that contaminatedmina water.water. >> cuba is now officially officl the list of can countriesntries whose sports are considered "security risks by the united states." the move by the obamae o administration will make itstrai easier for cruises and other o slips to travel back and fortskf between the two companies.ompani the announceme
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three days before president obama heads to cuba for the very first u.s. presidential u visit there in g. >> still to come at 6:00 could it be the eaglet is landing?andi >> i don't know.>> i i hope so. fingers crossed 'cause i'vesed s been staring at this all day.nga we're also keeping a close eye on the eagle cam at thehe e national arboretum. the new eaglet is expected anyea time now. we're going to show you howing local schools are using the a excitement as a learning experience. >> and is your county one ofounn the healthiest in your state? ns find out if where you livere yol tops the newly releasedead rankings. >> and a short trip to target can equal higher home values.mev having a house located nearly a target store can increase the value of your home by 27 percent.nt. >> what. >> that equals a gain of about a $65,000. >> i don't believe it. >> come on perkins. this same report also fou cndlsd that living near a wal-marting w store increases your home's hom value by about 16 percent.6 rc we did not find out how much how living next to a five guys five
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value. [laughter][l >> it would make me happier.makp >> we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> heads up here many youds up n might want to be on your best behavior on your next trip to ti the doctor when patients areiens disruptive doctors make moreore mistakes.mist you can be branded as the study noted dealing withlint pain or discomfort is tough so doctors should be trained to beo deal with patients' disruptive >> hm. >> okay. >> all right. newly released rankings show how hea>>lthy your county isr cs compared to the rest of your state. state. montgomery county came out onoua top in maryland with howardth hd down in seconds place. i not bad. in virginia loudoun county was number one followed by fairfax f and arlington you can can check out where your county ranks in -- or at county health
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researchers compiled thecomt rankings using a variety ofsi factors including air andg air a water quality, crime, education, access to healthcare, tobacco use andse diet and exercise.ise. normally healthy is not n the first word you think of t when it can comes to toe >> researchers have now foundhes that ingredients in beer couldul help fight cancer. scientists at the universitynivt of idaho say some of the acidscs found in the hops used to make beer could prevent cancer and inflammatory the scientists are hopingma to he can tract compounds from cuns those hops to create newe ne treatments. previous studies have showntu beer can can also cut the riskdk of a stroke as long as it isokal consumed in moderation. >> uh-huh.h- that's the key, moderation. >> so, it was beer that can do n that and two glasses of wine ain night can help you lose >> yeah, that's right.ea >> we're going to be happyoi tonight. [laughter]gh >> we need to double-checkneed where these studies are coming n >> who's behind these studies.en [laughter]augh >> but i'm not surprised byisedy that i have to say.
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>> yeah, i think they'rere everywhere. >> okay, i'm glued to this all g daluy. sue and i were going sit herengh last night with our glasses oflf wine and watch >> we almost got into thehe morning show stash of winein because we thought we were one the cusp of seeing the baby eaglet. >> uh-oh. they're standing up >> they keep getting upepting looking.ok >> is that a crack in the other egg? >> can you drop the banner?an >> there are more cracks. aree >> oh, we are so in prime in time. >> the other egg, that's a e, th piece of --f >> oh, is that a -- >> that one egg -- >> the one egg on the leftne there is definitely cracked and we are keeping an eye, a, a close eye on this, everybody. live images here from the national arboretum.rboretum of course these eagles knownleso as the president and the first we are expecting eaglets any any day now. >> yay!ay >> any moment now. a >> this has been so this has be incredible. we saw mr. president fly in an little bitting a with dinner din for momma, he laid a fish down in there and i've seen another eagle cams.
6:21 pm
you watch the feedinghe processo just amazing but this is outstanding.ts it's making me realize thatli t these animals do so much more than we ever thought. >> absolutely.>> >> and, you know what, they have captured the attention and the excitement at eagle academy public charter schooltel southeast. students are tracking the eagles. they've bringing homeless sonsol and sharing with their families. >> he thought that eagles weret very protective of their eggs ts and i told him that they were we but they just didn't see the people recording them. [laughter] >> i love to hear little kidsit talk about stuff like this.ike >> that's cute.e. >> anything in general because e they're so sweet.we >> i was just glancing o >> nothing yet but we'll keep kp you pope francised. >> we had the feed up in the ith weather center on the huger cent monitor.motor. high to tear myself away to go g get ready for the news. >> should we caution people peo because sometimes bad things happen. happen. >> right. >> that's a good pointer.t'
6:22 pm
kids monitoring it you want toa be there when the eaglet comesag out just in case something bad d happens.ens. >> that's exactly right, good point.oint. hopefully everything will goryil well with this.ith t we've been in good shapedha weather-wise.we >> yes, we sure sur >> very flies. we have a little setbacklitt coming. beautiful day, right.l day,ht >> beautiful, yes.iful, >> absolutely great.>> a you know, two years ago on this date do you guys knowk what happened?appened? >> it snowed? >> yes. >> i was going say there. oi snow? i snong up wonder why.nd because we may have one moree oo shot of snow as we look ate lk t this beautiful saint patrick's day here across the city ands th we want to get you ready fordyor it. the timing would be mainly sunday morning into sundayo s afternoon for some accumulation but you could seeon it as early b as saturday night with a rain/snow mix. mix a few showers today, most over to the eastern shore.stern s we'll keep a spotty shower inwe the forecast for your suspects saint patrick's day eveningic but after about 7 o'clock or so after the sun goes k'down goe here in a little while we'llle see these showers greatly diminishing. and this is the march snow that yes, it has happened twope years ago, we got 3.9-inches.9-c
6:23 pm
it was 32 that day. t day. and just two days prior to that the temperature wasre w 70 degrees. d. so, that's what march is known o for and here we are with a wit high temperature today of 69. 6. we just about thisd back up at 6 o'clock to 65 degrees and it's 70 in fredericksburg. by the time we get to theeto weekend we'll be lucky to hit t 40 on sunday and that's why wes have a chance of rain or snow or in the forecast because of anbef area of low pressure that willt be at the coast.oa fore for your saint patrick's day evening it's a littleing breezy out there. breezes will settle down a bit later. lat we'll keep your planner ater 61 degrees with an isolatedte 57 at 9 o'clock.'clo and by 11 o'clock, 53.oc 5 so, we got off pretty seesretty this y no doubt about abo i here's the setup for overnigh overnight. clearing skies as high pressure builds friday will start out gesreat.ue this front will come through w in the afternoon and when itiloa does, that's the beginning ofegg the cooldown that we will feel f for the weekend.for the in fact, we can show it to you y on our temperature trend tomorrow about 64 degrees, nicer in the morning than inhe the afternoon. mthafte it will get breezy and cooler co throughout the aft
6:24 pm
evening. and that brings us tous to saturday. only 48 degrees.ees. sunday 41.1. and monday 49 degrees. 49 gr at the surface again that's tha the front coming on through t and then we'll watch that areare of low pressure that will bewill setting up over at the coasthe c that could bring us again us a showers mixed with snow latewat on saturday an rain/snow mixn/sm on sunday and potentially poteni enough to accumulate. accumulat. the setup is this, with thehe cold air coming on in, our area of low pressure moves to the coast and maybe some som accumulation in the it will be more substantialest and possibly a bigger stormge s for new right now we're thinking anhinkg inch or two on grass but stay bs tuned for this on sunday and a we think that that would be ending about mid flight onbo mid sunday, maybe just a few flurries left on monday and my then look at this, big warmup for next thursday. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. we don't have a lot left ine a our newscast. but weather-wiseou we just spens the entire commercial breakalrek watching the eagle cam butle b here's the seven day for you. yu >> we love it.e >> we have a nice dayice da tomorrow.rr it gets cooler tomorrow night. the weekend is a little bit ofs a setback and it won't feel feel like spring on sunday butter it sure will by the end ofll btn next week.ex we're warming up >> happy saint patrick's day everybody. >> we'll see you tonight at 10:00. stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: it looks like madonna may have to pull a train because amtrak won't, she's so late. >> people couldn't even get home she was so late. >> the trains had stopped running. >> so aren't there ubers and cabs? harvey: this is in briz-bane. >> brisbane and, yes, we have cabs. [laughter] >> rihanna is filming a new music video. she's still not wearing any clothes. she's holding a gun, which makes it hotter for some reason. >> no, that's bad. >> why is it bad? >> promotes gun violence. >> ok, back to boobs. >> back to boobs. >> zach miko. >> back to boobs. >> zach miko. he's the new male plus-size model. >> there's nothing out of the ordinary with this guy. harvey: he will model something and you will say i can buy that and look as good as him. >> he's not going to do


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