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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 18, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> this is fox5 news morning. >> and a good friday to you g everyone. we've made it to the end of another work week. hope it was not too bad for you despite the metro closedown and we did have nice weather to break things up a bit butoo is de again, we are h good morning everyone.od morning the weekend. weeke let's all celebrate.s all celebe thanks for joining us.ning us. i'm maureen umeh alongside a wisdom martin and holly d.c. police say they're investigating a case ofing case alleged rape at sidwelltidwell friends school in northwestst d.c. and that's where we find fox5's melanie alnwick this morning. melanie, what is latest withes this story? s >> reporter: we don't have a lot of details here. very little information to go go on from d.c. police. pol all we can tell you is that it this was reported close tod c 11:00 p.m. on wednesday and it was alleged to have happenede he right around 2:30 or sometime ot after 2:30 on wednesdayed afternoon.n. so, i'm not sure exactly whatctw time school dismisses.diis and we also don't know what's w really unclear is where on thehe school property this happened. e but police do sa
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two teenagers, a male an female, both in their upperir u teens and apparently d police according to what is inni the police report say they had d a prior sexual relationshipatnsp and that is pretty much it. not a whole lot of otherolt of details in terms of what may have led to this or perhaps what happened but again, we can tell youl y that police are investigatingnvs it. no arrests have been made.ade. now, we were not able yet to t contact, though we are working on it, folks at sidwell schoolch to try to get a comment fromme them because it doesn't appear that -- it didn't involvet invov school administration orn teachers itself.elf. we want to be absolutely clearee on that. this was something that isom alleged to have happened hap between two students. s the school did tell theid tell washington post, however, that the school always cooperates with any law enforcementnfce investigation and that they doty not comment on cases likeik this. this live in northwest, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. n >> all right, 4:31 is the time. also happening today
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unprecedented 29-hour metro9-hom shutdown it was back to business for rideers. the rail system is back up andte running but safety inspectionsps did reveal 26 badly frayed fraye electrical now, despite thispite inconvenience general managerang paul wiedefeld says that mosts s people were grateful andrafu understood it was a safety move. mo >> you know, to be frank i wish i hadn't had to make t m those decisions, i wish that at blizzard hadn't come in, icon, wish that we hadn't had occurred what happened 48appen hours ago. when they come to me i'm going to deal with them -- i'm going-m to make the decision and we'rene going to go and we're going tori do it based on safety of they customers and employees and that's how we're going to makeo these decisions. >> to instill a safety culturey at metro he wants to get the agency he to a place wherelace w people don't think twice before stepping onto a metro train.trn. >> jacai colson, the prince thep george's county police officerou killed during a shootout.nt a viewing for detective colson will be held next thursday inhu
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memorial service on friday iny upper the detective will be buriedcti in his hometown in i pennsylvania on march 28th.8t a small sign honoring honor colson is now up on the doorn te to the district three station.ti the department posted this photo on twitter. twitt take a really close look. close you can see the bullet marksulla in the door. d the sign reads, "the scarss there these doors bear are silent testimony to the bravery of the prince george'she county police officers who went into the face of gunfire toe protect one and all on march 13th, 2016". >> we now know the identity ofdt a man found shot to death in northeast wednesday night. he's darnell richardson ofhan cheverly maryland.d. police were called to benningca road shortly before 9 p.m.m. they found richardson slumped s erer the steering wheel of histe car. investigators say someone shotaa him. police are looking for hisoo for killer. they are offering a $25,000 a $0 reward for information that leads to an arrest in the case. case. >> we're learning more about aeo sex scandal in d.c. involving iv a retired federa
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terry mitchell from utah claims richard roberts sexually assaulted her decades d she was a witness in a murder m trial and roberts was servingd o as a federal prosecutor. psecu roberts says the sex wasex consentual and plans to challenge the lawsuit in court. ur that lawsuit says robertssuit manipulated mitchell who washell 16 at the time into having sex with him before, during and after the trial. t >> he tells her you can't tellal anybody because if you do,y y there will be a mistrial and joseph paul franklin will walk w free. ee. she knows he'll kill again. ain >> shock. it's clearly not the man i know.. and everything that's in thishas lawsuit, all the allegations all are just for me just an anathema.anat they just don't fit with the reputation that he's built he's here in the district ofre idi columbia. >> now, mitchell agreed to beo e identified through hered thrgh h attorney. attorney. the lawsuit was filed onwsuit wa wednesday and hours later
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roberts stepped down as chiefpe district judge citing health reasons. now to montgomery countyto m where a judge handed a 10 year suspended sentence to a man a accused of sexual assault. 46-year-old chong yi is accused of following a womanf fn into that a campus bathroom bat and assaulting her. he'll report for a mental m health evaluation and endnd noelle treatment.elle >> 4:35 is our time right now. let's get a check of today's t forecast and gary, it's prettysp mild out there right now. >> cool spots, holly. right now we got 30's for frederick and in -- you know, today, it looks great. i mean, lots of sunshineunshe today. a few high clouds but lots ofutl sunshine and the only littleittl setback for today is that it'soh going to be fairly breezy, even gusty by this afternoon. at let's look at numbers.t's lo at i want to show you where wehere are this morning under fairnder skies. skie it's 45 for fredericksburg.deckb that ain't bad. a culpeper close to the upper
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winchester 45.winchest and inside the beltway, beltw temperature is sitting at a 53 degrees right now. listen, that could c most of these numbers couldbe c drop off a little more. m wouldn't be surprised ifedf dulles doesn't get down into't w the upper 30' clouds to the south of us, most of those are high and thin. we are fair overhead here an hen beautiful little half moon outan there, if you will, that's il, i think going to be setting hereg pretty soon. today's forecast looks likeike this. this. cool this we'll have a couple of clouds. most of the clouds will be south of us. 47. 61 at noontime. n notice the wind will kick up aip little bit. b we'll gust over 20 miles pergu but but temperatures mid to upper 60'sn ouuptper there.he big changes for the weekend thee and we're not just talking t about spring arrives on sunday. more on that to erin como is in with a fridayria look at your traffic.raff i like the sound of that, erin, friday, friday look atyoo traffic. >> i like the sound of friday f as well there. fairfax dealinger with a crash on the southbound h side. it's just south of fairfax fai county parkway.arkw still green on our map becaus
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use caution, slow it down.tow we'll let you know if thatnow t changes. 95 north from lorton from the bottom of the beltway that is looking really nice, tm hae tica portion of your ride. 395 southbound mobile roadbi work section of duke street see cleared. we were dealing with dukedeg wi street construction earlier. on the inner loop no incidents d ride to the wilson bridge. bri none that of typical typical congestion yet. things are looking good on good five inbound.five no problems on 301.n 3 morning commute to the 14thg co street bridge is same story o bn the the key bridge, 11th street no problem. south capitol to duke street okay.ay metro gearing up for servicearin at 5:00 that is reportedly onepl or close to schedule.o schele. we'll let you know if that changes. back to you. >> happening today, hpeni investigators are working toarei determine what caused aa chlorine explosion near theloonn beaver and otter exhibits at the national zoo yesterdayes afternoon. no animals or people were hurt r in the incident but the zoohe was forced to close a section as of their american trail. the zoo
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of their water filtrationiltrat systems. sy they expect to reopen the american trail sometime today.. >> historical strip about totor president obama is headed toea cuba. we'll talk about what he'slk a going to do while there.whil >> all eyes on north koreath k after reports that they fired off another missile.nother details straight ahead. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 4:40 is your time this morning. a woodbridge virginia mother under arrest accused ofedf neglecting her own child.ld paulette weston is being held without bond.ound. police say she was chaining her 17-year-old disabled son to his bed at night.ight someone tipped off childed o protective services tuesday. tu. weston is facing several charges.charge the child wasn't physicallysn hurt but he's in the custody c of other family members. membe president obama gearing upo for his historic trip to cuba t next week. while there the president will meet with cuban president raul mr. obama is the first he f president since calvin c coolidge to visit thatsihat country. the president announced annou normalizing relations withg retn cuba back in december of 2004.00 now to the latestes overseas. overseas north korea has launched area ha missile just days after leaderea kim jong un ordered nuclear weapon the missile went abouten 500 miles before hitting there t sea off its east coast
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that's a look at some of the other stories we'rer storiee following this th wisdom and holly, back over tov you. >> coming up, burglars robbed rb a local elementary school stolen i'd up and down taken u from the school werep found ono the black-market. police need your help findingp g the >> it could happen any momentt we've seen a lot of activity acv in the eagles nest at the u.s.. national arboretum.rb the latest progress as thehe eaglet tries to break freees t from its shell.fromts she gary. >> thanks a lot guys.t listen, lots of talk about t here. looks really good today but still expecting winter to comerm become for what's up with that? full forecast coming up.
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♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> yes, we are still on eagle watch this the first of two eggs at theegga national arbet
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hatching and the cracks in thec shell growing bigger by the minute. minute. wooer going to keep checkingto on it keeping our eye on the nest all morning long. the second egg has just started the hatching processro this weekends which means we could have two baby eaglets by next week. >> ♪ >> you know it strikes me sotrio funny because they were like the okay, it started pipping in 24ig hours, we could have a eaglet.v. they don't know.w. it's just >> kind of like the blossoms, bo isn't it. isn't >> they come when they want toeo come. >> that's exactly right. here we go.heree go now, this is -- look, i late l to even say this but we couldou get some snow this weekend.nd. >> gary. just when i was starting totart like you. >> a couple of days, it'st' taken this long. a couple days ago i was ongo i o social media and people wereia e just all over me accusing meusie of using the snow word to get t clicks and to be dramatic. dti >> you would do that?that >> no, i would never -- that's-t what i was saying i would was s never do that. tha it just looks like we're goingee
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and it could be a big. >> stop it. >> now she's listening.istening >> i can reel them in.l th let's get right to theht t currents here. 53 degrees reagan national. dulles is 40ea.s 40. bwi marshall is 48. so, temperatures are kind oftur all over the place thisov some upper 30's. 3 some 40's and some low 50's 5 here in town. tow weekend forecast, here it is. it's 48 tomorrow for a high hig temperature.temp if we get sunshine tomorrow,intr it will be the first couple ofoo hours of the morning and then at the clouds come in.clou showers will be here by the b t afternoon, okay.y. it looks like rain for rai f tomorrow afternoon.ftno tomorrow night transitioning into some rain and some snow. ao sunday here in town it looks ilo like rain and snow. snow. farther north, northwest the way it's looking now it mayow end up being all snow on sw sunday, okay.,y. and remember, spring arrivesiv on sunday. how about that? >> so, there's your forecast.r . now, look, without furtherur adieu let's get right to itht because in terms of a snow s
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that march 19th into marchar 20th and we're talking about a reasonably good chance ofood ceo getting some accumulatingumat snow, listen, the blue is the possibility of a little accumulating snow. sno the southern area of this blue l coloring, that would really be d.c., down into southern south prince george's county, headedgc down towards prince william wilm county, listen, this would wou just maybe just be a little coating on grassy areas. o as you go farther north and northwest into this blue, b that's where maybe, and we'rend' not settling on any type of accumulation potential yet but maybe one to two to three into plac tes up here especially onel the grassy and then farther south you're sr just talking about getbout g something flakes in and very little, if any, accumulatingumug snow. snow here's friday. look what happens tomorrow.happ mostly rain comes in. rain comes higher elevations this is snow s tomorrow afternoon.tomo as we get into sunday morning, early, early, 3 a.m., a little l bit of accumulation happeningio back up to the north and the
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west, mainly rain to the south. what happens on sunday, sunday afternoon, that's the big dealel with this our in-house model here h futurecast takes it to mainlyo i rain for us. rain to be honest, it's too early e to tell exactly where thater t transition line is and exactly where that is going to take just keep that in mind. we'll be dealing with that deali through the morning and into the afternoon. gusty, cold rain and snow on sunday. sn next week we warm back up intoa the 70's.e 7 how about that? here's erin como.como because that's spring inth washington, d.c.shin that's what happens.ha >> you get a little taste of spring, it teases you and then t back to the snow.back tthe just can't make up the mind, min right. >> right. >> that's okay. cherry blossoms are coming. ts i i'm excited.i'm excited. >> and eaglets, too, they tell me. me. >> yes. it's a good time of year as you make your way out this oi friday morning the outer loop oo across the american legionri bridge looking nice.ookingic just a touch of volumee starting to pick up.ngpick up. we'll check in with our maps. m. aside from the outer loop theutr looking good, inner loopd, inn o ro
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problem free as well.el same story in frederick.deri 270 south by the truck scales sa we don't have the usualehe morning can congestion kickingni in just yet as you get through r gaithersburg and rockvilleoc same s this crash activity issh actity blocking the shoulder andr should be cleared soon.ld be it's south of fairfax county parkway on 95 southbound. and then as you make your wayu r out on 395 road work hasas cleared on the southboundd he s side. northbound side looking really l nice. ni we have no problems on constitution avenue, independence. avenue. metro gearing up for service that is on time. t that's your traffic. back to you. to >> erin thank you.>> erin thank. a local man is urging d.c.rd and their community leaders to help stop the violence in i washington.shin now, anc commissioner paulioner transom represents ward eightarh and says crime poverty and a lack of jobs are residents' resn main concerns there.he. he's partnering with local pastors to organizing youth youh forums literacy and jobs job >> pastors have a obligationblio to go
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churches and reach peopleeo where they're at to bring themne where we're at.t. i call at least 10 my constituents a day just to sayay hello, how you doing, is theren anything that i -- you needou done or can can i help you with. with. >> the reverend says it willeren take the entire community tomniy fix the issues of crimefme violence and poverty. pty >> search is on this morningorng for two men who broke into ant charter school in southeast sth and stole at least 10 least elementary school surveillance cameras caughtce the man on tape. police are hoping you recognize them. tm. the burglary happened february 28th at the eagle8th academy public charter school. o school security official saysias some of the stolen ipads did did end up on the investigators know because the ipads contain a security sec program that makes the device useless once it's activated.cti. if you recognize these men, m please call police.ol >> also in the district mayoricr muriel bowser made a rare a rar appearance yesterday duringa
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d.c. council hearing to support a plan there has manyan at odd the issue new proposed propose homeless shelters over theerover city. a new report from thew port washington post is askingon questions not only about thet oe cost but also about theout mayor's connections to ownerso r of the proposed site. se. >> the post did some researchom and said that some of these of t contracts have been awarded tovr people who supported youred y campaign.cagn >> okay. i don't really have anythinghing to say about that. tha >> agreed the time to actor ism now but say the financing ofinao these projects needs to beeeds t reviewed. still no word on whatord ont caused the fire that damaged a marlo heights apartmenthe complex that broke outx that wednesday on saint barnabas road. flames were so intense the roof collapsed.of coled. no one was hurt. hurt. 11 apartments were damaged the red cross is helping the threent dozen people displaced because of that fire find a place to live. live >> tense moments on capitol mom hill. house lawmakers grilled g michigan's governor and theerno head of the environmentalonntal protection agency over the o flint water democrats say governor ricknor k snyder knew about theyder dangerous drinking water but w failed to do anything about
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republicans say that epa administrator gina mccarthyina r bears the burden and should resign.resi 100,000 people in michigan are a still without clean drinkingrinn water. wate >> students in newark, newnts jersey, are now being testedes for exposure to lead.e l officials started testingarted students a week after elevated a lead levels were found in thefon drinking water in more than two dozen newark schools. schoo as many as 17,000 children child will be checked. ccked furious parents say more should have been done to protect their kids.s. >> everything should have beenan tested. the kids should have been shoul tested, the water should have been bottled water should have beenth brung in the first day they knew anything about this leadin situation. >> city officials are urging calm. they say the lead levels inels the newark schools don't don compare to the crisis in flint, michigan.ichi >> after years of criticism,ritm seaworld is changing its program. the theme park announced itoued will no longer breed killered k whales in captivity.c the
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be ending the theatrical shows featuring the whales. seaworld says it's 29 killer kie whales will remain captivity but in new natural encounters. >> 33 will still be there. tre >> okay. >> it will be much moree much me educational and you'll learn l about the plight of the killerph whales in the wild as opposedth to a theatrical show. >> the move comes in the wakeak of mounting criticism from there animal activists regulators regt and law make here's say they can conditions are t inhumane.e. they range from one to 51on to years old.yearld some could remain on display for decades. >> virginia cavaliersirgia advancing to the next round ther after being the hamilton hamilto pirates by 36 points. the school's largest margin ofg victory in an ncaa tournament meme. next up for virginia is butler e on saturday. the terps, maryland tipsip things off at 4:30 p.m. against south dakota state inotn spokane. here's what mark tur jen wants j to see fro
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>> you want to have as much m fun as you can. c every coach says that. t it's so important that thent tt guys are enjoying the moment. it's a lot of pressure onre these guys.ese the more fun we can have, h doing everything we can do and n don't do it long get everybodyee on the same page and that's at'a recipe for success. sucss >> wizards looking for a third t straight win in a season sweepse of the sixers. ser wizards built a 24-point leadinl but the sixers tide it at 84.t 8 it was a close one but the wizards pull off a victory 99-94.4. now 33 and 35, that's their tir record. record they trail the chicago bullshico by a game and a half for thehe last playoff spot. spo >> well, get ready to go on an extreme adventure with this week's fox beat free friday.ri you can win four tickets to t see ringling brothers androths n barnum and bailey presentspres circus extreme at the verizonher center 7:30 saturdayurda april 2nd.apri >> the prize pack includes a
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card a-gift bag that includesbah a coloring book, ring master hat a stuffed tiger and stuffed elephant swells deluxe program and miniature circus cir cannon replica. repli >> to enter fore a chance tote win go to the cr ontest page on betweencom/ now and 11:59. one winner selected at randomd o on drawing on march 21st. >> beautiful morning out thereul on this friday. m temperatures are chilly inon some spots but just into others. we have dropped into the upperp 40's here in town now.n we were 53. wer we've come down to 49. fair skies and that's allowing l temperatures to drop off so dro it's a jacket or a sweaterr a sr morning. frederick at 36. culpeper has come down to 38 degrees. dulles went up.du they were 40. now they're 45. gaithersburg 43 and baltimore is holding in there withn the w temperatures in the upper 40'se4 as well.
4:56 am
for annapolis at 54. so again it is really one ofof those mornings where ite mo depends on where you annapolis just dropped down to d 51. a few clouds down to the southoe of us.of u we're sunny, actually winds will be gustye g this afternoon. afton. 66 for a high temperature.h tema someplace right up close to 70 degrees. here's erin como.he >> reporter:. >> 4re:56 right now gary andig d taking a look at our friday fda commute. comm 95 northbound moving really nicely from falmouth into garrisonville. once you get north of thatet no point same story through dale d city and woodbridge.dge. we'll let you know when that kno normal congestion picks up onget 95. crash activity on theh ac southbound side blocking the shoulder after fairfax countynty parkway. volume is still light as youigha head into lorton.he it's not going to cause youse y any major slowdowns.lowdowns. caution through that accidentro scene road work 395 southboundboun cleared.clea and the northbound side acrossos the 14th street bridge ise is quiet. quiet. across the 11th street bridge1ti you're looking good.dg we're problem freree on our secondaries in the districts in and metro is gearing up forri service in the next fewew
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minutes on or close tor cl schedule. i'll let you know if anything else changes but aw s for right now no alerts to report andt a metrobus is on time. t any questions with yourit morning commute at erin fox55 d.c. back to you.backo you. >> all right. still ahead d.c. police saypol they are investigating a casegac of alleged sexual abuse at the prestigious sidwell friends school in northwest days.west dy a live report coming up.omin >> let's take a live looke a lio outside this morning.this mning spring starts this weekend.rtisw however, the thermometer trm didn't get the memo. m we're going to have your full t forecast ahead and what's this about a chance oo f some snow? ? say it isn't't that's all coming up at 5:00 at0 a.m. on fox news morning. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> right now at 5:00, d.c.0, d. police are investigating an alleged case of sexual abuse abu at a prestigious d.c. private school. scho we've got details >> plus we've got our eyesur e fluid to a pair of bald eaglesea at the national arboretumrb where the first signs of hatch having begun. it could happen any minute maybe. maybe. we're there live.e ere li >> here's a live look outside oi because spring starts this weekend but it's not going tooit feel like it.ele get ready for a big drop in i temperatures and a chance ofe snow. >> what? >> don't say that.on >> got to keep it real.t rl. got to give them whether t


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