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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  March 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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>> that is correct. >> the senate republicans breaking ranks plan to meet with judge garland for two weeks. kristin fisher, fox news. >> thanks for joining us tonight at 11:00. i'm marina marraco in for lauren. >> and i'm jim lokay. first up on fox 5 we are talking weather. cold, dreary, snow flurries. >> gwen, the weather not looking like spring today. >> i know. it is the first day of spring. we should be talking flowers and sunshine. but unfortunately, like old man winter doesn't want to get out of the picture. let's take a look at our maps and show you what's happening out there. radar definitely indicating that winter weather across the region and here you go. you can see we've got a mixture of rain and some wintry mix. a little bit of sleet in there also i want to add. and we've also got some of the snow. very light in
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still there. and it is continuing to move its way off to the northeast. that's the pattern for tonight. and we'll see this gradually starting to taper off. but here's a little closer look for you. and some of our areas where they're seeing the light snow, it's just accumulating on grassy surfaces. nothing that's really sticking at all and that's good news and that's because the surface temperatures are above freezing. i'm not going to rule out an icy spot here and there, but generally it will not be doing that at all. rain with a little bit of snow mix and that's what happens. light snow north and northwest of dc, no accumulation. tapering off overnight and by predown we might have a lingering sprinkle but other than that it will be out of the way as we get ready for a drier day on your monday. we're talking temperatures into the 30s, 38 degrees i should say and here is a look at current temperatures elsewhere. we've got 39 at quantico, 37 at winchester. 36 degrees at baltimore. so your overnight lo
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low 30s and a little bit onle cool side, definitely. we're not going to be all that warm tomorrow but temperatures will be into the 50s. but we will at least be seeing this making an exit and behind it all some sunshine but it will be a little windy. i'll let you know when it's finally going to warm up like it should for spring and when it will stick around for a few days at least in my 7-day forecast. back to you. >> fox 5 is in prince george's county where the community came together at the scene of a kii on the i can shoot out that killed detective jacai colson just one week ago. alexandra limon is in palmer park with how detective colson was remembered tonight. >> reporter: one week after a shoot-out that happened here outside of the third district police station, hundreds of people gathered for a candle light vigil and at exactly 4:30, the moment the attack began, they held a moment of silence
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colson. somber moments outside of the prince george's county third district police station, the place where a 28-year-old undercover detective was culled. his family joined his law enforcement family with candles in their hands and tears in their eyes, they prayed. >> it's day to day. you hear this all the time, people saying things about he's the best guy in the world, but genuinely, the nice guy in the world. >> police say 22-year-old michael ford opened fire on passing cars outside of the station in an effort to lure officers into a gunfight. something he accomplished. and something that cost 28-year-old detective jacai colson his life. he was killed by friendly fire because he was mistaken for a suspect when he tried to
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intervene in the shootout. >> truly like losing a brother and a sister. there's a whole range of emotions that we go through. but when we do remember ceremonies like this, it's very important for us to come out and participate. it helps with our healing process. >> one of the responding officers to the chaotic scene following the shooting. she says being a police officer's wife is now harder than ever. >> it's very scary. i don't want him out of my sight. i wish i could jump into a new career but i know that's not going to happen. this is where his heart is. >> know that we will never forget. wrap your arms around one another. together as a family and a community we will get through this. >> reporter: services for detective colson will happen over the next few days. the family has asked that his funeral remain priva
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reporting in prince george's county, alexandra limon, fox 5 local news. >> to montgomery now where we're learning new information about catherine hoggle. "the washington post" reports she tried to escape at least eight times from the psychiatric community where she has been hild. her children have not been seen since september of 2014. we are watching history unfold in cuba tonight. president obama and his family are in havana. >> he's the first sitting president in nearly 90 years to visit the island nation. tisha lewis has a closer look at what the visit means for the
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countries. >> history is happening now and they have plenty to say about it. >> i think it's a good thing having an american president. >> fernandez is a first generation cuban american and his wife was born in cuba. >> i haven't gone back since i came to this country. >> reporter: would you visit now? >> maybe, but not right now. >> reporter: even so, right now president barack obama, first lady michelle obama, their daughters and the president's mother-in-law are in cuba and obama is expected to meet with raul castro. >> reporter: do you still have family there? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: what do they think about this? >> they don't agree that he's there. >> reporter: the last president to visit the island nation was calvin
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the embargo has not brought about the result we would like to see so i think there needs to be somewhat of a softening of a rape between cuba and the united states. >> he says the first family's trip is happening too soon. >> i think that it's premature. >> but for robert fernandez, it's a start. >> a lot of people are upset about him being there. i think it's something good. >> while president obama is expected to meet with cuban leader raul castro, mr. obama is not meeting with his brother fidel. tisha lewis, fox 5 local news. >> coming up on fox 5 news at 11:00, we've now got two new baby bald eagles to watch. >> we're going to tell you how they plan to name the new little ones coming up.
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it is the start of holy week at the vatican. earlier pope francis marked palm sunday by blessing palm and olive branches at saint peter's square to commemorate jesus's entrance into
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the influx is for some countries to seal their borders. >> it's been a relatively quiet day on the campaign front as the remaining presidential candidates look towards the next round of primaries on tuesday. >> voters will cast ballots, arizona, idaho and utah. >> reporter: a slightly more subdued sunday. donald trump speaking today at the gop dinner in florida but this event was tame after saturday crowds coming to blows. he's a nice gay and john is a nice gay. and really it's so important that we come together as a party. >> meanwhile senator ted cruz is making his way through arizona and turning his sights on trump. >> donald trump has been supporting liberal democratic pop titions for
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for 40 years. >> and john kasich getting a few jabs. >> i have pointed out times when i thought his language was inappropriate. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton took the weekend off but had her husband on the trail. >> we are in position for the first time since i left office to restore an era of broadly-shared prosperity and to create the most inclusive society. >> three stops. >> we say to the billionaire class, we say to corporate america, we say to wall street, no. this country is not going to become an oligarchy. we are a democracy. >> so the focus turns to western states as arizona, utah and idaho cast votes on tuesday. dan springer, fox news. >> still ahead at
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will it actually start feeling like spring. >> it was a dreary first day of the season. gwen is here she has the answer when things are going to warm up for you, coming up next. when you build one of the biggest retail businesses in america, you spend a lot of time working closely with elected officials. from secretaries to presidents you learn what works in government and what doesn't. and if you're david trone you take those lessons all the way to congress. you pledge to take nothing from pacs or corporations because the only special interest a congressman should have is you
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>> it's a little messy out there. it's been all weekend we've been back and forth with snow flakes and the rain. >> there's good news, right? >> there is good news. there's always good news. it's just one of the variety of things i offer on the weather buffet. a look outside here now, and we've got a whole mixture of things going on this hour. some of it started earlier and some of you didn't see anything, some of you have seen a little bit. and some of you getting more than you would like to have, but it is precipitation in the form of some rain, some light snow, snow showers, a mixture of the rain and snow together. you name it, and it is out there. so, yes. the rain mix and light snow tonight. the good news is it's going to be out of here before too long. it's going to taper off by predawn. i can't rule out a sprinkle but that's about it. a dry, cool monday with some sunshine and temperatures, fantastic temperatures. they are going to be heading to the 70s. that's what we're gog
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up getting for you once we get into hump day. hopefully you'll get to really just kickback and relax and enjoy that part of spring. but in the meantime we've got winter. so here's what's happening. we've got this swath of moisture moving its way up all evening into the northeast and it's going to cause some big issues for new england because that's where it is a lot colder. he so if you're traveling anywhere, if you know anyone traveling up to new england for tomorrow, they have to pay attention to that. we've got this swath of rain, within this we do have a mixture of rain, a little bit of wintry mix with pockets of sleet here and there. it's kind of scattered in nature and then the light snow. here's a little bit of the mix here and there and the rain is a little light in nature. not heavy heavy downpours but it is going to continue to move out. you can see even to the west of us we're starting to get a bit of a clearing. we have a ridge of high pressure that's going to build in behind this system. that's what's going to set us up for a nice trier
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tomorrow. 38 at dc, 36 at frederick, the same at fredricksburg, 36 at baltimore and at leonardtown. this is the good news, because temperatures are above freezing. and i'm not going to say there won't be a few little spots here and there. we're seeing the light snow but generally most of this is accumulating on grassy surfaces. out of the way by tomorrow, ridge of high pressure starts to build in. with that departing low pressure system pulling out, we're going to see some gusty winds tomorrow. so duffel going to be a hang on to your hat day but we'll see mainly sunshine with a few clouds before it's all said and done and it's not going to be bad for us overall. if this is where you're heading tomorrow you know anybody right up here on this corridor, they are going to have snow so definitely we're looking at travel delays. ridge of high pressure in control next few days and what are we talking about some cooler air to the north as well. that is going to settle in. highsto
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by the time we get monday night into tuesday, we do get an influx of that cooler air. that's going to set us up for temperatures overnight to be below freezing to subfreezing. so tuesday night -- monday night into tuesday is going to be chilly and for tuesday that cold wedge stays in plays. we still only have highest in the 50s. it all changes by hump day warm conditions, it's going to be close to the mid 70s by the time we get to thursday. 33 degrees for tonight with the winter weather, 50 degrees tomorrow, just a few clouds but it will be windy and here is a look at your 7-day forecast. take a look here at thursday, 74 degrees, temperatures not bad at all. we're going to see a pretty nice week ahead as we finally get back to the spring-like conditions an spring-like temperatures. nobody is going to comp
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we might get a sprinkle or two by the end of the week, as long as it's only rain or showers. other than that smooth sailing. >> it looks good, wednesday. >> thank you, gwen. >> coming up next at 11:00, we have some sundayizational video from a formula one race in sauce trailia. this crash, the driver lived to talk about it.
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it's just a case of getting to the finish line. the playoffs are in sight and they can fine tune their game for the post season. just five wins away from the record of 48 wins set in 1996. check out this
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capitals once again find themselves in a 1-0 hold. they determined he did not lung his head forward to hit the puck. it was all an accident. the penguins just too much. they put up six goals on 31 shots t capitals have been great all year. capitals lose 6-2 and maybe some of that complacency crept in. >> we hadn't been playing very well. we got lucky tying it up and maybe we got a little complacent thinking if we keep doing this it's going to go our way again. it bit us. they're a hungry team over there. >> i'm not going to let guys off the
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the sloppy play, the lack of execution. when the heat was on. so we had some guys, i felt that they're not strong tonight. >> 436 that's how many games maryland has played since the last time they were in the sweet 16. it's been a long wait but next week the terps return to the third round. maryland advances to the sweet 16 for the first time in 13 years. virginia already in the sweet 16. the cavaliers struggle in the first half. the bull dogs look like they might pull
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>> it's something that we did in the clemson game and it was effective for us then. so we really thought we could take advantage of it tonight as well. we made that kind of in the second half and you know once i got it going in the second half, i was able to just kick it out for those guys and made it a lot easier for them. >> well this is some pretty amazing video. horrifying crash after he clipped the rear destroying his honda race car. taking a look from the dash cam. amazingly, he was able to walk away from this crash. look at the wreckage behind him. he knows just how fortunate he is. >> trying to put everything in my place in my bo
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but, yes. it's frustrating you know one side because we lost an opportunity and probably we lost the whole car because it's very damaged. the second point is that i'm i'm alive. >> yes. the first point we lost the car. the second point i'm happy i'm alive. but they do have a lot of safety precautions. >> the good force on those cars, how fast they're going. >> the car was just shattered. a couple other notes, just dc united home opener tied the colorado rapids and texas a&m made history tonight in 44 seconds came back from 12 down to win. >> 44 seconds? >> that's good. >> we'll be right back. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years.
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>> now there are two. they've been dubbed dc 2 and dc 3. early suggestions on social media include sasha and malia and cherry and blossom. so proceed with caution. >> dc 2 and dc 3 are the least creative names. >> i like it. >> maybe they
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parents. >> we have some time here for some weather. great weather looking into the week. >> into the week, yes. we'll get through tonight where we've got a little bit of light snow and some mix it will be out of the way by tomorrow. >> on behalf of the baby birds.
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