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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 21, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ahead this morning, historyis in the making. m president obama waking up in cuba, the first president to do so in nearly 100 years.ea but it doesn't come without controversy.versy. plus, donald trump in d.c.nd what the billionaireillionai presidential hopeful is doing id in the nation's capitol today. developing this morning,ping new details in the deadly paris terrorist attack. a why authorities now say it could have been even worse. wore and tennis pro serena serving up harsh criticismup this morning. what sparked her powerful hed hr message about the role ofabout e women athletes.lete and later, work it. singer rihanna blown away by b her own fan. f we'll find out what he did that shocked the pop star. fox5 news morning starts s right now.ow >> ♪ >> all right, 4:30 is the time. time it is monday, march 21 it's. live look outside as we get a ga cold start to your day, chilly i start to your
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come back in just a minutet a me give us an update see thousand s things stand for the rest ofor t the day and week as well. w >> good monday morning, i'm, i'm maureen umeh alongside wisdomdes martin and holly morris.or >> at 4:30 police on the scenehe of a double stabbing overnightge in northwest.thst police say two women wereomen we stabbed in the 1000 block of connecticut avenue just afterft 2:00 a.m.2: now, both victims are expected c to be okay. o so far no word an a motive or a possible suspect. spe >> ♪ >> happening now, president now obama waking up in cuba thisuba morning for the first full dayl of his historic trip.ritr >> the president and first fir family arrived in havanaa sunday afternoon. he's the first sittinghe president to visit sinceince president coolidge did back inai 1928. while many hope the trip only o improves u.s. and cuban. and ub relations some are alsore als criticizing the visit. fox's kevin court has thehe latest. >> reporter: a new type of global warming is now takingng t place. and what may be one of the t last melting points in the cold war president obama is inn cuba, the leader of
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world landing in havana onn sunday. the island nation just aboutus a 90 miles off the coast offf thea florida has been a flash pointli between the u.s. and what was then the soviet union.oviet u in the early 1960's the cuban tc missile crisis brought thee crie world closer to a nuclear war w than at any time before or since. a heavy rain seemed to washed away five decades of animosityno as president obama toured thereh old steve havana.av the president says reopening s r the door to cuba has beenn official to both nations. natio >> this is a historic visit vis and it's an historic hto opportunity to engage directlyey with the cuban people and to forge new agreements andagree commercial deals, to build new d ties between our two peopleswe r and for me to lay out high out h vision for a future that's thats brighter than our past.hter that >> reporter: president obama.te is the first sitting u.s.r: pirrstesident to visit cuba sine calvin coolidge did so nearly na 90 years ago.ears ago once a hot spot for american vacationers the island nationd o turn need a cold war thorn inrnn the sized 10 u.s. presidents prs that is until the obama o
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normalize relations.relatio embassys in havana andana a washington are now reopened reo for the first time in more than 50 years.0 though not everyone isverye thrilled with the president's pi trip to cuba.a. >> ever dollar that is spentdot in cuba doesn't go to theo to average can cuban. cub it ends up going to the regime because you can only go to t dollar stores that are owned by the regime to use those dollars to purchase anything a worthwhile. >> reporter: on tuesday president obama will address the cuban people with a careful eye onten the cuban c american population.ulatio during this trip the president is expected to meet with cuban lead era all castro but noto b n with his more famous and controversial brother fid btherf department traveling with thera president in havana, kevin court, fox news. >> now to news developing develn overseas. new details about how thee deadly paris terrorist attacks s back in november happened. h authorities say the suspects arrested in connection withnect the attack may have beenattack planning another. anoth >> the belgian government
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salah abdeslam planned to blow himself up during an attack at the stadium buttock bowed.ow he.he. >> submitted links between theee so-called terrorists and the they are using the same tools,et they are using the sameame apartments, the same locations.lo you want to go up to the subhe in france and to be a suicide bombing but he stopped. stopped >> france is now askingsk belgium to extradite abdeslam as to paris.. however, his lawyer plans tor pa fight for him to say stay inin brussells.sell >> happening today, donalddonald trump will be in the district.ic the gop frontrunner will tourilr the site his new trump hotel downtown. the tour is a head of a pro-israel conferencerenc happening later this week. yet another trump family famil member has received a threatening l
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trump's sister marianne trump tu berry got one in philadelphiahia on friday.da comes just one day after a trump's son eric got a suspicious mail containingontain white powder.whit trump's sister is a judge in philly. the fbi is investigating.tigang tomorrow is another big big primary did you for the gopou candidates. arizona and utah are now up for grabs. gra ted cruz campaigned in arizona hoping to chip a way at donaldcp trump's lead in that state. former president billdentill clinton complaining for hillary in tucson yesterdayn joined by gabrielle giffords g and her husband mark kelly. kel bernie sanders held arnieane rally in washington state.ngtose he spoke to supporters at theert key arena in seattle. s democrats will vote in arizona, utah and idahond >> 4:35 is the time. 4 let's get a check of today'sod forecast and say good morningng to mr. gary mcgrady.ra gary, it was a miserable weekend hopefully things are going toreg get better now. now >> i wasn't going to dwell on that.
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>> i'm going move forward on mov this first full day of >> that's a great idea. i was just giving you a factg from the past before we move forward. >> i understand. thank you for that. >> all right. >> okay, now, let's not mention itk a >> okay. >> here we go. 38 degrees now in town. it's 34 degrees for gaithersburg, 35 for dullesul and culpeper is 34. listen, we have mostly cloudy skies on top of this rightis rig now. there's a little bit of as a wind, probably thend temperatures will drop off a little bit more in spots but as long as we have the clouds, they're not going to drop off much morine and we do believeel the clouds will start breakingrn up. here's satellite picture alongta with snow still hanging on off to the east of us. this is well off eastern iwell s shore, maybe a flurry or two left overand then most oft anything today we'll see we'll s falling around rehoboth, oceanhe city, maybe a little for salisbury, too, as this big storm continues to head up thedp east coast, bring snow to new york, boston, the cape, placesaa like that. here's your forecast for today. we'll begin to see some sunshine by thgiis morning.
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and then the sunshine will be b out today, this afternoon. aerno now, look, it's going to bengo b gust, too winds will be northwest 15 to 20 miles pert 15 hour. we'll have an occasional gust up arounocd 30. maybe even 35 between aboutetwea noon and 3 o'clock today. tod so, even though we're going to have sunshine it's still going i to feel real chilly out thereoue with the wind. the trend is going to be for warmer temperatures.emra i see 70's in our future thiss week. here's erin como with a look wia at your monday morning commute. >> 4:37 goer and some updates out of anne arrundel. arrunde crash activity cleared. good news. bw parkway northbound after a 198 all lanes reopened. reo things getting back to normal.or a little yellow zone leadingea towards that location.oc should be back to normal soonoo if you're heading towards bwi this morning, 95 northboundorbo nice and same story the outer loop ashe s you make your way out in way o montgomery county througher silver spring and bethesy da, b, 270 south from frederick on down to the spur
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same story down into stafford.r. 95 on the northbound sidebound moving very nicely from nicy falmouth into garrisonville.ris. let's take a live look outsideoo in virginia, 95 just fine asin you make your way through dalegl city towards 123.ards 1 bottom of the beltway acrosse la the wilson bridge quiet.ui metro gearing up for serviceg up that is on we've got you covered.u coved back to you.o yo >> 4:38 is the time. maryland has punched its ticket to the sweet 16 with ae 6 73-60 win over hawaii. hai maryland had a big advantage aan in free throws making 28 out out of 31. this marks the eighth advance to the tweet 16. >> disappearance of twof missing maryland toddlers. what we learn ndabout their mother hugh who was the last person to see them alive.sethem >> community comes together to o remember jacai colson as theynst get ready to say their final goodbyes. stay with us. we're back in a moment.
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discover every way to easter at target. get a $10 target gift card when you spend $50 on groceries. see store for coupon. >> ♪ >> down in the news room within some of the top stories we're t working on this morning. just one week after ae to shoott at a police station in princeat george's county, hundredsioed gathered to remember officer jacai colson at a candlelightht vigil.vigi it was held outside districtsids three police station, thee po place where the 28-year-old 2ar officer was police say he was killed by friendly fire. fir
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colson will happen in the coming days.ays. now to indiana where a community is mourning a losss mr of a sheriff's deputy killeduty in the line of duty. governor mike pence has ordered state flags to be to flown at half-staff to honor deputy carl coons.tys. police say he was killed in a shootout yesterday police say he and anothere andth deputy were shot after servingvg a warrant for drug-relatedte offenses. ninety-second deputy is inec stable condition. cdi a retired pennsylvaniaen state trooper is dead after police say he shot and canhot an killed two people on then pennsylvania turnpike.ia turnpik it happened yesterday morning. police say clarence briggsnce bg killed a turnpike employee andpe contractor in a holdup attemptnp at a toll plaza. toll p he was then shot dead by troopers while trying toryg t escape with money. m briggs retired in 2012 with an t honorable discharge. and we have learning more hv about the problems surroundingri metro that caused the system t to shut down last week. the associated press reports
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the mcpherson square station lack insulation. insul these cables were located next to the one in caught fire in mcpherson last monday. m federal officials say thels s national transportation safetyy board inspector inexpected the cables and determined they were not insulated. ins new details about theils abt montgomery county mothergont accused in the disappearance dir of her two children.hi the washington post reportsos r katherine hoggle has tried to escape from the psychiatric fro hospital she's being treated at at least eight times. hoggle's children jacob and sarah were last seen in september of 2014. she is charged with neglect,t, abduction and obstructing otr justice and that's a check of ck some of the other top storiesher we're following today.'re maureen and wisdom, back up toac you. >> also in in the news this then morning as president obama continues his visit to cuba one company looking to crashng t in on that. >> starbucks slapped with a
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cup. plus gary is back with a look at the forecast in a moment.
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>> ♪ >> check it out, check it out.t the wheel at national harbor. okay, it is 38 degrees.8 gr it really feels like fall.ike >> how can this be the first thf day of spring? s >> is this the second?ec >> first full day.>> f full day. >> first full day. >> yesterday was almost a full day, 23 hours and a half. >> spring doesn't want to givedo us the heaest all at once, wants to ease us into it. eus into it. >> we're going get some spring g this week. >> i'm trying put a positive pos spin but apparently it doesn'tst work. >> your doing better than wisdom.wisdom >> i just made a comment aboutme the weekend how miserable iter was. >> talk history, i'm about thebt future. history is history. hisry >> so are we.o are w >> i know holly wants to say s something. she's waiting.shs wa >> i just want to move on.t want >> okay. >> i'm with you.>> come on, let's go. holly
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temperatures this morning, oh,et it's so cold.old. 38 degrees. d dulles 35, bwi marshall is 34. i i promise, i promise we'remire going to warm up this week and k before it's all said and done an we're going to have some 70's.o not today, though. 50 is going to feel cooler coole than because the wind is goingis to be 15 to 20 miles per hour. h tomorrow we're a littlele warmer. let's add 10 tomorrow and getmoa to 60 degrees. 6 it will still be a little l breezy but sunshine. plenty of sunshine really the ra next couple of coue this area of low pressure isress departing to the north andin northeast but not before it befr holds on and brings some snow to new york, new jersey, all je, the way up through to newough england right here. the cape is kind of on theon the verge of get something snowof g and rain there. winds are blowing around thisunt area of low pressure. pss and believe it or not there's t even some snow offer t snow offt eastern shore, delaware andel cape may. this is it. i it's drier behind this stormhist system, high pressure willssurew begin to build in today.n today not only at the surface butface aloft and then we're going to gg have a high scoot to the
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of us and that will warm ourl wm temperatures up. so, trend is g we have to getoet this storm out of here becauseee that's what's going to keep it so windy dan the wind is going to keep it chilly.y. so it's never really going tollt feel like it's 50 degrees butde at least we get some sunshine. h winds northwest at 15 to 20 plus. i think we could have a gust a g of 25, 30, maybe even a brief b gust to about 35 miles per to hour and oh, by the way, we're ' back to some sunshine so that will be good. sun should start pokingart po through later on this morning. i i don't think initially rightk y at sunset it's going to bes ingb mostly sunny. mostly i don't think that's s the teame it will take a little while. w mostly sunny tomorrow and 60.0. hey, hey, wednesday there's your 70 degrees, mostly sunny there. down right warm on thursday asry we head up into the middleide 70's. there's a few showers possible on good friday.ri temperature in the mid 60's. th' a few clouds around on saturday, 60 degrees. and there is -- i'm going call c this your preliminary easterry s forecast.
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temperatures in the lower 60's. but i don't have high confidence in that forecast.n th we'll probably be adjusting adj that over the next few days. d just being honest. hon here's erin como with a looko wa at your traffic. tra >> all right, gary, 4:49. 4 i keep forgetting that it'st it' spring already because it becau doesn't feel like it.el like it. >> doesn't feel like it.oe't fe >> right now 95 northbound nor monday morning traffic niceornia and quiet from falmouth into garrisonville, speeds in thell uner 60's. southbound traffic looking t good as well.goods we prince william, let's see ifs s we can forward our maps, traffic in prince william looking nice. n bottom of the beltway wilson bridge traffic flowing freely.wg not seeing any problems as youes make your way through thr annandale either.ithe five north right now trafficow t is moving well approaching thehe beltway in prince george'sge county. and then in montgomery county the outer loop speeds lookings k good.go. metro service picking up in i about 10 minutes and they they reportedly on time.ported on tie any questions for your morning r ride
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far so good for the mondayo go morning commute. commute. >> a south korea news agency agc reports more missile activity my by north korea. the country fired a missile mis and several other short range r projectiles into the watersheat off its east coast. coa north korea ramp up activity k in response to the u.s. and. south korea's joint militaryintt training.traini >> new video posted on line reportedly shows airstrikes airt and the aftermath on themath ground in iraq. i it is reported u.s. missiles hitting mosul.hil. video was post-ed on socialn media yesterday.yest the u.s. military announcedouncd they carried out 16 airstrikes i in iraq on saturday to furtheror the fight against isis. >> the investigation continues this morning as to what causedcd the united arab emirates planes to crash in investigators say while thehe black boxs are damaged theyamagy have been able to retri
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good information from thenfor flight recorder.ight recor all passengers on board wereoa can killed when the plane attempted to planned windyte conditions.ns authorities say it could beitieu months before we learn theld cause of the crash. bcause of t >> closer tohe c home wildlife l officials in delaware are investigating the deaths of four bald eagles.agle states department of naturalat resources and environmental envr control says the eagles wereagsr found about a mile apart from am each other. three of that em were locatedoc disoriented on a farm but a fart later died. officials are now asking a residents to report any eaglesoe that appear to be sick. s it's unclear how the eagles eags died. ed the u.s. military could coud soon have its first female combat commander. president obama nominated airnoi force general laurie robinson to head the u.s. northern. no commandment she currently aturrt the commander of pacific airmman forces, the senate must confirm her nomination.omat if approved robinson wouldinsonw coordinate the military's response for homeland security l and command norad whichad provides air defense for the f united states and canada. >> d.c. marry muriel bowser
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set to deliver her state of the district address tomorrow. she's to discuss her visioner vs for the future.for prior to the address mayorr to bowser will host a welcoming ael reception at arena stage. sge also this morning,so t travelers headed to cuba will ca now be able to stay in private e homes there. the the online lodging service airea b and b received special speci authorization from the obamaizat administration this weekend.ske it had previously only beeneen allowed limited operation under the old u.s. trade trade embargo on that island.hasl it was the first americanmeri company to enter cuba afterer renewed relations between theet two countries. facebook founder and ceobook mark zuckerberg spent hiserg weekend in china. chi he held a rare meeting with china's propaganda chief. chinese authorities are tightening control over cyberngc space. right now facebook and otherce d western social media including u twitter are banned in china. c zuckerberg has been trying to persuade china to allow all facebook access to the country u and its more than 660 millionn l internet
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>> hot on the web this morning s believe it or not apple's impending product announcement n isn't causing a stir.t causing today the company is exp aected to unveil some new additionsddit to its family of iphone and d ipad devices. dices apple is expected to introduce t a smaller iphone called thed th se. it is an upgrade to its older 4-inch iphone 5s.e there are rumors they mays they release a 9.7-inch ipad air. a the tablet will be like a mini version of the ipad pro. starbucks in hot waterer this morning facing a lawsuitngn over what's in their cups or cuo should we say what's not int them. the coffee chain is being sued by two could california can cals who claims they under filledd their beverages by as much as 25 percent.erce the suit claims the store'slaim cups are not large enough tonoug hold the number of fluid ounces promised on its menus. starbucks says it values say itself on serving customers
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high quality tennis star serena williams lashing out at indian d wells ceo raymond moore.ymond mo the tournament director saidtors women's pro tennis players ride on the coat tails of men c saying if he was a lady playerap he'd go down on his knees h k every night to thank god roger r federer and rafael nadal werel born because they carry the sport.sp those comments quickly wentuick viral. serena williams called hisd comments very inaccurate. iur moore later apologized aore written statement.tatent >> 4:54 is the time. twitter is 10 years old today, t the very first tweet was sent out by twitter co-will cofounder jack dorsey. d the tweet said just setting up i my twitter. twitter let's take a look at some of o the top tweets of all president obamtsa tweeted fourr more years. y the night of his reelection reeo back in 2012. sixth most retweeted twitter message. >> second most retweeted
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this one by louis tomlinsonns 2011. malls my heart at harrytar styles, yours sincerely,ly louis. it was retweeted 2 million m times. >> and finally the most retweeted message of all time, ellen degeneres' oscar selfie retweeted 3 million times.3 >> i think i did the presidentit obama and that one.d tt one. i don't remember the whole oneme direction one. but i'm not necessarily a one directioner.ctione >> okay. >> are you, gary?>> >> no, but i was going sayoing some of that stuff i don'ton mind but that was recreated, rre that tweet right there, the millions of times i think,tis i too, 'cause everybody was jumping the bandwagon.dw >> we did it, too.d it, >> i'm not saying that. t >> i think we did that, too. [laughter] [laughte >> maybe it was retweetedetwe 3 million times and recreated r 30 million times.30 38 degrees in town, ma
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36, dulles 36. i just checked on the windch speeds. they're four, five, 6 milese, per hour in a couple casesases here the wind chill value is a l little colder than the actual at temperature but really not many. i mean, so the wind is not aot problem yet. y but the wind is going to startoa picking up as we go througho thr the morning and into thento the we're expecting it to be ae a pretty gusty afternoon. aft we'll call it chilly. chi we're going to call it breezy bz today. temperatures will be in the wil upper 40's. 4 upper 40's to mid-50''s. i think we'll settle on about a 50 degrees for a high a high temperature here in town. enjoy the sunshine. sun ooh, erin is here.n is she's got a look at yourat y monday morning traffic.orniraff hey, erin. >> that's right, gary, 4:56 4:5 and it's a quiet start to among morning.or 270 south in frederick noredeck incidents reported 70 to the truck scales. we're looking really nice asokin you make your way out on 70 as7s well.well stafford 95 north none of that5e typical volume has kind ofas k popped up on our map just yet. y i'll let you know if and whenife that changes.that same story through dale cityhrod and woodbridge. entire stretch of the beltwaytrh problem free.
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five looking good. g 50 inbound cruising alongg without any problems.t any i'll let you know if and whennde anything pops up that could put a damper on this mondayern i morning mmut back to you. >> ♪ >> coming up at 5:00 history ats made. president obama waking up int a cuba as he tries to strengthentn u.s. relations with thatt but not everyone agrees with the trip. the details in a live report. r. >> plus, new details in the the search for two missing m maryland toddlers.ryland tod what their mother is now accused of doing as their their family continues to search for them. >> plus a quick check of theck h stock market. asian and european stocks mixed this morning.d xethis u.s. futures are down. dow ahead of a short week due to good friday. we're back in a moment.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ox >> ahead at 5:00 history in the making.5 5:e ma details of president obama's oba historic trip to cuba including who he will not bell b meeting with during his time erere. >> and sweet victory for theet v university of maryland men'syla basketball team advancing todvag the sweet 16 in the ncaa tournament.nament >> let's go ahead and take ad te live look outside on this monday, march 20's first as wefs continue to hear the terps t t reveling in their victory. vicry it's cold, though, here in the dmv.dmv. what's the later part of theerar


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