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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> support pouring in for brussels one day after dozens are killed in a series of terror attacks. right now, the massive search for one of the suspects as city around the world beef up their own security and vow justice be brought to those responsible. >> with that we say good wednesday morning to you i'm holly morris. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> maureen umeh joins us live from the newsroom where she's following the latest developments from brussels. what is the latest. >> world processing what happened 24 hours ago the dea deadly attacks in brussels leaving 34 people dead and 180 others wounded and suicide bombers detonated explosives at the brussel airport and a busy subway situation near the european headquarters and isis claimed responsibility for the ataxz. yesterday afternoon the picture of three airport bombing suspects was released. you'll see it short limit two men on the left are believed to be suicide bbe
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black glove which experts say likely covered the suicide detonators and the man on the right of the pictures believed to have escaped and this morning horties are looking for the man. according to belgium reports two attackers are identified as brothers. they have uncovered explosive devices chemical products inside the homes they've raide raided. nine americans are injured and one u.s. service member and five family members and three more missionaries were also injured in the airport attack from utah and we have continu continuing live femor coverage to attacks. let's go to "fox5" melanie alnwick live at the belgium embassy with more there, mel. the flags are lowered here and a small memorial is growing
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under the plaque polls. throughout the day people that watched the terror on tv were moved to make the gesture and journey here to northwest d.c. a small gesture, d.c. of candles, and bouquets. homeland secretary jay johnson. >> expressing my cone dollences to the bell yum people and their ambassadors here. it's a scene repeated in brussels and outside the stock exchange and they remembered belgiums as they came together to mourn and believe in a better world. now belgium ambassadors johansson verbeke is grateful for condolences and his people will not give into fear.
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sgle meantime, mop ument as cross the globe were illuminat illuminated in colors of the belgium flag from the eiffel tower and empire state building and capital wheel at the national harbor. >> dulles international airport remains on heighten add lert following the brussels terrorist attack. >> we find bob barnard live he this morning. i know it's early there, bob. what's the atmosphere you're feeling there this morning. . >> holly and wisdom materialsly and we're seeing additional security here. we're at the approach to the terminal here and this was not here yesterday it was airport
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flashing and i asked the officer if she was parked here to turn and she said she is. this is the ramp. anybody driving up to the parent whether arrivals or departure will see this added police officer. we'll show what you it looks like inside and we're here this morning and there are armed police officers and k-9s patro patrolling and though there's not a threat made to dulles or airlines here or local airport airports. tsa says it stepped up security at the checkpoints and not describing exactly what those are. and passengers will see that there that there is enhanced security to get to other terminals and also the state department issued a travel war warning to anybody traveling to europe. saying isis would like to target sporting events and if aarr headed to europe
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we spoke to an expert he said yes, we're a target. >> the united states is enormous target to isis it's a country they would like to attack more than any other. fortunately it's not showing and isis and targeted within that. >> okay a potential target and no known threats. united air lines has once again today cancelled its direct flight to brussels, 7 p.m. departure from here because the airport there is closed. second day in a row that the only direct flight to brussel from washington has been cancelled because of the attacks yesterday. . >> in light of the attacks metro at home is beefing up security. we'll have more on what they're doing a little later this morning. >> let's talk now about the race for the white house. the results
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tuesday's primary caucuses, donald trump and hillary clinton ran away with huge rick victorys in arizona. ted cruz and bernie sanders won the caucus in utah. saners took majority the votes in the idaho democratic. alaska. hawaii and washington vote day. all states sanders is expecte to do well. >> 4:35 is the time now and let's got a check of the forecast. gary i sense we're get together sweet part of the week. >> yes, that's a prvk way to describe it we're in the 70s and made changes for the weekend. and they're good changes, too. 56 degrees in town. frederick is 45. westminster 50. lots of upper 40s out there and even upper 50s too. quantico is close to 60. clouds in place this morning and helping to keep temperatures
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we'll drop or more potentially and hard to say that mild. >> 70 in town and 76 and culpeper 7 5. that's warrant. somebody police alert the medi media. here's airport waern traffic. >> 4:37 now. beautiful day. may not be a bad day for lunch outside. taking a look at morning commute. prince william lanes on wood city to dale bridge as you make your way to stafford to bottom of the beltway. i'll let you know when that kicks in. a look at alexandria right now cruise ago long without any problems inside the district and all secondarys looking good. got you covered if anything pops you you need to be aware of this morning. that's your traffic. happening today
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blossoms expected to reach peak bloom. the blossoms are expected to remain in bloom four to ten days. tidal basin will be packed. national cherry months only festival and other organizations have lots of events planned and ruin through april 17. 1.5 million of closest friends are expected to take it all in. >> should be a good time. yeah. >> straight ahead a check of top stories. other top story this morning including mayor becauseer's message in latest state of the district address. >> and i'll have the latest on a brussels, belgium as the city weeks up one day after a series of terror attacks left mower than 30 people dead and how security here at home is beefed up as a result. stay with us, we're back in a moment l movement
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and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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>> fresh off the historic trip to cuba. this is the first trip to cuba for a u.s. nrez only 20 years. and yesterday he gave empassioned speech before a huge crowd at the grand theate theater. raul castro then watched a baseball game. tampa bay raise played exhibition game against cuban national team and tampa won 4-
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>> d.c. mayor muirial bowser addressed a little of everything in her district address. public safety, min munl wage. the crowd gave her a stand owing vacation when she talked about plans to close d.c. general family center and filed mention appointment of james edward kyle to head of st. st. elizabeth hot. some say he's unqualified for the job. >> a misconduct complaint against the did d.c. judge is closed. richard roberts was accused of sexually a assaulting a teenage utah woman when shes with a prosecutor and he was a witness. they received a notice yesterday the complaint about against the judge was closed and the case was closed because the judge retired last week and before retiring roberts was chief judge of u.s. district court for d.c.. >> 4:42 is the time the cover ramming of the brussels terror attacks continue next as the search continues for one of the suspect. >> and here at home,
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>> monitoring event, staying on top of things, those of you riding the rales today, notice more officers riding with you on the buses and trains and more officers patrolling platforms. >> inch fend dollars to be that way. >> see stepped up security for the next few days, no word yet on when it will end. amtrak doing the same thing, also, adding hundreds of officers to their stations, and as always, they're reminding the public that they need your eyes, ears, as well. if you see something, we have all of the numbers and text numbers that you c
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know, stored in your phone, if you see something, but otherwise, you can also inform press officers at the station. as we've seen before, with such tragedy, social media plays very big role, especially, letting loved ones know that you're okay. and, ensuring images of solidarity from around the world. holly has closer look at the outpouring of support from brussels. >> social media responded to the attacks in bell yum with outpouring of love and sympathy. inter-active map here is pretty interesting. it shows some of the most common hashtags, being used in our area, right now about the attacks. messages of solidarity of course rain supreme, right, there you can see it, simply is french for i am brussels. >> the metro space where one of the explosions took place, also trending then more br
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and belgium. we'll continue to monitor with social media. wisdom? >> in response to yesterday's deadly explosions in brussels, facebook activated safety check feature. that will option allows users in dangerous areas to mark themselves as safe. feature widely used during the attacks. if the phone networks are down it, will allow family members to get in touch with their loved ones to make sure that they're okay. we also know this morning that several local college students are studying abroad in belgium right now. maureen, do we have any other information about if they've been accounted for at this point? >> list them. good news we have been. we know student from at least two column negligence our areas were in belgium, lay old an university, maryland, had 14 student, does have 14 student and one employee on a study abroad trip. sit about 20 minute outside of brussels. george washington university also says it has student there, ri
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set to be safe. >> the four largest cell phone carriers are waiving fees for people trying to get in touch with loved ones in brussels, at&t, sprint, t-mobile, and verizon will wave fees at various times through the end of the month. sprint will lift fees for international calls and text usage to belgium through march 31. at&t will wave them through march 28th. verizon will wave fees on calls made yesterday and also today, and t-mobile will wave fees through march 25th. >> all right, nba legends mutumbo inside the brussels airport when the two bombs went off. posted this photo from the airport to his facebook page, with the caption: god is good. miami brussels airport with this craziness. i am fine. mutumbo traveling home from a conference in kongo. you're going it notice it when you step outside this morning. it is not colds out there. temperatures are in the 50's. some temperatures close to 60 degree
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blame it on the clouds if you will. temperatures are staying up and nice and mild this morning. fifty-nine for quantico, that's about the warmest reading i see out there. now, look, there are some places in the four's obviously, frederick 43, been the cold spot the last couple of mornings. martinsburg, 47. wintertime, 546789 over in annapolis, temperatures the same as we are here in the city. temperature of 55 degrees. later on today, i think we're in good shape. we start off little cool this morning with some clouds. temperature of 53 degrees. look at lunchtime, 65, sunshine, breaks through, later on today. we will be up into the lower to mid 70s for highs, just something you want to say twice, isn't it? lower to mid 70s for highs. here's erin. >> dramatic pause into traffic right now, 4:55. >> waiting on something, i didn't know what it was. >> just soaking in the sunshine coming our way today.
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>> or just need to finish my coffee. regardless, looking fine as you wake up in stafford, nice shape, route one looking problem free, as well, 95 north to woodbridge, same story there. i'll let you know when the normal morning congestion starts to pop. aside from that on the outer loop right now, top side of the belt way, problem free, 95 north and southbound looking good-bye the icc. if you have early morning flight to catch things will play down on the way to bmi, reagan, dullos, when the normal congestion does start to pop. prince george's, road work, 95 past 212, little caution there in belt ville, but the good news it is not causing any major issues right now, route one also looking nice. let's take live look outside in prince george's county right now. fifty as you make your way toward the belt way, look at that, you are wide open. none that far normal congestion, 704 martin luther king, jr. highway at the location between the belt way and martin luther king, jr. highway, i'll let you know if and when that changes so far on 66 eastbound toward the belt way, if you are waking up
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then we don't have any i shall thousand we're dealing, bottom of the belt way across the bill wilson bridge. preallot pretty happy with the commute so far. back to you. >> , that, coming up at 5:00 as the search continues, for a suspect in the brussels terror attack, support continues to pour in from around the world for the broken sit. >> i our team coverage of the latest developments continues, at 5:00. including outpouring of support for the victims around the world and what authorities here at home are doing to keep everyone safe. >> first though, let's go ahead and get a quick check on the symptom market, asians stocks are mixed european shocks are slightly higher after yesterday's attacks on brussels. 4:57 is our time. we're back right after this.
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this is fox5 news morning. >> this is just within more example of why the entire world has to unite against these terrorists. ahead at 5:00 solidarity for brussels. as the world shows its support for the city, we are learning new details about the alleged suicide bombers. >> live look outside right now at 5:00. we've got weather and traffic coming up on the five's with gary and erin. first, we want to say thank you for waking up with us. good morning. >> good morning, marina down in our news room following the very latest


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