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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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this is fox5 news morning. >> this is just within more example of why the entire world has to unite against these terrorists. ahead at 5:00 solidarity for brussels. as the world shows its support for the city, we are learning new details about the alleged suicide bombers. >> live look outside right now at 5:00. we've got weather and traffic coming up on the five's with gary and erin. first, we want to say thank you for waking up with us. good morning. >> good morning, marina down in our news room following the very latest
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so maureen, what do we know right now specially about that search for one suspect? >> good morning everyone. today we know isis claimed responsibility for the attacks, belgium police say two of the attack verse been identified as brothers, khalid and brahim el-bakraoui. yesterday afternoon, this picture of three airport bombing suspect released, you will see the picture shortly right here. two men on the left, they're believed to be the suicide bombers, the brothers we told you about. they're both wearing one glove as you'll notice. experts say both gloves likely covered the suicide vest detonate ores. the man on the right is believed to have escaped. this morning, authorities are still looking for that man, and so far they've uncovered an explosive device, chemical products, and an isis flag inside one of brussels home. we know at least nine americans are among the injured in today's attacks including 1us service member and five members of his family. three more missionaries from utah were also injured in the airport attack, and let's go now to fox5 melanie live at the
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on the outpouring of support there, mel? >> reporter: good morning, maureen, yes, flags are lowered here outside the belgium embasy northwest dc. and the small but hard felt memorial growing underneath the flag polls. throughout the day, people who watch the terror on tv were moved to make the journey to northwest dc. it is a small gesture, bouquet of flowers, candle, a prayer for peace, in each country, and in each of us. among those coming to pay their respects, us homeland security secretary, jay johnson. >> expressing my condolances. >> scene repeat in the cities around the world, and of course, in the belgium capitol outside the brussels stock exchange. messages in many language, remembered the victims and expressed solidarity, candles traced hearts and peace signs, as young belgium came together to mourn and believe in a better worlds.
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the belgium embassy, said he's grateful for the many condolances that he has received, and says that his country will, quote, not give into fear, and they're determined to face the situation with strength and resilience. live in northwest, melanie, fox5 local news. dullos international airport remains on heightened alert, with heightened security following the brussels terrorist attack. >> bob barnard live this morning, and so bob, we're seeing a lot of the heightened security, as you just stand outside. >> exactly, holly, wisdom. yep, no known threat against dullos or any of the local airports. but take a look in front of us here. there is an airport police cruiser here, with its lights flashing, at the main entrance to the main terminal here. and so anybody driving up the departures or arriving will see this car, it just is one of their forms of deterents here. inside the terminal, theyav
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teams. they've been trolling inside. again even though not a known threat against in airport or against any target really in the united states right hour, tsa says they're increasing security measures at the security checkpoints. the state department says they want people who are traveling to europe, americans traveling to any destination in europe, to be on alert. because the experts are saying that the authorities here have a right to be on guard. >> the united states is an enormous target for isis. the country that it would like to attack more than any other. fortunately, so far, it is not showing the capacity to do so, but absolutely no doubt at all, one target above other that isis would like the united states, washington dc is clearly a target within that. >> and because the brussels airport is closed again today, the united airlines direct flight, flight 950, that leaves around 7:00 p.m. every night, which was cancele
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yesterday, has also been canceled again tonight, guys. so the after-meat of the brussels attacks still affecting air travel from the united state today, as well. >> let's talk about the weather. yesterday turned out to be pretty good day compared to recent days. today probably won't be bad either. >> no, it will be good. >> okay. >> it will be good. thumbs-up. >> your kids are going to school this morning, flight. >> absolutely they are. >> so i wanted to check that, because we're going start this morning with a bus stop forecast. >> okay? >> and i knew there was still, i think, kids going to school. >> tomorrow, though, they're off, they're off. >> that's right. >> spring break starts tomorrow. >> may not show this tomorrow. i think tomorrow and friday most kids around the region are off. so pick up time, 43 to 53, that's not bad. cool conditions with some clouds. when the sun comes up we'll have come clouds. then after school temperatures will be in the upper 60s to the low 70s. >> this was the good stuff that wisdom was just
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about. look at numbers this morning, to kind of show you where we are around the region. it is pretty mild. i mean, cool, but fairly mild for this time of year. forty-three for frederick. that's the cool spot. then way out in cumberland, maryland, temperatures there upper 30's, come down to fred recommendation burying, 55, 55 in the sit, 55 for annapolis, 55 baltimore. a lot 565's out there. here is erin this wednesday morning with your details on the morning traffic. >> well, a 06:00 wednesday morning, we are still quiet on 95 north and south, moving very nicely into garrison ville. same story through woodbridge this morning. got you covered if that changes. live look in virginia on 66. sixty-six inbound, you can see being some volume picking up. the congestion not slowing us down, this is at the fairfax county parkway. keep in mind, also nice and quiet, 29 problem free. we switch it back to look at the maps show you what else you are up against this morning as you can see
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of green there. no problems once you get to the belt way. more traffic in just a few. thank you very much. coming up: the results are in, another round of primary voting once again, crowning hillary clinton and donald trump as winners. >> and i'll have the very latest out of brussels, belgium as the city wakes up one day after series of terror attacks left more than 30 people dead. this morning the search is on for a suspect who has now been identify in the details after nba legend was in brussels when horror struck. we're back in just a moment.
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>> five will the of 09:00 the time. to the white house, results are in, from tuesday's primary and caucuses. donald trump and hillary clinton ran away with huge victories in the arizona primary. trump's victory earns him 58 republican delegates. ted cruz and bernie sanders won the cake just utah. sanders also took the majority of the vote in the idaho democratic caucus. an at last, hawaii, washington will vote saturday. all states with sanders is expected to do well. >> president owe bamm is in argentina this, more fresh off historic trip to cuba. this will be the first state visit to the country by us president in almost 20 years. mr. obama plans to meet with argentinian president, yesterday, he gave an empassioned speech before a large crowd, at havana's grand theater.
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raoul castro, then watched the baseball game. the tampa bay rays played exhibition game against the cuban national team, and tampa bay won, had-one,. closer to home now, dc mayor mural bowser addressed everything from education to fighting crime in her state of the district address. scores of dc residents came out to arena state last night to hear the speech. some of the highlights include public safety and the minimum wage. the crowd gave mayor bowser a standing ovation when she talked about her plans to close dc general family center. but the mayor failed to mention her appointment of james edward kyle to saint elizabeth hospital. some says he's unqualified for the job. >> a misconduct complaint against the dc judge, now closed. richard robert was accused of sexually assaulting a teenage utah woman, when he was a prosecutor, and she was a witness. utah attorney general, says, they received notice yesterday, that the complaint against judge robert was closed. the notice says the case was closed
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retired last week. before retiring, roberts was the chief judge of the us district court for the district of columbia. >> a supreme court in deadlock over a bankruptcy case. the dispute involves missouri bank and development company that defaulted on it loan. the company owned by two couples, the wives filed suit claiming discrimination for being required to guarantee their spouse's loans. the case has been pending since the first day of the term last october. >> straight ahead, breaking developments in the belgium terrorist attack. authorities identifying suspect just moment ago, maureen will have the very latest on that story, plus a look at the outpouring of support for brussels from around the world. plus, gary and erin are back with weather and traffic on the five's. ve's.
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>> toothed we know isis claimed responsibility for the attacks, say two of the attack verse been identified as brothers call lead and el-bakraoui. yesterday afternoon, this picture of three airport bombing suspect was released, the two men on the left believed to be the suicide bombers, the brother, they're both wearing one black glove experts say carried the detonate ores, man on the right believe to have escaped, believed to be 25 year old lagim. that's 2
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hearing traveled to syria back in 2013, and is also believed to have made the bombs used in the terrorist attacks back in november his dna found on the bombs, still searching for the 25 year old named nagim. authorities are saying, that they have good leads, in their search from this man, but again not been apprehended so far they've uncovered explosive device, chemical products, and then isis flag inside one brussels home. >> three mormon missionaries from utah also injured in the airport attack. >> couple of spots where the temperatures this morning are actually sitting right around lower four's or
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reagan national, a five, here is the temperatures across the region, frederick, 45, now, actually frederick has come up. you're 43, now 45. cumberland was 37 now four; see the trends with the numbers. instead of dropping before sunset, temperatures are actually coming up before sunset, clouds in place, quantico 58, leonard town 54. it is really not too cold anywhere boston, 47, beckly, west virginia 50 degrees, and columbus this morning, 52. here is the deal, 70s coming back today. talking lower 70s for most of us now, there could be couple of spots, actually, making it up to the mid 50's, thanks to the high pressure, scooting off to the east, return flow. that's going to bring the warmth up. okay? so it looks like today, talking lower to mid 70s, tomorrow, definately mid 70s, some places tomorrow will be upper 70s, especially if the clouds hold off and the weekends changes that we've taken rainout of the forecast for easter
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saturday, 64 on sunday, the whole weekends looks dry. middle six 60s, not bad. here are the clouds this morning. they will be with us. clouds in place, don't expect any sunshine for the early morning hours, nice warm up expected this afternoon with sunshine coming out winds out of the south southwest five to 10 miles per hour. 73 degrees for high today. and tomorrow better, 76 degrees for high temperature tomorrow. we cool off little bit with clouds and showers on friday. only 64. cooler still saturday, but gorgeous mostly sunny and 60. 64 degrees for high temperature, and then some showers, possible, on monday. here's erin cuomo. >> i can happily tell you seems right, gary, your forecast, in excuses here. right now taking a look at your commute, nice conditions, to this early wednesday
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morning, 95, live look, northbound side, dale city to 123, cruising along without any problems, some volume is picking up on the northbound side as usual toward the belt way, but not enough to cause any of the big delays just yet. we take a look at the maps, if you are making your rounds 295, the freeway, great shape, same story 395 north belt way all the way to up king street as you head out in the southeast section of the district, parkway inbound to south capitol, 06 inbound, also, looking really nice right now, none of that usual congestion, moving well center ville to nuttily street no problems in and on dale on the inner loop. got you covered. that's your traffic back to you. >> 5:18 is the time. 4:15. last night citizens filled a square in the center of the sit which messages written in chalk. expressing hope, love, in the midst of terrible, terrible time. >> belgium flag, show of solidarity.
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state. and here locally, the capitol wheel in the national harbor. or not out for the european city. >> as we've seen before. with such tragedy, social media plaza huge role, especially, for sharing images of solidarity from around the world. holly more ways closer look at the outpouring from brussels, good morning. >> wisdom, let's take a look at the top five training headlines that we're seeing this morning, following yesterday's devastating terror attacks, in brussels, the number one headline trending this morning, is brussels rocked by deadly attacks, with blasts at airports, subway, which of course simply recaps yesterday's attack. the next shows republican presidential candidate ted cruz's response to the attacks during which he said he want to patrol and secure us muslim community. the third now analyzes airports in the united state. and around wormed. tightening security in response to the attacks. other p
5:20 am
responds to the attacks are also trending this morning, as you can see, donald trump there, voters clamouring to see how their choice handles an act i have international terrorism so close to the 2016 election. and, finally, the manhunt underway, for the suspect involved in a deadly attacks, creating a lot of interest on line as you can imagine. wisdom? >> all right, holly, still ahead outrage on the campus every local university, why student there are protesting. we're back in a moment. moment.
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today we know isis has claimed responsible for the attacks. say two of the attack verse been identified as brothers khalid and brahim el-bakraoui. yesterday afternoon, this picture of three airport bombing suspect was released, two men on the left are believed to be the suicide bombers. they're both wearing one black glove as you'll see which experts say likely covered the suicide vest detonate ores. man on the right believed to have escaped, been identified this morning as 25 year old thank app l a/k/a rawe. this morning, authorities, are still looking for that man, and so far they've uncovered an explosive device, chemical products, and an isis flag inside one brussels home that they raided, we know at least nine meant are among the injured in that attack including 1us service member and five members of his family. three mormon missionaries from
5:24 am
airport attack, we will of course continue to follow this story and bring you the latest information. >> checking our other top store thinks morning, virginia man dead, following a police involved shooting in fredericks berg. it happened yesterday in the 100 block of ken lock drive. dragged the officer several hundred feet. jumped out of the car and took off running. off the ers caught him and during that altercation the off the ever's weapon went off, hit the man in the leg. the officer was not hurt. >> man who phoned in more than 300 bomb threat set to prison. also known as kid coal, pled guilty to making those calls. no one was hurt as a result of his threats, but coleman once appeared on the m tv reality show called catfish. >> students, howards university, protesting what they call the university slow
5:25 am
assault. student lined the streets in northwest last night, alleged incident took place february 8th inside campus residence hall. in a statement released the university says they're aware of the allegations, and the administration took immediate action, as soon as they heard what happened. >> part of the news today is the weather. >> two thumbs-up, right, two thumbs-up. seven's today, 70s tomorrow, what i'm loving is that the weekend forecast looks really good now. no more rain on the easter sunday. let's see. i'm not sure, looking out there, but temperatures this morning are pretty mild for this time of year. it is cool. but i mean still mild for this time of year. couple of spots are in the 40's, and then, you know, here in town, middle ooh ace, holding in the middle 50's, it is 54 degrees for leonard town, manassas 54, little cooler in culpeper, i don't think anybody is explaining. fifty-one there, martinsburg, 47, temperature of
5:26 am
and in terms of today's forecast, this morning, we start with some clouds. we have clouds now some spots cooler. mild by lunchtime, i think by lunchtime the sunshine will be really, really good to go. 65 degrees there. and then late this afternoon, we will be in the 70s. how nice is that? >> that's awesome. i love you, gary. >> and not just because of the weather. >> let's check in with erin cuomo now see what she has traffic wise. >> 5:26. breaking news out of gaithersburg, bus accident outside the shady grove metro stop. we'll certainly let you know but use some caution as you head out this morning, also, keep in mind, no alert across the rales, looking really good for metro.
5:27 am
>> no issues from the belt way to king street, crews along with great speeds inside the belt way, inner loop through alex andre, a really quiet. same story prince george's, 301, also looking nice right now. sixty-six eastbound, center ville to nuttily, no crashes to report, and no delays just yet. that's your traffic. >> latest out every brussels, belgium, one day after the city rocked by series of terror attacks, learning new details about the suspect, our team coverage on the very latest, coming up next.
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>> the worlds comes together. >> whether i go out, i see a lot of people with black, and i just run out of the airport. >> support pouring in, one day after dozens are killed in a series of terror attacks. right now, the massive search for one of the suspect, as cities around the worlds beef up their own security, and vow justice be brought to those responsible. all right, 5:30 is the time, we want to thank you for waking up with us, good morning, i'm which is done. >> i'll holly, maureen down, following developments still coming in from brills. >> today we know isis has claimed responsibility for the attacks, belgium police say two of the attackers, have been identified as brothers, khalid and brahim el-bakraoui. yesterday afternoon, this
5:31 am
bombing suspect was released, the two men on the left are believed to be the suicide bombers. they're both wearing one black glove. experts say likely those gloves covered the suicide vest detonate ores. the man on the right is believed to have escaped but he's now been identified as 25 year old, najimlaachraoui, i believed to have escaped, this morning authority still looking for him. and so far, they've uncovered an explosive device, chemical products, and then isis flag inside one brussels home. we know at least nine americans are among the injured, and in today's attacks including 1us service member and five members of his family. president obama was in cuba when this all happened, quick to condemn the terrorist attack and voice to help belgium in the investigation. we are continuing to follow this story and bringing you the latest information, now we head out to fox5 melanie live at the belgium em bass which reaction from there, mel? >> reporter: maureen, the
5:32 am
continues to be under extra security this morning, big difference today, as you can see, flag now have been lowered, and small but heartfelt memorial is growing under the flag polls. >> throughout the day, people who watched the terror on tv were moved to make the journey their northwest dc. it is a small gesture, bouquet of flowers, candles, prayer for peace, and in each country and in each of us. >> violence not the answer. it is horrifying. it is overwhelming. but i have strong fate in god, who is the god of us all, the same god, so i'm hoping that we can work together to be compassionate toward one another. >> i had to come. i really did. to show
5:33 am
belgium. >> it is a scene repeat in the cities around the world, and the belgium capitol. outside the brussels stock exchange, chalked messages in many languages, remembered the victims and expressed solidarity. candles traced hearts, and peace signs, and the young people came together to mourn and believe in a better world. now, us ambassador, said that he's grateful for the condolances, that people are bringing here today embassy. he also said that the belgium people are strong, and they will not give into fear, they'll continue to face the situation with strength and resilience. live in northwest, melanie, fox5 local news. >> if you plan on taking metro this morning get ready for a lot more security. >> although no signs every planned attack in the nation's capitol, metro police want to make sure that you're safe. fox5's danny in northwest with more, anne? >> hey,
5:34 am
right, metro officials want their riders to know, that they're monitoring the events, that they're working with federal officials, and state and local, and they're staying on top of this. and as you mention, it is very important to point out that there is no known or credible threat to metro at this time. they're just beefing up security as a precaution. reassuring riders that they are going to. >> metro jumped into action and sent hundreds of officers out today stations metro so far, if you are riding the rales you can expect that these riders or officers rather will be riding along with you on trains and buses, and more presence on the platforms, increasing patrol, also say this he'll -- they'll have extra k9 sweeps, bomb sniffing dogs will be out work at the metro steaks cents but again important to point
5:35 am
there is no credible threat yesterday we caught up with chief lanier as well as dc mayor mural bowser. here's what they had to say. >> we stay focused obviously, transit system, has been attacked, look at all of the, you know, our top what we think could be target areas, and make sure that they have the resources cents and visibility that they need. >> i think for the general public, cars, other equipment out, but a lot of the things we do that are not visible intended not to be visible to the public. and i think that goes for all forms of security real quickly, transit agency says they need your help, need the public's eyes and ears. if you see something, be sure to let a police officer know, or the station manager. if you see a suspicious package or suspicious person, let them know. you can also, text it to my mtpd. that's the very latest here in northwest, back to you in te
5:36 am
studio. >> i think you will vote today's forecast yes. >> if you remember the last forecast, she declared her love for me, not in a creepy way. >> only if it is sunny and 07 '. >> it happens all the time, you know what i mean? when it is like this, just a regular occurrence, i don't even think about it any more. bus stop forecast out there for the three, four kids that have to go to school, that aren't on spring break. forty-three to 53 degrees, it will be cool out this morning, we start with clouds, but it is dry. this afternoon this is what has got everybody so excited 67 to 72 top out lower to mid 70s today. so it will be nice with sunshine, the winds will be blowing at 30 miles an hour. looks like it will be real real nice
5:37 am
else lower to mid 50's, couple of spots actually leaning toward the upper 50's, too. sunshine and 70s today, here's erin cuomo. wednesday, traffic. >> two buses involved in a crash, please, use caution there. update single crossing across the blue, orange silver line between eastern market and stadium armory. so, watch out for the delays as you wake to up take metro this morning. metro bus still on time. as we crews over, for a look, 95 northbound, light volume from 6:30 to 6:10. caution there. and we go ahead take live look show you how it is picking up, getting the same thing on 95 north, through 123. >> still cruising, and that's your traffic, wisdom? >> 5:37 your time. new
5:38 am
virus. >> why health officials fear it could become world-wide health crisis. >> and i ' have the very latest out of brussels belgium. the city wakes up one day after series of terror attacks left more than 30 people dead. support continuing to pour in from all around the world, with social media once again, playing an important role. stay with us, we're back in just a moment. imagine. imagine dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> h officials concerned about the zika virus becoming world-wide health crisis. world health organization says if the zika virus spreads beyond latin america and the caribbean, weaver major crisis on our hands. the virus is currently circulating 38 countries, and territories. this comes as south korea reported its first case of the virus yesterday. says they need millions of dollars in funds to go get a handle on the mosquito born virus. all right, men. man flu, roll the eyes, really does exit is. >> was there any doubt? women have the -- have 2x chromosomes. making their defenses hyper responsive, compared to men, which gives them the ability to fight off more sicknesses. women also produce extra anti-antibodies, which, help ward off -- get rid
5:42 am
men are more susceptible to bacteria and viral infections. this may explain why men seem so much more helpless when they get sick. >> we're the stronger sex. what? >> i'm just going to leave that alone. >> hash tal women power. >> 5:42 is the time. more news to talk about this morning in the wake of the brussels terror attacks, judy here at home is being beefed up this morning. >> straight ahead, live report from our local airports, what they're doing to keep you safe. >> but first, gary and erin are back with a check of your weather and traffic on the five's. stay with us.
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th strength. >> 5:45 is the time. drum roll please. the wait is over. cherry blossoms expected to reach peak bloom today. peak blooms happen when seven open% of the cherry blossoms are open and there is quite a site. as we've noticed because we live here, we've seen it several times. tidal basin will be packed with estimated 1.5 million visitors expected, and you can go to our website search cherry blossoms for more information. you can never over state how gorgeous the cherry blossoms are. >> true. >> they never disappoint. >> they do look good. >> i just wrote the date down. i realize this morning, we've already made it to the 23rd of march. that's crazy talk. and the next couple of days, peak bloom. i mean, come on, peak bloom just notne
5:46 am
so the next couple of days look great. and i know there will be a lot of folks in the city this weekend. still a lot of cherry blossoms down there, matter of fact i might get drug down there, sunny mild saturday. here is the deal. made few changes, okay? to our weekend forecast, good changes. looks like, as we get closer to saturday and sunday, we are getting some consistency, concensus now, between our models, between our charts, our forecast charts, to kind of indicate that indeed it looks like it will be really nice. it will be cooler, not talking 70s, but still only talking 60s, so typically we would be in the upper 50's to low 60s this time of year. stowe looks like it will be pretty close to average. high pressure really does take hold saturday. soap, lots of sunshine. mild conditions. talking temperatures upper 50's, lower 60s, and look, with the high pressure right here, basically on top of us, it is not necessary, not usually a wind probl
5:47 am
so, 59, 60, 62 degrees, plenty of sunshine, will feel great saturday. high pressure will shift off a little bit on sunday. easter sunday. we were thinking earlier in the week, when we had showers in the forecast, for easter sunday, but it looks like the showers, now, they'll be to the west of us, but looks like they'll stay to the west of us, so the way it looks right now, it will be dry on saturday, 60 degrees. and i come in this morning, i say let's dry it out for sunday, easter sunday, 64 degrees. i got the easter bunny hopping with plenty of sunshine, too. it does look like it will be real real nice. how about today? now, starting off with morning clouds. it is a little on the cool side. not cold though. 53 degrees at 8:00 a.m. sixty-five, noontime, what do you do with six an at noontime, erin? lunch outside. 72 degrees for high temperature, well, actually 73 for a high temperature today. lots of afternoon sunshine, warm tomorrow, 76, some places will be pushing 80. few
5:48 am
okay, friday is not going to be dry day. and the weekend looks gorgeous, 06 saturday, 64 easter sunday. showers possible again on monday. just in time to go back to work. or school. >> today could be perfect day to check out the cherry blossoms. >> oh, yes, peak bloom. >> for sure. right now we do have at love problems, get right to it. bw northbound crash after 450. let's take live look outside. we have another crash, aside from that, this is on 66 east after business, virginia 234. you can see the long line of tail light. crash blocking left shoulder, part of the left lane, causing significant back up. you can keep it to 29. any bay you cut it i would leave early 29 backs up any time this time of morning. we switch it back to the maps, aside from those two crashes, other problems you need to be aware of as you head out this morning, bus accident at the shady grove metro stop. caution there. it is in a parking lot metro, not only single tracking for the blue, orange sl
5:49 am
line between eastern market and stadium armory, also just got word there is disable work vehicle, that is affecting the boston stop, so, watch out for delays making your way out on the blue and orange lines at the boston stop. as you can see, metro problems, gearing up, certainly we will keep you posted on all that. check in at twitter, back to you, wisdom. >> thank you very much. dullos international airport remains on height ends sense of security following attacks in brussels. bob barnard live this morning with the latest on that story. bob, we know there is no threat, specifically, to this area, but they just are doing this as a precaution? >> reporter: that's right. wisdom, for the second day in a row now united airlines has canceled its direct daily non- stop flights to brussels, the airport closed again this wednesday. that flight supposed to leave about 7:00, is not going to leave again tonight. you mentioned security, showing you, there have been hea
5:50 am
teams, the airport police department here not because of any threat. there is no word of any imminent threat, or any known threat at all against any of the airport or any target, potential target here in the area. there is no a squad car with flight flashing at the entrance outside it. sa at their security check pit, traveling warning to anybody flying to europe, anywhere in europe. talking to passenger here this morning for the most part taking it all in stride. >> i think they already have things line up pretty well. not terribly concerned in the state here. >> i any time do you have fly, you know, it is scary. you don't know what, anything can happen, any time. yes. you have to watch out. same. you know. talk to
5:51 am
talk to. >> no, i don't have any concern, just praying that everything is okay. we're very secure. >> again, besides the one daily non-stop flight from here, dullos to brussels, all of the flights seem to be going along just fine, just little extra police security here not because of threat but in case, maureen, we send it back into you. >> security also tight at reagan national this morning. fox's doug luzader there life. doug, what's it looking like there? >> probably similar to what bob is saying. i mean, busy time of day for the airport here. see a lot of passengers, but, we are of course hearing from both the department of homeland security and the tsa. going to be increasing security at number of major airport around the country. now, the concern is for this area, that you see behind me here, the non-secure zone before you get to the security gate. a
5:52 am
protect. it is tough to stop anyone from just walking in the door here. they hope that to some degree by having more visible presence it helps dis aid would be attackers. highlights a real problem in free and open society. it is very difficult to protect everyone everywhere. >> indeed. i was wondering in you a chance to talk to any travelers this morning, if they are saying anything about being open to even more security. we already know we've got a lot now, slow things down, but it is for our safety. would they be open to more? >> reporter: well, you know, i think that would be an interesting polling question to ask, to see whether americans are willing to deal with longer lines, for instance, at airports, we're already perhaps close to a breaking point in terms of what passengers will put up with. but very considerably from one airport to the next. but the kind of things that tsa is talking about right now won't necessarily make a lines longer, at least, what we are hearing from them, which is
5:53 am
just having more visible presence around these airports, not necessarily, changing the screening process per say. >> yes, just looking behind you, people walking about, i don't get the sense that anyone is panic there right now. so it seems like otherwise normal morning, if i'm correct? >> yes. maureen, i think the other thing you have to add to that, especially in the dc area, specially this airport, you have lot of seasoned travelers that do this kind of thing all the time. they certainly have been aware of terror scares before, and they just generally go about their business, of course, you know, unseen here, the individuals that have chose canceled flights, so on, but no indication that was happening on large scale. >> dug luzader live at reagan national airport, thank you for. that will wisdom talking back up to you, i guess as you're seeing more sign of the times, the times we live in right now, where secure it is he paramount all around? >> right. time 5:53. four largest cell phone carriers are waiving fees for pe
5:54 am
with their loved ones, in brussels. at&t, sprint, t-mobile, verizon will have fees at various times through the end of the month. sprint will lift fees for international calls and text usage to belgium through march 31, at&t, they'll wave them through march 28. verizon will wave the fees on all calls on calls made yesterday and today, t-mobile will wave the fees through march 25th. >> several universities from around our area have student setting -- studying abroad in belgium. we know all of them have been accounted for. loyola university in maryland says it has 14 student, one employee, on study abroad trip in belgium in a city that's about 20 miles outside of brussels. george washington university also says all of it students are safe. >> as we've seen before with such tragedy, social media plaza very big role, such as letting loved ones know that they're okay. facebook has instituted a
5:55 am
facebook, and you can let people know that you're fine, if they're searching for you. holly does have closer look at the outpouring of support from brussels. >> in fact, i'll reiterate what you said, in response to deadly explosions facebook activated when it is called safety check feature. option actually allows use nerves dangerous areas to mark themselves as safe. so the feature widely used during the paris terror attacks last november. now, with phone networks down safety checks will allow family members to get in touch with their loved ones, and make sure they are okay. >> all right, let's talk weather now, gary mcgrady. >> one more time. not bad out this morning. you found it fairly -- it wasn't bad at all? loved it. >> temperatures in the 50's for the most part, couple of places in the 40's, you can see these numbers here in town, still holding, well, we've dropped off. finally dropped little bit to 54 degrees. down in fredericks berg, dropped off to 54 deges
5:56 am
the upper 50's, by the water there in annapolis, pretty good morning. 55 degrees. look, we're headed up to 73. we're going to have some morning clouds afternoon sunshine. we're warm tomorrow. 76 degrees, some places approaching 80 by tomorrow afternoon. how nice will that be? a few showers on friday. mostly sunny saturday. gorgeous on easter sunday. i have 64 degrees. >> that's some good news, gary, good stuff. thank you very much. let's check in with aaron cuomo and get an update on traffic. >> 55:46 turning into busy morning. bw parkway northbound at 450 starting to slow things down. so headed towards new carlton this morning watch out for that one. live look outside. sixty-six eastbound, there is a crash in manassas, so because of that, we have some heavy traffic. delays back to prince william parkway, the crash on the left shoulder, at 234. give yourself extra time there. see the crash scene as you see those flashing lights kinds of on the scene there. let's take a look back at the
5:57 am
crashes and delays other delays, metro, bus accident, metro delays, keep it to fox5. we got you covered. we'll have all of the late he during the 6:00 hour.
5:58 am
the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> we
6:00 am
this fugitive suspect. plus, details of the other two men in the picture, suicide boppers at the brussels airport. >> death toll up to 54 now. several remain hospitalized. security remains high across europe and here at home. >> look outside, it is wednesday, already, march 23rd. the month just rolling by. weather and traffic coming up on the five's at 6:05. >> 55 degrees, at this hour. good morning to you, i'm allison. >> i'm steve welcome to fox5 news morning. terror in brussels, impact being felt locally with increased security on metro, amtrak, us airport including dullos international. show of solidarity with brussels, images pouring in from across the world and here at the belgium embassy in the district. >> we begin with breaking details released hours ago, about the suspected attackers, maureen starts us off. good morning. >> good morning, breaking news, moments ago, we have the name of the thirds suspect


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