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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  March 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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paris. investigators have also identified two other bombers who blew themselves up at the airport and metro station. all three men are believed to be the suicide bombers. belgian police say two of the attackers have been identified as brothers. they say the two were known to police for past crimes, although nothing related to terrorism. meanwhile the death toll from those attacks now stands at 34. 180 more were hurt. the terror level in belgium is still at its highest level and the state department has issued a travel warning for americans. >> back here at home authorities are taking no chances when it comes to safety. tensions are high. and here in our area metro place say they have augmented our force with help from other departments. >> many passengers are telling us tonight they don't see
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increased presence along their trips. fox 5's tom fitzgerald live at the gallery place metro tonight. you spoke with metro about this, what are they saying in response? >> reporter: well, we'll tell you flatly. we have tried all day to get the metro police chief to talk to you about exactly what it is metro police are doing to keep people safe in the wake of that brussels attack. but time and time again, and phone call after phone call the answer we got back was no, the chief is too busy. so left to other own devices, we decided to try what you might call an experiment. in the 1:00 hour this afternoon we descended into a gallery place metro station. it's 1:15 in the afternoon, we're going to walk around and see if we can find this increased security we've been told about. and then off we went. now, keep in
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is one of the major transfer stations. all the lines coming together. remember, this is during cherry blossom season, it is the time when city is packed with tourists. we walked up to the upper levels, we did this for the good part of an hour, walking through the entrance, down to the entrance, most of our walking tour we encountered no officers. finally as we left the station we found one officer by himself. does this mean there are no police officers on metro? no, of course it does not. passengers told us today one day after a major terror attack, they expected to see a lot more police than they did. have you noticed any
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police presence? >> not really. it looks about the same to me. >> how can you increase the security, shou can you be more safe? how can you be more secure? either they're doing a good job or they're not doing a good job. it doesn't matter what happens. either they're doing a good job or they're not. >> reporter: back live now. just in the last half hour, we started seeing these metro transit police vehicles show up. there are officers now out here with us. we did not see them during the day. but you know, clearly the message here is police cannot be everywhere at once. a lot of this is going to be on the passengers who ride this system today and there are tools do this. we want you to take a look. you will see these signs inside the station. this is the
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say something signs. they are throughout this metro system. they say if you see something call 202-962-2121. you can also send a text by sending a text to my mcpd. the message here is simple. if there are going to be incidents on metro, it is more likely that a passenger would see that first before one of these officers and really passengers need to become the early warning system. now in all of this, it begs this question, are there enough officers on this system, throughout this incident and prior incidents of terrorism, metro officials is have told us that there will be security, seen and unseen. our experience today unseen seems to be taking the lead. we're live in gallery place tonight, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 local news. >> just dozens of people
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running, panicked, some of them were crying. >> that's ashley there, a dc resident who was in the brussels airport during tuesday's terror attacks. >> ronica clearry spoke with ashley today and heard her story firsthand. >> incredible. she has very lucky story to tell. she was in brussels for an annual work conference. she was headed to copenhagen for a vation tuesday morning. she was supposed to leave for the airport at 7:30, she decided to leave at 7:00 instead. when she arrived she checked in, she was looking for a cup of coffee and suddenly people started to run. i spoke with her today via skype about the experience and chaos inside the airport after the attacks. >> tuesday morning i arrived at the airport. luckily had i was supposed to leave my hotel 30 minutes later but i like to be early for things s
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time. and luckily i was through security when the bombs went off. so all i saw was looking around for coffee. since it was early, and all of a sudden a few people started running past me and i thought oh, they must be running for a plane. but then it was more and more people and then just dozens of people running, panicked. some of them were crying. and that's when i knew that something had happened. something was wrong. finally today landing i was able to see exactly what the depar tour hall looked like and the images from the metro station and everything. and that's when it hit me of how lucky i really and truly was. >> lucky, she is. the fact that she left 30 minutes early that morning may have saved her life. when she got out of the airport
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her colleagues. this morning she flew out of paris and landed in newark. >> don't realize, until you see the video and see the injuries, it really hits you then. >> she said she didn't even know what was going on when she was inside the airport. obviously cell phone service wasn't working. eventually she found out what was happening, but just a incredible thij to see people running and not know why. >> you think of whom stories there are out -- how many stories. it's probably going to haunt her for a long time. >> tonight, police in prince george's county are trying to solve what appears to be a homicide in district heights. >> a man's body was discovered early this morning. matt ackland is live with more on this story. matt? >> reporter: this is the area where the crime scene was set up here behind me. but as you can see it has been taken down. investigators have left. we must tell you at this point police here in prince george's county really don't have that
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they're not releasing that much information to the media. let's take you to individual dwroe. this is what we shot this morning. we'll tell you what we know at this point. an adult male was found and he was pronounced dead at the scene right here. no victim name has been released to the public. a possible suspect and a motive, well, they are all being looked into by authorities at this point. >> when our officers arrived they discovered an adult male victim suffering from trauma. he was pronounced dead here at the scene. at this time the investigators are actively working to establish suspect and motive for the crime. >> authorities are telling us that the body was taken to the medical examiner to find out the exact cause of death. also authorities are asking if you have any information about what may have happened here, they would like to hear from you. live in prince george's county, matt ackland, fox 5 local news. >> a dc
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shooting earlier this month will now face murder charges. police say than wade shot a man on march 9th. the victim is identified as aubrey danbury. wayne was arrested after the shooting and charged with assault with aintent to kill. his charges are being upgraded. we're also learning more details about tuesday's officer-involved shooting in fredricksburg. police say it started with a traffic stop. the driver had an outstanding warrant. police say blair refused to comply with officers and tried to drive off dragging the officer before the car crashed into a ditch. it didn't stop there though. after a chase on foot, the officer caught up with him who again refused to comply with police orders. during the struggle he was shot in the leg, he later died at the hospital. virginia state police are
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into that shooting. >> police have identified one of two men wanted in connection with an abduction. this incident happened back on march 3rd. take a look at this surveillance video. this was a group that was leaving the museum when a man grabbed the hand of one of these children and walked a few steps with the child before a chaperone yelled and scared him off. police say this is one of the men involved in the incident. he's 60-year-old bernard drai. a warrant has been issued for his arrest. drai is known to frequently travel to the united states and canada from israel. if you have any information about where he may be, please call united states park police. >> fox 5 is in prince george's county where the members of the county's bond squad use their skills in a different way to help visually impaired children. they constructed 48 beeping easter eggs.
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they allow them to hunt for eggs while following the noise. it all gave bomb squad members a chance to complete a drill on electronics. the finished eggs were donated to the school's vision program. >> unsold sandwiches and fruit and cheese boxes, they will be discontinued for somewhere besides the trash. >> lush cosmetics, they've done it again. first the bath oil turns you pink now it's selling you a product that can turn your bathtub into a jungle. customers are saying plants are literally growing out of their showers. >> reporter: it's beautiful down here. it's the first day of peek bloom here at the tidal basin. should you rush down and sigh them today or should you wait? i'll have a full report coming up in just a bit. >> you look like a post card down there. i'm going to take a picture of
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you at the tidal basin. it's hard to believe that just a little over eight weeks ago we were trying to dig out of 20 to 30 inches of snow. don't you love the seasons. what about the easter weekend? a look at your forecast coming up when fox 5 news at 5:00 returns.
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starbucks is stepping up to help feed the hungry. the coffee chain is teaming up with a food sharing program to donate its unsold food. starbucks plans to donate 100% what is left over from all 7,600 u.s. steeores. >> some people are getting more than just soft skin from a popular soap bar. they're apparently growing sprouts out of their sinks and shower drains and it's happening after using a lush cosmetic brand soap bar. here's a look at the post of one of the mini bean stalks sprouting from the drain of someone. the reason this is happening is because the bar i
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blossoms here that haven't quite opened up yet. today is the start peek bloom, i wouldn't say all the trees are in peak bloom just yesterday. if you have to wait until tomorrow or the weekend, it would be great to make it down here. peak bloom is typically early april. we're well above that this year thanks to how much warmth we've had but if i'm wondering if that little taste of wirnlt we had didn't affect the blossoms at all. and i'm going to be talking to the national park service here and i'm going to ask them some of my questions and some of your questions. if you have any questions for the national park service, please drop me a line on facebook. that's the latest live here from the tidal
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it's absolutely gorgeous. sue, weather, couldn't ask for any better weather than this today. >> you've got that right. and i'm wondering why you've got your jacket o is it a little cooler there near the water? >> no, i didn't dress appropriate today. i'm sweating a little bit. >> sorry to out you on that. >> thanks for calling me out. >> hey, you're promoting fox 5 with the microphone and the logo on your jacket. we do have a gorgeous day, the blossoms are going to be around for a while let's check temperatures i think we've been as warm as 74 here in the district. quantico 77 degrees. it's 75 in mannasas and fredricksburg, 76 degrees. a little cooler near water which is why i asked mike if it was colder down there. the tidal basin water is in the 40s, so if you're prone to needing a jacket, you might want to keep a jacket
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it does get cooler there at night which is one of the reasons the blossoms can last about 10 days. so no, i don't think it's one in west virginia right now. look at new york city, 71 degrees. boston still getting the cooler wind off the ocean at 47, chicago 39. i've got to show you while we've got this warm southwest breeze and a lovely taste of spring, if not even early summer, we'll fall into the 50s tonight and just to give you an idea, while we've got the clear skies now, another really huge story is what is going on in denver as well as pushing into parts of nebraska. i just saw a report of over 21 inches of snow in federal heights, colorado. that is north of denver. they've got an outrageous blizzard going on. and you can see that's going to be quite disruptive, not just to colorado, as well as parts of nebraska, but that's moving into the north central plains as well. really horrendous snow.
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in denver. so we are so lucky to have this. a beautiful evening. 7:00 temperature, 68 degrees. by 9:00, 65. full moon out there. enjoy. 11:0062. what's ahead for tomorrow? can i show you some mid 70s? i'm waiting to hear the highest bid. i think i sold it. that's what we're looking down here in the weather center. back to the anchors now. >> i'll take that one. >> coming up, the top five trending stories of the day. >> a different kind of presidential poll. what candidate do you want to punch. >> plus a professor takes on a second gig as a baby sitter. >> hip-hop star q-tip is now a curator. >> and rihanna in a local battle with a cartoon. >> adele used her vocals to bring some light. she dedicated a special song to
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tragic events. we'll be right back.
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>> the music world is mourning the loss of a rap pioneer. phife dog has died at the age of 45. he was a founding member of the group a tribe called quest. his family says he died of complications resulting from diabetes. >> and one of the founding
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rapper q-tip will be spending a lot more time in the district to celebrate the 100th anniversary of john f. kennedy's birth. with hip-hop constantly changing and evolving it is easy to forget the history and legacy that precede it. i want to begin at the beginning. >> rihanna thrilling the crowd at the varn center last night. while she
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are beginning a legal. >> the makers of the cartoon is trying to trademark the name rizhanna but her legal team is fighting that. it could create confusion within the marketplace. >> they probably have a legal leg to stand on with that one. >> i can see that. and they have trademarked it and they're trying to piggyback on that name to get some attention. clearly. >> coming up, the different type of poll with some violent results. >> what percentage of american taxpayers would like to give gop frontrunner donald trump a knuckle sandwich? and another use of virtual reality is a big win for athletes. we're going to tell you about a new device that helps detect concussions. >> despite jokes,
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not dumb.
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>> we want to catch you up now on the latest on tuesday's deadly terror attacks in brussels. officials say the suspected bomb maker in november's paris attacks was one of two suicide bombers who died in the brussels airport blast. police say two of the suicide bombers were brothers. 34 people were killed in the attacks at the airport and a nearby metro stop. another 270 people were wounded. the airport will remain closed until at least saturday. police want to maintain a security perimeter until late friday to continue their investigation. meanwhile secretary of state john kerry will travel to brussels on friday to discuss the
5:31 pm
european officials. >> for more perspective on the brothers' aspect of this, i'm joined by the executive director of the national consortium for the study of terrorism and responses to terrorism. thank you for being with us. one of the common denominators that we've seen with the attacks yesterday in brussels, 9/11 attacks, the attacks in paris and over and over again, i mean even in san bernardino, it was a husband and wife. we've seen families working together coordinated in thighs attacks. does that influence how these cases are investigated? does it make it more difficult or less difficult? how does it change how these are investigated? >> first we should understand that in our individual level of data set that we collected, of the 1,500 people, 45% or so have family members
5:32 pm
radical activity. this is almost the norm. but it does pose law enforcement challenges. instead of making a phone call or go to a secret location, one walks into his or her family room to have a meeting. there's less exposure for law enforcement to pick up on. the implication is we have to figure out nonpunitive measures so family members can conduct an intervention for their own family members if we are seeing a trend that more successful attacks are being conducted in the family, which is a challenge. >> even in the boston marathon bombings, that was two brothers working together. you have a mentorship of an older brother working with a younger brother. what kind of information do you learn from those kinds of relationships working together? >> well, from the law enforcement side we learn we can't only focus on obvious ideological markers. if someone joins a cell or an organization because they love their older brother, they want their older brother's respect,
5:33 pm
obvious ideological tweets that you could find online. there's other reasons why people get into these violent movements. sometimes it's ideology, sometimes it's other factors. we have to broaden our aperture if we're going to try to disrupt those path ways and make sure we're not focusing on one ingredient in radicalization or next. >> it does make it more difficult to investigate these. >> no doubt. >> let's talk about the state department's warning. they've issued a warning for americans traveling abroad. a lot of times that does happen after an attack like this. they don't take these warnings lightly obviously. put this in perspective for us. what does this mean for americans who are traveling abroad? >> what we've determined in the last few days is that there is still an unfortunate lack of information sharing among many countries in the european union, despite some very significant efforts to increase that process. but, for example, a lot of the individuals that have been reported as foreign
5:34 pm
country a are not being cracked by country b. what we're learning as we investigate this second very sophisticated plot coming out of the same neighborhood in belgium is that there's a lot of unknown information about how extensive the network is, if there is a third plot in the works. how big is the new york, what are the capabilities still present. and if you don't know those, if you don't have a sense that we've now disrupted the network sufficiently to prevent the next plot, you take precautions. and i think this comes out of an abundance of caution. >> along those lines, is it becoming harder to track these guys because of the way they're communicating. are they one step ahead of law enforcement. are they one step ahead of communicating in a more stealth way that we just can't track. >> and director come has been very explicit that they do not have the technical capabilities
5:35 pm
individual decides that they're going to be involved in an operational plot, they need to protect their operational security, so they're going to use an encrypted social media application that allows one person to talk to the next person without anyone else seeing that communication. it is happening now, it is a problem. to be honest i think it's just the start of the problem. if you think about how you use your smart phone, we all use it to do a lot more than communicate. we use it to facilitate behavior, encrypted behaviors like we purchase things or we meet someone in a secret location. soon applications will allow for more than just information, but encrypted behaviors it's an important technological deficit that the fbi needs to overcome. >> we appreciate you being here and shedding light on this. it's important for us all to be knowledgeable of what's happening. >> in the middle
5:36 pm
fighting back and forth, house speaker paul ryan calls for some calm. he delivered remarks today on the state of american politics asking for more civility. >> we don't shut down on people. and we don't shut people down. if someone has a bad idea, well, why don't we tell them why our idea is better? we don't insult them into agreeing with us. we try to persuade them. we test their assumptions. and while we're at it, we test our own assumptions too. >> despite strong feelings on the gop race, ryan is remaining neutral. he says he intends to support whoever wins the nomination. here is one presidential poll where the candidates probably hope to come in last. according to wallet hub survey monkey, more than half say they want to punch donald trump in the face. probably not the first time you've heard anybody say that.
5:37 pm
democratic front runner hillary clinton came in second and barack obama ranked third. virtual reality is a big win for athletes. it can help detect concussions. it analyzes eye impairment movement through the use of virtual reality and it can detect concussions in less than a minute. >> meanwhile the nfl. >> meeting wrapping up in boca raton. >> i'm going to hobble off. >> she's still not feeling well. >> wouldn't it nice to be in florida? >> yeah. >> they're doing actual work, as mu
5:38 pm
do. no major sport changes its rule as often as football. owners approved several changes for next year on a triifl basis like moving touch backs to the 25 yard line and now there's going to be at least for a year a new soccer style red card yellow card rule. two personal fouls and you're out of the game. >> i don't think it really happens very often. usually if a player gets one talking call, he gets an earful from his coach and he's got the guts to get another one, the coach will probably pull them, the referee probably wouldn't have to. it makes sense for them trying to make sure we keep the integrity of the game. >> he gained as much notoriety for his football as he did for baking pies and cakes. the team sent their top pitching prospect
5:39 pm
camp. he told the post he had a hunch it was happening but he expects to make an impact very soon. let's talk about bob and today forbes magazine came out with the list of value of every major league team. the yankees are worth $3.4 billion. dodgers second at $2.5 billion. red sox t.3 build. the nationals coming in ninth at $1.3 billion. the average value of a maj sor league team is 1.2 billion. it was 43 years ago this very week that george steinbrenner bought the yankees for just $8 million. sports is a big business. >> and yet we still pay $9 for a beer. >> how about 10? >>
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>> i know you do. you like your franzia in a box. >> why move on when you've got a good think going. >> a college professor doubles as a baby sitter. >> >> no joke, blonds are not dumb. finally we've figured this out and science has proven it. >> we're showing this? >> who was the blonde who chose that video. >> i'm both a blonde and a brunette. secrets revealed only at 5:00. the secret is spring has sprung over dc except it's not a secret our high temperature is 75 degrees and we get a do-over tomorrow. a few changes as we approach the easter weekend. it's just ahead come on back. n .
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showers now look like they will hold off into friday. that's when the frontal boundary is going to cross up. it will drop our temperature a little bit. these showers will primarily be in the morning and maybe friday afternoon drys out a little bit. easter weekend, still in great shape. let me show you that forecast because we th
5:46 pm
will feature temperatures that are comfortable in the 60s. both days are dry. easter is just a little bit warmer but all things considered doesn't that look great for a march easter? there will be showers by easter monday. this may affect the white house easter egg roll and this could be a little bit heavier as we see theses ter eggs possibly getting rained on and want to remind you that caitlin roth will be there. we'll be watching all of that closely as we get to the weekend. but the easter weekend itself should be dry. nice out there tonight at 72 degrees here in the district. fredricksburg 76, annapolis cooler at 63 degrees and 72 for frederick. we've had a few high clouds around this morning. those really cleared out this afternoon and that's why our temperatures really jumped this afternoon. and our other big story, follow the snow all the way through the western great lakes and northern plains and into
5:47 pm
is getting some of the heaviest snow now over 20 inches reported in spots. this is a tornado watch box so very active in the middle part of the country. this area of low pressure will not be moving toward us but the front that is associated with it will cross our area friday morning. this is the latest european model suggestion that as this moves into the western lakes and plains, you can see some places getting over 2 feet of snow even into michigan and detroit maybe getting mainly between thursday and friday. 54 degrees, that warm wind direction out of the southwest at 5 to 15. it floats say few high clouds through from time to time. a little bit breezier tomorrow with winds out of the southwest at 10 to 20. cherry blossom watching weather, the peak bloom as you know has just begun. they'll probably be even better tomorrow. 68 degrees at noon, by 3:0075, and by 6:0073. and thank you lloyd furg son for
5:48 pm
basin. if you get a great shot, tweet me or facebook me. warm again tomorrow here comes a frontal boundary that will bring a few rain showers here. we wrap it up with your 7-day forecast. monday showers possible 64. we are cooler on tuesday at 58 degrees and wednesday 62 degrees. all right. we are going to be right back with two great stories. a bed that makes itself and why blondes are not deserving of that dumb reputation. we'll be right back.
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>> never de
5:52 pm
intelligence of a blonde. >> as sue said, i'm not really a blonde but i will never admit it any other time. so never under estimate the intelligence of a blonde. new research proves that despite the jokes, blondes are not dumb. >> a researcher at ohio state used years of census data including iq scores and looked at the findings based on natural hair color. the findings showed that blonde-haired women actually had the highest average iq. but the differences were so small they aren't considered significant. the big take-aways from this study? here they are. dumb blondes are a myth and hair color has no impact on intelligence. so there you go. >> you could get your hair colored, no one really has any clue what someone's real color is these days. >> so i admitted it for
5:53 pm
>> a professor pulled double duty in a texas classroom. he gave an hour-long lecture while baby sitting. it happened at baylor university earlier this month. a student said she had to bring her four month old daughter to class after her babysitter fell through. the baby started to fuss and he scooped her up and held her and continued on with his lecture. he was just doing what any other teacher would do. >> that is awesome. >> he's great. good with kids, apparently. >> must be a daddy himself so he knows how it goes. >> that's adorable. >> that is so cool. >> here's a dream come true for people who hate to make the bed. a spanish company has developed a bed that makes itself. in this video demonstration, a device attached to the bed pulls up the sheets and blankets and tucks them neatly under the pillows all in less than a minute. here's the problem, though. it's not
5:54 pm
so you'll have to keep making the bed for yourself for now. >> i don't know when it becomes available. do we know? >> hopefully soon. because i am horrible at making the bed. >> are you? >> i just don't do it. >> here's my problem. it has to be made the way i want it made. so my dad, military guy, and he may be watching right now. so he has a certain way he liked it made. and i've inherited that gene. and so if my husband doesn't make the bed quite the way i like it, watch out. >> up next a human mattress domino attempts to break a world record. we'll be right back.
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wow! human mattress dominoes. a world record is broken. who knew there was even such a thing? someone got creative and made this a charity event and put it in the guinness book of world records all at the same time. aaron's held this event yesterday at the gay lord national resort and then they donated all of those 1,200 ma dresses to dc-based homeless shelter and to a wider circle which is an organization focused on ending individual and family poverty. officials from guinness did certify the new world
5:59 pm
1,200 mattresses in a human mattress domino. congratulations. the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> thanks for joining us tonight here at 6:00. right now the hunt is on for the surviving suspect in belgium's deadly terror attack. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm jim lokay. 2 24 hours later and the european capital still in mourning. european leaders pausing for a moment of silence earlier this morning amid a man hunt for the surviving bombing suspect and the massive security presence. >> as for the investigation, belgian authorities say the third suspect has not been arrested. it's being reported that he is a top isis bomb maker. police believe he made the suicide vest used in the november attacks in paris. meanwhile investigators have also identified the suicide blomers blew themselves up. two of the attackers have been identified as brothers.
6:00 pm
police for past crimes, although nothing related to terrorism. meanwhile the death toll from those attacks now stands at 34. 270 more people were hurt. the terror alert in belgium is still at its highest level and the state department has issued a travel warning. >> we're hearing for the first time a dc woman who just got to the u.s. from brussels. >> she was in the city when the bombs went off. she was supposed to leave for the airport at 7:30 a.m. but left earlier to plan for traffic. once she checked in at the airport, she went looking for coffee and suddenly people started to run. she spoke earlier to fox 5's ronica clearly about her experience. >> all of a sudden a few people started running past me and i thought oh, they must be running for a plane. but then it was more and more people and then just dozens of people running, panicked. some of them were crying. and that's when i knew that something had happened, something was wrong.


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