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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 24, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> and a good morning to youood thursday march 25th 2016 is20 shaping up to be a beautifulo day. 59 degrees already.egre i think you're going to likeo what's in store. store. gary mcgrady will have wil h details for you in the weather h and erin como is going tooi update us on traffic o tra conditions. good morning, i'm maureen umeh.umeh >> and i'm holly morris. morris. wisdom is off today. first at 4:30 we're followinge breaking news out of fairfaxairf county. co police were serving a warrant aa when they found two people peo shot on the 7500 block of trayco lee woods court in springfield.el police say two cars were driving in the oppositeit direction of the officers and one hit their police
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the man who hit the officers oic was detained. detne the two men in the other car were suffering from a gunshotot wound.wo they were transported to theed t hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. ir our melanie alnwick is headeds e to the scene. we'll have an updid it on the ot story at the top of the hour.ou >> ♪ >> happening today, a viewing t will be held for fallen princeln george's county police officeryo jacai colson.ol he was killed earlier thiss month when he was hit by friendly fire. friends and family invited to t the funeral home in beltsvillets maryland from 2:00 to 9:00 9:00 this evening. bikers from several states gathered in greenbelt lastgreenl night to remember officerember colson. the group rode to the stationroe where they held a prayer l.gil. organizers say the motorcyclehey community wanted to paynted tribute to those who help top t keep them safe. saf >> we came down here to do to this event because of these of t officer who lost his life in lif th
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know that the bike community c and the community itself, we care about our police officersff especially when they die in the the line of duty. d >> funeral services forsor officer colson will be held atla first baptist church of glenarden tomorrow. >> ♪ >> developing overnight a manini was found shot to death in death prince george's county lastor night. it happened in the 380ge0 block of 28th avenue in marlo m heights. no word yet on a motive.ot if you have any informationny if you're asked to call police. also developing overnight the suspects in a shootingn ooti investigation in waldorf maryland have been caught.av yesterday two men were shot on giddings court. one of the men died from his injuries. in the sotted expect be to be okay. right now we do know that some s sort of altercation led to that shooting. >> new details are emerging eme about the brussels bombing.e ses authorities say the attack mayta have been
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police were closing in on the ie suspects. they say this points to aintto rising sense of panic amongan a the bombers. today the hunt is on for the third suspect najim laachroui. [speaking foreign language] lan >> the interpreter:. >> we saw them at nightht working. we didn't know they werew th w terrorists doing thing here. h >> it's better to be united in e this kind of situation. sit >> all the people who came peow here with their hearts and it's. >> salah abdeslam the chief t c suspect in the deadly terror attacks faces a judge thishis morning.moing. amid increasing signs the sames terror cell was behind both attacks. >> ♪ >> a frightening and apparently random attack in arlington has a community onommu edge.ed. arlington county police say pic
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woman near the lover run parkar and amphitheater. it happened in the 200 block tho of north columbus street.str according to police the two suspects approached the womanro from behind whileac she was walking. one of them attempted to place p an unknown object over herr h head while the other man inappropriately touched her. h >> placed something over herd head and they also grabbed hersb and tried to muffle heruffle her screams by putting their hands over her mouth. her mou >> it's scary because this isbes a pretty quiet my wife walks around, you know, quite frequently and freqn having a new child, too, it i definitely scares you even scasy more. >> the victim was able totim s b fight the men off.fithe men off. police are still looking forki the suspects.ct meanwhile campus police atie george mason university arenives investigating reports of twof to sexual assaults. the first alleged incidentident happened friday night on or on o near the fairfax campus.ams. a female student told police pol she was raped by another another student and she may have been
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unknowingly drugged. d another female student toldol police she was raped in a dormor on monday by a man she met m through a dating service. servi students who live on campusampus say they're worried.ored anyone with information isatn i asked to call university police. >> ♪ >> we may have jumped the gun gn a bit but yesterday we expected the cherry blossoms to reach peak bloom but the peau national park service saysk ce s they're only at the puffyfy white stage. stage yes, that's an official stage. a that's the stage right beforeef the peak once they do emergency room the cherry blossoms can lastloss anywhere from four to 10 days. d weather does play a big role r in the length of the bloom.of to 1.5 million people arear expected to see d.c.'s iconic io cherry blossoms down by the tidal basin and really all around town.ow >> it was an awesome day to go down and see the puffy whitete stage, was it not, gary.ot gar >> i love the puffy whiteuffy wi stage. >> i know. we all do.we a >> it will be a a challenge b
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for them this year to figures y outf exactly when these things t are going to be at peak bloom.a. here's where we are thishe morning. it's generally fair out we do have some clouds comingudm on across and temperatures arets all over the place thiscehi look at the numbers here. h it is 59 degrees in the city. ct that's actually come up since i came in. dulles is 48. winchester but you go a little farther toao the north out of winchester wins temperature is 39.uris 39. frederick is down to 37 degrees. degre and not too far away from fro frederick in westminster it'st' 54 degrees so i've call over ovr the place this morning.plac here's the forecast for today.oy it's a good one.d we start off this morning in the 40's and the 50's generally so we're still a little cool at 8:00 a.m., a cloud or two.. warm, that's where we're goingei today. temperatures closer to 80 thanrt what we were yesterday.were yesd erin como yesterday theteay temperature for a high, 75 degrees.75 degrees today, i think the high is the s going to be 77 degrees.7 degree at least we're going in the right direction.diretion >> i'll take 77 degrees.7 deee and today after the early morning show it will be myll be first day t c
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tidal basin and the cherry blossoms. i can't wait. i'm excited to see in ito s i person. right now as you wake up for your thursday morning commute c 270 south moving really nicely c 70 to the truck scales wethe tr don't have any problems to pble report there.port same story 95 on the 9on northbound side.rthbou lanes opened and cruising andrus along just fine between daletwnd city and 123. 1 staying south of that pointpo over the occoquan no issueso iss there as you make your way out w in quantico.ntico. 395 southbound we have someome lane closures after seminaryterm road as you head towards thewart beltway and that's fory anthat's construction that should be b cleared shortly. short let's take a live look outsideut across the wilson bridge.ri you can seat inner loop and loo outer loop cruising alongruis without any issues.nyss light volume. vum metro gearing up for servicearin at 5:00 on time. we'll let you know if thatw if changes.s. that's your traffic. y >> it is 4:37 right nouow.rightn let's go ahead and get a check k of today's forecast. we just did that so you knowdi what we're going to do, we'red going move right on and sayoingg st oraight ahead we have newe nw details in the search for that t missing malaysian airlinesirli plane. plane. what authorities
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plane's debris. dri and it may be spring hereer but spring looks a lot like lotl winter in other parts of the country. stay with us. we're back in a moment. glenn: the republicans: government shutdowns threatening federal workers; over 60 votes to repeal obamacare. now they're refusing to even consider president obama's nominee for the supreme court. it disrespects the president and all of us -- and we won't put up with it. in congress, i'll protect president obama's legacy, defend obamacare, and stand up for social security and medicare. i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on republicans - for all of us.
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>> ♪ >> we're back now at 4:40 withw4 a look at other stories that stt are making news this morning. australian officials say two s pieces of debris discovered in mozambique likely ca
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that missing airline from malaysia. the plane disappeared march 2014 and is believed to have crashed somewhere in the remote stretch of the southern u indian ocean.di over to china where 19 where miners are dead following a late neither coal mine accident. officials say there were were nearly 130 people underground when a mined out arearea collapsed. authorities plan to closepl to c several mines across themines at country in order to reduce theee amount of fatal incidents.l ince spring is not bringingring warm pleasant weather for weaerf everyone in the united states. s in denver nearly a foot of snow fell yesterday. y take a look at this video.. at one point snow was fallingali at the rate of 3-inches an hour. over to texas storms bringingrig thunder lightning and a tornado warning the storms the causing significant damage in s the area fromig busted windshields to downed powers owp lines. a cold front is moving in with w temperatures expte
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to the 40's today. an alleged sexual abuse victim of former u.s. speaker dennis hastert could testifyld at his sentencing next month. back in october hastert pledastd guilty to violating bank laws bn when he tried to pay $3.5 million in hush money ton u keep someone quiet about past misconduct.. the misconduct dates backac decades around the time t hastert was a high school sch wrestling coach.g c president obama touching down in buenos aires for anes fa official state visit to argentina.ina. mr. obama's two day visits twda comes after his historic trip t to cuba. last night he spoke at a statete dinner hosted by argentina's arn president and later the commander-in-chief hit the hit dance floor for a little bitfl of a tango.oo a not bad mr. he did it with a female dance intera shimmering gold dress. d that is a check of some of
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other top stories. holly back up to you. >> i'm with you.y he d>>id pretty well there. i like that. when in argentina, right. rig still ahead this morning thi looking for a good place to pce eat? well, just make suree you're in maryland.aryl find out which local eateryal ey was named one of the best ind of america. first, though, a d.c. library la trying to track down a woman w who claims she was kicked outic because of what she was wearing. why the library now wants to apologize.apologiz first, though, gary and thog erin will both be back withac weather and traffic on then th 5s. if you enjoyed yesterday's's weather gary says get ready g for round two today.
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it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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>> check it out. one of d.c.'s famous pandas is enjoying the warm weather. that's tian tian taking a bubble bath.bu the national zoo posted this adorable video to its twitterwi put up a panda
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>> that's so funny because you e know why my son asked a yesterday to play in they t sprinkler and i was like it's i not that warm. >> well, but tian tian is look, i can do this., i can do i >> it was enough for a panda. pa >> that is so weird. s weird. she wanted to go outside andsida water the garden. garn. >> it's not that hot but it hott was awesome. but it was not sprinklerer >> the water coming out of thehe sprinkler would be freezing. >> my gosh, so cold.y >> it probably wouldn't botherdn them, though. >> 80 today. maybe today is the days,da holly. get that sprinkler out. >> let's do it.>> >> you, too.ou stay home from work.or stay home from school. schl. >> can we.>> c >> a lot of kids starting srt spring break today around the area. area reagan national right nowna temps coming in at 59, almost as 60. 60. dulles 48.dues 4 bwi marshall 53 degrees andgrs kind of across the region thisih morning couple spots in theco s 30's and some spots close to 60 degrees.60 dre weekend forecast shaping upfore like this. saturday still looks gorgeous, u lots of sun.lots it will be a little on the littt cool side obviously 62 degrees there. we're in the upper 70's0'
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temperatures off startingatur tomorrow with cooler air w coming down.ming then on sunday a few more few mr clouds in the afternoon but itrt still looks good, we'reoo w keeping it dry, 65 degrees 65 de there and of course it should ih be a beautiful easter sundaysund weather-wise.her- okay, this morning 5:00 g futurecast has us all dry.all d there's a few clouds outloud there. no more than that.or today is gorgeous. gge and all the warm air coming upig ahead of this line of showers,he tomorrow morning it looks like k we'll have a few showers inwe the area. it may be kind of a wet a commute tomorrow morning for moi some, maybe not for everybody but for m this little frontalhi system comes across and its crad brings a few showers with it. wh it is looking like tomorroww afternoon we should be fairly dry. dr this is 8 o'clock tomorrow evening so the showers have h definitely pushed off to thehedo east of us. of some cooler air, not real coldel air but cooler air coming oningn down and that will set thelet t stage for a cooler weekend. w but still all things all thi considered pretty nice.d pretty. this is saturday.thrd i'm just running through it. thi there's nothing to look atoot because it's all sunny. sun dry conditions here. her
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here are the thunderstormshe back out to the west of us, stthill a little bit oftlit lingering same system here that broughte all the snow out to colorado col as much as a foot out thereout e and then it's pulling into the brains and bringing snow into the upwest. ues 70 degrees lunchtime, 77 for amf high today. t seven-day forecast looks likeret this. one day in the upper 70's -- 7s the second day in the 70's.n th' some showers tomorrow, tomor 68 degrees. hopefully we're drying throughwr the afternoon tomorrow. tro mostly sunny on saturday. satda sunday looks gorgeous, 65, a a few late afternoon clouds.loud clouds and showers on monday. mn back to the sunshine tuesdayinue and wednesday of next week. here's erin como. it's friday what do you have for justice. >> let's see. right now if you're taking theg marc camden line they're cam dealing with ade service reduction. penn line will be honoringonin marc camden tickets. plan ahead if you takehe that lane. 395 south
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becauslane closures.light volumw across the wilson bridge weri are looking just fine.t f that's the same scenario asceri you make your way out top of oup the beltway out by newt by hampshire.ha we're not seeing any problems pl wilson bridge to the americanhen legion bridge.ri wide open roa we'll look at our maps.s. 66 inbound moving along without any issues and alsoes aa we're seeing quiet conditions qn as we take an overview.veie your secondaries downtown notown yet too crowded. cwded i like what i'm seeing so farin this morng. holly and maureen. maure >> all right, a heads up if up you commute by marc train. brush fires may affect yourir travel officials say marc trainy ma tra service on the camden lineamde will be extremely limited thisit morning. mo we shot this video yesterday. y. skyfox over the scene as firest came close to the tracks inck howard county. officials recommend going to arn penn line station or takingg metro instead. itead service is expected to be backtk up and running at full speed s by the evening rush.
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passengers on board a flightlit landing at reagan national nio airport. fire and rescue crews wereer called to inspect a southwest airlines flight after there aft were reports of smoke in the the cockpit as the plane landed. flight attend dander alsod da as reported a rubber smell. it happened around 7:30 last night. fire crews searched the planeea but nothing suspicious was found. >> a virginia man pled guilty pu to assaulting a man during a di fly. joseph sharkey verbally assaulted another passengerher e and then placed them in a headlock.head. sharkey then fought two flight if convicted he faces up to 20 0 years in prison. p >> the police department is pic reviewing new cell phone video d of a police pursuit in anne arrundel.arel the video shows police using u spike strips to stop thee ps t suspect's car on oak wood roadd in glen burnie.urni then when the man gets out to run police swarm and tackleckle him. annerr
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say they do not believe any a policies were violated butlated will review the video as theys h would in any case.nyas charges against the suspectpect are pending. pdi >> d.c. police arepolicere investigating a shooting that t happened wednesday afternoonsdao in southeast.ou police say they saw a man withit a gun in the 600 block of o mellon street and began firingar at him. h he wasn't hit and police werehi able to take him into custody.od police did recover the weaponheo on the scene.ce >> also in the the district dtr u.s. park police identified adef man who they say tried to abduct a child at the chi smithsonian air and spacepa museum.seum investigators say 60-year-old0-d bernard dry tried to grab arab child's hand and then walknd an away near one of the museum'sus' entrances earlier this month.s e surveillance video shows the exchange actually happening.peng then you see dry run away when w a chaperone yells at him.. he boarded a white shuttle bustb outside of the museum a meu warrant has been issued forhas his arrest.his ar anyone with information isorma being asked to call police. pol >> d.c. public libraries are are
4:52 am
muslim woman was asked to leave the shaw library because she was wearing a hijab. they're looking into reports.o s a library spokesperson says it is talking the accusation veryve seriously.serisly. the officer involved has been removed from patrol and the a te library's director is trying to track down the woman.ow they are also asking anyone else who saw the incident toidet give them a call.all. >> a maryland man has been m has charged with animal crueltyru after police say punished his cat by dunking it under waterr w in a toilet an tub. 62-year-old albert knox wass responded after a crawl a concerned citizen. police found the cat soakedat s wound and disoriented.isnt a montgomery countymontmeryu committee meeting to discuss possible p lead issues inead isi county water pipes. pes officials say the pipessae pip currently show not
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lead but there is a possibility pipes on some private properties that thates h connect to county pipes couldntp contain lead.l they say lead can also be lea present in drinking water from some plumbing fixtures and also happening today, vice president joe biden speakingt jo to students at georgetown law school.hool. mr. biden will speak on theak o importance of congress givings v president obama's supremeupre court nominee the t consideration of afforded by the constitution.stitutio judge merrick garland wasarnd w nominated by the presidentre last republicans have insiftedifted they'll not consider any of president obama's supremeobam court nominees until after the elections. >> ♪ >> let's take a look at the looe stories that are trending in our region this morning developing out of belgium theelt suspected bomb maker in theern e paris attacks in november was w one of two suicide bombers who targeted the brussels airportel on tuesday. tuesday coming in at 4:00 open table released its 2016 list of the
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officials say americans havea been killed by prisoners released from the detentionen center at guantanamo pay int gu cuba. ba. number two, take a look at the ongoing debate between supremewn court justice about an obamacare mandate that covers contraceptives for women. wom and the number one story s trending in our region right now publix supermarkets could sp be making their way into oureir area. >> one of d.c.'s most iconic ico buildings is beginning to look like its olds seven.even the scaffolding is coming downgw from the capitol dome. i need to say that properly. pre it's finally coming down from the capitol dome it has beentol up there for nearly two the scaffolding was put therehe while crews worked on a restoration project to fix pject more than 1,000 cracks in thatrt dome. workers are moving on to the steph next stage which isne sta painting. there's also some interior inter work to be done.wobe don the entire restoration is expected to be
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next year's presidential inauguration. >> temperatures are all overallo eme placement we're in theac 50's here in town.ow 54 degrees.54 woof been 56 and up to 59 andndo now we're back down to 54. martinsburg is 39.s frederick is holding in thengn t upper 30's and then down to the south youou got culpeper 49, manassas 55.as5 quantico still holding up in u the lower 60's. 6 annapolis sitting at 60 degrees so see what i mean? ? warm conditions later today itot will be a bit breezy, too.reezyt we're going to go 77 degrees7 ge for a high temperature here in town.. fredericksburg 78. culpeper maybe you touch t 80 degrees. how about that? that would behl so night. nice.. a little bit breezy later ony o today.da that's your forecast.'s y now let'ge
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traffic.c. it's friday eve.riy ev here's erin como. >> 4:55 gary. g i'm not sure if there's enough g strong black coffee in the cof world to make feme feel awake today. let's try.try. >> where is your first cup.s >> i drank the first oneyora the already.alady. >> wow. >> if you're waking up around w the area keepak in mind marcind service reduced camden line l trains today because of a bause brush fire from o these are the trains tham t aret in operation. operation. penn line will honor yourou tickets and also keep in mind in that you can take metro asou c well.we aside from that 395 southbound h we havboe some lane closures cle because of construction. give yourself some extra timef o to get through the area.he a the good news is lanes are reduced, however trafficraffic getting by without any big big problems.lems. 295 inbound from the beltwayd t looking good.ingood. here's a look all rightht morning commute.morning let's just take a moment to take this all in. there's green all oveker the map. i love what i'm seeing.eein 66 inbound from fairfax fairf problem free and as you make yok your way out in bowie 50 looking good as well.good w no problems inside the beltwayey on new york avenue.onew y that commute is c if you have an early morning mog flight, traffic on the way toto bwi
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looking good.looking good same story if you're headed todo dulles or reagan national this morning. quiet start to the te i like what i'm seeing. i don'int want to jinx it. back to you guys. >> ♪ >> coming up a the 5:00omin breaking news out of fairfax county.un a police cruiser struck by a a car as officers attempted toed o serve a warrant. warrant. we'll have the late nest ahahe l live report. >> plus authorities in belgiumin searching for another suspectans involved in the deadly attack ak at a metro station there.he >> first though let's get at's t quick check on the stock market. asian stocks are down while dowe european markets are mixed.ixed. u.s. futures are down as well.el we're back right after this.
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we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher
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and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. >> fox5 news morning.ox5 ne >> and 5 o'clock straight up on this ut thursday march 24th 2016. taking a live look outside on on this friday eve as we like to we call it around here. her if you thought yesterday wasught nice weather-wise get readyiseer for round two today.oday gary has your forecast plusorasp erin will have a check of yourfu roads. good morning, i'm maureen m umeh. >> and i'm holly morris.orri wisdom enjoying the day offff today. breaking news first out oft ouf fairfax county where police whel say they were trying to serveer a warrant when their cruiserwhen was hit by another car. c now we're told two of the suspects has been


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