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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  March 31, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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district today.od road closures restrictions and extra tight security as the nuclear summit gets under way. >> also sparking outrage donald trump taking back his controversial comments he madel about women and abortion.con d r what he is now saying and ofgnd course its reaction from otheroo candidates in the >> live look outside on this t thursday march 31st, a much nicer start to the morning theor today. temperatures already atatur 55 degrees. you're going to like how it'so shaping up.lishaping up. weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 6:05. hey, good morning everyone, i'm maureen umeh in for for allison today. today. >> i'm steve chenevey.'m s last day of march today. tay. >> breaking news to begin thisei last dave overseas at least a hundred hun people missing after a bridgesig collapse near calcutta india. at least 10 people died whendien slabs fell onto movingov vehicles now officials arere digging through that debrisro trying to find people stillple i flapped their cars andtheir and construction workers pleasedon to be buried in that rubble.ub >> back here locally worldk loc leaders waking up in the u nation's capitol.tion's capit. they are here for a two-day nuclear summit hosted by the bye president.president. the summit being held at theelde washingn
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and police have closed c roadssd in that area. are >> this means a major trafficic impact for your morning yrn commute.comme. fox5's annie yu is live iniv that area to tell us how tol usw make it around town if you areoa there. annie, give us the details. deti >> reporter: hey, good rorte morning, maureen and steve. ande that's right, with more than 50 dignitaries from around therd world here in washington washing security is going to be super io tight around the washington wasg convention center which istewhi where this two day summit is taking place. we're at sickth and new yorkandk avenue. avenue. new york avenue leads right ton the convention center.e co you can see the fencing andnd the barricades and the t national guard troops in place p here guarding this section and a so this went into placeo p yesterday afternoon.yestery af all of the security measuresy ar ntnt into effect in the i afternoon hours and this isn hos pretty much what we're going goi see anything saturday with the heavy police presence.rese there are d.c. police cruisersoc with flashing lights prettylhtsy much at every corn around theard convention center and streetsd beyond and about
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we saw members of the nationalao guard being shuttled in to the convention center area and areaa they're also helping to guardoua the barricaded areasd aas surrounding this sec so, the best advice you mentioned it is to avoid thevoit area. traffic is pretty much going pre to be a nightmare and thisnd t large gathering has even ledned to opm urging federal workers wr to consider teleworking during g the days today and tomorrow to t help alleviate some of theevia m traffic congestion in the d.c. c area but as far as roads r closures go, you're looking atog a map of the main break downs, the main closures being k, l, l, m streets between tenth andth sixth streets northwest. norwe again those streets will notstrl reopen until saturday aroundd noontime.on as for metro mount vernonnt ver square metro is closed untilsed saturday as well. wel all other metro stations willtii be opened during the summit.t. in addition there's also's also parking restrictions, limitedim pedestrian you'll be asked to, you know,d o walk a certain other way. way and so we have a full list, a
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at be sure to check that outheck before heading out. back to you in the station. >> ♪ >> airport -- here's a liveer look. service workers cleaners security officers baggage handlers arrived in the lastiv half hour. they're demanding $15 an hour minimum wage and union rights. . the strike was planned for pland last wednesday but it was postponed after the brusselshe u attacks. airport officials do notfi expect the strike, though, to to have a big impact on travelers.travers. >> ♪ >> a lot of drama in the race for the white house.r th donald trump sparking outragerku about his controversialtrovsial comments he made about women he and abortion but this morningior he's taking back what he h originally said. said. listen to this.hi >> do you believe inbe punishment for abortion yes orn no as a principle. >> the answer is that there the has to be some form of punishment. >> to the woman.>> >> yeah, there has to be some form. h what. has? >> that i don't know. tdo >> why not. >> i don't know.>> >> you take positions onaksi everything else. e >> i do take positions onitionso everything else its a very vy complicated position. pit
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pretaped interview trump'sru campaign tried to backtrack onrn those in a statement trump said "if "f congress were to passass legislation making abortionboio illegal and a federal courtou upheld the legislation the doctor or any other person or performing this illegal act upon a woman would be heldeld legally responsible not the woman. the woman is a victim in thism i case and as is the life in her h womb.wo that didn't stop the other the presidential candidates fromando criticizing his initialhi ini statement. >> what donald trump said todayna was outrageous and dangerous. maya angelou said when someone shows hugh they are, believe them and once again, he hasaie shown us who he is.n us who >> to punish a woman for for having an abortion is beyondey comprehension. i just -- you know, one would wu say what is in donald trump'sru mind except we're tired of saying that. i don't know what world this person lives in. >> donald's comments, theyal were unfortunate, they wered' wrong and i strongly disagorrete
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with them.he >> meanwhile trump's next test t with voters comes nextmes tuesday. it will be the wisconsin gopconp primary. >> and speaking of that stateth another heated exchange at a a trump police in wisconsin lookingwi for a plansc who pepper sprayeda a protestor who was 15 yearsea old. you can see the teen accusingn of a man of grabbing her. then it appears he tries tori hit him and that is when shehenh is sprayed with mace. bernie sanders tellingie s supporters not to count him out. sanders says he's riding a wave of momentum that can help him surge past hillary he announced polls in the t state show him tied or aheadd oa of clinton and also leadingeadig trump. like the gop wisconsin wiscons democrats cast their ballotslo in the primary next tuesday.ext. >> total devastation in partsonp of oklahoma. several tornadoes touched downcw in that state t the large of lge the touching down in tulsa.ul no deaths reported but atrted a least seven people hurt, onene critically. right now a massive cleanup cle effort is under way asay
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in that area that was hardestwa hit to make sure everybody isbo accounted for.or. the storm also brought intensehn hail to parts of the texas and georgia is bracing for several inches of grain >> storm season down south.wn sh >> yeah, unfortunately. unf nothing around ound nice and quiet milder. >> much milder.uc >> much milder. >> man. man. like this there liking yours puthrple today.le today >> that's you. >> keeping the tradition>> traon alive.alive. >> allison n-memory of allison. come back.come b >> let's go to the numbers.heums 55 in washington. 54 in leonardtown.n leonardt nice mild temperaturesd tepera overnight and again nicega southerly push of air will allow temperatures to soar allor the way into the 70's. >> yes! >> a great >> all right. r 54. is that a song from the 70's. 54 in frederick.rederick 55 dulles and manassas.ansa yes, sunshine to start yourrt y morning. we'll get some clouds heresd and the same storm system thatot brought the tornado to oklahoma yesterday will startte to
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today. most of your daytime hourstiours will just be cloudy.lo then we'll get rain overnight og tonight and it looks wetd ooks tomorrow. tomorrow looks like a wet dayikd as a cold front comes through. t we get an area of low pressurewp riding along that.ding more on that but let's but l concentrate on our thursdaye onu first, the day before our theayb friday. 73 today. 73 t >> man, living in the loving it. >> yes. should be a beautiful day.y. >> thank you tucker.ou >> say good morning to erinoo como get a look atd trafficff this morning. morni hey erin. >> good morning. 6:07. we have a lot of slowdowns.ns crash reported 95 on then the northbound side just north of su prince william paray and you are slow from dalefrom e city. you can see a mess of slowa mef moving traffic leading towardsnr the beltway. so be prepared for that.hat. south of that point inpo stafford by 610 volumeole increasing as well.el 50 out by 202 moving alongg ang just fine.stine. but once you hit columbia parkak road you jam from columbia cumbi park road to kenilworth. nothing out of the ordinary.ouof just a lot of morning traffic o picking up.f we'll let you know when 50he inbound starred to get morere crowded as we'll take a look at our maps. . bw parkway southbound good news for your commute towards
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tractor-trailer did clear, allle lanes you're facing some residual rid delays.ys. however, if you're heading outfe from baltimore keeping to itng t 95 southbound will save youund some time.ime. you're still clear down pastar d the icc. metro at left lane.o at delays between east falls church and we're single tracking on therain orange and silver line thisilve morning so watch for. for that also keep in mind that they're bypassing the mount them vernon square stop because ofof the nuclear security summit.secu if you're will being to getwingt around that on the yellow orhe w green line exit at shaw or atawr gallery place. p that will help you get around gd that station closure whichtion will be in place through friday evening so keep that inng mind. as we take a look at s metrobuso no service right now also now as because of the nuclearhe security summit between n sevent sh and ninth and betweene m and k. k they're diverting you there. factor in extra time and avoid a the area by the conventiononnt center and the white house if he at all possible this it's going to be veryer congested as annie has been hasn showing us with our teamg us whu coverage. that's your traffic.r affic back to you. you >>
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montgomery this morning an arrest in thehe >> metro considering more conrig drastic measures to fix safety y issues on the o we're back in just 30 seconds. >> ♪ >> back at flynn past the hour. a man in montgomery county is behind bars this morning b accused of tryinarg to kidnap a little girl tuesday night on monterey drive in '. kabir
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six-year-old girl who was who playing her front yard andg her tried to carry her c the girl's mother was able to grab her daughter and call d police. salami arrested and facingnd fac several charges including crgesc kidnapping and second degree see assault. >> in the district last night hundreds came out to rememberctm a d.c. teen who was killed k over easter weekend. 15-year-old davonte washingtonhg was with his family when hey wn was shot and killed att deanwood metro station. a vigil was held in his honor. n washington was a freshman at fra largo high he was on his way to get a haircut when he was killed. kil there's a go fund me paged g to help washington's family with the funeral expenses. so far more than $12,000 hasore$ been raised in the last two days for his family. i be laid to rest tomorrow.omoro >> more bad news for metroro rideers.ride right now officials are considering closing parts ofospt the rail system for anm an extensive amount of time. o t they're doing it to try to t make safety repairs or considering it chairman jack evans tells fox5lf that closing the system for atea few hours at night and on a weekends isn't enough time tonoe make all the needed repairs.
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'an entire line shutdown couldnl be done for days. d >> one of the suggestions isstio as other systems have done, we e close down the entire line,ine, the entire blueline or orangerra line or whatever it is and dor t all the repair work that's that' necessary that could take months to do and then open itpei up as a brand new line and wee fix then the infrastructure of that line. it's inconvenient people areon going to be outraged annoyedve and all of thatou but frankly, a what we're doing is not d is working. >> so, again, an entire linentie could be shut down for days ifs this plan goes through. thrgh earlier this month metro shut s down for 29 hours for hou f emergency repair work. wor >> overseas now new detailss nod about the egyptian man who man highjacked a plane earlierne eli this week. week. his ex-wife now speaking out.ako she says her former husband isss an extremely dangerous man who used drugs terrorized
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family beat his children. australian pro surfer s brett collin lucky to be alive i after he was attacked by ad shark. right now he's in a medicallyicy induced coma. c he was mauled by a shark whileha serving with a friend. f the shark ripped off three-fourths of his thigh.high nurses were on the beach andeach they were able to stop the surf forty three bleeding toleed death. >> usual users can no longerrs reach the company by e-mailingy them.them. what the company now wants to ws you do. >> live look outside on this on thursday morning.ning weather and traffic on thec oth 5s. right now it's 55 degrees at reagan national airport. wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks.
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nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> ♪ >> back now with that breaking news out of india. o a deadly overpass collapsed. part that of bridge had beene he under construction.stru so far several deaths reportedee and nearly a hundred othersth still missing fear trapped in their cars under the debris.ris. the area where this happenedhere is extremely busy for travelers.av >> it is 6:15 right now. n let's check in with tuckern barn
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weather and traffic on the 5's. 5's. tuck. >> hey, steve. how about some 70's nice mild start to your day.r dy gets better from here temperature-wise. we'll have clouds around but iu think rain will hold off until l overnight tonight.onight really our best chance will benl during the day time hours tomorrow. here are your warm numbers towam start your day. a the least mild. 55 now in washington,are 58 in quantico, leonardtown 54 degrees. deg 53 in annapolis.apol. everybody's off to a veryery comfortable start.ble s look at winchester alreadyr 59 degrees for you just out to u the west. looking at our satellite andelli radar, we got some cloud coverov just out to the west.e west. we'll have a nice sunrise ande e then the clouds start to moveo v in here pretty quick and itnd will be a mostly cloudy afternoon as we a waiter thee arrival of storm system thatm ta will bring us rain can a cold front brings uss u rain showers overnight tonight and into our day on friday andra that's going to set us up for u a much cooler cooler temperature on the waytu for the week. wee high pressure that was -- that - delivered a very cool morning mg yesterday is now far enough to e the east that we're able toble
6:16 am
going. again we'll watch an area ofrea low pressure track off to our to north and west and that willndal bring us i think the best chance willha be overnight tonight but weht bw may have some showers aroundwero this evening and then again byib tomorrow morning's commute's c we'll have some showers aroundrn as well. wel showers maybe a thunderstorme as well. all right. futurecast, let's find thosed showers together.owers together. there we are at 5 o'clockret 5 tonight so evening rush hour is fine.e. you have outdoor plans sportsnst this afternoon that kind ofon t thing looking good. and there's that rain shower activity. gets in here mostly tomorrow morning eay that morning commute will haveia a few showers around then on again off again showers on friday.iday friday doesn't look great.k even saturday.atury. a little area low pressure pre will slide off last little piece of energy ifng want to show you. i mention this because thishi cold front saturday nightaturda could kick off a few flurriesrrs across the area. what? it's not right erin eri says it's not right. r could be a few flurriesew flurre saturday night early sundayly s and notice those coolthos temperatures and the 73 today. today. let's focus on today.oday. looks great.. late showers into the day ono ta friday wh
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storms around but very warm warm temperatures tomorrow and the te weekend saturday is lookingki cloudier, however, low 60's 6 and then lots of sunshine byine sunday, mid-50' but chilly.lly. all right. that is a weather upday. upd lots going on this week weather-wise. >> traffic-wise we have theis nuclear security summit soe tons of closures downtown byurnw the convention center and the c white house. we'll get to those in just a jua few first i want to talk aboutlk abo your current commuter into the c 66 eastbound at sudly roadsudly you're completely jammed.amme the delay starts in manassasassa at 234 and goes to 28 and thennn you hit some more stop-and-go-ad traffic through arlington.rling. we'll switch it over.swit it aside from that delay we'llhat e take a look at our maps. m we're dealing with some otherthr slow moving traffic as usual. inbound five northbound slows brandywine road to surats roadad and then four is moving wellg w 301 to the beltway. btw that's good news in prince iince george's. suitland parkway traffic is trai picking up towards south capitol but no major delaysno m just yet.justet. a side from that let's see if se we can forward our maps andap show you a look inside the the district.. right now inbound 295nbound 2 burroughs to pennsylvania downvn
6:18 am
keep in mind if you are taking metro today delays between beten east falls church and ballstonlo and that is because of single tracking on the orange and silver lines. also keep in mind they arethey bypassing on the yellow and a green lines, the mount vernoner square station and that is for the nuclear security summit. your best bet to get around that, exit at the shaw orw gallery place metro that will help you. you those closures in place for in r metro as they bypass thatss station through friday eveningyi and then once again if youagn if don't have to drive down by the convention center or thehe white house i would suggestug avoiding the area.oidi the parking restrictions in placelae as well as pedestrian traffic restrictions.restrictio more for you coming up. cg u that's your look at traffic.rafc back to you maureen and >> thank you erin. people who use uber can noro longer e-mail the company if com they have an issue.e anssue instead they'll have to communicate with uber through tr the app.pp the company says it's perfects e for riders who haveho h accidentally left behind oneehin of their belongings or has an issue with an erroneousrroneo
6:19 am
>> or it doesn't work when youky leave your phone in the car. c >> i was thinking thi >> and then you don't have anyy way to contact them. norwegian's cruise ship the t joy is rolling out pretty coolro features.feat this is a nearly $1 billion biln ship but it will have, are you ready, hover craft bumper carsre a-luxury duty free shoppingppin area so you can spend morecan ed money on your cruise and ituised will also have a go-cart go-cart racetrack on board.rd. the ship departing from shanghai and beijing will set s sail next summer. >> all right. rig beer lovers listen up. lovers now you can enjoy your you favorite brew for breakfast. the scottish brewery hasrewery h developed a new jam outbeerutbe called marmen ale. a combines indian pale ail with w marmalade to create jam. j it has an orangey flavor right now it's only available in >> i'm okay with that.'m o >> really. >> only being available inla i scotland. scotland >> coming up chipotle movinge m beyond burritos ready to enter the burger business.rger busin we've got the
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>> first though a womanly inan florida out on her dailyaily stroll got quite the surprise, hey kitty. that was a rare breed of a o panther ran right past her. h she happened to have her cellel phone out and that's too close for comfort.r comfort. >> wow. >> only about a hundred ofa these big cat left in the wildhl so good thing she caught itght i but at the same time i wouldamee be really, really hoping thatint that cat was not hungry he. he. >> yeah.ea man, okay, how about this one.ho looks like humans aren't therett only ones who are -- a giant a t panda cub spent the day with a human foster damaged look atda that. that and was insistent on takingg selfies with him. the interaction was sweet for st lon on lookers as the cub gaveav his foster dad kisses and a posed for pics. >> puts his paw around hisun h shoulder. >> that's the best. >> why can't we have that here. >> snuggle and kisses.
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>> first a check of their joining us from the fox business netwo rk stuusdio lauren simonetti.mone good morning to you >> reporter: hey there, good t morning. >> could be a big day on wall street today. >>bi reporter: oh, absolutely. t it's the end of the first t quarter and it's the end of the the month of both of them pretty solid forol the stock market so go hek ma ahead, check the 401kk statement. you're not going to be it's not going to look that bad. yesterday we had up arrows sos s that screen is wrong.. the dow was up by 84 points,s, nasdaq higher by 22 and the s t & p was higher by about nine points yesterday. yesterd up four days in a row lookingoo at the dow pushing closer toto the 18,000 mark so things are looking better. not only is it a critical daycal with it being the end of the month and the quarter it'slyt' the day before the big jobs bigs report and sometimes when aet you're awaiting a marketar moving report, you sit on s o hold, you don't do too muchtoo and you just wait for the bigr e number to come out.come o >> all right, at least bettereat news than we've had as of late. la let's talk about this one. those pre
6:24 am
i was going sign up for themsi but apparently they're noteye helping you get through theyou o lines any faster at thete airport. >> reporter: no.>> i'm shocked. when precheck which ischec essentially the prescreeningscre process that airports ares thiro offering where you're voter ahead of time you get in thee yo fast lane you don't have tot hat take off your shoes or your jacket and you go throughnd y security pretty quickly, a couple years ago when they a whe launched it they wanted wte 25 million people signed up. peo guess what? they have h 9 million people signed up. that's it. at the same time the t.s.a.e tha has cut the number ofhe numr o screening agents at the airports by 10 percent. so, we have fewer people h signed up for the fast lane,r you have fewer agents checkinggt people and you're expecting eec record summer travel so thetravo lines at the airport arere tremendous.emen and probably only gettingy gti bigger so pack your patience.ien >> yeah, bottom line you can'tu' win. >> and then finally chipotle cho getting into burgers. bge here's the thing.heng i go to chipotle because i i want, you know, chipotle foodpo burr rooburritos and whatnot.han why
6:25 am
market? let the other guys do it. >> reporter: when you say wyou other guys isn't it ays i saturated market. they're so many burg are manbure joints popping up. chipotle is branching out. out. we think they want to do a a burg are chain because they t filed a trademark for betterde burgers. they have a pizza joints and they also have a southeast sthea asian fusion chain as well.sion >> the pizza joint have youza ju tried it. >> reporter: no, i have not. i don't think there's anyny locally.locally. >> i tried.>> i tri >> reporter: have you. rep >> no. i did the shop house one whichhi i think is their asian i think chipotle in its original form justm j keep -- that models works for mo me so i don't >> reporter: but the problemro is right now the norovirus andor e. coli, that bad reputation that they're probably sayingayg we need to branch out a little bit more. >> we'll see how that works out. yet another burger joint.urger n all right, lauren simonetti asea always thank you. >> reporter: thank you.ou have a good day. >> you, too. t >> breaking news from
6:26 am
this morning.thisorni in fairfax a crash as a resultae of the end of a high speedpeed police pursuit. 29 southbound at lagado road. ra it's right near the fairfax county parkway. you can see they have some s flares set up.f. the right lane of 29 south is29s getting by but the police pursuit ended at thatt location. there's obviously anobviouy an investigation going on and an lot of police activity.of p we do know at least one cart onr involved in that crash.n that c we're going to keep you postedos on more information on that imai and how it's affecting yourti y commute but we wanted to keeptop you posted on that breaking situation.tu we'll look at our maps. aside from that breaking newsren that we're dealing with on 29 o southbound we have some other o slowdowns that are typicalical around the area.nd the a so, if we can get a look at those maps. 270 southbound from 70 to the truck scales usual volume inumen frederick n prince george's county inbound traffic on fiveni is slow from brandywine toywe surratts road.atts we'll keep you updated on yournu morning commute.mute. 95 northbound at prince pri william parkway is also veryo vr jammed up because of anbee of a earlier crash.r c i think tucker has better
6:27 am
this morning than i do about dab the weather. wea >> if you like the 70's and i do. do. >> we love it.>> w >> i got a great forecast. >> what's the voice? >> i don't know.>> i'm putting on my sexy voice.oi >> sounds like wisdom revisited. revisited. have you heard him thisou morning? he's all b harry white on us all of a sudden. s >> got a deep voice. voi >> yeah. >> 55 degrees nice and mild winds out of the south at 14.t we'll get some clouds butlouds t temperature in the low to midint 70's so nice looking forecast.oc the rain you see out to theo west gets in here tonight and tomorrow and we'll havell h showers friday but mild temperatures the next coupleur s weekend. wee looks like clouds for saturda saturday. maybe a snow flurry overnight. g >> are you kidding me right now. >> yeah. >> i can't. >> you can can't can. you got to.anyogot you have no choice. n i'm done. you guys can do something do soe else. >> i don't even know what tove do with that. t snow flurri
6:28 am
next another update on today's nuclear summit in d.c. and in dd what it means for yourmeans yo commute.commute. >> wizards playoff hopesards pretty much gone.uch go technically still alive but b fading fast. f sports junkies join us afterus a the break.
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>> ♪ >> erin talking about a high speed chase coming to an endn in fairfax county just aboutbo 10 minutes ago. started as a traffic stopff s around 6:00 a
6:31 am
not sure where that was butt police say the driver tookver tk off. they went after him and thatndha pursuit ended on route 29 and legato road and the fairfaxai county parkway.. the driver is in custody but b again a u.s. 29 south at legato road near the fairfax county parkway police activity.activity beware if you're drivingf through that area.ta. weather and traffic on ther 5's atan 6:35. a lot of road closures to tellos you about near the washington convention center today allay because of world leadersders attending a nuclear security ser summit that president obama is hosting. metro is also closed at the c mount vernon square station. sti a confession and guilty gui plea from a prince williamncilli county man for ordering the murder of a drug dealer he ode money. justin wolfe could getfe c anywhere from 2941 years y behind bars when he's i sentenced in july.uly. after the man who pulled thee trigger changed his story h s several times, a federal judge reversed wolfe's convi
6:32 am
this week as parts of a plea p deal prosecutors released rea wolfe's handwrittendwtt confession.cosion sentencing day for former charles county circuit court judge. last month robert nail lee pleaded guilty for ordering a on court deputy to shock a defendant with a doesn't gun. g witnesses say nally gave the gat order when the defendant continued speaking after nally y told him to stop. to sto nally faces up to one year in prison.. >> ♪ >> time for the morning linethe it is not looking good for thefr wizards post season hopes. h let's check back in with thewith sports junkies.ts. we talked yesterday about thetea fact that the wizards were one e life support and now they're real, real close to that allal ending. another bad one last night.d e a >> it's >> you can pull the plug.anull l i mean, players are kind of kd o taking shots at each otherther now. bradley beal was saying we've w' got to find out who wants toants play.ay. so, it's not good. it's disastrous season.ea this team beat the raptors last year to advance to the t second round of the nba of nba playoffs. the raptors have the seconds ve best record in the east theyasty pretty much brought th
6:33 am
team back and it's just been disappointing throughout. >> your season is on the linehel steve and you allow a bad sacramento team to score 120co 1 points on you. >> yes. >> that's when you know theen yo season is over.on i ove >> defense has been a challenge all season but whenonw you look back at last year's team we talked about at thehe and of the season the only big loss seemed to be paul pierce going away. can you attribute all of the oft changes to that or hasange something else happened hapned between last year and thislast y year. >> remember, too, at theber, beginning of the season theysone tried to change theirei they had been a good defensiveei team and they wanted to goted to with the stretch four and what they called pace and space andpd at the beginning of the year they had kris humphriesumes playing power forward and shooting these anded never really knocked down any thesen e throughout his career so thateeo wasn't a good fit and then a gdi they kind of went back to their old school methods wherem they had nene and gortat andortt were going big.were going then they made a trade for morris and so i don't know if kw they ever really, you know,no settled in on their p
6:34 am
this y >> yeah. it's probably a combination ofto a lot of factors steve. ste maybe they just don't enjoynj playing with each other anymore.anymor maybe they checked out on randy whitman.. unless ked doesn't care andedoen all he cares about is ovie and backy and those boys he's gots make major changes. chang >> that would get us throughwo hopefulluly june this year.thi y >> steve, by the way, pace and,a space works real well above pieces like steph curry and green. >> that helps. >> it doesn't work as wells well when you kind of have miss havem cast parts trying to run anto ra offense that doesn't fit that. t >> when your team is all all ala stars and you never lose at lose home you can kind of changed of things up that way.ings uthat the wizards last night played pe in sacramento but the real drama in the nba down the road r in los angeles. ang today. row russell tapes hissell teammate talking to him about a him having affairs on his very
6:35 am
hollywood fiancée and then he puts it all out there. now ther fans were booing him laste bo h his teammates have lost him in the locker room.m. the coach is berating him. how do you recover from something like this or can you? >> i didn't think this is athin lakers season could actually get any worse until this until s today. row russell nick young nic thing blue up. and d'angelo russell did the impossible. nick young was here for many was years. we couldn't have been happierer when he got shipped out of o washington. and now d'angelo russell, he's a 20-year-old kid with a lotith of talent but he's clearlyarly immature having a hard timearti adjusting to being a rookie in i the >> he's a dumb immature kid is s what it comes down to. t i like this quote that theis video got into the wrong hands. hand >> okay. that's what happens. hap >> it started in his hands.
6:36 am
>> right exact. the lakers as bad as they are a how do you continue on with a fan that's eatin getting the irf fans. do you think this blows over. t >> the season is going to go away,hi kobe is going to retire. d'angelo russell is probablybl their best young prospect. psp they have julius randall.s randl i think he has to focus on focun basketball and it will passllndi and things like this have happened in the past.ened it kind of resurfacedur yesterday that kobe bryant 12brt years ago when the rape trial rl thing happened with him heith hi kind of threw shaq under the bus saying well when this used the happen to shaq he would just pay women off a millionilli dollars and so he had thrown har his teammate under the bus 12 b1 years ago so i think that it tha will pass. >> so will. >> talent supersedesdes character.characr. happens in every sport. sport >> will d'angelo russell getuslt nick young like anick yng l 4 million-dollar ring maybe try to patch things over.o pa >> that's probably not goingob to happen but somebody needs to ste
6:37 am
i don't know whether it'st' somebody on the team or then frontth office and teach himteam about the man code.abou >> yeah, well. >> you just don't violate youriy buddies or your teammates'or yos trust like. that that's like a sacred thing. >> amen to that.>> >> i agree with you. >> all right guys we got tohtuy go. we'll let you continue thetie conversation. we'll check back with you tomorrow morning. morni >> guy code, how about you c just don'tod get with your friend's woman. woman >> no, he was getting him to admit that he had been witheen other women.her won. >> oh, man, oh i see. s >> he was -- so, tuck you everkv get anything on the side but se he's recording the whole thinghi and he didn't tell him thatl hit and then he posted it so nowoow he's in trouble with his very famous fiancée. >> i've been posting steve's ste secret confessions for years.ea >> they're so exciting no one is noticing. >> reagan national, hey,ional, everybody is
6:38 am
dulles bwi marshall 55.all 5 going to be a nice mild d low to mid 70's out there. out e we'll get some clouds thisouds s afternoon but the rain willthe hold off so the good news is is rain not until tomorrow morning. more coming up. >> let's get to traffic withith erin. >> 6:38. we'll start you off with skyfox. they're over the breaking news we have been telling about, auta crash -- they're flying away thf right now. n we'll switch it over for a look at our maps. m 29 the end of a police pursuitst so lanes are blocked, just thehe right lane getting by. that's outbound right by leeundy highway. highway. keep that in mind. min we'll switch it over for a look at our maps. 395 north slow from edsall too seminary road.oa 32 miles an hour in alexandria.alexandr in prince george's countye geor inbound traffic slow on five northbound side frome fro brandywine road to surrattsurtt road. four is still looking g keep in mind 50 inbound is iound slow by kenilworth.enworth. we have a lot of closures to talk about surrounding the s nuclear security summit.r we'll get to those next. back to you t >> still ahead airport
6:39 am
on strike right now.htow >> all happening at reaganng atn national. details about what the demandsha are coming up next.
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> ♪ >> good news for restaurants for in georgetown. a decades old moratorium onium new liquor license center cityte coming to an end.ming to an e last night the control board boa said restaurants can beginan applying for liquor licensesorio on
6:42 am
tavern and nightclub liquor licenses will still be limited m to a total of six for thex r neighborhood.neig another live look atothe reagan national gnat in airport. airport workers want high are hh pay and a right to unionize. workers will be joining joi several other contractedonac employees at major hubs goings on strike today.trik airport officials do nott of expect this to cause trouble trb for traveler. >> montgomery county severaly co council members wants the wants artificial turf fieldsal operated by the county testednts because of concerns about arns a potential health risk.ealth ris. a lot of people fear crumb rubber material contains car sin jones the governments th launched an effort in february r to investigate those healthse ht risks. that high speed chase ind fairfax county that endedcoun about a half hour ago.f hour ago >> if you have a news tipyoha share the with us.e th call us at (202) 895-3000 or e-mail us fox5 tips at back after this.
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> ♪ >> a look outside at the whitek house.ou looks like a really nice start to the day. hat pictureear t is. is. little breezy though.ttle you can see from the flag. busy day with the nuclear n summit in town. in lots of world leaders converging on washington, d.c.od at now somebody who is notablys not missing this week is our goodth friend allison seymour.eymour. >> a lot of people asking lpe where has allison been? where h is she? you know what,
6:46 am
a feeling she hasn't been too silent. >> is she at the white house. wu >> no, she's not at the white'sa house. check it she's on spring break with the t kids and posted this fun music video on her instagram last night.ght. >> ♪ >> you know what the thing isno we havew like four likes and ls she had 4,000. 4,0 >> look at this.k at >> i thought we would getet more, tuck. >> this is her groovy herro challenge. go ahead, al. is that baby p. p. yeah, i think that is baby. i >> you know what it is, it'snow the excitement and energy ofcint being on vacation. >> i know, right.ig >> that's what it is. >> look at her. h >> just so everybody knows al ks is as you can tell doing amazing. having a great time. she'll be back next week. >> i knew she had moves like that. >> cool editing there.itin the >> all of that on instagram. ins didn't they start the 60 --he 6 no, who started the longer l freezing markinstreaming
6:47 am
>> they're going to do a goingoa minute. that was through a different tht app. it will speed >> pretty cool.>>rett >> we'll work on that afteror the show. sho >> we'll work on it. i >> we can't get her out do us. 70's are returned but there retu clouds are back as well asrek as we're looking at some raine rain showers.ower i think the rain will hold offhd for the daytime hours. hrs probably overnight tonight early friday when the bulk of the rain gets doesn't look likee a terriblyri big deal. 55 in washington, 53n washon annapolis.anna north and west nice mild star start. 55. dulles 57 and manassas, manas winchester too. and you can see the cloudslo other hors solve we'll getet some cloudiness today.lo i think after a nice sunrise,uni the clouds will move in prettyie quickly. should be a dry we're focused on warmer air war which is really going get allgon good push here from the southomt up ahead of our cold front andro a frontal system which is outte to the west and as that frontshr gets closer later tonight that a will increase our chances for shower activity. there might be a rumble ofe mi thunder around here earle ea tomorrow morning as that front r
6:48 am
behind the front much, much m cooler air.oler talk about that here coming upig but again warm and breezy a bre today. cold front moving in. rain showers, best chancesst chs going to be late tonight after midnight but there could be a be few scattered showers out if i you're out this evening but e very mild temperatures, again mid 70's for parts of the areaa by late this afternoon andis afo there we go some showers andsomo storms tomor tomorrow looks cloudy with -- wt i don't know if that was quitetq the effect -- a few showers shos and all right, here's the setup for the weekend. we got another round of cold won't be the bitter blast ofast january, february but it's b going to feel chilly for thisort time of year. y sunday daytime highs in the 50's and pretty good winds outgd of the north and west.he so a return to some cooler air focused towards the end of thehe weekend by sunday and monday.dam today 73, late day s tomorrow upper 70's. 70' that should feel pretty good before the cooler air gets g here this weekend.s weeke that's weather. erin is back with roads and nuclear summits.nur >> lots going on tucker.r. >> yeah. >> look at the map. nuclear
6:49 am
through saturday they will betu in place, the main onesrd around the convention center on k, l, and m street, seventh streetentt between o and massachusetts,chut massachusetts and portions ofset new let's take a live look at new york avenue right now and showa you exactly what you're up against. one of our cameras we can see the barricades set up.baicad you need to give yourself aours lot of extra time as you head yh around the area. huge radius around the convention center shut down. if you don't have to travelou near the white house or the whi convention center i suggestigges avoiding the area.di they're also limiting lim pedestrian traffic and there's a lot of parking restrictionsari in place as we kind of showkind you a look at the city.the it's going cause a lot of congestion. let's take a look at our maps. as you head out today stops on metrobus between seventh andevth ninth northwest and m and k and will be diverted. div also the green and yellow and y lines are not stopping attoppin mount vernon square so makeern q sure through friday evening eve that you use either shaw orr gallery place metro symptoms s let's take a look at something that happened just a few a f moments ago, breaking news weinw have been tracking. track on 29 in fairfax county a couy police pursuit ended in a car
6:50 am
crash. this is 29 outbound as you approach fairfax countyrfax c parkway at legato roadblockingok the left lanes. they have flares set up. hav the right lane is getting by but an active investigation.tit. again a police pursuit thatit ended in a crash.ende we'll keep you updated on upd traffic there.chere. 66 on the eastbound side also sd dealing with a crash blocking b the shoulder. sulde that one is out by 29. we'll keep you posted. p more traffic for youror closures. again avoid the green and yellow lines at the mountt t vernon square stop and then asqr you head out right now, single tracking orange and silver between east falls church and ballston causing that is your very csirowded very traffic report. back to you. >> indeed it was.>> thanks erin. wisdom martin back in studio with us now with a wit check on what stories we'reries engaging most with on socialhn >> all right. good morning to you.orning to y. we're going to start offe gog to talking with politics.. start with bernie sanders.. the democratic candidate willcrt likely appear on the d.c. d.c. primary ballot despite a registration mixup according to the d.c. democratic partyratp she says the party filed theil
6:51 am
but that such a practice has prc never been a problem in then past due to the board of elections office closing several hours before thehe actual filing deadline. d also trending a warning tin from the metro board clairerd cr that the entire rail lineil l could see month-long closures or more if major repair workr w is needed. nee a full review of the transit trs system's needs is due out in about six weeks. w let's go to texas nextt'go t where a mom is in custody for allowing her boyfriend'sfr brother who is also a registered sex offender to tattoo three of her children chi who were all under the age of 13 years old. old. next to a popular d.c. rapper dr facing serious charges this morning accused of usinged of counterfeit money to gamble. martrell reeves arrested atesd maryland live casino in hanover. security contacted policected pe after they say reevesve presented $450 in
6:52 am
get chips. ge and actress whoopi golds berg lending her name and herg checkbook to a new line of medical marijuana products pdu designed to help relieve women's menstrual cramps.rual ca that's a look at what storieshat you're engaging with on social o media right now.ow >> all right.ig >> i've covered a lot. a l >> you sure did.e d >> take from that what youake will. >> i like the headlines.heaines. thanks, man. thanks, ma >> thanks a lot. in today's health watchealt the food and drugd ug administration relaxing its rules for a common abortion inducing pill making it i he'sier for twenty nine get ae e prescription for the drug.ti we're talk my for example. emp the fda agreed it's time to renew its the new guidelines increase ire the number of days the women may be able to use the the medication and also reduces r the dosage drug.e d medical break new at johns hopkins.hopk doctors have successfully succes trance planned a kid flee anle liver from an hiv positive donor to a hiv
6:53 am
recipient. both surgeries took place inries the last two weeks. the kidney patient is nowla home. the liver patient remainsver hospitalized expected to be released in just a fewed days. d >> we were throwing away organs from donors infected with hiv just because theyeche were infected with hiv. these were potentially perfectly good organs forood ora these patients.thesents. >> doctors estimate as many as 500 would be donors who are hiv positive die each year. >> looks like a lot of peoplea are kicking the habit when itabw comes to drinking soda. soda consumption in the u.s. the lowest in 30 years. yea this however has not hurt the ht big soda companies like cokeco and pepsi because they have becu branched out offering several sv alternative drinks as well.l. new list puts d.c. amonglis the top cities with the mostt mosquitos.mosquito yes, you're not imagining things. we are a swamp land right. r d.c. came in at number three.r h rankings based on the numbergs b of customers who called the, kin man last year.last year. the pest control company say
6:54 am
located in the southeast. >> maybe we don't know k thousand handle mosquitos andan we have to call them fdlor helph >> there you go. >> ♪ >> if you missed it yesterday ys we had a lot of fun with that ta man right there the actor who plays hank williams. w his name is tom hiddleston andn he joined us on good day alonga with the director to talkirectot about the film. >> he's delightfully tall andta much more handsome in person than i imagined. igi hiddleston gave holly morris aoi lesson on how to two-step.te take a look.oo >> two step, here we go. ready. yeah. >> ♪ >> keep looking in my eyes,y eye just keep looking. [laughter] >> go ahead, talk about the movie. mo
6:55 am
>> amazing.>> amazing. >> you got it. >> i've got it. i'm available. [laughter] >> okay, i'll let you talky, i about the movie.abt th >> okay, my turn. [laughter]gh >> oh, man, that was a lot oftel fun. i saw the light, that's the movie hits theaters tomorrow. t >> and some say he's in thee sa' running to be the next jamesex j bond. we saw that. t >> i got to admit i didn't seei' it first but after being in studio i don't know. iw. >> he says that's an tt' opportunity you wait to comewaic to you. our fan of the day, today is joanna. look at that big smile. big s she says she absolutely loves fox5 and she's been tuning inin for more than 20's years. y >> we love it.>> we love >> love it. >> hope you have a happy day, joanna. >> hello. finally have you everfina tried on a virtual reality reaty headset? hm. one woman's reactions that's t gone viral. >> watch as his irish mom as enters world of jurassic park.
6:56 am
>> oh! >> see, this is why i said when we were talking about thent basketball watching it from watt center court i want to watchou i the people using the virtualtual reality. i think it's more entertainingin sometimes. >> look at her.>> look at >> if you ever try it you get yu sucked into what you'reed io w watching. like that did thelike rollercoaster thing, you werethu looking all over the p wlace.era >> pretty cool.tty >> kind of like what tuckerat te does >> are we sure she didn't getsus into the irish whiskey before she put on the mask. >> a flip or two. b beautiful sunrise.>> live right there and mild 55nd right now in washington. was winds are back out of the south at 13 going to be a niceon mild day for you. low to mid seventies for daytime highs.da clouds this afternoon the rains you see out to the west gets inaf here tonight more on thee t forecast coming up but but 73 degrees by 4:00 p.m. and again just clouds thiss afternoon. erin are you out there? are th you wearing a virtual realitytur mask. >> i was hanging out
6:57 am
wisdom. we were chatting.we w >> that's a type of virtual reality.ity. right. >> right now big delays outerowd loop top of the beltway at new hampshire. hampir just want to get out of theto way and slow you how parked itor is. very heavy traffic as you makero your way from 95 towards the t spur. inner loop a little bit better shape right there. t we'll slow you what else you're up' we've told you about all the closures around the conventionun center for the nuclearnter f security inbound is slow on five in fiv prince george's. more news and traffic and weather coming up. keep it to fox5
6:58 am
narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> ♪ this is fox5 news t morning. >> right now at 7 o'clock followingbacking news. a police p you suit in y sui northern virginia it's over now. the chase happened on a roadennr packed with drivers though.iverg what police say led up to this pursuit coming up. >> some of the world's mostld'st powerful leaders gathering inate the district today.e ri a two-day nuclear summitlear sut begins later this morning. creating quite the trickyri commute. roads are closed, metro off limits. we're live with what you needit to know toh get around.d. plus.>>us >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> to the woman.>> >> yeah, there has to be some form. form >> donald trump igniting aignita fire over women and abortion. ao this morning he's backtrackingak and what he's saying thise's sas morning and reaction fromtirom other candidates in the race.ath >> let's go ahead and take a te live look outside on thishis thursday march 31st, last


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