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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  April 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at 10. right now at 10, the tow truck driver who helped free a trooper from a horrific beltway crash is talking only to fox5. it was crazy.. it was like an accident. plus the latest metro mess. a train full of passengers spent more than an hour stuck in a tunnel. no service, can'tç call nobodyr nothing. tonight, frustrated riders are lashing out. and a boy was removed from class
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during an abuse investigation. the problem, officials had thead wrong child. so what happened? your news starts right now. all we do begin with that maryland a state trooper who is in critical condition tonight following a terrible recollect on the beltway. we thank you for joining us, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. the crash led to miles long backups in both directions for r hours right during the middle of the evening rush. it began in the outer loop in license hem. the trooper was parked on the shoulder in his unmarked patrolo vehicle investigating an accident. that's when another car smashedn in the trooper's car sparking a chain reaction crash. the trooper is now at shockk trauma in baltimore and tonight we are hearing from a tow truck driver who witnessed the accident and helped free thatel trooper. fox5's sarah simmons spoke s exclusively with him. hi sarah joins us with the latest. >>reporter: shawn, i want to wa talk to him and show him just im a moment, but to reiterate here.
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it's been extremely tough day for the maryland state police, l one of their own in critical condition after only 5 months on the job. he is actually out college park bar reaction here and on road patrol. that is his assignment. but tonight, we talked to that tow truck driver that you mentioned, tom her area a, he helped free the trooper after that massive chain reaction crash. he saw the whole thing unfold before his eyes. eye listen as he describes the chaos that unfolded. he puts his foot on the gas. when he puts his foot on the gas he hits four to five cars. he hits the median. he goes far right. when he hit four or five cars i started following him on the far shoulder because i started seeing him already going to theo far right shoulder. he started going straight. the tires look like he was abous to fall off. that car has real wheel drive so he starts
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he's about to hit another car. he's an inch away from hitting another car. he's going, he hits the state trooper from the back. when he struck the police pol officer i didn't know he was in there. when everybody was around theas police a officer, there was another guy who was trying to help me out, i run to the stateh trooper and go to the passenger side door and i told him, officer are you okay? iskay? everything okay? he didn't o respond to so i got on the radio and i was like trooper down on 495. the first thing i did is describe the j hook and that's the extent the chain and i describe somebody was in a ditca or suggest.or i pulled him out. i just grabbed that because the car was not driveable. everything was messed up on the mercedes so the only way to movo that is dragging it with the toe truck and that's what i did, just dragged it. every time i saw the ambulance and everybody come, i was
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praying for me. me. when he passed by in the helicopter, i prayed for him, too. everyone is praying porsche nothing a tonight, including his family who is at his bedside, including his brother who alsor happens to be a maryland state trooper as well. the driver whos was involved in this crash has been identified by maryland state police as 60 year old bashaud yachtville i of new jersey. he also was taken to the hospital at well. charges are pending, of course this was a very con fusing crasn so they are continuing to investigate. so it's unclear right nowight whether or not he will face charges. that's the latest in college c park. sarah simmons, fox5 local news. > thank you, sarah. another rough ride for metroetro passengers today. a train got stuck in a tunnel a between foggy bottom and rosalyn. the good news no one was hurt, but the incident did have a a major impact on service. marina maracco is life in lif arlington tonight with the latest. marina. >>reporter: shawn, just a few
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hours ago, the rosalyn station opened back up for business.usin it was for a little bit stalled because a disabled train remained on the tracks. they finally got it to the yarde but the train that was disabled today was a 7,000 series. it's one of the newest of the fleet. it was just unvailed late last year and for riders today they say today's ride was likely their last one on metro.etro all of a sudden the lights wente out and emergency power came on. it was way too quiet. qu for more than an hour metro says anywhere between 100 and 200 riders were stuck on the blue line. the train came to a halt andal then it jerked forward and backwards several times over the course of 12 or 15 minutes. first came a train that tried to push out the disabled cars. another train to push us, but we were on a curve around a hill
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up. metro tried a second rescue attempt as one train backed up p into the disabled one and halted it out of the tunnel passengerss having to walk through two th trains and finally on to the o platform at rosalyn. a this is the first time i've ever had to leave via rescue trains. a disabled train, a brand new 7,000 series. today's incident comes just a day following a contentious congressional hearing whereg wh metro's state of affairs lay inn question. after a morning press conferencs where metro's general manager spoke of his priorities.rior my focus right now again is onn the current system and managing what we have as best as i can. n for many riders on this afternoon's disabled train their faith in metro is quickly running out. out you can't call nobody or nothing. metro needs to get their stuff together. i got two feet. i trust those better than i do metro.
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and tonight we re. metro tried to figure out what caused the train to disable thee train. we are still waiting. > fairfax county police are c still searching for the man accused of sexually assaulting a 77 year old woman. it happened last week at the the forest glenn at sully station complex, which is an independent living apartment complex for a seniors inpa centerville. the suspect allegedly sexually assaulted the victim, then took some money and left. police say a sketch that was expected to be release today did not accurately represent theepre suspect they are looking for. fo we're still working on that. obviously, as soon as that is ready, whether it is it's a sketch or not, based on the new information that has been learned we will keep obviously the community posted on that. police also increased the number of officers patrolling the the community in an effort to make residents feel safer. > an arlington man will spen
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for sexually assaulting two two women last universal a judgeal a handed out that sentence to melvin bow knee a yesterdayeste after he pleaded guilty. ple the sexual assaults happened last july and last september in the klehr done area. are prosecutors say the 9 year old will have to register as a sex offender and will be deployed once he gets out of prasnn. police say lewis a loose could he was driving drunk when he crashed into officer low note a. the paperwork has been filed has with the court and a plea a hearing is set for sometime next door. ma loose could he is expected to plead guilty to vehicular man sexual assaulter.. effaces up to ten months in prison. the memorial bridge is in desperate need of major repair. the national park service is i less than two hours away from a midnight deadline to apply for p mills of dollars in federal aidd to fix the bridge. the but the application is still
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congressional sponsorships. some say if the bridge doesn't undergo those much needed repairs it could close to clo traffic as early as 202 #. we are following breaking news from the verizon center. ce we'll break down the action next. also coming up tonight, donald trump's campaign manager is offs the hook and will not face p battery charges. find out why. later she's been behind bars for decks aides, now a former f charles mansion cult member is e about to be set free. fre finally starting to feel more like april. it's going to be a cool night, though. we have a frost advisory out fot parts of our area. i'll show you that and a first i peak at a beautiful friday forecast. great segue into the weekend. take a look outside, stay with us. fox5 will be right back. ck.
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we're back now with breakingck news from the verizon centerment the caps just wrapped up their first playoff game in the queste for the elusive stanley cup. gym low kay joins us. how did it go. g >> it takes 16 wins from here to the stanley cup. in front of the crowd in front of the home crud, one down, 16 to go. alex ovechkin playing in full throttle as usual. as you're going to take a look at this. big hit of the flyers. turns out he's going to miss ths rest of the series. second period ovechkin shot, sho rings off the cross bar. not good there. a little bit later on, take a look at it there, there it is.s. john carlson letting it rip. gets past, the first goal of the series, caps in
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in short, caps beat the flyers 2-0. tony is very happy about that th one. a lot of fans are probably, too, we know the caps will get tomorrow off. they'll go at it again at the verizon center on saturday. then they'll go over to philly, the pub drops on saturday 7:00 p.m. it's a good start you want the mow meant up.t you're like a little l kid there. that's great. thank you, jim. see you later. all right, now we turn to theurn raise for the white house. a spirited debate is taking place in brooklyn, new york at this hour between democraticemoc presidential candidate hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders. they're really going afternoon each other. the fireworks started early whey one person asked mrs. clinton has the judgment to be president. >> i don't question her judgment. i
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to the war of iraq, the worse voted for every disastrous trade agreement which cost us mills of decent paying jobs. this is a phony attack that iss designed to raise questions when there is no evidence or support to under gerd the continuation c that he is putting forward in these attacks. > the new york primary takes place on tuesday. recent polls show clinton holdsi a solid lead over sanders.s. > now, to the republican raisee for the white houses there's a little good news for the trump campaign, a florida prosecutor announced he will not pursue charges against donald trump's campaign manager corey lieu do o you ski. he was accused of grabbing the arm of a reporter during a campaign last month. she claims she had bruises. they say there is not enoughh evidence to prove the case.ç
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voters can castellani votesla across a number of voting stations across the state in maryland. they will remain open throughpen next thursday. we have a link to find the voting center nearest c go to our website, fox5 the information is on the homepage. if you can't vote early the actual primary is april 26.pril that is just 12 days away. if you're heading out tonightong you will notice there is a chill in the air and there's a frost warning. is it a warning or an advisory.. >> there's a frost advisory in v the dmv, but we should see a warmup tomorrow. fox5's caitlyn roth has all theh details. tony, it is at least feeling more like april out there. >> today it does. tod at night it is still chilly but we're at least making some progress from where we were las weekend and by this weekend i don't think we even have the chill morning. mo gradual warmup, but gradual is a the keyword. even though we've had some nice afternoons as soon as the sun
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frost advisory is out for any fr county that is north and west of washington, basically just west of 95. that's where we are expected to have the cooler temperatures late tonight falling into the mid 30s where you could wake up, mount, loudon county and then further into western sections of maryland, virginia and then eventually into west virginia.oe you guys could have your temperatures in the mid 30s tomorrow morning.ow m outside right now, 53 in washington, still pretty nice, 53 in yap last, 48 in gaithersburg, 48 in martinsburg and 38 in culpeper. you start to see where you're falling right now into the 40s. those are the places that will fall into the 30s before daybreak. satellite and radar, nothingno really to see here. we have high pressure overhead.e it keeps things very, very quiet. that means clear skies at night and lots of sunshine during the day. here's your forecast as we go go into the overnight hours tonight. cool flow around the high th pressure system will keep things pretty clear. still the chill when
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first thing in the morning. mor you get the kids ready for the h bus stop you need a jacket with temperatures in the 30ss and 40s. overnight, 42 in washington, not worried about a frost here. her we are off towards the west w where temperatures fall into the mid 30s. 37 in winchester and 39 in culpeper. the forecast for tomorrow,omor friday, temperatures are gettint slightly warmer so despite thehe chilly start, 46-degrees by 8:00 a.m. yet again plenty of sunshine, 59 there by noon and we hit 64 today. we should be there at least by 5:00. 65 and starting off a very, very nice weekend.nd those temperatures are jumping into the 70ss, possibly 8 by monday. we'll break it all down coming d up in a little about it. > members of the service employees international union were joined by d.c. mayor muriel bowser for a rally to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. mayor bowser announced during her state of the district
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would propose legislation raising the minimum wage by the amount by the year 2020. among those who attended today'y rally was a mother of four who said she had to move out of thef district because it was too expensive. i've been trying to look for a place so i can come back to d.c., but i need like three bedroom, that is another hardr thing to find in d.c., three or four bedrooms and they're almost was like a mortgage.age. > earlier this month, both bo california and new york signed legislation raising their state's minimum wage to $15 over the next few years. > coming up next tonight, a joint crowd of wounded warriors visited white house today. how a quick action by a bus driver saved a young boy's life. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. we're following developmentsg from southern japan where people are still feeling the effects from a powerful earthquake, the 6.2 earthquake hit near comb motto city hours ago. the quake tommed houses and buckle roads. the military is responding and soldiers are delivering blankets, food, diapers andnd supplies to thousandsç of peope left homeless from that earthquake. secretary of state john kerryker said under us military rules of engagement, the navy ship thatt russian military jets flu overv in the balance particular seee could have opened a spokesman for russian'sussi defense ministry says their pilots used measures of us officials claim the war planes came within 30 feet of0
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they called the incident botht unsafe and unprofession l al p.l the father of a news reporter murdered on life tv last year will not face criminal charges following a dispute with awith virginia senator. andy parker became an advocate for begun control following hiss daughter's death.daug a former co-worker killedkill allison parker and her camera man during a life report in rock motor vehicle. mr. parker threatened him in an facebook message. parker later i poll apologized. a report filed given thehe circumstances charges in thishis case would be inappropriate. president obama welcomed woundew warriors from across the nations to the white house.hite the commander in chief gave soldiers a special salute beforl they hit the road for the eighth annual wounded war users bike ride. it raise essay wears about thehe physical and psycho logical effects of combat. the support and love for eachach other and for our
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for everybody that serves under our proud flags.prou i'm going to keep dog everythinp i can to make sure we serve youe as well as you have served us. the veterans will meet in aprili last for a 17-mile ride. on saturday and sunday the ride continues in northern virginia. very cool they get to start from the white house, too.oo. a am toker member of the charles mansion cult paroled afterfter decades behind bars. the department of child and families of s removes a boy from school after receiving a reporto of abuse.ab the only thing is they had the wrong boy.oy what happened, the family tells us next.
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> this is fox5 local news att 10. welcome back.back it's 106789. 30 it's time for a quick recap of tonight's top stories. a maryland state
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critical condition following a major accident on the beltway.el sarah simmons is life now withow the latest. sarah. >>reporter: shawn, this happened this afternoon on theh outer loop of the beltway. this was at route 450 in lanham. investigators say the trooper was parked on the shoulder investigating an accident when another car smacked into the trooper's car sparking a chainhn reaction involving several othei vehicle also. the trooper is now at shock trauma in baltimore tonight. another up rice for metro has more than 100 passengers got stuck on a blue line train thiss afternoon. here's video of those passengers getting off at the rosalyn station one rescue train was sent toent push off the disabled one. it was a failed attempt which led to a second rescue trainrain pulling out the 7,000 serieserie train. one of the newest in the fleet. every passenger got off safely after more than an hour stuck in the tunnel. > the national park
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an hour and a half away from the midnight deadline to apply forpy thousands of dollars to fix the duquesne memorial bridge. the application is still missins necessary congressional sponsorships. some say if it doesn't have thae and the bridge doesn't undergond much needed repairs it can closa to traffic as soon as 2021.s a d.c. family is upset after workers from child and family services removed their childir from school after receiving acev report of child abuse. it turns out the workers had the wrong child. fox5's alexandra limon tells uss how this unfolded. d.c. child and family services said mr. was a combination of cm things, including the urgency of the situation they were dealing with and a series of unlucky coincidences that led them to this school, cw harris elementary where they took thek wrong child into their custody. the person w
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that a child was being taken ouç of her school. her 10 year old grandson wasdson removed from his southwest d.c. elementary school by child and family services. the problem is he was not the child they were looking for. i know that she was coming out o for a good cause because sheecau said it was for a child's safety. that's why i'm kind of not too mad, but i think that from now on there needs to be a stricter protocol. her other issue is the way sheay was notified of the mixup. the boy's bus driver who called to alert the 10 year old michael wasn't on the bus. after checking with family members she panicked realizing no one knew where he was. a spokesperson with d.c. youthd. and family services explained everything happened really rea quickly. we had a real serious report about physical abuse of a young child and
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great urgency to protect a caregiver in the home would not give us information we needed about a second child, an olderoe child. > so they looked up the child's name in a d.c. public schools declaratory and found him, or sr they thought. the right gender, the right age and the right name at a d.c. public school and we went andt picked him up.p. > once the interview with michael began they realized their mistake and were able to reunite michael with his familyi and find the correct child.hil now michael's family says stricter protocol should be in place. just so this wouldn't happen again. i definitely think it would happen to t me.o the agency agrees this was a serious mistake and tells fox5 they will revise their policy.pi we're going to be looking at our own protocols and definitelyefin sitting down with d.c. cs andcsa talking about what we can do. the agency says the child was in their custody for a little m
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that spokesperson tells me ine all the years she's worked for d.c. child and family services she's never before seen a case where the wrong child was taken into custody. it just so happened these twowo boys had the same name. reporting in southeast d.c., alexandra limon, fox5 local news > a prince george's countynce families suing a nursing home whos was caring for her father. he went missing and later died. he wondered away last september during a senior sitsance picnic sponsored by the wood more house assisted living. his body was found 22 days later inside watkins park in upper marlboro. he was a very loving, kind person and every day i think about him suffering, being out there aloan
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the lawyer for the family is f also calling on the state's attorney's office to investigate this case as a crime. > coming up next tonight wee will show you how a quickquic thinking bus driver saved the d life of a five-year old boy. and the washington redskins 2016 schedule is out.ut we'll break down the big gamesae and when robert griffin iii will return to fed ex field coming up are you looking for a home? yo might want to first look at at this. the 30-year fixed rate mortgage just under 3.6 percent..6 it's the lowest level of thehe year. we starting to close in on all n time lowe's set a few years agor so stay tuned. meantime it is costing you lessu to fill up the fridge. food prices dropping last month. breakfast lovers get this, zero prices falling by the biggest amount in more than ten years. but something you are paying more for, filling up the car. the national average for regular unloaded gasri
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we are now at 2-dollars a gallon, that's around 20 cents higher in just the past according to a new survey three out of ten workers do not feel protected from a cyber attack at the office. workers don't think that the company has an emergency plan in case of such an attack. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. .
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two years ago today the boca that ran kidnapped girls from their school.ool. they were in black robes lined up against walls identifying
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lawmakers gathered outside the capital to update rescue workers. they were joined by one of theof school girls who escaped. after seeing that video shehe spoke of their safe return. i just wanted to tell the world today that let's not give up. let's not forget about these girls. let's keep praying for them.he we all have to join hands and do it together, one person or twowo people cannot do it. > she is one of the 57 girls who managed to escape. at least 219 are still missing.g > she's been in prison for decades, but tonight a california panel is recommending parole for a former follower of murder charles mansion. leslie hand hutton was just 19ut when she participated in the murders of len also and rosemard look bianca in 1969. the client was stunned when she heard that she might be par rolled. they
10:40 pm
recommendation, if it is upheld, governor jerry brown will haveil the final say on whether to free her.he an oklahoma bus driver sprangbu into action and performed the i'm link maneuver on a five-year old boy who was choking on a penny. ginger maxville said she initially thought the boy was misbehaving and didn't want too sit in his seat. dash cam video shows her getting out of her seat and coming to the boy's aid. after the penny dislodged the boy asked if he could have it. he promised not to swallow coins in the future.utur it wasn't necessarily meant to a be cute, but that's what a child will do.wi > good for her. that's great. > coming up tonight on fox5 local news at 11, president obama has been confirmed as the commencement speaker at a localc university.. we'll tell you when and where he will address the graduatingradu class. plus we want you to know or we want to know, i should say,ow
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you feel about this. a popular movie theatre chain is considering allowing texting in itself a he ' theaters. is it a good idea or is it a rude disruption. don't they kind of allow it anyway. not like people come in and say put that phone down. >> you never know, tony. i wouln invite youow guys to go to my twitter page at shawn fox5. vote whether this is a good idea or a bad idea. we'll have the results coming up tonight at 11.
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> are you up for a free historo ride down memory lane? all you? have to do is head to thehe national mall this week. it's a brand new outdoor exhibit attached to the white house. fox5's bob barnard shows us. >>reporter: if you love cars and presidential history, then the national mall, right outside air and space is the place to be for the next few days. it's a rare treat to catch a glimpse of two cars once owned by us
10:45 pm
this one a 1962 will i's jeep owned by ronald reagan. i've been driving this for quiti a while. here's that same jeep seen in aa boughter walter special on abc. you'd be surprised. it kept getting chewed up by his horses.ho it's my first time in washington.wa it's unrestored and it justt looks glorious out here today.ta mark guess letterhead of thehe historic vehicle associationciat organized this second cars at the capital exhibition.. the reagan jeep still lives att the california ranch. it was a gift to him from nancy, right. >> it came from nancy in h 19629 and he had it on a previous ranch and it stayed with him upm through the sale of the ranch in 1998. a long time reagan advisor sayss his boss loved getting out ofut the office and behind the wheel. that was the only time
10:46 pm
think, from the time that he became president and even before that when he was governor of course somebody else drove him.d so the ranch wasç his chance to drive.dr > also on display in a large glass july box a 1909 white 190 steam car, the very first automobile owned by a presidents our 27th, william howard taft. there he is riding like a king k in the backseat.. president william taft pop lied automobiles and by the end ofhee his term he could say with great pride coming in with a play thing of the rich and wealthy automobiles are here to stay any they're used for all classes, rich and poor. the taft car is on display.i the reagan jeep will take itsts place starting next week. the exhibit is free, just walkut on by, especially at night when the july box is all lit up here along the national mall. bob barnard, fox5 local news.
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that's also a beautiful day to be out there. we're going to keep things roling. >> we're definitely keeping things rolinging. they're headed up, too. we're headed in the right direction, finally april starting to feel like april out there. accuweather forecast life look outside, clear skies thisk evening. we're going to have clear skies for quite sometime and as we should. it was so volatile the pastth couple of weeks. not only was it chilly, but we had rain, we had snow and we had winds and day after day off freeze warnings, freeze watches and frost advisories.dvi that one thing hasn't changed we still have a frosty start to our friday morning, at least anyonea who is north and west of washington. you can see anywhere in basically west of 95. as you head up towards montgomery county, carroll county and then back into northern county, fairfax county, and then further over towards
10:48 pm
winchester down through harrison burg. you could see some frosting on the lawns or the cars out there early tomorrow. having said that, the stretch of sunny and dry days doesoes continue. we have that gradual warmup snou the weekend. the keyword is gradual, but no rain chances to speak of. and very quiet over the nexthe seven days. high temperatures getting closer to normal.orm 61 at bwi, mid 60s is what wee usually do this time of year ass we move through mid april. outside right now not too chilly just yet, 53 in washington, buth back into the 40s in gaithersburg who is under thendr frost advisory. 48 in martinsburg, 50 there in winchester and as we go through the next few hours really get into the overnight you can see how temperatures fall off. here we are in washington into the mid 40s by 5:00 a.m. and not under the frost advisory in washington. very quiet nothing to show. high pressure is in place. withha
10:49 pm
it's kind of set up and it hast established its block across the country, low pressure across the southern and central plains when everything is stagnant like this you get the same weather. for us it's nice weather in the mid atlantic but that will keepp all the rain at bay. however rain heavy the at times will probably cause issues across several portion yours ofp the country. high pressure will continue toto deliver the sunshine and the slowly warming temperatures. we hit 64 today. we should hit 65, 66 around theo area tomorrow and then we'll keep going up. into the weekend.kend which honestly this is the 10. upper 60s, the sunshine on saturday, might be a little breezy and then by sunday we are into the 70s. so lower 70s feeling good, it should be close to 80 there onon monday.. 42-degrees, clear and chillyhi with that frost advisory off towards our north and west. sunshine for tomorrow, 65-degrees, so despite the cooll st
10:50 pm
bus stop forecast kids still need a decent jacket early. it's 46 in the city by 8:00 a.m. after school we're back into the 60s there. seven day forecast fox5 robs.ob that's the hashtag that we are using. very creative.rea it's the fox5 spring concert series this one out of fair square park it's the first ofirt three weeks where we'll havee'll local artists playing for free.f we'll he have some of our morning team out there.g te if you're going to join us, please do. it looks pretty good.d. 68 on saturday, sunny and mild. 72 on sunday. just sunshine, really making upp for that snow from last weekend. 78 there on monday. on this looks to be the warmest and in fact i think on monday we're doing more than 78 towards ourur west. we're talking mid 80s once agaic into northern virginia. that will feel pretty warm. 70-degrees on
10:51 pm
temperatures 68 on wednesday and 75 there, the best looking seven day forecast forecast i've seen in a while.hil sending it back to you.u. > the nhl playoffs are well underway, but it's the nfl that is getting the buzz tonight. the 2016 schedule is out there.r there are big games for theor redskins on tap. jim lokay say is here to breako it down. there's a lot of reasons for r kirk cousins to prove himself po for paying him that kind of money. the first one is going to be abe big one. we knew exactly who the skins were going to play. the nfl putting out the regulart season schedule. the nfl analysts are saying the front end of the schedule could be a true test for kirk cousinss and his $20 million arm.ion let's take a look at the highlights. week one, fed ex field they host the steelers on monday night football, the following sundayth they hoste the dallas cowboys,o week
10:52 pm
browns, that's presuming he's going to start for him. week ate, the bengals atat westerly stadium. that's 9. 30 local time for us. week 11, november 20 they host packers on sunday night football. the following thursday, redskins on thanksgiving at the cowboys. week 15, which is december 19, it's the second home mondayond night game against the carolinao panthers and then the final week of the season, new year's day against the giants.the there you have ate of the bighe games. but there hr so am of them onof the it's going to be veryery interesting to see how a lot oft these pan out.ut. it's going to be a tough one, but this is the chance for cousins to prove himself. my son has already called, he wants the tickets against the cowboys and the one with rg3. >> that will be a very popular game. > get them now. >> very good. fox5 news is back in just a few minutes. before we head to break, need td remember tomorrow is your chanco to come
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own sound of the city. they're helping us kick off fox5 rocks spring concert seriesonce tomorrow morning. you can watch them for free at fair gets park and then nextext saturday secret society willill perform following the crows on april 29. we invite you to come on down at 17th and k streets tomorrowstre morning as we kick things offoff early. we're going to get things going during the good day d.c. time from 9 to 11:00 a.m. for more information head to our website, fox5 we'll be right back.
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> for years we have been told w that it's better to cook with vegetable oil than butter. turns out that may not be thee case after all. researches at the usc school ofs medicine and the national institutes of health found substituting vegetable oil for butter may not reduce your risk for heart disease. they are high in and lien oh acid. americans are not drinking asrik much soda as they used to. restaurants are noticing the difference. fox's jennifer law mere reports. >>reporter: it's no surprise that soda is going out of our diets as we keep learning more about how it impax our health. we have been drinking less and
10:58 pm
less of it in the last 15 years, with one exception, the one lays where we still feel comfortable ordering up that soft drink. people go out to a restaurant and they do it because it's a treat. it might be an opportunity for r them to indulge. according to food servicevice analysts that, too, is coming tn an our survey found that 23 percent of restaurant consumers arear ordering fewer soft drinks whenn they go out to restaurants. honestly i stopped drinkingnkin sewed yeah, seriously in 1995. if you look at the videos oneo youtube and you see what sodaoda does to basic plumbing in a home why would you want to be drinking it.t. >> it could eventually hurt the restaurant's bottom line. the moneymaker are beverages ine a restaurant. the profit margin is harder.arde probably double the food. there is a silver lining foror restaurant owners, the drop in soda consumption has cleared a path for other drinks to ke
10:59 pm
over. the survey shows one-third ofnet people prefer drinking high tea, still at a premium foror restaurant owners. for consumers it's a chance to say consume less californiass wrist and for the court reporters it's a chance to leverage other beverages. on the upper east side, jennifer lammers, fox5 news.ews. > this is fox5 local news at 11. i got and i got on the radio, trooper down at 495. the good samaritan who helped pull a cooper out of a carrotaro beltway is talking only to fox5. and another metro fail on the books. this time more than 100 passengers were rescued from a tunnel, beneath the potomac river. it was scary, just sitting onn the metro. what caused
11:00 pm
plus, police are scouring a virginia neighborhood looking for a man who attacked an elderly woman at her community. the news at 11 1 # starts rightt now thanks for joining usoin tonight, i'm shawn yancy. and i am tony perkins.ony we begin with that violent crasi on the beltway that left a maryland state trooper iner critical condition. the 6 year old trooper was sitting in his patrol vehicle oh the shoulder of i495 atlanta investigating another accidenti when a mercedes-benz crashednz into his car. fox sarah simmons spoke exclusively with the goodthe samaritan who especially hed free that trooper from his crewser. sarah is life from college park. >>reporter: it's been a roughrg day forth maryland state police. 26 year olds a works road patrol, but tonight he is fighting for his life after only 15 months on the job. as you just mentioned, tonight i spoke with the tow


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