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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  June 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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. >> campaign 2016 shoot ningz orlando has become the latest battle in the race for the whitehouse as d.c. voters prepare 20 cast their ballots in the d.c. primary this year. >> metro has received a much needed boost from the feds. >> and liver look across the region
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perfect day. gary has the details coming up for us. good morning to you it was perfect yesterday. >> it really was. >> we're glad you're with us this tuesday i'm holly morris. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> today is national what was it again. >> flag day. >> national flag day. >> okay wave your flag. >> gary and erin to the news we'll talk b again about tragedy in orlando. investigators are looking into reports that shooting suspect omar matt each was regular at the night club pulse where he gunned down more than 1 owe 0 0 people killing 49. >> mateen would sit and drink by himself and at times get drunk and act belligerently this comes
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limited to the lgbt community.. >> we're working to understand what role anti-gay bigoty may have played in motivating this attack an attack that occurred during the very month we recognize and celebrate lgbt brother and signatureers. >> fbi says they found no evidence that the gunman had grekt direct contact with isis and described his as home grown extremist radicalized by the internet. >> donald trump and hillary clinton taking two different substances on the mass shootin shooting. calling for a ban on muslim immigration trump had. he said mr. obama should resign and hillary should call it quits because they're not calling the night club shooting radical islamic terrorism. >> she's in total denial and her continuing reluctance to
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week weakness across the entire world. she want to abolish the second aementment and leaving only the bad guy and terrorists with guns. >> no good, not going to happen folks. >> clinton hit back. she is against banning muslims and priorities would be tougher gun laws and stopping lone wolfs. president obama will travel to orlando on thursday. >> a virginia man facing dui charges after he swung a hatchet after a group that mistaken him for an upper driver. he was found neighboring ned his car wheeleding a hatchet sunday morning three people were able to get the hatchet away from monroe. they received other reports that night he was drivering erratically in the area. >> let's talk a little sports now cleveland cavaliers lived to see another day. >> game five of nba finals lebron
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the warriors were without suspended dray j. mon green and left with a knee injury. game six thursday in cleveland. >> this morning we're following a hyattsville water main break. it could cause a few headaches for president dlents today. the break between 41 avenue and fargate street. melanie alnwick is on the scene with details. >> sound like they have the valves they need to ice late. you can see the damage wrts water was gushing up underneath the road. folks i've been talking to with wssc believed the water main break is somewhere here in the road underneath the 10" main. what was happen when we got here was incredible. the water gushing over this retapeing wall.
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that's what it sounded like when we arrived. and i thought gosh where is that water coming from. my photographer mike rickard and i went to see it water fall over the retaining wall. these are the top of park apartments here in hyattsville and folks tell me the water was almost ten feet high in this wall area. we also went around the area side and saw cars on the back parking lot looks like mudd and debris is there too. folks may need to check vehicles and make sure they're okay. for now it looks like tlaevr got most of it at least under control and it will take time obviously they'll dig up this street here and take care of fixing the broken main. couple houses still here without water this morning. but those few others were able to get back online so it will have to wait until we get this all fixed. live in hyattsville, i'm melanie alnwick,
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news. >> go ahead. >> she's sunshine today look at her in the yellow dress. >> thank you for yesterday. it was absolutely spectacular. we order up another, sir. >> i take no credit. let's see if we can deliver on the order there. i -- you -- i. >> go ahead spit it out. >> i heard something in my ear quick. sorry. 72 degrees. let's get on with it 66 in mannasas. 61 for culpeper and 63 degrees for westminster. cool in spots. here in town lower 70s. annapolis lower 7 0s. leonardtown 68. in terms of the bus stop forecast this will be the last week we show this. some of the kid owes are out for summer vacation. i think next week most all of them should be out. 62 to 72 pickup times and mild. some places still maybe on the verge of being cool. after school today definitely warm and few clouds and lots of sunshine. temperature 8
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little more humid today and still super for the 14 day of june around here anyway. here's erin como it's tuesday morning. she's got all the traffic details. how is it going, erin. >> looks like the forecast. >> visit few oat for special officers. >> little better with warmth. 41 avenue fargate street big water main break. water company tweeted customers impacted by the broken pipe. it was installed in 1973 fun fact there. they appreciate patience as crews get to repaired. to get around that if you worry about slick conditions 42 avenue and galston street your best bet. in addition to that, 95 northbound approaching fairfax county parkway. two right lanes blocked by paving and construction. few miles of sluggish traffic moving towards that point and
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ewington extra time there. let's move over and talk about what else you're up against today. flip the prompt ter for us starting 10 a.m. lanes on ninth street expressway closed until 3 . location from independence avenue south west to madison drive northwest. taking a look at the map there if you head in that direction watch delays. d dot tells us they're expecting bridge and tunnel expected for safety. little patience necessary. we'll keep you posted on that work. holly and maureen. >> 20 million dmrarz federal funds have been approved to support metro safe track program. federal transit administration reviews the specific maintenance project. fta says inspectors are perfor performing dalecy taivty oversight in the first safe track work zone. inspokttors are monitoring how well they'll stick to procedures rule and safety. >> coming up on "fox" news morning researchers revealing they may have discovered a way to treat a common form of cancer. >> and presidential
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>> and presidential nominee bans another person of the press from attending political events. >> as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region. time now 5:09 and it's a very nice 72 out there. fox news morning after
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>> d.c. police investigating what appears to be an anti-gay graffiti painted on the sidewalk in dew points circle. original message said down with the gay agenda
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crossed off with world gun. it was painted in front of a restaurant there and the owner of the restraunt says vandalism raised new concerns following mass shooting at orlando gay club. >> adam lavine is offering to pay for christina grimy's funeral. her brother says lavine call the mother and said he would play for the funeral and plane flight. she coached her on the show of the voice and she was shot and killed friday while signing autografts after a concert in orlando. today's funeral is healed for one of the victim in the deadly car accident in clarks bawrk carey maurice green was killed. he ways junior at clarksburg high school. that is held cedarbrook community church. >> australian dr. may have found a medical miracle in looking for a cure for leukemi leukemia. he discovered a new way to kill offer multiflying cancerous cells without harming healthy ones that's amazing.
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>> coming up on "fox" news morning a former presidential candidate say orlando shootings may help go back on a promise to retire. >> largest caribbean territor territories help to get out of debt crisis. >> a little art kelly for you this morning. all right, 5:12. back after this sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day.
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>> french president says kil killing of police officers overnight is terrorist act. 25-year-old larosey is accused of stabbing an officer outside his home 30 miles south of paris. sky news posted this image to the web site. he's accused of going inside the home where he took a woman, also officer hostage he killed her after a three hour standoff
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her after a three hour standoff. abala was killed by police. there are unconfirmed reports he was isis militant and the terror group has not claimed responsibility officially. >> 5:15 this tuesday morning gary mcgrady not a bad way to start the day. as i said earlier not any wind stirring up there still a still morning. >> definitely different than the last couple days. it will be a light breeze toda today. 5 to 10 something like this about the best we'll have to worry about in terms of that. here's the deal though. there's a frontal system to the south of us. so we're on the north side of the front obviously. that keeps us mild. definitely. we're warm there's now no doubt about that. if you say warm here and cooler to the north. i split the difference and said mild. certainly little bit mild for this time of year. and with the morning lows down in the local 60s or so. hot and humid. definitely stifling heat to the souvrjt front and that's building too. and along the front over the next couple days we have to
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and even thunderstorms coming back in here and real what i will happen sent this front will define us through the day today into tomorrow as well. we're back in the lower 80s again. certainly a lot of sunshine today. few clouds toox but the wind will not be a problem. like what we were jedd or the day before that gusty. later today 83. gaithersburg 84. a lot of temperatures lower to mid 80s. culpeper 86. next couple days 83 today. 82 tomorrow i say 82 tomorrow simply because we have more clouds and then eventually we'll have showers maybe a thunderstorm late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. i do believe most of tomorrow is dry okay with pretty good sunshine as well. satellite and radar now showing some clouds this morning. we'll have a lot of sunshine today. we're also going to have clouds to deal with too. the best way to say that few cloud out there. 71 this morning. 8 a.m
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warm 12:00 close to 80. 82 by 4:00 we run again lower to mid 80s for highs today and next 7 day shaping up like this 83 for a high today. 82 tomorrow. still lower 80s thursday. keep in mind as we get to tomorrow, thursday, friday, much more unsettled around here with chance of showers. even some thunderstorms too. we're not talking about all day rain-outs or anything like that. as we get to saturday right now saturday looks nike. mostly sunny, 80. clouds show back up sunday 81. next week we're right back to mitdle 80s on monday. airport erin your turn. >> you purposely have your sho shoes untied. >> the ocd inside my heart is kick strong now. >> really nobody sees my feet. i'm not worried about it. >> random side note that's what i was looking at while you discussed forecast. i like the forecast. >> i wonder why you're looking down. >> you know it was -- i got nothing. moving on to traffic.
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a5:17 now breaking news from metro. we have delays. blue line right now additional glaze outside stadium armory orange and silver line. delays in both directions because of the stadium armory track repair. and ongoing safe track work single tracking between east falls and ballston. it's ongoing through the 16th. crowded companies on the platforms and trains. we'll keep you updated on metro line and notice the blue line additional change. water break in hyattsville. 10" pipe break on 41 avenue intersection of fargate street. watch for poppeding. give yourself extra time i see gary tying shoes. we're off to a good tuesday guys. >> 5:18 now looking at the stories you're engaging with on social media. >> for that we toss it to wisdom. >> good morning to you both. first up we talk about this tributes continue to pour in
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victims of the orlando night club shooting. thousands gathered in the heart of the city. a moment of silence before releasing one dloon for each vickty. meanwhile in france the eiffel tower lit up in rainbow colors and teams taking part in this euro cup in france tweeting a message of support showing ribbon with american flag and rainbow colors and spurring harsh criticism over donations of nra over congress. someone was quick to point out the list of senators and representatives that accepted donations for the agencies for cam paepz and connecticut law maker that says he will no long area tend moments ever silence for victims saying they only mock those that have been killed. and finally former presidential hopeful marco rubio says orlando shooting pushed him to remain in politics. after dropping out of president presidential race he said he would leave his senate seat in january and now the shooting
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plans. back to you. >> all right. thanks, wisdom. coming up on "fox5 news morning" banks find a way to make money off your old transactions. >> and apple introducing a web service that may or may not improve your life. >> as we head to brak a live look across the d.c. region. time now 5:20 on this tuesday. i hope this song gets you going. i don't like it just my opinio opinion♪ welcome to the new age, to the new age♪ radioactive♪
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snrvr the big eingts coal min mining company is coming under fire about climate change. the coal company is known for publicly rejecting climate change. this came to light this last
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bankruptcy protection and it's also coming to light that the company donated to political organizations giving funds to twice as many republican groups as democratic ones. >> u.s. house approved a bill to help puerto rico with the debt crisis. the control board can restructure the island debt. it gives puerto rico same rights at cities. puerto rico is 70 billion in debt and will likely miss july 1 payment and the bill heads to the senate. >> looks like wall street making big bucks from people overdrafting again. banks increase the amount they collect from customers in overdrafts fees. >> wells fargo saw biggest increase in overdraft fees by 16% and bank of america says 6% increase in money collected from overdraft fees is what they collected. apple payment system apple pay is coming to web the service already let's people pay in stores without oning a separate apple account by hold
5:24 am
or watch near a reader. apple says readers can now use phone finger print sensor to pay and check out using a web browser. >> so now when you're shopping online you'll have a pay with apple pay button available to you. when you click it a sheet comes down and actually prompt to you securely authenticate your purchase using continuity on your iphone with touch id [ applause ]. >> previously apple pay and an dproyd pay for ecommerce was selling a separate app for each merchant. i've never used apple pay. >> me, meeming neeminger. >> have i use today gary. >> i don't use apple anything. >> you don't even eat apples. >> i love apples, i love apples right? i don't have a problem with apple it's just the
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-- never mind. 72 degrees -- you don't want to hear that nonsense. you really probably do i don't have time to get into it. 61 degrees culpeper and 63 winchester and 64 for frederick and look at annapolis this morning at 72. the sun is coming up. we have clouds and it still looks like it's beautiful out. takes nice day. we'll warm up. starting off in the 60s and 70 70s. call pepper you may get down until the upper 50s before all said and done. here's the forecast today. 71 this morning at 8 . lunchtime 78. certainly warm. we're going lower to mid 80s today. touch more humidity than we he yesterday. but it still looks like it will be real, real nice out there. now look today is last dry day. we introduce rain going into the forecast tomorrow through friday okay. we'll talk more about that coming up. right now time for erin she has a look at the traffic forecast on tuesday. not so much traffic forecast but whas
5:26 am
we call that traffic now cast. >> we have traffic now and forecasting later gary. 100% accurate. rite now however metro is dealing with slow downs in addition to safe track work in northern virginia creating single tracking between east falls church and boston for orange and silver lines and issues at stadium armory. that could slow us down blue, orange and silver lines. factor that in this morning for those lines the rest of the rails on time this morning. taking a look at water main break. melanie alnwick is out there at that location in hyattsville. 40 first avenue fargate street and give yourself extra time to get around. lane closures from 10 to 3 today in the traffic forecast. 9th street expressway under national mall you may encounter slow doupz. keeping you updated there's the green on the secondary downtown. back to you. >> 5:26 coming up fox news morning obamacare
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health co-op north of d.c.. >> world's most famous bachelor restaurant heads home used to belong to oprah winfrey. >> looking at the d.c. region. 72 very pleasant degrees on this tuesday. we have a lot moreheaded your way after the break. you're watching fox news morning. don't speak snoet i know what aarr
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>> new information about or land owe shooting suspect omar mateen is a pit of a self hat hating gay man. shootings in or land owe put the debate about begun p gun control in the head lines and district voters will be able to finally voice their opinion about the race for the whitehouse. "fox5 news morning" starts right now. >> this is "fox5 news morning". >> good morning to you. thank you for waking you up with us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is tuesday, june 14. >> gary and erin are here they'll talk weather and traffic in a few. first we want to talk news. >> two french police officers were killed in an attack. he is accused of stabbing officer outside his home. they posted an image of abala to the web site. >> he's accused of going into the home where he took the man's
5:31 am
an officer and killed her after a three hour standoff. aballa was killed by police. this are unconfirmed reports he was an isis militant. >> we're getting a clear pictures now of who orlando suspect omar mateen may have been. >> he was a regular at the night club called pulse and some told police he would often sit and drink by himselves and at times getting drunk and acting belligerent. we learned he had a page on the gay dating app called jacked and they said he was secretly gay. they're working to find out if mateen's rage was limited to the lgbt community. >> orlando shootings were a key part of monday's white house briefing. >> press secretary josh ernest says the president is deeply add end by the shooting and frustrated by congress's inability to pass more measures on gun control. >> i think there are a lot of people that suspected seeing 20 first graders get msa
5:32 am
their classroom tat that might have sufficient pull on the naetion's conscious and on the conscious of individual numbers of the united states conditioning gress to get them to change the laws and it didn't so. i don't know whether this profound tragedy will have more of an impact on the mind of members of congres congress. hopefully it will. now a number of democrats are discussing gun control legislation. bob casey is pro positioning hate crimes prevention act banning gun purchases to anyone convicted of misdemeanor hate crime as anyone that commits a hate crime by race, religion, sexual orientation or disability. >> a make shift memorial sl growing in dew point circle to support those of or land owe. several speakers talked about their connection to the lgbt community and muslim commun
5:33 am
>> in addition to there being a side of it where lgbt community is involved and muslim community is involved as gay muslim i think we're look around saying most of the people killed were latinos and also really thinking of collectively as a community we're broader than people see us and hopefully that adds to the picture. >> there are vigils planned over the next several days. go to we are and that's where you find a full list of vigils throughout the country and find a link for the site on our web site >> baltimore police officers william porter testified during the trial of fellow officer ceasar goodson yesterday he was driver of the van in which freddie gray suffered a fatal injury. porter saw no indication that gray required immediate medical attention while in the van. but he did acknowledge that officers could have safely secured gray with a seatbelt. tonight, a rare meeting is sketched.
5:34 am
bernie sanders and hel hill will sit down to talk. >> sanders plans to ask hillary clinton to embrace his agenda and wants to see where she'll stand on certain issues. sanders wants cooperations and billionaires to pay higher taxes and offer free health care plan and education. >> today's meeting comes as -- c. voters head to the polls in the last prime areay of cam pain 2016 surprise. 20 democratic delegates are up for grabs. d.c. republicans held their primary in march. >> the biggest local race is for council seat in ward 7. incumbant he vet alexander is facing off against vincent gra gray. >> eight doll fipz that perfor performed at the national aquarium in baltimore are retiring moving to protective habitat and will remain in human care of the aquarium has 23409 settled on a location but the dolphins stopped performing
5:35 am
will remain on display. >> that's not the only news in the area. national zoo says it has animal pregnancy announcement to be made at 2 . that should be exciting. >> that is skiingt sdmrxt think it's panda? >> it could be. >> seems to happen nent summer right? >> yeah, it does they have long wint certifies all i'm saying. >> long winters will do it baby boom. all right. nice weather today though, right, gary. >> i'll move on. yeah, great, yesterday was goo good. today is just about as good. the only reason -- i mean look i don't know how you differentiate yesterday from today other than just small minute details. we'll have a few clouds today. little more humid bus stop forecast for the kids this morning. temperatures 62 to 72. 60s generally in suburbs and inside the beltway and right around the beltway temperatures in the lower 70s for the morning low this morning. and all things considered it's really, really nice out there after school 80
5:36 am
full forecastsomeing up in a few minutes. ten minutes there and right now we have to get over to earn with a look at traffic on this tuesday morning. . >> 5:36 now delays and problems track repairs outside stadium armory both directions blue and yellow line and orange and silver may be affected. single track foring safe track work. silver and orange lines that's between east falls and ballsto ballston. live little riff start with metro commute. bw parkway baltimore washington parkway northbound side merge lanes to and from 198 paving those lanes blocked. give yourself extra time now that it's causing backup. water main break repairs underway 41 avenue and there's a live look they in hyattsville intersection of fargate and extra time needed there to hear the water gushing and watch for poppeding conditions on the
5:37 am
melanie alnwick has the latest on that as well. back to you maureen and holly. >> all right. 5:36 the time coming up on "fox" news morning local leaders plan to meet and try to find ways to permanently fund metro transit. >> and president obama changes his mind in a few days after saying he would work to fulfill one of the oldest campaign promises. >> and as we head to break right now live look outside across the region time now 5:3 5:37, 72 degrees and we're back after this
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>>? 2008 president obama pledged he would close the detention center in guantanamo bay. 7 years later the military prison is still on. president obama is not expected to issue an order to close the prison due to lack of congressional support. 80 frizzers in remain. >> par mar healthcare cooperative is suing government over obamacare app the co-op says affordable care act is forcing non profit insurers to pay millions to large insurance carriers to bring on high risk patients. and ever green hel isn't paying care for its 22 million to cover high risk pictures and the co-op wants injunction to be made until changes are made to the rule. >> "washington post" is reporting that receive rights advocacy group is slamming the public schooling system over ho
5:41 am
black students in alexandria are four times as likeryly as white classmates to be suspended. >> advancement project advocates are pushing for the school system to focus lesson funishment and more on fixing bad behaviors. city schools officials rebutted reports findings. >> and oprah is out. mcdonald's is n the world's biggest hamburger children is moving headquarters to old chicago oprah winfrey studios. they will takeover the space that housed harpo studios. the chain will move headquarters in 2018. >> interesting. >> it's a big space. >> it's a lot of space. >> makes sense. >> coming up on "fox" news morning amazon introduces a unique way to prevent package from being stolen from your front porch. >> and last year eddie murphy and this year another saturday night alum will receive the mark twain prize. >> as we head to break a live look outside. there you go. sun coming up. we're
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tuesday. 5:41 is the time now. heart of glass♪ ♪ ♪
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>> happening now. take a look. this is the scene in las vegas where dem lition crews imploded one of the towers of the faimd riviera hotel. came down in true vegas
5:45 am
preceded a fireworks display. more convention space will be built on that same site. >> they're fascinating. >> one of rock and roll's biggest hits headed to court today. stairway to heaven facing lawsuits over claims the band took the opening section from the song taurus by the lesser known band spirit. stairway to seven was written in 1981 and they were composed in 1968 led zepplin denies it heard this song before this law firm. ♪ stare way to heaven♪ . >> it's fascinating. >> that was 45 years ago. >> and now just coming lightto light. >> i was wonder physical you were thinking the same thing. >> that intro sounds like my intro. >> one of the most famous songs of all times. >> beautiful sunrise. >> few clouds out there this morning. we'll transition that's an
5:46 am
important word we'll transition into sunshine as we progress through the mornings hours. 83 for a high. here's the trend. cooler tomorrow. simply because we have a few more clouds out there. thrs a little cooler. more showers and clouds. look we're still mild and even warm. temperatures will be lower 80s. by the time we get to friday it looks like we'll be showery around on friday, too that will have temperatures cooler there only 77 to 80 degrees or so for a high temperature as we get in there. that's something we're watching for here. let me see. sometimes it wants to play and sometimes it doesn't. okay i'll just wait. there's not much i can do about this at this point. we'll see what happens. >> my producer is reminding me to keep talking. how to warm up today. less humid, i'll travel to the other stud
5:47 am
get the computer to kickback on. today looks like lot like yesterday. if you enjoyed yesterday we'll end up with temperatures in the low 80s for highs again and:00 a.m. there's erin let see what you can do with that erin. it happens from time to time. later . >> let's check in with erin. happy tuesday, erin. >> it's flag day and it's tuesday. i stayed up past my bedtime
5:48 am
what it's beautiful out there. >> great idea at the time. >> i'm ready for that second caffeinated drink now. 5:47. if you wake upkeep in mind single tracking for orange, silver and blue between eastern market and stadium armory. we're dealing with ongoing single tracking for safe track work on orange and silver lines in northern virginia. >> was what? >> and boston out there. let's forward maps and show what you you're up against besides metro. washington parkway north merge lanes to and from 198 slowing us down north of beltway headed to bwi this morning passing that area slowing you down exiting 18 and on baltimore washington parkway. in addition to that breaking news on 95 and in virginia there's a crash on northbound side woodbridge by prince william parkway caution as you head out in that location and also a water main break in hyattsville 41 avenue at fa fargate street. be mindful of that. keep to 42 at interest section galston street keep up with that to get you the latest information on that as well. volume delays as usual on 270 coming down from frederick all the way down to urbana takes you 20 minutes
5:49 am
to 109 because of cop juston. more congestion spicing up icc to beltway and 52 to 1 inbound from annapolis and we want to help you beat the morning rush this tuesday back to you holly and wisdom. >> thanks, erin. a top local government official will push virginia and maryland lawmakers to approve a regional tax to help note row out with high costs to operate. >> the system needs a steady source of funding to pay for the long overdue renovations on neglected system and right now metro is dealing with multi-month service cut back and to fix ongoing problems on mets row line. it's the only system in america that doesn't have reliable source of funding from fooxs. >> d.c. woman's car patched with duct tape after involved in police cross fire. this happened more that two years ago and during that time she's been trying to contact police for help but has not had much luck. she put in a formal xhaint and provided piingts of her car to police in hopes of getting it xe
5:50 am
management did get in touch with her saying this. i don't have your pictures. i said what do you mean, don't have my pictures? i said i gave my pictures to the young lady when i turned in anything. and i said it's listed on the cover letter that i gave you photos. she said, well, are you sure you turned in pictures? i said, yes, i'm sure, i turned in picture. this was over a year. price says the damage done to her car cost more than $ $13,000. >> oh, yeah, look at this. 100 pound black bear spotted in hyattsville, maryland. officials believe the juvenile bear has been living in that area for four weeks. he's been roaming university of maryland and college park as well as in montgomery and howard countiess. it's getting a roun the area. of course wild life officials say if you see a black bear or any bear stay back
5:51 am
give it spaixts just call authorities. stay away. stay away from the bear. >> i would close the door real tight. that is the next line of the song. >> right. >> 5:51 is the time rye right now. let's see the stories you're engaging with. >> for that well head over to maureen. >> good morning, guys, we begin on the campaign trail with donald trump and "washington post". presumetive nominee revoking papers press credentials for phony and dishonest reporting and all steps from an arm from the orlando night club shooting in which the post says trump suggests president obama was involved with the tragedy the. the head line is not edited to say trump connection the president to the shoolting and post executive editor says they're proud of coverage and will continue to do so and trump banned other news outlets such after pollit coand buzz b by. >> and awarding venture
5:52 am
million in a definition case. venture awon the lawsuit against slaimd navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle claiming the memoir had a false account of a bar fight. ventura said the remarks made never happened. the court now ruling venturea attorneys followed improper line of questioning and historic purchase from microsoft. tech giants buying linked nx the all cash deal is the largest acquisition ever for microsoft. >> all right. >> all right. >> take that. >> thank you maureen. >> if you're in baltimore don't be surprised if you see one of these around town. amazon is debuting lockers program in charm city. shoppers can choose to have packages sthoypd one of these instead of home. the lockers are located shoppers grocery stores in maryland. packages must be picked up within three business days. >> that's interesting. >> staying on technology thing apple upping its
5:53 am
ceo tim cook revealing that the update will include emogi prediction feature and ability to transcribe voicemails to text and warn if incoming call could be spam. new software will make siri available on desktops. and it will allow users to log on using voice recognition instead of password. yeah. upping the game. >> there you go. >> country's biggest cole min mining company is coming under fire for clay moot change. pea body company coal company is known for publicry rejecting climate change when the company filed for bankruptcy protection and they had given fund to twice as many republican groups as democratic ones. >> supreme court threw out a case yesterday that changes regulation on air pollution. 20 state
5:54 am
block rules of limiting america rur a and other harmful by products of coal. the environmental protection action is praising high worst rule. while known for making us laugh on saturday night live and movies like caddie shack, ghost busters to name a few bill murray is named with top prize for comedy: he will be recipient of mark twain prize for humor. >> the honor will be handed out kennedy center in october. .>> ♪ time say hel toe facebook fan of the day. i want to you meet shante blik. she wakes up every day with "fox5" to get information on topics, schools and weather. >> that's a great name. >> that is. >> shan te e blight loves
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crew and she thinks. >> stephanie: is hot. >> h-o-t, hot. >> he's on fire ! >> to be our next facebook fan of the day go to "fox5" facebook page and post your picture below shante's. hot steve. hot steve is coming up. >> that's a great picture, too. >> hold on. >> two minutes hold on. >> picture back to the lower 80s. warm not hot. temperatures will be some klais places middle 830s. few clouds out there winds norm, northwest 5 to 10 miles an hour. after today we start transitio transitioning into more of unsettled pattern. 83 degrees. 82 tomorrow. storms possible. late tomorrow into tomorrow evening we'll have more showers and thunderstorms possible on thursday. temperature of about 81 degrees or so on friday and the temperature is 77. i think it looks okay for zip
5:56 am
we'll wait and see more showers and possibly thunderstorms firday right now looks like the weekend is looking g 80 saturday. here's what i can guarantee you about our weekend. it will be cooler than what it was last weekend. you know we were lower to mid 90s. here's erin with a look at traffic. >> i'll be out in kensington friday joining the zip trip team. right now crash activity lowing us down and also construction paving operation on 15, 15 north also a crash monday treser road in leesburg allow for extra time there volume building and seeing heavier delays dale city to 123 will take you 13 minutes south of that pointner prince quil yum that's a crash causing heavy volume as you leave from staff foshd to ewing tone area making way toy springfield interest change be prepared for that on one. keep it to "fox5 news morning". beautiful allison and hot steve chenevey coming up with 6:00 hour. we'll be right back
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♪ >> ahead at 6 in orlando and d.c. growing vigils for the 49 victims killed inside a night club and this as we continue to learn more information about the gunman. it is primary day in the
6:00 am
district. berp bern wacking up in washington refusing to concede the nomination to hillary clinton and that could change in a matter of hours. >> a live look outside this tuesday morning june 14. weather and traffic is coming up for you hello birdie on the five at 6:05. good tuesday i'm allison seymour. >> ip steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> we'll start with details emerging about the gunman that killed 49 people inside a gay club in hor an low. omar mateen was a regular at the pulse night club and witness said he saw mateen there drinking on several occasion before the massacre and one of those customers told orlando sentinel he would drink and sit by himself getting loud and belligerent he also used a gay dating app it is believed he was radicalized on the interest set. president obama will travel to ar long owe thursday to pay respects to the victims and meet with families. >> this morning the nation remains on edge after that tragic attack in orlando as


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