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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  June 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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into the shallow water. the gator attacked him and dragged him in. the boy's father tried to fight the animal. he attempted to pry its mouth open but to no avail. crews searched into night and this morning, they determined it was unlikely the boy survived and confirmed about 30 minutes ago. >> the child was found, body was completely in tact. at this time, we will go through the formality of making a formal identification. >> we're going to look at the five alligators we've taken and we're going to compare things like bite marks. we don't know what we have yet. it's still early in the investigation, there's a good chance we have the alligator because we focused our efforts in that area where this incident occurre occurred. >> the child's body will be turned over to orange county medical examine for an autopsy. in the meantime dis has closed off its resort beache
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report. we were as at disney not too long ago and, and at the resort we were staying, we were at a movie night similar to that, there was a water body of water nearby, and i can see how something like that could happen. it's dark. the kids go close to the water. they have activates with the parents. i don't know what the circumstances were in this case. it's very disturb disturb. i'm sure a the love parents will be much more vigilant. to manassas a woman pushing a toddler in a stroller saying she was attacked by man who she claim tried to pull her into the woods. city pleas say it happened monday and and the man ran away. paul wagner live in manassas with that story. >> reporter: this is the park. it's c
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where the end of stone wall road. this is actually a dead end and it's a very large park. got tennis courts. you can see there's a lot of trees behind me. panthers that go through the park. according to this woman, who says she was attacked. she says it happened on a path near a cell tower on the other side of these trees. sues si keith is hopping mad, so upset over the attempted abduction, she stopped everyone she saw and told them exactly what happened. keith says she lives near the park and regularly brings her granddaughter here to play. by wednesday afternoon, there was still no posters, no notices telling people using the park that a man had attempted to abduct a mother with a young child. >> have you ever felt unsafe here. >> never. >> reporter: to hear this. >> panics knee terribly. because my granddaughte
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everything to me. i see a lot of parents that send their children here to play without parental supervision, that's where my concern comes in. i'm here to watch my granddaughter. not those other children. the i feel obligated to keep an eye on them because if something like this could happen in broad delight at noon, we're in big trouble. >> from the report i read, i don't think there was any threat to the child necessarily. sounds like he was trying to grab her. he said come, and basically come with me. and before he could grab her fully she had him scared off. >> reporter: the woman you just saw there, a spokesperson for manassas city police told me that they talked to the woman again today. they attempted to get a composite sketch done but that's been unsuccessful so far. their description of this man is a
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30, short dark hair, dark eyes, medium build and dark complexion. last seen wearing a white tank top with light blue jeans, asking anyone who might recognize a description like that to give crime solvers a call. live in manassas, paul wagner fox 5. dc and park police are investigating the shooting of a juvenile male. it happened on the 2600 block of stanton road not far from the metro station in southeast. police have not released the age of the victim but did find a gun at the scene. the victim was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. stanton and douglas roads were closed along with the park, garage at the station for a short time while police investigated. right now, the countdown is on. in just two days, metro safetrack will shutdown service along the blue, orange and silver lines between eastern market, benning road and
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promised to step up shuttle bus service to bridge the shut down sections, metro delivered a blunts warning. they need a lot less people to use metro rail the next two weeks or the bus system could quickly be flooded with passengers. fox 5 tom fitzgerald is live at friendship heights with more on what's going to happen. hey there. >> reporter: good evening, laura. here's the deal. metro says it's ready for its first safetrack segment shutdown. the question is are these riders and metro has good reason to be concerned. consider this. earlier this afternoon, a top official said this, they need at least a 30% drop in ridership over that affected area insurge too. if not, they're warning riders trying to get on to shows shuttle busses could find them quicking swamped and
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overcrowded. >> we need a significant amount of riders to not use metro rail, and it pains me to say that but we need them to divert from merl and look at other options. >> reporter: these remarks came at the national capitol region's transportation planning board. we learned the work on the first surge of safetrack, that's going to wrap up now on thursday that night. metro tells us they're on schedule with that rail tie replacement, the inside slater removal, fasteners leak repairs. 96 of that work is done. surge 2 is a whole different kettle of fish. that starts saturday, june 18th, through july 3rd. service is shutting down. no train between eastern market, minnesota avenue and bending. this will go on for 16 days on the blue, orange and silver lines. trains will go to minnesota and benning from the west. at that point, you'll have to get on to a
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metro has been trying for weeks to get the word out. we found much to our surprise that readers at eastern market still did not realize that saturday is the day this all starts and some of them is that you will have no plans. >> i don't know. i wasn't aware they were going to shut down 16 days. i catch at bus though now. >> i heard about it but i guess i forgot. i don't know that's going to be very -- i'll have to tart taking the bus but i need to learn the routes. >> my life is in danger so is yours and someone else. >> get it done. >> get it done. >> take a look at this, this is a concerning report out from metro. this is rider ship. look what's happened in the last trend month. this is a second quarter 2016 report. ridership in revenue is going down. why is that a problem? look at the capitol and we knowed di chambers
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procurements. the national capitol transportation safety board said the areas of government in virginia, dc and maryland, they have to come up with a plan at some point to get more money into metro. when you look at both of these graphs, that is a financial death spiral. ridership going down, expenses going up and that, they say cannot continue. live at friendship heights tonight tom fits general fox 5 local news. up ahead, a haunting cameo. >> video now surfacing of the orlando massacre gunman seen in an unearthed documentary, what the footage shows the mass murder doing ahead. it's a beach patrol captain is apologizing for sending an e-mail that is really raising eyebrows, so much so, ocean city officials are apologizing as well. we'll explain coming. we've had clouds around today, early morning showers, a little more than expected this morning and at this
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he see very light showers. what should you expect for the rest of this evening? let's get a check of that thursday weather forecast as well. we'll have all of that coming up. first a look at ocean city as we take you to break. looks like it's filling up again, summer five days away. we'll have much more on that story that matt talked about as well as the first look at your forecast. we'll be right back. flu
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. the bathroom debate made its way to one of our areas most popular beaches. the heavy ocean city's beach patrol is attracting attention after an e-mail he sent to several employees. take a look at this. >> in part we are not targets. use the bathroom that corresponds to your dna in plain words male use the men's locker room, females the women's locker room. if you're not sure go to target. >> mat ackland joins us with more. of this is creating a lot of buzz. >> reporter: a lot of people talking on social media. the captain says he used humor to make a point and suggested reason he sent the e-mail is because males were using the female bathrooms and he didn't want that to happen. >> you'll remember recently target stores announced customers and employees would be welcome to use the bathroom they identify with. it was a decision that was cheered by
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an effort to boycott the retailer. ocean city officials are apologizing for the e-mail sent by captain budge arbin to employees. a spokesperson is saying we're disappointed with his actions and in no way do his comments represent the town of ocean city or our official town policy. >> captain sent out three e-mails, all released by officials today. in his third e-mail, he said this, in part: my care less attempt at humor was inappropriate and in poor taste. >> we should tell you we tried to reach out to the captain today. we called his cell phone and left several messages and call his office. we have not heard back. so will he face disciplinary action? they said personnel matters could not be discussed but it will be addressed. let's focus on
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part of this whole thing. take a look outside. here locally. temperatures have been in the 80's. not too bad out there. a little warmer than yesterday. >> humidity sort of caving in on us. how long are we going to be dealing with this? i guess the humidity sticking around a little while. >> you're both good at the weather. the humidity has gone up. we had rain this morning, very little showing up on radar but the models are insist. we're not finding much. couple of spotty showers down through lower southern maryland around the california region, but there is a warm front, that continues to move in our direction, as it does that, it will focus showers and storms. i see this batch towards charleston, that is likely going to pass down to our south. i
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another one. you can see more areas of rain beginning to move in this direction, we're kind of surrounded, and couple of our computer models again, there's a chance of a shower or thunderstorm but the humidity done an up tick. we're at 81, those due points which were so comfortable yesterday and today have come way up. that means moisture is gathering in the atmosphere. the due point in dc is 67 just to give you some idea. when the due points get up around 65, that is uncomfortable. certainly noticeable be in some places they're up to 70. atmosphere getting juiced up. we're going to have triggers, no big trigger find the for anything, so for the planner at 7:00, i'm going to say, a mix of clouds and sun kind of like what we're seeing out there right now with a temperature of 78. 9:0076, some indications showers could develop
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rumble of thunder, 11:00 temperature to 74, i'm going to include a shower for later tonight. but the big headline for tomorrow, thursday is going to be an interesting day, by the way, i do want to show you what our if you recollect cast is suggesting for later tonight. it sees that next batch closing in on char lotsville tonight. but 8:00 this evening, it will keep us, the dc area in the clouds but it's kind of swings is some of that left over moisture just south of dc by 11:00. we'll watch that and that passes during the overnight hours. thursday, the weather headline for thursday, i think most of the day, hit or miss shower, but late after 9:00 or 10:00 tomorrow, we could have a around of thunderstorms that could feature heavy rain and strong and gusty winds. that will linger into friday. can we chase all of this out of here by the weekend? we'll focused on that and the timing for any rain tonight and
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coming up in just a little bit. laura? >> thanks. we're following breaking news tonight out of egypt. officials say they have spotted wreckage of the eject airplane that clashed into the mediterranean last month. in a statement this evening, finishes said they had identified several main locations of the wreckage. the plane disappeared from radar en route to cairo from paris, no group claimed responsibility for an attack at this point. >> re. ahead a warning tonight for whole foods, the fda slams the grocery chain for failing to address food safety problems. a grand mother's exceptionally pilot google search charms the internet. we'll explain straight ahead.
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fox 5 d
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with the alzheimer's as it gets ready for the fund-raising event called the longest day. >> it's the summer solstace. this week we're sharing stories of people who are dealing with alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. in hopes of raising awareness about this heartbreaking disease. last year, more than 15 million caregivers provided more than 18 billion hours of unpaid care. that's something that fox 5 tom fitzgerald knows very well. he and his family began to care for his father who had alzheimer's. >> reporter: my dad couldn't handle his affairs anymore. bills weren't getting paid. things were mixed up with the house. i became my dad's dad. i became his legal guardian.
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. it's difficult to live your life knowing a person being one way and seeing everything that they are and that they ever knew slowly stripped away from them. what you're left with what person that you still love. but a person you have to start to get to know again in their present state because they're not the person that you always knew. >> this is one of the ways i explain alzheimer's to people. my father was diagnosed in '97. he died in 2005. in 2006, my daughter was born. i pressure spent nine years watching my father lose the ability to walk. lose ability to talk. lose the ability to feed himself. lose the ability to clean himself. all of the things that
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for granted alzheimer's took away from my dad. for seven years, i watched him decline and be lucy nolan do the things like eating and talking and remembering and walking. a year later my daughter was born. i spent -- have spent the next nine years watching her gain all of those abilities, learning how to walk, learning how to talk, learning how to feed herself. one of the coolist things about alzheimer's is that it -- even before that person dies, you lose them. because it takes away the in essence of who they were as a person. alzheimer's is still one of those diseases that people don't talk as much
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the difference between also and any other condition is alzheimer's is the hurricane that blows in and destroys a shore line immediately and wrecks houses. it's a slow method kal cruel erosion of a person's memories, their abilities and the in essence of who they are. that takes time to understand but it's also important to understand that other people have been through this and that there is help out there. and there is support out there. for anybody who needs it. >> amazing stories we're sharing with you from our own co workers some of these things that we are sharing along with you. >> he articulate that day so well, beautifully and
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it's horrible devastating for people to go through this. >> let's take you back now to the longest day we mentioned, it's a day when people get together and do anything fun, walking, hiking, playing cards, dancing while fund-raising tame. >> if you would like to get involved or donate to a team that's already involved in the longest day, you can go to longest day, stick with us on our website and facebook page to hear the amazing stories of courage from people across our area, who are dealing with alzheimer's and dementia. coming up, orlando night club killer seen in a newly surfaced documentary about the vp oil spill. of ronica. democrats have taken over the floor of the senate and say they won't leave until a
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compromise on gun control is made. >> folks don't want to go to an auto repair shop. >>. >> what if you never had to go to the auto repair shop again? wouldn't be that be nice? a busy mom came up with a way to help you make that happen. we'll be back with the story. y.
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man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough. "dominion. depend on us for more than energy." ♪ stand by me.
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people to complain so they will have the jobs. in the days following the shooting, we have seen vigils held around the world honoring those killed. here in our area, a memorial is growing at
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tonight, a large crowd will gather there for a candlelight vigil, marina marraco will be there live at 6:00 p.m. you're looking at a live picture in the dupont circle right there. >> it was there the other night as well. congressman jim himes of connecticut walk you did out of the how's moment of silence, saying silence won't do anything to prevent gun violence. >> efforts continued to make a statement and change gun laws here in america. fox 5 political report ronica cleary is here with the story, and other political headlines you may have missed. >> reporter: chris murray of couldn't in it kety took to the to senate floor around 1120. he said i am prepared to stand on the floor and talk about the need for gun violence for as long as i can. i've had #enough. >> we've done absolutely nothing.
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slaughter after mass slaughter, this body has taken no action. that, in and of itself, is unacceptable. let's find some limited common ground on issues that the broad american elect tore writ sports and must have forward. >> he would like to see those on the terror watch list no longer be able to purchase gun and background checks be required for online gun sales. hillary clinton she was in hampton virginia today to host a conversation on national security. while she spoke about her plans to keep america safe, she also directly confronted ideas brought forth by donald trump. >> as has been pointed out, the terrorists in orlando was not born in afghanistan, as trump claims. he was born in queens, new york, only miles away from where donald trump himself was born.
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a ban on muslims would not have stopped this attack. neither would a wall. i don't know how one builds a wall to keep the internet out. >> finally, you may recall governor hogan endorsed chris christie when he was running for president. once christie got out of the race, christie endorsed trump and had many people asking if hogan would adverse him as well: . adverse him as well, he says he does not plan to vote for donald trump. he said he's not sure who he'll vote for and that he would consider writing someone in. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, the fda says whole foods need to clean up their act. the warning letter the agency sent over serious violations they say. car giant is teaming up with nordstrom for a boutique tile showroom. a unique valet service that takes your car to get service for you. how o
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with the creative idea. >> i want to think about that tomorrow. the u.s. open is upon us, we'll jean spieth will he crumble like a cookie? where can you watch it? spoiler alert, here on fox 5 but the questions people want to golf. sue, what's the weather looking like. the weather is challenging tomorrow. there could be storms around the oak mont. in the meantime guess what else is heading in our direction? . we are five days away from summer beginning around here, it doesn't feel like it too much today, although the humidity is creeping up. when we come back we're going to time out tomorrow's showers and potential for stronger thunderstorms. all that coming up with your seven-day forecast and a look at the weekend. we'll be right back. 
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know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
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. a lot of people are counting down the shopping days until christmas. >> i don't wait a minute to know what they are. >> i have the number of days before the first nfl preseason game, 54 days until the hall of fame game. football season is upon us. >> careful research. >> sir ris is fan a task. the nfl equivalent the skins chopping the mandatory three-day mini cam. 's down to two. they're at redskins park with the skins in the final practice. that begins july 28th and the biggest question that still needs to be answered by july 15th, will curt head coach is happy with the off season, players skater for six weeks of vacation, how about josh norman? what does he have planned? >> i'll be a little bit of everywhere. this is
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it's for real. we don't get no breaks in this thing. i'm in at this time to go all the way. we'll see what happens. we're going to work towards it. >> they introduced the skin's newest acquisition. she was name the team's director of sports medicine. . of she's the only head female physician in major league baseball as well. she's also the director of the nova sports medicine. u.s. open begins tomorrow. jordan spieth attempting to defend his title. oakmont country club. last year a chamber's fan washington state after dustin johnson. after the nightmare of the master when his chances were sunk when he hit two balls into the water on the 11th hole. of course, you're home for the 116th u.s. open the fox family of
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watch coverage from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. on fox. then coverage picks up on fox 5. and check it out on social media too, fox sports. crossing network boundaries for the sake of good will. espn is adding craig sayinger to tomorrow's game six coverage of the warriors and cavaliers, this will be the first time he's calling -- going to be part of a career nba finals game. of course, sagers continuing the battle of recurrence of leukemia he's been fighting the last couple years. today they're putting aside differences, competition, he's going to do a little work for espn as well and it will be a night to remember for him, i'm sure. >> memorable. this weather has been kind of memorable too, it's been day after day of sunshine. loving it. >> but we have to change things up a little bit. >> i feel very drabbed compared to you two. >> you didn't t
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>> primary colors the day after the primaries. >> i like that. >> that's exactly what it is. >> you of all people should be wearing yellow and black. he did that. steelers. >> i did that quite a bit. >>. >> you're allowed to be a sports anchor and still route for other teams. we do have changes in the forecast and the clouds you saw a little bit of early morning rain and a bit of sunshine here and there but the clouds are back and indications in the atmosphere that later we could have a few more showers, possibly a rumble of thunder. but i'll start you out with radar. not much is showing up as we look around the wider picture here, there have been a couple of light showers down towards lower southern maryland, not much out there now. but again, keep in mind that after, say, 9:00 or so, we could st
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activity. a mix of clouds and sun, we're also continuing to watch this area of rain, that is looking like it's going to start moving down through central virginia. but it also looks like it could clip some of our southern suburbs. we're going to watch that for you closely. that's the activity that could kind of is spread out, ride that warm front that has stalled down to our south and maybe spread showers and thunderstorms's overnight. 81 degrees, our high temperature today, 83, but it feels more humid out there because that humidity has come up and the water available is increasing. what you need to know about that is as that moisture increases in the atmosphere, any shower or thunderstorm that develops might have the potential to produce heavy rain and that's the scenario we're seeing is for tomorrow night. you'll be interested to see it's timing for tomorrow night. here's the big weather player. that is a warm front. it moved up from the
5:44 pm
creeping closer and closer. separating warm air to the south. from the cool -- somewhat cooler air over us. it's also at railroad track little weak waves of low pressure, we think they're going to be two of them that ride that front tomorrow 10 spread snow showers our direction. overnight it will be comfortable. 69 to 70. maybe 71 degrees in a few spots. watching overnight showers and storms. here's what happens tomorrow. with that frontal boundary still to the south and i mentioned it's the railroad track. there's a storm coming in. it's going to ride down along this warm front and spread a round of rain in here tomorrow into friday and we think potentially heavy rain, the atmosphere will be loaded up with moisture by then that we could see one to two inches of rain as these storms come through. we'll be in the 80's tomorrow, i'm going to forecast 84 and surprisingly i think most of the day will be dry with just a spotty shower. but watch the timing and you'll see what i'm talking about. i'm going tota
5:45 pm
now. because as we watch this inclusive we've been noting might affect charlottesville. it seems to want to spreads out and get into the southern suburbs around 11:00. that's a pretty healthy storm being depicted in the hagersville area too. we'll watch that for later tonight. they move on out and our morning starts out dry. 7:00 a.m. commute. maybe there's a spotty shower, a few were around this morning that didn't show up on our models last night. we go through the day, 6:00 maybe you're going for a bike ride on the mall. you should be ok. you can see one or two showers but nothing that would be that bad. but we were talking about the oakmont in pittsburgh. look at that line and showers and storms that's going to be coming out of western pennsylvania and moving in our direction, looks like it wants to slide to the south, notice brighter colors with heavy rain maybe a little bit of hail for midnight tomorrow night. then another round that may affect us at 8:00 in the morning friday. starting to tomorrow night after about 9:00, through friday morning, we'll have to deal with it.
5:46 pm
direction changing. winds out of the northeast start to should have that moisture down to the south and we should clear out by friday. right now, the weekend is looking fantastic. one last thing i want to say about tomorrow. we are outlooked for the possibility of strong storms in the yellow area, that's a slight risk for stronger gusts of 60 miles an hour heavy downpours and crowd to ground lightening marginal risk for dc. south and west will be the best chance of seeing the storms. wrap it up with the seven-day forecast. i'm loving the weekend, still looking good. i will say, it's looking better locally with saturday at 81 and sunday 82. father's day looking great, beaches might not be as nice, there's an area of low pressure that might be close enough to throw showers monday, 87 first day of summer and it will feel like it. maybe a shower or thunderstorm on tuesday and wednesday about 86 degrees partly sunny skies, we're heating up as we get ready for the summer. >> that time
5:47 pm
coming up, whole foods gets a warning letter from the fda. find out why next. there may be new items for sale at your local bed, bath beyond store. folks don't want to go to an auto repair shop. they'd rather spend their time doing other things. >> what if you could spend time doing other things and not go to the repair shop? again? this busy mom came up with a way to make that happen for you. her new business is on a roll. we'll tell you about it coming up.
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. the fda with a warning for whole foods, the
5:51 pm
grocery chain till the end of the month to a massachusetts plants that supplies products to stores across the northeast. during inspections in february, the fda found several violations including failure to sanitize food prep surfaces, and sinks without hot water for hand washing. there may be new items for sale at your local bed bath and beyond. the retail chain recently purchased one king's lane. one king's lane is an online check. both furniture and home goods with design studios in san francisco and in new york. exact figures have not been released with bed bath and beyond only saying it was quote, not material to the company's finances. tefla teaming up with nordstrom to open up a gallery in los angeles. the 400 square foot showroom will be located in the men's department at the grove mall. the gallery will feature the model x suv. customers will can
5:52 pm
evident to drive but will have to purchase it online or at the nearest dealer. it will be open through the end of the year, so far no plans to open additional locations. laura? . who likes to take their car to the auto repair shop? i can tell you not me. these days, you can have your groceries delivered, your coffee brought to you and there are services that allow you to order an iphone or a mac p c. now a busy virginia mom created a service that will take that visit to the auto repair shop completely out of the mix. >> the inconvenience, the cost, there are studies that show people would rather going to dentist than get their car fixed. >> reporter: julie homes doesn't just get it because she's in the car business, her family owns virginia tire and auto. she gets it because she's a working mom of four, her title alone tells you she's busy. so julie came up with an
5:53 pm
lane. an on demand car care value racial it's the first of its kind in the dc metro region. >> aimed at the busy professional or the mom who doesn't want to cart all their children off to the auto repair store. >> reporter: her idea is to use the valet for any car issue, emergency repair or scheduled maintenance. >> they'd rather spend their time doing other things, spending time with kids, doing errands, whatever. >> reporter: the latest evident in the on demand market, right now, the valet is only serving northern virginia. >> you can go online, make an appointment that's convenient for them. pick a time. and from there, we coordinate, confirm the appointment, send a valet to their preferred put up address anywhere in north virginia. >> your car then goes in for service at one of their facilities. the full service shop. you can track it online, get status updates and when it's done, they bring it back. how much? >>
5:54 pm
>> 15 bucks? well, what a deal. v,a valet launched june 1st, only northern virginia right now but they're hoping to take the service to maryland and possibly dc by the fall. if you want to check out the website, it's v ta valet or my facebook page, a laura evans fox 5 dc, i posted that on my facebook page. >> i will be the first customer because i've been five times in the past five months. >> it's the most awful errand you can actually do. >> if only i thought of it. >> exactly. >> absolutely brilliant. we love any entrepreneurs that comes up with anything that makes our life simple. a exceptionally polite google search charms internet. coming up next. xt.
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. one grandmom talk it to a whole different level. she wanted to find out something, asked google for help. her grandson saw at page and tweeted a picture of it. suction she typed, please translate these roman numerals. thank you. even though she wasn't speaking to a human, the grand mother was polite and got her question answered quickly. as you can imagine the post gone viral. so far it's been retweeted nearly 9,000 times. it's nice to be polite. even to google and siri. >> that could have been one of my family members. the it could not have been. >> it could have been.
5:59 pm
. >> thanks for being with us. fox 5 local news at 6:00 starts right now. this is fox 5 local news at 6:0 6:00. >> no peace of information is too small. you have our assurance we will keep your information confidential. >> at 6:00, the finish searches for answers in the orlando night club mass shooting. horror at the happiest place on earth, a 2-year-old boy democrated away by a giant alligator at a disney disney resort. tirade inside of target, why this man is verbally attacking everyone in sight. the news starts now. it is good to have you with us, i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. the fbi is determined to get answers from a town reeling from tragedy. the fbi appealed to the public for help. officials asked anyone with information about gunman
6:00 pm
mateen to report anything they can remember to the tip line, 1-800 call fbi. people can also send e-mails to tips at fbi dot gov. . authorities say they made the decision as a precaution. >> we're committed to staying here as long as it takes to carefully process, the crime scene in an attempt to have the city return to some sense of normalize. >> meanwhile, the fbi is following up on reports that mateen was leading a secret life as a gay man. he had reportedly been to the club several times and reached out to men. his wife was aware of the attack plan and with him when he you bought the ammunition. right now she has no


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