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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  June 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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video that was released from fro the police police departmente to the media and theden someoneo actually saw that video and was able to contact police and help solve this case. police spoke about this not thi too long ago. here is what they had to say.ay >> when we finally got thoseot t surveillance videos over theeost weekend we knew that was aat w a huge piece of this case. cas and on monday, we got the videos out to the press, out to you guys we appreciated youry putting it out there and we w knew we were going to getet information back from the community.mmun it's what we expect and whatecta we get normally on our casesur so video of that quality that showed him and distinct tiff qualities of this criminal wenaw knew we were going to get some g information back and we d we wee got a lot of information back.bk >> reporter: once again authorities saying there's a lot ofte investigative work tokt do. they still don't know a motive't at this t we're also told there will be wb some kind of vigil tonight forif the victims here at the home, hm not sure exactly when thatn tha will take place but we'll
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tonight at 10:00. 10:00. let's move on to another placele in prince george's county to andrews air force base wherehe we find paul wagner. hi, paul. pau >> reporter: hay, matt. here at joint base andrewsndre today. first responders were supposedse to take part in a drill.ari what's called a no notice no noe drill and it was supposed toit take part on the east side of we the base late this morning.e ng but just after 9 o'clock thiss morning, the first responderses were called here to thiso this hospital, the malcolm growlm gro medical center here at andrews r air force they were told it was a realt wa world event going o they made entrance inside butut once 33 made entrance, allll they found were... 33 made entrance, all they found werey e you people sheltering inle place. the first information from joint base andrews came at 9:16 a.m. jba is currently on lockdownockn the tweet said due to anon active all personnel are directed toteo shelter-in-place.ter-in a few minutes later confirmation that firstharst responders were at the medical d
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allentown road and visible visie from the street. soldiers with long guns couldunl be seen outside the complex. col some of them leading people peo out of the facility with theirhe hands up.ha u as the u.s. park police helicopter circled overheadcl other soldiers with dogs couldd be seen circling the building.u. just as soon as people wereon a escorted out of the buildingbui with their hands up, they wereyr seen going back in when the all-clear was given. given brad jordan was headed to the base when he received several phone calls from his wife ande d employees of his business. >> at first everybody wasrybodyw saying it was just a drill, it's just a drill, don't worryon about it. just wait it out and come inn to work. work. and shortly after that, thehe messages changed from theed f te people on base, the text messages saying this is absolutely not a drill.tely there's a real shooter.shooter. he's in the hospital. hosta if you're not on base, don't come on base.ase. if you're on base, >> reporter: now, vi
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president joe biden wasid supposed to take off here from f joint andrews base this b morning but his departure was delayed. we saw the helicopters coming in with the vice president after the all-clear was given.. now, this is the second scaresce here at joint base andrews inn just the last recent weeks.nt we you may recall there a woman went into the visitor's center not far from where i'm standing and claimed to have a bomb hooked to her -- strappeded to her chest i should say but that turned out to be a hoax a device. now with more with thee wihe fireworks coverage on then the national mall, here's tom fitzgerald. >> reporter: well, theell,he security concerns here are real. real the u.s. park police iss delivering a dual messageri a today. they want families to come down herely they want peoplet po to enjoy the fourth of july however, in light of recentect events what they do not want now is anyone to come here to the national mall during durin independent day and bependen surprised by what is going to t be a massive security
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on a day that is going tot goi bring hundreds of thousands ofuo people here to the nationaliol now, if you are coming to the mall on the fourth, are yourth,a going to have to go through tgh security screens. there are going to be eight ofgt these security access points pos surrounding the mall. mal they will be opened from 10:00 a.m. until 9 p.m. all bags,ag all coolers, all back packs,ac they will all be subject to t search at those keep in mind alcohol,col, marijuana, fireworks, they are,a all prohibited.te this year the park police isices also reminding people that drones are not allowed here ono the mall.l. now, u.s. park police saidice si they were aware of the alarm ala at joint base andrews thisrews t morning and while that reportthr of an active shooter turnedr tue out to be incorrect, u.s. park police had a blunt message m about that today.abt they say they still wanttill people to continue to call them if they see something somet that they think is unusual. now, along those lines thesees t u.s.a
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something the public can do to assist in this security effortfr and that is to sign up forp their completely free f emergency text system.ys it is called nixtel. nixte you can find it and register ree on the web site. se. once you get it you will be b able to receive immediate text from u.s. park police. pol at the washington monument tom m fitzgerald fox5 local news.s. >> as the gun control debateebat continues on capitol hillill house speaker paul ryan r informed gop lawmakers that g the house will vote on new n antiterrorism legislation nextm week.le during a conference call todayod the house speaker said thee measure is aimed at blockingckg suspected terrorists fromorts f buying guns along withith disrupting both radicalizationao and recruitment.ent the vote comes after two weekswe after the house democrats drats staged a sit-in on the houseit-n floor an td demanded gun control transform. answer the pentagon made the announcement today.uncementt it ends one of the last bans b on service in the armed
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forces.rces defense secretary ash carter cae said defending the country isnti a top priority and that thend th military does not want not want barriers preventing anyevent a american from >> straight ahead tonight at at 6:00 a routine traffic stop s turns into a shooting on the icc. >> and if you love eating raw e cookie dough, we have a story so for you. what the fda is saying aboutt the unbaked dessert. caitlin -- mike. >> hey, shawn.. i love cookie dome i'm in do. we hacookie dough.temperatures h middle 80's which is a little al cool for this time of year. yea can't say the same for tomorrow. maybe some thunderstorms,hunder possibility of some severeome sv weather coming our way asur ws well. we're going have much moreing c details on what you canyo can expected for your friday and y what you can expect for the holiday weekend as well now eenl right around the can't wait for it to be here.e h details on that coming up justin after the break.ter the bre all right, tony to you. >> all right mike. rig if you have a story idea call
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that number is 202-895-3000.-893 you can also e-mail your tips tp to us at fox5 tips at wt we'll be right back. ht back.
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>> ♪ >> silver spring man in policeri custody tonight for allegedly pulling a knife on an officere n during a traffic stop. sto skyfox was over the scene the se thirty nine this afternoon. the 31-year-old man was thatr-ol stopped for speeding on the t intercounty connector near shady grove road. police say the driver got out tt of his car and approached thero officer with a knife. a kni when the officer ordered him to drop the weapon he refused. d so the officer fired his gun. g neither the driver nor ther th officer were hurt. h now to a story you sawry you first on fox5 the.. a frightening scene incene i leesburg this morning.sor neighbors heard two loud two lou explosions and then saw s.w.a.t. teams raid a home on mahala street.treet. this unfolded around 5:3
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morning. mo one residents who wished tohed remain anonymous describedes what she she s >> i was shocked when i lookedho out the window this morning and saw someone standckinndg out there with a big gun i thoughtht that's not anything thating t happens in a neighborhood.ghrhoo and then i saw later on, i sawaw all these men come out with their guns.s. >> now, no one arrested. aes earlier fox5's ronica clearyiccl spoke to the homeowner. the homn he told us that investigatorsto were there to see him but did not explain why. why >> a baltimore judge granted art new trial for convicted killer l whose guilt was called into question on the popularop podcast serial.serl. the judge ruled adnan syed sye deserves another trial becauseec his attorneys failed totorney cross-examine a key witnessina e during syed's first trial. syed is accused of killing hislh former high school girlfriend back in 1999 and burying herurng body in a park. par he was sentenced to life in in prison.pron. he's already served 16 years y behind bars. >> put that hand sanitizer sizer away. you don't need it when you hopnu on it turns out
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down there really aren't thatena bad. >> uh-huh . uh- >> [laughter] >> tell that to yourself. [laughthter] >> and all right, so what's as a better investment than at louse? well, the answer couldul be in your closet.lose no, we're not talking aboutlkino your shoes, tony perkins. [laughter][laur] and not every idea should i be taken at face a popular restaurant intauran beijing is offering a barbie b doll wrapped in strips of in sti meat. the hot pot restaurant servesane its customers with plates ofh ps meat that they cook at their t leisure but there means dinerser would have to undress the dollhd to eat. some say the idea is sexist sex and disgusting.guin a connection to an old ladyldad gaga meat dress was not lostt on some.dr the singer was recently banned from china. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> purses, purses may be as, pu better investment than realth estate. esta >> you know that chanel baghane you saved up to buy.u saved
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bag hunter an online companypany that sells exclusive luxury l bags found hard to find bagsbags increase in value by 70 percent. for example, you could buy a chanel flat bag in 1955 for about $220.out $220. now that bag will set you back $4,900.$4,9 the growth of the bags has outpaced the housing price since 1955.5. even if you consider inflationit bag hunter pointed out inflation between 1955 and 2015 averaged about15 aveged 3.7 percent a year.perct a that would make that chanelhat h bag cost about $1,967 today.ay. tony that is still $2,900 less90 than the current value.nt val >> it's unbelievable.i >> so, when your wife says, honey, i'd like to have ae toave chanel bag you're going to goi say. >> sure, dear. >> really? reall tony, i would like to have a t chanel bag for christmas. chris >> you're any other my wife.youy
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>> all right. [laughter] >> thought i'd try it.>> studies suggesting tstud underground subway stationsieun are breeding grounds for germs. turns out they are no worse than shaking a bunch ofouanhaki people's h researchers from harvardchers fm school of public health foundltf the same bacteria clinging to t those handrail seats and ticketing machines are on the same or on someone's sweaty hands tr he same kind of germs.r that's kind of gross. and some of those germs rangef from breathing bourn bacteriaace to some other bacteria. good news, scientists sayenst those germs typically don't cause you sick. s if you're scared to touch all a the rails which i don't anywayna if you're shake hands with people you're going to get the same germs. sa >> i would say this 'cause our e tease said get rid of theid hands sanitizer.itiz they still recommend it afternd you shake hands with a bunchh an of people.of you can still do >> you can do this now a days. d you can do this.n thi >> fist bump. >> bad news for cookie doughou lovers. the fda, yes, the fda is
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warning people shouldn't eat't e raw dough batter of any kind.f k >> what. >> yeah. due to an ongoing outbreak related to e. coli. >> what. >> yeah, the bacteria has been b found in batches of flour is a at a general mills factory. fac they have recalled 10 million pounds of goldon pou medal flour and signaturenatu kitchen brands. >> i don't think people are going to stop doing it. >> i don't think soon einither.e people lover to eat that stuff. >> tastes good.>> >> mike thomas you said you'reom not going to stop it even ifven the fda said don't do it. d't d. >> not going to stop me.e. when they had that e. colit e. c outbreak at chipotle thatpoe didn't stop me.idn't stop m >> he's got a stomach of >> he was saying it's great, there were no lines.ere >> there were no lines.reere nol unfortunately i think that hasan passed and the lines arek nd ths getting longer n at least there won't be any any line for the cookie dough at doa the grocery store any more.ny mr good news there. live looke l outside, it's a gorgeous a g summer evening here on this t thursday night, friday eve fri here at fox5. we're getting ready for thedy te weekend.
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around town. i'll tell you jusket how that'st going to shape up in a bit. u bt radar nice and quiet at thisui a hour, good news here. h it was rather busier earlier eai this week but for the mostt part we're in for a goodd down to the south there's a couple storms bubbling up onrmsn the kind of northern neck of nef virginia. we'll see if one or two ofr two those don't cross the potomacom river and maybe make it into i southern portions of saintortio mary's county. that's really the only area of o concern i won't total rule ite out in d.c. tonight but ouronigb chances are low.ances are i think we're in for a quietui evening. temperatures around town, tow 81 degrees here in washingtoning our high today was 84. 82 degrees in gaithersburg, 84 westminster.stminster. baltimore is at 79 as well as annapolis. buedericksburg 81 degrees thisks hour. winds are starting to turn outar of the south. you can see that on this maps map here. not particularly gusty or o anything like that but thehi direction is going to start tonr bring more moisture up fromsturu the south and check out the dewpoints at this hour. h starting to rise up threw theewe 60's.. 60's is pretty humid air as we get towards 70 that's thehe stifli
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around as we head through thed t course of the day tomorrow.damow 62 the current dewpoint heret re in washington. whi 69 at 72 in westminster but i think i that may be a bad point there. t by the time we get to tomorrowom up up and away we'll be in the oppressive category tomorrowsi afternoon allve ahead of a cold front and as that cold frontt slams into the hot and humidto air mass, temperaturesera tomorrow upper 80's to near 90ea if we break out into enough e sun we could kick up some up s scattered showers andsho and thunderstorms during the late afternoon and early evening tohours.oo couple of those storms couldtorm pack a punch as a w we are outlooked for a marginal risk of severeere weather tomorrow afternoon.morr. main concern with those storms is going to be wind hail and hl of course the heavy rain. we had flash flooding earliershd this week with storms.rms. same kind of deal.d d these summer time tim thunderstorms with heavy rainvyi could kick up the flashhe flash flooding. weekend at the beaches. i can guarantee you it will beee crowded.owde weather-wise not so much inhe the way of guarantees exceptntex that if you head south you souty have a much better chance of c
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running into thunderstormsto thr each and every day. cape hatteras, temperatures in the mid to upper 80's each dayac with a chance of thunderstormsht each day because that front that that's down there to the south s today really is not going n g anywhere as we head throughead the course of the weekend.eeke much better as you headou farther north. n ocean city 82 on saturday, satu, mostly sunny skies, few moreun clouds on sunday 78 degrees. monday brings the chance forhanc thunderstorms although italthouh looks like the best chance ont h monday for the beaches is for ts going to be well off to theff tt west. more towards our neck of the nef woods unfortunately.nfortunate but i think the beaches are are going to be okay all weekendee long. long 69 degrees your overnight low tonight. we'll have scattered clouds out there. s it will be more humid than them past several. few storms out there, mostlyutr down to the south of d.c. thiss evening. again, most stay dry tonight.ig. working into the day tomorrow, there it goes, working intoorki the day tomorrow, 89 degrees,9 mix of clouds and sun, p.m., p.. storms a few of those could beou strong. we'll keep you up to date withat all the latest as we work intoor your daytime hours tomorrow.ay here's a look at your seven-day forecast.tireveday fo friday zip trip day looks goodoo in the morning hours though a hg little bit
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89 degrees for a high. high saturday 85 degrees, mostlygree, sunny by the time we get too sunday 83. starting the day with sun andsud with some clouds. clo fourth of july looks mostly mos dry until we get to theo t afternoon and evening hours. ho. we'll watch it for some som thunderstorms. unfortunately right aroundrightd fireworks time.s tim guys we'll keep you posted onp d all the latest for our f independence day there as weence continue to head through theue d course of the next several t days. ton knee antony and shawn back y >> ever say why didn't i thinkn of that? one florida man saysds he invented the iphone and is suing apple for $7.5 thomas ross is his name. nam he claims he created an electronic reading device 24 dec years ago.s he has three hand drawn sketches to prove it.o ove the lawsuit says the device allows users to look at pictures on a flat ross applied for
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he failed to pay the requiredd application fees. apple is not commenting on the lawsuit.
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>> ♪ >> oh. [laughter] >> yes, i to. this is the whip it nene song. >> no. >> no? this is what's hisat'sis name. >> will smith.lth. >> daughter. >> yeah, willow smith. >> doesn't matter.>> d we're still talking about a hair. whipping the hair is what we're talking about.piwe're ta >> that's >> it is induction day at the da u.s. naval academy the day t that plebes get their headshe h shaved. >> what that has to do witht any of this i don't know. while it is a new start foror hundreds of students it isf stue also a somber goodbye for two barbers who have been thereve be fo
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fox5 photojournalist nelson jones was there. >> ♪ >> today is my last day today, yeah, last day. >> reporter: how long have you been working here.u >> since 82. >> reporter: wow.. >> you're going to fall in love with this hairstyle. hairs i shaved it two months agoaved like this to get ready for it. >> all right. r >> been cutting here since 1982. >> whew. goodness. >> yeah, today is my last day. leroy and i started workingor here the very same day. d >> yeah. >> and we're both leaving the same day. >> reporter: wow.epor >> yeah, we both put in for retirement. >> i been working here all my life. i can't just set down. d i can't help nobody when i setet down. down >> my last day and your first y day. >> oh, my gosh. >> never had my hair thisr cl
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>> you never had your hairou this close. >> no. >> how you feeling man. >> feeling pretty good right n ow now, sir.. [laughter] [laughter] >> how do you feel? >> great. i feel great. >> i'm going miss it. 'cause i been doing this forng s so long it's a part of me.onit's >> i've been here half my m life, so it's hard to walk away. >> ♪ >> he's been singing as long as i've known him. iknow >> i started singing the song s that people like. >> kind of depressing but it'sgi all right. rig >> and i'll say to myself what a wonderful world. wor >> we going to be all right.ight >> yeah. >> ♪ oh, i sing to myselfg to m what a wonderful world, oh, worh yeah ♪ >> congratulations to them andao also to all the plebes. >> absolutely. >> that last young man didn'tstg look too happy about m
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his hair shaved off. >> wondering why he was there exactly. okay. you want to talk about the e beach forecast. >> yeah, how about one moreea time just for anybody headingnyg out to the beaches this the bes weekend. the deal is the farther southfae you head, the better chanceter h you're going to have ofef showers and thunderstorms eachhr afternoon. >> oh, no. >> don't worry shawn it gets betterment here in ocean city c that's where you want to head. h it's not bad.'s not bad. >> i'm going further south. sth >> oh, okay.>> oh,y. so, this is bad news for new >> yeah, thanks. thas. >> for everybody headingverybodg straight off to the east it's ot much better.o much dry on saturday and sunday.d sun monday could have someay could m thunderstorms as you head into the afternoon and eveningve hours. ho i think there's a much betterthu chance, say, here as opposedpp to there.. >> okay. o >> and then rehoboth beachth b same deal.meea 82 on saturday, lots of sunshine. su sunday starts with sun, itth sui ends with a few clouds. clo monday mix of clouds and sun,un chance of those thunderstorms as we head into the eveningto tg hours. now, independence day here is a little bit dirt. bt. let's see if i can flash over the seven-day forecast here.e there it in-s. so, 89 later on tomorrow.or weekend's dry here.d'dry we
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monday. i think there's a much better chance of thunderstorms comestoc around fireworks time but azar b are a and lauren mentionedntione last hour it's holidayay tradition.ition. >> we're used to it at least it the threat of it. we have there every year.thever >> whatever. it's still the fourth of july.y. >> yes. >> >> celebrate it and be excitedre and have f >> thank you mike.nk >> thank you mike. thank you guys for joining usnig tonight at 6:00. >> tmz is coming up next. u nex we'll see you later on tonight at 10:00. >> have a good one. bye-bye.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: if you believe iggy azalea, nick young should smile because he was on candid camera. >> iggy azalea blasted nick young on social media saying that he cheated on her in their house, and she caught them on the security footage. >> this was pretty bad, like -- >> oh, yeah. it's also a rookie mistake by nick. delete the footage. >> or just don't cheat in the first place! [laughter] >> tyga has just rented a $50,000 a month house. harvey: how does a landlord rent to tyga? >> tyga has three stores and on top of that he has a show on mtv. harvey: why is he getting evicted and evicted and repoed? >> the one car he got repoed, he has nine more to go. >> so he's constantly staying ahead of the repo man just by uying extra cars?


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