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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  August 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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as always taking a look at lookt traffic and we'll check in i with her in a minute. min we actually do know of two breaking traffic alerts we wander to pass along right now. first in montgomery county for the intersection of muncaster ma mill road and norbeck road in rockville is shut down becausen of a serious crash. csh happened about 3 o'clock thislok morning.morn now let's head over to fairfaxax county.unty. watch out for power lines down on hum erode in annandale it's blocked at royce court becausece of a crash that happened there c around 2:00 a.m..m that closure could be aroundould for the entire morning rush hour.hour >> also this morning prince george's county still's recovering after a weekend of deadly gun c a violence thatncea claimed the life of a 7-eleven n clerk and also a popular local c rap artist. >> fox5's anjali hemphill is live at police headquarterspoli with the information the investigators have to go on soso far.far. where does it stand anjali?t >> reporter: well, guys, unfortunately pg county policeoe still have no suspects in anyn of these homicides over therhe weekend and they're hoping thehe public will come forward wit
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information that could lead todt an arrest.rrt. now, the most recent of the three homicides was at a home in suitland. the vitlctim's name is douglas l brook but he went by the wayhe y swipey. sw he's a local rapper with a wh large following around the dmv e and this is a recent music video of his video producedroce near d.c.. friends say he was at hisas at mother's home off parkway terrace at a gathering.ring they say he was arguing with a h girl.girl he then stepped outside at outda some point and was shot andnd his producer says he had a lot t of ambition hadn't worked andnd performed with some big names n in the business. busin >> he just was a genius when it came to putting lyricsng lyrc together and sometimes when heew used to do it i be like -- it-- was like a god given thing thi from him but he was humble. hum >> reporter: your reaction reacn when you found out whatou f happened to him?pp >> my stomach bald up in an a knot.
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i envisioned for him to be b successful to get his parentsarn and them from out of poverty,ov, also he wanted to be a so, i asked him, and he said idi really wander to be a firemen ar but i just took on the rapping by another skill. >> reporter: now, policete have also released these the surveillance images of anothertr homicide over the weekend. this one was early saturdayurda morning at a 7-eleven inn i clinton. the which, was shot and killedid in an attempted robbery andbe that victim was a beloved belov clerk there by his customers hie and he had just moved hereed from nigeria for a better life. li and the third homicide wasid w early sunday morning when a 22-year-old plan named damien rowlett was killed in upper marlboro.. investigators say they have nosa reason to believe these crimes are connect you had butconn they're urging anyone withgingon information to give them a call. live in prince george's county o anjali hemphill fox5 local >> ♪
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>> 4:32 is the time right now.rt and guess what? d.c. publicubli schools officially welcomedelme students back to school danchoon one of those schools is welcoming them for the first time. >> the ron brown collegeon bro preparatory high school is d.c.'s first all boys publicli high school.chool. now this morning d.c. mayor. ma muriel bowser and chancellorhanl kaya henderson will kick offerir the school's first year. the school will serve ninthve nn grade this year and then add a grade each year until ninth through 12th are all served. ser more than 100 students arets enrolled this year.ed t >> let's take a look to seee a who else is going back to school. frederick down in maryland.wn students here are i waking up to a new school. also most of anne arrundelnne a county you guys are alsoare a headed back to class and if andf you're among the studentsmong t starting school today, guessdaus what? we want to hear fromear you. we want to see how your first hw day is going, ho yw it went.t. post your first day back to baco school pictures and use #fox5 # first day. >> 4:33. a today a public viewing willngw be held for christ
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the son of former d.c. mayoray marion barry. barry he died last weekend of an appfn ander drug today's viewing is from 10 o'clock until 6 o'clock 6 o'c this evening at the temple ofnga a public funeral service will w then follow the public viewing. ew and later today virginiagi governor terry mcauliffe is ter expected to announce he has he restored the voting rights of 13,000 felons on ans case-by-case basis.asis. >> now last month the stateeta supreme court struck down mcauliffe's executive orderve to restore the voting rightsg rg of more than two lunn thousandhs felons. the court ruled that mcauliffe overstepped hise overp authority when he took thewhen sweeping action instead ofion in making decision on a case-by-case basis. mcauliffe said planned to o do that. >> the battle of over had over hillary clinton's e-mailsls continues. the group judicial watch willicc ask a judge to release the e-mails under the freedom of o information act.ion this is part of a lawsuit lsu against the state department.rt the state department recentlyec agreed to give the group allroua of clinton's e-mails while shehe was secretary of state. state. hillary clinton made heai
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recently saying that colintol powell advised her to use her private e-mail serve.erve powell said clinton's team iss falsely trying to blame him. >> ♪ >> 4:35 is the time right now tt and we got -- we're off to a decent start to the day. what's the temperature? tu 73 >> 73. >> that's nothing. >> it's going to be low humidity and nice, right?in nic, >> yeah, absolutely right. rig look, wisdom, we'll get there, man, come on, be patient. pat >> no, i'm happy.appy. >> okay, you're happy.'re ppy you sounded angry.ngry i can never tell with yo. >> i try to keep an even keel.k. >> yeah, it's a much comfortable start.. temperature is 73 which we've w' been before but the big b difference today is humidity. it's on its way out of here. h instead of dewpoints in the 70's they're well into the lowet 60's and they'll be dropping into the 50's before this day is done. that just means lots off comfortable air heading oure way. satellite and radar, there'sd ra what's left of our front f heading off into the atlantic t lots of clear skies behindesen it. we will be in for several days of sunshine
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73 degrees is your current i number here in d.c. s but lookoo at some of the suburbs waking up comfortably in gaithersburgg 64 degrees.64 degrees. frederick maryland 68.icnd first day of school for the kids up there, remember those photos, please send them in #fox5 first day. send them in all morning long.o. baltimore 66, annapolis 70 degrees this here's your planner for the afternoon. by 11 o'cloc tkan, 79 by 2 o'clock, 84.4. yes, little breezy this afternoon. highs today about 85 degrees.5 . right where we should be for bef this time of year and feelinglig very comfortable.omfortable all right, that's a check of the forecast. erin como has the roads onoa o this first day of school foror some hey, erin. erin. >> that's right, mike, 4:36. a great time to remind folks fl to slow down use caution through school zones.hool z beltway is quiet.beltway is we are looking good as youki g make your way across the across wilson bridge.ri all area bridges moving along fine. we are waking up to a few issues around the dmv. this one crash and closure fairfax county hum erode between little river turnpikele and annandale road you'll wantyl to avoid that area because of o
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that crash. then as you make your way out in montgomery county norbeck road at muncaster mill roadd another large crash scene also s dealing with a closure sore so please use caution there. the let's hop outside for a live liv look on 270 as you drum you d frederick this morning traffics definitely picking up from tmoht truck scales to the spurto t s traffic still moving at speed.i i'll let you know once you you pass hyattstown you're untilti good shape getting onto the beltway. we'll look at metro next. at mer back to you. you >> 4:37 is the time. theime. coming up, u.s. olympiclymp committee members are pramtee missing to take more actionn against disgraced swimmer ryan lochte. . >> the federal government iss offering is fast pass to speed you through customs. custo >> here's a live look outsideves across the region. a lot of people going back togoo school today.scho send us pictures.tu use #fox5 first day. d this is a song from coldplay its called ahead full of fl dreams. a lodreams.drea a lot of students have a head h full of dreams.f
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>> and so do moms and dads. >> time is 4:37. back in a moment.
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>> 4:40 is the time.:40 more fallout from ryan lochte lc it's a u.s. olympic committeeomt turns up the heat and japan andj steals the show at the closing ceremony in rio. those are two of the stories sti trending this morning.dinghis >> u.s. olympic committee promises further action onio lochte and his teammates teamm following the admission he exaggerated the story that hehae was robbed at gunpoint. g the committee says we'll havee ' further action on this when we e get back to the united >> all right.te next up and the final gold gold medal in rio went to the u.s.a. men's basketball teamaske shocker rider there.ker they dominated serbia in a 96 to 66 win. win it's exciting if not terribly surprising.rising. the all-star nba team camem c into the olympics as the overwhelming favorite.ite. >> finally the olympicslyic officially passed the baton too future host company japan andana
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brilliant way japan acceptedcced it. it. after showing a video of nintendo character mario hehactr gliding down that famous greenoe tube, see mario was glidinglidi down in famous tube.ous >> yes. >> right. japan's prime minister popped m out of a real green pipe gre p center stage in the arena a dressed as mario.. >> okay, yeah. >> brilliant. tokyo is going to host theng summer olympics games in 2020. >> he did in it style. all right coming up on foxcomi news morning, thousands rallydsl in support of the lgbt rightst t after a transgender woman iss murdered in turkey.y. >> and after a rough series in georgia, the washingtona, analysis nationals preparingiona for the battle of the beltways in charm city. c >> going to break. g a new song from cold love. l this is called cool girl.l. >> they sing about me. >> yes, yes.
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back in a moment.
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>> ♪ this is fox5 news morning.5 >> straight ahead on fox5 news morning a violent weekend. a local young rapper shot andner killed s outside of a party. pay just one of three peoplee killed in prince george's georg county. >> saying farewell to summer sue as thousands of kids
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region get ready to answer the ring bell for the first day ofta school. >> we can all breathe a hugereag sigh of relief because we're we' about to enjoy some of the coolest weather we've we've experienced since early june. j hello. fall is coming, right? goodd morning to you, thanks forto y joining us.join i'm holly morris. >> and i'm wisdom martin'm w today. is monday august 22nd.ugust 22 erin como hiation gotation o traffi -- hasgot traffic but fie thomas has weather. >> we have to enjoy these couple of days while we haveha them. them the nice weather won't be stick around too long. we'll get back to the 90's by t the end of week but i want to wt start with your satellite andtel radar this morning, what's, wha left of the storms from from yesterday has pushed off overpuh the atlantic ocean and we are wa left with just clearar conditions.coitio in fact let me expand things out. look how far back. bac through rapid city billingil montana. setting up for several davis dav sunshindays of
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85 today and tomorrow up to 88 8 on wednesday, 90's return by thursday. mid 90's by friday and fridayri is our next chance of thunderstorms. but the weekend right nowightow looking pretty good. 90's, yes, but humidityy probably low for the weekendeeke as well. all right, that's a check oft'sk the forecast. erin como has the roads on rds this fox5 first day of >> that's right, 4:46 mike. mik slow down take your time t through school zones use caution.caut stalled vehicle in princee i george's county 210 northnort blocking a right lane after aft swan creek road.sw heading towards the beltwaye way from fort washington givee yourself extra time to getra tig through that area. aa. keep it to the left. we have a crash and closure in fairfax. hum erode between little rivertt turnpike and annandale roadle r downed wir tesre as well so notice how 395 plenty of green e no slowdowns from alexandriam ad to the 14th street b crash and closure in i montgomery county norbeck roady both ways at muncaster millcastr road is blocked. give yourself extra time. tim quick look outside on 66 as you cruise in from gainsvilleail making your way all th
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the beltway you're in goodu're d shape. you pick up with a littleittl volume by 234.34. give yourself extra time inim that area. a metro gearing up for service on time at 5:00. 5 >> this morning princes george's county stillmo recovering after a weekend of'sf gun violence claimed the life lf of a 7-eleven clerk and a popular local rapper. >> fox5's anjali hemphill is live from prince george's county police headquartersolic with all the details.ll good morning, t anjali. anj >> reporter: good morning.morng. well, investigators here at prince george's county polices o are hoping the public willublicl come forward with information that could lead to an arrest. ar right now they have noe n suspects in any of thoseho weekend but they have released relea surveillance images of a homicide that happened early saturday morning at a 7-eleven-e off brandywine road in clinton. the clerk that was working wasas shot and killed in an attempted robbery there, the, t victim beloved by his customers had just moved here h from nigeria for a better life. life. >> he cared about thecare community. he cared about the kids here.he some kids would even come into
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the store to be honest andes they would take stuff and hestue would just tell them, look,theml you don't have to take it. take i will pay for it for youou before i will even allow you alw to walk out of the store. >> very intelligent.lige he was working on his master'sr' degree. degr he said that he was justt working here to help him payim y for his education.caon >> i'm lost for words.or wor i can't believe that thiseve thi happened to him. to hi >> reporter: another ano homicide took place in suitland early sunday morning. m the victim's name douglasougl brooks but he went by swipey.y. he's a local rapper here withr w a large following around the the dmv and you're watching aat recent music video of his thatfs was produced in d.c. d friends say he was at hist mother's home off parkwaykway terrace at a gathering.heng. they say he was arguing with a girl. he stepped outside and thenhen was shot and killed.le now, again, guys, there's also a third homicide early sundayda morning when a 22-year-old man m named damien rowlett was killed in upper marlboro
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ly police are urging anyonenye with information on any of o these to call police.olice. live in prince george's countye' this morning anjali hemphillphil fox5 local news. >> 4:49 is the time and d.c..c. public schools officiallyicially welcomed students back totude school today and one of those to schools is welcoming them forg m the first time. that it's the ron brown bro college preparatory high school. it's d.c.'s first all boysll b public high school and this a t morning d.c. mayor muriel bowser and chancellor kayancelay henderson will kick off theick h school's first year.'s fir the school will serve ninthth grade this year then it willen i add a grade each year until untl ninth through 12th grades are all served. more than 100 students are a enrolled at ron brown prep this year. >> let's take a look at who else is going back to schoollo h today. frederick county studentsunty st you're waking up to a newing upe school year. year. most of anne arrundel county you guys are headed back to to class and if you're among theemo students starting school todayro we want to hear from you tofromu see how the first day went howt your wake up call went, thehe whole routine. >> i want to see what you're send me
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clothes. >> use #fox5 first day. there you go he. h >> making news today. making ne a publiwsc viewing will be heldh for christopher barry the son bn of former d.c. mayor marionario barry. the younger barry died lastd las weekend of a drug overdose. the viewing is at the temple tel of praise along southernou avenue in southeast.uesoutheast. a public funeral service willce then follow the publicli today virginia governor terry mcauliffe is expectedffe s to announce he's restored thee voting rights of 13,000 felons0n on a case-by-case basis. basis >> last month the state supreme court struck down mcauliffe's executive orderxecur to restore the voting rightsgigt of more than 200,000 felons.0 f. court ruled mccarveol mveol overstepped his authority when he took the sweeping action instead of making decision on a case by case mcauliffe said he planned tolaet do just that.t tha >> if you are traveling to bwiwi airport you can now use an appn to get through customs faster.te it's called mobile passportsp control and it allows you tos y
4:51 am
information and declare items ie to the app is free to use and it's accepted to -- expectedxpee to decrease wait times.imes people using apps do not have to complete a paper customs declaration form.ation form. >> all right.>> 4:51 is the time.ime. coming up on fox news morning mg thousands in the midwest areinhm dealing with the devastationasti left behind by a weekend off tornadoes. >> and the critics hated itated but the latest film from d.c. dc is slowly turning into a culto l classic and a box office bon ofo if i'd hit. bon fied hit. >> britney spears asking dope you wander to come over. 4:51 is tarhe time.ime. temperature 73 degrees. we're back in eea moment. >> ♪
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>> on sunday demonstrators marched in the turkish capitol l of istanbul protest the rape and killing of a transgenderrand woman and lgbt acts 50. the her remains were we reportedly found last weekast w burned beyond recognition. although home sexuality isalitys legal in turkey.ury. >> parts of michigan in ruin. r several twisters caused damageag to homes businesses and cars.usn now there are no reports of serious injuries.s. residents are beginning toe be come together to help those whose property was damaged.aged six tornadoes reportedlyorte touched down throughout the state. at officials with the nationalwi weather service are stillrvic investigating. >> cleanup is ongoing inoing roanoke, texas after a freight t train derailment.ain at least 25 cars derailed andle fell from a bridge last weekst w and some of those cars ending en up in a creek below.elow. union pacific officials sayicia the bridge "failed" causing cau the no
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>> poor reviews have not hurt h the band of antiheroes knownoe k as the suicide squad.qu. the film starring will smithri was on top of the box officers c for the third week in a row. took home just more than t 20 million do. it's now grossed more thanha 500 million, that's a half a a l billion dollars worldwide.wide. coming in second was the was raunch cle animated comedyom sausage party starring sethin s rogen. round ugg out the top three was war dog starring jonahg na hill. >> i don't know what's more surprising, sausage party or suicide squad. squad >> hey, mike -->> h >> you got the answer mike. m >> mike thomas. [laughter] >> i do want to see sausage to e party. my friends have seen it. haven i they said it's hilarious.arious don't bring your kids, though, t my only advice.dvice. send them to school instead.te we want to see those school photos, #fox5 first day. d please send in all those photos today of all the little l ones so happy to be gettinge get back to school. s there's your fox5 accuweathercu 7-day forecast.orecast. beautiful weather today forl wet t
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85 degrees. same deal tomorrow. d but then we seatart warming things up wednesday still low humidityy but 88 degrees.8 gree 90's return by thursday. 92 mid 90's on friday and that's t your next chance of rain.ce o ri good news, weekend actuallyll looks great even though we'll have the heat around with the 90's, humidity does look no ---- look low. okay, that's a check of the of erin como has got traffic. trafc hey erin. >> 4:56. it is monday morning and as we take a look around the dmv beltway looking good 9595 problem free across the wilson t bridge on the inner loop andlood things across all area bridges g moving along just fine. fin you're in the clear coming cle from annapolis. annapolis. we have this crash and closureru in fairfax. hum erode shut down betweenet 236 and gallows road.owsoa give yourself extra t downed wires from an earlierlier crash. crash and closure in montgomery county norbeck road closed in both directions at muncaster mill road.ter mill ro if you take metro this morningsr gearing up for service at 5:00 0 it is reportedly on time. we'll let you know if thatet you changes. quick look outside inhe
4:57 am
district where traffic isic i moving just fine as you makeou e your way out you can see some sm construction out by seventhevenh and h. that is an ongoing project.roje. traffic is light now but we'lle' let you know when things startta to pick up down by capitolcapito hill and the white house we'rese in pretty good shape.tty s back to you guys. to you >> coming up on fox5 newsew morning now that the summerthe games are over we can turn our r focus back to the voice boysoy of summer as our local teams tms try to position themselves fors playoff runs. >> and 82,000 people forced to e flee their homes because of a bc wildfire are final allowed tollt return and unlike some others they have something to return to. >> before we led to breakwe ledb let's take a quick look at today's stock futures and the song a few more cowboys by toby keith. we ever have too many cowboys? c >> if you're in dallas. >> i saw you driving a pickup pu truck cowboy martin.truc fox5 news will be back rightk r after this.his. [laughter] >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.. >> straight ahead a silent weekend. local young rapper shot andrapp killed outside of a party one po of three people killed inilled prince george's county. >> saying farewell to summerrewe as thousands of kids in ourf ki region get ready to answer the ringing school bell. >> and we can all breathe areate huge sigh of relief becausef bee we're about to enjoy some


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