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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  August 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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10:00. we begin tonight with the attempted sexual assault of a woman on the key bridge. i'm shawn yancy >> i'm tony perkins. the attack happened around 2:30 in the morning on sunday. the 27-year-old woman was crossing the bridge when a man pulled her off of the sidewalk by the george washington memorial parkway on the arlington side of the bridge. tisha lewis is live with the details. is the woman ok? . >> reporter: shawn and tony, she is doing ok. call this a closed call. what i can tell you is she likely never saw it coming. she was walking along the bridge. she was walking in the opposite direction. and then you know what he did? turned around and ambushed her. then dragged her into this nearby wooded area and that's when she was able to kind of fight him off and escape as he was attempting to sexual assault her. this is a very scary situation. and when
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happen we're sold from a self-defense expert that's when the phones start ringing. women want to know what can i do to protect and defend myself, to avoid becoming a victim? here's some advice. >> comments for defending yourself. first tip is you get the bad vibe address it. if i'm walking up to history and she feels like something is wrong, her hands are up when she knows what's going on. if i come in and now i come in for the grab, she's making space with her forearms. she's driving in and she's getting the offense. she's addressing it when something is wrong. she's making space getting to offense. we look at this from a rear attack, maybe she's aware of me maybe she's not. this context, the grab comes in. she's turning towards me. making space, moving me, getting the offense. again, the difference here is the awareness, she doesn't see what's going on.
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>> reporter: good advice there, from evans. what i can tell you is that this happened at 2:30 in the morning on sunday. the victim was walking alone. of it wasn't quite as busy as you see it here behind me now. there's a construction crew right now. there's a lot of the car passing by. it was a little bit more calm and quiet and dark and again the victim was walking alone. we talked to a group of young ladies who walk this area often, and they gave us some interesting information about how they protect themselves. >> i carry, always carry a mace key chain because i'm a college student and we've always been warned about that. always stay in pack, girls or boys >> you don't walk alone >> no, especially not at night >> i think it's the biggest thing, we try to stick together, try to have big groups of people stay with us, to keep it safe, if it's like dark, i mean, i usually try to take uber or
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people where i am and who i'm with. >> reporter: what about self-defense techniques? >> when i was graduating we had like a self-defense class, i feel like that would be a good thing. or i don't know, like she said a pepper spray or something like that s. >> reporter: those young ladies at pan american university are more than ever it's important tore vigilant. the suspect was able to get away. essentially ran off down the bridge towards washington, dc. description is a big vague. he's 20s, to 30's, about 5'10". dirty blond hair, clean shaven wearing a dark shirt and tan pants or shorts during the time of the attack. tisha lewis fox 5 local news >> we know there's a lot of people who walk in that area at all times the day and night. are police finding to step up patrol, foot patrols in that area? >> reporter: you know what shawn? that's a good question, we've seen out here, i have seen a couple of police cruisers kind of drive
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i'm sure that's in realization to what heapappened early sunda. in terms of the exact plan, we're unaware. from being out here for the time period we were out here, he we did see a pleas presence, is that the normal or increased? it's likely increased. what i can tell you there's additional security because we're standing across the street from the key bridge marriott hotel. we've seen some of their security out here as well. >> that is good news, tisha lewis, thank you. police trying to hundred down four teenager suspects in a robbery on metro at the metro stop. it happened early last night about 6:15, we want you to take a good look. this a clear surveillance picture of the four suspects police are looking for. sarah simmons is live with what people want you to know. sarah? >> reporter: tony, thieves will take the opportunity at any time of the day here at a metro stop,
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night. or if it's like 6:15 as you mentioned, it's still daylight. here's what those thieves got away with. a cell phone, let's take a look at the suspects again so people can know. of they're four of them. got on the metro stop with the victim. a manning at the west heightsville metro stop around the fort tatton station that the man was robbed. no weapons were involved. metro transit police say the four hopped off at the georgia avenue station. nothing new to metro. we did speak with the market street riders who gave us good advice about how they stay safe and we even talked to a woman who says she was just robbed a few weeks ago on her way home. take a listen. >> keep stuff on you, i was robbed a few weeks ago. so i know for a fact. but just keep like never bring a purse. i know that now. don't bring a purse.
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an iphone or anything, keep that with you on your body or close to you or just don't bring it with you. bring a demo phone, like a trash phone or something smaller. of they not going to rob you if you don't got nothing. don't whip it out and show everybody. what do you do to make sure you're not like a victim of any kind of crime or anything. >> i ride it pretty much daily and i never feel safe. i don't do anything special. it's pretty well lit. there's a lot of foot traffic. you also see, you know, metro police officer police officers and other officers in and around the station >> keep my phone in my pocket definitely. don't put out anything valuable. try not to look like you're scared pretty much. >> reporter: now, part of the problem is we do pull our cell phones out to kill time during the commute and not think anything of it. just to give you an idea how important this is for metro, you can see they're running this surveillance picture rig
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in an attempt to identify so it's scrolling around here at the fort t o t t e n metro stop. perhaps you were on the green line between the west hyatt stop. if you have any information, be police want to hear from you, that's the latest at fort t otten. new video out of prince george's county. shows a man wanted in connection with a deadly shooting. from the comfort inin clinton maryland, police say the man robbed a hotel moments after he shot and killed a 7-eleven clerk saturday morning. >> he then philadelphia police, goes through at the exit doors, and shoots a second time as the victim is running away. at that point, there's no reason in the first place to shoot him but the second time, it's a heartless cowardly act >> the victim is 31-year-old. police bel
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second suspect who acted as the get away driver. there's a 50 thousand dollars reward for any information that leads to an arrest. fox 5 is in montgomery county now, police are asking for the public's help to find a missing man. 79-year-old victor emmanuel was last seen getting on a bus near his home last last night. 5'4", 160, he was wearing a suit when i disappeared. his family is concerned for his emotional and physical welfare. anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call police. ♪ new at 10:00. howard county police released a photo of man selling fake concert tickets. police say he met someone on craig's list and sold them tickets to a black sabbath concert. when police found him he had more fake tickets, a handgun and drugs. police believe there may be more victims out there. if you think you've been
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from you. ahead at 10:00, a young rap artist from maryland shot and killed over the weekend. >> we're remembering the young man known to his fans as swipey as the search continues for his killer. plus. ♪ friends and family gather tonight to say good-bye to the late christopher barry, we will hear from dc's mayor who spoke at today's service still ahead tonight. new accusations in the murder case, international fame thanks to the podcast serial, could these new accusations dismantle a key witnesses testimony? fox 5 news at 10:00 will be right back.
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. fox 5 isn't stafford county the bear that you see here is causing concern for parents whose kids will be walking to school soon. school starts in just two weeks and bears have been spotted several times over the past
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couple months, most of them in the vista woods subdivision. the area is within a mile of five schools, three elementary. if you happen to spot is a bear in your neighborhood, officials say it's best to keep your distance and call animal control. it was a beautiful day today. gorgeous night out there now. sue palka is here with the latest. i think tonight is an incredible breath of fresh air. i think i could hear windows go up all of washington. it's in the 60's the. what's to incredible how unusual it's been, this is the first time since august 9 we had a high temperature that wasn't in the 90's or above 90. 85 degrees today. let's call it what it is. here's your weather headline, it's perfect august weather. and you know what? you get another one tomorrow. we got up to 85 degrees today. of we been in the 90's so much this very hot and sultry month of august. now a refreshing break. having everything to do with the
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brought in that delightful northwest breeze, ten to 15 miles an hour, cooling us off nicely tonight. in fact, wait till you check out the temperatures around the region. so many places in the 60's already. in fact, i can see oakland maryland is 59. that's out in western garrett county. the district is 77. gaithersburg and frederick down to 64, 63 in winchester, 67 in culpeper. a lot of this has to do with the cool front that came through last night. that has dropped the temperature in gaithersburg from 11 degrees cooler than it was 24 hours ago, 13 cooler that manassas and oh that nice low humidity. most this month due points probable. now we got 50's and few 60's. overnight cool comfortable temperatures, upper 50's some suburbs to about 67 degrees here in the city, and get ready for another delightful day tomorrow. we'll talk about tomorrow and have the first look to your
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10:30. shawn, back to you. friends and family gathered in the district to say good-bye, final good-byes to christopher barr barry. >> that was dc mayor muriel bowser who was one of many who attended the services for the son of late dc mayor marian barry. the 36-year-old died last weekend from a drug overdose. tonight, there are still no arrests in the murder of an aspiring rapper in prince george's county. someone shot and killed douglas brooks known as swipey over the weekend. we talked to his mother and police about the 18-year-old. >> he graduated consume la today. graduated from high school at 16. took all his money to make songs and do his stuff.
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christmas money to allowance. he's a good boy. he won't want to hurt nobody. ♪ >> he was a really on the verge of being the next hot artist out of dc. labels calling. it's sad. >> all he did was go to school and do his music. ♪ >> hit home for me. it was hard to do that story this morning, talking about a guy who really came up the ranks through wpgc started with dmv spotlight. he's going to prom to do parties. and then on our birthday bash that's when i saw this guy is going to be a big star >> i'm doing a show for the kids on september 3rd, he was one of the headliners and he's no longer with us and i just had
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this conversation with him last week. it's crazy. i still can't believe it. love you, swipey. >> there was speculation on social media that swipey's girlfriend was involved in his death. to police told us they talked to her twice and have no reason to believe she was involved. virginia governor tre mcauliffe say he's doing the right thing, he has restoried the voting rights of 13,000 felons, last month, the supreme court struck down the order to restore the voting rights of more than 200,000. the court said he overstepped his authority when he took the sweeping action, re they also said restoration should be on a case-by-case basis, that's what mcauliffe did. he looked at the felons individually before array storing their voting rights. >> these individuals are gainfully employed. they send their children and their
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schools. they shop in our grocery stores and they pay taxes. of and i have not content to condemn them for intern ty as interfere second class citizens. >> state republicans question mcauliffe's motives. they say his decision is an effort to increase voter roles and help his fellow democrat hillary clinton win virginia in november. the fairfax county circuit court approved a request for the city to hold a special election to choose a new mayor. the election will take place february 7. the city council appointed steven to serve as the interim mayor to until a new election is held. a former city councilman. he replaced scott silverthorne who resigned after he was arrested for trading sex for drugs. still ahead. what we learned about the montgomery county accused of stalking miss maryland. new details in the baltimore murder case that gained world wide attention thanks to the
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a key witness' testimony is called into consideration as the suspect awaits a new trial. instead of a tip, a customer left a nasty message for a young waitress from virginia. how her grandfather exposed it all coming up next at 10:00. to remember morning, good day dc wear asking if a trump support and a clinton supporter can have a successful relationship. two career match makers will join the morning crew live to discuss we are political opposites really do attract. catch the interview tomorrow morning in the 10:00 hour of good day dc. we'll be right back.
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a montgomery county man is in jail tonight accused of stalking miss marylandly maryland state police arrested valance last friday. he first met hannah brewer at an event a few weeks ago, they took photos and a
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he started sending via facebook and e-mail. he's charged with harassment and other crimes. during a bail hearing, he agreed to have no contact with her for six months. it's a murder case that gained nationwide attention thanks to the popular podcast serial. back in june, a baltimore city judge ordered that ed nonsaid be grant add new trial. you former classmate testified had a hear that she saw said in a library at the time prosecutors allege that the murder took place, tonight two other former classmates saying the other classmate is lying they said she is trying to cover up. outrage in virginia after a couple paid their talk about at a diner, 18-year-old said ie, waited on couple and instead of leaving her a tip, they left her hwe only tip
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el edge, said the note rattled her. the couple gave off an odd vibe. she said they wouldn't talk to her only nodded their heads. her grandfather posted the note and it went viral, he also had harsh words for couple. the owner has banned the couple from the establishment before they show remorse >> i think that's absolutely despicable. you go to the restaurant and your server you can't open your mouth to speak. you just nod? if if you don't want to encounter people of other races, stay home. cook for yourself. >> i'm with you on that. days after new zika cases were confirmed. the state's governor is asking for more help. during a round table discussion, governor scott revealed the department. health will allocate five million in additional state funding to miami dade county. he asked the cdc for an additional 5,000 zika antibody
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kits. >> we have five cases that we believe were locally transited in miami beach, and that was confirmed on friday. we have total in the state 37 cases of local transmission. because of the mosquito control efforts in the wynnewood area a along with the education efforts, we have been able to reduce the footprint. >> today was the first day of class for several students in the miami area. the governor took a tour of 1 million school and reassured parents the state is working to fight the virus. the latest windows 10 update is killing millions of users web cams. the upgrade brings enhanced security features like windows hello which allows users to log in using facial recognition. unfortunately the expanded camera feature is the culprit for latest windows 10 issues. there will the no be an official fix until some ti n
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still ahead. starting the school year on the right foot. >> i want to go to college. do stuff good in life >> this young man is part of the class of a brand new high school in the district. what makes it unlike any other school in dc? next at. as we head to break, we have to tell you about this one, kfc unveiled a sun screen edition. by the ever glowing george hamilton. the fried chicken restaurant chain gave away 3,000 bottles of kernel sanders spf sun screen >> this actually smells like fried chicken. so you can be smell like a police of fried chicken. you may remember earlier the chain released an eatable nail polish >> you shouldn'tat
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screen. it's not eatable. who wantto smell like fried chicken? you don't want to smell like fried chicken, no, i do not. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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♪ . fox 5 local news at 10:00. back with a look at tonight's top stories, we begin with an attempted sexual assault on the key bridge. tisha lewis is live with more. >> reporter: tony a 27-year-old woman was walking along the key bridge, likely never saw it coming. of a stranger ambushed her. dragged her into this dark wooded area. a man tries to sexual assault her. that's when she's able to break free and get away. he got away too. police are searching for the suspect. we'll have details on his description coming up. sarah? police are on the hunt
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four teenager suspects. they say are suspected in a robbery on metro. this happened at the fort totten metro stop at 6:15 yesterday. this is a look at the four suspects that police are looking for. they say they got on the train at the west high yesville metro stop with the victim. robbed him of his cell phone and hopped off at the georgia avenue station. if you recognize these four, please call police. tony? and today, people from across our region gathered in southeast to say good-bye to the late christopher barry. the son of former dc mayor marian barry passed away august 14th of an accidental drug overdose. barry was 36 years old. let's take it outside. we got a nice break from the heat today. it was fabulous. the question is, are we going to go to get into the 90's tomorrow, sue palka >> we're cancelling those 90's for
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we need to have another do-over tomorrow. that's exactly what we're going to get. do you know what tonight is? it's a windows open night. we want you to let the cool air come in and give that hard working air conditioner a break. we got a nice sunny stretch of days coming. yes, we have another day in the mid 80's tomorrow and we'll keep the humidity nice and low through wednesday, unfortunately, this does not last the whole week. it look luke we're going to have a couple of hot day, the heat will be back late weekend. i want toed show you tomorrow morning, temperatures should be comfortable 68, at 6:29. how about your fox 5 accu weather seven-day forecast, we don't want make you wait. a couple beautiful days, warmer on wednesday at 88. the humidity is still nice and low. but these are those two hot days, 92 thursday, maybe even as hot as 95 on friday. with the possibility of a few thunderstorms. a summer-like be weekend an
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about 87 as we start rapping up the month of august. i'll have much more with another look at your forecast in a few minutes. tony and shawn >> looking forward to that cool-down. today was the first day of class for students at 104 dc dc public schools, for the second year in a row, district opened new schools to meet the demand of growing enrollment >> one school in particular got a whole lot of attention, the ron brown college preparatory high school. jennifer davis explains why. >> i think it's going to be a good experience. >> reporter: it's the start of a new chapter for dc schools as the inaugural class of 20/20 starts their first day at ron brown college preparatory high school, new and only all male public school in dc. >> there's a lot of promise in there, and if we just try to unlock that promise, we can. >> reporter: 110 students started this first day with handshakes from the new principal, photos with family and a lip
10:33 pm
new uniforms and calming nerves >> he didn't want me to touch him, take pictures, when i get this drop me off. when he saw the people at the front door, he was like, can you walk me to the door? please walk in with me? >> the school will serve judge freshmen this year, add a grade each year until it serves nine through 12. students are being promised a rigorous academic curriculum focuses on character, curiosity and college prep >> i want to go to college. 's do stuff good in life. able to make money and be able to look back and say i came from here. >> reporter: some parents say they're at the nervous one, not wanting their students to be an experiment >> it is with great apprehension that i bring my one and only child to this project. >> it took a lot. we don't have a product yet. we have a vision, we know what we want this to look like but these parents have gone above and beyond to trust
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so we can't fail this. >> by 8:45, class was in session, the lesson is math and working together, while they celebrated the opening outside. >> the city faced questions about why there in a similar school for young women in the city. officials say they believe right now, there's an urgent need in the district for this type of school for young man. both to boost student achievement and graduating rates. they're not opposed to the idea of a similar school for young women but at this point it's not in the works. jennifer davis, fox 5 local news. >> great program. >> i like the ties. the jackets >> ty look sharp >> i like all of it >> wish you guys the best. reaching out to voters on their smart phones, the new ap that donald trump's campaign is launching less than three months before the presidential election. >> as we head to break, re you heard of wedding season. right? have you heard of divorce season? according to the american
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americans are more likely to get divorce after winter and summer, family holidays may influence people file for divorce and couples often holiday before they put in the paperwork. we'll be right back. . a new as an saying the biggest financial stress in the you say is paying down your debt followed by not being able to retire and not being able to pay for an emergency, one thing that doesn't seem to be driving americans crazy is driving. motorists racking up nearly 1.6 trillion miles in the first half of to 2016, that is a record. drivers gas prices are on the rise up 4 cents from a week ago. the national average at 2.16 for a gallon of regular. keep in mind that is still down about 45 cents from a year ago. a big buy-out in big
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fideser is purchasing biotech company known for making a popular prostate cancer drug around 14 bill bucks. of pfizer shares nearly flat on the news but investors giving a big ovation. that stock soaring around 20%. that's a look at business.
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♪ sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. only at a sleep number store. developing in turkey, investigators still trying to determine two carried out a deadly suicide attack at a wedding ceremony, it happened near the turkeyish syrian border, backtracking on the earlier statement that the bomber what you a child. at least 54 people killed, many children. turkey president said the bomber was a child between 12 and 14. authorities don't know for sure if the bomber
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adult. we're following a major development. russia says it will stop using an iranian base to launch air strikes on syria. you move comes after iran criticized moscow. the u.s. backs the opposition and says russia's use of iranian base was unfortunate but not surprising. the civil war in syria is now in its fifth year. former secretary of state collin pow is firing back at hillary clinton's campaign saying they're trying to blame him for her e-mail controversy. last week, powell told the associated press he too used a personal e-mail account but did in the keep classified information on it. hillary clinton said she got the idea of using a personal server from pow but he says that is not true. he told people magazine, quote, her people have been trying to pin it on me. the truth is, she was using the private e-mail server
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before i sent her a memo telling her what i did. end quote. if you want to keep up with the latest donald trump news, there is now an ap for that. last week, trump rolled out his america first ap on i tunes and google play. trump supporters can use the ap to donate, check into rallies and check into the posts on social media. every action you make will earn you badges like apprentice, trump force one and big league. the ap also features a countdown clock to the general election that reads quote time left until we defeat crooked hillary. coming up at 11:00. for the second time, tense moments at an amusement park. >> details the investigation into the death of prince. >> take a look at what a grand slam home run did to the windshield. it's not exactly what
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there's a twist coming up at 11:00.
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flood waters are receding in many areas of louisiana. >> it's allowing residents to now go home and assess the damage. as you can see, many evacuation orders being lifted. thousands of volunteers are now there helping with the rebuilding process. fema is also stepping up its response. opening three now disaster recovery centers to help out. president obama is scheduled to visit the area tomorrow. we have an update on the clean-up efforts in ellicott city following those devastating floods. main street is once again closed for repairs. the city had allowed residents and business owners to examine the damage and retrieve belongings over the past week. but access to the area ended this evening. main street will now be closed several weeks so the city can make repairs. the flood killed two people and
10:46 pm
buildings. we have an update for you on the investigation into the deaths of 13 bald eagles on the eastern shore. the dead eagles were found lack of month. the u.s. fish and wildlife service say the birds did not die of natural causes and were likely poisoned. >> earlier today, the u.s. fish and wildlife service issued a statement that said in part although we conducted a thorough investigation into the maryland eagles poisoning, we're intending to close the case due to lack of evidence linking anyone to the crime. in delaware, our investigation is still ongoing so we can't provide additional information at this time. a $25,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest in the eagles's deaths. it is a beautiful night. very, very nice out there. we -- >> we want to go outside. look how gorgeous it is. >> so t
10:47 pm
know it. often when we leave the building and it's so cool in here with the air conditioning and you open the doors, it's like a blast furnace, tonight will be refreshing. looking if i should to it. i have to tell you you've been talking about the floods we experienced. there was also rough weather over the weekend in michigan and this was the same leading edge of the cooler air that came through here but it produced tornado in banker michigan and yesterday the national weather service did survey damage. no injuries but they did find it was an ef one that came through banker michigan late saturday. these storms can come through obviously with a lot of damage we're seeing. fortunately in our area, storms came whipping through yesterday afternoon, driving in the cooler more comfortable air that we have new. but they did not produce damage as they came through here. but we're getting is a refreshing change in that air mass as you saw from our temperatures earlier, down to 63 in frederick heading
10:48 pm
upper 50's there. 77 in the district. the city retains a lot of the heat much longer, but that's not quite representative when you look out to our north and west, much more comfortable. detroit 67 degrees right now. columbus is 60. pittsburgh 70. bing. ton feeling like a little hint of september at 60. high was 85 today, again tomorrow, it's going to be beautiful. a little bit of a breeze. i don't know we'll experience the breeze so much tomorrow. i think high pressure is going goat in on top of us and settle that breeze down a little bit. wednesday, a little warmer at 88. both of those days, we keep this, the low humidity and that is the bargain any time you can get that in august. area of high pressure will be right on top of us tomorrow. keeps the wind a lighter and notice them more out of the east. warm, dry wonderful tuesday. make your plans to get out and enjoy it. upper 50's early in the morning before the sun comes up. but by 8:00 a.m. in the
10:49 pm
with lots of sun 70. by noon, 80, by 4:00, 85 degrees for our high for the day, not expecting thunderstorms either. 85 for fredericksberg expected high 80 for annapolis, 83 for winchester and hagerstown. 84 frederick, for the kids heading back, hot days thursday and friday -- high pressure will flip to our south as the week goes on and get in a position to pump in the heat and humidity again. mid 90's possible by friday. we're not quite done with that really high heat and you know what? here comes the humidity, the orange is depicting the drier air, the humidity, were he put it in green. i think that's appropriate. and with this front coming through on on friday. here's the fox seven-day forecast. i want to see we keep the comfortable days coming. then you can see the two hot days. how about for the weekend? let's eliminate the storms, ditch the 90's but we'll be close at 89 degrees. and you know what? kind of want a
10:50 pm
hot summer august weekends to linger because before you know it, we're going to be saying, hello labor day and crickets will be packing their bags trying to get in >> sunset is before 8:00. >> that part of it is just stinks. >> i haven't been getting out because we were tracking storms, i got to run across the street and it's dark. what? ? i love the cooler weather >> it does feel great. we needed a break for sure. >> speaking of breaks, jim lokay is back from his. >> hello, jim >> it's good to be back. the football season apparently started while i was gone, redskins at least the preseason halfway done. skins are one of the so far relatively coaches usually like to take it easy on the front line talents, no choice for matt jones shutting him down. trainers working on that sprain shoulder, putting electronic stim on
10:51 pm
the young guys seventh you around pick keith marshal. undrafted rookie robert kelly get their shots. of >> interesting to watch these guys, they show a lot of promise in the in training camp. a good test for them >> competition i'm just trying to find a opposite on the team and why he's out, i just step in and help the team out as much as i can. >> team player. it is well-known in football circles, ping-pong is the key to success. the redskins unveiled a new locker room to the media, a special team space between. also they added shuffleboard, and a giant team logo that you must never set foot upon. he can write a book called how to lose millions in endorsement in five days, ryan lochte a pitch man without anything to pitch, speed dough gentle hair removal, rainfall
10:52 pm
cutting ties after he allowed about the altercation. speed dough is donates some of that endorsement money to charity. lochte called it something, something, he's going to have to live with. whether he does or not. that's learn, the lesson the hard way. >> let's be honest, how will you make money swimming after the olympics? high swim coach? that's all you have >> who knows? maybe he'll come back. >> look at michael phelps. remember subway dropped him after he was caught with marijuana. >> the key is being a little more contrite. we'll be right back.
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. development gabby you going you going you going list is back in the u.s. >> she will be one of the judges deciding who should be the next miss america, douglas told usa today she's excited to have the opportunity
10:56 pm
competition, this will be the beauty pageant '96th year. there's so many other more important things. coming home with the gold metal and now doing that. >> right back with fox 5 news at 11:00. ♪ ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn?
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ft right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first.
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at 11:00. right now at 11:00, a woman attacked on the key bridge. how it happened. plus an expert gives you advice on how to protect yourself. ♪ . who killed an up and coming rapper in maryland? >> he graduated consume la today. of he graduated from high school at 16 >> new details about the investigation as police hunt for the killer. tense moments for dozens of people at an amusement park. news starts right now. right off the top. police looking for four teenagers suspected of robbing a man at the fort totten metro stop. i'm tony perkins >> i'm shawn yancy. this is a clear surveillance picture of the four suspects you see right there, suspects police are looking for. of sarah simmons is live at the fort totten metro station with what police want you to know. >> reporter: just so


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