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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  August 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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august 30, 2016. >> quick heads up parents in frederick county maryland monocacy valley public charter school is closed because air conditioning system is not working. word to the parents out there. >> we have our crew in place this morning. erin como has traffic and gary mcgrady weather. talking about a near perfect day. we'll talk about that in a moment. >> following developing story from blackburg, virginia. students and faculty are on alert at virginia tech. dozens of people received an email threatsening violence on campus. campus newspaper reports alleged threats dpraim several g mail accounts. the campus remains on and police are taking the threats seriously. as you might recall nine years ago a gunman killed 32 people and wounded 13 others on an attack on campus. >> virginia school board wants supreme court to weigh in on transgenter bathroom case and want the justices to review a lower court decision saying ba barring a male student from usin
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title nine law. they filed papers asking that case to be reviewed. >> sunday afternoon, 7 76-year-old hung soon theo was crossing north shore drive when a car hit her. they want to talk to any driver that may have witnessed the crash. a nissan altima silver trim and tinted front windows. if you have any contact the police. >> d.c. is looking for a man who shot and killed a man in the 3100 block of pointa vista terrace. >> and tracking metro. soon you will be able to get wifi on metro. testing up the hookup to internet at six metro stations, metro center, gallery place and union station cut off after 45 days to be evaluated. they will see
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tracks trains and realtime location and they'll move forward using wifi after receiving feedback from this pilot period. >> rescuing a person trapped by a huge tree. take a look at video. 8:00 last night beach drive calvin street northwest. the driver was in critical condition after a tree fell on their car. we're told about 30 people jumped in to help and pulled the tree off the car and got the driver out. the threat of a tropical depression in florida is so strong the nfl moved the last preseason game for the redskin redskins. tlel play tampa bay wednesday night instead of tuesday. it interfered with the welcome home lunch scheduled for wednesday. a little early, 4:35. a check of today's forecast with gary mcgrady who is talking about a near perfect day. we keep
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we'll take it. >> let me address the situation in tampa, too. they have a tropical depression down. there look, there's a chance it could strengthen a little bit and move ashore in the time frame. probably warntd. the problem there's a lot of warm water in the gulf and that storm could get stronger than they're forecast,. lien on the side of caution for that. temperatures for us it's great. 60s out there and 70s too. western neighborhoods in and around dulles. temperatures still mild, 74 there. and 78 here in town. we can drop off a little more. but it does look like definitely we'll be staying mid to upper 70s across a good portion of the region this morning. over on the eastern shore, temperatures out there in the lower 70s. bus stop forecast looks like this early. but temperatures for pickup starting i guess 5:15, 6:30. 77 degrees. dry this morning dry all day long. lots
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really nice, temperatures this afternoon between 85 and 90 after school for drop-off period. and listen, later today i mentioned this earlier, later today we're trending a little less humid actually. so, by the way, the end of week, friday, saturday, sunday, at this point, look gorgeous. look, if this is nearly perfect today, definitely perfect towards the end of week. erin como is in on this tuesday morning, hey, erin. >> gary, right now, 4:34 looking at on time traffic morning commute. traffic on 95 and baltimore washington parkway northbound on the way to bwi cruising and same story on the way to reagan national and dulles and no slow slow downs yet. plenty of green on 295 and 50 and annapolis and 6 6ing in from virginia. eastbound fairfax country speed times they should be. forwarding map in southern maryland. problem free charles and no problems in south charles either. i will keep you updated. kids
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as we adjust to school traffic use caution slow down. give yourself extra time to get around the area and metro continue single tracking for safe track from frankonia springfield to vandoren and you can adjust those times. topside looking g 95 to georgia. same story bottom side inner across the wilson bridge very good. that could change i'll let you know if anything pops up. back to you. >> 4:35 is the time coming up on "fox news morning" a number of you took to social media to honor the late gene wilder. >> all maryland schools will be out on summer break. we'll explain what we return. >> a live look across the region, beyonce singing her hit, formation. time now 4:35. 78 degrees. back in a moment.
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we're back at 4:37. one of the billing stories we're following continues to be weekend outage of d.c. 911 system. >> emergency call service was out for an hour and a half. how it happened and the domino affect it created has city leaders scratching head and vo vowing for change. here's "fox5" and sarah simmons [ sirens ]. >> late saturday night the worst possible scenario for emergency services in the disstrict. the 911 system completely shut down. d.c. homeland security and emergency management agency says maintenance contractor accidentally hit emergency shutoff switch. how could something like this happen. >> there's a large investigation going on into exactly how it happened and what training the individual had. he had to be trained to be her here. and he had to receive the clearance to get foot room. >> the mistake is huge. but the district still has a backup center where 911 calls should reroute to in case of failure.
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in that event, every dispatcher in 911 call center has to physically move across town to the backup center near howard university. and that is a 20-minute drive away. >> we now have a bigger problem than roll together bac backup center. >> so far city officials including mayor don't have much to offer in terms answers. >> we have certainly asked people to let us know and we reached out to hospitals and the like. so far, you know, it's looking like we did not have any major incidents during that time. well, more on that story before we goat trending on the topic. it was not just 911 service but radio communication between police and fire crews on the street and central dispatchers. we'll share more on that coming up in ten minutes. >> meanwhile, 4:39 is the time a clinton aid had enough calling it quits and maryland students could get a longer summer.
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morning. holly morris is here with the realtime news tracker. >> good morning to you, good morning, wis and everybody up and adam this morning. hollywood mourning passing of gene wilder. wilder movie credits include willie wonka in chocolate fracturey young frankenstein and he collaborate wraited with writer director mel brooks and richard prior. he died from cop m my indications of alzheimer's disease. >> hillary clinton aid huma abedin is leaving husband weiner. he was sending inappropriate messages to a woman while his son was in bed next to him. new york post published the photo sunday night and said weiner sent pictures last year to unidentified woman. she is currently on the road campaigning with democratic nominee for president hillary clinton as one of her top aids. >> and
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stanford university athlete convicted of harassing a woman brock turner sentence was cut in half due to good behavior. he was found guilty of three felonies for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. finally, summer vacation changes could be on the horizon for maryland students. governor larry hogan is expected to mandate that all maryland schools begin after labor day. the announcement expected sometime tomorrow. his supporters say moving the school start date past labor day again rates more vacation revenue for the state a poll we have going on the "fox5" twitter shows overwhelming support for having maryland schools go back after labor da day. my question then is when do they get out. >> it push it's back right. >> i don't live in maryland, bravo, bravo. >>
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>> first of all, d.c. person, don't you be weighing in on maryland affairs you leave that to the two maryland people in the room. >> i'm a maryland person and i r i say maureen bravo. >> sisters in the spirit i see. >> all right. d.c. >> thank you. >> thank you, holly. >> coming up on "fox news morning" pretty soon prince george leaders will not be in charge of head start program. >> and metro safe track program will impact one of the largest street races. >> and a live look across the region. rachel pet insinging fight song. carp de em, sieze the day. we're back with more after thi
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>> back at 4:45 and today on "fox news morning". 911 meltdown. human error leading to hour of confusion for emergency callers and first responders on patrol. >> election day hacking threat of online attack in november is proving to be a growing concern across the country. >> looking live across the region we're in for a near perfect day of low temps, mild humidity. enjoy. it will be a good one. thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> today is tuesday, august 30. we want to give you quick heads up to parents in pred prick country maryland montessori
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because the air conditioning system is not working. keep that in mind. they get another day off. >> it won't be bad weather day. gary mcgrady standing by with details on that and erin como talking traffic. fill us in. you still need air conditioning but it will be better than it has been. >> one of the cool things i say -- school things, but it won'ting all that cool today. as we progress to latter afternoon it actually looks like we won't be quite as humi humid. not that it was oppressive yesterday but i think we'll notice little more moreness to the air today. you can say drierness no you can't. it doesn't feel like the air later today will be drier. little less humid, 66 gaithersburg and 78 now. fredericksburg 7 3. starting mild this arrange. lots of sunshine today. and it will be dry and warm. temperatures max out at about 90 for a high temperature late this afternoon. i still see great stuff coming late weekend into this holiday weekend. there's
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i believe erin como is here with that. >> that's right, gary, 4:46 and we're dealing with problems. police activity in the district. rhode island avenue outbound tenth street northeast shut down and detour around that one. if you head to bwi for a flight 95 northbound between rest area and 32 we have a crash blocking two lanes. use caution or keep to baltimore washington parkway to get around that one. we have a wide view the rest of majors looking good into the district. we have traffic if a few, wisdom and maureen. >> 4:47 all it took was slip of wrong switch and entire 911 system was shut down in d.c. >> a min takenence worker inadvertently turned it off while trying to turn off an alarm in the building. melanie alnwick is live in southeast now with more from the fallout, mel. >> good morning, we know the official timeline for the outage. it began 11:35. city
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to us there were problems with people calming 911. but our sources, our "fox5" sources tell us police and fire were having trouble communicating with dispatch as well. now, starting with radio checks about 20 minutes before the 11 outage began and then they quickly had to switch to radio transmissions and in some of those recordings you can hear the confusion and frustration . >> dispatch is on the land line everything is shut down. it's sit down city wide. nothing is working. radio did come on. phones out. we have people going to see. he everything is plaqueed out here. >> we should do roll call for officer safety then. >> we have all officers give a roll call all officers come over the air one unit at a time. >> whoever is calling for communication the
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down. >> now, there may never be official count to how many 11 calls may have been missed but d.c. says it could be anywhere from 300 to 350 those are calls that normally come in during that time period.. they have been able to account for 40 calls on the backup numbers and we learned of domestic violence situation 12:30 in the morning where a woman was struck in head with hammer. neighbors they have their own call logs to show they had multiple attempts trying to reach 911. first responders got there and called to dispatch some 45 minutes later. now, mayor muriel bowser said the city is working and talking to hospitals to see if there were any other serious calls that got missed and asking sety raez dents that did not get a response or were not able to get through to 911 or had a big problem call them and let them foe. they're trying to make a tally of everything that
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impact. is they officials say they're working to try to understand why those 11 calls did not automatically reroute to the backup call center. back to you guys. amazing it's pretty frightening when you think one switch shut the whole thing down. >> 4:50 is the time now. and we have an update you first heard on "fox5". a denver based group will be put in charm of prince george county head start program. >> community development institute will oversee it on interim basis until a permanent agency is fixed. app investigation found evidence of child abuse and poor teacher training. the program has received interim grant to keep going. >> we want parents to be assured who are dropping their kids off to their young people off to our head start program that one, their children will be safe and two the program is there and we're not going to lose the resources and it's not going to be
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programming. >> more than 00 children are enrolled in county head start program. the county will look at what happened and make the necessary changes to ensure problems that occurred will never happen again. tracking metro, metro safe track program is impacting one of d.c. biggest marathon races. marine corps marathon is looking for a way to get runners to race since metro is not opening early for any reason. the marathon is on sunday, october 30. >> 4:51 is the time. coming up on "fox news morning" spread of zika is forcing to change rules about donated blood. >> and parts of central florida taking measures to protect you from harmful insects. >> as we head to break a live look across the region. beck is sending these hits from back in the day, loser 78 degrees is th time. it's 78 degrees is the temperature.
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4:51 is the time. we're back in a moment.
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>> 4:54 is the time italian navy ships rescued 3,000 people off libian coast fleeing to frurp war, poverty and human traffickers. people were in the middle of mediterranean sea on smul wooden boats whun up to 700 my grants on board and heartbreaking, rescuers fouchbd two 5 someday old twins on one of the boats. >> u.s. health officials want all blood donated in the united states to be screened for zika virus based on concerns of transmission of the virus in florida. and travel related infections. over 10,000 case were reported in u.s. and i u.s. tear toreie toreies. testing of blood donations is underway in many areas of presidential country. >> disneyworld
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resort and sea world orlando are trying to ease fears of zika virus. parks giving free mosquito repellent and location and spray to anyone who wants it. so far there's not been any transmitted cases in central florida. >> it may only be tuesday. we're already look ago head to friday. and that's because it is our final zip trip of the season. >> the last one and this is big one the big one. >> come on. >> the very big one. the one where we giveaway a brand new car. and we want to you come out and be a part of this in silver spring particular mar veterans plaza in front of civic center. how about this for a great grew. tucker barnes, maureen umeh. >> i'm going? >> holly morris, allison seymour, erin como, kevin mccarthy, they're all going to be out for the zip trip. grand finale this friday and apparently it's breaking news to maureen umeh she'll be at the zip trip friday. >> everything is breaking news i'll thereby what time did y
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say. >> we'll fill you in on the details later on. >> man, okay. >> 4:55 is the time now. glad you're in the know on this hi gary mcgrady what's going o on. >> summer is almost over, right? >> almost. >> here you go. friday morning it cannot be any better. it will be gorgeous. here we are this morning, 9 at 8 a.m., dry, warm by lunchtime 86. late today, 9 0. don't worry there's not going to be a lot of humidity. feeling less you'd than yesterday afternoon so you know. let me show you here's 7 day -- woops i meant to show you 7 day forecast. there. there's the 7 day forecast. my bad, story, 90 today and 9 tomorrow and warmer and look what happens temperatures tumble friday. high temperature only 82. really that's great, zip trip. here's erin como on this tuesday morning. how about that? 82 friday. >> i'll take it. sounds pleasant now. also pleasant 20 clarksburg road and knowledge of this
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volume and clarksburg to spur we're at speed and volume is light. let's move from cameras and show you maps. we have strong inbound sutland parkway approaching sterling and that could cause slow downs and increased volume to south capital a side from that a street closure in rhode island outbound 10 street. we'll look at metro and see if surge track 8 next. >> and the justice department opens an investigation to how police interact with mentally ill. >> and metro officers riders advice to help them save money. >> and today's look at stock fult turz. temperature 78. we're back in a moment.
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>> today on "fox news morning", 911 meltdown. human error leading to hour of confusion for emergency callers and fivrlts responder on patrol. >> threat of severe weather leaves nfl to change last week of nfl preseason and that leads to scheduling conflicts for the redskins. >> we're in for a near perfect day of low temps, mild humidit humidity. about about time. >> i


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