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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  August 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> today on "fox news morning", 911 meltdown. human error leading to hour of confusion for emergency callers and fivrlts responder on patrol. >> threat of severe weather leaves nfl to change last week of nfl preseason and that leads to scheduling conflicts for the redskins. >> we're in for a near perfect day of low temps, mild humidit humidity. about about time. >> i
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perfect. good morning to you it's 5:00 straight up. thanks for joining us i'm holly morris. >> either maureen umeh. >> quick heads up parents in pred rick county maryland monocacy valley public charter school is closed because air conditioning is not working. >> who is working is gary mcgrady and erin como both here with weather and traffic respectively and we'll check in with them in a few minutes. let get to the news this morning we're learning more about what happened when d.c. 911 call center was down offer the weekend. >> down for two hours after a maintenance worker inadvertently turned off the 9 911 system trying to turn off an alarm. live in southeast with the latest, mel. >> good morning, ladies, we know official outage time is 1 11:35 p.m. saturday. and city officials have not yet confirmed they've only fwawkd problems with calls going to 9 911.
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"fox5" there were also problems with police and fire being able to communicate with dispatch. and it caused for very tense and scary moments among our first responders overnight saturday into sunday. and now, starting with radio checks we're understanding about 20 minutes before the official outage time they were perhaps not getting the responses they normally would get if the computer edede dispatch center were working and we gotta hold of radio transmissions because they quickly switched to radios and you can hear in the transmissions the frustration and the confusion. dispatch is on the land line. everything is shut down. the can is shut down city wide. nothing is working. radio did come on and phones are out and we have people going out to p sec and everything blacked out up here p sec communicates. >> we should do a roll call for officer safety. >> okay
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now there may never be an official count of how many 911 calls were missed during that time. we know city officials say generally during that time frame they have between 3 0 0 and 350 and 40 came in on bac backup numbers texted and emailed out to resident that signed up for d.c. alerts. we learned of domestic violence situation that was unfolding during that 911 outage it was 12:30 in the morning in southeast and a woman was struck on the head with a hammer multiple times and neighbors showed "fox5" call logs of their multiple attempts to try reach 911. we do know that first respon responders eventually did get there and called back to dispatch some 45 minutes later. and now mayor muriel bowser said the city is reaching out to hospitals and to site see if there were any other serious incident perhaps 911 and fire and emergency services
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missed and asking city residents if they did try to reach out and department get a response to a serious situation the city would like to they're them as well. back to you guys. 5:04 now the justice department is vetting police officers interactions with mentally ill. baltimore police officers ended up in unnecessarily violent confrontations with mentally disabled people in many snangss they have not commit aid crime. >> recently the justice department is investigating police agencies for claims of racial sgrim maition nation and excessive force. >> out breaks linked to a smoonly chain and the number of people that contracted the disease has grown to 40. all 40 drank spoojyes at tropical smoothie cafeen 14 cases are in northern virginia. state health department linked it to frozen strawberries import from egypt. they reported it ten days ago and it appears
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exposed to the disease as early as may. >> tracking metro now new want to save money on metro new monthly passes you should try to buy them this week. >> metro is expanding the program that can save riders more than 30 a month in come saiss and keeper passes provide unlimited rides and cost the designated usual trip cost. >> turning attention to baseball diamond national phillies first inning jason werth sending solo shot to left field for early 1-0 lead. and three batters later anthony randone with full count and two hits left to base feement right bryce harper off and running from first he scores easily 2-0 nadz. ward striking out five and mets blanking phillies 4-0. >> like to see that. >> threat of tropical depression is so strong that nfl moved the last preseason game
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skins play tampa bay wednesday night instead of thursday and the move sets up a conflict for the team's welcome home luncheon where they mingle with corporate sponsors. that's scheduled for wednesday. they might have to reschedule that. >> exact lirks 5:06 is the time. what is going on down there. >> there's a tropical depression. yesterday morning we had a major hurricane and two tropical depressions. not maiming ortoday it came to category three. tropical depression 8 is offshore north carolina has not strengthened into a trop skal form and number nine on the southern gulf now that's the storm they're worried about for the game originally scheduled thursday and now scheduled for wednesday. it does look like the forecast will take toward the florida coast and the big problem is, if it gets a little stronger than four casted right so right
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tropical storm and there's a lot of warm water almost hot water down through the gulf and sometimes with these storms strengthens there they keep strengthens and that's a good idea to get the game in as fast as' bribl it hits the gulf coast. somewhere around tampa. that's the concern in terms of what's going on down there. here for the bus stop forecast for kid owes, temperatures nice in horng. mid up toer 60s suburbs and lower to mid 70s around the metro area and beltway. later this afternoon dry, sunn sunny, temperatures between 8 a5 and 90. not quite so humid it looks nice this late afternoon. warm, yes, not humid. airport airport is back in tuesday morning let's look at traffic >> well, 5:07 now taking overview of virginia drive times on secondarys,
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times on secondarys, route 1, 8, 7 all good and good stafford past occoquan and looking at maryland 210 for the washington looking nice to livingston road and problem free brandywine and upper marboro and i like what we're seeing as far as drive times concerned. don't forget several students around the dmv back to school this week a just to drive times and slow down through the school zones. more folks walking a around outside. sutland parkway inbound southeast approaching sterling and we have a saw that could slow you done and northwest section of district rhode island outbound 10 street a closure you need toe get aroun around. the only thing slowing us down on the blue line. back to you maureen and holly. >> eight past the hour is your time this morning the united states asking two allies in the war against isis to stop fighting each other. >> and maker of epipen introducing a alternative.
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region as group soul tells us to express ourselves. ♪ . . we're expressing love for you this tuesday morning, 5:02 is the time. see you in a bit.
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>> morehead lines for you the pentagon calling on turkey to stop fighting america kurdish out lies and ash carter says turkey should not engage with syrian defense forces and turkey captured a town held by isis causing syrian and kurdish rebel groups to crash because of preexisting animosities. >> more and more people are injured and killed. since may, opposition firing rocket shells daily. they're trying to get control of the city from government forces. syrians have endured more than five years now of war. meanwhile obama administration has reached its goal of resettling 10,000 syrian refugees in u.s. a goal met a month ahead of schedule. almost 300 arrives in maryland and more than 150 in virginia. d.c. does not resettle refugee refugees. >> a deadly gn
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cake in italy and now they have another growing crisis on their hands. ludeing, luders have taken advantage of abandoned propert properties days after the quake. police arrested two people for eluding quake damaged home. they will have 22 dead and thousands displaced. more than 200 of the 292 victims will be honored in a state funeral service in amartrice. >> a again eric version at half the price for epipen. it's used to treat severe allergic reactions. it will be identical to original product and sell for $300 available in the next several weeks. mylan has been in the september of of fire storm. >> 5:11, fox news morning maryland leaders are set to announce plans that could impact your family's next summer vacation. >> and donald trump's campaign manager coming forward praising
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clinton foundation and admitting gop nominee was contributing to the organization. >> a live look across the d.c. region, oh, yeah. place classic: going on tuesday. you dropped a bomb on me snoet probably what it feels like when your alarm goes off. >> every morning. >> 78 outside. fox news morning back after  ♪ this fall at dunkin' donuts, get lost in pumpkin
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>> welcome back to "fox5 news morning" time now 5:14 you may be up getting the kids ready for school. at this time next year if you live in maryland, you and your kids could still be sleeping i in. or you could be having another beach day. why? maryland governor larry hogan is expected to mandate the school districts in the state cannot go back in session until after labor day and hoeing san due to make an announcement in ocean city tomorrow the goal to boost tourism. not many opposed
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starts dates are a local issue. those of you sounding offer on twitter poll overwhelming support for going back after labor day. >> i don't see the big deal. again like you asked earlier does it mean that schools get to push back -- >> as long as they don't get out in july. >> exactly. >> skarktly. >> i think there's too many days off during the school yea year. let us know what you think #good day d.c. for sure we'll look at it then. gary mcgrady standing by with the forecast you want to hear. >> listen, a lot going on in the tropics. there's thch and we thought by now they may become trop skal storms her main and ian one strengthening in the gulf is moving west wards and there's a lot of hot water down there in gulf of mexico to fuel itself up. but there's also winds here.
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and that's cutting into the storm trying to develop. that's a good thing. we don't want the storm to develop. over the next few days we're moved north and eventually northeast and come across florida. hopefully just a tropical storm. right now it's not forecasted to become a hurricane. i'm telling you now there's so much heat down here in gulf of mexico if conditions become that good it will get a lot stronger. that's the one watched. tropical depression number 8 is just offshore north carolina right now and will move on off to the north and northeast and out to the north atlantic. that will cause problems at the beaches and rough surech. rip current. here's gaston who weakened down to category two hurricane. movement on tropical depression 8 you see here over the next couple days zooms northeast. if you go to beaches for this labor day weekend. heavy surf. rip current in place as
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77 now in town. westminster 68. lot of 60s north west of us. and tomorrow will take it to hot. today upper 80s close to 90 in town. and 92 or so for high temperature tomorrow. and some humidity in place but as we get towards latter part of week, friday, saturday, nice front comes through and drier, cooler air comes in north. this will be super nice okay. how nice will it be as we goat frirks saturday, and this holiday weekend well it looks really nice. 90 today, 92 tomorrow. thunderstorms around thursday, 86 and look at that erin como friday, 82. that means some folks stay in the 70s. >> beautiful day. >> there you go. >> beautiful day for a zip tri trip. >> sounds perfect. >> the only thing i hate summer is coming to end. >> i hate that too and hate metro delays and breaking news for you unscheduled track work
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square and delays orange and silver line and delays on yellow line on scheduled track work huntington and eisenhower avenue. those are in addition to the safe track work. continuous single tracking blue line from frank own yeah approximately every twelve minutes and so please plan ahead. any questions for metro commute @erinfoxdc i'll keep you up to date. rhode island avenue outbound stepth street northwest still shut down. use caution around that area. still have a bar inbound approaching sterling slowing us down and overview of the morning commute inare loop and problem outer loop 5 to georgia. i got you covered this tuesday morning, holly and maureen. >> i'm now 5:18 a look at stories you areen gaming with o
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>> wisdom standing by with the realtime news tracker. >> let's talk about trump's campaign manager because that person is trending this morning after praising clinton foundation. in interview with cnn anderson cooper kelly anne says the foundation does a lot of good work anesthetic and acknowledges donald trump gave the foundation hundreds of thousands for donations with good intention not to access then secretary clinton. >> making prison time mandatory for convicted of a severally intoxicate the person. it was insprird by former stanford university student turner was sent to jail for assaulting 23-year-old unconscious woman behind a trash bin near the university of maryland. >> former detroit lions wide receiver calvin johnson is tur
5:20 am
turning in football shows for dancing shoes. he'll join "dancing with the stars" for the upcoming season and retires from the nfl in mar of after nine spz. >> no school throws a better party than you of mississippi madison. princeton review named it top party school in results and ranged number one for biggest beer consumption. university of medicine wisconsin is famous for having parties and at the end of the year university of wisconsin and to find out they're big on beer consumption and giving it out in party and beerology. >> you have to have good social skills to make it in this world. >> it's about getting a wel well-roundde education. >> how do you know your strengths without finding out weaknesses. >> you need owe beer and parties to understand. i'm not condemning but i understand. >> you want us to be your mom. >> wisdom martin,
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>> work it under way in city of iraq to build an air bass in the second largest city held by isis militants it's seen as key to take the is they from the terror group. u.s. troops are existing
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helping and rebuilding effort could take months. 90% of base was detried and 70% of runways. >> in maryland general assembly has no plans top schedule vote on $20 million loan the state proms to norfolk group mond and it's jeopardizing larry hogan plan to encourage the company to keep thousands of jobs in the state and the money is part of effort to keep jobs in par mar while aliveing norfolk remain competitive with other defense contractors. they would not rebay the 20 million loan. >> company will be holding press event next week where it's expected to reveal an iphone 7 and may feature a second camera. new macbook computer to be in the works. apple fimd more than 214 iphones over pt year and those nuns are down from the year before. >> would you have a male in a restaurant with rabbits
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around. over the past few months people in hong kong have been doing that. rabbit kavr a allows patrons to come eat and play with rabbits around the restaurant. the owner believes it's relaxing to eat with rabbits rome around. veterinarians warn against the idea they say rabbits can be sensitive an analyze and are seesly stressed which can make them sick. the cafe is so popular people are making president esh vacations. >> did they add so much those little things pop all over the place. >> well it's kind of like eating at the county fair. >> exactly. >> exactly. >> it's a cute idea but i think there's sanitary issues at play i don't want parts of. >> gary mcgrady i show you chuckling about.+ >> what happens when you put so many rabbits together like that you. >> get a lot more rabbits that's usually what happens. >> listen, here's where we ar are. temperatures out there not bad. prtt
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here in town. we continue to drop off a little bit. started at 79 and when i came to work this morning 78, 77 no now. 60s out there. culpeper 6 and mannasas 73 and leonardtown 70 and annapolis 7 77. forecast for today looks like this. lots of sunshine and real nice. not terribly humid not bad for latter part of august here. close to the 408 day weekend at east somebody is excited about the holiday weekend. we'll have more details on that in a few minutes. right now erin's turn you. >> 5:26 now we're dealing with a lot of breaking news this morning and looking live ripped me an active police northeast rhode island avenue eastbound shut down at tenth street. detour around that. inbound, moving towards the district, just fine. rhode island avenue westbound not affected and we'll keep you updated for that. let switch to cameras we have a c
5:27 am
northbound looking good and ramp outer loop of beltway we have crash activity blocking right shoulder. we'll switch to maps. dealing with metro problems unscheduled track work between boston and virginia square delays on orange and silver line and for yellow line we're doling with track problems hunting ton and brakic and looking at safe track affecting the blue line. >> thanks, erin, fox news morning 5:27 now and there's a threat of violence that was sent via email leading to increased security all over university. >> and life while riding metro underground will get a lot more comfortable. >> as we head to break, a live look across the z.c. region. we feel good on a tuesday. people getting up and adam and day going. 5:27 now. we're at 77 degrees. going to be a nice day right now. now. we'll see what the rest of the week holds.
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"fox5 news morning" back after this is
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>> today on "fox news morning" 911 meltdown and human error leads to hour of confusion for first responders on call and directing emails members of the virginia tech community find emails threatening harm to the campus community and you'll be able toe post and tweet while riding
5:31 am
fox news morning starts writing now. it's 5:30 good morning to you thank you for waking us with you us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> quick heads up to parents in 23red rick county, maryland. mop of coursecy valley public charter school is closed because the air conditioning system is not working. >> if they had that when we were in school we would never go. >> erin como and gary mcgrady are here and weather and traffic in a moment. >> 5:31 we want to get you caught one what is developing and has happened overnight. d.c. police on scene of late night murder and a man shot and killed northeast. this happened before midnight and nearly 6 hours later parts of the road are still blocked off there. and now that was just one of several violent incidents across the district. a man was shot in southeast and haze minor injuries and two stabbings in northwest also both should survive sgle meanwhile this morning
5:32 am
more about what happened while d.c. 911 call center was down over the weekend. >> it was done two hours when a maintain engs worker inadd ver tentsly turned off the system when trike to turn off an alar alarm. live in north east with the latest. >> if you try to deletes email it asks if you wants to for sure delete it. you're telling me there's one button you turn it off it shuts down the whole system? >> it sound like it is a master power switch and we know it was there as fire safety system. and we know nat they're also taking a look and seeing whether maybe there should be a different system in place. it's an actual switch. i don't think there would be do you really wanted to do this. maybe there should have been. look the bigger issue city officials only confirmed us to they were having problems with calls to the 911 center. but we we have learned there were also major problems with d.c. police and fire being able to communicate with
5:33 am
and that these problems began about 0 minutes before official timeline of that 911 outage at 11:35 p.m. sdpaxt we were able to get ahold of some of the radio transmissions listen to them and hear the confusion and frustration he. >> be advised dispatcher on land line. everything shut down. can is shut down city wide. fog is working. the radio did come on and phones out we have people going up to tsec. everything is mrakd out here psc communicate. >> we should do roll call for officer safety. >> can we have all officers gvr a role call and assigned. i have to go one unit at a time. >> whoever is calling communication the system is down. >> i understand we're trying to get if back in service. you wants us to stay out of service. >> do it by land line. >> i
5:34 am
too. >> computers are down and radios came back up and we're making a move up to mcmillan at the time. phones are down. one, two, three, four, five, five, four, three, two, one. >> so really just a snoop shot of there communications going on and how much trouble police and fire were having trying to understand what they should be doing and where they should be going. there may never be overrule counts of how many 91 calls may have been missed. question said it yesterday that d.c. officials say normally between 300 and 350 come in during that time frame on a saturday night into early sunday morning. we only can document 40 calls that came in through those bac backup phone lines. now, mayor muriel bowser said the city is reaching out to local hospital to see if any serious calls perhaps may have been missed and they're also asking city residents if they had a serious problem that did
5:35 am
them to call n a lot of threads here still to be tied up and questions answered and at 7:30 this morning live on "fox" five director of homeland secuirty and office of land line communications will be available. >> seems like that button should be well marked if it is such an important button. >> we're following developing story from blacksburg, virginia. students and faculty on alert at virginia tech dozens received an email threatening violence on campus. campus newspaper reports alleged threats dpraim several g mail accounts and the campus remains on and police are taking the threat seriously and nearly ten years ago you go probably recall a gunman killed 32 people and wounded 17 others during an attack on that campaign. >> and metro will be able to get wifi or met roy. it's testing out hookup to the internet at six stationsen
5:36 am
valerie place and will cut off to be evaluated those who on it up -- 5:36 is the time now. >> come on here. >> we're strolling because we're enjoying the weather that we're having. >> really? >> you wait. >> ut, oh, >> you just wait. >> did you just tease us. >> in some form or fashion i did. >> not the one you're used town fortunately. >> we'll be he can statistic about the latter part of the week is that what you're saying. >> exactly. we're going for the holiday weekend. it looks nice and it will cooperate. bus stop forecast for the kid owes. that looks good for your kids wisdom. you're still happy and living the high of kids going back to school until june. you disagree with the governor. >> 67 to 70 dry for kid owes and 835 to 90 after pickup. it will be warm today. i think as we get to the afternoon you will notice it's
5:37 am
what we were yesterday. little more humidity comes back in the picture for tomorrow. here temperatures will be about 90. a lot of spots sustained 86, 87, 88 and couple spots could be lawyer 90s before all said and done. beautiful holiday weekend coming now here's erin como with traffic. how is it going. i have not paid attention to the traffic this morning, erin. so how is it going. >> i'm going to pretend you never said that. i have a lot to talk about. >> i was busy trying to figure out how to make it a nicer weekend. >> beautiful weather-wise outside. gary has been listening we're tracking breaking news for morning commute northeast. rhode island avenue northbound closed. inbound commute traffic is moving and still flashing lights. be prepared to detour out a few extra moments to the commute. let's switch over to a live look outside. you see the 210 ramp to outer loop police activity blocking shoulder from earlier crash and volume lights. not causing major slow downs. a qic
5:38 am
aside from those issues we're tracking this morning delays possible. orange and silver line between boston and virginia square dealing with unscheduled track work and delays on single yellow line. more meto updates in a few, back to you. >> coming up on "fox news morning" we remember a man who made us laugh for more than 50 years. a look back on the life of gene wilder. >> he ways genius indeed. scary moments for trapped workers after a crane tips off a bridge. >> as we head to break now. 5:38 in the morning. a live look across the region. maroon five singing us out with their song suggest a. >> that's so tweet. >> it is. >> sugar is so sweet. >> 5:38 again. 77 is the temp. back in a moment
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>> 5:41 united nations trying to raise awareness of growing humanitarian problem any gear yaxt children are facing mall nutrition from drought and unicef is asking united states for 308 million top alleviate the crisis. a massachusetts man in custody accused of stockpiling weapons and making threats. fbi agents arrested joseph
5:42 am
gargulio on saturday he bro' notes he reportedly threatened to kill homeland security officers and attack mosque and threatened president obama. he could face five to ten years in prison if convicted. >> in reed island a crane tipped over a bridge and workers were stranded in buckets. it's under investigation. >> 5:32 coming up warning local election officials be vulnerability of voting machines. >> and hailing taxi in new york city has just gotten more complicated. >> as we head to break let's look live across the d.c. region. i hope you're not saying you cannot get no satisfaction this morning because we want to you have a good tuesday, be on your way. 5:41, 77 degrees. rolling stones always good to get you started right? ♪
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>> 5:45 is the time now as we look live across the region. i can't wait to hear about the near perfect day in our future. >> you know what, wiz, every day is a good day. >> i'm speechless. >> somebody check the temperature. >> i don't think i ever heard that in my entire life. my entire life. >>
5:46 am
>> i heard some say moments were perfect with me. >> that's when we need towed move on, gary. >> gary is speechless now. >> wow, every day is a new da day, stnlt holly? >> that's the bulty of it. >> every day say new day. we just joke. reagan national 77. wow, wisdom i can't believe you said that. hold on i have to shake it off. bwi marshall is 72 degrees and right now, so pretty gorgeous morning. look, here's the setup as we get into the holiday weekend. this is pretty nice, too. we do have high pressure to the north of us and that brings us cooler, drier temperatures we're talking really, really good stuff especially friday, saturday and it looks g here's what -- i think we have basically the tropical depression down to the south of us and over florida maybe approaching florida and then tropical depression number nine to over the coast and basically what you have here
5:47 am
stays away from us and close enough to the coast for the weekend could be rip current issues by the shore and maybe rough surf as well as storms are passing by. otherwise here's the deal with holiday weekend. looking g 84 on saturday. and 85 sunday notice low humidity and monday 87 or so warms back up and stays dry and humidity stays in check as well and basically look we had tropical depression off the shore in north carolina that stays offshore and again could cause rip current. that remains through the weekend. because the storm system down in the gulf now comes through the east coast as well and kind of moves by and that keeps ocean pretty much churned up. staying warm today mostly sun next winds north, northeast five to ten miles an hour. all things considered nice and future cast shows us dry today. here's the 7 day forecast which includes a holiday weekend.
5:48 am
and friday is super great. 82 for a high. some places struggle to get to 80 and middle 80s through the holiday weekend. here's erin como with a look at traffic. >> 5:48 now looking live police activity northeast section of the district. rhode island avenue outbound remains shut down 10 northeast you still need to detour around that and inbound picking newspaper wreed island. steady flow of traffic. for now you have owe to detour. taking a look at 210 making your way out -- actually this is 50. we have big delays columbia park to kenilworth. crash in the mix speeds under 10 miles an hour. starting you off with not so great news. now we switch cameras and look at 210. earlier crash on ramp to outer loop that cleared and you see traffic 210 picking up through for the washington and same sorry
5:49 am
inner and outer loop picking up. let take a look at maps now. metro delays are clear. we're dealing with additional metro delays. drive times double 270 southbound to 109 to urban aextra ten minutes there and single huntington to braddock but orange and silver line did resume. back to you holly. >> 5:49 now election day senate minority leader reed things russia could tamper with erection sglults now he point to ties between the trump campaign and russian entrance and it notes those trying intervene during the meanwhile state election officials possibly briefing information. this recently happened illinois and attempt add tack in arizona as well.
5:50 am
illinois marked the first time a breach would successfully execute it. maryland officials say they are ready to fight off the type of attack the fbi warned them about. >> 5:50 is the time now. let's look at stories you're engaging with most. >> pawr mature standing by with the realtime news tracker. >> hollywood mourning passing of comic actor gene wilder. credits include willie wonka and young frankenstein and blazing saddles. he died if from complications of alzheimer's disease. >> net uphill hill and huma abedin is levering her husband. she was sending inappropriate messages to a woman while his son was in bed next to him. he had september the pictures last year to unidentified woma woman. and abedin is now on the road cam paining
5:51 am
as one of her top aids. and next the former stanford university athlete convicted of selfly assaulting a woman at a frat party will be released from jail friday. brock turner served three months for the crime and sentence todd six months and turner sentence was cut in half because of good behavior. in parch found guilty for severally assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. >> and changes on the way for all maryland students. governor hogan is expect todman daylight all schools begin after labor day. it's expected sometime tomorro tomorrow. and supporters say moving it past labor day will generate more vacation revenue for the state. a poll shows overwhelming support for having maryland schools go back after labor da day. wisdom, holly. >> i say yes. >> you know if i ruled the world what would happen anyone schools. >> we don't want to know. >> february no one wow go to school.
5:52 am
>> no one would go to school. >> i like your campaign platform. >> who rules the world? >> not me. >> not you. >> february they don't go to school. february no one should go. i have another idea we'll talk about that later. bye, maureen. >> also out on the web claire hux table is coming to empire. actress felicia rishard who played the mom on cosby is set to hit the mega trauma. she will have occurring role as take digs mom. season three kicks off september 21. >> sitting in traffic jams may make you sick. researchers say pollution which gathers inside cars during traffic jams and relates is 40% more than amount when actually moving. scientists suggest keeping windows closed and keep recirculating the area to reduce the pollution. doing that can reduce your
5:53 am
hazardous level of air pollution by 76%. >> mailing a taxi could become more complicated and that's because taxi drivers are required to speak eng learn. they went away with long standing english pro efficiency tests and it will make it easier for imgrant that can't get jobs to get them as taxi drivers. critics including some drivers argue some are not designed to interact with passengers and read street signs. >> and it may only be tuesday but we're looking forward to friday. that's because it's our final zip trip of sgln is that the only reason we're looking forward to it. >> top ten. >> this is the big one now where we giveaway a brand new car. mazda suv we're giving outcome out and be part of the fun. we'll number silver spring
5:54 am
civic center and take a listen to crew. tucker barnes, allison seymour, erin como, kevin mccarthy, and me and maureen and the only reason wisdom is not there is because he'll be enjoying vacation time. we'll all be throughout for the zip trip finale this friday morning. i know people will be upset if they thought. >> he has a scheduled day off. the rest of us will be there it will be a great time. weather is supposed to be fantastic we would love, love, love for to you join us. >> it's time to say good morning and hello to our facebook fan of the day. we have two fans today. look at those. tammy and loren do. you guys are look going. >> tammy and loren do from upper moreboro they wake up with "fox5" morning crew and go to bed watching shawn yancy is what they say. they're faithful watchers and think "fox5" is the best. thank youe
5:55 am
loyalty. those two are looking mean a little bit. one is super sexy and other is like yeah that's what happens. >> i'll call them both "soul train". >> i go with that. >> i feel with the humidity. >> it won't be as bad today. that's one thing to look forward to. temperatures not bad. temperatures in town are 70s. you see 60s to suburbs and you start coming you over the next sum hours no doubt about that. regionally 60s. not too hot or cold and next few days temperatures will be unaround 90. little warmer and again the thing to take away today is that late this afternoon it looks like humidity levels will come down a little bit. for tomorrow they'll bump back up again and stick around for wednesday mean -- let's me show you the 7 day forecast and give you an idea what is taking place. today 90, tomorrow 92. thursday cooler because we think there will be clouds with showers and thundeto
5:56 am
would be good. we need rain. okay. we've been really, really dry. we need rain. look at friday the front comes through lowers humidity and temperature. we have a high temperature here of 82. some spots north and west upper 70s. holiday weekend looks gorgeous. here's erin como with a look at traffic tuesday morning. 5:56 tracking a bunch of proper lemz. 50 on inbound sfrid maryland completely jammed 410 to kenilworth. we have a crash involving five vehicles only left shoulder is getting by and traffic is parked. i would avoid 50 from annapoli annapolis. 410 to kenilworth you're parked 50 inbound and out lound looking fine. legalities move over for a look at maps a side from the big crash causing problems we have safe track surge eight frank ownia to the blue line and trains ruining every 24
5:57 am
have delays popping up by truck scales. keep it to fox5 news morning. burt full around the dmv.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> human error to plame for the 911 outage. hundreds of calls going unanswered and a live report on what the city is doing to make sure this never happens again. >> summer vision for students in maryland could last until after labor day. details at 6. >> a live look outside on this tuesday morning, august 30. "weather and traffic on the 5s" at 6:05. good tuesday morning to you. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> happening now, d.c. police on the scene of late night murder. a man show the and killed in the 1,000 block of rhode island avenue northeast. this happened before midnight in nearly 6 hours later now parts of road are blocked off. that's one of several incident throughout the district. man shot in southeast and four male victims stabbed across the city all should survive. and also this morning a driver recover dpring critical injuries


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