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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  August 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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others from being radicalized. fox5's tom fitzgerald is life at gw tonight with more. >>reporter: good evening. abdullah muhammad these day he goes by the name of jessie mort objection to the form well, who is he? he spent three and and half years in prison because he once ran a radical islamic website that advocates violencec and he also issued threats aboue people that he felt at the time had made insults against islam. but that was then.hen. this is now. george washington university tonight says, look, we are very aware of the reaction to all of this both from the student bodyy here and from am of the big money donors that contribute tor this university. so what was the big change inn jessie morton's life? well, according to him, it was actually going to prison
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he made that announcement at a youtube video which he posted over a year ago. here's a little bit of what hete had to say back again. having the courage to admit what is right and wrong and to cultivate a better relationship with the lives. it is the heart to bumps to the beat of man and that can peel away it's in desense is. so was him then. this is him now. this is jessie morton today. he's been hired by george george washington university's programs of streamism.ream that program's mission is to track, to understand, to develop ways to prevent people by being radicalized by islamic extremist.ex now, morton here they say did not take this decision lightly. in fact
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consulted with the fbi who hadad used and worked with morton ovem the past year. they also spoke to university officials here about thisthis hiring. they consulted with lawonsu enforcement agencies who all vouched that morton served noved threat to either the community here or the united states attat large. we wanted to know a little bit more about this. we sat down with shame us hews. he is a am toker homeland security he runs this program onn streamism and we sat down withon with him it is hughes who made thishis higher.hi we wanted to know f as somebody, could jessie morton be trustedts now to come back from the the clutches of streamism andnd prevent others from doing so. and he wants to essentially make amend for what he did in his w prior life.hapr you're aware of how people react to this. why higher him? what does he
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>> jessie brings a unique perspective. he had the academic chops. he has a master's present colombia, but he also has the reel life experience. he was a radical and he got outg and to have that perspectiveersp it's very interesting when ithen comes to understanding research on this. also, it helps us give a window on how to prevent other peopleeo from joining these groups.roup now, as part of their dueue diligence before making thiss higher official, universityffic officials says they reached oute to and spoke with the prosecutor who put jessie morgan behind bars. he was sentenced to 11 years, served three and half. george washington officials sayc that they did get the okay fromy that prosecutor.sec we were not told how much he is being paid by the university, but they did confirm today this will be his first week on theeek we're life at george washingtonr university tonight, tom fitzgerald, fox5 local news.s. > now to the story that has cap investigated social media this afternoon.
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singer chris brown and it started at 3:00 a.m. california time after a woman at brown's house called 911 1 #. she reportedly told police thatp brown threatened her with a gun. officers responded, but people inside the house would not letlt the officers inside without a want. when they returned a few hours later with that search warrant, brown and several other people o eventually came outside the house. police are questioning them. no one has beenpo arrested. throughout the deal, though, brown took to instagram and posted some profanity laced messages. we'll keep you updated on the latest what this story. > after the 911 1 # outage in d.c. this past weekend we're asking what's been done now to help ensure you get the help you need in an emergency. the outage was caused by aby maintenance contractor who actually flipped the wrong switch. calls should have been rerouted to a back up center but that system failed. to make matters worse this also
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police and lindsay watts has been coveringn this she is life in the district with more. lindsay. >>reporter: tone initial as yon know,it this is not the first te we have been talking about 9 # t issues in the dmv this summer. last month montgomery countyth m system went down and then earlier this month sprint was having issues with its servicets and it prevented customers from calling out. so this does really make youyou think about how reliable is 911 when you could have issues with your own personal phone or thero could be a system outage like we saw over the weekend.he since then we have been askingig d.c. officials what they are doing to make sure somethingu like this doesn't happen again. for one they are now staffing two 911 dispatch centers. this center right here near howard university is typically not staffed with coaltars. it's only used as a backup center, but for now there are dispatchers inside around thee clock. as we mentioned, when that main 911 dispatch center went down over the weekend, the center at
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video, calls were not rerouted to the backup center like it should have been and it's still unknown why. the district is now, woulding to test a new fail/safe program ana in theil meantime d.c. is having two 911 center we've learned that some cities always have two 2911 centers running, but thatin is not theg, case here. we caught up with mayor bowsersr here and asked her what assurances can you give the residents. this was her response. we have identified the roothe r cause of this outage and we are investigating the root cause off the equipment failure. so i've ordered our teams to do a stop to bottom review of the technology problem and we're actually going to have our chief technology officer lead that effort. > i also asked the mayor about the outrage factor here. tha
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911 in the nation's capital in the middle of the night. that contracting p company is cm still working for the documents although that specific employee is now no longer allow intoow district buildings. the mayor says there are now conversation underway about what kind of access contractorstrac should have. > frankly we're looking to see if this should only be district employees that have access toess that room. that's my kind of first selectel opinion. we'll have to see if that is appropriate for a contractor. and going back to that questiont now of can you rely on 911? on most of the time the systems are working.wo it's rare that we have an outage like we experienced thisxper weekend. at the same time from what we've seen this summer there is noo doubt that outages can happen. this is a good opportunity toopo look up the phone number fore your local police and fire stations, save those numbers i
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your phone so you have those there as a backup resource 6789u also know the locations of the buildings in case you should have to drive there.ther connect with your local government, fire and police onnd social media. this weekend, when that outageua happened, the district used facebook and twitter to get thet information out there to the public and also to rely the alternate people that people could use to get help. we're life in northwest, lindsay watts, fox5 local news. also in the district police arrested two more people connected with shooting at the mcdonald's near the verizon center. a man was shut in the face in the restroom a few weeks ago. he was seriously hurt and is still recovering. officers previously charged a 15 year old now they charged a 17 7 year old and a 20 year old named lafayette beaker.beak > we're learning new detailsais about a deadly pedestrianedes accident in mount vernon this morning on richmond highway. the vic
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not in a crosswalk when the vehicle hit him.. they reeled out alcohol and in the crash. fairfax county police are still investigating. > you asked for it and metrond has answered. why metro says it will offer stations with free wi-fi. plus, how will it effect your riding experience? and two tropical weather systems are now threatening the east coast. suck will it affect labor day weekend? we got tv8 which is close to the outer banks is going to be moving away. they'll get some effects but nothing too big. > this is tropical depression 9. it stillress doesn't have a nam. it is forecast to become her mean. it will be affecting florida on the current path.ath. i have got to say the national hurricane center did adjust that track slightly closer to the east coast. we're going to have to much what the beaches and see
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continue. now the tropical storm has 70 miles an hour as closer too the outer banks. we'll have more on that as well as what you can expect on the days leading up to the weekend. we'll be right back.
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well, as you may know, many metroell, riders have been askig for wi-fi in the metro stations. now they're going to get it at least in some of em this. of the agency has started a test project this week to providede wi-fi in several stations. matt ackland is at gallery place metro with more on how much thih cost and why this program is temporary for now.. a metro spokesperson told us today that this didn't cost any money. the reason why the wi-fi was already in the six different stations. a lot ofhing that has people scratching their headsds tonight, this is only a 45-day trial period and then the wi-fi service will be turned off. with just a few clicks you're're connte
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district offering free wi-fi. but don't expect it to work thee same as the wi-fi you get at home. it's not going to be a smooth process t if you're streaming a video or trying to watch something on the netflix app. that's not probably the ideal situation for this.s. this will be better for someone who is using it as a secondary e-mail. another interesting part of this wi-fi it's prompted when youu turn on the service. just push this button and then in realtime you can catch yourch train approach. click on the name of the station and that will you what you normally see on the platform. even though we're not on the platform yet, you can see theee next trains that are coming. alice from maryland is cheeringg the move by metro. she says with so much troublingl news coming out of metro this will help the riding experiencen a about it. we do have other problems to deal with, but i think if they can do something, you know, giv, the people a little bit to make them
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little bit easier to deal with other problems.o when you haveth to wait down the for 18 minutes for a train it's at least nice to be able on your wi-fi. once it's temporarily shut offht they're going to evaluate how it worked out and then they'd likee to see wi-fi in all the stations system wide. as far as tracking or doing anything like that with your phone once you're inside the metro system, officials sayicia that's not going to happen.pen. it's simply to provide wi-fi service. gallery place, matt ackland, fox5 local new glass good news for everybody who are just new sitting there waiting for the fr train to show up. absolutely. you may need it coming up for this event. metro will not open early for the marine corpse marathon this year. metro is going to open at 7:00 a.m. i believe they usually opened something like two hours earlier. the transit agency will, however, add car trains when they open.
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is on sunday, october 20. > hopefully the wi-fi will still be working for you.u. > let's talk about the tropical weather now. it could take a toll on some of your labor day travel plans. sue is watching the tropics and watching to see if our area will be affected. we'll be right back.
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did you make it to the beach this summer? this is north carolina. folks having fun in the waves. mother nature is ending summer with some powerful storms that may interrupt this. two separate systems arems expected to impact both florida and north carolina and hurricane mad line is set to hit hawaii.wi fox's lauren ingle has the latest. >>reporter: the winds is picking up a little bit.. a massive storm churns in the gulf of mexico. the trop qualify system is forecast to turn sords the sunshine state later this week bringing heavy rain and severe stms
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a lot of mud gets mixed in. the tied and the currents hass been really crazy lately. folks in tampa already stocking up on free sandbags to keep any flooding at bay and residents at central florida are being urged to have a week's worth of essentials ahead of the storm's arrival. a radio so you can listen to the news from local emergency management, non perishableisha foods, about a gallon of water per person per day. > people further north are keeping a close watch on yet another storm threatening north carolina the system expected to bring rough surf to the region and coastal areas could see several inches of rain. we're going to keep an eye on it. and rough weather is also threatening a pacific state. hurricane madeline is expectedpt to pass by that by a's biggies land wednesday. the white house is monitoring the storm and as of right
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not expected to impact president obama's upcoming trip to awhat hew.hew >> in new york, laura ingle, fox news. > thank you for that report, laura. all of a sudden we have plenty to talk about in the tropics and we're going to get you started right away with what is td8. it did not receive a name atat 5:00. this is about 95 miles south, southeast of cape hat razz. they're certainly getting roughg surf. i know the red flags are flying. they're the in going to be able to let people in the the rain. e a few much ines of rain somera rough surf from this system.te it's going to be heading out to see pretty quick limit i think there's more concern about what is happening down in the the south earn gulf and this storm is about 350 miles north of key west. this is a tropical depression at this point but it is forecasting later tonight or tomorrow to be tropical storm hermine and it can produce 12 inches of rain from
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let's start with tropical depression 8 which has winds of 35 miles an hour. it's already starting to turn,n, turning to the north, northeast slowly at 35 miles an hour.ur. the latest track on that has that heading out to '. by thursday it's pretty far away. if you're head hing down to the beaches on the weekends, the serve is still rough.h. back to tropical depression 9 it is moving southwest.wes it has 35 miles an hour winds. a lot of warm water there. the track did shift slightly so closer tallahassee for a landfall. so everybody has to watch. it is kind skimming on the east coast by the national track by the hurricane center. this whole area is called the cone uncertainty. as we get into the weekend that's also going to be pretty far abut we'll keep an eye on
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very busy there and of course the various forecast models, most of them are keeping it offshore, but close enough thath there will be certainly someainl rough weather at the beeches int the run up to the weekend, that's for sure. we'll watch for you.u. i wanted to mention it looks like as we look at our warningsn here on tropical depression 9 wd do havee in the ping a hurricane watch up for the big bends of florida and a tropical stormrm watch in florida. that just means stay on guard. they are right to take it seriously.ser locally another day at or above 90, 91-degrees officially at reagan national. why is that significant? because we've now tied thee record for the most days at or above 90 in the month of august. we have o to go back to 198 on 0 to find another month with 20 daze. we think we will break it.. we're forecasting anotherther 90-degree day to. we'll
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august in terms of the 90-degree days. we're headed for 92 in the forecast department for wednesday. 89 for martinsburg and humidityi again somewhat noticeable, notia out of control, but a little bit of a front that is going to be coming closer to us that arrives on thursday. we'll push more humid air, mayb, a rumble of thunder, but thet front coming across on thursday is going to bring a lieutenantun of temperature relie into our area. and these are the forecast highs for friday.y. we're still going to be warm inm the run for friday, but how about 82 for the high temperature, gaithersburg 78, frederick 79. shawn is going to be getting oug her heavy coat with temperatures like these. what about the holiday weekend locally, well, we do have to continue to watch the tropical systems.sys again, they did notch a little bitd close right now we're going to keep them partly cloudy. again, we'll watch the beeches and a track with the tropical depression. 'r
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changes with the tropics.ics. let's wrap it up with your seven day forecast, one more day at r above 90 and then bring on the 8 20s. we do get a little bit warmer or labor day at 876789 there will probably be some clouds sat and sunday. we're kind of close to that system and these tropicalopic systems have a huge expansion with them.m. tuesday, about 90-degrees. i'm trying to decide whether i'm thrilled about it or sad the weekend is going to be cooler. >> i want it to be cooler. it's the last weekend. it's still warm. i'll take it. we still have to continue tonue watch that system.tem. it's only tuesday. it's way out there.ut it's kind of a slow mover. we're like come on, get with the program. i like the people who make the weather graphics. >> it was from -- what is
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vacation movie? yeah, the vacation movie. we do think about what do we want to do for the labor day. i would have been in the back with my father saying don't lool at where i'm driving. >> with the wood paneling on the side. we'll be right back.
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children in fairfax county will be back in school next week. am of them want to be look good for the first day. some youngsters got theirr haircut. it was held at the gun springs. the fairfax county fire andire police departments and the sheriff's office helped sponsor the event.t it is more than a haircut. not only does it take someake stress off the parents, but if you look good, you feel good. these kids are really enjoying
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themselves.t we've got the crime doing out. mow convenience the clown. the kids are getting their faces painted. we've got police cruisers, firee trucks on display. > about about 100 kids got their haircut for free today. they voluted to help the kids out. > a win win for everybody.rybo > thanks so much for joining ug tonight at 6. the 5@6:30 is coming up right after the break. stay with us. fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things fferently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing.
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really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios.
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time to get things starred here at 5@6:30. up first there may be more e-mail trouble ahead for hillary clinton. she is losing ground in the fo polls. did you see the run down? that's what we're talking about tonight at 6:30 before we continue, you are already tweeting us. at the hashtag you will see them at the bomb off your screen.reen the polls show mrs. clinton's. l lead over donald trump hasmp actually been cut in of that. in a machine mute poll in early august following the democratic national convention that l polli had theon former secretary of state leading donald trump 50 percent to 37 percent. now that poll, right now, has clinton only leading trump by seven points. we're were talking about that post convention


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