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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  August 31, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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because not a lot of cars are on the roadway. at the the scene here if it stays the same as now, rush hour we could be dealing with i a big mess on our hand. right now seems this crash is sutland parkway at the nay lor road exit. they have traffic being diverted off sutland parkway before and after both directions alabama avenue and branch avenue as well and also take a look behind me the ramps to sutland parkway in the area are blocked by police cars here. and you might also be able to see cars heading off the ramp here. of course this is the traffic diverted off the roadway here. we don't have a live information about this crash. we can't get close to it as park police are working their investigation. we know it happened after 1 a.m. early this morning and did involve a car hitting a pedestrian on sutland parkway near nay lor road and that person was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and we don't have any informatio
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as of yet. but, again, guys, no big traffic issues to deal with at this point and we have the entire area shut down all ramps to sutland parkway and all traffic on sutland parkway is diverted branch and alabama. you might want to avoid this area if you take this way to work this morning. back to you, erin. time is 4:3 1. breaking over nights a man and woman shot in the district this happened before 11 p.m. in the 1300 block red wod road northeast. you can see in the live picture police investigators on the scene and the victim's injuries are minor. >> to a last minute surprise on the campaign trail trump making headlines for where has headed to south. border amid stand off immigration. "fox5" melanie alnwick is here with a look how this happened and how it will play out. >> this is very surprising considering trump's call toll build a
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pay for it and more interesting the visit is at the invitation of mexican president enrique pena nieti he accepted the invitation and is looking forward to meeting him. the mexican president office said they are meeting for a private khalt. it was finalized when he campaigned 234 washington state and preparing major speech on immigration in arizona. trump will deliver that tonight after returning from mexico. immigration as we know is a contentious issues that's been a center piece of his republican press den shall campaign. it's hard to know how trump will be greeted by mexican people. he said criminal and rainists were coming in from mexico and promised to deport 11 million people living in u.s. illegall illegally. the president of mexico has
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mexico president did extend invitations to both trump and hillary clinton. we don't know if clin con till accept. clinton campaign issued a statement about twrump's trip says it ultimately matt whaerz he says here in united states not in mexico. it is astounding how quickly this came togethers. this invitation came last friday and here it is trump campaign getting ready to head down there today. >> it should be interesting meeting to say the least. thank you, melanie. >> 4:33 the time now happening today remains of 22-year-old marine that wept missing during word war ii will be buried arlington national cemetery. anthony's remains were identified last year and interned with full military honors. >> and we're expecting to hear about organizers from
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marine corps marathon. metro is not opening early because of safe track work. marathon runners will unveil a transportation plan for sunday, october 30. >> ocean city, maryland, governor and school officials are looking to talk about start dates. they cannot go back to session until after labor day. the goal is to boost tourism. many say start dates are a local issue. >> turning to baseball diamond nats and phillies forced inning matt scherzer lays up a bunch and out at 1st and ryan zimmerman gives nationals a 3-1 lead. >> tre turner has a base hit coming tovw right field. danny espinosa sender round third tries to score. espi crashes with the catcher. but he's out. scherzer
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through five and goes eight innings while striking out 11. nats win 3-2 that's great news. >> more themerrier. >> 4:35 is the time. gary mcgrady, is this the day we can say it's ac ually perfect. >> no, no, no. >> not yet? >> no, i think friday, friday is the perfect day. then we watch the weekend. because the weekend will be interesting. we'll have another storm moving east of us which could be by thatm%[ time tropical storm iar maybe tropical storm hermane depending if it becomes a tropical storm. we won't worry about that. but friday is maureen, to answer your question in a round about way definitely looks like near perfect day as temperatures are low 80s. couple spots in the upper 70s with sunshine and dry conditions. how nice will that be. great out there this morning, too, westminster 66.
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baltimore 67, gaithersburg at 64. here in town we're middle 70s. you notice pretty much everywhere out in the suburbs it's low to mid 60s. it's not a bad morning out. there few clouds. we warm up again upper 80s to low 90s again today and later this afternoon will be feeling on the hot side. little humidity. not terribly bad. but, again, this should be the last day in the 90s for a while. now, think 9 owes come back again next week. after we get through today we head for 80s. it looks like it still looks like it will be a pretty nice holiday weekend coming our way. we'll be talking about that through the morning hours, of course, rights now a lot of traffic to get to on this wednesday morning. erin como is back with that, hey, erin. >> good morning, gary, 4:36 now and you're right a lot of team coverage. anjali hemphill is at southeast now sutland parkway in both directions shut down alabama and branch avenue dealing with a serious crash scene there. we
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road. it's under investigation. they're diverting traffic from the scene. and not causing may major traffic but we'll keep you posted on that crash. moving for a look in virginia. you see a long line of red through fredericksburg. hop on route 1 southbound steers you clear of bigger delays. a live look outside at one of the cameras. inner loop by 50 traffic moving now earlier crash flashing lights behind the overhead board there. so please deep to the left. one right lane blocked. we you have covered. wisdom and maureen. >> 4:37 coming up on "fox news morning" despite backlash on social media and political correctness on television not?(w everyone is against colin kaepernick or his protests
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>> and williams showing stamina in a match. >> time now 4:37, 4:38 now. temperature 75 degrees. back i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous garden party for her birthday. so i mowed the lawn, put up all the decorations. i thought i got everything. almost everything! you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit by a septic disaster, and a bill of up to $13,000. but for only $7 a month, rid-x is scientifically proven to break down waste, helping you avoid a septic disaster.
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>> 4:40 is time now. a brand new license place for marylanders is getting d.c. excited. >> returning to holly morris. >> a new license plate, good morning. good morning everybody up so early. colin kaepernick anthem sit down called the most important gesture by an athlete since tommy smith and john carlos raised black gloves fit in mexico olympics. carlos,p 71 is throwing support behind the embattled
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he has juneed into the pool human history and risen to the norm. >> venus williams reigns day two of the u.s. on. the match kicked off for 18th appearance at the tournament and her 7 2nd in grand slam singles draw which surpassed on record of fellow american amy frazier. last year he fell to -- she fell toster ina ranked number one in the world. >> and sport a new look. governor hogan designed a new license plate that has the flag long the bottom. new mrailts are december 26 and drivers with old plates can continue to use those and if you want the new tags before you renew your old ones pay $20 to order. there you go. >> thank you very much, holingly. >> all right. coming up on "fox news morning" 4:41. maryland may not be doing well financially
quote quote
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financially as some may believe. >> but good news about the oyster population. >> as we head to break a live look across the region. time 4:41. michael jackson and jackson five for you. fox news morning back after come can do it! dogs just won't quit. neither does frontline. introducing new frontline gold. with its new easy applicator frontline gold delivers powerful protection that doesn't quit for a full 30 days.
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>> today on "fox news morning" donald trump taking immigration
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>> and trouble with the irs. find out why you may be at risk for identity fraud. >> a warm, mild day and start of cool air in the region. good morning everyone thank you four joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin today is wednesday, august 31, erin como is talking traffic and she has a busy morning coming up and gary mcgrady is talking weather and a lot of people will be traveling this weekend. it's never too early to talk about the weekend and holiday i'm curious to know if this affects people headed out of town. >> you mean will the tropics what's going on in tropics affect the weekend. so look if you head to the beaches from south carolina to north carolina and even maryland, delaware shore you will be affected. some with stormy weather and here maryland and delaware will be infected with pretty rough surf okay. two storms we're watching. category three hurricane major again and it's moving on.
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depression aets and tropical depression nine. these guys forecast to be tropical storms by now. thank goodness they don't want to develop and they've been having a hard time develop khing is good. the one offshore north carolina will continue to move north and northeast and not providing much of a problem other than rough seas for north carolina and even now maryland and delaware as well up to the chesapeake bay. that moves on. then we watch tropical depression nine moving through florida. it brings a lot of heavy rain through floor did and georgia and parts of coastal areas of georgia and south carolina and coastal areas of north carolina brings rain there. it looks like it stays east of our beaches for the holiday weekend. i don't think rain for us maybe rough seas so you know and we'll watch to see if they develop. hot today. brief period of time, 86 with thunderstorms. today is last day in 90s for
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erin como with a look at traffic. wednesday morning, erin. >> wednesday morning, gary mcgrady, 4:46 we're off to busy start. right now behind me a live look at sutland parkway. shut down in both directions between branch avenue and alabama avenue and we have a serious crash naylor road and traffic is being diverted now. lanes will be reopened by rush hour. we'll keep you updated. a person was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. let's move for a live look at traffic cameras. we're dealing a crash. let me get out day. it just cleared. inner loop at 50 to the right. you see flashing lights behind this point. they adjusted to the camera. keep to left, there we go swinging it baca round and it's blocking right shoulder and lane kind after justing so let's move to maps as we tour the inner lap looking to zoom in better. apologize about that one. tractor-trailer crash diverted 95 southbound at 3 and if you head to fredeck
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delay. debris is all over the interstate. take route 1 southbound to get around that one and don't forget safe track surge 8 on the blue line. back to you. >> well, here is something you thought you would never see. republican donald trump is making a trip to mexico for a little meet and greet with the country's president. well, donald trump announced this last night. very sping considering trump's call to build a wall and make mexico pay for it interesting it's at the invitation of enrique pena nieti. trump made the announcement on twitter saying he accepted and is looking forward to meeting him. enrique pena nieti's office also tweeting confirmation saying the two men are meeting for a private chat. the unexpected trip came last night as he is preparing a major speak on immigration. that's a contentious
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was a center piece for his campaign. it's hard to know how he'll be treated by the mexico people. in primary speeches he said criminals and rapists were coming in from mexico and props todd deport 11 million people living in u.s. illegally and then we had presenceen comparing donald trump ton hitler. so who know how that will go. mexico president extended invitations to trump and democrat hillary clinton. we don't know if clinton will accept the invitation and clinton campaign is issuing a statement about trump's trip saying what ultimately matters is what trump says to voteers in america, not mexico÷j. >> interesting new developments. melanie alnwick thank you for that report. in the meantime a lot of taxpayers may have had identities and social security information stolen by immigrants and never notified by irs. more than 1 million americans had information stolen five years ago and not only failed to fix the problem but nev
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jeopardized. >> in maryland bad news for xee revenue collection is down 250 million from stoyments build a state budget last year. >> wages did not rise as expected nor did how much people spend. while imemployment increase most jobs were low paying ones and it left carbon hand and maryland ended 2015 fiscal year with 200 million leftover. >> maryland has received money to restore the chesapeake pay oyster population. $800,000 was what ward todd department of maryland tharl resources. the funding is investment in the lives and lively hoods that depend on the bay. >> 4:50 is the time now. coming up on "fox news morning" new developments in the case of five officers accused of shooting a teenager 16 times from behind. >> virginia college receives emails threatening violence on campus. >> 7
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temperature. 4:50 is the time. back in a moment. moment.
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>> 4:53 is the time. chicago, they have moved to fire five police officers. the chicago police filed administrative charges against the overs and cases will be heard by the chicago police force and that will rule if the police officers will be fired. mcdonald's was walking a way from police as they shot him 16 times. >> police are investigating a threatening email at the college of william and mary after a similar email was sent to virginia tech. the message included a threat to campus safety and did not indicate what type of threat. officials state person that received the email at william and mary has ties to virginia tech. sources of the emails is under investigation. a maryland
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on the task of preserving historic character of ellicott city main street. preservation maryland will set up a resource center right there for the next nine months to help businesses rebuild the historic district after that major flash flooding swept throughch the resource center will be a non stop shop connecting people with resources they need. well, we know it's only wednesday but we're already looking ahead to friday. our final trip of the season. >> this is a big one. this is one we giveaway a new car. >> and we want to you come out and be a part of it. we'll number silver spring maryland on veterans plaza in front of civic center. how much for a great group. tucker barnes, maureen umeh, holly morris, allison seymour, erin como, kevin mccarthy, they are bringing it strong and wrapping up the zip trip. >> oh, man. >> they'll be out for the zip trip finale friday morning. so come on out
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>> are you going to be dry when you're out there. >> i don't know. let's check with the man with the message. >> yes, you will be dry out there. to apps your question. listen, temperatures out this morning are in the 60s. some places lower to mid 70s. we're middle 70s in town now. 75 degrees. let me show you satellite and radar together. there's been a couple showers work ago long 64. interstate 64. you know that's the interstate between charleston -- not charleston charlottesville and richmond. showers there. weakening and no threat of them coming to the region year here. we have a couple clouds. that's about. it most of the cloud cover is north and west of us. we'll see more of that today. yesterday it was brilliantly sunny. today few more clouds especially in the afternoon. temperatures in the 80s there warming up, upper 80s. low 90s. most around 90tic or so from
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should do it and you know, i and will be dry today. not worried about that. later on this evening into the overnight there's a chance of showers and thunderstorms and better chance of showers and thunderstorms coming through the region tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening as a frontal system approaches it's front that will cool things down, too. today is last day of 90s quite a while. mostly 80s. comfortable temperatures coming our way for this holiday weekend and erin como back on wednesday morning with a look at traffic. >> and 4:56 gary unfortunately a lot of traffic to talk about already. a live look behind me sutland parkway shut down in both directions and serious crash investigation at naylor. rights now shut down between alabama and branch. the traffic you see moving now is traffic waiting to divert. keep in mind sutland parkway remains shut down east and westbound and they hope to have it reopened by rush hour. they're uncher if the accident investigation will wrap by then. we'll keep you updated
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seeing brake lights atypical at this time. let's switch it over for camera. inner loop repositioned camera in virginia at 50. crash blocking right shoulder and right lane and traffic moving left. that can slow you down a bit. we'll look at wide view of the area on the map. this tractor-trailer crash closing southbound at 1 virginia. >> coming up on "fox 5 news morning" d.c. school leaders asking for input in fight pour new school chancellor. >> you might want to keep talking to your dog. >> 4:57 is the time before we head a break. a look at stock features. ♪ fox news morning is back after this. ♪ . i don't know why you say good-bye, i say hello♪
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>> gop nominee trump taking immigration mess tooth mexico. >> and pretty soon well neighbor another decade we could all have a new way to travel to the eastern shore. we're expecting a warm and mild day. could be start of cool air in our region. >> we'll take that. >> yes we will. >> and we'll also say good morning to you,


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