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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  October 27, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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almost just right, almost, almost. gary mcgrady.algary mcgra >> like gold lee locks. >> yeah, almost.lm gary mcgrady is going to mcg talk about the weather, erinhe como is talking traffic. tff let's get right to the top top stories. st developing news from faiorrfax f county where police are searching for the person whoon shot someone last night.eone lai that shooting happened around 10:45 in reston. the victim went to thent hospital but no word on their condition at this point.s poi >> this morning d.c. policemoin need your help finding an 11-year-old girl.d she was last seen tuesday inn the 1500 block of king man kingn place northwest.orthwest she was wearing tan pants and pa brown boots. boots and this fredericksburg woman is alsog missing.issi police say 32-year-oldld rochelle sims was last seen tuesday at the kenmore clubmore it's a center where people p live with mental illnesses. ills sims was last seeing wearing atw blue long-sleeve shirt and khaki police say she takes prescribed medication but doesn't have it withcribed her.h
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call police.e. former member of the armyemt national guard arrested inin july for plotting to help isis. he's also charged withrgedit plotting a fort hood styleyl attack on the u.s. militarythe t and is the fifth northern virginian arrested onested terrorism charges since lastgesc year. the driver charged with hitting ande kdrilivling montgy county police officer noah leotta is set to be sentenced. he pled guilty to vehicularto vc manslaughter in may. police say he was drunk when drh he hit officer leotta last the maximum sentence is sevens e years but prosecutors want himtt to spend at least 10 years in pries on. >> now to the late of the developments at the lynn hill l condos where the gas and electricity has been shut off.ys hundreds of residents areresider looking for new places to live because their condoheir association failed to pay more than $1 million in utilitytility last night county executivexeti rushern baker visited. vit he told them it's not safe to st stay in their homes sincece
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heat. early voting begins todayeg in maryland. you'll have until november 3rde to vote early between theetwe t hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:000 p.m. montgomery county will open 10 early voting centers and prince george's county county executive. you can register vote the sameer day that you early vote. vot >> on the campaign trailmpai hillary clinton and donaldd dona trump are concentrating right r now on a handful of states s with huge numbe equatorial votes at stake. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are in a dead heatry within t chelip marargin of eri the brand new fox poll f p nationwide. now, when it comes to who to who votes, who voters trust, tru clinton at 55 percent with a 15-point lead.oiea on immigration and terrorismrism clinton has a 3 percent lead. l on the economy donald trumponalu has a 4 percent advantage overtr hillary clinton. the democratic nominee was iny n the critical swing state ofta o florida yesterday and took the opportunity to jab at trump
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d.c. hotel. hot >> while the hotel may be new nw it's the same old story. sto if you have friends who arere thinking of voting for trump i want you to tell them that hee relied on undocumented workers to make his project cheaper. chp >> donald trump will head toead ohio he to today to speak at three big rallies while hisli opponent will appear with michelle obama for the firsthe r time in the campaign trail inn n north carolina.nocaro new spots top spend your money. i don't know if that's a good thing or not.know i first let's talk abouts talk abt clarksburg maryland.aryld. the clarksburg premium outletsuo kick off the grand opening oni weekend today from 10:00 a.m. a to 10:00 p.m.0:.m that's a long time to spend a se lot of money n washington, whin, d.c. a new nordstrom racktrom r opens at 12th streett northwest.est. customers will have a shot tot win prizes including a $1,000 a, shopping spree. i saw that down there and i thought i was seeing things.
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>> i was like where is theike ws nordstrom rack down here. >> a thousand dollars i'll have to enter that.strom housent >>.> 4:33. world series game and two the to cubs came to play. anthony rizzo doubling, kris bryant opening the scoring in the very first inning. iin they would end up givingpivin starting pitch are jake areataa a five-nothing lead. areata was almost unhittable.nhl he struck out six and they got the win. w cubs winning this game five to t one. the series tied as it heads to and sunday. sday. park and addison street is going to be lit. >> i love that place. >> my gosh.y >> so nostalgic the historygo there. all right.all we also love washington, d.c..c >> we do. >> and we love the weatherer that we have. h >> we'd love it more if thet moh nationals were playing.. >> yeah, that's true, we wouldeu love that. >> in every life some rainome r must fall. >> a little bit not much.t notuc >> and look at you. y >> i didn't know. >> she knew what she was
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some showers out there today.od listen, not this morning. morni the morning commute is going goi to be dry. we're going to end up with wit just some passing showers lategh day. day. they won't amount to much.mouc i still think most of us get the .10 of an inch. inc we're starting to get dry get d again out there. clouds this morning coming across helping hl to keep the temperatures upres p just a little bit.. speaking of temperatures,res, we're 51 in town. t a lot of folks in the 40's. the' let's see. culpeper you're 39 degrees.9 that's the only reading we see right now. n again yesterday morning it wasgt so much colder out there.uthe here's where we are today.oday temperatures pretty much areaurs wide going to go low to mid 60's. there could be a little bit of sunshine not much but thereot mt could be a little bit for theitt first part of the day.t part ofe i believe this afternoon we'rea' mostly cloudy.loud with just a few really passingeg showers the way it looks likey l now. this system is very is ver disorganized its not cominganizi together so it's not realltsyy bringing together muchuc
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of an inch,y less more like a tn of an inch at best for most locations. here's erin como. it's thursday i wish it was friday, don't you erin. erin. >> i do, too. too traffic is getting by on the inner loop past branch some trees obstructing ourng our view but i wanted to give you go some perspective so you can he see the backed up traffic ased f you lead towards branch avenuere on the inner loop you're goinger to hit this crash l two overturned vehiclesehicles involved. you can see the flashing lights there blocking the can re even though the center lanesente both shoulders blohtcked by this crash right now. we are seeing an atypicaltypi delay for this time of morningor so please be prepared forred those slowdowns.lowdow let's take a look at our maps. m we'll show you how far back b those delays go.delays g on the inner loop as you makeoum your way out towards branch bnc avenue you back up towardsowar pennsylvania avenue and then a t those delays linger as you get towards oxon hill.ill. we'll certainly keep youl certai updated on that crash.nly thaca as for the rest of yourou commute beltway looking good
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rest of our inbound bridges looking good right now n frederick 270 southbound widek 7 open as you headut from 70 pasts the truck scales. none of that usual morning m congestion picking up justp yet. ye 70 quiet. qui heading towards bwi thiswi thi morning for a flight 95 and bw5b parkway looking good.ngd. we'll take a closer look atr loo the outer loop and things on thn 66 as we continue.66 awe c back to you wisdom and maureen.n. >> 4:37 is the time.heim coming up, police search for sr the man who destroyed past p hollywood walk of fame and of fd posted the video online.ideo oi. we're told it was politically moted.ted. >> who knew michael phelps was hiding a secret the entire ent time we cheered him on in rio. >> 4:37 is the time. the temperature is 51.s 5
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>> 4:39. let's take a look at the stories you're engaging with the most this morning otankeu'rn social media.ia. >> holly morris standing byg b
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tracker. holly. >> donald trump's star on theste hollywood walk of fame. of me they say a man in a high high visibility jacket and helmetel was videoed smashing the starher to pieces with a pick ax an ax a sledge army.ed trump received that star back in 2007. 2007. this isn't the first time it's been vandalized.andaze people have been spotted urinating and painting paintin graffiti on it.t. students aren't the only on one in four teachers are chronically absent missingtissig more than 10 days of school.oo and some of those teachers arese missing way more than 10 days. . the most teacher absences happen in high poverty areas. a researchers found that the missed days of course crse negatively affected studentdent performance.perf officials say they aren't sure e what is causing the excessive teacher absences. and finally olympic swimmer michael phelps went into the rio he games and he was the heavy favorite, rioig hr n-his events.vents.
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went into the games a married man. yesterday tmz reported phelps and his fianc?e former miss california u.s.a. nicole johnson were he secretlyecre married back in june. in e. this news comes after thes afte baltimore native yesterday actually denied that he and johnson had wed. w guess he knows how to keep a secret.seet. or not now that we know butno b they kept it for awhile. awhil why they would want to keept to eight secret. k >> yeah, what's the big deal.igd >> i mean, they took boomer, their son.r s >> i a s ton together, you went toou rio. michael phelps the cat is out it the bag. b congratulations.tu thanks holly. coming up on fox5 newsox5ews morning a local teenager arrested for selling marijuanaaa laced brownies in montgomeryes e county. >> fast food restaurantry known for its slogan we have thee meats is adding a new gamey option to the menu. >> gamey. >> yeah. >> as we go to break a liveiv look across the d.c. region. reo it is 4:41 and 51 degrees.1 degr
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the break. >> ??
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?? cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors.
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the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. >> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> today on fox5 news morningx5r a major new shopping centerg cer opening today in our region. reo >> american doctors begin begin testing a vaccine for lungne fon cancer and it's all thanks tot'n a new partnership with cuba. >> looking live outside it isoui a nice and cool day right r there right now but things are e
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no complaints on this end.plain i know some of you fall loversao might be like no.migh lik thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. nd and i'm wisdom martin today. is thursday october 27th. i'm we less than four dayts to decideoc on a halloween costume so get g it together, people. pple. get it together.ogher. >> i just got mine.ust go >> all right. go.d tore good to erin como talking traffic. traff gary mcgrady, though,cgradythou walking about what we wereout w just talking about. >> yes. >> the weather which is not wea that >> no. >> no, it's not.>> no, it's not this morning it's not nearlys nl as chilly like it wase it was yesterday morning we had frostro and freeze watches and warnings all over the a place. a this morning not the deal. dea a lot of clouds out this ts morning. that's keeping temperatures up a bit. it's not completpielngyup cloudr neeryone. but most of us do have cloudse d out there this morning as thenig sun comes up, 7:30 or so, then t i think we'll be seeing a little bit of it but a lot of o clouds, too, then really is rll the trend today. tod. a lot more clouds and then the t possibility of a few showers later on.later . culpeper you're 39.'r here inside the beltway we'retw'
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annapolis 55. gaithersburg is 45.s 4 here's the deal on today. t i do believe this afternoon isno our best chance for somer some showers. we wake up this morning,ng, again, little bit of sunshine,sh not sun for everybody butbo still some sun out there.t t. a little on the cool side. side. temperature in the 40's and low 50's.ature 50' breezy by lunchtime.unchme. temperature of 61.teature of 6 should still be dry atlle d lunchtime and then showers showe roll in later this afternoon.s . not very wet. no that's it for me.'s it r now let's get to erin como como with your morning commute. >> 4:46. bottom of the beltway inf the by prince george's county on the inner loop we have a crash involving two overturnedtwo ovet vehicles. this is the inner loop is is approaching branch avenuee they zoomed the camera out soamo you can get a little bit of aita better vw. at least one lane is gettingetti by but several lanes blocked by this big crashlo scene.ce jammed from suitland parkwaydar to branch avenue. bavenue. we'll go ahead and forward our r cameras and show you a look onn 66. as you make your way from fro gainsville heading through tou
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passing 29 you can see volumeanm is building but traffic still s flowing inside the beltway the y through falls church andan arlington. same story there. right now metro is it ontory t time. tim we have a break today anda k toa tomorrow from safe track. we'll talk safe track surge 10 and what you can expectk safe on saturday with your next look wio at traffic.ur back to you guys.u g >> and just in time for thefor t holiday shopping season thereeao is a new outlet mall opening opi in town. ll all right. we're talking about clarksburg premium outlets.le annie to do a little scouting for usiu because it's not opened justt yet so she's scouting out theint area right now.igow. there will be some traffic outo there, some events takingents tn place today so we need a full al report because we plan on becaul getting our shop on. >> selfishly wisdom wants ats a full report.epor >> reporter: i got you rorter: i covered w gisdom. >> he's ready. >> reporter: don't you worry. i'm ready. i've got it. rep ou i've done my rch. r this is very exciting.xcitg. this project began back in 2004 so here we are about two at years later. many, many people lookingng
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course the owner who owns a who lot of premium outlets in thethe region. region. but if you take a look around, a this is a beautiful outdooror space, it's two level. level a lot of your popular stores, you've got gap, express, loftre and then you've got theothe premium stores like the highthe end retailers so we're talking like saks fifth avenue michael course, tore rebirch.rebi outlet shopping has reallyhas rl become popular. we saw the national harbor onean opening but this one is --s their main competition is thes t leesburg premium outlets overtse in leesburg virginia.irni leesburg has about 170 stores. o here you'll find about 89 about8 stores so 70 are opened todayped and then they plan to open 19 o more over the next severalev months but, yes, a very exciting time with all thosehose stores also means jobs.ns j if you want to speak in economic terms.
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this brings about 800 full 800ul time and part-time jobs to theot area and the construction ofctn this site generated about 500bot construction jobs so that's pretty cool.ool. and as far as location goes,oes, it's really a nice drive frome f d.c. it's about 25 miles or so north of the city right off of i-270. i looked around.oked there's plenty of parking to park. you know, i did read some rd so comments online and there arere some concerns about congestionio and the fact that it couldou bring a lot of traffic to this o area when we speak to the owner i'm hoping to ask him about transportation because one ofat the bestion ways to get people o here is providing plenty off parking and publicublic transportation so we'll talk w to him about the traffic asraica expect in addition to theioto shopping fun that's the latest clarksburg maryland, annie fox5 local loc news. >> just in time for the shopping season. okay.ok the sheriff's officef'fic investigating a shooting thattia happened behind movie theateriet on mall circle drive in dve waldorf around 8 o'clock last'co
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were walking together when whe shots were fired.shots were fir. we're told that the man has tt critical injuries. injurie a possible suspect is in custody.sty. >> metro officials are taking tn action against the train t operator who refused to moveusem his train because he said hisusd shift had ended.had ded the train was out of service s and was moving equipment toipmet the greenbelt station ongr sunday night at the fort totteneenbay n station. the operator's supervisor supero wound up moving that train. metrupo says t movhere were no significant delays in either ir direction. >> no word on what charges arges local teen may face after he was accused of selling drugg laced montgomery blare high schoolry last friday. two students got sick and later told police he they t purchased brown fleece in thed r hours before the dance. >> coming up on fox5 newsowurs e ommorning, aing nupew o vaccinr lung cancer is now beingcer isob tested. >> students in college parken drop ats safety request after the umd leaders agree he to eir r demands. >> as we head to break a live l look outside across the aoss region. time is 4:50.0.
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>> 4:53 is the time.>> police in san antonio texas 4n a investigating a gruesome and unusual here's what happened a womanha was trying to stop a towt truck from taking her vehicle andic after she parked in someone else's spot this is whatthiss wh happened after she parked in i someone else's spot at ant apartment complex.en as she tried tt o stop them police say her purse gotur caught somewhere on her car or and was -- and she got caughtau and was dragged and killed.s dr the tow truck driver told t police he didn't know she wasas stuck until it was late. l >> student leaders agreed to t stop their demand that school raise annual fees to shore upo the office of sexualua misconduct.mion the umd asked the title officeff add an annual charge.hae. but the school's
4:54 am
to hire staff and conduct ae st thorough revieafw off investigative procedures.e proc. the president of the schoolchool student government has called the announcementgovern "a win fr student activism." activism." >> clinical trial for a cuban lung cancer vaccine will sooncec begin in the united states.inhe the roswell park cancer park cae institute in buffalo gotfalo authorization from the food offer the treatment to aationtoa limited number of patients. pie the institute has permissions to start a joint business busin venture with cuba to fast track biotech products. p the vaccine has been used onsed more than 4,000 lung cancer pa those who got the vaccine hadvah a better survival rate and quality of life compared tored t those who did not get it. >> arby's offering venison v sand wind chills at 17 locations in six deer hunting states.states. it will be on the menu during dr
4:55 am
>> ving rhames is the voice v for ashby's.r he's got the beef.he b >> i didn't know that was him. h >> now he'll say we've got the venison. >> you going to try it.ngtry >> absolutely not. n >> i tried deer one time. tri i was not aed fan. >> we are fans of garyry mcgrady because he's dear to us. >> that was good. >> that's a good one. > tha a great segue >> [laughter]>> [ >> no doubt about that. a lot more thanla n io do appree venison, just put it to youn, that way. jus some showers out t listen, this is going to bengo e afternoon and evening stuff.ev it's going to affect thect evening commute. commute this morning's commute is mor going to be dry soni that's gooo and then really the way it'sayt' looking in terms of how muchf hm will it affect the eveningng commute, it's not going to beo a lot of rain. it doesn't take a lot of rainai to effect the evening commute,me there's no doubt about that.o doesn't look like a heavydo rain, nothing like that justothi some showers. this morning for the kiddos atng iddos the bus stop pickup time is 45m to he 53 not nearly as cold as d
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bit today but not bad.t t as we get into the afternoon hours, 3, 4, 5 o'clock that'sha when i expect to see a few f more passing showers coming across. looks like up until about two at or 3 o'clock we should be mostly dry but this afternoonhio sun goes away, showers come on across and then we're going to g dry out. out. tomorrow looks really, reallyy,r nice for us. us. friday looks gorgeous andous a saturday looks gorgeous, too.s,. more on that coming o right now we gotn th to get to erin >> thank you gary. 4:56 right now and if you'rend i heading out in prc county, earlier inner loopp crash that we were trackinge wea out by branch avenue has cleared. seeing a little bit of a residual delay from suitlandm sa parkway past branch avenue butat again this crash involving toolo overturned vehicles clearedrn and traffic is getting by just fine righted n vowc is towards n hill. just a slight residual delay.. things on suitland parkway p issue looking good.e loing goo pennsylvania avenue inboundvenuu quiet as well. as we loot k in southern sthern maryland we have some volume w s building on 210 through fort washington and five at 301
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delays yet. y just more folks getting out this morning from charlesharl county up towards the beltway.ey now as we take a look over 95r 5 dale city to the beltway widetww opened south of that point inint stafford some volume buildingld as well.el metro on time. a look at safe track for this ft weekend next.ekenxt. back to you.o you. >> 4:57 is the time.>> 4 coming up on fox5 news morning a popular college investmentnvet plan in maryland is downgradedd by a ratings agency. anc >> parts of central italy italy recovering after twoer t earthquakes. before we head to break a quick lookre we at today's stok futures. more fox5 news morning afternint the break. bre.
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>> today on fox5 news morningn o a man accused of killing ax5ofii montgomery county policeme officer is scheduled to be senrn d.d. >> major new shopping centerg cr opens today in our region. regio >> live look outside.utsi. we're in the middle of a it's cool but not as cold asd same time yesterday.ime yesterd. >> means maybe you can leave your jacket unzipped. unzpe good morning to you, we're so we happy you're with us.ppy you're thanks for joining us. u i'm holly morris. morri >> and i'm maureen umeh. uh. hey, we are talking about our ar weather with gary mcgradywi and talking traffic with therinn como all coming up on theon the 5s. >> let's get right to the news at the top of the hour.ig ht thedeveloping overnight top a damage assessment is under way w as more small tremors continue u to rock the central part oft the country.e cry


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