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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  October 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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he was really excited on expecting a child coming ining this world and he was going tooi be a good father. fathe >> reporter: hicks was working two jobs and wouldou soon be >> i just know that he was aas very good person, you know, everybody loved his smile. his s you know, you would see him in the hallway and he would saye wy i'm going to class and i'min doingg well. wel everybody lined him and he was very focused.very focus >> reporter: hicks also hadorte: a planned apprenticeship andhi thoughts of join, the militaryy big dreams for a life that will noms you can still see the medical md gloves littering the sidewalk te behind the amc movie theater. tr this is where police say the victim and suspect met for actet drug deal but they say it was only a small amount of pot of that was involved and they t still can't figure out why the 19-year-old suspect pulled outdu a gun and shot hicks.ic even after witnesses provided a suspect description and charles county sheriff'sri
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devon jefferson.efrson it appears it was a senseless shooting that took a young y life too soon.oon. >> got to stop talking at them t and start talking to them andmnd letting them know from our perspective on better how toow conduct yourselves.cond >> reporter: in waldorfal alexandria limon, fox5 local news. news >> ?? >> i have to go and talk son at the grave. gra how would you feel if that was you?you? >> ?? >> it was preventable unnecessary loss. this hard working caringcaring dedicated police officer wasd pf killed by a drunk driver.ri he was killed by a man that man had been arrested twice before r for drunk driving.ring >> ?? >> i dream that nothing hasam th
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factor temperatures i hope tem he'll have christmas wherevertm he will be. i am crying. cry >> we thank noah for hisis we thank him for his sacrificefe and we thank him knowing that on in death, he will continue to save lives through the law which bears his name. >> i'm in a living hell rightig now and not for any course ofrs what i did or what because we have somebody who w is alleged to have been drinking and driving getng get behind the wheel of a car and struck my son. >> justice today for montgomery county police officer noah leotta the mangomet respa onsible for his death wash sentenced to 10 years in in prison. >> today in court luis reluzco o apologized to the officer'sffer parents following a hyland h
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fox5's paul wagner joins us jois live from the courthouse inurthi rockville with more.or paul. paul. >> reporter: you know, ifep you'veorte ever heard rich leott speak in public or on on television you know thatno today's hearing would be very,ar very emotionalin and it was.. this hearing was held in the largest courtroom here in this courthouse in rockvilurtrle, ane it was filled with uniformedrmed officers. there were members of the reluzco family on one side and e members of the leotta familyttam on the other and one by oney one members of t up to tell judge harrington harn exactly what this did to their family. for example, marcy goldmancyoldn said all my happiness is over ie with the death of my sonly i hate hearing about other about people's children and thele's c sight of a baby boy makes me cry, i just want to die. d rich leotta told the judge i t am j in a living hell and ihe can't get out of i just want to hear no, sir he
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after the hearing was over and d after reluzco heard his sentence rich leotta came downcn stars and with john mccarthy mar and the police chief theyef spoke with reporters.orters here's a little bit of whatt ofw rich leotta had to say along alg with john mccarthy.arthy >> i purposely wore the pin t p today noah's law because i wanted it to remind of whatt today was all about. a it wasn't about winning orni losing or anything of that or an i couldn't have done it without my wife mars he see marcy and daughter. without them i don't know if iek would have the courage to beourt up here but ultimately it was noah who gives me the strengthht to do what i have to do. to save lives, to continue ctinu what he was always trying to to do, save lives.iv this was his fourth alcoholcoho related offense dating back decades.
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this case were two to seven years. years. found by judge harrington to be inadequate for this j cudase and she was correct. correct >> reporter: on the eveninging of december 3rd of last year lay noah leotta was working a holiday alcohol detail onetai rockville pike and had just j pulled over a suspected drunk driver when luis reluzco leftuzf hooters down the road and got rd into his car. c officer leotta was out of his marked cruiser with the lights flashing when witnesses say reluzco plowed into him ando plt about 50 -- at about 50 miles 5 an hour. an hou reluzco was very drunk he he he blew a .22, nearly three timesrt the legal limit and admitted adt having smoked marijuana and a taking a seven days later officererff leotta died. dd. today in court testimonymo revealed reluzco had no ideade he had hit anyone in thein t minutes after the collision. co. and following today's hearing, h rich leotta said he goes to hoe the cemetery to talk to his son. in fact, hen. went theret tre
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>> i told him that we were up up against another stage ofer sge o trying to save lives. liv i wanted him to be proud of prod what i was doing. doing i wanted that noah continue to make a difference. difrence. we started with noah's law andaw this was just another stage of e trying to make a difference and now i can go back to him to and say yes, i think he noah n we made a difference today.od the judge -- the judge who noah had told me were too we lenient, guess they proved me wrong.rong they proved no what -- noahoa no what would be happy about that. judge harrington listened absorbed understood,e harr understood the gravity of thevie situation understoodat everything that was going ons gg in that courtroom and made the right decision. dision. >> reporter: now, at the endhe e of the hearing judgeri jud harrington gave reluzco isave lc chance to say something.omet he stood up, he looked rightke at the leo tas and he said
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no sentence that would be enough for your son's life. lif i'm so sorry.or anything that happens to me is not enough. eug i pray to his soul in heaven.eae now, reluzco is being sentenced to 10 years in prison but under maryland law,ad he only has to serve a quarter r of that before he's eligible eli foparole.e. he's already been locked upocked since february, so it is possible, it is very possible that he could be out of prison within two years. y live outside the courthouse inhi rockville, paul wagner, fox5 local news.. >> there's been a lot of violence at many political pitic rallies throughout thellie election season. 2 days remaining there'sre alarming new evidence about concerns of violence at thef vi polls. new suffolk university usasa today poll showed voters says they're deeply worried aboutored the prospect of violence onnc o election day.
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tonight at a polling location p in arlington county.ou what do they have to say about a this? this is really striking? >> reporter: right, jim, you know, they areter: aware of thit poll. they are aware of the concern, n but when you talk to arlington county officials here at a hat a polling location like this oneci where they've had in-person in-s absentee voting going on for for weeks now, they'll tell you this.this they've not only had no n incidents, they've had no confrontation and as they leadyd up to folks this. this. that this early voting, this t absentee voting is in place in p whether you're busy onu're by on election day or whether youthery simply want to get it out of it the way to avoid thevoid t culmination as to what hashat s been up to this point an energetic and sometimesimes violent election. elect this is giving a people anple avenue to avoid election day day on tuesday november 8thovemr altogether by getting it out of the way.ay so, what did this poll say? well, it said this.s.
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it came from suffolkolk university.iversi. it found that 51 percent ofren the people who were surveyedyed had concerns that there washathr going to be violence at theirhe polling places. what it also found was this,as t that fully 40 percent of the people who were asked saidaid that they are concerned thatoncd there is not going to be ang tbe peaceful transfer of powerower after the election day. now, that's surprising.urpr here in arlington lam beth director of electionsf says he doesn't expect any problems. in addition to protecting thect physical safety of voters vot she'll have poll workers.kers those poll workers have beeneee trained sworn in. they'll be checking thetrcking e credentials of anybody who who seems is going to show up ass some kind of self appointed poll watcher and might try intimidate any of the voterste a on election day. >> there's a concern that individuals may be self
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polls on election day he potentially threatening votersnr but the fact of the matter is they're not allowed in thellowei polling place without proper pro authorization and our polloupoll workers are trained in thatedn respect. >> reporter: now, arlington ain county officials tell us this. they do not want a policeol presence at these pollingence a locations, reason being ist on they dons,'t want to get into aa situation where anybody who is voting might feel by a police presence.e presence. however, they are saying this.h they have talked to arlington at county police.ty pic they're going to be on high alert that day and withinit reach of any of these pollingsel stations should policed p presence be needed. nde we're live in arlington county tonight, tom fitzgerald fox5eraf local >> let's just be civilized people.peop >> absolutely. tter ymatter what side you're on. >> civil process. >> come on. >> you would hope so.>> >> straight ahead at 5:00 a youd hbiopghgt cahonceatrn for thoa voting early. early.
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day. >> ronica is live with more onhn that in montgomery county i today. hey, ronica. >> reporter: hey, jim andn moy sarah.ra we've got the step by step b s process that is put in placen p to keep those votes secure.ecur. we'll let you decide if youe ify think it's enough. rahah. >> and vote swapping.nd v that's a thing apparently thisyi election cycle.yc hear how voters in differentnfe states are trading votes with w each other to try to sway the tiection. sue. >> hello he there sarah and jim.lo he we're still watching sometchingm showers around the area. are and east of the city right nowht or well north and west so are sa we done with showers on this thursday? i know it certainlyer made the roads a little bitit troubling this afternoon,fternon everything slip with fallingng s leaves. i'll let you know what's aheadn for the thursday evening andng the weekend as well.l. a first look at your forecast fc coming up in just a few up ust minute. come on back.
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>> ?? earing voting is officially under way across aos its dmv.. >> ronica cleary he is live at silver spring polling locationng with more on the safety of your p early votesole aonnd hou can be sure they're counted on n election day. everybody is concerned abouted o this ronica. >> reporter: it's definitely something you migr:ht b ieou mit thinking about maybe somethingum you never considered butever coi here's the thing.derehere
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ever wondered where does my vote go until election day? ay those votes can't be counted cnt until election day. d how are those votes kept secure? we are working to geto you answers from across the t dmv so that you know if youno decide to vote early that yourt vote will be secure and a counted. so let's start in maryland.aryl. we've got prince george'snc county and montgomery county mtm early voting started there today and their procedures are identical.iden those ballots are locked in se second, those bins are transported by board of elections staff to board of elections locations in gaithersburg and largo. the third step is that those secure bins are then locked in i another secure location in gaithersburg in largoar monitored under cameraamer surveillance. now, the fourth step, one youp,y might be wondering what aboutt t those voting booths right inn here, well they stay heretay hee every night. those are locked andni keptept secure as well.el
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maryland. and the answers in the thenswe district, they were a little a l bit more difficult to find. t fn let me tell you a little bitl about what goes on inyo the district.rict now, detailed information, ion, couldn't really get it. i i was first told that afterer early voting closes on november 4th, the ballots willal be secured at a secrett location, so of course you know i pressed for moreed for mr information and details but i i received this e-mail in response.on now, contingency plans are inrei place to maintain security aty a every step. step. local and federal law enforcement agency partners not to discuss specificisss spe details. so, you know, take with thatith what you will. w of course i also reached outcheo to the virginia board of elections but we're stills waiting to hear back on thatn tt information on how they keepheyp your ballot secure there. the of course, we will update youe y with that information as soonino as we getrm it.t i reporting live in silver spring, i'm ronica cleary withcw fox5 local news. news. >> you heard her say we wereee
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they're sealed up.they'rseal >> right. they're waiting. >> have you ever heard aboutth the term vote swapping.te sing. sounds illegal. illegal. >> it does. a new app is hoping it makes a difference on november 8themberh thanks to the never trump app.u you can search your contact to reach out and possibly swap votes with one of your friends. let's say for example you live in ohio and support garyr exry johnson your friend lives inlivn new york and supports hillarynds clinton.up by swapping your votes johnsonyr will get apparently the samehe number of popular votes at least the thinking and you y both help hillary clinton ohio but i was reading the apphp maker says he's well awarewa that you could use this you cou against -- from the other-- fth side, too. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> yeah. they can use that against them. >> donald trump pulling out the stopsan usetd trum to entice african-american voters.n-ot he was in charlotte yesterdayted and he promised what he called c "a new deal for black america. ." the pledge rested on three topics safe communities greatmm education and high paying jobss he wants tax holidays for inner city investment and new n
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companies to relocate in blighted americaned neighborhoods. >> and i am so excited to be introducing our amazing first lady, michelle obama. obama [cheers and applause] >> also in north carolina first lady michelle obama right there joining hillaladyryl clinton for a campaign stop in winston salem today. tod it marked the pair's firstair'st joint campaign appearance. the first lady touted toute clinton's experience and stressed the importance of early vot ting.heing. former president bill clintoncli is scheduled to campaign for his wife sunday in greeno and charlotte. >> ?? >> all right. i was caught outside withoutut an and well today. tod >> oh no,. >> that's because i didn't pay attention. >> you got to get the weathercas app, jim. j have you gotten it yet.ou gotit >> i do have the weather app.pp. >> i check it before i everre ie leave the house.leave sue palka, i'm a believer inve >> i'm shooting a commercialomma right now for it. i >> you can just probably just watch up. you were probably tied up with w that game two.wo we spent a lot of time talking i
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going to potentially affect aff cleveland but that's the raine n coming through our area nowa n ahead of a frontal boundary. bor definitely murky looking outoono there but believe it or not it most of the rain is over forin r our this could still be a fewe w showers when the front comes t through a bit later.bit lat straight to radar we go soe go that you can see that we're t watching as we put everythingven in motion, showers down across s lower southern maryland in the t northern neck of virginia andecv then out there with a frontalh l boundary from hagerstown to just north from of front royall another batch of showers coming so a little bit closer. e some good downpours around aun prince towards port royal, bad timingbn because at the rush hour it hr i causes a lot of problems. i saw a a lot few fender-benders myself when i came in thisca ins afternoon and some moreore helpful rain from hagerstownerst down through winchester as you n can see he that is moving from m west to east and if it holds together, we could see a few a f of those showers in here a bit later.late we're going to say a spot hepot tea chance. futurecast one models iselss seeing those showers maybers mbe scattering through our areang tr around 8 o'clock or so but s but again not a not coming our way.
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starting to clear out. o here's the frontal boundary. fro that's going to be passing through tonight and oiafterng ii goes through, it's going to get windy and little bit ltl chilly overnight as we head w for the 40's so watch foratch f those breezes to pick on up. u also wanted to show you thehe temperatures right now trying tn to uptick just a little bitk ju now that the rain is over, we're back into the low 60'sst in the io d.c., 63 degrees. gaithersburg 59.9. frederick 59. 59. and it's 52 in 63 he in winchester.r. so, one more thing we want toant he show you, the eveningveng planner. we're going to 60 degrees at 7:00 way spotty shower.ower. 9 o'clock 58. then i think that's it if we w even see any spotty showers sho they're gone by 11:00. 1 you need to hang in there withhe us because coming up in just a j little bit, if you haven't already seen it on socialt so media, we're going to show you our winter weather outlook and you don't want to miss that. oh, my gosh, don't tell me t it's already starting. art hold on. i got to get my fox5 jacket. jke get in here tony. t winter is coming, everybody.rydy get under here with he me. m save you and we'll have theave
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>> it's so collid.t's >> thank you mike.>> t iha told you to save some foromr next year. yr. >> apparently later we'll give you recipes for ham. [laughter] >> great. >> good job. >> all right. king of>> all ham -- ham - >> no, not speaking of ham.peak. >> you are a ham but controversial bake sale.rsial b. a college club drawingb drawing scrutiny he for chargingarging people different prices basedced on their >> but hear the lesson they were trying to get across. get . >> the vandals responsible for taking a have that hammer to donald trump's hollywood starav isthmp's h arrested.ested. hear his more attention today. today >> 2 tons of cocaine founds inside aof c submarine. smugglers captured trying to get $73 million worth of drugs u across the we're back after this.s.
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>> ?? >> in tonight's health watch new research shows women are nigh marchuch mst as alcohol as men. m >> researchers recently rec reviewed nearly 70 studiestu covering the drinking habitsg of men and women between 1891en1 and 2001. >> they found men born betweenet 1891 and 1910 were twice as t likely as women to drink 13nk 1 times as likely to abuse a alcohol but for people born after 1990 those numbers were nearly >> researchers think thees chaneage is because drinks are cheap err and the alcohold t industry is putting marketing me >> i would also argue becauseecu women are outside maybe in the workplace too. >> good point. >> happy hours. >> and also because most men between 1890 and 1991 aren't a with us any more. a >> there you go. also thought it was men are wen driving women to drink but youny know whatever. >> good news for parents ofents children with food allergies. as >> mylan's epipen is about topet get more competition. >> last year it was pulled
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manufacturing >> it will be available forfactl patiavaients during the first h of next year.the of the move c nomes amid widespread criticism over a recent price p hike of epipens.hike of epipe at this point it's unclear ule whether it will be less expensive. incredible story of a texas baby bornincred twice.wi >> lindley hope entered thee end world for the second time justnt four monthsim ago. a now she's hitting groupng gro milestones.milestones. >> doctors removed her fromto her mother's uterus afterrs r ol 23 weeks due to a life-threatening tumor puttingpt a strain on the child's heart.n >> but afterth the pro they put her back no her mother's womb to develop forelop 13 more weeks.eeks mother master was initiallys iny pregnant with twins. she he didpr miscarregy the otho child. lindley was born with oneley s o functioning kidney. doctors think she'll be fine. fn 61 people charged for an elaborate call center scam.l >> ahead at 5:30 how scammers sm tricked nearly 15,000 victimsic into shelling out more than $300 million.$300 we're tracking metro fore ti you hey, matt.
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metro boardroom today to talkm o to the board ofda directors. dio they're concerned about safetyoe issues and track work.ork. i'm matt ackland, a live, a l report from northeast comingg up. >> and a woman scheduled tochedo sing the national anthem at an n nba game last night was stopped before she could stepbe on stage. thefore reason, the shirt she wasrthe s wearing. >> and after concussionson plague two key members of thewo redskins today we fin kd oeyut o is exactly getting the all-clear to go to london.ondo we're back after this.hi
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switching to fios is easier than ever. this is your last chance to get 100meg internet, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. hurry, our best offer ever ends soon. only from fios. >> ?? >> this is fox5 local news at 5:00. >> a manassas man is wanted in e connection with the sexualtion e assault of a nine-year-oldye-o
5:31 pm
perez. he sexually assaulted thelted t little girl several times at ale home in in nas detectives say the abuse the a happened over the last twot tw years and perez is related toeld the victim.ic police are asking anyone with ah information to give them aatio v call. >> a former member of the airir national guard -- army national guard pleaded guiltyedt to charges of plotting to help p mize. mohammed jalloh was arrested. the 27-year-old was charged cha with plotting a fort hood fort style attack against the u.s. military. jalloh is expected to beohs ex sentenced in january.ry if convicted he faces up to 20 0 years. >> police made an arrest inrresi connection with a hit and run ar and attempted assault of aau o officer in prince william tyunty. aliyah sahir faces severales s charges for her role in thee t incident last night on minnieville road inievie ro woodbridge. police say she hit eightceay s different cars and during theurn arrest she attempted to strike s one of the responding officers. >> this seems like a rhetorical question. do you ever find yourself>> trht frustrated with metro with thehh
5:32 pm
to tarnish the image of the of transit agency. a >> some of its workers say theke public needs to know they'rehere working hard to try to fix f those problems but they feelheyf left out by management.agem today they took those tho complaints directly to theints metro board.o oard >> matt ackland live at theivate rhode island metro stationis with more on this one.lath mor hey,e matt.on m >> reporter: hey, jim. jim safe track surge is about to abt begin here in just a couple off days. days thousands of people as youe a know have been working on this n safe track program. progr some of them even six da week. add into that new managers man that are in place, also ao consultants that have beentant brought in and there has beenine a little the work he is went to theento boardroom to talk to the board of directors today to say they e have experience, they knowxperi, what they're doing but no one is really listening toy're d the let's take you to video.ideo members say they're tired ofre d being ignored when it comes to o track work and safety issues. they say new consultants andants managers often dismiss t the workers said that theyhat
5:33 pm
anyone and they have some suggestions.s i want you to take a lift the end to some of theirof complaints. >> and if you want to know how to fix hill wmata, ask ourur members. ask the ones who operate andra a maintain the metro system every day. the knowledge in this roomowledn standing behind me over there tr on that wall is irreplaceable.eb we know things that managementem don't know. kw. we certainly know more thanw mon your high paid con >> for many years front linero l employees have madeoyees have md suggestions about how to properly maintaiesnti the tracka we have sounded alarms throughhh our union and with our supervisors.rvis wmata management has ignored us and too often ignored ourur union. un >> if a front line employee is not willing to say the trackhe t is safe it's not ready to have h regular service running managers shouldn't press them so to say that itul is.s. >> while customer service isce i important wmata safety should
5:34 pm
>> reporter: we did talk to general manager paul wiedefeld e about these complaints. t he spoke before those workersr went in front of the board. he says asn always what hfreone always says is safety becomesec first before safety.y. safety is always paramount.s pa. the riders also made a point after the hearing by sayingayg that they don't believe thatt management is putting any riders in harm's way. w they're a little concerned about them when they're working out there but they juoustt rtheallg y wantou to bb attention to this they've been working on theng o tracks for so long, they have te good ideas, they know thewhe tracks like the back of theirf hands and they're reallyre r hoping that these newse managers, these new tse consultants listen to their tir ideas as well.el live in northeast, matt, m ackland fox5 local news.ews. >> amtrak has agreed to pay $265 million to settle claimsla related to the deadlyhe deay derailment in philadelphiahi last year. y eight people were killed andle a more than 200 others were injured when the trainured w
5:35 pm
victims will be notified by june of next year what theyha will receive. rve ntsb ruled the accident wascct w likely caused by the train's engineer. they say brendan boston toldn investigators he doesn't knowsnw what happened. >> feds arrested more than 60 t people with a call center scam s that trend thousands of peopleeo into shelling outer more thang a $300 million. the call center operation wastiw based in india.. today the justice departmentar parter in the scam. they say callers posed as taxs t immigration agents threateninghe to arrest and deport peoplee unless money was sent to clearer up unpaid income authorities say the callthe c center scam mostly targeted minorities and the elderly. eer >> outrage continues to grow at the university of texas att austin after a group hosted a affirmative action bake they charged people differentedd prices based on both theirhe
5:36 pm
white men paid one dollar forn a a cookie andid white women were charged 75 cents.en black and hispanic men wereene charge 50 cents while black wle and hispanic women only paid p 25 cents. cen. the club claims the sale was aes protest of what they are calling the institutionalizedonz racism of affirmative action programs at colleges andleges a universities. set to set who was sing the national anthem lastl t night before a philadelphialphia 76ers game was instead told not to >> her name is seven streeter se and she was t before she wouldn't be singerlds because of what she was wearing. >> i'm at the 76ers game toam sing the national anthem andnald the organization is telling me n i can't because i'm wearing aeai we matters jersey.erse >> so streeter told the ap shep was never given any kind of dress code or asked what slaw wl wearing. streeter said she was heartbroken she wasn't able tobl perform the song.. instead it was performed by a member of the dance team. philadelphia 76ers havee te
5:37 pm
performance was canceled. >> i think it's pretty clear c but they're just keeping their mouth shut.ut s >> one thing we want to pointt t out to considering the nba the e nba tells all its players and pd coaches you have to stand foryo the anthem.u ha that's en into the rules the r of the league. but, you know, draw yourw you conclusion why the sixers didhed what they did.what >> right, exactly., exactly. >> all right. >> we're going to talk ae' little bit more about footballrl right now.ght . the redskins they're headingeadg out. >> i know. over the pond. >> they don't have to gohey doht through we know the rsk to board a flight in 90 in minutes bound for london fornor the show down against thegain t bengals. a question hanging all overgi oe the team all week long was answered. answer redskins inside the bubble getting a practice. traveling and playing onnd playi sunday are two different differt things. team doctors will monitor both t and make the call across the ac pond if the two will suit up against the bengals and jayt th
5:38 pm
feeling. >> my gut, my gut says i'may hung he agree -- hungry rightgrt now. i'm not going to guess onuess o those two guys.e two there's no way of knowing. kwi tomorrow could be totally different they could feelould f totally different than we do dif today. we just don'tfe knoow but signsg are looking >> they can take a doubleta a du decker bus ride and go through picadilly circus. this kind of seems old hat o for will black mon. m he played on two teams in london. what does he think works best. b >> if i wanted a pack of gum i i didn't know where to go.'t you're just so out of your of y element. i mean, i t's cool 'cause youcausyo can i guess catch up on sleep or what have you but -- but there's more i think nflfl obligation that you have to do a out there. the
5:39 pm
operations department they depay focus and the consensus is there just to be there friday,e saturday, sunday. >> and look at this.hi seems while his wife erica was w doing some cleaning sheanshe decided to pitch one of his h old jerseys.old jers seems a little strange the arrangement there. that happened to be the one herang ws wearing when he threw his second no-hitter last season.erl so he he got some revenge.e ve look at this. >> what is it. >> whais >> scherzer tossed a few of her prized purses into these t >> he oh, no, jim, what brandhad are >> i don't know. i'm not very good at thatd at t sorter of thing but all ising bs fair in love and. i'm not buying it. i it seems a little haphazardlyhay tossed. >> or maybe it was there was an inside joke between thehe two of them. >> good thing it got saved. >> donate it if anything.nyth >> donate to charity.>> de to coming up it may be one ofpf the main reasons you bought youb
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you'll have to wait longer to t get its newest feature.ea why apple is delaying the release of the wireless air pods. >> firefighters coming to the at rescue inco mmiornge ways than e that story is coming up next. n hey sue. >> hey jim and sarah.>> hey jima we had a few showersnd m sovingn rougugh. hopefully we'll get a peak of that sun before it gets oneforen down. i know i saw a few breaks inreai those clouds as i was comingwaso into work. thank you joe he what was. send your pictures to us at u a fox5 weather or sue palka fox55 d.c. temperatures should be about shl 61 degrees and we've got some ws good news in the forecast.ew thf sun's back tomorrow but what buw about the that weekend? we'll have that report coming uphat ro with your seven-dayrt forecast.. it's just minutes away.
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
>> ?? >> welcome back we want to bring you breaking news happening in northeast d.c. at this hour. take a look at that. that is whacotmein weg yoin n take understand anderstan
5:44 pm
metrobuses. there were 43 kids on theon charter bus or actually 43 actl kids we understand transported to the hospital. hpital. 23 that were actually on theual charter bus.char this is a 4,000 block of o eastern avenue. ave somewhere in the neighborhoode n to t randolph street northeast,, randolph street or northeast, n, in that area. again, 43 elementary school scho aged kids on board and we're w told transported from that t charter bus police and fireus crews of course on the scene cou there and we'll bring you thed very lateswet as'l it comes to >> we're being told thatolha parents, if your kids are are involved, don't go to the scene go to children'sren's hospital. that's where the kids are kids e apparently being taken so at t t that point just avoid thatdt area altogether. but you get a sense we heard h charter bus first. busir charter bus you imagine ar s yo larger tour bus. looks like a school bus type there crashes into the metrobus. >> lauren demarco he is at the e scene. scene. >> hearing from the publicring information officer outth theret mark brady saying the injuriesgi
5:45 pm
know, before we get too we g nervous out there just keep that in mind as well. al. we'll stay on top that of isn't scary nonetheless.onethele >> it may be fall right nowtow but that means winter is right around the corner of course.of u today firefighters in fairfax ff county joined forces to give away 1500 new coats to0 ne children from over 70 localwen o schools and shelters.ols anelte. today's event is all part of the firefighter coats for kidsg program and aside from them staying warm with their brandira new jackets free books were available and therapy dogs were on hand for the kids,ble too. >> the children lov it's a great opportunity fortunr us to be engaged with the wh community. they calm down, they get t books, they get the coats, c they have an opportunity petorti the animals and so it really ea is a big deal for them.eafor thm it makes their day as you said it brings a lot of smiles to their faces. >> fire department raises an estimated $30,000 a year for$30y the program toea help keep children warm during thedren wri winter season.easo >> great >> yeah.>> you need a coat right now.ight
5:46 pm
dulles and we've been close -- - we haven't had a freeze yet ine the city but it will be coming. by the way it snowed in thewein weather center. >> snowed a little bit right there. >> good thing your blond streak is highlighted. >> there goes another ooone.d re let me save that foraks anot ner put it in my stash of weather tricks. we'll have the winter forecast. we wanted to get out there early with it and lweet'll ted t and l everybody know what we'reknowha expecting this winter and i'mte going to have that coming upomip in a few a few we want to get your local local forecast because i saw thathat on days when it rains and itnd hasn't neighborhood awhile,eigh the roads are slip he re.e. >> yes, they are. >> i noticed that evenes, comic in and we still are dealingeali with the t clouds. it's not as wet as you wouldyouw think looking at this pictureic but certainly nothing hasothi dried up that fell earlier and a there will still abfew more showers as we go through theseoh next couple of hours but by and large we've gotten most ofto what we're going tfo get out oft the rain but some leaves comevee down and the roads can bee slippery there is for sure. theu tomorrow the sun is back.k. it will be a little cooler coo
5:47 pm
later tonight and the first t f part of friday and we may seeays he some gusts during the dayts d tomorrow up and over 25 milesr l an hour. an h but get ready for it.t. another weekend warmup is onarmp the way.ay the timing is great. this weekend in the run up to u halloween, a lot of parties,ot s weather is looking terrific.rifi now, there could be a late shower on sunday.unda it would be fairly minor deal d but we warmed up sunday again, a too. so, there's -- the trends forre the weekend are going to haveoav it feeling less like late september.em now we think thebe halloween hle forecast is looking just spooktacular.spoo we're so excited about thatso e and you can really only saynly s that at this time of yeart is t right? here's your storm your r tracker radar. r first batch of rain is throughhf lower southern maryland movingyi away from saint mary's countynty and northern neck of virginiahe and you know what, wrne nee nd d go back to the anchors.ho we have some breaking news.s. we hope we can show you our seven-day forecast a littleast bit later. back to jim and >> thank you sue. we want to take you back outu bk to that breaking news in ns northeast d.c. that chartert ch
5:48 pm
>> lauren demarco has details dt along the scene. sce >> reporter: we're live att eastern near randolph streetee right on the line betweenbetwee northern d.c. and prince and pre george's county.orge'sou i want you to take a look at tol this crash because you can seean there was quite a force here. this was a white bus on theus oe side of it it reads steve'sstevs charter it was carrying school children, 43 of them, they areha all being transported to the hospital at this point, but weot are told that their injuries iur are minor. many of them seemed prettyd prey frightened with all this activihtenty, everything going g and again the impact seemedac very significant when you lookc at the dyoamage here.ere. i'm told that the charter busrtb was making a left-hand turn,d t was traveling south or east onro eastern avenue, it was making a left-hand turn here at randolph street andft-h crasheda into the metrobuses. mets. it's not clear who would haveav had the right of way.ha thatd 's ae ll under
5:49 pm
ideal charter school in d.c.,.c and they were being taken by this bus called steve's s charter bus company.ter bus com. i've reached out to them.m. they did not wander to speakot to the media w so i'm not sure exactly where they were going,ei but i do know that these the students, 43 of them, transported to the hospital,ta children's hospital.pi if you are a parent of one of these students, authoritiesutho are asking you to go straighto i to the hospital. they're trying to clear ou tttrt the scene here. h we have both prince george'since county and d.c. fire and here at the soon, all -- at- the scene all working together. there's a unified command. there was also an adult transported. therapy four adults on thefourdt metrobuses who refused to be transported to the hospital so i they're okay and there is actually one child who is being transported shieparatelyel because that child has a preexisting medical condition. . but they're saying that right'ra now all injuries,t again, minon and they -- many of the churnhun are being taken to thee being ta
5:50 pm
precaution they want to be be very careful with this.h most of them under 10 years yea old. you can see these little guyseuy as they're being walked byked b officials from one bus to this medical unit, ambulance busmb that will take them on to theont hospital.. parents, if your kids attendd ideal charter school and ride a white bus, steve's charter bus service, you're concernedeon that this may involve your child, you want to head toto hed children's hospital to pick t pc them up.em u they'r there just to check them outm and see if they're okay. oy. so, that's the latest here att t the scene, you guys, but i'm going head back into you, y again this is right on thethis line prince george's county and d.c., eastern avenue at randolphri strnceee t ac., ndeao area is blocked to traffic right now as well. that's the latest here. her back to you. t >> thank you lauren.o >>ha good to seenk those young kidsod were walking. walking i'm sure a little shaken butn b being taken care of. >> stay tuned. we're back with more. we'll get back to sue after
5:51 pm
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>> ?? >> i promise you this seven-day forecast was worth waiting for.>> i pwe'ry e goinfog to talk about this for just a moment and then ihe have that winter weathereather outlook to show you.ho friday is a little bit cooleroo 62 degrees but look at the weekend.we 74 on saturday.atur 75 on sunday with maybe ah m couple of showers around in aron the afternoon but notoon t n necessarily a wet day in any any stretch but look at halloweenloe we're excited about the factac it will be dr owe, comfortable temperaturesems 64 degrees at trick-or-treattr time around 60.und 6 still on the mild side tuesdayey wednesday and thursday of nextan week. plenty much fall and maybe and e hint of late summer to go buto we are focusing next on ourn our winter weather outlook andut what we're seeing right now for 2016-2017 is a colder than average winter and you know y k that's the main ingredient youru need to get more of thiso gere stuff. here's what we're forecasting fi an above average snow seasonea
5:55 pm
snow will come from multipleple clipper systems those are the storms that come out off alberta canada clip along quickly in the jet streameam generally depositing a few f inches of snow. ofno they're hard to forecast and track so it will be a challenging wind for us as for d.c. 16 to 24-inches forinsr the suburbs north and west 22 to 30-inches.0-ch we are not -- certainly a lot of snow for western virginia 10 to 18-inches. this would be again not18 forecasting a huge blizzardstin like we had last year. we're not saying that won'tg ket happen but we think the oddsthin of that happening are very lowow this year and this some of o what we based our forecast onect for the above normal snow withot a clipper driven winter.n win we have much more about this on fox5 d.c. our web site a sit great amount of detail thatl mike thomas has put a ton of too research into so i urge you toou
5:56 pm
well as twitter and you can andc get your questions answered there as well. all right.
5:57 pm
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and to strengthening social security. roll up your sleeves and work with others. that's what my dad did, and it's what i'll keep doing in congress. i'm john delaney and i approve this message. >> so the guy who vandalized donald trump's hollywood staruyo has beenod star arrested. arrte according to tmz, l.a.p.d. l.a.d tracked down the vandal jamesam otis in west hollywood today.od >> they say he told po was h planning to hold a press conference and turned himself he into cops and they weren'they wt interested in that old dog andn pony show. he was arrested forth felony vandalism. thanks for joining us tonight j at at at 6:00. 6 >> this is fox5 local news at 6:00.6:00. >> early voting is under wayer nationwide right now and the the numbers already show high hig early voter turnout.urnout. it is good to have you with usit at 6:00 i'm shawn yancy. ycy >> and i'm tony perkins.kins
6:00 pm
for the first dave early early voting in the district on saturday. a steady line formed for hours outside one judiciary squarear in northwest.thst >> here's what it looked likedik in chevy chase marylandylan earlier today for the veryoday r first day of earlyy voting inini you can see he there were plenty of people lined up and ln here is a picture from overm o prince george's county. >> wow. >> sports and learning complex the early votingd le there, the, line as you can see wasee w wrapped around the building. >> meanwhile in silver spring, , maryland, hundreds showe at the fenton street pollingt ll location. loca election officials say more than 430,000 residents tookid to advantage of early voting in i 1212. and officials say that numbert n could double this year. our own ronica cleary starts srt us off live tonight fromight fro montgomery county.montgo >> reporter: hey, shawn andha a tony, yes i'm here in silverer spring. you can see we've got a linet an of people here who have who hav decided to vote early butly but here's the question. qstion. if you're willing to put your vote inwillin early, is your vov


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